Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 27, 1952 · Page 16
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 16

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1952
Page 16
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|i" \ MKANUl MMM, J7, U*U,H«C.r i '»»4 Ctmi Out. fariy 7:00-9:09 AhM III HeuW B«nnr Starts Friday l%h Argument Over Issue Of federal Officials Disagree On Results Of Recommendations Washington -(A')- A c e r t a i n mount of sweetness, but no light, has invaded the steel dispute, which is s gorgeous mess. .And even the awoctncus Is. probably only · fleeting illusion. Thin dispute remains .1 powder 1' PALACE EMM TOWITE SamSon and Delilah FRIDAY -- DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM -- P "ATLANTIC CITY HONEYMOON" CdNfTANCt MAD NOOIIE TAYLOR COLON A · CAHTOOM CIMARRON ke« whlth oauid explod. I* 1 atrlk* : or' UM wreckage of wage- prlc* controU unlns there U a public explinatlon, or solution, by President Ttuman,. Dtfer.«* Mobi- Ilier WUaon, or spine..other aource. · Tne sudden squirt of. sweetness came froni Wilson, : who 'first torpedoed hld.c'wn Wage Stabilization Board arid then threw out the lifelines; and fronvNathan J. Felii- slnKor,- board chairman, v/ho, jlonc seems (6:be.seeing a silver lining. The dispute began with'the CIO United;. Stoelworkers' demand for a wagi ihcrease which the industry |.Mld · jt,'couldn't gran', unless the governm.cnt, controlling wages and prices,. permiltcd a price increase. TV* Basic Qufntloni · So,.because'.of the government's control .progranij there. · ere two basic questions .from ^ the start: ,"l."-'Wcre' the steelworKers entitled .to. a.: wage increase at all 8hd,;if."soj how muchV There, was no doubt that if the government approved a wage boost jor'the oteelworkers,.out of line with its policy on wage limits, other-unions would f loci;'in, de- inandini - higher wai'es ;.too. The presiciehtipirsuadfd the union and the "Industry, which couldn't agree, to let'WSB examine'the w a g e claims and make a recommendation. 2, If the workera were entitled to an .Increase, could the industry afford to 'grant It without raising prices? ' !There was-iio doubt that if steel prices were permitted to rise sharply, since steel Is a basic industry, the Office of Price Stabilization would have to grant increases to other industries dependent on steel, ,--.· . - · . ' But OPS officials said steel could afford, put of its larger profits, to grant- v.'agt'''Increases v.-Jthoul raising'prices.; It" was up to V/SB to decide.what wuge:increase, if any,-the'i steelworl.-ers' should get. bowrt li IMoramendcd , ,, Last; Thursday Feinsineer's 18- man AVSB recommended a sizable wage boost for the steel workers. Would; that; increase, if the steel industry granted it, upset the government's efforts to stabilize wages in general? Felnslnger said the board's recommendations v.-cre "in 'all respects fair and e'quitable and not Unstabllizing;" Defense, 'M o ' b I I i z e r , .Wilson hought.otherwise. He flew to Key West to consult Truman and on ils TCturn;Monday night reported: "There:, Is , no question In my mind hut that, If the wage increases 'contemplated under the WSB's recommendations are put ,effect,' would .be a serious Ih'reat In our year-old effort to stabilize .the economy." This must have upset Feinsingcr, who by this time'was out in Colorado. IHe decided to lly back. Before he got here Wilson poured toothing syrup on his previous crack .about the board. He said yesterday he realized the' board htd acted "after much study" and the .recommendation should be used, "as a basis for trying to work oiit a Settlement. 1 ' Notice he still didn't' say the recommendations were good,. · . · ' . - . . ·Feinslhger arrived, and' said, 'things are back on the track." This was encouraging but hardly enlightening for there .wns still the .important question of who Was right: Feinslnger, who said [he-recommendations wouldn't up- sot the applecart, or Wilson, who said they-would? The, union and the industry started negotiations all over. Iw ^NHp^^w w Vn I w v^B^H^ Nekf iski Fif TiH Omaha-(.V)-Retlred U. Gen. Albert C, Wedemeyer, who spurned a favorite son candidacy in the i'lebraska presidential primary, came back tp the state yesterday to stump for Senator' .'tft. .Rep. Howard· Buffelt (S-'Neb); who is leading a write-in drive for the Ohio senator in the April 1 Republican, preferential presidential primary election, said Wedemeyer will spend today and tomorrow, campaigning for Taft. Wedemeyer, author of the report on China which bears hln name, is now vice .president of the Avco SPAGHETTI 'N MEAT BALLS Manufacturing Company ,U- New York. ·.; . . . : . _ ' . ....s :· ' '· Miles U*kJ ftrwirt To Speakim His Mini Washington -(/P)- J o h n Foster Dulles looked with obvious relish' today toward speaking his mind on U. S. foreign policy after two years o. relative silence,' '· " '". Once a vocal critic of \'..S. foreign affairs, he has made only rare, statement* on controversial issues since he was handed the job of framing a Japanese peace treaty in early. lf)50. Dulles quit as an administration adviser, saying Senate ap- tt GALLON Vanilli Ice Cream 64c Holland Bret, lector Plan* AUDIE MURPHY-DUO AY drop! Extra Smooth! Satisfying! Say and be Sure of the FINEST ever bottled! provil oMht .Jijanele Treaty and the Pacific security. -act l a s t week completed hit task. The White Home'Mid it .was considering .no successor. ' . " PLAN TO BUILD ·*· Our Material. Gel Otu PiVM. Try Our ttultf. DYKE LUMBER CO. Mt St. Chart- Little Rock -if)- Milton. Henry, assistant lUt* forester in charge of fire control, has resigned, effective-April 1. He-said, he had . , . ._ _ accepted a portMo* M chief for. ester" for the Bridhr"-lumber Company of Warren. ; WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yeari SMITH RAIWO YOU CAN'T FOOL A FINICKV HUSBAKW ^ ou ttiS *"~" *~ ric, but oh coffee or a? bre.d-NEV.ER! D- vour breadwinner on me. lueunle» you keep gemng it fir him. He just won't be con ieVwith ta. th.n the un- chable flavor of this No. i Margarine. CVhY HUSBAND HAS A MIGHT TO MEADOLAKE QUALITY 7£r*r; - rm CREAMIEST IN 7 HE W O R L D 1 Costs Vown 75rt EGGS,doz. . .. 29c Eggs ore cheap, use lots of them. Tenderist, Krispy,'Premium Crackers. Ib. box 19c Northern TISSUE, 3 rolls 23c POST TOASTIES CORN FLAKES 8-oz. Pkg. 2 for 25c Fresh GROUND BEEF r lb.59c A meat loaf is an economical dish for that end-of-the-month budget. Old Fashion RINGBOL'GNA,lb63c Ozark Clifty Rabbit Farm RABBIT/lb.. Young, Tender to Fry. Skinless .!·'· FRANKS, Ib. Cheese Lovers Attention! Real New York HERKIMERS Ib. 89* Natural Block Rind Coon Brand Ib. 89 FRESH MEATS Swift's Sweet Raster , BACON, Ib.. 37c ! · · . 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