Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 19, 1974 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 19, 1974
Page 9
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Congress Considers Aid To Public Broadcasting by JAY SHARBUTT .... NEW YORK (AP) -- An ambitious five-year financing for public broadcasting bill sunies its congressional voyage this week, its spending ante up-, ped $177 million by the Senate Commerce Committee. The committee last Tuesday okayed a version of the bill to let the government spend up to nillii $612 million on public broadcasting from fiscal 1976 through 1080. The spending would gradually increase each year, starting at $88 million in 1976 and reaching $160 million in 1980. When the measure first was submitted to Congress by t h e While House Office of Telecommunications Policy in mid- July, it proposed only a total of. $435 million for Ihe same five- same two-committee process in he House, starting at the Communications subcommittee of :he House Commerce Committee. No hearings there are scheduled and probably won't )e until Senate action on the bill is over, a subcommittee spokesman says. The measure faces rough sledding from now on, both because of its five-year provision and the fact it combines au- .horization for spending and appropriation of the actual money int he same document. The latter is rarely seen In bills sent Congress, which usually votes separately on author- year period. While the spending ceilings have risen, there's been no change in the hill's provision to raise $2.50 from non-federal sources for every buck they'd get from Uncle Sam. This week, the measure will be. sent to the Senate fioov, along with an explanation of what it's all about, and then referred to the Senate Appropriations tion. Committee for ' considera- It also has to go through the ization and appropriation. Even with these potential hazards, Ralph B. Rogers. board chairman of the Public Broadcasting Service, stil thinks the proposal stands e good chance of passage by the Congress this year. lie says its members "recog nize the need for long-range funding so you can have long range planning. They also rec oguize the need tor the in sulation it'd provide public broadcasting from outside pres ures." The bill's $2.50-to-$l fund matching formula in effect i telling Congress that local com Golf King 18 Hole Putting Course Mon. and Thurs. are DOLLAR DAYS Play as many games as you can 3 to 11 p.m. Only $1.00 50 W. Township Ei. Phone 113-2688 munities shoulder now are the major ready load of nancing public radio and TV he added. "The people are saying 'Turn the job of raising th money to run public broac casting over to us per mantnely,' " R o g e r s said "We'll assume the burden carrying it from now on." "This doesn't mean we' able to match the spending ceilings in the bill. But it puts it Isquarely ' ' " '"- '- HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Distance Cure Advised For Unusual Mother Il'BliiGSHlSBE Dear Helen: My mother-in-law thinks I'm goody-goody because Will and got married instead of just living together like the rest of ns family do. She makes fun of me and puts me down. She's even gotten some of Will's nep' news to make passes at me. She lived common-law with Will's Dad until he disappeared arid she's had at least thrcB joyfriends since I've known her. Will's sister doesn't bother with marriage, either. They criticize everything do I It gets them because I'm a good housekeeper and we don't live on pizzas and beer like they do. I feel like they're lower than cockroaches (which t h e y have, too), but we live near them anc they won't leave me alone. Wil 1 . won't tell his mother and sister to get lost, so what do you suggest?,-- Mrs. Holier Than Thou (So-Called) Dear Holy: . .Distance! Preferably several thousand miles of II for a new lover. Can you blame me? By the way, my husband's icallh is fine and always has ijcen. -- E.H. Dear E.: I can't blame you for seeking love, but I'm not sold on the way you seek it. And I'm amaz ed at your apparent lack o curosity or concern. Didn't you ever ask your husbaod \VH\ he turned off? Since you two evidently neither talk nor touch, my big question is: Why w.isn't thi marriage dissolved long ago --H. Dear Helen: In 1961, my husband stopped having sexual relations with me. I was 36. I waited 11 months, then decided that was long enough, so I had an a f f a i r with a childhood sweetheart and got pregnant right away. My-husband knows, of course, that my. ncar-12-year-old-daugh- isn't his. 1 haven't received hug from him ~ vtrt. n HOCW * FAYimviui + NOW SHOWING Starts 8:25 get the benefits of these match- Dear Helen: A college professor has fallen in love with o u r daughter c 47 and soon to he divorcee Another woman is bein? name n the divorced proceedings -in love with out daughter. He visiting us this summe-. he. too out still another woman (whos husband objected). It was onl. one time, he said. This man travels al'. over th world on college Tssijrnment and my daughter often will g with him. He'has six children, four o their own. two away at. school. If he gets his divorce, the will marry in October. Shoul we advise our daughter, a 4 year-old widow, that we hav not our daughter. While.she wa We haven't met the man ye: -- Doubting Thomases Dear D. T.: You've a right to exrjress a opinion, but a 49-year-o' daughter probably won't I wayed by it. Why not folio my Helen Help Us rules: Giv advice only when asked. an then only if you're pretty sur of the facts; don't jump to co elusions; and remembr eatin your words is tougher t h a holding them back. -- H. Got a problem? An adult su ject for discussion? You ca talk It over in her -jolumn you write to Helen Bottel, ca of Northwest Arkansas TIMES DENNIS THE MENACE By Ketch am Northwest Arkansa. TIMES, Mon., Aug. 19, 1974 FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS ^^^^ Poverty Relief Efforts Are Only Partially Successful By JOHN CUNNIFF N E W ' Y O R K CAP) - The nation's effort to reduce poverty is another victim of the slower economic growth and high prices that have prevailed so far in the 1970s. Completing a sliidy on dis- advantagcd Americans, The Conference Board stated that the number of poor has fallen to 23 million from 40 million in 1960, recent progress has slowed perceplably. 