Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 19, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 19, 1974
Page 10
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A BOLIVIAN FLAG OH WHICH COIUS AND BANKNOTES HAVE BEEN SEWN, IS CARRIED TO THE LOCAL CHURCH IN ft SOt-EMM PROCESSIONS BV NATIVE FARMERS TO EXPRESS THEIR GRATITUDE FOR A GOOD HARVEST THE RlBBOIl- TAIL BIRD OF PARADISE HA.S TAIL FFATHERS AStOHG AS ITS BODY I'M SOPRV, CHACLJE." BUT YOU'RE (SETTING A CAVITV. ARE COUS1DERED SACRED IN JAVA-SO BEFORE ONE1S CUT DOWN, THE AXMAN BEGS TOE SPIRIT INHABITING- THE PALM TO MOVE TO ANOTHER TREE FRANCES DRAKE Your Horoscope XTELLVOU CLARA BELLF TOOK IT AND MID ITJ Z DON'T KNOW WHERE, OKAV, I'LL BEAT IT OUT TO CURA BELLE'S. BUT IF YOU'VE LIEP/OLD WO/AAN, I'LL COME 6ftCK AND BHATtTOUTOFYOU. · WELL, PANG MY DWGlESi THIS IS BUS8A... THE CISTERN/ hich jyou'll have reason for regret ' 1 " ' what your outlook is, according SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Do not be anxious if things are out as quickly as TUESDAY. AUGUST 1974 /ou d like. You re on the right .rack, so keep going! ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Deo. Synchronize activities to coin- More than the usual reward is your own now to decide on the indicated for constructive deavors. You'll have all help you need. means to gain benefits, how to TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Your . planets, favorably as- «KT£R OP [1 »·««««« wu.Hor«SS6N we MAnoN-H i« A uwoawic a«a*'~ c* HUB*. and new friendships GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) A day calling for good judge- ment. Don't sell any new idea and do look for good opportunities which may not immediately obvious. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) terests may seem more stimulating, stick to obligations, the fundamentals on which to build a better future. Be realistic. TflTER!! RUM OUT VORE TONGUE 1 SW AftfiftH THAT'LL BE THREE DOLLARS LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Excessive spending could prove disastrous now. Don't speculate or indulge in extravagant whims, and watch the budget even when making minor purchases. · ' DOC-M6GOTTODO SOMETHlW flBOUT TRIER'S SQUfWJLIW'-HE fiiN'TSHUT HISTRfiP IN THREE DAVS VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept patronizing -- frequent Virgoan LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) some restrictions. Don't discuss · North*** Arkon*o» TIMES, Men., Aug. 19, 1974 Ii AKKAHSfti - niiiuniiiiiniiiniiii! LESTER L COLEMAN, M. D. Meditation May Aid Total Body Relaxation , anxiety by medita- My 18-year-old daughter and' a group o[ her friends became involved with a meditation group. I honestly believe that she is quieter and more relaxed than she's ever been. Do you have any faith in tliis? Are there any dangers in her continuing? iMrs. G.R., Tex. Dear Mrs. R. : For centuries, various forms of yoga and quiescent contemplation have been practiced all over the world. Some members of today's youth, caught in the trap of angry pressures, have sought to ease their tion. The initial skepticism ha been modified by some of the research that has been done in reliable universities in linerica BODY RELAXATION Dr. David W. Doner, of the Boston V e t e r a n s Admin- the effect of transcendental meditation on oxygen cbnsump tion. He found that it was lower during periods of meditation indicating general relaxation ol body functioning. Dr.^ Doner feels that medita ion "affects every organ sys em of the body and reduces he rate vity." Under of physiological acti the supervision o people well trained in this tech nique, meditation may serve =· " valuable tension function and in reducing " iniiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiraiiiiiiiiiiiniffliraitiim Dr. Doner and others in his ield warn, however, that tran cendental meditation shoulJ ot be undertaken promia- uously without psychological ecoinmendation. ,.,,,, ..,.. c ,,,,: peace to people in conflict. . I lethal weapon. The legal age for buying alcohol has been reduced in o u r tate. Can you tell me why here is such an urgency to do his? Mrs. S.V B., Mich. 7ear Mrs. R.: All kinds of argumwils have ieen expounded for reducing he legal age for buying liquor rom 21 to 18. Undoubtedly, there are sonw hat are selfishly motivated. Others argue that young people vill drink anyway and that pgali/ing the purchase may reduce the; surrept'Mousness asociated with foroidrlfn fruit. DRINKING AGE Unfortunate statii'ic's an! beginning to pour in from those states ihat have reduced the minimum drinking age. A research report by the Insurance Institute for H i g h w a y Safety points out that this policy has resulted in an increase in fatal motor vehicln collision.;. Perhaps the only way iliac these fatalities can be avoided is by stringent rules that forbui anyone who ririn'is frorr driving. An aulomoKI? in the hands of the young rr the ol: have been drinking is : left on parlay efforts to get the most from them. But conclusions must be accurate. 