Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 18, 1974 · Page 25
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 25

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 18, 1974
Page 25
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Page 25 article text (OCR)

14B Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Sun., Aug. 18. 1974 FAYETTEVILLE, A R K A N S A S Interview point Citizens across town seem to be viewing the future with greater optimism since President Gerald Ford took office last week. The TIMES asked six persons if they thought it would make any difference that Ford was not elected by the people. No one thought it would. FRED WEST, 615 W. Lafayette -- "In Ford's case, I don't mind his not being elected at all. I think he's a pretty clean guy and I'm very optimistic about the upcoming administration." DENNIS DAHLEIi, 10DO Township Road -- "I think he'll be a good president. He seems :o be an honest man. I feel optimistic." PHIL SELLICK, 1840 N. Leverett -- He sees no problems in Ford's not being elected. "I'm glad Watergate is over. We were hurting because we didn't have a President with time enough for matters other than Watergate." NAOKI KIMURA, 715 Ain sworth -- "I have a kind of suspicion that he will do much better job than Nixon. He has a capacity, ability for the job, and I think he will handle it well." Acknowledged Master Of Seal Making C/unese 'Chop Maker Has Thriving Business TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) -"One hundred thousand dollars is not too much for one of my chops," said the balding but sharp-eyed little man. · He meant Taiwan dollars, but hat slill conies out to U.S. 2,632. A hefty sum for a few Chinese characters carved on a small stone. Wang Wang-sun has been carvinj! them for 4V years, and is an acknowledged master of the art that is almost a national obsession for Chinese and sev- iral other Asian peoples -names carved into personal seals, or "chops." It starts with a person's given name, composed of one or two of what Chinese consider to be good or lucky characters, and which often get pretty flowery -- Wang's means "emperor of his descendants." The second part of it all is the tradition of using a chop on official documents which in the West would require a signature. Everyone from cabinet ministers to noodle vendors has a chop, and in their time they've gone on everything from declarations of war to restaurant bills. And the third is the Chinese love of oddly shaped little things -- clocks disguised as chickens, tree roots that look like buffalo, a priceless piece of jade carved to look like a grasshopper. Put them all together and you've got a chop -- a piece of fine stone, ivory or jade carved to resemble anything frorrt a dog to a bamboo grove but flattened on the bottom where the owner's name is carved in one of the hundreds of writing styles that China has developed in thousands of years ot history. Since a man's chop has the same legal validity as his sig- nalure.they are closely guarded and highly prized possessions. And in all ot this, Wang is conceded to be at the top of the chop-carving profession. Ho Hao-tien, director of the National Palace Museum where the Nationalist Chinese government exhibits Chinese art dating back thousands of years, calls Wang "clearly the best of his time." In addition to the government's formal seal, Wang has done chops for Nationalist president Chiang Kai-shek and vice president Yen Chia-kan, as well as other Chinese officials. A m o n g non-Chinese, h e claims chops done for Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, South Korea's president Park Churfg- hee and former president Syg- man Rhee, former Japanese prime minister Shinsuke Kishi, and Joseph Stillwell, the U.S. general who served as chief of staff for Chinese armed forces in World War H. Wang is proud of being a fussy worker. He says he's done some chops for free, but once turned Trudeau To Visit OTTAWA (AP) -- Primo Minister Trudeau will visit several European countries this fall, a government source says. The trip, tentatively scheduled for October, would take the Canadian leader to Britain, France, West Germany and other Common Market nations. It would be Trudeau's first major foreign tour since his visit to China in 1973. down an offer of J13.000 to do a chop because he didn't like the sound of the man's name. 