Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 25, 1952 · Page 13
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March 25, 1952

Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1952
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

NOtTHWBT AIKANSAS TIMM, NytfftviMt, Ar*«MW Mcrch M, I«J 1J W« wauld lik* tc expfeii our »- I -- "·"' ·riclatlen to the City Hoipital and hein at law to the followlnf I* nurtM for the many kindness*! ahown Waihfnftoa County. Arkaniai; i and »ee1lent care liven our Mother · Pt - °* **· **»* *' '"· WU Mre. Edward. I. Finch, during her r« ' '"" " "*"* ' * ' cent »tay there. Mn. L..J/ Melitrell and .'amily \tmcua. xonctt NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS Kitt: J etntr. per word sln!« in ·ertlon. -Thrt* comtcutivc Insertion.) 7 cent! per word. Minimum order 42c ClMiUitd ad c*ih in advance-- not OVM tht telephone. io:M ·. ·. dilly; l:» ·. m, Saturday. Corrtetiotii and .rerun cheerfully mad* after lint iiuertlon. No correc tiow or rerun madt After ad- hat ex plrM. · , . NOTE: Advertiiinf copy lor other put* it due at 12 noon, trie day prt- ceedioi publieatttft 2 *tf , - ceedioi publieatttft; 12 noon Saturday _P"bncat_ion on Monday. LKGAL NOTICES Nvtlct Of PHInc Of *titiM T. Qui*? Tltte -IBi Th« CUwntrv OMirt Of WMhlHKtm Ciunfy, Arkama* L«c Seamsier". Edward B. Meriwethtr and Jack Phillipi. « Trustees ior Th» Southern' Memorial Asiociation an Unincorporated Association EX PARTE PLAINTIFFS TM lociauon ** · 'oUce- ii hereby jiven that.there hao beei filed in my'office, a* Cleric of the Chancery Court of Washington County, Arkaniai, the Petition of Lee Seamlter, Edward B. Merlwether, and Jack Phillips, as Truitew for 'The Seuther-.. Memorial Aisociatior, an unincorporated auociation praying for . the vesting., confirmation and quieting of title in them to the following de- BC.Ibed rea 1 . estate lituated in Washington County, Arkaniai, to-wit: Lots 1. 2 3, 4. 5, 6. 7, 8, in Block 4. in Hill'a Addition to the City of FayetfevUle Arkansas, twin* a par*, of the North Half of the Sftuthwent Quarter of Section is. Township 16 North, Range 30 West of tht 5th P. M. · A part o* the North Half of the So' thwest. Quarter of Section Fifteen (IS// Township Sixteen (16) North of Range 30 West of the 5th P. M., irore particularly described as 'i-eginning at a point 4 chains and ' , .3* link-. South of the point 25 chains and 36 linki Emit of the · one-half eection comer between £tctlon IS and 16. thence South 7.S degrees East, 5 chtint and 70 links, thence Couth 82.5 degrees "'· t, 6 chains and 30 links, thence North T.5 degrees West 4 chains an M'links, thtnce, North 7(1 degrees and 45 minutes East 215 ;e«t. thence North 11.8 degrees East 21)7.24 feet to the point of beginning, containing 1 acres more or less, and subject to 'any portion thereof cncompaued in public streets o. al.eyi. All 'ptrfons claiming any Interest in said, lands or any lien thereon are hereby notified and.warned to appear in said Court within six («) \veeks of the date of the first publication of this. Notice and show cause, if any they have why the title to said lands shouid not be vested, confirmed and quieted In the petitioners, Left Scam- »t«i\ Edward B. Meriwcther. and Jack · Phillips, an Trustee* for The" Southern Memorial. Association, an unincorpof· ated association, forever. VITNESS my hand »nd seal on this 3M day 6i March, 1952. (SEAL) · Richard B. Grrcr : Chancery Clerk __ 4-11-18-25 April I-|_e Ma4fe* Of Pelitien T« Qvtet Title And warninx Order In-The Chancery C*urt Of Watftififftan Ce«nty. Ainatitw Fores tinea M. Campbell Ex Parte and . Plaintiff * vs. . . Btrah Herndon. if living, and if deceased, her unknown heirs at law Defendants ' ·' · The defendants. Sarah Herndon, if ( living, and if deceased, her unknown heirs