22 to Jan. of offerings and soundly directed imagination needed now. Don't mix and personal affairs. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Make a dry run for f u t u r e reference in vital areas, but with system and consistency, not sporadically or in haste. Shun needless argument. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) An original idea could be de- eventually turned to profit. Along t h e s e lines, it's a 'good period for pushing your luck. YOU BORN TODAY have an ardent, enthusiastic outlook on life; are endowed with an outgoing personality and the enviable gift of leadership. You are capable of reaching the top in almost any career you choose, and coujd go especially far in which involve dealing with the public. You are highly Sast dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH *97 , so must impulsiveness, learn going extremes. You love luxuries and will work unstintingly to achieve them. Birthdate of: Benjamin Harrison, Raymond 23rd Pres., Poincare, U.S.A.; former GET INTO THE GREAT BURPSl-BOOAAA CONTEST Z ca RULES I - DRINK 1OO BOTTLES OFBURPSI-800MA 2.' IP YOU SURVIVE, BRING IOO 6OTTLE CAPS TO YOUR BURPSI-BOOMA DEALER 3-HEWILLSIVeyoUA . PORTRAIT OF AMERICAS MOST BELOVED MAN AFRAID I'VE OT SOME You O\H ro VO ABOUT TO PUT TH6M ON YOUR BIUU THAT 1 UFT TWO UNTIL HE WIT* THE BS5TLE DOIN IN Trie pete VAULT? 4.ANPJN6 CUSHION French Pres.; Emily Bronte Eng. author. Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer 111 O 3 m OAGv/OOC; IT'S ONE A.M.- WHY DON T YOU COME UP ' TOBEPANDGEr , SOME SLEEP? I'LL BE UP AS SOON AS THIS LATE, LATE MOVIE I CAN'T GET HIM INTOBEDATNISHT AND I CAN'T GET- HIM OUTOF IT IN THE MORNING ACROSS 1 Doctrine 4 Platform 8 Arrow poison 12 Palm leaf (var.) 13 Italian noble house U Inferior horses 15 And not 16 Basebal 1 position 18 Use a besom 20 Small child 21 Opulent 24 Musical pauses 28 Near mark in roving 32--.Pry 33 Tree' 34 Disease of rye 36 Greenland Eskimo 37 Italian coin 39 More direct route 41 Texas shrine 43 Cabbage dish 44 WWII org. 46 Fashion 50 Dessert 55 Elec. unit. 56 French river 57.GIV crime 58. Wing 59 Sugar source 60 Headland 51 Chess pieces DOWN 1 Electrified particles 2 Road sign 3 Dark area on moon 4 Notwithstanding 5 Tree · 6 Japanese statesman 7 Spanish painter 8 Part of foot S Burmese demon 10 Self 11 Moot gift · Avg. solution tune: 27 mln. Answer to Saturday's puzzle. 17 High hill 19 Blunder 22 Hearts 23 TV's Downs, etal. 25 Levantine ketch 26 Dancer's skirt 27 lath 28 Fern, stage direction 29 Greet 30 Gumbo 31 Implement 35 Journeys 38 Love token 40 Cardinal' number 42 Hop kiln (var.) 45 Scrutinize 47 Chick-pea 48 African river 49 Ardor 50 Weep 51 Hasten 52 Chemical suffix 53 Solemn wonder . 54 Distance measure (India) B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Champronship Play) * Q J 9 7 2 * A 9 7 2 WEST V A Q 9 · 1083 * Q J M 4 EAST * 6 3 2 » J K 7 6 3 2 + K 3 SOUTH * A K Q M 8 V K 5 · A K 4 *865 art rth" The bidding: East Pass Pass South 1* 3* West Pass Pass North 2 4 6* Bridge may be a scientific: game -- as played by the ex perts -- but you'd ne,'er provt- it by this deal played in the 1962 world championship by Italy and the United States. At the first table. Belladonna playing the Roman Club system, opened one diamond (forcing). Avarelli responded twn diamonds, whereupon Belladonna showed his true color-; by jumping to three spades. Without further veremony Avarelli jumped to six dia- monds, which became final con tract. It was not a good slam^' but whether the system was at "ault, or the players. I havac no way of knowing. The hand proved to be veryT !ucky for the Italians. For rea-V sons unknown, West led the aca hearts, and this lead handed: Belladonna the contract. He' scared five spades, f i v e diarr monds, a heart and a club, foi'- 1,370 points. Without a liearf lead the slam would have gone" down one. At the second table, with American pair now Nor South, the bidding went: East South West North' ·Pass 1 * Pass I NT ' Pass 3 NT ; This was certainly not the' b e s t contract either -- ·' especially with North the declarer. Played by South, three notnimp was cold witli any lead, but played by North.' the defense could have snalchej the first six tricks with a hearc lead. However, the Italian West had such a wonderfully attractive lead against three notrumn · that he opened the queen of clubs -- out of turn! The U.S. declarer decided tir accept the lead, which was his privilege, and he made five no- trump for a score of G60 points. So the American team lost 7101 points on the deal, but it could have been much worse. ,: PONYTAIL SO Z 16 42 6O 47 II 27 49 m kind of looking forward to gelling back to - 1 t o corner in a ha!lway than SAVINGS GALORE! Smart shoppers first check the hundreds of advertised values that appear daily in this newspaper. . . .and save a big bundle on food, clothing, cars, everything! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES Delivered to your door seven days a week for less than 11 f a day!

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