Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 25, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 25, 1952
Page 7
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NOKIHWUt AIKANSAS TIMII, ··y.fttvlll., Atfc»n»«i, Tvnday, March M, IMt Farouk Calls For General Election May 1 Action Requested . By Prime Minister; Session Date Set Cairo ·(./P}'-',King Farouk dissolved Parliaroent'i, Wafdist-dom- iriated lower'house today and called a new general election May 18. The action was requested by the cabinet of independent Prime Minister Ahmed Naguib Hilaly Pasha. Farouk's decree also ordered the new Chamber of Deputies to meet May 31. . The dissolution did not affect the Senate, which is dominated by the anti-British Wafd faction. There was speculation, however, that the 'government might soon FRIGIDAIRF Electric Range. request Farouk to make change: in the Senate membership to remove this *vVafd majority. Only three-fifths of the senators arc elected. The rest are appointed j by the King. Interior Minister Ahmed. Morta- da El Maraghy Bey said no pro- vision'had been made yet for the lifting of martial law, which was clamped on' Egypt on January 26 after the disastrous fire riots in Cairo. Propaganda Minister Farid Za- louk said last night that martial law would be lifted for the election period. The dissolution came two days after talks began between Hilaly and British Ambassador Sir Ralph Stevenson, seeking a settlement of Egypt's demands that British troops quit the Suez canal zone and that British surrender the Sudan to Egypt. A British Embassy spokesman said the elections would not at feet the negotiations, which he said were slill in the "exploratory state." Another authoritative British source said Britain "certainly hopes that the negotiations will be concluded before election day." . . The Wafd two weeks ago decided to withhold support from Hllaly's government, after he suspended Parliament for 30 .days on March 2 and announced he would wage a vigorous campaign against corruption -- allegedly widespread among Wafdist officials--in the government. The dissolution of Parliament had been expected for some time. It was the Wafd government of Mustapha El Nahas Pasha which last October ordered the British out of Egypt. ; · Bus Driver Posses Out Cigars To Passengers Chica(jo-(/P)-A bus driver--a new father- handed out 500 cigars to his passengers, both men and THE BIG NIGHT IN HOLLYWOOD Thrifty Play Clothes COM! INI Sff THfM NOW I Pricad from $ 226 75 FRIGIDAIRE ervicc (J. B. F. GOODRICH U N. BLOCK PHONE 35 8141 MO yci. By Sue Burnett Dress your tiny tots alike in these practical clothes.for fuii out of doors. Each piece requires a minimum of fabric--plays'uit and overalls are suitable for a girl, too. Pattern No. 8141 is a sew-rite perforated pattern in sizes 2, 3, 4, S, 6. 8, 10'yoars. Size 3, dress, 1V4 yards of 39-inch; panties, 9* yard; sunsuit, 1'yard; overalls,.l*»s yards, yards. For this pattern, send 30c In COINS, your name, address, stz* desired,'and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Northwest Arkansas, Times, 1150 Ave. Americas, New Vork ID. N. ¥.. . Basic FASHION for '52 is filled with ideas to make your clothes budget go further -- time-saving and economical designs that are easy to sew. Gift pattern printed inside. 25 cents. KttP HER HAPPY.. in a Home of Her Own Whatever the architectural style--every bride hopes for her version of I rose-covered collage. And,it's wonderful marriage insurance to start out with your own home. You may be surprised to find out how easily and conveniently a mortgage loan may be arranged to help you buy or build a home . . . here. Let's talk it over. It will pay you to place your loan with FAYETTEVILLE BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION Tht Home AttoeJatton for Nomt Primaries So Far Hint How It Might Be II People Of All 48 States Could Vote Directly On Presidential