Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 25, 1952 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1952
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

·M . i 5 I i W O O K E ' S F U N E R A L CHAPEL CMM In iM See Us About Our Easy Payment Plan 9«i Re-Modeling Your Home, luilding New fiaraae, Chicken House 9t Milk larnt, etc. ALSO We Have Old and New Philco Refrigerators end Freezer* (lifttn Lymber Co. HMD* 27 Wetl Fork, Ark. Tt**t the Whole Family To A Drive-In JT Movie Tonight ir Tonite 7:00-9:07 WAIT ONKMUA ssss DORIS DAY L ,WltWLSW-IHITKWOlrt, ^ M N » ' ise Before teview Board Mother Seeks Help Of Congressman In Army Charge , Wa«hin(r(on-(/F)-The case of «n 18-year-old Arkansas soldier sentenced to 30 years-Imprisonment on a charge he.deserted his outfit in Korea is' being studied by an Army, review board,- . . The soldier is Pvt; Leys C., Cheney, son of Mrs. Winnie Ambrose of Forrest City.' ': - . ·'· Representative' 0«thlng« reported the record shows'these details: Cheney was convicted by i court martial on a charge of leaving his outfit in Korea-last September 15 to avoid combat and being .In deserter, until November 23. He was lefitenccd to 30 years at hard labor a n d . given a dishonorable discharge, The, youth had,: been convicted twice before of belng:abtent without official leave. He 1 enlisted In 1948 when 'only' 15, wasjierjt to kprea In JUly,!,~195t), and was wounded;in action the following September,- «p«{idlrif two j months In a hospital, i. " . ' . - · · ' ' Mrs. Ambrose has written Qath- Ings »nd other Arkansas members of jEpniress tha.t her'wn wrote her He.',wa«"i prisoner'of the Korean ftedi'Vfrom September 15 .to November 23, liBI--the period the Army lays he wis a deserter. She also told them she received letter-in« 1950 from her son's officer highly com- erirlinil'yhlnt. 1 . . . . . . :0*ihlj*s said he has urged the , v ! e w (Ward to consider; Cheney's rp'UthJn reviewing his court rhar- !1il«'cbnvlctloh«ndh sentence; " FP* fony Rid., rroe Maytjrotind Drive-la Thtatrt PLAN TO BUILD ·M Ourl MilerKL CM 0«r PtkM. . Trr Out Stfrtpe. " OrKI LUMBER CO. Ml It CketlM it* in* In this country--Including the National. Guard\ and the reserves must turn Ir, thousands of tanks snd other vehicles to meet.U. S. prorlty shipments to the Allied build-up 'overseas, ·-. . . The Army, disclosed the equi; ment.levy 1 after Gen. Alfred 1 Gruenther told the Senate Foreign Relations Cbmmiltee ; yesterday that priorities drawn up at Gen. Dwlght D. Eisenhower's headquarters already are guiding the allocation of equipment by .the U. S. military services. The Army. Is carrying the burden imposed by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization 1 decision to equip 50 combat-ready divisions-In Western Europe by the end of this year. ; , . " · . The turn-In order applies to sll Army units -In this country.. An official source ,«sid the brunt, of the levy will be bprnc by the re- TV« and the Guard. The Marine Corpsi which uses much the same heavy equlpmtnt as 'the Army, also will contribute military, vehicles. Neither the Navy nor-the Air Force Is expected to have to take any equipment from their units. - In a statement 'replying- to ques- tions'on the subject, the Army said the levy was ordered to speed the delivery on equipment 'to our own forces overseas as well as those Of our allies." Officials- Interpreted ..this to mean 'that the bulk of the equip ment, taken from units at home would go .to the allies. A small portion is known to have been earmarked to replace tanks and vehicles worn out by American combat use in Korea and Iralning :n Europe. ' · The Army plans to' substitute older,'-World. War : '-H type equipment as'soon as possible so that most reserve and National Guard units'equipped for summer field .training.. People · CHICK SPECIAL each HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS ·roiler Hatchery ,t To the"Editor:'' : - " · · ' · I am sending you, under separate cover; a copy of the brochure 'Parkway for the Mississippi'.' ssue'd jointly by the secretaries of" commerce and Inlcrlor. I do this as a slight token of esteem and 'appreciation for the line Statesmanlike' services of iongressma'ri' 'James J;-' Trimble, of Ark«risas."Tou folks can well be proud of his leadership and sound construclive planning which he advocates.. . In order lo have * worthy .posl- war' Useful project, we hope to have thil River, Highway authorized at this session of Congress. Then later as, If and when our war Is over and we need constructive projects, .we planners ought to be ready for a great thoroughfare which could · easily double the very' valuable U u r 1 s t traffic throughout Arka'nsas. A. P. Greensfeldcr, ' . I .