Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 21, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1952
Page 3
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Bogarf, Vivien Leigh, "Slreelcar" Take Oscars NMTHWKT AMCANSAS TIMIS, '·».«·»«·. * IMS HoUywood' -WV Hollywood re- Ibiced today with Oscar winning Humphrey Bogarl, the people's choice, but the town was slil iiunned over "American in Paris' copping the best picture award. BOOART Of the top three awards, Vivien Leigh was the only favorite to come through. Her performance as the tarnished Southern belle in "A Streetcar 1 Named Desire" won her the' best actress award. It was her second victory. Her first was as Scarlett-O'Hara in 1939. OUSTED CUBA PRESIDENT IN MIAMI OUSTED CUBAN President Carlos Prlo Socarras (middle 'foreground) Is shown In Miami. Fla., following plane fllght.from Mexic6 City to confer 'with members 'of his cabinet.' ( Prlo took refuge in Mexico after the military coup of Geh.'FuIgehc'io'Batista. . (Internationa' Soundiikotoi LEIGH . Bogie's performance as the uh- ihaven-boatskipper in "The African Queen" was .the popular Choice. It brought down the house of ermined and white-tied movie- land elite who attended the Academy Award ceremony at the Pantages Theater last night. Maiden, Hunter Named Karl. Maiden, the disillusioned lover.'Of "Streetcar," Avon the award for the best supporting ·'·tor and Kim Hunter,.the wife in . "Streetcar," . won the . best sup. porting actress plum. They. ,w«re favorites. . The biggest up- «et of the night, il not ; in years, w a s the victory . for "American in .Paris." It was the first out and out musical .ever to win the g r a n d prize. ' .The musical . also won . Oscars .in. costume de- sigh, art direction, set. decora- ' KELLY tion, cinematography, (air.these in color, films),, musical scoring, ·tory-and-screenplay. ...', in addition to these, Gene Kelly, tb^e picture's star, won an. honorary . award for his "brilliant ·achievements in the art of. choreography on film." . Producer Honored The Irving - Thalberg Memorial Award went to producer Arthur 'Freed. Producer Darryl Zanuck ·aid .in-presenting'it that two of ·Freed's pictures, "Showboat", and 4 .'An American in Paris," are "per- 'fect examples of creative art." Bogart's win was .partly due to sentiment and partly due to old fashioned campaigning! While fa- vpred ''· Marlon Brando ' cavorted around Europe, Bogie put on a! .whirlwind campaign. He hired a personal press-agent and'sold the 1,700 academy members, m Bogart. 'Bogart, 51,-pnce.caUed Academy Awards."silly," but not this. one. He said he was going to take it home and "put it on a table." Bogart had-been up twice before --in 1936 for "The Petrified Foreit" and in 1943 for ''Casablanca." Two Winners Atbent Miss Leigh, appearing on Broadway with her husband, Sir Lau- rence Olivier, 'was not present Greer G.arson accepted in her behalf. Another absentee was Miss Hunter. Bette Davis accepted her statuette. Miss Leigh heard her selection by portable radio in her dressing room in New York. ' The one sure bet of the evening who .came thro'ugh was George Stevens, who took the best direction award for his "A Place in the Sun." "In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening," also a favorite, won the best song award for composers Johnny Mercer and Ho3gy Carmichael. Lee Scott Named Head Of Rogers Rolarians R o g e r s-(Special)- Let Scott, Rogers lumber company head, s elected, president of Ike Eo- tary Club at a 'meeting of the Board of Directors Wednesday. . Other new officers are Jim B. Shofner,'. vice president; Hubert Davenport, secretary-treasurer; and Dr. Albert Marshall; sergeant- at-arms. Davenport; and Dr. Marhsall 'were reelccted; · Both 'have shall were rcelectcd. "Both' have for several years. ' Window Sgt. and Mrs/Wesley-Brumley have becri, guests of Sergeant Brumley's parents, Mr. and . Mrs. Walter Brumley. They left Thursday for Fayetteville, .N. C, where Sergeant Brumiey is stationed. Members of the Boston Mountain Luncheon Club were guests at Lakcview Tuesday with Mrs. Bessie Stinson and Mrs. Louise Cameron as hostesses. Pfc. Billy Lee Stonesifer, son.of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stonesifer, is spending a 30-day furlough here. rte has just returned to the state "rom Nome, Alaska, after spending one and a half years at Nome, ird Fairbanks. He will be reassigned to Kirkland Air Force Base, N. M. ' The Right Reverend Bishop Tletcher · will administer the rite of confirmation at O u r , L a d y - o f he Ozarks Mission at 3:30 p.m Sunday. Louis Crayton of Belleville, 111., has been the guest of his mother and sister, Mrs. George Tomlinson and Mrs. Jess. Robinson. Mrs. Lydia Pace is recovering i-om pneumonia at her home. