Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 26, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 26, 1952
Page 10
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WHATS THE MATTER DEAPi WHV OO VOU UXX AT US LIKE TWAT? ' ' ijw eve ALWAYS HAD, spoo EYESIGHT ·- I' COULD ALWAYS TH3EAD A NEEDLE TTw U«iv«r«ity Hifh THEY RE TWE T THEY RE ONESWWO -L FWVING OUGUTTO J^k. NOW. «xv. WHY OD IT HAVE ID BE MODEL? HER HEP BfiOTWeR-THEY WEP6 THE GUILTY ONES THE WA» IT IS, KID. FE DEALS 'EM THST WS/ ~ / TELL (ME ABOUT THOSE 6WE JET5- TVO6£ NEW ATOMC 6--AND GUIDED- E THIM9S/ PATHEP HEAP ABOUT I SCRUBBING FLOORS, - -V PEELIMG POTATOES JMCt.flACNMtWT CCIt.AH'fllTOUTTWM HANDCUFFS MM! SW1HP fl-L LEARN THO8E HAIRV- FACED CLUNK6 NOT TO i!'-. t .·Hi Si ...FOR TH'SIZE OF / YEH...LOOK9 LIKE ^ TH' WAY WE'RE DOIN 1 , THAT HOLE.We I WE'RESONNABE IIT6LJRE WILL,SON! tEY.WHAT'S ll'M A-3TTIN 1 KITH YOU, \ HERE TO tfY- =OOm YOU MLF, 1 THINK' JOOK SORTA/THIS MINE OF DOWN) XOOK8, PHEW.' IT8TINK6! LABORED TO DIG OUR REWARD IN GOLD 19 NOT KIM AH THIt ONION «ACK FO'MAH WEBDIN 1 VEIL. AH'LLSTAV UR AN'SEW ALL NIGHT DOWr GIT DAISY M*»E'S HOPES L* MPF/,7 CDMCM-tmiP HEAOK NCMIN CITS MAMMCD.? Money for the junior class rings is being turned in, Bobbie Eldredge, junior class 1 treasurer reported. The rings are arrlv* March 28. The sophomore class has spruced up the bulletin board in the English room. The have made colorful posters telling the names of several *new library books. T h e I drawings, and lettering on the posters are the . students' own work. Sophomore students responsible for this work are Rema Rankin, Carolyn Steele, Elmer Boyd, Tom my Glenn, and -Jo Ann Webb. Billie Lou Lacy, Marga.-et Boyd, and Rita Phillips, have been help' Mfss. Grlder in the library, Miss Gride'r is training them in desk work and other library work. All the Home EC. classes saw a f i l m , o n ' t h e quality and design of dress materials March 2o. Also on March "25, the juntor-senior girls' physical ed-ication class was shown a''film on the techniques of bowling. Both . films were shown in the audio-visual room. The F. F. A. judging team finished the itudy-of dairy cattle by practice judging, four classes of dairy heifers at the University Farm. At presefTt the team is well along in the study of beef cattle. The annual Bj-Stale Music Festival which was held .at F o r t ."mith this year, wat attended by some of the University High band members. .. · Barbara Martin and Ed Fay, two of our last year's graduates were married Saturday, March 22. Ed and Barbara were co-editors of the Junior Traveler last year. 1 The freshman-Sophomor: boys' and girls' physical Education classes are combining classes on Tuesdays and Thurdays to take square dancing. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays t e girls class is doing a unit en slunts and tumbling and the boys' class in hand ball . ' The algebra,! class, now in a study of angles, is planning a trip out on the university campus to experiment and survey with the transit. · ' · ' · . "Our Town," a play by .Thornton Wilder, has been taken'up' in English III. Students have volunteered to .read the parts of the individuals in the play. As a result, hidden talent'for acting has been discovered; '.'· N«w Student lhttrvi«w«d David Emmons,. recently from Fort Knox, Ky.', where he was in training'with the 3rd Armored Division, has entered U. H. S. in the junior c!ass. ·'. . . His family came here recently from · Cheyenne, Wyo., where David was in high school until called into training. His father is enrolled for the course in pharmacy at the University.