at law. *re warned-to appear in thii court within thirty days and answer the comp'aint of the plaintiff in the above entitled cause and also, Notic* is hereby given that there has been filed In my office, as Clerk of the Washington . County . .Chancery Court, .a petition for the conflrma- t* -n of the title of Forestinea M. Campbell. And Ssrah Herndon. if living, and if deceased, her unknown Horma'j Beauty Shop SALE 50% OFF Cold Wt»f It Michint Ui for U-tll Mr S7.M UI tar SM PMslto CK II Call 111 to-wll: .. «c. deicrad ai: Bei'innJni at a point «-i rodi north of the SE corner of laid 40 acr« tract, and running thence north 4 l ,i rodi, thence wett bearing north 87 rods to a point M rodi. 7 feet and 11 Inchel north of the south-line of mid 40 acre tract thence nprthweit n roda to the eait line of the right of way of the St. Louii 8. F. Railroad ' thence touthwMterly along t h i east sid« of said railroad rijht-of-way 6 rodi. thence voutk ' bearing well along the middle'of the public wagon road t p ' a point due west of the beginning corner, thehceveait to tht place of beginning, contain! n« 4 acrei more or lew. :, · · . . . All periona, firms, and. corporation., who ·'claiBi-"""" '~*--~" -- .·-·"- -- Notice it hereby .tiv*n that U C. V A UGH AN ha*' : made application to the Board of Adjustment for a. variation from .the requirement! of the City Zoning Ordinance No. 1002. A public hearing will be held en thii application at 4:W p. m.. April 4. 1*32, in the Council Room of .he' City Hall, City of FayettevUle, - Arkaniai. The variation requested by the Appellant ii for a uw on the property located' -at the northeast corner of North Leverett Street and Wei t York Avenue, City of Fayetteville. f a i d property being zoned at a""C" Beii- dential Area m which area aaid Appellant rlealr«s to construct a .duplex in a vacated church building located on a lot of 3.503 iqu'are feet and which hat front, and rear yard areas le« thin those specified for the."C" Resl- denllal Dlitrfct in the City Zoning Ordinance' No. 1002. who c!«lm : any interest in-or;-The above-mentioned hearlnn by the said :rf»|-;«iMa or Hem on same ara Bosrd of Adjustment Is nn .n tif !h. hereby.'warned to appeir- in. laid public and air intereitei cjurt. within I week: after date and ·how cause why the title.of plaintiff and defendants should not be quieted and confirmed. . · "/lineal, my hand and seal this Bth day of February. 1932. (SEAL) Richard B. Greer Chancery Clerk 2« March 4-11-U-2J April 1-c Nonet Notice Is hereby ityen .that the undersigned his filed -with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for oermlt to selt and dispense beer at retail on the described is .7 E. Mountai: vine. Washington County. iremlses ~ J" he premlw in. Fayetti convict involvi The undersigned states, that he li a citizen of Arkansa*. of good morii character, that he has never 'been ivicted of a felony or other crime olving moral turpitude; that - h o license to sell beer by 1he underaigned hai been revoked within five yean lait past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of thi» ala-.e. or any. other state, relative to the sale ol alcoholic liquors. Application in for permit .to be Issued for operation beginning on the lit day of April. 1952. and to expire on the 3Uth day of June 1«2. . Gene Hamm · Applicant Subscribed tnd iworn lo before me thii 24th day of March, 1952. ' Ethel M. Smith Notary Public (SEAL) . · My Commission expires: March' 20 1954. 