Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 25, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1952
Page 12
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i ·£:;::;;, ·:. ' ·'12: -MOgTHWKt AKAMAI mm. \ TiMt4oy, March 1$, Its! Junior A WMkb Basketball Boys See NCAA Play-Offs , Coach .Stokcnberry stated today that the trip to Kansas City was highly successful. The bo;-s enjoyed it except, of course, the weather. Otherwise it was a grand trip. Coach praised the b ys by "I've never been with a. group, of boys who'Were more apprecia- The boys were strictly on their HOW LOWS DOES A JOB UKE THIS TAKE YOU, MU MOGGIES? WHEN HUSBANDS COME IN Ato HELP IT USUALLY GOOO--1 THINK I'LL GO UP AND HELP HIM TAKES A COUPLE HOtWS THE PLUMBEff IS UPSTAIRS FIXINC THE WASH BASN PIPES OH, ABOUT AN HOUR, BY MYSELF Tri-Band Concert Scheduled April 1 FHS Band Tokos First Mac* In Sight-Reading, Marching cr returning from the Bi- State Festival in Fort Smith, the KHS Band is making preparations Hands. Concert. The concert, April 1, will feature the beginner, junior, and senior bands in = program of varied . music. Tickets bought for own. The only restriction was thai .he concert scheduled for March on Friday and nights may be used for the April 1st pro- they had to · meet in the hotel gram, or tickets may be purchased lobby at 6:45 to get tickets /or the low from any band .student. Jn competition with over 3,000 games. They could even have gone landsmen, the Fayetteville High to a midnight show after the game, but the weather cut down on th and the burlcque theater was clo rst place medals, four second jlncc ribbons, and one third place One of the outstanding hig The entire band placed lights to the boys was the lar Irst in sight-reading, second in department stores -uncert numbers, marching. Tiie twirling ensemble, compos such as Macy's and Jones'. Of course, the most outstandin feature was the games. Coach e cd of Shirley Boles, Clyde Carroll, poyed especially the final can Margaret Mudgcns,. Joyce Osburn, which he said was one of the fin est games he had ever seen. Th mith, placed first in that event, final game was between St. I ou vith Clyde Carroll and Margaret university and Ktnsas. luUgcns winning f i r s i place medals in the solo spots; and La- Smith, seco: d. A duct, lyde Joyce Smith, second. A duet, Clyde Carroll, and Lajoyce Smith, won first place also. Jimmy Mac- bridges, Paris drum-majo,', won the baton for th» best twirling Convention Delegates Selected For NHS Meet .ALLTHl ICECREAM ALL THE ICECREAM VOUCAN EAT TOR 25* ALL THE ICE CREAM YOLi CAN EAT FOR 25* drum-major, and the drum-major Lusskjvand Emilc Sonncma represent Fayetteville High Scho given for the belt military Convention! in Joncsboro April Ross Busby and Gilbert Arnold and 5. They will be accompanie by Mr. and Mrs. Bumi Bnll. with Kathleen Johnson and Fred- Registration is on Friday morn clie Miller placing second, and Gail ing followed by s luncheon. Tl Shoptaw, third, in the plan* solos. first general assembly and eigh discussion groups will be in th bort Arnold, Helen Sandlin, La- afternoon and 'during the reccs yce Smith, and Ann Stilts, will be a Coke party. I THINK YOU SHOULD SMOW /MORE EESP6CT FDf? YOLK? FATHB?/ go"to Little Rock Thursdr banquet will be Friday night. TO TELL WE ALL ABOUT THE FIRST VvOCLD WW? AGAIN, ABE VCU? the Stale Band presents « concert The second general assembly i to Ihe AEA meeting. They will be on Saturday morning consisting o accompanied by Mr. R. W. Willis, a business meeting, Committee re director, who is serving as second ports, and the election of officers vice- president ;-r the Arkansas Band and Orchestra Association. Home Room 29 beads Honor Roll Leading the first honor roll oi Stanbcrry, and Delors Wilkinson junior room, 28. Gene Jones, Don class with thirteen on the list. In Lewis, Judy McFarland, and Anne eluded on the list were Paul Bohannan, Rosemary Henbest, Lynn Bob Beine, Carol Carson, Nancy Huntington, Joe McGeej and Mar Chamblce, Shirley Davis, Carolyn Raret Myers with straight Dunlavy, Lavinia L«c, Tom Rob- Judy Albin, Goldia