Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 26, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 26, 1952
Page 12
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Hayworth To Get Divorce Auto Tour In Southwest I I; HaUyw*)d-(*)-Rli* Han worth ·yi iht Will tikt · month's motor I HIT of thf Southwest *nd thtn riv« to Reno for her dlvorc* from rine? Aly Khin Tlw (Ufiie-hilrdd iictrcu fin- fafpffirk ,for her picture today. lh« hM purchlied · station wagon d win drive to Southwest retorts ,4 htr- ««r«t»ry, Mnrgnrct -ln-in exclusive Interview, Miss |»y*prth jcotched recurrent ru- ior§ thil she Is planning a return Europe to reconcile with Prince jy. the (old me she hat not been s- touch with him. She agreed lh«t the' Aly Khan chapter In her ious life is ended. . f · KMp YMrni" She will retain full custody of Yumln, their" daughter. She of- ,f»r*dno comment on other terms TO lUILD ·M Ow MitnliL M Oar Prfct*. Try Our Btrvte*. DYKE LUMIER CO. Mi K. ChiiUt CHICK SPECIAL HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS trailer Hatch** of the separation'. She will not be required to rsmiln tin weeks I Reno (or the divorce. . ''I am a resident, of Glenbrook Nov.," the explained: '.'I estab llstied residence there when I re turneel to.thli country, The divorc could be 8 matter-of hours, but may ttay around. Reno for » few day». I like Nevadavery"mUch. The .actress remarked that «h wait weary from the movie-maklni routine.' . · . ·- . 'I started but. wllh six weeks o dance rehearsals," she said. "Tha left me completely ' exhausted After all, I haven't (lanced for fou years. In fact, I haven't done any thing for four years. · "When I started shooting. I hac screen fright. I knew I would, Bu after 10 days, I got settled down Then. I began. to like working again." . . . ' . . Posing For, Photographs The picture stopped shooting last week, but she has been poslni for photographs to advertise am exploit the . picture, "Affair In Trinidad." she Is even pining In a - , - b a t h i n g .suit,, proving tha princesses are not above cheese cake, ,v " · - . · - . ' · · ·'· - .."NoW I'm ready, for a rest,' she said. "I'll rest on the motoi trip I'm taking. I love to drive I've done"lt on every continent Once I drove. ail the way from Algiers to Tunisia. "I don't know where I'll go on this trip, We'll stop wherever we feel like it, for I do want to gc- some sun. We'll probably spend some time In Tucson and Phoenix Arlr..'! After the divorce, Rita returns to Columbia studio, where she wll start another picture, "Salome ant the Stveri'Veils." W o o d , . s t e e l , gla.i and even water will burn, when placed In contact urtth fluorine, . WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving you 20 Yeart SMiTH RADIO SHOP ; i Evtry Wfdntiday Night, 8 to 11 JAM SESSION with The Rockwood All Stars Denting NijhHy, 7:30 to 1:00 Saturdays, 7:30 to 12:00 Northwest Arkansas' Finest Night Club Club ROCKWOOD On CMf% Club RMd Jutl Off l.urh 71 This is jrour personal invitation to attend 3rd Four-State HEREFORD CONSIGNMENT SALE Thursday April 3, 'V l;P.M. Joplin, Mo. At the Joplin Stockyards Sale Pavilion ' 71 hud a( Ih* B«*l Bmd Supumt Stll · 60 BULLS AND 15 FEMALES Conilgntd from II good htrdi In Mliiourl, Arktmai, Oklahoma and Ktniai A f*od numbtr of bulli of MrricMbU lg Bullf ud itmtltf lor iht nglilirid britdir. Ih* iarmtr and ' " · . commrclal produnr · ' A l l unit Hind for T.B. It Bingi .', Many popular bloodlinn rtprtitnttd Writ* lot catalog to: DONALD J. BOWMAN, Sole Manager ' ' HAMILTON. MISSOURI AMMMMr, Jt»«« rulkmwi. Llktrtr, Minor!, MtMM ky JMltr WRlnmwt READY FOR OCCUPANCY, PERHAPS WITH MOVEtS carrying furniture and rurrilahlngi from Blair Houn and from iturage Into tht Wlut« HOUM.. on« might conclude that President Truman and family will move back sooner than expected, per- nipi on hl» return trnm Key Wtat, Kin., vacation at the end of Iht month. . (InternationalI University Buys 3,300 Acres Of Pasture And Woodland In Lake Wedington Project The College of Agriculture has bought approximately 3,300 acres of tend in the Lake Wedington and -. utilization project. Located n the eastern part of the 17,500- acre projcrt, the land Is largely pasture arid cut-over woodlanrt. Purchase of the. land from the ederal government was announced today by Dean Llpperl S. Ellis of .the College of Agriculture and the U. -S. Department of Agriculture. Sale of the land will reduce the razing area available ' to local cople, J. E, Critz of Fayetteville,' llstrlet conservationist, said that razing needs of the smaller'op- rators' surrounding the area can e partially satisfied on the remaining land. The land' purchased, north of avoy and 'Highway 10, in Wash- rigton County, will become