Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 28, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 28, 1952
Page 10
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, 1*4* · IT»* King Cobra Loose In Polke On The Lookout i WU deadly Kini cob : * believed loose In D«nve {Me? H» wake apparently tilth fM:Mit of a reptile i«rdei. opera tft'l automobile during an at ·jiapted burglary of the car f'PoUc* Mld-they bad been on ttv than .12. hours, bu no reports of II The snake, said to to-six feet Ions, was ft '.iti$ii\MA::.Ot assorted . reptil '· ga4-UlniiUi -being .transported to t«T««n :Park, Colo., by S c o t $jmb, Lamb laid aboi 1100 snakes · Deluding rattlers,' boa constrictors tnd blue Indigos, were In cotton feck! i n . t h e rear of the autbmo- Ifilc. 'H« sajd-. a sack containing 4bbut 1700 also .was In the'* car 'liyt was.riot touched. f.'The. cobra was sacked with a Slut indigo, The blue.Indigo snake found, by K mat) {til jvellng /-hear downtowh'-J-',P*nyer .iaSo'ver; General Hospital tnnsuH- ·d'; local drug wholesalers for Ripply of if rum to combat the ytt of the cobra--just In .case, To The Music of tfcyflwi Wringlen Every Srtirdiyllighl " 1 ; - Lincoln, Ark. Bulletins To Farmers Said Out Of Date . Washington-(/P)-T h e Agriculture Department says, with something of a red face, that much of the information it is supplying farmers un how to produce crops iind livestock is out of ,dal.. This acknowledgement WBJ made by Its director of information before a recent House Agriculture Deportment appropriations s u b committee; ' ' · The director, 'n. L. Webster, explained to the 'subcommittee that nmch, tit the. information sent to farm'oMsilivlKc form of "farmers bulletins,'!'of which there are sev-.. eral-.'hundred. : . . ' - . . . . · . Lust year. 37..million, copies of these bulletins. were distributed-about 10 ,per' cent through mem- ers" of Congress. Many'," Webster said; were writ:en ycari-ago, A'thlrd of them are, more''than. 10 yccis old, and one vns prepared 35 ,~ears ago. It is about sheep. : Older bulletins do not take into account recent agricultural re- iearch. Webster said '.his Is "rath- ir disturbing.""It Is not really something' we would like to advertise too much,' le said, "On the other' hand, hav- rig found out about it myself, I would feel a little guilty .1.' I did hot share It (with tb» committe*) He said i lack of manpower t revlH the bulletins wis respoml blf (or.(he situation. He Mid tha to tet the latest Kientiflr develop merits translated Into commo linfuafe for farm use is a "very complicated matter." .Commute* Chairman Whitter (D-Miss) 'suigetted- that' Con, fre»i provide, funds to make a study at the bulletin* and revif these needing It. Liquefied Petroleum to Industry Grows The liquefied petroleum, gas in dustry registered an estimated 25.9 per cent increase in 1951, C. : % GALLON Vinlili Ice Creim 64c Holland trot. Lector Mont WHO FIXtS RA^OS? We've'i§een Serving You 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP OZARK "MOONLIGHT I AY" HONIYMOON MMT WKXltOWN FORT WORTH RANDOLPH ICOTT EBDSTOKITE ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD JAHET LEIGH -- PAUL DOUGLAS STARTS SATURDAY Robert Louis Stevenson's Exciting Tale of Adventure! A liniitor secret hidden in th« Devil's Cauldron! .HIRIH · w^wvJvjv -,'^^^^^M · ^W^Hb RinjH of the Cy Carney ApplI ance Company, local liquid pe troleum gas dealer, announced \ia day. Approximately 4|100,00(),000 gallons of the fuel, known as pro pane, butane, bottled and lank gas, wore marketed nationally compared with 3,254,082,000 In 1950. This. Is. exclusive of the amounts that went Into production of aviation and motor gasoline and synthetic rubber, Carney said adding-that well over two thirds of the 10S1 total went Into household, farm.and.motor fuel applications. - . . - . . - ; . . More Insurance For Young Drivers Decreed Albany, tf. . Y.