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Leeds and children of'Kansas City, Mo., were weekend · guests of .Mr. and' Mrs, E. C. Tomlinson. Fourth Sunday, services will be observed at St. Stephen's Epis- ·opal Church at 3:30 Sunday af- ernoon with the Rev. C.; D jathrop of Fort Smith in charge. Luhchceon will be served at the larish room following services. Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Bracken of Columbus, Neb., will arrive Monlay to take over management'of Air-Vue Courts, which they rej ently purchased from Mr. and \Trs. Gail Lobdell of Sioux City, owa. Kroger Named Brand Name Relailer Of Year Selection of the Kroger Company as "Brand Name "Retailer of the Year" has been announced by Henry.E. Abt, president of. Brand Names Foundation, Inc. The retail food firm, which operates in 19 Midwestern and S o u t h e r n states, . won . top honors among more than 500 companies in the food field. Approximately 0,000 companies c o m p e t e d in the 20 retail classifications in which awards are given. ' ' A special plaque will be awarded to Kroger. .Presentation of the award will be made April 16, at the annual Brand tyamcs Day dinner in l4ew York. More than 1,500 manufacturing, distribution, advertising, and retailing executives will .be present to honor the I'l big/'it ·'','' .«;-.·. He's Consistent In Statements Refers To Remark / In 1948 He Would · Respond To Call New ; York - (!P) - Gen. Doug! Ma'cArlhur' says, there' is "no I consistency whatsoever" bctwe his statement - in 1948,.thai would not shrink from any pub call to duty and his current u willingness to 'allow his name be used in party primaries. MacArthur · issued a ' stateme last night saying he neither ?d rectly nor indirectly approved an move to put his name forward f the Republican presidential nom nation hi "the April 1 Wiscdns primary.' ·*,. The previous'statement to whii le referred was .issued .by hi March D, 1948, in Tokyo while h was U. S. Far' Eastern. .com mandcr. In that statement, : issue n regard to GOP. nominating pet lions filed for him in the Wiscon sin April primary that 1 year, Ivjac Arthur said: .···;"* . i-. t '"I would be..fecreanl to all-.m :dricept's 'of-''gooci'citizenship wer to shirk'' because of the hazard in'd respoiisibiliities involved fror icccpting.ari'y public/duty to whic might/be called!, by'.the Amer can people."-. ,·'/-.'';_.~A;^ ···' · MacArlhujv also-' said' at tha ime; · "I" dp' 'riot' actively 'covet .o eek 'any. office." ' s·"" A number of similar statemenl 'ave been made by. MacArthu I since he returned to this count! following his buster from his Fa Eastern Commands by Presidcn Truman. Tulsa TV Audiences To See Conventions New York-OT-Tulsa, Okla., an, San Antonio, Texas, will be con nected to the Bell System's tele vision... network hookup July ] making eight new cities that wll be added in time for the nationa political conventions. The long lines department o the American Telephone and Tele graph Company said today the ex tensions for Tulsn and San An tonio 'has been speeded up to en able them 1o see the conventions MASS MEETING WEST FORK FRIDAY, MARCH 21st r 7:30 P.M. WEST FORK HIGH SCHOOL GYM To Diteiiu Formation Of A Waltr Improvement District To Bring Watt r -To The And IttwMn Weit Fork and Greenland And To Tha Town Of Wast Fork. EVERYONE (OHCERHED IS URGED TO y AmND AND EXPRESS HIS OPINION An Attorney and An Enginoer Will la Present To Answer nginoer Wil rQuesHens THE WHIP--Tmne.Rip Collins, Jr.. feels the strong right arm of Cincinnati's star hurler, Ewell Blackwell, at the Reds' T«mpa, Fla., Spring training base. Blackwell posted a 16-15 record