Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 21, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1952
Page 10
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AMtAMtA*. MM* l_^a»_dl * * ' «-jj--. «^--«. «. Ia 4 ·^^^·w^^^w f^^^^N .rwywww^^Pl MwlM^^OTh WTn^fff nvfm A If l^w* AND HE'S GOING TO DO JUST THAT litter Schedulei 'Apptoronce Of · ·· ' "" Klein : . : i '.jmiuniian'',W) *"''ne name of |«.. Style. Bridges (R-NH) con- tnottd House-investigators today tt thtir Investigation of the mys- Srtbuj rol« of-Henry (The Dutch- liuita) Gruhewald in the Washinj- l£";backitage-scene;..,. ,-.-·.; .. .· . "JBridfM hiii .been linked pr» viouily in testimony before i HmMe Wayi and :Mean( Subcom ·UttM with « multi-million dollar fUL case Involving 'a Baltimore 3rhole«»le liquor dealer.' .*'!PtHrfni- "deeper- Into Grune ijrildY reported interest In the ·tat, the cwnmlttee today sched- iU*d an ·appearance of Hyman Wrvey, 'Kitlh; the''·· Baltimore '4|ijer againit'whom the govern- jntnt hai slapped more than f l \ c · laiilUon dollars in tax assessments. TSe caae .Will i» pending. '·'Another iV. S.-senator, Owen *'-'· ' T «i-*W.popped dramatl- McMalh To Shed :fi appearance ator Br»w»ter "acknowledged d::'Ghin**akl:..ln:;'J«5p l to $10,000;ihto'the'Republl- »» primary campaign!hoi Senator Nixon: oT California and. Senator ,?«m| of ;t»«rth Dakota. · · i"--Af rthe time,-.; Brewiiter wai ·- fehairmah of the Republican Sen HAMY STROMAN lti down to a nlgh-pllfd tray to do Ju«t what the .alfn Mya~ln Orrln Erlcaon'a restaurant, Alhambra, Cal. Ericnjn, a vet, aald aoma cuatumera *ta aa much ·· 13 worth of food. /International! :torial ·:· Campaign. Committee. It ' n « i t h e rules" -for, t h e to ildes In a party ' , , . - *M »o anyway through Grunc- Bridget 1 purported part r*vealed,to fii eommttte*Jart fall by Chades fikhant, who resigned under fire "" ' *r»I eouiuel ofithe scandal- InUrnal JReveriue' Bureau. _hVnt4teatHI*d 'that Oruhe- inquired aboutthe Klein case -their frequent lunchlngs to' irV Ollpharit-iald he got the Orunewald acted : in Bridges' Uftlfled further that Bridge! ..conferred with the then " .^Revenue - Commiiiloncr Behoeneman ,«bout. the. ' t h a t Qrunewald later it at the. bureau' offices. .*M, confined to bed rt trouble, war pictured ,''« a mtn with large (tlot.irefKiX.caih and influ- frlendl. at both ends of JlMhla' Av«nu«, the White I^Cohirtif^.;-; ; ·: '. ; ' Jtfc · tax ,i»cc6unUnt, Joieph 'ES.- told-thr committee that Senate Approves Japanese Redee Treaty And Ratifies Security Pacts In Pacific Washington-W'^The Senate late yesterday' approved a generous peace treaty with Japan, 814 years after the surrender jp Tokyo Bay ' ended .World War II. ' Thirty-clKhl Democrats »*i 28 Republicans supported the treaty ai it rolled up a 69-10 favorable vole, far inort 'than the required ' - ' ' ' Md 1. %ore thai J "The Dutchman' 1)33,000 In unex- Income--mojtlyjln. cash, . teftlfled net entered It J«r»l« fees artd ·cpmmta OrunewikTi tax, returns that Ortiniwald:told ^hlm it prprwented J««blln» : -W^ v -'-tH;;JPJF?if» the accountant iden' pcture iUled a ; check dr«Wn toGrunewald ,,««t*r in May; U50. Stearnj TMOrun«'K«W told him only that ' repretenWd an, "exchanjie of tai" with- Brewiter,. and was tii lk»b!e item. : . · :.