25-1 t-x requested to he present. Secretary, HtATEtNAL NOTICE open to the id parties are ISCD iwtnra-r I Mattnat, twin Bros. C«. Inc.' elte, |»M. TBS LAMPSHADES JUST RECEIVED LEWIS BROS. CO. FAR WEST CHAPTER No. 1 R.A.M. Meets Thursday, March 27, at 7:30. Royal Arch degree. Refreshments served. HELP WANTED RELIABLE couple igei and «rn living quarters. Phone 575, jouple for Motel work No children. Good wagei.and mod write music to ion Cnerles Raymond Booth, Route Winilow, Ark. HELP WANTED--MALE ORDINANCK NO. 1117 A N O R D I N A N C E ESTABLISHING STREET IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 57 OF THE CITY OF FAYETTE VILLE, WASHINGTON COUNTY. AR KANSAS. WHEREAS, partiet claiming to be owner* of two-third! in anessed value at the property located within .ih territory hereinafter described havi filed a petition praying that an im provement district be established-for [he purpose hereinafter set out. WHEREAS, after due notice « tuired by law, the City Council of, quin City re. the of Fayetteville, Arkansas h a s heard all parties desiring to be heard and, has ascertained that said petition was signed by two-thirds in assessed value of the owners of real property Within said territory: . NOW, THEREFORE. BE IT ORDAIN ED by the City Council of the Cit uf Fayetteyille, Arkansas: Section 1. There is hereby established an improvement district embracing Ihe following property: · Beginning at the $outheaat corner of Lot 7, Block B, Levrrett's Second Addition to the City of Fayetteville. and running thence West along the South line of said Lot 7 to the Southwest corner thereof; ' . . . I ' : " ng the West lir of Loll 7 and 9 in said Block thence North along the Wes: lines CASH PAID FOH DEAD ANIMALS Phoni Ccltee! MM r«T«ll«TilU. Artaatn. Joplin Rcndtring Co. DfAD ANIMALS MMOVID MOMfTlY Qkk (anlUrr twvko Fay«tt«vill» Rtndorinp S«rvic* ··ii Us oiMei Na. mi , KMa) V«ir Farm KMa) V«i M »t*tx to tha Northwest corner of said Lot t, -thence to the Southwest corner of Lot 15 of. thf sub-division of part of Blocks B and C of Leverelt's Znd Addition, thence North along the West sides of Lots IS. 14. 13. 12. 11 and 10 of said sub-division of part of Blocks B and C to the South line of York Street, thence East along the South line of York Street and along the North side of said Lot 10 to Lindell Avenue, the.nce crossing. Lin- ripll Avenue to the Northwest corner of Lot 32. Block 2. Oakland place, thence along the North line of said Lot 32 to the Northtast corner thereof, thence South alonl the East line of Lots 32, 31, 30, 2», 28, 27, 26, 2S, 24, 23 and 22 to the Southeast corner of laid Lot 22. Oakland Place, thence Weft along the .South line of Lot 22 to the Gist line of Lindell Avenue thence in a Westerly direction bearing South across Lindell Avenue to the p!ac« ol Beginning, and Including the following described lots, blocks and 1 parcels of land, to-wih '· , . LIVEHITT'S SECOND ADDITION BLOCK B Lots 7 and 9 FULBHIGHT'S SUB-DIVISION PART OF BLOCKS B AND C LEVERETT'S SECOND ADDITION Lou 10 to 15 inclusive. OAKLAND PLACE BLOCK 2 Lots 22 to 32 Inclusive, for the purpose of draining, grading paving.- curbing and guttering Lindell Street from a point 224 feet North of the · North lint · of Douglas Street to the South line of Y o r k street. Said district shall be known ai Street Improvement District No · 57; and'P.. M. Johnston, C. W- Thompson · and L. L.. Hanthorne are hereby named commissionera.- who shall compose the Board of Improvement for said district. Section 2. This' ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage. PASSED and APPROVED this 24th day of March. 1952. ATTEST: . .1. W. McGhee Powell M. Rhea City Clerk Mayor 25-It-c STILL TIME TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ABSHIER-BRYAN'S ' USED CAR ;AKID TRUCK SALE " WE ARE GIVING 1 00 GALLONS OF GAS with POSTWAR USED 'CARS · 50 GALUONS OF GAS with PREWAR 'USED CARS PLUS 50 GALLONS IF YOU DON'T HAVE TRADE-IN AT NO EXTRA COST ALL CARS PRICED BELOW CEILING 1950 FORD TUDOR,' Heater Seat Covers. . . 1490 '1950 FORD PICKUP, Heater, One Owner ..... 1150 1949 FdRp'TUpOR, ; Radio Heater ....... 