Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 21, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, March 21, 1952
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n* ruiuc INTIIUT B.rm NRfT coNcnm Of THIS Fiyettevllf»'»nd v cloudy wlth;piundei ; much colder with'strong winoi'ic- , . nifht. Tempmturea from I9;to''« degree*. Tomorrow, partly cioujly to^ cloudy with·' ietrftewd' ·- rain. ( 0r snow. - Continued .*,,.,,. High temperature yesterday 77: low SO; .noon today 71/SilnrlM 8:21; sunset «;31. .. Associated Prest Leastd Wir» Af,King and HI A Features Cain Canning Company Sells New Corporation Formed To Operate Highway 71 Plant Sale of the Cain Canning Company in Springdale to Joe M · Steele and Associates of Springdale was announced today. The transaction was completed yesterday. The Steele group bought the · firm from W. A.YCain and his son, J. W. Cain, both of Fayetteville. The price'was not announced. A new corporation has b e e n formed, and the plant will be'oper- ated i n . the future as the Cain · Canning Cohipany, Inc., the new . owners announced. Larry DeWese has been named president of the new corporation. Shelby Ford is vice president, and .Clifford G. Spears is secretary-treasurer.. The Cains have owned the com pany for about 10 year.. The purchased 1 it from the founder the'Nelson Canning Company, an during the past 10 years just abou doubled the size of the plant The plant, located in Spring dale just north of the city 01 Highway 71, is undergoing exten sive repairs and will be ready bj April 1 to begin packing spinach The new ov/ners plan to extend the packing to include a till line of vegetables. The" following personnel have been employed: J. S. Robertson s a l e s manager; Richard "Dick' Sanders, office manager and field buyer; Bill Gray, plant superintendent; and Curtis Holmesley maintenance superintendent. · The Cains have not revealed their plans for the future. Police Report Sharp Increase In Fatalities . R ° = k W - Arltr.nsas h a d highway fatalities last month ? 5 ' man .y as in February, ' S S"? re P° rted '"day by u e Poli "' who Mid the highway toll for the first two months of this year was 73, compared-to 55 for the corresponding period of last year and 49 in 1950. In all of last year, 431 persons died on Arkansas -highways and treets. . In addition to those killed, 163 persons were injured in February accidents. . . No Worry For Them At Ponmunjom Near Blizzard In North Kansas Schools Closed w ;Jn,=Six Towns To Greef MacArthur Southern Cities Plan Welcome Little Hock - (/P) · - Alderman James A. Griffey said today all 10 members of the City Council will Steel workers Accept ^^^k · ' · TM · ' - * ' . Pay Boost Proposal Of WSB; Industry Silent Sides Differ On These drivers absorb 15 Called Io Testify About Road Natters Inquiry Result Of Recent Report day. chairman of. the Welcoming Committee. All aldermen will be at the airport. Governor McMath plans to go to Washington. tomorrow and won't be here for the MacArthur, visit. Mayor Pratt Remmel will csm e. bustin 1 out all over the participate in the MacArthur usually staid University of Mich- ceremonies if he has recovered igan campus last night' ufficiently from a recent illness ' ' In Jackson, Miss., Mississippi citizens put on their best bib and ucker to greet Gen'. Douglas Mac- Spring's Wild At Michigan; Women Retaliate For Dorm Raid Ann. .-Arbor, Mich. -(/?')- Sprin . Arthur tomorrow. 'A four-engine ..onstellation airplane will land he five-star general and his pars' here at approximately l l a m aturday. The main purpose of visit will be a 40-mhv;te wech to a joint assembly of the Mississippi Legislature. From the airport he will be riven down the main street of he state capital through an ex- ected crowd of 100,000. He and s party will be guests at a typi- il "Dixie style" lunch at the gov- *rnor's mansion. The speech wil follow. - · ' It took a near-riotous form. Bands of youths raided women's Dormitories, and the women raided back. Assessing the damages . today, University authorities found some broken windows · and smashed doors. They blamed a spontaneous outbreak of spring fever. At its peak an estimated 2,500 students were involved. The fun started with bands of men students invading the women's dorms, scattering underclothing about. The women formed counter-raids and city police were called. A force of 10 officers rcsporried. By that time the mob had split up into smaller croups which climbed' on dormitory roofs, threw m "d at fraternity and sorority , .;-,------, Kan.