Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 20, 1952 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1952
Page 20
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ITIMM; ArfcwNM, Thwtfey, March JO, IMS frifing Expert fo Testify In Probe | Suit On Purchasing :· Act To Be Resumed J In Little Rock C Little Rock-(/P)-An attorney for force*'Meklnc'to prevent *a popu- J|r vote on the 1181 'purchasing |et iiys he may be able'to-Identi- ty the persons who "forged" signa- feiret on; the referral petitions. · At yesterday's hearings on the ·lit, which contends the petitions triuds and forgeries, New- ft GALLON VMilli ke Creim 64c Hehml IMS. Udnr Plant MOORE S F U N F R A L CHAPEL port Attorney Fred Pickehi laid testimony of a hand-writing expert probably will enable him'to Identify the alleged forger. Thirty-four wltnewes Were"called yesterday. Most of them teitl- flod that they had signed the rations referring Act 242 of 19J1 to the November general election. But a majority of the wltnessei said they had not signed the petitions In the,presence of John -Pi Wells, Llftle Bock publisher who Is » leader In the'referral movei ment. Wells purportedly iljhwi affidavits on the petitions to th effect that he was present whej they were signed. " Hearings'.on the suit before Spe rial Commissioner Wayne Upto of Little Rock will be resumed td orrow.'. \ : , ' · '; Act 242 was. sponsored by thi administration of Governor Me Math. After referral petitions were filed, (Wo Pulaski County taxpay ers brought suit In the Suprcmi Court to invalidate them! ·. '. . If the Supreme /Court shoult declare the petitions void, Act 242 would become effective and. there would be no popular vote on it. »oul C, Davis Leads Scour Troop 104 Paul C, Davis, former state rep- esentatlve and school-teacher,, is the new scoutmaster for Troop 104 a t ' the Wiggins Memorial Methodist Church! He was a member ofr.the legislature four years. and taught school for 20 years. Used by thousands In reducing Jieti--fJunfe'i Roman'Meal bread. THREE DEAD, MILLIONS IN DAMAGE IN CALIFORNIA STORM 11-19-tf UARK "BASKETBALL FIX" SHAME OF THE NATION! . . . ·)· ShM Oamblen Coihinf III ·« Our Yevfhl ' JOHN IRELAND · V A N E S S A BROWN It was not thai prwehtt who ui4 · collection was to be Bade on Sunday to pay the preacher, it was the Lord. (I Coriiithiini 16:2) (2 doriiithians :5-8). (I Timothy 5:18) (rCo'rinthiahi 9:1-11) I 'I'm sure when W, H. R.' stops to recphslHer, he will «gtee that it's worth a little inconvenience if it makes it possible lor those who love the 'Lord and want to assemble and worship Him on'Sunday to do so. * " '·' : . Bill E. Smith PLAN TO BUILD ·e* Out MaMtkL Cat Otu PrtcM. Tiy Our Stnrfce. DYKE'LUMBER co. -tit fc CharlM Bnd the going tough In tlili downtown WITH THREE DEAD and damage untountlng to. mlillor dollars, touthern California is digging out and mop oth «, .,«,. ont . daughter Nincj, 2, in Reseda, Cal., It necklace in mouth. Home wa» flooded. 'IKiAlntllr 8 V 0 'TM?' thl ' d . bl f ° M ot the ""on. I five persons wer« evacuated from flooded homes In Re- ot mud cloied. many Lo. Angeie. streeta. Thirty-1 seda. Snow avalanche bit mine at Bishop. (International; EVERYTHING · · ' ' - 91'" " nd summ FAYETTEVILLE JRON and METAL CO. OOVMNMINT AVI. : our Gallons Of Champagne-Like Fluid b Be Poured Into Can To Make World's irsf Private Atom-Splitting Furnace frW.y-BK3 DOUBLE FEATURE! GiHmt Thofooflhbred" 1 IIX-OUN SAOA or THI WIITHN MONTIIRI Jimmy ELLISON RUIM! J4AYDEN "Fist On The Driw" NZZV KNIOHT k POPEYC CAHTOON By HOWARD W. BLAKESLEE AP Selinci Editor ' haleigh, N. C.-(yP)-Four gallons of a champagne-like Iluid worth nearly -a pound of diamonds will be poured . Into a stainless steel can .here in a lew months. The fluid will 'be water mixed with the A-bomb-tvpc uranium 235.' The can will be the world's first' private ' atom-splitting f u r - nacQ. It is, built and owned by North Carolina State College. · You might mistake this' cnn'for a scrubwoman's water pail with mop handles thrusting upward. This illusion is duu to, 14 pipes emerging, from the can. Eight carry water for cooling the furnace. . You could tuck this furnace under your arm and walk out. But it would kill you with the rays emerging from the atomic fuel. Product! Hayi The apparatus will produce atomic energy as incredibly big *s the container is little. It will p r o d u c e transmutation rnys (streams .of neutrons) with a density about equal to those mndc. In the 24-foot cube of graphits unveiled to the press nt Oak Ridge, Tenn., in mldrFcbruary. That was the nation's first big atomic furnace. The can will sit Inside ah octagonal concret* structure resembling i wayside nhrine. This little ·tomle temple Is not much taller thin a min (10 feet) and 17 feet r o i i ' : -, -, JY. , SUlc College is erect' , . ing I great 'laboratory, . costing, with the reactor, about half a million dollars. Thf little shrine sits oh a concrete platform in the basement. Around It is, a 20-foot wide corridor, for working at the leactor faces. . Outside this wall is a large observation room for students and the public. They will look through i huge goldfish bowl, a wntcr- jink enclosed in glass. CHICK SPECIAL 8c ·och HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery f. e. ·« in «· TltolMKlH 11» Myttttvillt, Arkanufl PorlhoUi Kntt High They will see portholes aroun the concrete shrine, each fo placing materials in a beam o transmutation rays. All.ports a: knee high. If a worker