Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 22, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, March 22, 1952
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2--- MOttHWfffT AMANtAt TUMM, AriwfiMa. Saturday, March M, 1»51 LPresJbyteriarts To Observe Great Hour; Hear Proffitt This Sunday at the morning worship service in 'the Central Presbyterian 'Churrh r David W; Frbffitt, national president 'of Presbyterian Laymen, l»5i, will tpeak; Hl« "address which (i based on hie recent world tour with special time spent In Korea and Indjs, will highlight the church'i observation of the One Great Hour of Sharing In conjunction with 27 other denominations, throughout thfcUnited Statea.'...'.. · On this Sunday most of the, 27 denominations will take the spc- cial : offering for this Lenten ««c- riflclil sift Methodist and'Epis- copal churches are cooperating .but taking their offcrinj on a different date.' ;The Presbyterians for the last four weeks have beeri observing sacrificialvmeals 'arid- .other means of saving for this gift to the needy! The purpose of the offering Is to 'provide -:$[,OOp,H)0 over ana beyond:lhe .regular budget giving of the participating churches for the;work of Church World Service. The War stricken 'areas, famine areas, and the .millions of refugees around the world arc the people whom Church World Service geeks to help. Commenting on Mr. protfltt, the Rev. Kdwnnl Brubaker, states, "pave Proffitt is a real "crass roots man/' His vocabulary Is not fancy and his approach is simple, direct, and hard hitting. In a very short time he has risen to prominence as one of ihc United Stales', outstanding laymen. Last year ho was president of the National Council, of Presbyterian ,. Men. January 17, he and- the stnted Clerk of the General Assembly returned from n flying trip around (tin world. They visited KorM, Japan, India, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Switzerland and Germany. ProfflttV speech on this'trip to the 2,000 Presbyterian Laymen at the National Convention in Chicago wns hailed by. all Ihc men as the high point of the convention. "Mr. Proffitt. started hl« business career at. a (10 a week salary, He now, owns five stores, one of which M; .the largest dcprtment stores .In Mary vlllc, Tennessee, his home town', His being,a successful businessman and a Christian hat long 'been taken for -granted by all who know him; Apparently It's a question of relative, values which sets off the Dave Proffilts of the earth who are mdroly etblcal and not necessarily Christian, Horace Orr of MaryVllle College'! department of religion remarks, "Far .from using his church contacts to improve hi* bustmtM, pavi',prplflit us** his business contacts to help his church, "He IK a man who knows how to get thlntfs done, but tie is '(julck la admit that, "1 thought I was bclns a pretty ijnori Christian until the National Cuncll began putting Ihc finger on me. But I was being u piker. My whole interest was in the New Providence Church, and didn't''go much beyond its walls. I nave lo the benevolence' pro- firam, but hardly knew or cired where the .money went." Bringing people Into the church Is a regular part of Dave's life. In the last Ihrce years he his brought Ihlrly- nlne people Into his home church, One Sunday' when twenty-five were received twenty-one were brought by Dave. Mr, Proffilt will speak about the One Great Hour of Sharing based upon the needs he has seen first hand. In Ihc n/lvnoon aboul twenty men from Central Presbyterian (nKflhor with 'Mr. Brubsker and Mr. I'roffjIUwill go to the Presby- lerlon Camp, Vales Ranch, just soulh of Fort Smith,.for the mens 1 rally of Ihc I'resbytery ot Arkan- tas, UA Church'Grolips Elect New Officers · Two church groups at the University have elected new officers. The Disciples Student Fellowship; composed of students of the Christian Church, has elected Vance Cook, Fayettcvllle, presl- dent; Bob Keeter,, Fllppln, vice prcfldent; Sybil