Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 20, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 20, 1974
Page 6
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Cancel Arkansas TIMES, Tues., Aug. 20, 1974 FAYETTEV1LLE, ARKANSAS At Peak Of Preserving Season 0 Canning Jars And Tin Lids May Become Scarce NEW YORK (AP) -- A worsening shortage of tin plate and - soda ash has made still another ·'consumer product hard to get: / C a n n i n g javs and tin lids. ·; The shortage is especially '·pressing this time of year as -many parts of the nation ore in · the midst ot harvest time or .-near it. - Manufacturers of the jars . and tin lids, including the two '. biggest, Ball Corp. of Muncie, Ind., and Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corp. of Los Angeles, say they are being besieged'by angry customers state wondering from why every their stores have run out of canning jars. W.A. Kerr, president of Kerr Glass, says he has heard reports of black markets in at least four slates--Utah, North Carolina, West Virginia and Georgia. Because of rising food prices, unprecedented - n u m b e r s of Americans are ' c a n n i n g , 'their.; own peaches, pears, apples and Weems Seeking Reversal Of Disbarment Over Conviction LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Attorneys for Pros. Ally. Sam Weems of Des Arc told the Arkansas Supreme Court Monday that Weems might have been negligent in the handling of the funds of some clients, but that did not warrant such a severe penally as permanent disbarment. Weems was charged last year by Ihe Supreme Court's Com- miltee on Professional Conduct wilh "gross professional misconduct" in the handling of clienls' funds. He was accused of endorsing checks made payable to three They said that a survey of similar Supreme Court decisions showed that conduct".evi; dencing greater culpability ' is required for a permanent disbarment. be be- benies. In fact, Kerr says de- sented manrt for canning jars and lids Power has grown some 170 per cent this past year. But the firms haven't been able to keep pace with the de mancl. · Kerr said steel,makers that make tin plate--U.S. Steel Bethlehem Steel, Jones Laughlin and Youngstown Shce and Tube--are,.having to allo :ate their resources to cope ivith heavy worldwide demand. He says U.S. Steel just noti Jed him tnal tin supplies wil be curtailed even further in the ourth quarter of 1974. And, he said, there is a two ·ear-old shortage of soda ash necessary for the manufacturi of glass products. Kerr says that a [qrced shut down by the Environmenta protection Agency of a Pitts jurgh Plate Glass plant in Bai berlon, Ohio, and an Olin Chemical Co', plant in Saltville, Vn.--boHi v'for, , water pollution violations--touched off that shortage. The punishment should softened, the brief said, probable politi- for two of the clients without the clients' consent. Weems was disbarred and the Supreme Court later refused to stay the disbarment order pending Weems' appeal. However, the court said Weems could continue to serve as prosecutor. State law does not require that prosecutors be licensed by the Arkansas bar. At the hearing, Weems said he was fully authorized to endorse the checks received from .insurance settlements. He said there was no evidence that he intended to defraud his clients even though he desposited the money in his own accounts at the Bank of Carlisle. His attorneys said that any violation of the prohibition against the co-mingling of client's funds with Weem's personal funds was of a "technical nature." Concerning the question of severity of the punishment, Weems attorneys said, "There was, at best, only negligence on the appellant's part. Negligence, perhaps, of a very severe nature, but still, only negligence." cause of Weems' lack of proper training in office procedure, the lack of deputies in his district, the "perhaps too successful nature of his private practice' and the "quite cal motivation charges.' The brief also said the punishment should be lessened be :ause no party lost any money because of Weem's act and that complete restitution was made prior to any allegation of pro fessional misconduct. ACORN Petitions APL To Defer Rate Increases LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Arkansas Community Organizations tor R e f o r m Now pre- BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. (AP) -- Mississippi County author- les Monday identified a man /ho died shortly atter being ar- ested Sunday night for alleged- y stealing a car as Clifton Lee 'urner of Crawfordsville. petitions Light to Arkansas Co. Monday Just A Bit Late WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) -In 