- David has one brother, younger than he, who is a student in Kay- etteville High School. David thinks he will enter Officers, C a d e t School when he is graduatad from high school since, as he says, he has already invested a-good deal of time -and hard' work in : the Trimble Sees Own BUI As Questionable Washington -(^Representative Trimble 'objected' to House passage 1 ' of .his own .bills recently. '-H came about this- way: Wimble is chairman : ot;'ttie. l"A foolish consistentency Is the hobgoblin', of little minds," says Emerson, so we are going to leave off being consistent and critical for once and give out with a word nr two of praise and commendation. - . · Since Mr. Davenport's lecture to the students a few 'days ago, the students - have appeared more conscious of their conduct in the halls. Now if, one steps out into the hall between classes, he is no longer run down by speeding students nor has his eardrums pierced by the rising din of voices. He sees only an orderly procession of students making their way silently down the halls. ' · The, lockers no longer bulge with books and papers overflowing onto the floor, and there is no longer a crashing and slamming of doors. ' : This Just goes to show that the students are pretty good citizens when their faults are pointed out to them. Mr. Davenport made it clear that the stuSents must recognize their responsibilities. How many times do we say, "I'll do that tomorrow; it can -wait." Everyone is, of course, guilty of this fault, and it usually results in embarrassment and discomfort either for, ourselves or someone else. Almost everything that we are late in doing, it is too fate. However, f the need to get things done on time is rarely as obvious ai is that of getting the copy for The Junior Traveler ready for'the orinter at the .deadline. If the Staff could remember to get assignments in early, think how easily we could finish before tirne, and avoid that last nerve-wrack- ing.rush. "Remember the deadline to keep it-=-holy." Senior Scrapbook A very -well liked senior is Ola Mae Hayes. She has shown leadership ability by serving as secretary of the 1951 'and 52 F.H.A: chapter. She was exchange editor of the Junior Traveler during 1950 and i51, and also' a member of F.t.A. for one year. She is a" transfer student from Elkins high school. She came here during her" sophomore year. Ola Mae.plans to work as a telephone operator after graduation. If she later decides to enter college, she would like to major in mathematics. Dean -"Shaky" Tisdale is one of the favorite basketball fans of the students, at U.H.S. We credit this to his fine sportsmanship' and his fcxccllcnt 'playing as one of the leading five on the team. He always has a friendly smile and bargained many friends by his '.'accent" and unusual frieqdli- ncss. Dean has been at U.H.S. four years and received his grade school education at Goshen. · Taking a business course is his purpose .after graduation. Army. However, if he doesn't go into the Army, he will 'follow in his father's footsteps in pharmacy. He lives at 1000 North Mission Street. . . · Traveler's Tricks Mrs. Parkerson the practice teacher in Home EC. 4, told the class one day, "If J'ni not here tomorrow, you will know I've.shot a hole through my head." We wonder, could .Alice Rasmussen know the reason · why she said this? While reading poems by Robert Burns in English IV, Miss McCutchen remarked, "I'm'afraid you people are not. catching - this Scotch dialect as quickly as you should." Immediately marked, "What do you think we are, Scots?" i Calling various '· people during the noon hour seems to be a habit of Anita 'Todd. . . The other day she politely said "Give me .number 37 please." When someone . answered at the other end of the line, she said, "Do you deliver Cokes?" There was a slight laugh and the voice at the other end