Row, Fayettevill*, ··eretarir, and Andy Minor,'for- dyc«, treasurer, We»fmln»ter nrilowship, a Presbyterian itudtnt group. Ms nimod Dlek Leonard, Little-Rock, pretl- dent. Chris Mercer, Pine Bluff, is vice president! Huberts Proctor, Hlitdsvllle, s e c r e t a r y ; Frank Parke, Little Rock, receiving treasurer; Georg* Brown, Fayettcville, disbursing treasurer,, arid Catherine McCartney, .Fort Smith, Student Chrjstiah Council representative. Laura WhOler, Caraway, was appoinled- fellowship commissioner, and Hatph Cooper, Little Rock, Christian outreach commissioner. Council Of Churehwomen Elects New Officers Tort Smith, Ark.-W)-Mrs. Hen- Fulbrighf Joins In Endorsing "Sharing" Appeal New York--The spirit of Christian brotherhood .finds true expression' in "One Great Hour, of Sharing," the 1952 united appeal of 21 ProteiUnt denomination* for oversell relief and reconstruction, ·ays U. S. Senator Jj W. Fulbrifht In .endorsing this' humanitarian effort of th« churches. The appeal to provide material relief--food,- clothing, · medicines, etc.--for the homeless and destitute abroad will be made in Arkansas churches and thousands of other! in the United States to. morrow, under the overall spon- , forship of the Dept. ol Church ry H, Tucker of Little Rock has VorH Service, National Council of been elected president of the , th « Churches of .Christ in. the U.S.A. "I'm proud to join-in this appeal," Senator Fulbright wrote in Council of Churehwomen of Arkansas. Other oHlcern chdien at the council's annual meeting here a letter made public by Dr. Stanley I. Sluber, general director of Thursday included Mrs. E. E. | ^he "One Great Hour of Sharing" Galloway o f Hope, first vice pres- ' appeal. · - . . · ' · ' · ident, and Mrs.. P. M. Latourette . Representative Brooks Hays of of Joncsboro, treasurer. Anniversary Party Of. ILL Class Scheduled The LLL Class of Ihe First Bap list Church will have 'an anhi vcrsai-y party at the'hpm* of Mrs F.vertl Campbell Thuriday eve ning at 7:10 o'clock. Co-hbilesstt will,be Mrs. George Stubblefleld Mrs. Jacob Sharp and Mrs. J. D Eagle. . ' · . ' Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attenc nun WALTU U JOHNlONi f(SUr 1:10 a. m *uni)u Mncxii . 1:10 . Hill m Wornlnf W(iftni» ·trm^n: -"rir«»rooi ! ; Anlhim: "By The.Wiieri of Bibv- p m B»pllil jrninlnl Utiwn «, m tvfnlns .wonhlp " " CEHTBAL C tDWAKD EftUBAKUl, WUltw C. Gllmm* Mlnlnu to ltd- t i» a, m.. Church fchool :M a rn MofhlHg Wot O»» ar«*t hour of iH*rln Anthem: "Umb of Gort"-- Chrlillsn- **8ef(h6hi DivW W, Prblflll. l«l r MMtrit of friibyt«run Uymen I:W p. m Htih (ohool WMirnlwl« »up»«r u\4 proartm,. "Hiiw Do Wi t-M f. m. Unlvinify wittminittr »f llowiwa. WMlmliMter HDUM · " ' . . ' T ". TIWT nuMlTTMIAH 4AMM * ·UTtnt »', Patuc WUKMI I dlkMa MIHMW la tin- · 41 · m Sundiy 10:85 Mornln/ wmMB ! "Th« ih«Bh*r«'« Pialm" ,rmort: "Where Do You fcraw the it'^nev. witiiam t; oibxw " f. m. Junior rellox-lhlt p. hi, -Jr.-HI raHowihl* p,,m Wtilmlniter FeUowihlp mt CttMtr. *fi Well Mepli Street ,.J-W e«* tlfcli ihMy, Wtantl. v-1:»».-p.':th. · · · - · - · . . BT.PAS ' H4JUUI I : -. FMrtn tuMiy In .Urll 1:00 a. m holy communuM m Youh m. EV«n« Churohmtaj AI. MEtHODllT OYKtt, 'JR., Pallor a nvColielt Student C«lle4 a. m. iuiyiiy *clu)ol i t in Moritmi WoriBI* '.'Ho, IvWfona (Mi Thirl_ }, Bmothera .-._, MlM Ida Weir Sermon;* D. L, Dykei, Jr. 1:00 p m. · Weiley' roundallon l:6o i. m. Youth oroupt T;M p m tvenltii Hervlce Anthem: ''Welcome, Welcome Dear Redeemer"--Franck SplolBl: Dr. Alfred Hathcuck ·ilo: Richard Greer . Mrmon: D. L. DyKes, Jr. ·roidctil over KGRH ri*Sf CHRISTIAN ·oicfcT Morrttr, PMI* ·:tt Sunday aalnol 11:10. Mornini. WaririU) UNITARIAN FELLOWSHIP Oarrw room Student Union U a. in ' ; : . ' , " : . ' : ; ' . " . * · - . " - . ' CENTRAL CHRISTIAN a m Wonhip Strvlot Mlln 7:ot ) :4 p m -Yoojh Meetlm .