1 190 ·1951 CHEVROLET PICKUP, Heater. ,,,..,,... 1375 THIS OFFER EXPIRES MARCH 31, 1952, SO HURRY TO THE ' ABSHIER-BRYAN MOTOR CO, - ESTABLISHED WHOLESALE DEALERSHIP OPEN in Fayetteville and Sprlngdale for local man. Preienl gross earnings around $400.00 month with possible earnings almoit unlimited. Muit own good sedan or truck, deliver newipapers, solicit and collect. If you prefer to meet people, make friends and'iell, this is" a rare 0b- porlunity. Ideal for father and son work team. No Inveilment but make SUM.OQ surety bond. Write fully, about pait work. car. family status t° · 5p_x_K-46, **Vrimei. MAN WftlFpICK^UP T6r~~eariy morning deliveries of newspaper bundles in Northwest Arkansas on contract basis plus individual deliveries to customers along highway. Apply by letter to Box No. 433, Fayetteville, Arkansas,' giving name, address, phone number, type of truck. An interview will be ar- ranged_b_y _ majl_'or phone. YOUNG men wanted to gat ready to accept positions in drafting. account- Ing. electricity atid diesel engineer- . ing. We teach you at home in spare tlmi and help place you. American School. Write P. o. Box 320 Fay- HELP WANTED--FEMALE STENOGRAPHERS- ExperIenBe~d~Aj'- ply Employment Office. 104 . West Center. · . MIDDLE aged lady to do house work for. 2. May live In or out. 2 days off each week. Phona 1I2IW after P. TWO waitresses and on Apply Castlt Cafe, North . I dishwasher Highway 71 MIDDLEAGED woman to five in home, do general housework; ai care of 3 children. No cook'ing laundry., Phone 4M or write M Hinton, 519 West Dickson. EXPERIENCED waitress. Night shift, a t o l l - A p p l y campus f i r i l L SALESMEN WANTED FACTORY SALESMEN-Sefr"Chnrics Chester nationally known Cushion Shoes direct. Complete line for en- .tire family. Full time or sideline Full time men earn up to $25.00 'per day In commission. Big repeats Sample and. equipment free to producers. CHARLES CHESTER SHOE CO.. 31 Cheater Bldg., Brockton Mass. LO8T AND FOUND STOLEN, one drum type Klrsten - stump puller, about 60 feet -plyable cable on drum. Also anvil and J«ck . screw. Write John Spearman, Route «. Wood Street, rayetleylllj. BUSINESS OFPOatTUNlTT ALMOST new paint, wa: loic ' lift Ihop] Chof(ijo'cationT'i3eal "for man and wife. $1,000.00. Owner going to Alaska. Also my rustic sawed log. ranch-style home, three ' years old. Choice location, In beautiful aetting. .Three wood-burning · fireplaces. 119.500.00. Write Box- 413, Rogers. Ark. SITUATION WANTED YOUNG lady will do houaework. Room, .Aboard. jindMUrr.Phdne: 1741J. INSTRUCTION COMPLETE your high school at home In apart time: Text* furnished Diploma. No elaftes.'Stnd for 47 page booklet and lample lesson free Am Mean School write P. o. Box HO. Fayetteville. MONET TO LOAN FHA HOME i LOANS Low interest, long terms UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone »!03 TOR SALE--LIVESTOCK P OR work horses and riding horses. ace Jim Lester at Hilton's sale Barn .anytime. THOROUGHBRED milking shorthorn bull calves, 9 months old. Phone FOR SALEi-AUTOMOTIVt 1M« JEEP, good condition, practically new, tires. »95.00. Call Jim Morse. SAVE--$600.00 on a new Hudson, no miles, also save jsoo.oo on a new 1 '.i ton truck. No miles. Phone 2307W 19(0 CHEVROLET coupe, or tradeTlor Sarden tractor. J. L. Rulledgc, Highway 62 west. HARLEY-Davidson 125. 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These may be Been n t F n y e t f e y i l l e Business Cojlcgo. YOUNG corn fed utecm at SpriTi'g- dale. Livestock Auction Co. Wednesday. March 26. Fine for locker. J. M. Meredith. " . . . 3 n. m . . . . up and back, back and forth. . . . I wiih I was home." FOH RENT--MISCEF.LANEOUS NICK furnislnid npiiitmcnt. private bath. See after 5. 