-. ilrewster, offered an opportunity ·*tplaln ( promptly appeared be""the comrnlttee :and; gave. d*r « : o f the political financing deal. t tild Vic* President 'Barkley · mm ienaior) first Introduced .him tev'Grunewald. and that- both firkley.and Senator Holland -0. BVipolie --.well. q|. him." r-Brew«ter Mid there had been nothing Illegal about the action, ·nd that h j had acted on hit own ·*on»lblllty. The loan, he^sald, it-repaid in August of 19SO. loth Senator Nixon · and Sent Young said last night they no't aware until recently that ____ iwald figured In the con- tributlons. They laid they con- Mend the money "advances" in ' contests which could Inthe outcome of the general A Pipe Cinch for Us . N» (oft it too difficult for '{· Miait^r Plumber, »xp«rt l^ftlliW 'fiiW, Cell our M. P.'i ;VWr ..IMMej One 'Dfrnocrat, McCarran Nev), who.often opposes administration policies, and nine Republicans voted against it.. Only the formality of the sign- Ing of a proclamation by the president remains before the Unltec States completes its action to em the state of war with Japan, The treaty Is^ expectec* to be flown to Key iWest, Fla., for the president's signature. Officials believe he will, act early next week The document' must be approved by at least seven of 12 nations which have vital Interests in the Pacific!. So far It has been approved by Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ceylon and Japan lutelf. Yet tq act are Canada, France, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Pakistan and The Philippines, · The Senate yesterday also approved three Pacific security pacts which .the administration says are of equal-importance. Those with the Philippines and with Australia and New Zealand JHHflt ^hrpufh -quickly 'on voice vdt(t,-l-Thr pact with Japan pro- luead dfbate and a roll call vote h which It: wa«; approvert 98-9. Jajianeae · Comment ; In, Tokyo, a Foreign Office official, said the Japanese "deeply appreciate the effort made by the United States which has brought near,the day of Japan's forma! reentry Into the family of nations." 'Japanese editors and publishers called on Gen. Matthew B, Ridz- way. Allied commander, to express approval of the Senate «c- :ion. The . treaty restores the full sovereignty of Japan over Its home islands. But she renounces .title to Korea, Formosa, and a number of other Islands. Japan agrees to apply for U, N..membership and live peaceably in accordance with U.K. charter principles^ · , ' · ' · : ' ' - ' · : · . Her obligation to pay reparations is recognized; but the treaty says.that because of limited resources these payments should be confined to assets she has In surplus--excess labor and unused plant capacity. U, S. To 'Keep Banea , Under the security treaty, the United States is given the right to keep military forces in and around Japan, Japan also agrees not to grant military bses to a third power without U. S. consent. The Foreign Relations Committee attached one stipulation which will have to be sent to other signatory powers for approval. This states that the. Senate ratification docs not mean approval nf provisions of the February, 1945i Yalta agreement giving the Kurllei islands and South Sakhalin Islands to Hussia. The Soviet Union took over these strategically - 1m p o r't a n t Islands from Japan -soon after the war and still holds them. DikKiili.n'Returns, Sets Up Business Here Dale kllllan, former assistant county agent in Washington County and more "recently county agent In 'Faulkner County, with headquarters in Conway, has returned to Fayctleyiile with his wife and seven-mon'th-old son and is listing, and selling farms with the United Farm Agency. F. J. King district sales manager of. Unilec Farms, who lives near Harrison, has'been here helping Killian scl up his business, A graduate of the University, Kllllin, whose family lives In Calico Rock, lived in Fayettevile for about six years before moving to Conway. His residence Is on Highway 71, two and one-half miles north of the city. Pro-Italians Battle With Trieste Police .Trieste, Free" Terrltory-W)-A rOrltilisn demonstration