·30-- El'fpili.j Evariaeillllc s*r«ld imunlon ii m. .... p. m. Wedneiday, Teacne TrafnlniE Ctata 7:311 p. m. Frlrlny. Choir Prncllc and Youth Recreation f CHURCH OF THE RAZAhEN i. a. COHDULL, r«tor South UKIMI slrrti * : "0 lo 1:15 a. .n. Rad'o Program- Mi! a. m. Sunday Hchoal |i:(K a. m. Mornini Worihlp (n «:30 r m, H. Y. ·. 8. Prayer. Mee . (1:45 p m. N. Y, P. 8. Protram 6:4S p. m. Adult Prayer Band 7:10 p. m. CvanlellHiic Servlct Wedneadty, 7:30 p. m.. Prayer Mee fhuriday, 7:H p. m., · Vliltatlon + Baptilt Fortt Communllr Church Firal sunrtir H:M a. m. Ktv Den Parker Second Sunday II 00 a m Rev. O H Laudtrbaok TtllM «und«y 11:00 «. m Re Altrei) .WWtelt Fourth Sunday: 11:00 a. m Rev. o. irwln , 10:00.a. m Each Sunday, lunda ,8ifmen: "Not of th« World" ·hi · tsU'i: m, Chrliuan Youm Fellow, and ciil Rho Fsllowihlp mm Seflti on Life o( Paul · ·'Trial, at Jerultlem" · "*- ·Tj JOHN'S LUTHEHAH Arkanaai and Oickaon'Tet 6tl or 372 . rRCOERlCrf OUMZ, Paitor 1:30 a. ni Sunday Sbnpol '.]f:SO a. m. Munery opens 10:45 a m Sunday Korihlp Sermon; "I Thrill . . ." Ahthero: "Savior When In Uuit To Thet"-- Male Quartet 7:so f. m. Rvtnlni fiervlet Ltnten'-rum: -"The Dlaciplei at FIRST CHURCH Of CHRIST. SCIENTIST 9:30 a m Sunday Scnool 11:00 a m . Sunday Service A:4S p rn. KGRH Sunday Radio Wedneidiy. 7:46 p m , mielinl. Readlni Room in Church open each day excep! Surtday and holldayi. GREENLAND CHUKCH OF ' CHRIST ORIS SAl.YkK. Mlnlltei . 10.00 a m 'Church lehMt. 11:00 a m toriuuti II. 4 « m Cornmunlon bervlre. 7:50 p m Song Service and Bible , ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC FATHER EDWARD 11 MALOV Pailnr Sunday Minei t'.tn and 10:00 a m Thuridiy: 7:30 p. m Novtna Maiiea. Man. Monday throuih Oevotlona Weekdi Friday, 7 .ftaturdar Mau, 7:CO a. m.. Ffrat Friday Mail. 7:00 t m nrtt Saturday Max a m OanftMlftni: 7,00 to 1:09 R m and ktfdrt all ilaiMi CHURCH OF CHRIST HIED MecLUNO. Minuter Wcat Center and Norui Locutt 1:45 a. m Bible itudy It.U a. m Mornlal Wnnhlfj t:« p m Clatut MS t m W*nM ttnu* ·art. m.. W«ni«iiay, LMIN Bible Clan 1M f. l* WtdJMi4*l'j P r a y e r MMttm Mt! Mbltilwlf Mr all am ._ COMMUIIITT CHURCH,. K CAMTM, »u.«rl«Undenl CHURCH «. nv tmttf. StlMnt Sunday I As A Cbmmuni METHODIST CHURCH A L, RIGGS. I'litpr 10:00 a rh Sunrtiy School 11:00 a, m, and 7:30 p m. Preachln Mrvlcti on Fourth and Filth Sunday f CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN BIU, 6AHNES, Pallor W7 Dou«l«l 8u«t 9 41 4 in Sunday school. 7:00 it m., Kvtnina Worihlp. f · WESf FORK BAPTIST R. H RECD. Plitor ,9:43 a m Sunday School. ll:OT a. m Mdrnini Worihlp I:M \ m. Baptlit Tralnlni Unioi . 7:10 p m tvenini Worihlp · . ' ' : · · · 4 BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH ROY W HMD. I'istor C3I Minion Street 9:43 ·. m. Sundiiy School 11:00 a m Mornini Womhlp, A:30 p m Tralnlns Union .7:30 n m. Cvitnlnl Service Midweek Pray*- Servln--Wtdnei day p. m. 7 CENTRAL BAPTIST JACK DEAN. Pallor 9:4 a m Sunday School. 10:3u a m Mornini Womhlp. 7:00 p m ·aptiil Tralnlni Courae ] :OC p m Evat^ni Wonhip :00 p. m Wedheiday. Prayer ttr FULL GOSPEL. TABERNACLE TUMMY UlBtib' I'ailor 10:00 · M Sunday School. Ilioa I m Preachma. 7:ls p m CvanHllitio icrvm. Wedneiday, 7:30 p m Midweek Praytr Service. Friday. 7:30 p m PYPA »trr'-« BLACK OAK BAPTIST HOWARD PRICHAKU i'»»tor 10:00 a m Sunday School 11:00 a m Preaching Service 7:00 p iti · Tralnlni; union tM p m preachlni Service Thunctay 7:30 p nl Prayer mcetlnl ·t- QOSHEN METHODIST S M. YANCEY, Pallor 10:00 a m Kunday Scnool. 11:00 a m Mornini Wnfihip 7:00 p m Evenlni Wonhip ·t- AYETTEVILLE BlBi.E MISSION tOO BLOCK SOUTH CUl.t.EOl Interdcnnminatlnnal HOMER MOUTTET. Pallor 9:4 a m Sunuay hchoof 11:00 i m Morntni Worihlp 6:13 o m Youni Tcoplea Service! 7:00 p m Evnnieliillc Service* Junior Choir will meat Saturday at n m Wedneiday, 730 p m., Prayer Meet- oi SUGAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST ;K' f. MORUAN, Pailnr RLIC MOSTri.l.ER, A»lmanl Pallor 1G:OC a m Sunday fiction! . 7:30 p m Evanitliaiic Menage Wednetdty prayer rVieetlni at 7:30 m HIGHLAND COMMUNITY 10:91 i m Sunday uchooi 11:11 a rn Mornini Wonhip Wcdnttdaj nlihi. 