Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 27, 1952 · Page 10
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March 27, 1952

Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1952
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

.^^ es NITON! Layer Cookies !'1 ciip «i«ed · '· '· . k«drii.,V«iof r*M»d .n.jtT. M4 «««!"«« mtv bt u« to .tow. ,.T Himj fuiielton. Doclnn My - ,ttk« I. rtrr Imporunt.lo spoon MU, H .cup putter «r snir- larlne, 1 cup beet or cine wear, 1 egg. 14 cup milk, 2'A cupj rolled oats, jam. f ·".·'.-, . , Method: Sift together (lour, bale Ing soda, ,»h4 Bait, Cream butter and «Ufir'j beat In, egg well, Stir In iltted'dry ingredients and rolled rats alternately with milk. Divide dough ln.,hall,;For each halt; spread dough'On'ungrcawd cookie sheet ' i n 8ttxl2-lnch :rectangle,' about .1/8-Wch "thick; keep ; the 'dough about :y-lhch from erlgcs of 'cookie sheet.' Bake In hot (40DF.) oven about 10 minutes, o.- until edges turn golden-brown. Remove from oven; cut each rectangle'in half. Lift onto waxed-paper covered work surface; spread with Jam. Top with other-half, sandwich-fashion. Cut with a sharp knife In oblong cookies about HJxjy-Inches. Makes about 3 dozen; Store, in tightly covered container. ,.--"---' ; ·.., . ';. Pjck'le-RelisH 'Green .Beans ingredients; i package quick- frozen snap beans, t4 cup wutcr ( - comes true WALLPAPIRf «*/ i MATCHIN9 FABRIC* 'i|f GtieSH Green Stamps PITTSIURGH PAINT WAUPAPIM -- MIRRORS -- GLASS Phone 106 -Mil. 2 tableipoont utter or marlartot, % cu.» -iweet pickle Relish. · · ; ./ . Method: Cook. snap beam according ; to · directions on packane but UM amount of. w a l c r r n d ' » a l t specified here..Drain and mix in butter and pickle relish thoroughly. Serve at once, Makes 4 aerv- ihgs.. . · : ' y v : ' · ' . ' . : ' . ' . ' ' . ItaliorirStyle Veal ··'.·;·- Ingrodiientkr.K, pound veal cutlet, Z tablcipoont Jlour,';'2 thble- spoons butter :br. mnrnarinc, Vt ciip cooking ihbrry, salt. · . · Method; linve Butcher cut veal very "thin and pound it. At home trim off any fat or sinew around edge; If butcher hos not already done so cut Into serving-size pieces (about 0). Dip vcnl Into flour,..rubbing It in well. M e l t butter or margarine In .10 or 12- Inch .skillet until very .hot but iitit brownj'fldd vcnlimd b^own quickly on both «ldcs~thlB. will take about 5 minutes, Pour sherry over veal, turn heat low, cover skillet tightly,'and cook 5 .minutes, Remove ;V6al to serving platter., stir gravy in,pan ,'wlth..wooden .spoon, and pour:over ycal! Taste gravy and If -.not J!a : lty, sprinkle veal with salt. Makes' 2 generous or 3 medium servings. Sandwiches ·Ingredients: 'One 814-ou'ncc can tuna, 1 cup finely diced celery, 1.' clip chopped walnut meats, 94 cup mayonnaise. '·Method: Drain'bit from tunn and flake; mix lightly with celery walnuts, and mayonnaise. Makes about 3 cups sandwich spread; delicious used as filling for whole- wheat bread sandwiches. Peach Chiffon Pie Ingredients: 4 to 5 drained can- 'ned ' fling:: -peach -halves, Vi cup i'syriij»;from peaches, Vj cup sugar 2Vi tableipoons corn : starch, % teaspoon tail, 1 ftf (separated), 1 teaippon grated orange rind, \i cup'orange juice, 1 baked (- nch pastry shell. · MetHod: 'Force pcabhei through Icve; toVmakel i cup puree. Mix with peach iiyrup, sugar, eorn- sta'rph, and salt'. and-,.cook over hot : -water,- .stirring often, until thickened. 1 Beat yolk slightly, *nd beat a little of.the cooked mixture rito it;- beat back Into remaining mixture. Continue to took and stir constantly over hot water 2 to 3 minutes longer. Remove from heat; ctlr in orange rind and juice. Beat egg white stiff and fold in. Pour Into baked pastry shell. Bake in Slav/ (,'IOOF.) oven about .30 minutes. Cool thoroughly before serving. Makes 6 servings. Chicken Avocado Ingredients: 2 tablespoons butte or margarine,- 3 tablespoons flour, !r'z teaspoon salt, 2 cups milk, 1 'A cups diced cooked chicken, 1 medium-sized, avocado,- chopped parsley, pineapple, wedges. Method: Make a cream, sauce of the butter, flour, salt, and milk. Add chicken and reheat. Cut avocado into halves; remove seed and skin. Cut fruit into cubes and add to chicken mixture; do not .heat further. Serve over hot rice; sprinkle with parsley; garnish with pineapple. Makes 4 servings. Not white, not wheat, not ry«, but a flavor blend of all thre»-- Junge's Roman Meal Bread.. 