or, Sandra Noll, Gregg Payne f «OUf HOW I QST IT. YOU'VE . , FOUND TW LOST GHOST MINI?. VC,,..»": TO WEAK T* OIL LEASE Rhonda Rhodes, and Joahn Robs Mary Lu Wray, room 30, made a Rooms 25 a n d ' 3 2 tied for the senior honors, each placing ten on OR OWN AWUMN YOU* SKRE -"^ the honor roll. Straight Kathleen Johnson, Carolyn Ltigue dents of 25 were Rosalie Bent and honor students being Pat Ambrose. Johnie Clatcrbaugh, Jamie Cor- nctt, Jcanninc Dean, Davis Duty, Billie Sue Edwards, Carol Perkins Margaret Hudgcns, Jerome Johnson, and Joe Richardson. Bill Cunningham, room 32, made straight Colleen Stockburger "A" average! . will with Mildred Bailey, Mildred Bohannan, Donna Jo Grcer, Thomas Dockery, Wanda Gaddis Bill Hogan, and Susan Melton in- Louise Mack, Lyncll Smith,-.Sylvia eluded on the roll; while Vandcrslice, and Roberta Williams activity room were Tommy Berry r.ois Mitchell as the six-pointer, Mary Ellen Lee with a "B with Martha Brockwa Evans, Patsy Jones, Norma Ken- Freshman room 10 led the way for the class with Eleanor Ellis, Ramona Rhodes,' and Gail Shop"A's," and Marv Elizabeth Gam r 10 .were Richard Blake, Frances Myers, L a J o y c e Ellis, Joe Fleming, Harlan Head Paul Martjn, Madclin Rose, Mari- Charlton, Carol Sue Cullcn, Matt Holtzen, Allan Guinn, David New- Representing the junior room, 3Crn, Janice Phillips, Janis Rogers, Jerry Stewart, and Stuart Thomas Nancy Carolyn Skclton, and Frank Billy Cain, Sue Gearhart, Carol Wcston. From room 23 were Patsy Hinklc, Patty Pycatt, Mary Stiles, Anderson, Buddy Conine, Sammy s, Rita Hankms, Dortha Lowr Merna Robertson, and Shirley Fmcher, and Betsj whiichcnd. Room 27 listed Alan honor roll averages. Room 21 lists Adams, Doretta Bloyd, Dcona Mai Frances Baker, Lloyd. Barnhart, -IN . TODAYS PAPER, FEARLESS FOSDCK PROPOSED. AN' PMJMU4CC PIMCH.E ff-IT DpNY MEAN ) BE THAT AS IT ·WITS Cowan, Bob Dickson, Morclock. Dick Smith, K*Y. BROTHEP) ·AXUM-WTOOK AOATHT'DO WHUrBVEM NO SffiiEf®' ALi. s airs MARRIED TOMORROW- : USUAL COMICAL STOIP TRICK; TXKEP STUPIO READERS EUCITEP.r Janice .Hudgcns,-and Larry. Scott. PRIVATE LIFE OF BUCK -WHO ABOUND HERE'S GOT WHAT ITTAKE6ro IS OUR HOLE DU6 ITPUR5ELVE6 8TOPU6DISGlN'VyHERE WEKNOWTHERfe'3 GOLD, EH, BUSTER? KNOW THE .D,EH,BU6 IDSrmLMETHAT ·ran Starr, Sisemore, Watson, Taylor And Meade To Head'52-'53 Student Council '53 Convention,May !· H«rt; JON LARRY STARR Lee Is New FHA Prexy; Other'53 Officers Named Lavinia Lee is the.newly.clcctc president of FHA, with Margare Myers, first vice-president; Mar Roberts, second vice-prcsiden Billie Sue Edwards, third vice president; Colleen Stockburger secretary; Betty Sisemore, treas urer; and- M^ry Jo Davis and Del phia Greenwood, song leaders. In stallation services will be May C The spring FFA-FHA Confer cncc will be in liusscllville, Apri 4 and 5. Margaret Myers, Carolyi SelJe, Colleen Stockburger, La vinia*Lec, and Mary Jo Davis wil .ake part on the program. Mrs Ava Gray, sponsor, Mrs.- It. K Bent, and Rosalie -Bent, state president, will also attend." Junior Hoinctnaker d e g r e e vere presented to Jo Anne Brunzo 3ea Taylor, Dortha Burnett, Don- Lancy, Marilyn Hudson, Lavinia Lee, Billie- Sue Edwards Vclma fiadcr, Colleen Slockburg- cr, Betty Sisemore, Frances Gate Margaret Myers, Betty Stewart lusselinc Gibson, Judy Albin Vanda Caddis, Rhonda Rhodes Wary Roberts, Shirley Johnson Shirley Belotc, Doris Ann Hughes, nd Shirley : Boles at the March 8th meeting. . ^ x ' Chapter degrees will be pre- ented at the April 1st meeting) , \Doit?t Run; \Jfist. Walk! 