-Pilot. OUT OUR WAY IV J. R. Williomi WTH" WAV VOO HATE FLEA f POWDER, IT'S ^MART ! Of MOJ TO GIT OUT OF , : SIC.HT TO SCRATCH'-Ik. BUT AWFUL FATHEAPEP IK' -TO OrT 1(0 A PRUM TO DO IT.' THE WORRY WAKT _ be shown 1 the other side." 'While I appreciate his helpful attitude, I am still . waiting lo. be shown. Mr. Smith states thai his leller Is "written in love for his soul," referring to the soul of W. H. R. While 1 don't know Mr. Smith and could be wrong in making. the assumption, I would say from , the contents'. of the letter that Mr. Smith is a preacher. If so, one .should consider the possibility that Mr. Smith wrote the letter not.- in "love for his soul" but In love for his job and income. It would also be interesting- to know just what a "soul" is-- how can Mr. sure that W. H. R. h a s a "soul?" . . . . ' . . · 'Mr; Smith stales iri his letter, W. H. R; asked if church attendance and preachers were neces-' ;ary. If he went to church he would find that the Bible leaches both are very necessary." I have read the Bible and I went to church a few times 'during my innocent youth. But, the fact is, as I-understand It, _that the 'Bible was written by .men,, preachers or priests. Therefore, I see no reason to believe that preachers and churches are necessary just because one quotes from the written words of preachers to the effect- lhat preachers and churches are ' necessary.- One .could hardly, oxpect"a' preacher to say anything else., .' ' . Mr. Smith also stales in his lel- ler, "II wasn'l the preacher 'who told the Christians to assemble on Sunday and. worship,. it was God's Instructions (Acts' 20:7) (Hebrews 10:25). It was not the preacher T o the Editor: . ' · . · In last Thursday's . Times letter written'by Bill E. Smith| appears on page .20. Mr. Smith takes Issue with «. letter by W. H. R. regarding the closing of grocery slores in FayettcvlMc on Sunday, and feels that .W. H. n. "needs to who said a collection .was to be made on . Sunday to pay the preacher, . it was the Lord. (I Corinthians 16:2) (2 Corinthians 9:5-8) (I Timothy 5:18) (I Co- rinlhians 9:9-11)." It seems to me that Mr. Smith is making a questionable assumption; The words in the Bible .were ..written preachers and not. by God .or by the Lord, and we .have only the word of the preachers who wrote the Bible that their . writings actually represent the words spoken to 1 them individually by God. Therefore, it is another case of the preachers saying thai the Christians - should assemble on Sunday and that a collection was to be made on Sunday to pay the preacher.' . " . ' I would ' like it understood that I respect Mr. Smith's righl lo believe and say whatever he wants lo. However, Ihe poinl of my letter regarding the closing of grocery stores on Sunday was not primarily that I suffered some personal Inconvenience,, but; .that it was a very trifling accomplishment for the churches in Fayetteville lo lalk the grocery ... stores into closing on Sunday when so many other businesses* including churches, remain:. p|?en.,. for' · busl- , , Not while, ntH-'w'hest, ''.'not rye. but · flavor blend of all three-- Juuge'i Roman. Meal Bread. " ' ' ..11-ll-tf ' Painless Life ForVktimsOf Cancer Studied Experiments Under Way With Electric Needle; Hope Seen Boston'-W)-A way' of 'making life painless is being studied here as an aid for cancer sufferers. Deep in the center of the brain is a spot which scientists believe is the crossroads of pain pathways, for most 'pains 'you feel. Here at Massachusetts. Genqral Hospital, scientists are experimenting with an electric needle. They plan to push it into this point in the brain, and destroy the crossroads with an electric spark. Destroying it would apparently mean freedom from pain, -a Godsend for many cancer patients.' The electric needle method has been tried so f a r ' o n ' monkeys, preparatory'to human trials,'said Dr. William H. Sweet, neurosurgeon. Apparently, he said, this method could- kill pain easily, without changing personality.'····· Pain can be stopped by cutting the nerves in the front · of the brain, in an operation called prefrontal lobbtomy, but this often brings bad personality changes.