l a s t night turned Into a battle with police, resulting in injuries to 30 persons and arrest.1 of 81.. Thi demonstration marked 'the purth anniversary oil a Western Sl({; Three declaration for rcstor- ng Trieste to'Us prewar Italian status,.The city is now "free ter- ··itqry, 1 ' ruled by an ,Alllcd mlll- . Governor May Give Policy Control To Road Commission · Little ,Rock-(yP)-Gpverno.' McMath is expected to - turn over "general direction and policy making" of -the Highway ^Department lo the .Highway Commission and highway director, the Arkansas .Gazette said today. The .Gazette said, McMath is to maks this, and other recommen dations coincide with suggestion made by the Highway Audit Com mission; McMath "will not applau the HAC report in anj particular Instead, the Gazette predicte that the governor will "blast HA and some of its members." The paper says M.cMa'th wi recommend that the commission ·'Assume full active and .'gyres sive control of the Hinhway De partment; invest broad admin; stralive authority in Highway Di rector Olen Fullerton; Institut ong'range planning for construe tion, maintenance and · purchas ng; adopt a new right-of-way pol icy, and, adopt as. many of th HAC's recommendations ' as t h Highway Commission finds con structlvc." The governor will go to Wash ingtbn this weekend f o . a scrie of conferences with govt. -nmen officials. Springdale both One Killed, Bridges Blown Up In Tunisia 'Tunis, Tunisia - (/P) - One man was willed and several others inured last night, by a motorcycle policeman who fired into a mob vhich heaved rocks at streetcars. Police and soldiers made 180 irrcBts i n . the Arab section of "unls. · · Two rail workers were injured y s grenade thrown Into a rail- oaci station. Rail and road bridges vere blown up in the area. The Tunisians . are demanding more independence from France, which rules the country under a protectorate. Egyptian Wafdists Accused of Plotting Cairo -(/P)- Egypt's government revealed last night for the first Ime specific charges against two arrested members of the ousted Wafdlst party Cabinet. It said hey plotted against Egypt's se- ·urlty and stability. The two key politicians--Fund · The Berry Street Women's Mis slonary Society met Tuesday a 12:30 p. m. for.luncheon and roya service program. Dinner was serv ed to the following, Mrs. Lawrenci Layman, Mrs. Joe Holt, Mrs. P C. Minor, Mrs. . Clyde Sanders Mrs. Marvin Plumlee, Mrs.. Hols ton, Mrs. Stella King, Mrs. Clyde Howcfton, Mrs. J. O. Hunt and the Rev. Bill Jackson, pastor of the church; Alter the dinner Mrs. Joe Holt presided over the business meeting. Mrs. P. C, Minor was in charge a' tht program With five of the members participating. Mrs Marvin Plumlee was a new member. Mrs. Jim Wilson, a visitor made a talk on the W.M.U. convention that will be held in El Dorado soon.-The circle will meel next Tuesday at the church for a short prayer service and then go out and visit prospects and the sick. Mrs. Leo Thompson of the Oak Grove community was returned to her home Thursday from the City, Hospital, where she had been a patient, by a Callison-Slsco ambulance. Miss Florence McGcttrlck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McGcttrlck of 1020. North Mill Street, has been assigned to the Veterans Administration at Little tock as chief social worker. Miss I McGcttrlck received her master's I degree in social work - from the University of Chicago and has been a social worker in hospitals in the east and. was case worker at William Bcaumon Army Hospital nt El Paso, Texas, before accepting the work in Little Rock. The Rev. A. L. Lrake, missionary for Washington -Madison County Baptist Association, will I