203 North Block. BASEMENT USED FURNITURE 8-nc onk dining room suite S49.50 Coil nprings, full »iz« S 4.05 2-pc studio suite--wine _ .539.50 Holla way bed with coil spring-: Hand sweeper ,,·_ S 3.5o Z-pc living-room sullc t..s-1050 STUMP FURNITURE COMPANY 603 W. DICKSON · FOR good used furniture and appliances at lowest prices, try Lloyd's Trading Post. We also buy and trade. Highway 71 South, near Furdy's Store. SPEEDMATIC electric saw. model'.flii with carrying case. 3 tjlodcs and CFOES cut nuldc. S75.0H. Phone 393M3. before 7 a. m. or alter 6 p. m. USED tractor, disc nnd plow. RFD Number .1. Mile North of 0»k Grove Hrhool- House. A. C. Gorton. 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HI0 North_ Lcyerett. ^- '__ GARAGE apartment, 3 room, kitchen' cite and bath, Completely redec' orated. Partly furnished. Highway 71 South. .Qntt mile. Phon» 507M4. ITNFURN15TIED ' a"partment. adttlll. Cull 1813. 3 ROOM furnished apartment. J l l East SprfjiR. Phone J277W. Call hetween 11 nnd 3 nnd^ af tcr_7 p. m. BEAUTIFUL ncw~ 2 bedroom ranch hlylc home, furnished, ¥05.00 month. GrcKR nnd Cleveland. Cull 253JM after 5 p. m. · 4 ROOM fiirnlThtci hou«:. Near'Uni- versity. S45.0fl a month. _Phnne_23ft7-W. locaird on lot 100x240. 71. Knot Veteran* Hos- BUILDING Highway _ , _ pttal hiil, aullabtc for used car lot. real estate office, Phone 33fiJ after _£ p^ in. _ 3 ROOM furnished npartmerit. Prfvote buth. rclrlguralor. lots of bullt-init. Hills pnltl. sin.on month. Phone 1I07J 1 p. m. In 1f p. m. FOR RENT New 2-Bedroom Duplex 204 Virginia . New Schools, University and All New Homes Addition PLEASANT five room duplex un- furnlnhcd. Ucslrahlc location near Waahinglon Bcliool. Call 872. FOUR room' n'parlment 11-2 block* off square. Suitable for office tulte, ·very good for office »nd home for small family. FIVE room bungalow, unfurnished S S O ' m t l y , EFFICIENCY opnrtmcnt, furniihed J50. mtly. Hammond Realty Company Phone 783 UNUSUALLY nice 4 room unfurnished .npar.incnt, ntcein hcnt, Vcnctfnn blinds. 323 Shady, phone 21.18J. NKWLY docorntccl 4 ro .__K_t\ aparimcnt. Plmnc ' " " " ' " m tinfiirnlsh- Oil. Phone 251ZM. 3 ROOM furnished apartment. 315 Balaton. Phone 513. TWO BEDROOM FURNISllED Apartment, -private hath, electric refrigerator. Bills paid. 519 North _ColleS£; NICE 4 room nnd hath apartment. Z blocks from square. I'hone 1880. A f t e r 5:.t(J, call ItfSli. ROOM furnished apartment. down- Blairs. Sim.OO, utilities paid. 428 Van- dcx'cnler, phone _ 509J. ' " ~ ' nicnt. Newly dccornted, 1033 North Illghlaiid. j'hono :M54. . COMFORTABLE cottflge, clOBO in. four rooms, bath, sleeping porch and ffi- mge. $50.00 .Long lease only to right person. Phone 2363. 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Order hroush your dealer or rtlrwl rom hatchery, 95% l i v a b i l i l y Riiarnnteed. All chicks N.S. approved and Pullorum passed, c your order now. FOR SALE OR TRADE HOUAR trailers for Knlft or Irndii for truck. Phone U771.V ·OR SALE or EXCHAN( -- _. --.'or Arkansas Landi: 130-Acrc Canadian Itlver bottom farm, Okfuskcc County, Oklahoma. In trrnd within one quarter of a mile from prndurlng urlls, hns jprculatlvc oil value, will transfer part of royalty with deed of property. If Intrroslml contact It. W. Willis, I7«.'. South llnuldcr. Tulta, Oklahoma. Phone Z-SIM. FOR RENT--OR LEASE moriern homr, two tod- roomi. b n a u t l f u l h.iih, floor fur- n»c« Ihtrmosinl cnn.rnllrd, cinnfn- lion for cm rr elrrtrlc riinno, KH- riff, corner lot, near nr*immar, n-w nlth Khool and unlvnrilty. Phono PARKVIEW APARTMENTS, one bed- .·nom unfurnished S50 fo, furnlihcd jfiS.OO Rrndix laundry avallnblc. Phone 838. Who's Who For Service Consult You.- Classified Service Directory ALTERATIONS !([SIC mending. Moore's Gift Shop. EXi J riU 'ircEsmnklnfi--tailored bcfts'. tmltons. buttonholes, alteration. Mrs. "hipps. S14 North Concise. Phone BABV SITTING _ WILL care for children 7n my home, hour or day. Mrs. Huchey, 621 I.ev- crcll. 