'While the record is not unimpressive." said Fabian --Poverty is most widespread among the aged -- despite a decrease -- and among blacks, people with modest schooling, and households headed by ,'omen. Nearly one-third of the country's black population is poor, with the figure jumping to 4H per cent for blacks over 65. and to 44 per cent for black women over 65. search organization, "the ' IF I TAKE OFF MY SHIRT AND PAMTS, CM I HAV6 A CH/i/'DOG ? * Game Commission Considers Guidelines LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Andrew H. Husley, director of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, said the commission met in closed session for about six hours Saturday to discuss vhether four employes had exceeded their authority. "There has been some disagreement about s o m e of the authority of different employ sj." Hulsey said. "Probablj what they'll do is go back and think about it for a long time and then they might write some guidelines later to tell wliai each employe's authority is." The session, he said, was re lated to employe performancf standards -- "the authority o the director, the autnority o the chiefs, the authority of even some of the wildlife, super visors." Hulsey said he was the only employe to attend any part o the session. Joycees Honored Three Arkansas Jaycee :lubs were honored Saturday night by the Arkansas Petro eum Council for their promo ion of energy conservation. The council awarded a plaque and $100 to the Mavmadirtte laycees and $40 each to the Magntfia and Center Hill Jaycees who tied for second place 'n the Energy Challenge Program sponsored by the state Jaycees. -The proportion of elderly i poor people has declined dra- 'malically" in recent years. Tha percentage of poor among . .people over 65 dropped from 29 ". iper cent in 1966 to about Ifi per fact' cent las t Caldwell Comments ROGERS, Ark. (AP) -- State Sen. Jim Caldwell said in an interview Sunday that there was strong support among souihern Republican party chairmen for George Bush for the vice presidency. However, Caldwcli, who is Arkansas GOP. chairman, said former Gov. Nelson Rockefeller of New York is.."very acceptable to the majority of the southern chairmen, which is something really because four years ago he probably was not acceptable them." to very many of s that most of the gain was accomplished in the early and mid-sixties." At least since 1968, he said, the number of poor has been decreasing more slowly, partly Because the poor who remain comprise the hard core of the problem. What makes the situation even more difficult to resolve today is the changing nature of poverty. While the percentage of elderly at the poverty level lias declined, a greater proportion of children are included in the category. In many instances, said Linden, these children are members of families headed by women who. if they are to fulfill theii motherly duties, do not 'gel jobs. "In the early 60's the heads of some two-thirds of all pover ty families did some work foi at least some portion of the year," he said. "Now that ralii is only about one-half." Who are the poor? Using gov ernment estimates, the Confer ence Board listed those person living alone with incomes o less th'an $2,300 a year, as it dii six-member families with in comes of $6,000. The precise definitions ar the result of an elaborate mat rix which classifies families ar cording to size, sex of house hold head, and many othe variables. A "poverty threshol income level" is then estab lished. These are some of the fine lings: Social Security is given con- derable credit for this accom- lishment. Added Linden: "The ending program, which will utomatically adjust Social So- urity payments to rising living osts. should make for further .ains in this area." - L e s s progress has been nade in alleviating poverty mong children, who comprise lore than 40 per cent of all the ation's poor. A large propor- :on of these youngsters are in omes headed by women, End Adv. Monday,Aug. 19. Gibson Expected To Succeed Mehaffy ST. LOUIS (AP) -- .fudge riqyd R. Gibson of Kansas City s in line to succeed Judge Pat VIehaffy as the chief justice of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis. Judge Mehaffy, 69, has disclosed plans to retire from the bench . Aug. 31 for apparent iiealth reasons. He would have been required under federal court rules to retire in October when he reached 70 years of age. He could have remained on the bench, however, under senior judge status. Mechaffy, a former general attorney for the Missouri Pacific Railroad in Arkansas and Oklahoma, was appointed to the apeals court in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy. Ha Is a native of Little Rock, Ark. NOW SHOWING Open 8:00 · Starts 8:30 Hony Caul will go anywhere to bugaprivare conversation. GeneHockmon. 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