-W-A' snew' «torm, descriBefclr'is a "near blizzard" swept into Northwestern Kansas this mo'rning Schools were closed in six towns, school bus drivers were warned to take precautions and motorists w e r e advised against . driving west of here. Two inches of. snow had fallen at 10 s. m., and winds of 25 to 30 miles an hour were piling it up in . drifts. Auto Accident Brings Fatality Toll To 10 By Th« Associated Press Arkansas' violent fatality toll for the. week rose to 10 yesterday with the death of ; an El Dorado woman in a highway accident; State Police said Mrs. Christine Smith, 40, was killed late last night when her automobile failed to make a curve on Highway 82 near El Dorado and plunged into Resurfacing Job Is Under Way Re-surfacing of Wes't Dickton Street between Arkansas Avenue and Duncan Street was started this morning by the Ben M. Hogan Company of Little Rock. . The stretch of old paving K being covered with a fresh layer of asphaltic concrete similar to that «ulfin» y hC H ° g , an ·company in Cutting a new surface on stretches a creek. William Eugene Standridge 12 Jefferson County schoolboy, was killed yesterday when he was struck by an automobile on Highway 79 after he stepped from a school bus-near Altheimcr. Real Estate Man Held On Charges Of Murder Los Angeles-(£)-StanIey Was- til, 52, real estate man, is being held without'bail for arraignment en charges · · · Tie Zears . _ 0 Sennett bathing beauty. Wassil, formerly of Harwood, Pa., was identified at his preliminary hearing yesterday by Mrs. Jo Ann Michaels as the man who was in Mrs. Page's aparVneht March 8, the day before she died of, injuries. Mrs. Michaels saia she heard Wassil yell, "Aw; you're nc: hurt; Set up," and that Mrs. Page begged, "Don't hit me again." Two Soviet Military Fioures Reported Dead Moscow, March 21 -(/p). The deaths of two Soviet military figures--Alexander. Kozlov and V K Belenkov--were announced today' Kozlov, 50, wartime deputy commissar for ammunition production, has occupied hijh positions in Soviet military administration and the Russian Control Commission for Gcrmar.y during the last five years. His !eath was attributed to, an unspecified illness. Belenkov, a naval captain, was described in his obituary ant as an "experienced 'orkcr in the Soviet Navy. He' served in the Baltic Danube flotilla diir- Soviet Stirs Campaign On Germ Warfare Moscow.-(/p)-Th.e c a m p a i g n against alleged U. S. germ »*hU n K i a high pit houses and rocked the cars of police who tried to restore, order President Harlan H. Hatcher came out to his front porch when the parade passed his house ,and appealed for quiet. He was cheered and the raiders swept on. ' The " seven huors of rcvelr simmered down around 1:30 a. i when spirits were dampened by light drizzle and a fire hose w« turned on the last band of ma rauders by residents of one of th Women's dormitories Massage Used To Start Heart In Many Gases Chlcaso-(/P)-Six of seven persons whose hearts stop bcatlna In thei-operating room ca.. be saved if heart massage is started.within five mihutcs, a Veterans Administration doctor said today. Dr. Frank Cole, chief of the Department or Anesthcsloloay of the U. S. Veterans Hospital, Lincoln, Neb., reported on 322 . ' , : t h e ' ' Soviet government newspaper, today published a declaration by Patri arch Alexei of the Russian Ortho dox Church and three leading Metropolitans condemning allegcc bacteriological warfare in Korea Soviet, .press reports repcatec ircvious charges in Peiping that the United . States is now using mison gas .on the Korean front. Moscow papers reported a con- mucd wave of a protest meetings hroughout the Soviet Union Major Fires Cause Heavy Damage, Kill Three Persons in State Since March 1 now Tomorrow $ Possibility Fayetteville is in for another old wave, it is reported by Weather.Observer J. Frank Prince. Temperatures are expected to drop to 30 or 34 degrees, accompanied by strong winds tonight and thunder showers. · Tomorrow it will continue cold and light rain or snow'is expected. VA Hospital Over Top In Red Cross Drive Veterans Hospital employes with a $446 quota in the curren Red Cross fund drive, have over subscribed their quota; by $9.18 the Red Cross announced today The VA employes, with thci own chairman and drive officials kept score in the contest