'Look out," rang out as a stu- enl lost his footing and fell on he steps. With a groan he sat up, olding his ankle, while students rov/dcd around him and one went or a teacher. This is a brief'scene f what could take place because f running down steps in a crowd. When one buys a token to eat the lunchroom, a place js ru- crvcd for him, and no matter if is first or last in the line, he ·ill still get his .lunch. .This is a .rong reason why it is needless nd useless to run to t h c ' l u n c h - oom. When is twice as asy to trip or fall against somc- ric. Also one can fall against oors and windows breaking out :ass and hurting people. Most udents in this school arc at least 4 years old, which means they are Id enough lo have the -freedom i go alone and ill a qxiicl, orderly lanner to the lunchroom. This cedom will last only so long as it usc'd as it was intended. \ll-Star Teams Chosen; Ending'six weeks of basketball, i e girls' physical education asses staged a tournament to de- rminc the best tca.n. After the urnamcnt each girl voted on aycrs for an All-Star, team. The llowing girls in period one we're lectcd: forwards--Marilyn Boinc, auli Moore, and Peggy Morriss; lards--Juanita Webb, Frances lis. and Romona Rhodes. Wilson To R*pr*ttnt Faculty Jon- iiarry Starr '.'was elected · president of the Student,Council' ' for 1952-'53 by^ the student .body Betty Sisemore' was elected .vice : president ,VaI Ann Watson, sec.; rclary, Alfred Taylor, treasurer, [and Clyde Mcade, reporter. I* During the three years at Fay! ctleville High, Jon Larry has been ; a member of the Sophomore ·I Guides, 26 Club, Key Cli»b, Band, ' and on deck service. He was, for one year, an alternate, and for one year a representative to the Student Council. ' · Although a member of'FHS for only two. years, Betty Sisemore, has been a Uvirler in the band for two years, vice president of the Sophomore Guides, a member of the 20 Club, treasurer of FHA,.and a representative in the Student Council for one semester. Val Ann Watson 1s a member of the ba'nd, 26 Club, and Sophomore Guides. For one semester of her two years in high school, Val Ann was. a .member, of 'the. Student Council;The treasurer, Alfred Taylor, is also treasurer of the junior class, a member of the key Club, 26 Club, NHS, and a past member of the Sophomore Guides.-Alfred has been in, the Student Council for one semester of his two »hd. one -half years at FHS. - , A member 'of FHS for three years, Clyde Meade has been' in the Student Council one year. He has served in the band three years and was on the class officer nomi- '· nating committee. · Miss Margaret Wilson will represent FHS as the faculty delegate at the Arkansas Association of Student-Councils in Morrilton. Miss Wilson 'is girls' physical education director, and sponsor of the Peppers. Jon Larry Starr, Rosemary Henbest, Alfred Taylor will be the student delegates. The FHS Student Council has announced its candidacy f o r . t h e office of secretary-treasurer of the state association. If elected, Fay- ettevillc will be host school for the .953 convention. Seipor Curtain Call Walking along, evidently cnjoy- ,ng the short visit of 'summer weather, three senior girls were approached and asked for an · in- ervio'w.'' All being' friendly girls, hey agreed, and the results of .the conversation are in the following paragraphs.. ' . The song "Missing In Action," )y Ernest Tubbs, heads Bonnie ludspeth's hit parade. She likes lotatoes 'in any size, shape, fotrn"' r fashion, iand is always saying 'are. you for it?" Green is her avorite · color, and as you've, al- cady noticed, she likes .any hill-' illy or Western music or sing- TS. - '· · · . , Gcnevie Evans Wilkinson from oom 20 raid "The Ragtime Aelody" is her favorita song. Fried hicken, French fries, and.typing cad in her list of favorite,foods nd-subjccfs.- She enjoys "just idiug.. around." but dislikes,con- eited people. Green and red are er favorite colors. 1 Whenever you car anyone.say'"oh, kid," you'll now Gcnevie is nearoy. · . . . . Mary' Elizabeth Gamble says he likes, the song/"Tell Me Why" rest. Among her other likes · are 'rcnch fried shrimp, playing the iano, the color blue,'English and ramatics. VLiz" plans to attend le U. of A. after graduation and lajor in music and speech. . . Senior play tryouts . will" be cxt week. Books may be obtained rom Mr. Gwaltney. tioscn as follows: forwards--Barara Barrett, Janice Hudgens v and arol Cullen; . guards--Eleanor His, Rcna Anthony, and Madelyn I n period two, t h e All-star was Rose.. . . . . . · Believe/torAW/ ««IW TIP LOOCB) ON Ita ROOT Of CULBOftNECHOftCH -ONE MILE DISTANT/

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