said, "I'm sorry, you have the wrong number; this is Watson's Funeral Home." Mr. Lee, the physics teacher, was earnestly explaining the reflection of light from a plane mirror when he dropped it and .broke it. "Now I'll have seven years of bad luck," he commented. "Yeah,' said Dallas' Half symr pathetically, "you'll probably '-be called back into the Air Force." Why Musi The Alarm Sound OH So Eirly The alarm clock sets up i hideous clatter, shattering one's peace and the 'Stillness of the morning. With a groan you struggle to get out of the tangled blankets. You Stagger into the bathroom for your shower, but before you get there, your brother wrecks your nerves by .-letting dut a shriek as the cold water hits him. You wish him all the damage you can think'of and drag on into the kitchen to be as disagreeable as you can with your mother who completely ignores you. You feel misunderstood and definitely abused. ' Oh .dear: only tKirty · minutes till school time. Forgetting breakfast; you rush back to yell at your b'rother again. He seems very calm and composed but with a few cross words, 1 you fix that calm..'him!'' .· You start wailing that'you.-just don't Tiave a thing decent tp"wear (except of course a closet full'.and a packed bureau). .Just as. you 'snatch your:.'coat, your girl friend comes in looking wonderful and- very casua'l.-^'JOh, hi! 1 Isn't this a. wqnderfultmorn- ing?" you trill. ."Iti so good to be alive!" ' ':..'' '. ' '· Elementary, Dear Wilson ·( -·' . · - · " * · ·· Conversation overheard .in the halls. The girls are -chatting: ' . ."Primarily, -in connection with our -.English assignment, basically', ·vhat is it?" ' ' "Actually, pertaining to that as far as I -know, we don't have one." . . ' . ' · ' "Centerarily, in . reference.: to English we. don't have'*one; but speaking of geometry, we do.". From the oilier erid of the. hall: "What did you Have reference to?"; .-- . - · : · : : * . · ; ' · : . i "1 said from the right; hand standpoint,, we' have, for', instance an assignment in geometry." · · One of the boys then asked innocently,: "What about -the. left .Tht library hi* fir* tttractiyt ' new bulletin board 1 iljpUyi. One has * Biblical th«m». Tht boolu suggested -are: Joseph by Eliza* btth Yatcf,-TkfL*HI to Mr She*. heri by Nancy Barahart, IB Blhlt D»j§ by Gertrude Hart man, and two fay Lloyd' Douglas, The Roba and The Bit Fbherman. On the other board, a/e life bright jackets ''of a. number of; children'* books by- Eleanor EstttV The. MoffaU, The H.* id r e d , Drei-ei, The Hecptef OUnt, and The MiMIe Mtffit. Also there is 9 short biography of Eleanor Estes. ·. . ' '.' '. Frosh English Class lo Present A Play .'The freshman : English ' class is planning the presentation of a ·'Purpose Play" in the near futuf e. The 1 play, entitled "Woman, a Citizen, has ah all-girl cast. The play j is in three scenes depicting three generations.. It tells of the development of . womans . interest in citizenship and her problems :in attaining suffrage. PhyrEd Class ; H« Pirt In (link 1 The junior-senior girls physical education class is studying a series of minor recreational' games wWch will .be played in a physical education clinic at the University ,of Arkansas Field House. The giimts 1 that will be played are deck tennis, Raddle tennis, table tennis, and;. shuffle board. The class was divided into four groups to play thece (, each girl beingjii .the group in, which she is most. 