with a special bulletin board in the hos pital lobby. They completed thci """"-- "-'I under the (By The Associated Press) A lumber company fire yester day boosted to around three-quar tersrof ; a-million-.dollars'- the'-dim age caused by Major'flres*ih' Ar kansas since March 1. Three lives were'lost in one o the previous fires. Yesterday's fire destroyed the saw and planing mills of the B. Thomas Lumber Company near A.rkadclphia. Owner I'- a 3 Thomas estimated damage at $100,000. The fire apparently started fro: : i an acetylene torch Previous fires o c c u r r e d at lonesboro, where a 63-year-olcl tv/o-story building was' gutt-d with an estimated loss of 5250000' at Texarkana, where the Forcmin bnldmg burned with a loss o over $100,000; at Mablevale (Pu- ask. County) where a schoo building burned with an estimated loss of $50,000; and at Deight, where the Ozan Lumber rithTk*- ml " TM ! dcstroycd $250.000. Three persons died in the Texarkana fire. .They were guests in tlie Splawn Hotel, Which occupied Tax Collecting ? - - ·.-..- ; ,.-:... rs*;^^««:« Committee Of Four Five Tremors Felt Catania, Sicily-(,P)-rive new earth tremors hit this volcanic urea late yesterday. A heavier! quake two days ago took three lives, injured scores and crumpled · number of houses. Poultry-Market -The pouitrj. market today a reported by the University of Ar- knnsai Institute of Science and Technology and the Dairy and Poultry Market Newi Service of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. I Northwest Arkansas m a r k e t . . ,. ,,,,,,_ .MSln/Sy''^^'^.?!TM?..?- 0 ^^.-'' 1 "^ tort "'«"' 25 cent*. · -- ·· ..«*w., uecuujeu the upper two floors of the Foreman building. Late Wednesday a school building burned at Wilburn, near Heber Springs.' School - officials did not estimate the loss and the month's totals do not include it. Committee Recommends Appropriation Slashes WashinRton-/P)-Thc House Appropriations Committee today rec ommended $492,434,763 for th Interior Department for ihe yci ·starting July 1. This represented slash of ..$133,567,037 below th $620,0011,800 budget recommenda Ions of President Truman. J no commiltcs recommends 8181.255,400 for the Reclamatlo B . uri:a u, a.cut of $43,364,600 bclov the $224,620,000 budget rccom monrlatlons of President Truman kissing Auto Found In Wichita Is Returned An automobile stolen from Edvin F. Bodinc, 42, Elklns poultry- nan, In A robbery March'14 ha been returned here .after being discovered Wichita Kan., the sheriff's office reports. Bodinc was hospitalized for Severn! days, suffering from blows about the head. He told police he was attacked and robbed near Tontllown the morning of March 14 by a man he met in a Fayetteville tavern. / ·.. 1 "tj»' ~" r . --!*-v.1JH Not Too Easy Buffalo, N. Y.-(/PHnternal Revenue Collector George T. Mc-r Gowan is a little p.«7.1cd_over what -to do about a corporate tax payment that is one mill short. McGowan said yesterdaj the" firm --which he, declined to name- Hied a relurn showing a tax liability of six cents, and attached a check for two cents. "They outsmarted themselves on that one," he said. "Corporations are supposed Io pay 35 per cent to the Pulaskl County gran jury here next week In conncctio v.ith an Investigation growing'ou of Ihe recent Highway .Audi Commission report. The Jury meet on Wednesday a:.d Thurs day. Prosecutor Tom' Downle said former State Hlghwcy Director J :. .Baker was subpoenaed to testify both days' and Highway Com- nlsslon Chairman J. B. Lambert of Helena was directed to testify on Thursday. Othert subpoenaed include: P G. Wilson, St. Louis auditor; C. C. White, Pulaskl County highway engineers Olcn Fullerton, present highway - director; Ernest Freshour, Sweet Home contractor; M. C. Methvin, former state force cigincer, now a contractor; H. T. Crawford, Benton car dealer, and his secretary, Mrj. Syble Carter. Governor McMath today denied published report that he would shift responsibility for operation of the Arkansas Highway Department. He said In a prepared statement: .; . ; . _ . · · .