-ypi-After June 1, young owners of "hot-rods," jalopies and other motor vehicles must have more liability insurance In New 'York State. Governor Dowey signed n bill yc.sterday providing for the added protection' to the public from owners, under 21. .The measure boosts from $5,000 tp $10,000 the coverage that must be carried .by the young drivers for 1 injury lo one person and from $10,000 to $20,000 the amount foi injuries to two or more persons. It also requires $5,000 coverage for property damage and extends the over-all Insurance require, ments to motorcycle owners - under 21. Boys Club To Colled And Sell Coal Hangers ..The Fayettevllle Boys Club will start a drive to collect wire coat hangers on Monday. Fayettevllle residents arc asked to sort out their surplus hangers, tie them in bundles of 25 each and call 1909-W for the collection. Prairie Grove Ray Holmes, superintendent of schools, and Mrs. J. Frank Holmes of the high school faculty are attending the state teachers' meeting at. Little Rock. Mrs.. Cornwell and daughter, Nancy, are visiting relatives at Dardcnelle. Mrs. Clyde Sone and Miss Eula Butler of the grade school purchased playground equipment at Fayettevllle Monday. Mr«. W. E. N, Phillips, first vice president of, the state. Federation jf Women's Clubs, and Mrs. J. C. Parks, state religious chairman, attended a meeting of the Springdale Federated Club Monday when th* club observed its 31st anniversary, · · · · Local Masons met Monday night .o confer two master's degrees. ». · Farmington Mrs. Tommie Wolferibarger of Brentwood, Calif., is visiting her sister, Mrs. Adolph King. W. L. "Buck" Shreveport and Mrs. Maggie Feathers are both 111 with flu. L. E. Carlisle has gone to I'lnc Bluff, where he has been employed as an electrician by a con- itructlon company. Mr. and Mrs. DeLavec Phillips innounce the birth of a daughter, Marshla Jim, March 26 at City Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Richardson hnounce the birth of a daughter, "ranees, at their home March 16. Mr. anrt Mrs. Earl Pitts announce the birth of a -daughter, Belinda, March 9 at County Hos- iltal. Mrs. Lela Boatright, her daugh- er, Mrs. Betty Hunt and sons, all of Huntsville, spent Sunday as 'uests of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Montgomery. A recital by music pupils of Miss Lucy L6lgh Brown will be Uraguiy, First RM! Welfare Slite hi Americas, Is Buffer (This li one of · series of*" artlcles Ed Vandevehter is writing about hi trip throufh South America), By ED VANDEVENTEIt Montevideo--This friendly and pretty city l the capital of Uruguay, the first bona fide ''welfare state" developed in the.Americas --except, of course, the Isca empire in Peru. Electricity and the railways have 'been nationalized. The slate controls the manufacture and distribution 'of alcohol, chemicals, gasoline and other products. Even insurance is · controlled · by the govcrnomnt. Telephones, theaters, hotels, casinos and bank* ire owned by.the state. The state also provides its own tugboats as it administers the port of Montevideo; it controls broadcasting and subsidizes music. A minimum wage, holidays with pay, free medical 5crvi9e, liability insurance, unemployment pay, old age and service pensions, and a limited work week were in order here long before these acts for the benefit of workers were adopted . in the United States. The ballot is secret, asd women have equal rights. with men in choosing the highest officers of government. Divorce is legalized, contrary to the situation in many L,atln American countries. Investigation of paternity of Illegitimate tiildren is obligatory, and'these children have the same inhcri- :ancc rights as do others. Education ComDulsbry Education is not only free, but also compulsory. There is no capir al punishment. There is no domi- lation of the state by the church. Uruguay is the smallest of the republics of South America, hav- ng an area of only 71,153 square' miles. A buffer between the 'ortuguese-speaking p e o p 1 e of Brazil and the descendants of Spaniards in Argentina, the little country had' a stormy childhood. Great Britain saved it from being lobbied up in the . scramble for lower between its strong neigh- jors. The temperature here goes as high as 114 during the worst of he summer heat, but in winter here never is any snow and .the only ice ever seen is about a; hick as a piece of tissue paper. Most of the time the climate could be described as delightful. Like all of this section of South America, Uruguay has been plagued with Irou'ths for two years. Its spring consists of October and November, . Summer runs rom December 1 a through March, o 1 am seeing the last of summer here.