11-U-tf tort Til BHe PiUs Retail Sales fern Washington -(71-° Federal taxes B E A N S ' N HAM Tasfemork fids f f t e m f NEW, CONVENIENT. Aie/io-D Milk Now yon c«» frt famout T«»lem«rk MeHo-D Milk In the new hiif-fiHon paper bollle; , S«T«« lime.. ;i ··«««· »P«** · · · en *'* '«*l» ox elnller. More convenient--« plentiful ·npply of good, rich T»§lcmark Mcllo-D Milk on hand at all times. TaMcmnrk Milk is now available in the new, convenient half- gallon paper bottle*. Buy your Taslemark Mello D Milk--In half-gallon* when you fcny your grocerie*. ; t . Tho quality, purity, IMte ·"·I !«· · · lure of Tutemark Mell-D Milk haa . * · * been checked and double-checked by - . ' · · . ' . the fimoiw Tatlemark ll.omemakeri Panel, Panel members »re wonwn ju»l Hke ymir-, self, who laile-lMt dairyv products right in llreir ·wn home.. Their alamo of approval meani yon «nd IOUT whole family-are soured of the, very ' hiihesl niiallly when yon insiit on Ts.temark Daily Product*. MILK ««r r«v* MIIR VNIN rev W(?,f*i?V/A' ; '^'-^^''?'':' ; ' i * lf "''' ""'*'****·"»'*· · · ·' ' rom ··OCMIII hit the American buyers so hard last week, the U. S. -Chamber of Commerce reported iodiy, that "retiUers'in almost every line cf buslneu ire reporting sharply dropping silcs." 'Never has there been such I drain on the American economy, the chamber added. Dr. George Cllne Smith, director of the chamber's goernmcnt nomy program, said that during five days -- March 17-21 -- the Treasury took u» nearly $5,300,000,000 dollars. ' '· ·'· · That was "more than all the taxes collected during .$he entire year of 1940," he added. Ctt aeiuistei ntk iNfti falMrilinn! till acouiated wilk Knger nlnei! LIVE BETTER FOR LESS WITH KROGER LOW PRICES Kroger Applesauce Avondale Peas Pork Beans Rich, natural flavor,slightly tweetened. Sweet, tender English peai. Brookt Brand. Plump, tender. 4 4 3 No. 303 Cans No. 303 Cant No. 303 Cant 49c 49c TOCIGV v ) Gold Medal Flour Alto Pilltbury't Best. Fine, even textured. « ' No. 303 : IA..I Cam 49(T Kidnev Beans vc.». ATondal. Brand, Young, Indfr. Bugler Tobacco 6 P . ck . 0 ., 49 A r»«l Krogn Valu*. Kroger Preserves 2 7.°.' 49 Chtrrr, Apricot, Pin.sppl.. . . Lima Beans S"^'. 00 49 Griffin Brand, with Bacon. ' Pork Beans 5 ''.; Krog.r Brand, In rich tomato tauc.. Dog Food 5 ± StronghMrt Brand. 5 boxn of 200 49 igal. 69 pkg. 2k each 49 49 No. 103 cam 6 r«g. ban 5 Ho -' i 6 '« 5 1°. 5 £ 5 M 5 '; 5 ';: 49 Facial Tissue Hniher Brand. Swift ke Cream Astarlvd Flaron. Koko Cream Cookies ; Chocolate Sandwkh. Lemon Gold Cake Fresh. Krogsr Bsk«i Iar«r. Swift Prem "t" With i.nd.r B««f addtd. Grapefruit Juice 5 ^ 49 Krog.r Brand, Sw««t«n«J. Turnip Greens 5 Alma Brand, Choppiid. Toilet Soap Lux, Ptlmolir. or Camay. Citrus Salad 2 Krog.r Brand. Fineit quality. Golden Hominy Polar Brand. Tomato Sauce D.1 Mont. Brand. Potatoes S.ri-O-Hit. Sm.ll. whol. Mixed Vegetables Sirr-U-Hil. Brand. Spinach S.rr-U-Rit. Brand. Peas Carrots 8»rr-U-Ril. Brand. Carrots 8»rr-U-Ril. Brind. Pork Beans Van" Camp's Brand. Apple Juice Moll's Brand. Welch Grape Juice Frnh-troi.n, natural fl.ror. Whole Baby Okra Llbby Brand Quick-fros.n, Grocery prices In this adv. are GUARANTEED thru Wed., April 2. Meat and Produce price* are food thru Sat., March 29. CELERY Critp, tinker ' Full Grnn Poical Celery 2 stalks Red Potatoes 50 ^$2.39 Avocados Extra Salact Quality Rich, nut-likt flarer. Radishes 2 bchs. 9 Oranges VI8 Hom^own, crUp. t.nd.r. juicy Florid. Valanciaa. 49 49 49(f 49 49 2 e^n, 49 2 ST 49 Large Armour Star, tender, juicy Hams 5 to 7 ib. Shank Portion Center Slices or Roast S f o T i b . Bull Portion Ib. 33 . 47 Spare Ribs Ib. 471 Ocean Perch, Ib. pkg. 391 Small, lean, nuaty. Frei-Shor. FUleli. · Sliced Bacon Armour Star, tray packed. Pork Sausage, Mb. roll 79* Haddock Fillets lb "" 53 Armour Siar, all pur. pork. Fr.i-Shor. Brand. . Scallops Ib. pkg. 59 Select Oysters, pint can 99 **""T" r " ' r.~,., Fr«.8hen Brand..' Ib. 57(t Whiting Fish l *£· 29 Cl.anrd, r.ady for th. pan. ,.nd., Kro.,.r Fr.,-Shor. Brsnd. Small Pig Hams Capitol Pride, 10-1 4 Ib. ovg. Ground Beef Mi '·. 59c UH HAKES For Lsuidry Urge pkg. 29* F A B Wishing Pewder lifliplHJ. OXYDOl WsihlM P.wd.r Urge pkg. 29 PGSOAP For Laundry 3bars23 C H E E R Wishing F.wd.r Urge pkg PALMOLIVE SOAP Bath Bis. v . 2bin23 RINSO ·Washing Powdn Large pkg. 29 DIAL SOAP Bath Sis* 2bars37

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