· *;"·*«; «oVernor-'of;thl« ,irt»(e? ftTM alpne^rri dirtetly resportsloM »\, he people for! execution: of the ilghway program. I do not Intend under any 'circumstances to shir r. abdicate this responsibility." Elections Commission Barred In East Germany Berlin-^-The U. N. Commis on on German Elections is pre arinit to leave for home soon-- robably Sunday--if permission to by massaging the heart. Davis Candidate For Clerk Former Teacher To Seek Office Paul C. Davis of r»yetteville oday announced that he ls'» icind- Ittt for office of county flerk in Vashlngton County, subject to the Jemocratlc primaries, this summer. ie Would succeed ' K t j fi-ott, who s running for county Judge, Davis Is a former member of he Arkansas legislature, being elected In IB4S and (gain in 19M (or two year ierms: He His taught school for 20 yeart, most recently in the Lincoln system. He !« now employed at the Linkway Hardware Store in Fayetteville ' Hike Will Cost New Wolkout Danotf In April Looms If Companies Object _ W » s h I n » ii» nV(»jwB,t e d CIO sleelworkers early4od«y accepted oyernment p.jr;;b«»t p} · .. - s r e , but a new, walkout danger loomed on April S If the steel I l" £%y.tumt ..down . t h e fttoS- mendallons. Philip Murray union approved a Wage Stabilfzatlon Soardplfh Voted by public «nd labor menil bers over stiff Industry objections, It ca!l« for a three-lnstallment p.? boost that will 'eventuiny lotlft 17i/4 cent*. in hour, plui ether' Srif' includln «, *»« union ..J he * e . C0l *«»l«iii, 'In 'doluw ind cents, were Mtimated virii ous y «- rih«mi from five to : in»; cent, in hour. fh« board uld they. yould ; five tend; in' -£%% foOpH .. i "IS m J|ht i wiMJ!* cent! i «n hour «xlr»; The complictted settlement i eludes union benefiti In itefrip c«l .nd.ihlft . hoHdiy, ind vacitlon p»y. The itetlworken. .would tiln roughly 10 per cent in their b«Ie hourly eirninii und.r the'WSi. formuli. . . · . The union hid liked for I»Vi cent hourly p»y boosts with other concessions ejtimiftdUo.brini the of Ihe total tax due on the first ingtallmfint TUI- _i ___ i- _ _ . C Woter System Expansion In Fort Smith Approved Fort Smith, Ark.-MVThc City r, 8 . n l'"' Mion n « 'PProyed »2,- nsO.OOO Improvemtnt nf (he Port i l l h K W « e r """"i! 1 The pro « r " m l be financed by Ismance of bonds payable from wnter system .. This check cover nnly 33 and onerthird pel cent He said the payment should hav been, at least 2.1 cents. Four-Engine Navy Plane Falls, 10 Feared Dead Corpus Christ!,. Texas-WJ-A! aboard were believed killed carlv today when a four-engine Navy Privateer crashed a few minute's after it took off from Corpus Christ! Naval .Air Station. Ten men--four officers, two cadets and four enlisted men- were aboard. Hours after the crash, which occurred about i.m. (CST), no su'rvivori had )een recovered. Little Rock Teachers To Gel Pay Increase in Rock school personnel except maintenance workers wil] gct^a five per cent pay raise next . iL h i C u boo 'u l wn * "PProvcd last S' shtrf b * "« Little dock-School week | W votcd to add ' "l^l-^^-^wll^affea to the annual payroll. n o sit Communist East Germany is ill withheld. The four-member commission came to see whether ---···*- iu «it; VYIICUlCr really free elections could be held under · existing cond;tlons In divided Germany. Members met this week with top officials . o f " the West'German government, who promised full co-operation. Two requests to visit Russian-occupied East Germany were ignored by the Red«. The c o m m Isslon chairman, Kristjan Albertson of Iceland, said he-would give the'Russians a few more days to answer. Tacketl To Start Campaign In May T r " ' ' «Pn»enUtlve Tackett (D-Ark) said today he'll tart his active campaign for. the Democratic nomination for gdv- rnor ( pf Arkansas early in May. fackett announced his candidacy «t week in Mttlc Rock. He came n Washington today and told a cportcr he expects to return to \rkansas about Easier. He said he will set up headquarters and get et for a sUrt early In May, I H return to Washington for ny Important votes in the House," e said. . The Fayetteville, Inci, will open. March .2* «t 112 South East-Street Owned «nd operated by Planes W, Fix,: the ,tore will handle hardware 'exclusively except during: the summer semron? when metal lawn furniture will be stocked.^ '" .Fix, member of a Buffalo, N. Y. ·amlly which operated hardware ·lores there for three generations; came here late last yctr after visit- ng In Fayttevllle for severa'l seai ons. His wife and son will join him after the end of the current chool term. ' · . ,.$WJ Her Eighm Son Enter Armed Service Indlanapolls'-i/pj.'-You never get sed to seeing one of them leave " obbed Mrs. Blanche Sullivan, S3 s she said good-bye .Thursday to er son, Kenneth. 