a part f the main experiment station nd will be used In. the station's »cf cattle research program, Dean Ellis said. Primary emphasis in the work n the new ncroafic will be given to research studies now under way in Arkansas and other southern states in connection .with a region-:' al project on^the. improvement of beef cattle through breeding. The Department ot Agriculture is cooperating in that project. Inducted in the research is an attempt to determine more adequate criteria for evaluating beef cattle, such as record of performance tests aiid tests for proving herd sires and brood cows. It is planned to include studies of livestock management on pasture, on a large acreage basis. The experiment station's beef cattle herds, which now consist of 250 head of purebred Aberdeen Angus; Hereford, and Shorthorn cattle, will he moved to the new experimental area as soon as the land can be made ready, It Is expected that the number will be increased to 400 in the future, after pasture facilities have been expanded. Work will begin at once on building fences, improving pastures, and constructing buildings, such as barns nnd cottages for the herdsmen. Shortage Of Stenographers And Typists Said Severe Bj DOROTHY ROE (AP Women's fedllor) 'She's the queen bee of U. S. industry. Captains of industry eg for her. services. Big businessmen spend (heir time thinking up e\v ways to entice, her. She's the American stenogra- her. If she can type even reasonably veil and' take dictation In nny ind of - shorthand, she has her !ck of thousands of jobs. So desperate Is the shortage of rained stenographers and typists lat t h e - . U . S. Department of labor- Is launching a drive,- nided y 10 national women's oreanl- atlons, to offer part-time em- loymcnt to women who cannot cccpt full-time jobs. This would each ah untapped reservoir of Ider women with typing skill r ho have left their jobs after .arrlaffc. Despite the frantic demand for heir services, or perhaps because f, It, the secretaries, stcnogra- ihers and typists remain coy, Vith such a wide field from which o choose, many.nrc Ipoking for glamor" jobs in TV or radio or n the fashion or beauty field. Others have gone Into defense 'ork, In search of higher, pay. ilany have gone Into government service, with Its blandishments of possible travel. The U. S. -businessman is left staring moodily at his unattended, typewriter. Meanwhile. U. S. 'science, which has produced such things as the atomic bomb and the wonder drugs, is turning "its attention to the secretary crisis. Companies such as International Business Machine, Remington Rand,'Sound Scribcr and others are turning out machines that eventually may take the place o£ the llesh-and- blood secretary. Seven Harvard Business School students made an exhaustive study of the "mechanical brain" techniques and came up with a report predicting that office routine of the future will be handled by electronic machines. ( · The newly developed machines can keep books, take orders, issue checks, compute and do almost everything accomplished by the girl' office worker except wear lipstick and nylons. So heed the pleas of employers, Kirls.. Tomorrow you may find an electronic stenographer sitting at that desk. Advrrtisr In (he TDIES--It P»7i. New ( Grange Officers Ar? installed Hogers-lSpeciaD-H. H. Herlacher of Bentonville Route 1 was installed as master of the newlly- organized Center-ton Grahce No. 835 in ceremonies Monday night at Centerton. Mrs. Mary May, of Rogers, state Grange, flora, served as installing officer. Other officers installed were J. A. Lundbery of Bentonville Route 1, overseer; Mrs. Mildred Womack, lecturer; Bruce Holland, chaplain; Mrs. Lou Lundberg, secretary; Mrs. Sue Herlacher; ceres; Mrs. Blanche Holland, flora; and Miss Donna Herlacher, lady assistant steward. Executive committeemcn installed were Calvin A. Shelton and LeHoy Womack, both of Cen- lerton. Four officers were not present and will be installed later. Speakers at the installation included Jim May, state Grange deputy master; Kenneth Jones, master of the Benton County Pomona Grange; Harold Powell. master of the Sunset Grange; and Mrs. Dele Newman Doke, public information director for. the state Grange. . Governor To Receive Commission As Colonel Little Rock-(#)-Governor McMath will be commissioned a colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve 'neve tonight. He has been a lieutenant colonel. The governor will be commissioned by Col. W. S. McCormick, Eighth district reserve, commander, during ceremonies activating the 6th Marine Rifle Company. 