'I have three conditions for doing a chop," says Wang. "I must like the person I'm doing it for. The name must be a good one. And the quality of the stone must be high." Even then, there's no telling how lonfg it can take. Though the work itself doesn't require much more than about an hour per chop, it all depends on how he feels. "Sometimes I get up feeling good, and '.carve a lot. Other times I'll go for a month or two without working at all," Wang says. With what he likes to call his "iron pen," Wang figures he's carved about 20,000 characters in his time and, in addition, has trained several students in the art. Fully in character, he admits ne hasn't taken on many students -- "because I could only: work with a fuw, only with tha. best." Sherrill Man Killed PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) -Authorities said James Kend : rix, 44, of Sherril! was killed Friday in a shooting incident at his home. Jefferson County- Coroner Havis Hester said Kendrix was struck in the heart by a bullet fired from -a .22-caliber rifle. Kendrix died at the scene. Authorities said the shooting occurred "after 1 an argument. An investigation, was under way. . . DON'T MISS LEWIS FORD'S 74 CLEARANCE SALE! GET THE LOWEST PRICE OF THE YEAR ON 74 FORDS. PRICES WILL GO UP IN 75 NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY!!! E. J. BALL, 1311 Edgehill Dr -- "I feel optimistic. I admire President Ford; I think he's an lionest person." About Ford's not being elected, he said that was all right because Ford's ascendancy to the Presidency followed the established political system MAX LAUDERMAN, 841 Hazel -- "I think he's the type of person we need now. He's willing to listen to diverse points of view. He may bring unity to the nation but I don'i think he's willing to lake trie big steps needed to straighten out inflation and other major problems." Former Czech Beauty Queen, Now B, Remembers Old Days PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia (AP) -- In 1910, when a Czech beauty queen was chosen there was no parading in front of judges clad in a bikini. A newspaper had asked girls between ages 18 and 25, "virtuous and with a spotless record," to send in their photos. Ruzena Brozova, who won the title that year and went on to 'become queen of beauty in Paris, has no idea of what her vital statistics were then. "I was very slender," she recalls, and adds jury members guffawed when some fathers sent in the bust measurements of their daughters. Now 82, the former beauty queen, her while hair bobbed and gently styled, could easily be taken for 60. Asked what she did to keep such a youthful appearance she said, "I always liked to sleep. I was never an athletic girl, but I do take a cold wash every morning. I never used cream or cosmetics when not on the stage. Just washed with household soap. As for lipstick, my mother would never have allowed me to use it. NO KOYAI/ CLOTHES As Czech beauty queen, Ruzena Brozova was invited to the Paris mid-Lent festivities at which a queen of queens and a queen of beauty were traditionally selected. Her trip to Paris was organized by flic first Czech travel agency in Prance belonging to the Dolezal broth ers, but Prague city fathers refused to provide royal clothes for their pretty compatriot. Ruzena, child of poor actors rich in children -- there were six of them -- had only a modest wardrobe. It was her idea she would appear in a Czech national peasant costume. The Parisian queen of queens was chosen out of 20 Cjuecns elected in the various Paris dis tricts and a foreign beauty queen was invited each year Election of a beauty queen wa then held and the title in variably went to the Parisian. Ruzena- had no golden crown no ermine cloak, out a fresl beauty which brought Paris ti her feet. Her sudden popularity took by surprise even the pc lice, who had to keep in check the huge crowds which dogge, her every step. A long-standing tradition wai broken when she was elected the queen of beauty over the Parisian queen of queens, Elisa Gaillard, who good naturedl^ kissed Ruzena's cheek after the results of the voting by 60 guests were announced in tlu Circus D'hiver. At 26 she married Antonin Opravil, a professional soldier He put down his foot firmly; m more acting, he declared. When his beautiful frustrated wife was almost ill with boredom hi told her: "Why don't you write?" And write she did, firs stories which appeared in th most prestigious pre-war Czecl daily, later books and drama tizations of hooks and fairy tales for Czech theaters. "Whatever I wrote alway got published," she says with ; hint of surprise in her voice. " wish I could find more time t write my memoirs. The nub lishers are waiting for them, have 150 pages so far and hav reached only the time I wa 16." Mrs, Opravil, who lives wit her married daughter an grandchild, revisited Paris fo the first time in 1973 and trie to trace some of the .people sh had met more than BO year ago. "But it is all so changed though we did find the house i which the Dolezals had the! travel bureau, 'she said. 74 MUSTANG 11 PINTO 2-Door, Polar White. 2,000 c.e. 4-Speed, $2488 Sale Price PINTO Wagon, 2000 c.c. 4-cyl. 4- Speed, A78xl3 Whitewalls, Bright Green Gold. $2724 Sale Price PINTO RUNABOUT, 2300 c.c. Cruise- pmatic, A78xl3 Whitewall Accent Group, Radio, Orange. $3050 Sale Price PINTO SQUIRE WAGON. 2300 c.c. 4-Speed, A78xl3 Whitewqlls,. Luggage Rack, Bumper Guards, Select Air Conditioning, Tinted Glass, Tan Glow. $3437 Sale Price MUSTANG HARDTOP, 2300 c.c. 4-Cyl. 4-Speed, B78xT3 Whilewalls, AM Radio, Light Blue. $3072 Sale Price MUSTANG 2 PLUS 2, 4-Cylinder, ; Cruise malic, . B78x13 Whitewalls, ! ' Steel Wheels, Color Keyed Mirrors, I Body Side Moldings, Bright Blue. $3472 Sale Price MUSTANG GHIA, 4-Cyl. 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