7:W p m.. Prayer rviptt. WALNUT OROVt COMMUNITY JEHOVAH'S WiTNCTSEt 3rd Floor Ned CroM Orga lldi Wedntidty, 7:10 p m Book liudi Friday, 7:*t . m ·tt^J, "'·"jfe iMttv flVh^si " y^* .* ^ 1:00 p ni.. Water, Wwer Sunday, Study SECOND BAPTIST N V, DRAKE, PlIU 1:41 a m Sunday 1,. 10:4.1 a. ni Mornini vorihlp. 7:00 p tn EvenlnJ Wo*ihl» Wldntidtf l a m fraytr Mrvte* WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OF GOD BRANHAM and StEELE, Paitorl 11:45 n m. Sunany School 11:00 Mornlhl Worihlp 8:30 p. m. chrlit AmbaiHMr Service , A:30 p. m. .Junior C, A. service 7:30 p. in. Evanieilitle service Wedneiday at 7:30 p. m.--Prayer Mtttlni and Hlble Study BRENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHURCH I'aitura--Rev. Olha TiicHett and Rev. Ren Morian 10:00 a. m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m. Sermon 7:M p m, Evenini lervlci 1:00 p. m. Friday mint, BIBit tiudy and prayer meetlnl WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST ARNOLD SIMPSON, Paitor . and Thirl ItrMW _I:«J a. m Church Ichotl 11-85 «. m. Mornini 11:311 p. rn, Youth 7i9o p. m Evfnlni WEST FORK.CHRISTIAN JOHN ASUELL, Minllttr ):4A a. m church School IM a m Mornini Worihlp and (,'ornmunton Pleaehlni every flm and third JOHNSON CHURCH Ot CHRIST BILL E. SMITH, Mlnllltr 10:IHI a m. Bible Study IO:SO a m. Worihlp Servlct 1:3(1 p. m. Youn| People'! Claim 7:30 p m Worinip Servlct Prayer Meetlnl Wedneidiy at 7:JO p. m. SON'S CHAPEL t MI1.CS KAST ON HIGHWAY 41 »:30 a. m Sunday School Superintendent--Turner Btown. Auxiliary every fourth MoncUy t:N FARMINOTON BAPTIST D M. KREIS, Pallor 10:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a m Mornini Worihlp 4:30 p. m. Bapllil Tralnlnl Unlor 7:30 p. m. Evlniitlltlc Servic4 Wednndly. 7:30 p. m. Pnyet UHt ni. . rARMINOTON METHODIST A u R1CQS, Paitor 10:00 a m. Sunday school 11:00 a m. and 7:30 p. m Frttchlni Service on Flnl. Second and Thin Sundaya NORTH SIDE ASSEMBLY OF OOD SAMUKL E HRUCe. Paitor 10:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a m Sermon. 7:30 p. m. Evarujtllatlo Service Tueid'ay. Youni PeopMl C A Mr- ·Irea. 7:30 p, ra. · ^ Friday. Pray«r Service, 1-45 p m. ARKSDALE BAPTIST 1KNNER DAVIS, Piiilor ARLEN MO8TELLAR. AtillUnt Pallor 10:00 a m Sunday School. 7:30 p r Evahielliltc. MtUaat Wedneiday. 7ijo p m. Preytr M«ti- Frmi.T. 7:30 t nv Youni Ptoolti leetlni. OHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH E M LOGUE, PAltOr 10:00 a m Sunday School 11:00 a m Wonhip s.rvlcel 7:00 p. rn Tralnlni Union R:OU p m Evanafllltlo Servlctt ·:00 p. m Evenlni Service Wedneidny. 7:30 p m.. Prayer Meet' ni . EVENTH DAY ADVENTIST 7 SOUTH STREET SATURDAY 10.00 a m Sabbath School LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JESSE C COLEMAN. PailOr 10:00 a. m. Sunday School 11:00 a m Mdrnini Worihlp J:» o m. Tratnln| Uhten 7:30 p. m. Evening WoriHip CAtVARY TAMERNACLB HIV South Hill Street BERYL,« BfTH, P.ilor ; r J:M p nl. Dtnvtranc*- Meiiaie and "fO p m. Eviniellltlc Service! 7:30 p. m. Wtdnei* '"' ' StTvIMl - · - · 7:36 il m 9l(urda Servtca *· WEST FORK PRESBYTERIAN ' c f "THAL ASSEMBLY OF OOD Wonhip unx |*aoDlf'a MMtlJU. !»««Wl^tff ASS?" DtlrHir. Praytr nttt- C ftHY.W »**T»T CHURCH Soliool lo,» a m 11:00 a m Church Service Tueiday. 7.M p m Prayer ntMIIni ALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST ' R SHARP, PiUlor six Mllrt nnrthweit 10:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a. m Mornini Worahl* 7:30 p m Ivenlnl wortmp Wedneidiy. 7:N p m, f r a » t 4eetln| HURCH OF JESUS CHRIST LATTER DAY SAINTS AM Kit FLETCHER. Elder Sludenl Union HIM Ncoai 10:10 a, rn. Sunday lento!. ASSEMBLY OF OOD WALUtll. P»,0r FIRST DONALD ,_ ,, 9:4S a. m Sunday School. 11:00 a m, Prtaehloi. J :«0 p ni Y r. Cllai. 