195B, Army Pfc. Howard Loucks wrote to the General Luggage Co. here asking about a gun carrying case. But the air mail letter did not arrive until last Thursday. David J. Abramson, president of tfie luggage firm, said the envelope was delivered after a phone call from the Post Office, which told him only that a damaged letter would be delivered. rearing the signatures of more than 1,000 persons who oppose the utility's proposed $38 million annual rate increase. Some of the ACORN representatives marched around the utility's Little Rock office build ing before giving the petitions to APL officials. The peti tions asked APL not to begin charging the higher rates unti the Arkansas Public Service Commission conducts complete hearings on the subject. Charles Steel, director of pub lie affairs for APL, accepted the petitions on/ behalf of the utility and -said lie would make sure that they were brought to the attention of Reeves Ritchie APL president, The petitions asked APL t reconsider is application for I rate increase because "a $3 million rate increase is too higl Tor a company that made al most $42 million 'b'n'profits las year." ,; ;l f ^ , ' The petitions also "claimei that APL's present rate struc .ure discriminates against res dential customers who pa 'twice as much money for eac kilowatt hour of electricity industrial users." The utility has failed to ade quately explore pricing policie that could cut down on the nee for new plants and make mor efficient use of existing faci ities, the petitions said. ACORN also -asked 'A stop late payment' penalties, I those persons on fived income I'hi Cause Of Death Of Man Under Arrest Coroner M. J. Osborne lississippi County iiought Turner was about 17 or 8. Osborne said there was no .vidence of foul play. He said an autopsy showed Aid To Families In Stale Shows Big Hike LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Arkansas and South Carolina had he highest percentage increase n the United Stales in the number of persons receiving aid to families w i t h dependent children between March 1973 and she same month this year, a federal report shows, for the year. Six other states Both states had a 12 per cent ncrease, according to the U.S. Health. Education and Welfare Department. Arkansas pays one of the lowest amounts for each recipient and for each family. As a result, the increase in the total amount of aid was 20.4 per cent year. Six other staes higher percentage in- the victim's lungs were "very hcrrirnqrrhaglc" and that there was "quite a bit of bleeding inlo )he lungs." Bui, Osborne said there was no evidence that Turner's death was related to a scuffle he had had with police during the arrest. "We suspect probably some drugs or something that prevented his blood from clotting," Osborne said. He said a final diagnosis could not be made pending other tests.and reports from Ihe state medical examiner's office. That should take several weeks, he said. The coroner said narcotics could not have caused the blood o fail to clot. Leading to Turner's identi- icalion was a Social Security number and a letter found on him. Gun Thefts Said On Increase ; LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Ar) official of the Little Rock offic«t receive their month for the had a crease in total amount .of. aid. The HEW report showed that nationally the number of recipients declined 2.2 per cent during the 12-month period, although the total amount of payments increased 6.9 per cent. The report showed that 27,422 families' ..received, Jiid. .in Ar- kan*syrin'MarcFl374, while the number of individual recipients was 93,268. The total amount of Delays Sought WASHINGTON (AP) -- Lawyers for the major defendants in the Watergate cover-up case tried to convince an openly skeptical judge today to post pone the trial because of. the publicity engendered by Richard M. -Nixon's resignation. "You are not giving us a fair trial if you put us to trial in the next three months," said John J. Wilson, attorney for former Nixon chief of staff H. R. Haldeman. "I don't a g r e e with you," said U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica, who has scheduled the trial to begin on Sept. 9, The judge said the lawyers can ask the appeals court for a postponement. Turner was arrested about 10 miles north of Osceola on U.S. 61 following a high-speed chase with Trooper Wayne Malone ot the State Police. Sheriff George Ford of Mississippi County estimated that the man drove up to 100 miles per hour and that at least 15 cars were forced off U.Si 61 as Turner's car weaved across the road. Capt. Wayiand Speer of the Jtate Police said that when Turner ignored efforts to flag of the Alcohol, Tobacco, arms Division of the Fire} U.S; checks -after they have received payments that month was their APL bills. I million. Biting Comment JOHANNESBURG, S. Africa (AP) -- Sign on a house here "Beware of owner. Never mine the dog." him down authorities fired shots at the car. "As his car ran past, a depu- *y fired a shotgun into the right side of the car," Speer said. 