- April and May constitute utumn. That leaves June 1-Oc- obcr 1 for winter. The country generally is hilly, vith the highest point having an iltitude of only 2,000 feet. Rich Soil, Lush Ora»» Potash in its black rich soil produces such jush grasses that Jruguay does not have to copy Argentina and grow alfalfa. The lalm is made that it has grazing or livestock superior to that even n the Pampas. Only eight per cent of the coun- ry's total area is used for agriculture. Even from its chief crop--wheat--there is little left or export.. Flax with its by- iroducts furnishes » surplus to * sold elsewhere. Rice, barley, oats, fruits and vegetables are ;rown for home consumption. The progressive Uruguayans mported fine .sheep and cattle rom England to improve their locks and herds. Now meat, hides nd wool make .up 70 per cent of he nation's exports. Even fire- vood. is imported, while the short- go of coal, oil, and raw ma- erials has retarded industrial de- 'elopment. In 1945 a dam was completed vcr the Rio Negro, and a hydro- lectric plant is operating. Others re in the blueprint stage. The nnual production of electricity is bout 400,000,000 kilowatt hours. CLING TO WALL TO ESCAPE FIRE ivcn at 3 p. m. April 6 at the 'irst Baptist Church. Taking, part .·ill be Susie and Walter- Mitchell, vona and Sue Watkins, Louise and hirlene Hill, Evelyn and Caroline Jouch, Nadine Williams, Sue Ann ting, Randall Lynch, and Chris- ,ne Holland. BOWL FOB PLEASURE Benton Bowline Lanes--Adv. TONITE Saturday Sho-time 7:00-9:07 The west never knew a stranger story . . . . The screen has seldom seen a more powerful one! OCCUPANTS Of BURNING 100-room St. George hotel In Los Angeiea cling to ledges waiting for fire ladders to rescue them from the blazing inferno which killed six persons, seriously injured 10. (International} OFF THE WATER-WACON-Light touch to recent anti-UN rioting by Italian Nationalists in Trieste happened when a demonstrator laughingly took a ducking from a police water-wagon. Police use thtir water "guns" to break yp forbidden public demonstrations when normal police methods fail. Truman Keeps To Himself Declines To Say What Plans He Has For Summer Washington-(/P)-President Truman, back from. Florida feeling 'never better»in my life," still is keeping mum on whether he feels like running for, another term. Returning last night from a three-week vacation in Key West,, the sun-tanned president obviously was .delighted tc/. move, -.back into th'p remodeled.White House after living-more than three year's across Pennsylvania · Avenue Blair House. ·· ' . But, standing at the front door of the "new" mansion, he only smiled and continued to keep everyone guessing .when General Services Administrator Jess Larson alluded to the $5,671,000 reconstruction job and said:' If you want to dp .this job over again in a couple.of years, I'll be glad to supervise it for you." Sidestepping the. suggestion he igty still be the White House occupant then, - the president replied: . "Thank you, Jess, but I hope it will never have to be done over again." ' " ' - - · PLANTOIUILO '' »M 0« Md^tL ': TIT .Ovr'Snvtofc ' '· DYKE LUMIIK CO. Ml H. Chut* If a television picture tube Is broken, the vacuum inside · the. :ube may cause glass to fly and njure anyone who happens to be nearby. ' . " ' ' ' ' With 300 years, of cultivation whind it, the island of Barbados las been, made practically weed- ree, says the National Geographic Society. CALL M. P.* Easy Living the Modern Way Modern Plumbing shows the way to more comfort. Our M.P.'s show you how. Phone 59 ·M.P.- Mojter Plumber the man with III* antwtr . Aik About Our Budyel Buying Plan ,UGGAN' I PLUMBING (0. 9 lent Mountain s Ray Anthony Concert T O N I G H T 7 lo 8 P.M. (Prior lo Military Ball) University FIELD HOUSE Admission 50 Identifies Button WEARING DARK OtASSES, James 1 Brady,' teller at the Sunnyslde, L. I., branch of the Manufacturer's Trust company, Is shown out- aide Queens County court after he I appeared on witness stand and! Identified Willie Sutton aa one of! gang which robbed bank of $63,942' March 0, 1050. I Inter national)! Tornado Relief Benefit Show WTHtif^-K-y"!!*^ * " £ ·Mi ·^'·".'"''Wra ~ u-L3 Wtft . \ I l\ 4 BETTY /· DAN A Stranger in Town ... Where Strangers Aren't Welcome Coming Soon POWELL- GREER AgimMOOREHEAD Burl IVES Drive-In ThMtrt Drivt-ln Theatre * TV*«* vHs ^ NV»» i; '·^ S Plus Color Cartoon TONIGHT with JANE WYATT-DAYID WAYNE 11:15 P.M. All Seats ALL Proceeds To Tornado Relief!

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