'skillful. Playing deck tennis will be Doris Campbell; Ola Hayes, Darliene Steel,, and Nita Faye Tate. In paddle tennis ; ; will be Carolyn 'BJaclnvell, 'Patsy Fineher, Alice Rasmussen, -.and Sylvia Shuier. Playing table tennis will be Anna Dell Kinsey, Marva Kirsch, Cliffie McCurley and Peggy Smith. Ruth Carnes and Bobbie EldredgiT will be playing shuffle board. " The purpose of the physical education class participating in the 'clinic is to demonstrate games. that' can be played, without the buying of expensive equipment. F..HA. Elects Officers' : , F. H. A., held its regular meeting on March, is. New officers were elected "as fallows: :Ru'th Carnes, president; Mary Hayes, vice president;. Joanne' Webb, sec-' retary; Bobb'ie Lee EldrMf e, treas- . urer; Lennis Shultz, historian; Marva Kirsch, : reporter; Rita Phillips, parliamentarian; J a n e Ledbelter, nong-leader; A n i t a Tidd, corsongleader. . After the election, '"- Darliene St*ele talked to the members about the "need to be- rriori; careful in their parliamentary practice. 1 She called attenitjori to the. fact, that there were' many citation procedures that the club needed to, observe. D»rtiene is theiretiring parliamentarian.' " . ' "· '/·- · . - · · - . Co-Editors --...Donna Weathers Cliff ieMcCurley Associate. Editor; __."Marva Kirsch News Editor _! ____ Braxton Mairs Feature 'Editor /_____ Darliiif Steel Sports Editors __ John Arterbum Make-up Editor.. John' Arterburn Proof Readers ----. Marva. -Kirsch ' "; : Bobbie Lee' Eldredge 'Sponsor _. Miss MaiT'MeCutcrian hand, viewpoint?." ; . .. "What was the primary purpose of'.that remark?" ;"·',/ -. . Since there .was no answer and assifnmehU seemed .to.. -be. well understood, w« then returned to. a' sane world. · ' Silly, isn't it ! !! . , -y- Democratic Committee of Ob- icctors. This . committee's func- ion is to object to passage of a bill pn 'the private arid consent calendars \vhen it appears that ihe bill contains features which should be given more thorough consideration. O n e ( objection blocks passage . i n - s u c h a'situa- tion. ' ' , Trimble had.placed on the consent calendar .a bill 'to establish " plan for. private construction of [ice buildings '.to , be -leased to OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams HOLY SMOKE, \ WHAT A BURS.' 1 I'VE M ME'-EVE O ^PU.WWIEMELAP AMD WITH 4U£H A . /, PEOF1.E--1F' 1 ' \ EVEWLOOilWA . BREAMKI' THEIR HEARTS RUMNIIN' W1P THKT SAMd OF ALLEY TOO6M6.' COMES OUT / OF IT.' ·OKNTMIKTV VBAg* Tpb the", government. '· The' lease payments v.'ould apply to purchase of the buildings..-In this i w a y i ' t h e government; in 15 or .20. ''jyear's, would, own the buildinjisUt a price equal'to or below the .rental 1 it would 'pay. ·, . " ': ' ' When, the bill came up'Trimblt stood up and objected. In explanation, he .confided .that, he had' just'.objected .to another 7 -bill-Oh. the ground that'it'J was-.'of ,gen-i eral nature and involved .fedejral funds'. .- . .- '. '. · .'"It'-didn't seem Jair to me,'to- that-, bill--.ahd.-,littVmy, own bill,.xvhic'H 'is ( gei)eral and ih;- volves federal -(undi, go 'through," he said- "I'll- let it ..take, the refu- 'lar/'cburse through the; House." , Obituary AfflM I. ' ; Funeral- ieryi.ces, : 'for/Amo*. E. Stone; «5, · who; died Saturday, .were' bdriducted ;j«fterday : afteV- chaperpf Nelsbn'i Funeral - Horn* · by -the' Rev.. : Jesse Cpiema'ri,-'asiisted^by the Kev.-VEd Phillips. Buria; was 'in Farmington cenet'eVy.. .-. ^...''.-.·;·!r.",. ' ' Fallbearers were Oianda Green, Rexford Rice, Carl -fitoolts, Claud« Blue, : John Ray,:Tom liwe, and TpyCassatt. · · ' · ' letty Su* Ted*. · . : Funtnl services for Betty Sue todd, iip, of .720 York, who died Sunday night .in. County Hospital, Was conducted this afternoon at 2 o'clock in the chapel of Nelion'i Funeral Home by tk« Rev. Glen Stewart. Burial was in Friendship cemetery near ·prinfdale. 1 Palllxarcrs · were Wood Cunningham,' Eddie Sioyka, Joe Roach; and Kayttarnea. .

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