Candidates Posing with "Oscars" In Hollywood's Pantagra theater: Belle Uavls, who received "Best Supporting Actrc*»" Ironhjr for Kim Hunter; George Sanders; Karl Maiden, "Best Supporting Actor" lor "A Streetcar Named Desire"; Greer Garsun, who received "Best Actress" trophy for Vivien Leigh; Humphrey Bugart. "Best Actor" for "African Queen."] Vivien Lrlgh. -Best Artrras ot the Year" for "A Streetcar Named Desire," gets a congratulatory kiss from husband Sir laurence Olivier. The* are shown hackstagt In New Vork, where the; are starring In play "Cleopatra." In New fork, actreaa. Kirn Hunter hugs her hushand, Bob Cmnwtt, on hearing she Is "Beit Support- Ing Actress of the Vear" tor performance In "A Streetcar Named Desire.** They are shown In their Greenwich Village apartment. AISINCI O* tOMI "Clear" winners from presentation ceremonies- failed to dim--by much, at least --tin luster of Hollywood's annual big night at the Pantlges theater a» the Motion Picture Academy or Arts and Science! presented the annual "Beit--" trophies. Tn« place 1 was packed as usual, and In cut o! absentees, "names" lust as big accepted on their behalf. ·'· (International Simnavltatoil women. Gus Zukerman, 24, took 10 boxes of cigars.into his Chicago motor coach bus when he started his run yesterday. The supply didn't jasf long. *· ;·' , Zukerman and his wife;- Mar- cella, 21, became parents .for the first tlnb'Karc'i 20,-.the' first of spring. They named, their: new da.iightct..Bqbln. ' ·'- ; " By JAMES MAiaOW Washington -W)- The presidential primaries so far have given a lastc of what it might be like if the people In all 48 stales had a chance (o express their preference among presidential candidates. But once aiiiiin this year, as In the past, the Republican and Democratic candidates will bo chosen by delegates, not by the voters in this moment there's no sisn it will, the choosing of presidential candidates would be taken out of the hands of the politician!! by the people. The big conventions then would bo only, rubber stamps, with nothing to do hut okay the popular will, and draw up party p!a,Uoi'ms. Son. George Smathcrs, florid* Democrat, has proposed !h»t general, at the two party con- choosing of candidates in political his summer.! conventions '» abolished, letting volitions in Chicago Ihli If there were presidential p r l - j j h e v « rtl f» ,"' I' 10 maries in all 48 stales before those conventions the voters might have hcen able to express their choice so unmistakably that the delegate-politicians would simply be limited to saying amen. By the time those conventions | roll around, of course, the tide o f ) popular feeling for one man or another may have become so apparent that the delegates wouldn't dare" any political conniving but simply would approve the popular man. , ( : In 32 states the delegates to th'oso conventions are chosen by party machines or bosses in state conventions . or committees. . In only 16 states will the voters have a chance to express preference among candidates or elect delegates. '· Primaries A Hodge-Poilje But Ihose 18 primaries are such a hodge-podge, each one differing from the other, that in only a few states like Minnesota, New Hampshire, New-Jersey and Oregon will the people have had a if! states pick the candidates in a June primnry and then, n f t c r they had 'campaigned, vote for one of them for president in November. This would require a constitutional amendment, a long-drawn- out process which can't be cHine this year. It's up to Congress to start the ball rolling. Maybe and maybe it won't. It's done nothing yet. chance to vote candidates. directly on the In New Hampshire, freedom for the voters to vote a preference among candidates is ah old story.' They've been ablo.Urdo it In previous presidential campaigns. Still, their huge vote for Eisenhower stood'the politicians.on their cars, This was the first year the Minnesota voters had a similar opportunity. Even Ihoujrh the names of Eisenhower, Taft, Kc- fauvcr and Truman were not on the ballot, the people went through, snow. .to. write 'in their names, even when, they couldn't spell Eisenhower. It was this write-in vote--the clearly expressed determination of the people to name and voto for the man'they'd like for president --that astonished the politicians, nothing like it'cyci 1 'happened before. ' ' :..'