7:30 p hi. ':SO p m I 7:30 p m. Tueiday, 10:M a « T IJ® m -,,-,-,,, «:30 p m fralnlr) 7:30 p n. Evan. Wedneiday Friy Arkansas also joined in the commendation of "One Great Hour of Sharlrlg." "As a member of the House Foreign Affair!.. Committee," he wrote, "I know of the great need for American aid to the horne.legs and stricken peoples of Asia and Central Etirope. The desperation of the homeless and impoverished populltimi of these areai-'can be met . most effectively by' the u n i t e d efforts of American churches. "Government aid in certain appropriate and limited fields of action will be fbrthcoming but the aptiroprllte way to meet human need! on such a.vas;t scale is by the generous sharing of our resources' with our fVjlIdw men in the«e less favored areds of the world." W.C.C. Concerned With Women's Role In Church Work The World Council of Churches il vltllly concerned over the role of women in the church, because the ecumenical : movement has lo do with the wholeness of the church, Dr. W. A. Visser 't Hooft told 50 church ilear'ers in New York City, "Without the Jull contribution of Its women members,' he arfued, "the church is no really whole." The conference of church leaders--men and women--representing various denominational anc Interdenominational groups, me at Riverside Church last week under the sponsorship of the American members of the Commission of the Life and Work of Women, in the Church ol the World Council of Churches, Dr. Visser 't Hooft, who is here from the World Council headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, en route to South America and Afric: for e c u m e n i c a l consultations, warned that the church irusl not fill back 'on the old outmodec traditional answer v.'hlcl! the church has given In the past .to .his question concerning vomen. Nor must ;t be guided entirely by secular . answer? concerning the ilace of women in the modern world. "The question is much more '.ian one of opportunity for women to lake their just and rightful 'lace in the church," Dr. Visser t Hooft pointed o'.it. "It is con- ·erned with the economy of splr- lual lifts, as developed in the welfth chapler of First Corin- hians. We must cooperate in our llverslty. To make this possible j a concern of Ihe men as well is the women olf the church," IJr. /Issir 't Hooft continued, but he dmitted that "Tor the most part ye have not yet gotten this Idea cross to the men of the church. Neither," he said, "have Iheolo- lan$ taken the matter'as serlous- y is they should." Printing Of Revised Standard Version Of Bible Started Joyce Anderson, Youth Leader, Visits St. Paul's Miss Joyce Anderson 'of Tulsa, Okla., chairman of the frovlnce of trie Epitcopal Church, will meet with Younr Churchmen of St. Paul's Episcopal Church this weekend. She will be honored guest tomorrow night it dinner in the Parish House and also meet .Vith Canterbury Club officers at Breakfast, f o ,1- 'owing the 8 o';lock Holy Communion tomor row morning. Miss Anderson a junior at the University of Tulsa has been active with the Eplscopa Youth of Oklahoma for severa years. :Sbe Was Oklahoma's dele git? to the Triennial Youth Con vention held in San Francisco Calif., In 1949. For Iv/o lumnier she worked at the 1 churcr^s na Hoijal headquarters in New'Yor* City. Last year she twice visited the Missionary District of Mexi co in the capacity .of leader /o IS.Ypunf Churchmen. This *um mer she will spend In England with the Winant Volunteers,' a group of young p*opl^ wfio volunteer their time and mpn«.y in doing social service work in the slums about London's Ailliallpvi's Church. Announcements Itttlni. 7:30 Friday, Youth Muilcul Protram, 7 m. ' · ·f. GREENLAND COMMUNITY ·OH CORNELIUS. Pallor ·:45 a m · Sunday ftcnMi 11:00 a m Mornlns Wantli. Thuridij 7:1(1 a m., midweek II fi led by the Sev Jack Taylor. APOSTOLIC fAITH CHURCH NEOLA MOOJI, Pai'or Hlahway Jl South ' ' IO:M a nj lua«t Senool · I1:M · m Mornini Mfx* 7:.10 t m gVfnlfllltlc Servlt. m, wi -oetk II:M · m Htrnini lai U.W"*' ·ervlet ST. JAMES BAPTIST (Nafiol Feftpr unlai . J w WCBB .Feftpr i m ST. JAMES MtTHODIlT RefT* A L BUCHANAN Cfttef ^* .?.