1I71J. BEAUTV SHOP ARTISTIC BEAUTY "SIIOP~ "Permancnl Waves n Specialty' Phone _103 for uppolnlment COLVARD'S "BKAUTY SHOT 204 W. Meadow--Phono JOOJ Mnch t3.50-up. Cold wavg |S up ·TAi'ia »IAUY» flortnct DIolcaoB) Hhoa* IH BEAUTV SHOP REUAsUI WORK » N nioek 1-hona 7M A'U's 'HKAUTV stf6"p Now up town 7.t E. Mountain St. Alice Dorsett. Phono 620 . INDIVlnilAI.LY l-«l|!nc-1 lounitlllnn n n d s i t r p l t n l support V i v i a n Grrcn, , reRlnlcred corsetlerc. 21X North East. I'linnr 70JJ. HAULING Hnullnf Day ar nKhi Call Glenn Riy I I.TIW AalYtrtiM l» IIM TIMr.H--II roit' IXVEKI reoma 114 JWTT. iinii* - .-. month up.. Demkit 110 .month eath person. Meall ntarby. njjln 11T1-J. UNIVKFtSITV APAFTHIirrP, o n « bedroom, unfurnlshad fS7 SO, furn- Ishtd 17250 bills nald. l « n « l « IsLnJry avallatalt. Phon* liKH or 2203.. WANT TO KENT 3 OR bedroom house, Washington School District hy April nth. Write Box K-47 c-n Tlmrs. hause and atiulpmrnt. Phane PASTimr. for cattla. Call Harden .. Kaulkner. Phone M7J8. ' WANTED. 4 or 5 room houaa, farden space. 2254W eveninfB. WANTED TO BUT KRClt owner, food S or 7 room home Wrllr K-«S c-o Tlmn 3,wm OR «.noo (rade A broilers to averaie Jli pound.. Phona tt! Sprlnndale. 1103 Christian. CALVES, S miles west (jrienlanri near Mount Gap School, any day except Saturdny. Eufene Roblnelte. MouTe 2. Prnlria Groye. Arhanlas. gKRVICEg OFTtMtlt CAKE for children In my tioma. Will do Avashlnn and Ironlnc. Third house on Stfldlum Road off Highway 62, or ^see J . _ R . _ Alderson_at Swanson'j. CONCI1ETE block" or stone' masonry or concrete sidewalks. See Trueman J.ehmmy Phone H3j. FOR cnrden plo'wnTJT. call S70WiT"h'. Holland. CARPENTRY and rarialr. CABINETWORK WINDOW and door frame's, screens, f u r n i t u r e and feneral : hop work Also truck and trailer beds. HERMAN SHARP CABINET SHOP Gonhcn. Ark.,. Hl.hway «: Essl Phone MM.t f,t, Estimate FOR additions, repairs ...._ malntinancc, call C. L. McDanlel No job too small. Free estimates TRACTOH garden plowing. Phona 2J«(J for information. EXCAVATING ' ONDS - HOAO5 -- CLEARING -OLIN KARNES AND ELLIS WILSON 2IIU SUN-TILT vcnitlan blinds anfl alum], num vvlndow acnens ant^ awnlnis. Free estimates. Gab« Ccopcr.- 441 Sntilh Lrrust Phonr fOl M A T T R E S S E S Have your Old Cotton or Innersprhig Mattress Rebuilt to Belter Than'^New Free Estimate--One-Day Service Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. (Formnrly Lewis Mattress Co,) 120 So. East St. Phone 2774 BULLDOZING Grnvrl and Dirt Haullnf Tune Bros. Co. Phone 1314J ..nrt 3flM 24 HOUR'SERVICE ON Hemstitching, PlcoWno, Covered Buttoni, Button Holti, Tailorod Belli and Bueklei. Special Attention given Mall Orders. Satltfactlon or Money Back. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. II B.E. St.. runttevlUt Landscape Estimate free Phone M-J-Z Crlder Brothers 'Nursery. Greenland bircH DiGomd FOOTINGS--w a t · r, |» and . Mwtr ditches, aeptle link holes. IMiflni and back filling. Call MM Brre* Davis Excavating - Bulldozing Disking .- Brush Roke Ponds - Roads · Clearing H. H. JONES;. Contractor 537 E. Lafayette, B6x j 4 3 U. Sti. Phone 14 FOR YOUH Call H L 8t«wirt Roofing Contractor A!no. Aitwitoi Sldlnr Home rgjptlri. Phont ' E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Grovel. Fill Dirt, Top Soil 0. M. P A T T ON Phont 249 J.W.HIU ELECTRIC CO. Quality Initallcn ·PUMPS · POWER Phot* 24, Wftt Fork SALE--REAL ESTATV ALMOST new on* bedroom Home eal rent hptiM. .Phonr »MW, 2-BEDROOM AND DEN ATTRACTIVE home, excellent location. Matter hodroom with double closet: I«rfc itorafc clout In 2nd bedroom; nine-pahiied den with clone!, can he used at 3rd bedroom; henutlful tiled bath; )or.jt well-ar. ranged kitchen: lovely combination Jlvlnf room and dlnlnf room, 2 rock terraces