teach a study course next week at I the Berry'Street Baptist Church. Mr. Hayncs,' father of Mrs Stanley Jordan, was returned to the family home on Allen Avenue Wednesday after spending the past six week resting at Simms Convalescent Home. . Mrs. Lee Gregg's sister, Mrs Turpin, underwent an operation a a Bentonville hospital Wednesday Mrs. Calvin Pate and bab; daughter were returned to their home in Springdale Thursday from the County Hospital by Calllson-Sisco ambulance. The Rev. James Workman gave a review of the book, "Wha Would Jesus Do?" by Glenn Clark Sorajj el.Din Pasha, former intcr- or minister, and former Social Affairs Minister Abdel' Fattah 'asha--were arrested Tuesday, The charges stemmed from the fire riots in Cairo January 2R. · '2 GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 64c Holland Irai Locker Mont S A L E ! USED SINGER SEWING MACHINES Electric Portables and Treadles SEE THESE IARGAJNS -- SOLD ON EASY TERMS -ALL MACHINES GUARANTEED Singer Sewing Machine Co? FayrtttvilU, Arkansas Wedneiday nifht it the Wesley Methodist Church..- . Sprlnfdale will he host to the Democratic Women's Clubs .of Northwest Arkansas at a conference. Saturday night at 7:30 if the A. Q. Chicken House. Miss Ilia Newburn'of Mariahna, state president, Is expected to be'present. The annual banquet of the Northwest Arkansas Coon Hunters Association will be held Friday night at 7 .o'clock In the Elm Springs 'School cafeteria. The dinner will be served by the Women of the Elm Springs Methodist church. Members of the association having paid their- membership dues are entitled' to two tickets to 'the banquet, which will be attended by ohly^the.members of the association and their families. Sgt. Gene Downum has been visiting his parents,'Mr! and Mrs Forrest .Ppwnum, northwest of Springdale. He is a member of the 24th Division and has been in service in'Korea. · . . Mr. and Mrs. Clyde.Wallls and baby son, Clyde Derrick, of Buford, Ga.,' have been in Springdale visiting Mrs. Wallis' mother, Mrs P. W. Boone and her brother, Sandford Boone and his family on Wayland Avenue. The Springdale Council, ot Church Women- was represented at the seventh annual meeting of the Arkansas Council of Church Women in Fort Smith Wednesday 'and Thursday . by Mrs. Claude Kelly, president, and Mrs.. Carl Trimble. Other members attended part of the meetings. · Mrs, Doyle Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reed, sailed this month for Linz, Austria, where she will join her husband, First Lt. Glenn D. Wilson, who is stationed with the 350th Infantry. Mr. and Mrs. John N. Late of Maple Street have returned home after spending several weeks vacationing in Babson, Fla. They visited Mrs. Late's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Uwson and family, while they were gone. One hundred and 20 pints of blood were donated by residents of Springdale Wednesday to the American Red Cross. The Red Cross Drive for funds is lagging behind however. Used by thousands In reducint JieU--Junge's Roman Meal bread. _ 11-19-tf Kee r ip tilth the timea--read to TIMER 4allr. Slight Tax Shortage WHAT TO DO about income tax balance of a U. S.' Marine In Korea is problem of Chicago internal Revenue Collector John T. Jarccki as he looks at Korean 100 won bill enclosed iri a letter from the Marine. .Us worth la about one- third of a cent, and the Marine oWe» $30.30. (International; Peron Squeezes Textile Profits, Hints Seizure "Buenos Aires, · Argentina -(/Pj- Argentine 1 textile makers, threatening to shut down- because the government -raised wages and froze prices, were told ]asi night to keep* turning out goods or the government may seize the factories and- cut off