« : s nt the Following Business Firms Dedicott This Schtdulfl Stort tc y Corn °V Applionc. Co. 9Campbtll-Bfll ' · Hunt '» ·OiorkClea - lnc - ·Southwett«rn Get ·Oxork Grocfr Co. rocfr ·Vie Eltctrie Go, ·Viek«r'i, Inc. Irat Btpliil Church The general W.M.U. meeting f the first Baptist Church will be eld Monday at 12:30 p. m., in he Educational Building of Ihe hurch. Circle six will be in harge of the program and circle ne will be the hostess group. An xecutlve meeting of W.M.U. will recede the general meeting, be- innlng at 12, noon. St. Paul's Episcopal Church St. David's Chapter will have a dinner meeting, Monday at tM p. m., ft the Parish. House. At 7:30 p. m.. Wesley Davis wlli give Ihe second in a series of lectures on "The Holy Scriptures," by Robert Dentan. Sle. Teresa's Chapter will participate In the study hour anil all parishioners are in- vlled to attend the lecture. The General Auxiliary Board will moel Wednesday at 10:30 a. m., In the Guild Room. Memerlal MelhHIM Church A "dly-«part" program will be Riven at Wlgglni Memorial Church Wednesday at 2 p. m. Unitarian Ftlltwiklp Diversified Jobs Found With Churches Chicago--The. young .men and women going Into jorjt with ihi Christian churches today won' necessarily be wearing either clerical collars or religious bon- "iti. ' · They may very well be dressec in printers' aprons, surgeon; gowns, nurses' uniforms, larm- en' overalls, academic towns or business suits. "Diversification and specialization have caught'up with th church, says Richard G. Belcher in the March Issue of the International 'Journal of R'eliflous Eddcitfon. "Church related college!, hospitals, Homes, settlement houses printing and publishing establishments and promotional agencies call for a wide variety of personnel with the same sense ol commitment usually expected 01 the pastor and missionary," Mr Belcher adds. He note*' that in one group of some 90 missionaries Ihere were 17 different kinds of specialists, including a phychla- trist, sanitation engineer, agricultural specialists, nuiles, pharmacists, and educators, as well as ministers. Mr. Belcher is secretary of the Interboard Committee on Christian Vocation of The Methodist Church in Nashville, Tenn. In addition to local parish work jobs arc listed in denominational and interdenominational programs, including. those of. editors, research experts, publishing house managers, printers, w e e k d a y church school teachers and radio and television experts; in campus, institutional and military service, including chaplains, professors and houseparents; and in missions, including all the types of work in the other categories, plus overseas relief workers and other specialists. The 28-year-old International lournal of Religious Education is row an official publication of the Division of Christian Education of the National Council, of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. Local Contestants Winners In State Memory Drill Four Junior girls from the First Baptist Church were declared slate winners in the state-wide Junior Memory Drill Contest which was a part of the State Baptist Training Union Conven- ion held in Little Rock, March 14-15. Winners were Joyce Gar- cicilhirc, Lola Qardcnhire, Mefe- iilh Stubblefield, and Charlotte :ate. Phillip Ragle was eligibly o enter the contest but wis not ble to attend the contention. Winning contestants in the state ontesl, including these four from he First Baptist Church, will rep- esent Arkansas Southern Bap- isls in a southern-wide Junior Memory Drill Contest lo be held n Ridgecrcst, N. C., In July. Can- cstanls' expense to Rldgeerest is mid by Arkansas Baptists. In addition to the four Junior ilemory Drill conlcstants, those (lending ihc convenlion from the First Baptist Church were the fol-. owing: Mrs. Roland Stubhleflelrt, Mrs, E. H. Sonncman, Miss Emlle Sonneman, MIM Valerie York, N»w: York -(^-Printing has itirled. on Ihe revised slandard veriiori of the Holy Bible, the climax of a 15-year labor of love. The printing of 1,000,000 copies got under way this week. They go on sale September 30. Spokesmen for the copyright owner--the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U. S. A.