in 1951, i» gunning for a 20-garhc season this year. (NBA) When buying mciti, I buy in bulk quantities-- sides or quarters. When buying vegetables, I tmj by the crate, bushel, or lumper. Aid I do t h e b u y i n g "in-season" when prices are lower, quality higher. And I freeze them all in my BEN-HUR. Id ihe 12.5 cubic foot size ·nd holds up to (25 Ibs. of frozen foods. Bu{ culling food costs isn't the only reason I'm sold on a BF.N-HUR. Il cult meal preparation lime considerably. I can cook several me»ls at · lime --freeze them in the BEN-HUR for quick warm-up at serving time. · And diere «re HI many more conveniences my BEN-IIUR affords nw. COM IN AND SIE IEN-HUI "Amnlu'l" FMEZEIS TODAY. WITH FOVt MODEU TO CHOOSE FIOM THEIE'S A SIZE TO MIET TMI NiEBS OF YOU! FAMILY EXACTLY. HOLLAND BROS. LOCKER PLANT JW WIST DICK JON. PHONI 7*1 TAXPAYERS SEND IN THEIR SHIRTS CAIIFORNIA REPUIUCAN Reps. Hubert B. Scuddcr (left) nnd fhomna ,H. iWerdel display shirts and an undergarment »cnt to them by tax- payera. Werdel asked the tax-writing House ways and means commit- ·tee to place In its file the shirt of a who has a "bellyful of the Truman tax .program." - -, {International) Admits Threat Note 'IOLATION of the federal extortion tatute which forbids m a i l i n g tircats is,the charge against Wll- am Brinckerhoff B r o w n , 61 above), Hollln. L. I., gravcdlgger 'ho admitted lending a threatcn- ng letter to murdered Arnold chuiter, "finger man" In the cap- ur« of Vyillle (The Actor) Button. The note said: "Tour days arc umbered for being a iqucalcr on Willie Button." Brown denied nowlng anything about Schun- er'i murder. : (MtnaUarmll Not white, not wheat, 'not rye, ut a flavor blend of all three-- uiige's Roman Meal Bread. Stevenson Makes It Clear What He Hankers For ' Springfield, Il].-(/t)-Gov. Adla: Stevenson reiterated last night that he does not want to run foi the presidency. "This is the season of our polltl cal cycle when men dream' dream! and see visions -- mostly of the White House," the Illinois 'Democratic governor told n $20-a-platc Jackson Day dinner. · "Well, I'm not one of them. 1 want to run for governor of Illinois --and that's all. And I want to be rcelectcd governor -- and that's all." LAS VEGAS WEDDING IS SUl Births Mr. and Mm. 0. L. Gulnn Mr. 'ana Mrs. C. L. Ouinn of oshen announce the birth of a daughter, March 21, at the City Hospital. : Beautiful Colon. Jktk fmt XUIh. CLARK VENETIAN BLIND AWNING CO. I WIHItmi PH. Mil AMtr I p. m. ILONDI ACTRESS Betty Button and dance director Chirlei aCurrtV ·hown attending a premiere In Hollywood, ire man and wtft following their nurprlH trip to Lti Veg»,- Nev., for mirrlige.'·'Btt\f,\Uj\rnt ! divorced from Ted Brlihln, Chicago bualncMman, In January, 37,'dlrocled her dancing In a film. f m Charter Service We now offer Charter Bui Service to ./;; any point within the State of Arkansas ; at reasonable price*. Northwest Ark. TransportaHon Co., tac. ; Phone 4433* Springdale SPECIAL 100°° ALLOWANCE! TO PURCHASERS OF NIW 1952 48 JET-TOWER DISHWASHER WITH HYDRO-ELECTRIC CONTROL To introduce the new 1952 Youngstown Kitchens 48" Jet-Tower Dishwasher with Hydro-Electric Control, we are making the above offer to'' purchasers who will promise to show and explain it to five friends, neighbors, or relatives. No other method washes dishes so clean, so fast! In less than ten minutes, dishes ' even pots and pans . ... arc washed, flushed and rinsed in water hotter than your hands could stand. 58 jets of booster-heated water brush-scrub dishes from top to bottom . . . hy- gicnically clean, sparkling bright! Hurry! Take advantage of this offer lodny! Effective from March 15 to May 31, 1952. ·171.00 ·Hiwiitii «n DM 17" mW.|. YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS 41" ELECTRIC SINK »tfoilprict $429" Spciaf tfkwanct 1QQOQ $329" EASY TIRMf lOJi VomiRitown Kilclicrui Electric Sill, 49* wide. Jrt-Totver Di'lnvajliing, full link f«ci!i- tin..Food Waste r)ij|»ser and rinte »pf«7 avuilablo at extra cost. Yoimgitown Kilclirni new IMi Jct-Tt»e lishw»her-compMt'tl" wide. CY CARNEY APPLIANCE CO. "Depend OH Us for Service" South Sid* Square Phon* 1728

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