wired for llfhtlnf. ThU U an all masonry hom« nnd fange Ownrr lenvln» city. KINCAID COMPANY S 1J4I ' 25(0-R DO YOU WANT TO""BUH.D~YoDR OWN HOME? WE HAVE FACILITIES TOR BUILDING nY YOUR PLANS FOR YOU AND CAN FUP.N- ISH THE LOT AND FINANCING FOH FHA. GI OR CONVENTIONAL LOAN. SEE US FOR AN ESTIMATE WITH NO COST OR OBLIGATION! WILKINS REALTY CO. t02 North Collfi* Ave. Phone IT*. FOR SALB--H^LT CflTATT LCLA'S Tee Crftm and Lunchroom on the nuare, Bentonvllte. Arkaniai SucrKicc price. Utal Estate de»Un take note. J. R. Wnnn, il.l North Main. Bentonvllle. Ark a nuns rot MUST HAVE A 73 COW RANCH, r«l ·oon, for « caih buyer. A frw daj» ·Kn we · (hov/td him the Vlctorf* Rnnch. near flllqint Sprlnju. He plum to romp t h r o u f h (o buy Jt. We · lolri tt yeslerelay in n man from Midland. Texa*. U ou huVa A clean, well improved, well located plit* that will Ukfi care of ?5 or 141 rnwi thnt you are v,-lti!nj( in »*ll. At it reatonnh prlre. rontnct m We thinK \ve hnve ji buyer, ilc wUl pay |:5,000 to'Sto.oOO, IN A SF.LLINO MOOIJJ We hav* f KOOI! Uitlna of (in" broiler far;], when broil en tret rtnwn to "1 or 23 I cent*", foniA hftgln to »lruaclr to (Ind | a buyer THAT'S. A GOO7 TIME! TO BUY. BETTER SE« WHAT A I DEAL YOU CAN MART. 0.V SOME OF THESE FINE BUOtLEn SETUPS. WE H A V E « DANDY APARTMENTS IN FAYETTEVILUE. WKM. LOCATED . AND PniCF.D JUST BIGHT. On- xt.SlO.QtW. 4- Hp9rtm?nti; one U (22,000. (rood terms. Incorn? $330 per mnnlh inH living qiiir'trj; one lo*, r*ted on 71 hl.jhu-.iv, 3 family, «1! I tiirni'hcH. lurte hrlck. v;ell lornt.*cl j and In fine rrmrtltlon, price is very 1 low and a low cnun payment and i ea»y termi. NEWLIN REALTY WEST FORK ARK RANCH STYLE STUCCO THERE In n mnrt*.rn' * room r»nrh ·tyle home on thin HO ncresi A nicr a house AI you'll find In Iou*n. Ai aeTM oprn J«nd,, nil fcncrri. 2 suit'k pondt.- well, year around ttreum On Grade A milk route. .'iW gallon Butnne lank. A rcnl - p t n r p lo llvr and make. 1 a living;. And rcaionjtbly priced. SR,40fl. fiootl tcriji». IN FARMINGTON DISTRICT . A ACRES of level fertile land tviUi a 5 room modern honic. Rock venettr- fid broiler house fur 4,0m, Laying home tor 40ft. Grade A milk ici-"- wlth Dtmran Cooler! !!"J cow m the bc*t. LEST YOU FORGET-WU hiive a wide variety of property llntctt for unit!. Wherever you are, whatever your real e?iai« problem. It will pay you to talk it over with ui. · NEWUN-POWELL REAITY U. .S...-7.V. South Ola) fl.l FIRST TIME ottered in 3. ynarn. 60 »cre» located nenr itat« hlihway on miH''atnd tnllk rputci. Thii it moatly level, J imooth ; fertile noil wcded lo permincrii paxture and mrnrlow. .W*l»rcd from noorl well ·nd pond. Five room r«i deuce In fair condition, fond hfirn. rellnr, ·Mr««iS commercial broiler *ni\ l«y- Ini houiei. Thii t* a fdtH farm. . ;AMMOND · co. . ·. Plioiie- M ·r. t. r..,B«c __ Fve. Phone Z7W-L-1 NORTHEAST LOCA ivr room brick MMaVamrist! breakfast room In ·Mthw. fuU tut- fsherl haMtnvrit.' HnaM Is blsulatM overhead. PlalttMtf thnvihout, Cm tral fas ruriuc*. LaVM, lilcrly !»»*· leaned tot.; Pali) ixtrtmcnl. fKA . loan apprn^ett, If022.01) down and . ffll per monlll Includinf .taxes Mi l!ilY COMPANY, INC. BIALTOHS LENDERS INSUHOIIS Call 1. 1. Pycatt mm, nei 1311 M. L mier gtffl Kts. ICQ; HODERN Homf', "Would InTde (or acreajg clnaft In. phono 'Ig3nj. TWO BUSINESS BUILDINGS LOCATED ph ajolrilnii lots. Orie has a. four room modern apaclmenl.: A ·Intel el one aere or irnunrt, on a nuiy south 71 ·· corner. Mty be purchased -tbffQther or -separattly, · NORTH OF CAMPUS ' 't'HAVr, a nice modest five foom bunialow at only $liM. Located on level lot In Ihls friendly ntllhbor- hood. Also, early, posioslon can ue arranc«, . . · · - . . s 62 HIGHWAY LOCATION DESIRABLE ISO (I. rrontatt on Ihls busy hlnhwB.v. lf» n«ht ;|n town, Just two blocki Weil of th« two n«W schools. 