--hailed it as one 'of the biggest projects in book publishing history. For 15 years, 32 scholars worked on the new version, aiming at clearing language and truer accuracy, than the widely used Kins James version that dates back to 1611. Published by Thomas Nelson and Sons, the Bible is being printed here at the American Book- Stralford- Press, Inc.; at the H. Wolff Book, Manufacturing Company, Inc., of Teterboro, N. J., arid the Riverside Press, Cambridge, Mass. Plates also are being aent to Edinburgh, Scotland. Dr. Luther A. Weigle, dean emeritus of Yale Divinity School, who supervised- thf revision, listed Services at St. Paul's Episcopal Church will continue throughout Lent with Holy Cofnmunion - at 7:30 a. m., .Wednesday, in th« Student Union and Holy Communion at the church at 10 a. m.; Litany aBd Meditation at 5 p. m., Fridly;' evening prayer and' sermons' on "The Creed" Sunday evenings at 7:30 o'clock. St. Joseph's' Catholic Church will continue its Lenten cervices with mass every week day during who supervise* th« revision, listed Wnt a t - 7 ,,. m .. pViday, mass if three reasons for publishing the 7.30' m · · · · · · · · new Bible: "First, manuscripts much older than those Used by translators of the King jamei versipri are, avail- $b'Ie to modern scholars. Many interpolations and hand-copying errors made by medieval monks must be eliminated. · "Second, the Jrcheological discoveries of the past 75 years have afforded incomparably tlcher "re- cources fpr understanding' the vocabulary, grammar and indioms of in; Biblical ianguages. "Third, many words in the King Jam«| verjidn which nwant, on* thing 35p years ago, mean something «ls« now, and they, must be eortfctfd to give the true meaning ol tht word for our time." Hillside Adventures · STARE It's homecoming time for purple martins along the territory bordering on the Masort-Dixon line. Their return may be to a fancy box made by a carpenter- wise ion of the family, or the *om«! may consist of a bunch of goiirdl attached to a tall pole, which in turn is irichored in the corner of, « girden surrounded by rived oak pickets. Vou may not pay much mind to the chirp of other birds when they come' home for spring houseclean- ng and the starting of another family, but not so with the martins. They have a way and » chirrup which demands attention a* they whirl 'round and 'round .he martin box. And .be It city dweller or weathered'farmer, he Is moved and stands in awe at the rearly spectacle. Here in the hills :he robin is not spring's harbinger Some of. lh» robins .tough it out all winter, but when the purple martins begin moving in, spring cannot be far behind. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Stock burger, up the road a ways from our place, say the same papa mar- in has been returning to their : for four years. The way they recognize him is by a white leather on his breast. "He's back," ihcy said Saturday, "and spring u bound to be nigh. Ever hear of hickory jacks 7 We never did until our neighbor ran afoul of a furrlner from up North what visited our woods, and came n with some hickory Jacks. They are the fungus--toad -stool like hings--which grow on dead lickory stumps. Those \vhat gro\ n oak stumps are edible, but not iS tasty as the hickory grown. Jon't ask me how to cook them, 'd roll them in flour and fry, but ike the old lady said when she kissed the cow ( "Everybody to his iwn taste." There just ain't no pretlier lower to be had than the'jonquils hat have their yellow fires indlfd in rows before most every Ozark home. There 1 ? something ristocratic about their six petals rranged around the chalice, all top a long slender slem. They ring the first beauty to many a ard throughout the Southland, nd- to many a hill woman they utshine any hothouse plant you ould buy for