profits. The Ministry of. Industry said the textile makers have been get- Ling big profits and the threat to shut down amounted to "sabotaging Argentina's economic plan." The government raised wages generally 40 to 80 per cent above September, 1949, levels, and froze most textile prices at 'the level of last January 31, under President Peron's program to balance wages and prices. Weather experts now believe may be possible in the future 1 predict the weather as much as 1 years ahead. LeiflebFlirBalisfi Havana, Cuba -(/P)-C r u d e l y printed circulars, slipped to pass- crsby in-the streets, urged Cubans today to passive resistance against the military dictatorship of Ful' gencio Batista.' · , . ' . . There was .no immediate evidence the campaign was taking effect. The leaflets called for an end to all buying and .theaterattend- dance except for purchase of the "most essential products." Merchants said they had noted no decline in trade. The main resistance to Batista appeared centered among s'triking Havana University students. They said they would not return to class until constitutional guarantees of freedom, suspended by Batista for 45 days, were restored. The government, meanwhile, announced El Salvador and Switzerland have joined Spain, Honduras and Venezuela'in recognizing the new regime. . , BOWL FOR PLEASURE Benton' Bowling Lanes--Adv. PLAN TO BUILD M Our Material. . Get Our Prices. Try Our Service. DYKE LUMBER CO. Ml Si. Charlti rail! lnt« Tamk, Diei v : · ,; 'Albany, N. Y.·#-jimet'.. W. Kcndricks, 45, a locomotive fireman, died last night in a fall through one of the openings' of the 30,000-salIon 'water, tank on a locomotive tender . he had : just filled. The body was recovered after the water was drained from the tank. . ·- Many householders 'buy commercial repellents, to keep, deer away from their shrubbery in areas where deer ire protected closely. ; The island of Djerba In the Mediterranean is believed to be Ulysses' land of the lotus eaters. EVERYTHING M niiMBING ami SUmifS FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVERNMENT AVf. MOORE'S FUNERAL CHAPEL DANCE To Tht Music of WESLEY RAMSEY and Hit Rhylhm Wranglers Every Saturday Night 9 to 12 Legion Hut Lincoln, Ark. WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Years SMITH RADIO SHOP M*. *" FRI, SAT, MAR. 28-29 NI*HTI «T l:ll-M*TINII SATURDAY 2:39 won umn ,,.,,,,,. TOD ANDREWS C...4, », THOMtS NEitEH t JOSHUA IOMH " - ·" ' ""·' *' IMO »« H10GIH TICKETS NOW SELLING At Mrs. WIMtr'i Office, Aam UMy, Coimr Hittl FOR MAIL ORDERS Tonite Saturday 7:00 - 9:21 Wtts no t °f Dodge City, No God! FLYNN DeNAVILUND ..SHERIDAN f IMS Color Cartoon It Sport* Phont 3103 Drive-In Theatre Playground · Monkty Our Patrom Say: "Wonderful picture!" "Worth ie:ing twice!" "Brando don a wonderful job of acting!" SEE! . . . Roaring Story of Mexico's Tiger on a White Horse! |MARION B R A N D O ft 7 a n v TODAY it V L H K II SATURDAY I 1:00 - 3:09 - 5:10 - 7:15 - 9:20 DAI Aft TOP»Y h KAIAIC SATURDAY 2 FEATURES , SIX-GUN ACTION! JAMES ELLISON RUSSELL HAYDEN "FAST ON TH| DRAW" -- - and ---- One of the great filrm of all time! "GALLANT THOROUGHBRED" Cartoon Swial ROYAL TONITE SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE mm OPERATION PACIFIC Starts Saturday fl \ i* KINGVIDOrS JAPANESE WAR BRIDE The tlory of o miictgtntric fortf """"»SHIRIEY YAMAGUCHI · DON TAYLOR »ilh CAMEION MITCHttf ; MAKK WINCIM Sybil MtrrM · Oir.clld by KING VIDOft hoductd »y 10SEPH ItlNrUtD Ce-Pioducii ANSONIOND Introducing-.., The exotic Star of the 1 East Yamaguchi,. In Iwr first ·» · American' * production! LAIT TIME FRIDAY' UARK Tht BASKETBALL FIX'

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