1'ho attractive 4 room bun- «slow l« urictly modem, gelilnc «i o n l y ; S4.730. Completeiy furnished with now f u r n i t u r e at amall additional sum. . . ,. -· 660 HUNTSVILLE ROAD . . « : MOD cnmrortabie bumtalofe,: auoil fi years old. J'lvp ropnm. frnhf parcli and Ihelosed.nack porch/ .This^nprna .Is -in : A-l structural condition", -ia clean, and strictly 'modem. Clothes cloaets, bulltlni etc* Dixtant owners hove reduced Price for Quick S-Oi.. 506 . Phona . 1M1 1^1 us show j-nu, Phone. 70.1 Hammond Really Co. Cv*. H, D, Hammond 1172 J A. JarvlB 1SMW ·,·· ""WHITFIBJtt USED TRUCK BARGAINS 1930 CMC 102 pickup. jlock rack.-Htavy duty ply muc grip fir«j.. N«Y' hod a bltmlih en it $129 19X8 Ford ^i-ton .. :WS 1946 GMC IVi-lon J49i'| 1946' Ford t Vi-ton .. $49iJ 1947 GMC heavy duty I'/i-turd long wheel base, IJ-fobT bed, 2-speed rear e)xle^ 82ix20 10-ply tir«. : A; ' clean solid truck, Ikerie paid -.:';»r|s-. 1949 Chev.-olst Ift-ton : : ' · « ' · ' C.Q.E ,Jofj: 1941 Ford 1 Vi-ton .C.O.Ei ,$4« ; ' 1.947 KBS Inlernationol 2-«pe*d rear axle. Good 825x20 .10-piy tires. 12-foot ttock rock. T r i p l e ' checked.: Guaranteed ...... .J895' 1946 Chevrolet J J-ton : panel JS93 1942 Ford Pickup ...... .$195; COME TO TRUCK . . " ... HEADQUARTERS . . * WHITFIELO MOTOR CO. G M C 15 North East S(. Phone 3180 , fOR SALE--HEAL ESTATE j FIVE roonj houie. H7 South Block.! I.1.SOO. Phone W O W . · J BV owner, strietty nimern a roett native slont home, located 3 mllMl out Hlftlway II cast. Natural 111,! - Janltrol floor furs»c«, bfs«m«nt;! hnrdwood floon, flnpUec,. vtnattan* blinds, rock cara|«. One of the btsti wells In lh« coiustT. lias I broiler hauiei with capadfl' of a,WO Automatic · fully t Hulpped, Mak« Ideal bnlltr «r urtr (·luf-** T'acres- leva) tartllc nit TtnMini ttau tencid. alock «xin«, liarn and toying house .{uw will h.ndl.. ifl- ·nc« c« b« raliTllkt t*it WmSlI nirnlih.d. ir alatlr.d. .Ruaon , lor · eelllnl, doctor efiMra diann «f al- tlludt. If you at* IntnMtitf In «wn- IM * country IMW with dly con. wnlvncei^ln · t*vtlv nelfhberhoodi H will pay you t* mrattusta ' ·laca at one*. MMl plan mi : »«lcom« to SMV tlitt »lsca. . Itolf, phi tkli . phone efTWf. · FAYETTEVILLE. PLUMB ING. 8, HErVTI CO. AUTOMATIC AFPtlANCE CO. A teller Piece to Bur " i U N. Block DEAUEB Ph. Ill; · AUt6rnotiv«i ; · Health and Accident"' · Polio ·Llqbiii'ty-- · WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION f Plate Gloss ·BurglarV «ow We have bc«n tradini; a lot of new BENIjix wiitMN en UMd Herii and offer the following special priras on' ·'. . . , Used Bendix Automatic .wnsher _____ ·,,. ___ '. ____ ...1125 Used Spcefl Queen, Washer __; ___ Z - . _; __ . S» Used G.E. WASHER.... _____ ; ____ ^^.^_U__I_."l. If Used G.E. WASHER...;SiJi ___ IV ,, _:' U 19 Used MONTGOMERY WAUD WASHER v _ __ U - 4» Used MONTGOMERY WARD WASHER _ ' j_. J3 Used SEARS -AUTOMATIC ,-.:...^..i.-i^ i ; _____ ; J50 Used DELUXE SEARS Washer.. _____________ : ____ J9 Used Montgpmcrv Warrl Washer _ . 23 Used Portable Diaper Washer ___________ ______ 13 Used Kulser Dishwasher ___________________________ 89 Used Eureka Cleaner. ' : _ _ _ _ - 1 0 Used SERVEL Gas Refrigerator ..... ,, __________ - 100 Used SEBVEL G»s. Rcfrlseralor ......... _____ . ____ 89 Used Frlgidalrc nefriRCratpr _____ ..... ___________ 125 Used Outbpard Motor, Scott-Atwater.i _____________ Used G.E, Refrigerator ...... ...... _____ :.i. ___ ....... 100 LEWIS BROS. CO. ·it: l i » § ' .·· 49 a ·· :« W -If f. J§ T -· 12 £ · 115 g 79 t 19 10 79 ' " 5 79 85 ' 99 ··»» ' f9 NOTICE BUY NOW AND SAVE Floor model and demonstration machines. Limited number. Up to ,15% discount. i :··· Singer Sewing Machine Ca| 118 Sotffti. East Street ' .....J.^*t.. .· . . . ·, .. ,·.;.,,.,.. J "Vi

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