'Then the subject stopped. N.c pellets entered the car; none ol hem entered the body; they were stopped by-the outer layer of the car." Ford said Tommy Williams, the deputy sheriff who fired the round of buckshot, intended for the shot to hit a tire, but it hit the right fender instead. Speer said Malone ran to the car after it had stopped. When Turner refused to get out, Malone reached inside to get a hold on him and Turner resisted, Speer said. Malone fractured his hand during the arrest when he struck part of the car, Speer said. Malone was taking Turner to jailwhen he slumped over. Malone then went to Osceola Memorial Hospital,- but Turner was pronounced dead on arrival. Treasury Department s a i d Monday that about 130,000 guns were reported stolen nationwide between June 1, 1973, and thi same date this year: Cliff Carpenter, agent iii charge of the Little Rock office", said that figure represents onlj those guns listed in the Nation^ al Crime Information Comput; er. NCIC keeps track of most stolen property in the nation. Since gun prices vary, it would be impossible to determine exactly how m u c h gun thefts cost Americans, he said.. Carpenter said a big factor in the theft of guns is their salability. He said a person theoj retically could steal a gun and n a few hours have mnyq n a few hour shave money rom the sale of the weapon. He said guns are stolen from homes, businesses and most often from gun racks of parked vehicles. If a gun is stolen, Carpenter said, the owner should report the theft and the gun's serial number to local law enforcer ment authorities as soon as possible. TRI-LAKES ANTENNA Sales and Service New UMd AfiMnnw Color · Black WhIU Booilen · Towere Fn* Ettlmatn 751-7927 Rl-MM 7S1-B57 DILLARD Now! 3 Convenient Ways To We're Introducing M*rt«r Charge «nd BankAmerfean! to our customer* hi the State of Arkansai for one big naton: Convenience! Yei, now you on lay "Charge It" three wiyi. These two papular credit urdi plus your tXllard'i credit card will give you the trouble free choppinq that we think you deserve. At All DILLARD'S and DILLARD'S Pf*ifer-Bla» Stores In ArkanMi Intrastale Moving Rates Going Up LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Th state Transportation Commis sion has approved a 15 per cer increase in intrastate rates, e f e c t i v e immediately, f o movers of household goods. The movers had asked ttia intrastate rates be raised to the level of interstate rates, which would have meant an increase of about 43 per cent. The commission said the proposed 43 per cent increase was "unjusl and unreasonable." The commission order said that the issue was not whether intrastate rates should be near rather what level of intrastate rates would be just and reasonable. Only two commissioners, 1 Troy R. Douglas and G. W. "Whitey' Tyler, participated in the decision. Garry L. Brewer, commission chairman, disqualified himself because bis wife works part time f o r Arkansas Consumer Research, which intervened in opposition to the rate increase. The commission held a hearing on the application July 16. The commission order said that determining a fair rate for household goods movers on intrastate moves presented special problems. It said the movers had both interstate and intrastate business and the intrastate expenses have to be prorated from the total system expenses on a fair and equitable basis. The commission also said that there was no uniformity among the carriers in the method used to prorate expenses in the exhibits presented to the commission. Some used a ratio of revenue and others used a ratio of mileage, the commission said. Completely inimersible! To rj. ind B»nkAimr(c«rd u e n S«t» «f Atkinm for on. blj r««««n: 'Con.«.l«iKtl Y«, now you «n My "Chirg« II" thr«« »iy.. Thm lw« pofUltr ct*dl' a'ii plm VTM' Dillird'i wjdlt *« you th« trowbr* fnt »h«ppliig thit w« think . . . « At! DK.I.AHD1 «ld DILI ABO'S PW(.r*«l SlorH In Arlin... t* 6; Je^ Orig. 21.991 [LEARN I BASIC OR ADVANCED INCOME TAX PREPARATION Qosoaoiocic I Thousands are earning good money as tax prepares. Enrollment open fo men and women of all ages. Job interviews available for best students. Send for free information and class schedules. 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