.'',,. And on April 15 the-people of New Jersey able for the first time to express some direct preference. Bill this expression of vote opinion in a few scattered states is u long way from what might be if the voters in all 48 states had .the. same opportunity.· ., , lublwr'Siimp Cafventloni Benlonville High To Present Class Pliy Bcntonville - (S p c c I a I) - He- hcarals are under way for the Bcntonville High School junior class play, "Don't Take My Penny," which will be presented Apr! 3-4. The cast for the comedy in. eludes: Shirley Murphree Johns- Ion, Margaret Woods, Sally Delauis, Robert Tucker, D a v i d Stewart, Honsld Diesel, Donna Jo Pike, J. O. McDanlcl, Dee Miller, Evelyn Palmer, Darrcll Hardell, Dale Mulct, Doris Evans, Bobby Louise Buth, Mignon Little, Dan Moody, and Carol Ann Wagoner. The .play will be directed by Mrs. Douglas Riddle. Other members of thG'pIay staff are: Assistant director, Wanda Lou Jones; business rnanagcr, Hoy Featherstpn; advertising director, Carrie Trout; ticket sales, Bob George; property manager, Gcorgina Still; stag* manager Vondnn Bush; costume, Ruby Taylor. On The Radio New York-IA'l-Tunlng tonieht: NBC--7, Cavalcade drama; Who-dun-it; 8, Dob Hope;'8:30, Fibber and Molly; 9, Eddie Cititor, CBS--7, People are Funny; 7:30, Mr, and Mr«. North; 8, Life With Lulgi; 8:30, Pursuit; 8, Lineup; 9:30. Waxworks, , ABC--7, Newsstand Theater; 8 Town Meeting; fills, Dream Harbor; 9:"% Documentary on U. S S.R. MBS--7.. Black Museum; 7:30 Dr. Kildarrj 8:3fl, D « t * c t l v , e Mysterious Traveler SENATE O.K. PUT ON JAf U S SINAII Secretary Leslie BltHe affixes ms signature to the Jtf- .nes'e peace treaty following a 6S-10 ratifying vow B-r th« Stnat*, - . · Lookini on s» ( l e f t ) Sinsl. Foreign Relations Commltt« Chairmaa Tom Connslly ID), Texss; Senstor Alexander Wllty. Wisconsin, rtok-,. .. L"s GOP foreign relations member. Treaty sets unlqua standard »« a.. conquered nstlon's treatment by a victor. . (InttmnpnMJ Foger's Has The Coffee Flavor Most People Like Best! MOUNTAIN GROWN ·· So Extra Rich in Flavor i You Ar. Urged to ! im U8IX6 */4LE88 ' thon with laiwr flovortd sVendi In Utou**', Drift *r r*'"* ,,;, ..^^JWftt.M^iiv.B rpnis i» the car that's asking for your approval. This is the 1 double-dare-you powerhouse thai asks you to give it the works-tackle the steepest hill you can find, the tightest S-curve, the busiest traffic; Find out what thia beautiful 1952 car's got that the others wish they had. Its pick-up gives you complete control in traffic; its hug- thc-roail stability makes it almost steer itself; its space- planned comfort makes a sixsomc never troublesome. New horsepower-new live weight conslructioii-ncw visihilily- cverything changed but its respect for a gallon of gas. Sec the most challenging new car of the year at our showroom now. 5-lA/AY CHOICE ! Mrrcury prcifnli thru dependable, perfnrmince-provftd drivci: Silent-eiM ilindird trsnimiiiion; thritly Toucl].0-M«llc Overdrive'; ind Merc-O-Mailc", (reiifil of all suiomitic drivel. 'Oftienal at txlra colt NEW HIGHER-POWER V-8 Thii y*ar tvtn morf h«ri«p«w«r, tvtn hlehir comprtulon |7.2 to 1). ll't tht lucciiwt to th« famoui V.8 which lor two ttrolght yvart won lop (lati honofl In effltlal ·conomy t«iti, ll't gol lo b« flood) It'i by tti« bvildvr of mor* V-l'i than all oltwr moktri combined. .IHERCURY owe* 7f/£ MOST OF 0J TfMB GOFF-McNAIR MOTOR CO., Inc. 331 North Coll*!*

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