12 Applicants Pass Bar Examinations Lllltle Rock-W)-The Arkansas Board of Law Examiners reported today 12. out of 24 applicants passed state bar examinations held here earlier this month. ' Applicants making a grade of 78 or better included: Daniel M. Surge of Blytheville; William I. Prewett and Willey A. Branton both of Fayetteville; Ralph M. Sloan, Jr., of Jonesboro, and Hardy W. Croxton of. Rogers. Admiral Says Allies Have Ship Shortage ' Washington -(IP)- The Western Allies have insufficient . ships in the Atlantic to -face war in Europe, says the supreme naval . commander for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Adm. Lynde D. McCormkk said yesterday there is a shortage of anti-submarine forces and vessels needed to supply and support land warfare, in Europe. If the steel made in the world in 1950 had been divided equally among the inhabitants of the earth, each person would have received about 172 pounds. Not white, not wneat, not rye, but a flavor blend of all three-Junge's Roman Meal Bread. 11-19-tf OPEN . _. m . n 1J:4 ' At The Fair AUDIE MURPHY-TO mi Science Gives "Spare Ports" For ·Humans May Come From Experiments Bj ALTON L. BLAKE SLEE New Haven, Conn.-W)-Onc of the groat potential revolutions in incdica! science was disclosed today. Three sick men and women have been given glands' transplanted from very premature babies to turn -out hormones for new health. It Is an amazing and promising experiment in giving humans new spare parts. It may lead to many new methods of treating a variety of diseases. Little pieces ' of glands were taken from unborn Babies and 7ut into stomach .muscles of two men and a woman. The men got adrenal glands because thir own adrenals had stopped making'hormones, including cortisone. The woman got a thyroid gland, after her own sick thyroid was removed. 'Animal tests indicate new gland bits will stay alive, grow, and make hormones. It is still too early to tell about the humans. May Get New Glands If it works for them, . humans someday may' get new glands to control diabetes without insulin, a glands: to control thyroid diseases; even perhaps control some kinds of cancer. New glands might, come from animals as well as humans. Humans might be able to replace wornout or lost sex glands, realizing the monkey gland experiments 30 years ago of the late Dr. Serge Vororioff. Human or animal bodies might supply successful transplants of nerves or blood vessels or other spare parts that would take root and stay alive or grow. The big secret is using embryonic tissue--glands or other parts from very young, unborn humans. Only; embryonic; tissue, and. tarn? cancer tissue can be transplanted and stay alive in anpther body.' - Th?'facts, to date,; and.the future potentials, were disclosed in reports of research at Yale University : Medical School, they were described during a tour of cancer centers sponsored by the American Cancer Society. . Bila Lived, Produced .'Dr. Harry S. N. Greene, Yale pathologist, showed .mat .embryonic 'glands of animals could be transplanted successfully from one kind of animal to another. The bits of glands lived and produced hormones, even... when, .transferred from an unborn mouse or rabbit or guinea pig into another, aduli, animal of a different species. Dr. Eugene E. Clifton, a sur- geon, transplanted the bits ot human embryonic glands into the men and woman. The glands were taken from unborn babies lost in miscarriages or in an operation necessary to cave the mother's life. Slices were put into the stomach muscles of the adults, where they could produce, hormonei and turn them into the bloodstream. Ad ettiM In tin TTMES-Jt pan. EVERYTHING IN NUMBING and SlimiB FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVI. PROUD to PRESENT THIS VERY FIRSt SHOWING A bunch of huikyouyj CAttSON | AnrHlCUH YOU'LL SEE A 12 PLUS PRODUCTION -- IT'S SHOWING NOW AT THE APiSl I ft NIGHTS thru Set. 7-» -- Mat. Z:30 Sat. **«T -V/iVsiW BETTE DAVIS,- Another Man's Poison" OPENS SUNDAY Randall Robcrfi Morton Cflfnrl MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL Tonite THURSDAY Sho-time 7:00-9:09 Step on the starter, Don't be so slow. Drag out the family And see this show! Come In ind See Us About Our (Easy Payment Plan on Re-Modeling Your Home, Building New Garage, Chicken House or Milk Barns, etc. ALSO We Have Old and New Philco Refrigerators and Freezers Clifton lumber Co. Phone 27. West Fork, Ark. THE YEAR'S BIG... BRIGHT MUSICAL! ADDED FUN-- · Horst and Buggy Dayil · Rig HOUM Bunny ·-. ** Phone 3103** 171 Drive-In Theatre If you've tasted todays SCHENLEY -r-". ... you know it's the best-tasting whiskey in ages! Noture'i unhurried goodness + ikhenley'i unmalche'd skill - the bost-tasiino whisley In ages I (UNDID WHISUtt U PROOF. Itjl «M!N NEUTIAl IPIRITS. 1CHCNUY DISHIIUIOM, ING. Hp vnin. N, Y.

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