20, her eighth hlld to enter military service Kenneth, left for Marine, traln- g at San Diego. Two other sons are In the Air Force, one in the Army and,one in the Navy Two others are disabled Navy veterans f .K" i' u * hter - M««red, served In the. Waves. , "I'm awfully proud of them," n e . l e d f c renewed.' nej|ptiitl6ni 1 1 1 r t i n i Mondiy With «teel cbmpiniej he 5 « e c m p i n e j e and, it Pittsburgh. He «ld It n» wttlement wlth'v'ftetl -firmi i« reiched by April; 4,' the union*; will, give · M: bour«. notice ind strike April 1 8: : · · . . : ..··· . - - : * . Thus if the iridsutry refuses. t» go ilpnik. With. the WSB recom- menddtlons an eventual strike ip- p«rs Inevitable. The steel firinr have claimed all ilonj they could gnnt : np wife borafj unless they. were : accompanied 'bytompcn-'- sating price incretses, . - Steelmakers have . «id . an expected $2-i.ton' addition*! price ' allowance is too little to cover anticipated extra" labor costs; '; "The statement of WSB indxutrv members said the proposals act "union appeasement" and estimated they would eost the steel Industry 30 cents an hour direct added labor costs immediately arid 7 eventually 60 rtnts. · ' M o Mrs. Sullivan said. "ourliti start Abroad New York-f/P),The spring tourist x .TM us . .'" Europe began today win 4,6M passengers scheduled «W»l. Wlt M n ,M 4 hours ' Shipping fficlals said this was the greatest umh.r »Ti. umber ever Red Chinese Reported Fighting In Indochina Washington -(/P].Secretary of defense Lovctt said today the u. S. has been told some Red Lhlncsc forces have crossed the borders of Indochina to join Com'-' 'J natives fighting the munlst-led French. H Is "always possible,' told the House Foreign Lovelt Affairs -·- ...^ i»ju»i: riucign Aiiairs Committee, tha'l the development could lead In the same type of Chinese buildup that preceded , - e c e e ^arly_a . d a l e , their entry Into the Korean W»r Summery In South, But Big SnowHi^Oenver (By The AMOclated Prem) Spring was a late arrival ,, wide areas In Northern and West- rn parts of the country today but weather was on the summery sldo n the South. . More snow flurries hit sections f Ihe Docky MAunlaln states and it l ^ 1c " n » dl »" border from Jnr h Dakola eastward through Northern Minnesota and Lake Su- Wlor to Northern Maine, North Central Colorado-purllc- larly Denver--had Its wors! nowstnrm of the yrar. Up to 10 nrnei nf iluihy snow covered the "·· Air fllihls tn ,nd from Denver were held tip. Some hu.s travel was delayed and one highway fatality was traced to an Icy road. Traffic was snarled on rln/.ed streets. The Colnrndn Highway Pntrol reported n i l roads were open but many were dangerous. Bankelbull fans at the nutlonul AAU tournament In Denver were advised not to leave the city. Cold air spread southward and eastward over the Great Mkti region and the central p»rt of the country to the Ohio Hlver Villey. Tempers lures v/ere near or b«. low freezing nver most of thci Northern tier of states. The lowest readings, 10 to 20 above, were In tho Northern Rockies. It was fl.5 at Laredo, Texas yesterday. · The Job of clearing inow- blocked highway, hi Slerrn Nevada pusses from California to Nevad* continued. Several persons were marooned by snow In E*«t Central California R M ds to 200,000 cattle and 400,000 ihi-tp on North ind Central Nevudi were blocked by snow, A suit of emergency w» proclalmtd by Gov. ChtriM Russell of Nev.di . " qualify f*T f«der«l lid f w | lv t. Coalition Govrrmmnl In Finland Collapsei HeislnkIrFihlahd-(ffi-The cojli- tion government ot Premier Urho- Kskkonen fell apart today, dver the-price of butter and the premier submitted his resignation to President Joho Paasiklvl. Inflation has been plaguing this next door, neighbor of the Soviet Union. Kckkonen, leader of the Agrarian party, has been premier · since March. 1930. The present cabinet, the third under Kekkonen, look office in September, 1951, ledged to fight rising prices.' i Kckionen said he "fed up" with | discontent and repeated altacVs ' i from his. own group. Reliable J sources said he would not consent o head a fourth cabinet and had ; recommended to the president that ) Taavid Velhuia, the party's parlla- ; rr.enlary leader, be named preroier.^ ; ht Wtatfctr-- -- I Arkansas--Mostly eloudy, scat- i tered thundershowerj this after- i noon and tonight; lowest S8-J4, . extreme northwest pwtlon t»^ ; nlfht. . ,: i Dock. I

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