her. Mrs.' Willie 'tokenberry, over at Elkins, has. more purly 'uns in her yard than for supper. St. John's Lutheran Churclj; in a' special Sunday evening audiovisual program, wlli observe L*nt. . The following films, will be shown at 7:30 p. m.,'tomorrow, Disciples at Emm»nus;" March JO, ·''Th'e Pilgrimage Play" (Part.I), . and April' t', "The Pilgrimage Play' 1 (Part II). A sermon series under th« general t'tiemt,''"Cries from the Cross," will be delivered by. Pastor F. A; Gumz, In tlj« morniiig services which begin at 10:45 o'clock. Specific subjects and dates are as fpllow.s: Toaiprrow, "I T h i r s t : ' 1 March JO','!'"It if Finished;" and ApMl 8. "Father into T h y Hands . .,'' , , ' ' · · The remembrance of Jesus' passion Will be given further exprfs- sion in traditional liturgical forms and will 'culminate If) i .epm- rnunioh service on M i u n d y Thursday evening April 10, at 7;JO o'clock. Refugee Escape Story To Be Heard Over NBC An on-the-spot-escape story of t refugee from behind the Iron Curtain will be heard tonight on "One Great Hour," dramatic feature to be aired at 5:4S-ft p.m. (EST) over the NBC'network. A refugee--identity a; yet unknown--will be intercepted at the Czech border at he reaches Safety and his ih-persori story short- waved to America in the interest of "One Great Hour of Sharing," united appeal of 20 Protestant denominations for relief and reconstruction, being made in the churches tomorrow. Other portions of the feature offering -will include short-waved reports from relief centers in India, Korea and the Middle East. German Bells Silenced On Carnival Sunday Germany (EPS).--fiy way of protest against exaggerated celebrations of Cafnlvaltide in Lubeek, the Evangelical Lutheran Church there ordained that on Carnival Sunday", the bells were to remain silent in all the churchej of Lubeck. A joint declaration by .the Evangelical and Catholic leaders of LuBeck stated that an '*rtl- ficlally-stitnulated · celebration of Carnival Is irreconcilable wittMhe profound distress of the present day. In Yemen, camel drivers planning long journeys often force food down the ..throats of the camels, saying their animals .will not cat enough without the forced feeding. anybody we've struck up with IS yet. She must have every kind of bulb the boys have discovered Pr developed. This time of year 'the weather runs one continuous tiresome cycle. It rains, turns cold,'fairs up; turns warm, clouds up, rains and turns cold. Tonight the frogs are singing their loudest rain- drumming-up songs. The whole show is about as monotonous as the diet of the pauper who said he licked salt for breakfast, drunk water for dinner and swelled up itiss Camelia Morrow, Jamlf L. nnei, nob Langston, 01 lie Elan, .._...,, ,*.,. n ...,p . Mill Glenda Winter!, Miss Ann "Poetry and Rollirlon In the Birrett, Berl Bland, Jr., Miss Mil- Philosophy of Sontayana" will be Attt SMUtt, Mils DMtye Downs, the subject ol a talk by Wlllarrt E, Arnett at tomorrow's meeting of Ihc Unitarian Fellowship. Mr. Arnett is a member of the tench.. Ing staff ot tht phllotophy department it the university. The m«jet- Ing iJ'ictieduied for n i. m. in - - · - - Af tht T " Ibl Glipe Urflon And tltt children will *· temHe it tM Mm hour 'far the Miss Joyce Peterson, Miss Jo Beth Colvin and .lames Grlgfs. church school session. torment!!** On KBM Evin|ellit Jack Tfylc.r nouncet a . ne«' r«iilo frojra'm, . "Sermonttte*, 1 ' bein Sunday Irsm 7 IP " ig tii)ir4 71 JO i. m. , *aeh IS A GOOD TIME TO FIND GOD Th« beauty ot God'tdondiwork it reflected in every llowtf, la Iht teng ol tht birdi, in the awoltining of the traai. MVEMID IN THE HtAfTS Of Mill FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Or. WoHir I. Johnton, talor "FIREPROOF" Morntat WetiM* Heur IDilt (Broidcail oftr Sullen KQRH) Sundar SchMl ItIO "FOOLPROOF" ETtnlnf Werikl* H*« 7:31 TrablM Untan lilt Ths NurMry It open at all MrvlcM WILCOMI

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