- If the needle works, a person might feel no pain, from almost anything. Complete freedom from pain.could be bad for normal humans--you wouldn't, for example, know'that you were burning your fingers with, a lighted match. Benlonville To Have New Office Building Benlonville - (Special) - Three more Bentonville doctors are coming downstairs--which will take some of the life out.of.that .old wheeze about a,man well enough to climb those stairs not heeding a . doctor. . ! . . . .Gordon Knott has.started construction of a modernistic office building.'It will house the offices of Dr. Neil Comptpn, M. D., Dr. E. D. Donald, dentist, and Dr. Hepry Hink, optometrist. 'The ; building will be of brick and .corrugated asbestos construc- tiori,ftith wood Irihi. R. D. Bolin of Bentonville is the contractor and Cecil.Stanfield of Tulsa, Okla., the architect, Completing d a t e is Tilly 1. . « FiAer Killj Wife And Himself In Marylind Frederick, Md.-WVElevcn children were orphaned today because their father killed himself in..a police, trap after shooting their mother to death. Slate Police said Mehrl Victor Stull shot himself yesterday in an open field near here after he was .trapped between two .troopers hunting him, Hl« 4!-Jt«ir-old wife, Martha,- v:u killed Sunday night in the kitchen of Stul!'« tavern near .-here. ·· -. ·· , - : · - . · A daughter. Shirley. told officers Stull wanted his wife to quit her job as a. waitress In Frederick and return home to care for the children. An argument developed. Stull J hlt -.his 'wife..; with ,1 ..'tiara,': knocking-her down, then grabbed a deer rifle and shot her, the firl said.' ' ' ' · · ' · · : · '·'.·:"'·''. W'.'"': : WHO F ! E S RADIOS SMITH RADIO SHOP Starting Sunday "Will hold you spellbound! Seizci a place among - Hollywood's ran great rndVies!" LOOK Magazine VIVIEN LEIGH BEST ACTRESS OF THE YEAR ^WA^KIM HUNTER WINNING BEST SUMORTING ACTRESS STARS KARL MALDEN BEST SUPPORTING. ACTOR fiJStreetcar'Named Oesire 'mitt LEIGH N.ri«BRANDO «·»·"··"" "f ·-*,,, *-^. 3 : TUNE IN LONDON ... PARIS... I BO ... SPAN THE WORLD WITH THE NEW SUPIR 'i ;. i; TRANS-OCEANIC ttmmtmr* mm* f*«rt W«v« POtTMU with 7 Tuning lands ,H«u ike liei of Red proptfindj direct from MOKOW. Bring In the jVoiec of Anxria u it bums iki Inib ibrotd, Travel the whew tvorU M tke six IntetntiioMl Shon Win Binds of your Ztnltfe Super Innt-Octinicl · . . , I Wiik in new Conlinuoui Tuning Binds from 38 througk IWaMtm.. (I ib IMC), lune in unticui bradntts, nut ine wttiher reports, skip- IMhlp «nd hip-to-hort phone convtrutioni. And with Zenitk Itans- Centincnul Stindird RKtplion, bring in ftrorilc progr«mi, | Zenith Super Trins-Oc«»nk Foruble ii the on* ridio thit pttfbtms , «· alum, iriins, shipt « ttt, in nctl buildings and rtmott INM wbweotbtnfilll SMTkmEicMnZMKkFNtim 'as SMITH RADIO SHOP THE FAMILY THAT MADE LAUGHTER A NATIONAL PASTIME OPEN 12:45 NEW! -- "REDWOOD8AP" P A L A C E SHOWING 1:00 -- 3:40 -- $:20 -- 1:00 MOW STARTS WEDNESDAY -- Open 6:45 -- " .( 'V ·., ··;·· i ·J.^,fv ' ··': "r. .:-. · \ with o little help fromHeoyen//, .^-. / v ' V JANET DOUGLAS LEIGH The greoteit low-priced cor ever buihl The cor Hiot'i mode greater itrloei forward for '52 Aon any eAer. initiclatil The most powerful low-priced car ever buihl Yoii won't believe your eyes when you · see the big, new '62 Ford! For never before hai a low-priced car offered «uch power, guch fine-car styling, such big car comfort! -You'll see such built-for-keeps advances as Ford's new longer, stronger Ooachcraft Bodies... its more powerful, high compression V 8and Six engines.; .and the many other features described at right. Ford's 110-h.p Strata-Star V-8 is the most 'powerful · engine--the only V-8 offered in a low-priced car. Ford's 101 h.p. Mileage Maker, Sir is an all-new low friction Powerhouse with new free turning overhead valves and shorter piston stroke. Both engines feature the Automatic Power Pilot which gives you high-compreseion "go" , with regular fas. · . ' · ' · . ' . Visibility NeW curve"d one-piece wliiji' shield . car-wide rear window.'.". picture windows all around give you visibility "unlimited." A Ford exclusive in rh« low-price field. ' '. Automatic Ride Control New wid.r front tread, lower center of gravity, longer rear pr'mg, new tailored'tprmodel front springs and. diagonally .mounted rear shock absorbers help lake the bounce out of bumps, th* tilt .out o f turns. ' · · - · · : . · . COachcCa-ft Bodies The newest, most advanced bodies in the low-prke field ... styled to slay beautiful and designed to stay young, g FOffJOmatiC PriV« Finest e..«» "automatics," Ford* matic gives you two drives "« one! To*«|uetepni(eit»f: smoothness plus the gel-up-and-go of automatic gears. "-- " IT'S IVIir MM KWMI ABSHIER.BRYAN MOTOR CO. 17-21 tort Mounrain Street Foyettevllle,

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