accident ally walks in front of a .port th rays will h i t , him around , th knees, where the harmful effect are small. ·' . To avoid kneeling to work 'at port, there is a covered trench front of each. The cover is par of the floor and rises, like an cle valor, to the 1 level of the port a, a work table. The worker step; down into the trench. The cove: is set so that he cannot stand di rectly In front of the port. The neutron rays from ports travel like bullets. Opposite 1 each port, 20 feet away In the corridor wall, will bean opening for atomic bullets to pass through, out into the earth. The atomic furnace stirs _. easily ps a scrub woman lifting her mop from a pail. Remote control will lift two rods up out ol the fuel in the can. That is all. Locked ?t Night At nleht the concrete shrine ports will be locked like a bank vault, The U. S. Atomic Eneregy Commission will make a free loan of the fuel. The four gallons will last probably 10 years, possibly much longer., There are no other govern- mint strings. : . The reactor was designed by Dr. Clifford-K. Beck; head pf the department of physics, and his associates. He formerly was one of the scientists in Atomic Energy Commission work .The Burlington Mills Foundation, a textile corporation,'-is furnishing'some of the construction money. -The reactor is part of. a new education course, the first of its kind. Among the 114 students are 42 officers of the U. S. Air Force. 4-H Club At Goshen Mokes Plans For Future Holding of a community night was discussed Tuesday night at a meeting of the Goshen 4-H Club held at the Community House. An Activity Day and an Easter egg hunt also were discused. Paula Jo Morris gave a demonstration, on .how to make a buttonhole, nnd refreshments were served. . Separate sessions with local leaders were held, the boys discussing tractor, maintenance and the girls learning how to make a cross necklace. j ·l ; ·I 0 FAT? Your own doctor will tell you that Wotex it obiolutely Safe for Reducing ;: /. ; · - ' : - : \ AND ' ' -. ' ' ' Clinical Evidence proves Wafex helps you lose weight without dieting or feeling hungry Te«, «how the W»fex label to your own doctor. He will tell you it i; absolutely safe for reducing--that )t Is a Food Ad- fund, not · drug. Wafex, the discovery of a group af New York physicjani, It more than safe; It actually Bilket you lose weight without dttiflf or Ming hungry. And we mem, without dltiT*f/ HEBE II THE PHOOF Wafex Was tested on a group of - mlly overweight peoplt under the supervision pf several medical expertj on obesity, · " · Thli group, wtt initrucltd by ' M» doctor* not to go on iriy qMclil diet, net to cut out any fMeiil food,.not to do iny- ntnf except chew or suck a ' W«f*x Wafer btforc each meal, HMn tit until M t w w*M itari t h a i kimgrir fttl. iMIlif I One Wtftx Wif- «r hl lh« uiicer'Siliifying' etpiclly · of Ib. bollnd potitMt or S ilicet or whin hreid or 4 fill. Yet onh cnnt»ln8 f cnlorlm. A month's supply costs only 13. And you must Ion weight after t h e ' v e r y ' f i r s t bottle or your money back. Mill orders filled. Dr, frederlc Dimriu, nni«* ·utho/lty on rcduclni I WAPIX I* Ml l ratlf NMMft The ffiulu were · iitonUh- Snfly lucctMful.. Welfht loien W « to 10 lb«. wen ebUhMd without any III effect* i*d fli |*Jd they never iM ·;ok«lf *wpy moment. W«fe» Wafnt T«l*i. Mt ur,"hi ii'leift irwp ·» en Mel ly f«H. Mid 4M, OOCTOMI. Write on yotir let teriwM for proteMlMMl mm- Some of the latest walkie-talkie radios that both send and receive are about the size ' of a loaf of bread and weigh about six and a half pounds, including batteries. Parolee Sought For Kidnaping In Oklahoma Police Comb Tulso Arco For Youth Accused Of; Theft Pawnee,. Okla.-WP)-A young ?awnee. Indian accused of kid- naping was sought *y police today. Osage County Attorney R. E. Haven said he filed kidnaping and auto theft charges against Gilbert ifewrider, 20, a parolee from Cali- ornia juvenile authorities.. Newridcr was said by officers to have broken into the home of George . Smith, .wealthy Fairfax anchor, and forced Smith's' wife t gunpoint- to accompany him to stqlen pickup' truck. Officers said Mrs. Smith, alone n the house at the time, screamed ftcr being forced into the truck. Unable to start the vehicle, New- ider fled on foot, leaving her unarmed. . * Fairfax Police Chief Lawrence 3utts reported 1 Newrider stole two rucks and an automobile an hour fter the alleged kidnaping at- empt, abandoning thp car in the md and one truck after it was recked. The third vehicle was ound with its gas tank empty. Th wanted man Is believed to ave taken, a bus to Tulsa. : rom the People 0 the Editor: I feel W. H. R., who. has been so iconvenienced by the grocery ores closing on Sunday needs to e shown the other side,'so I'd ppreciate it : if you'd print this. It written' in love for his soul, and hope he accepts it in the same pirit. It probably never occurred to im that, although he was in- onvenienced · somewhat', many ho do want to go] to church (or ecp) now have that opportunity 1 'Sunday. I think it was a gal- mt gesture, on the pat;t of the rocery store owners' to close on unday--and as far as I know hey were not compelled to by w. . W. H. R. asked if church at- ndance and preachers were ecessary. If he went to church he ould find the Bible teaches both e very necessary. In Hebrews :25, Paul commanded us not to rsalte the assembly. In Epheslans 23, we read that Christ is the Betty Hutton Is Bride Kllm «t«f Betty Mutton, ,11, !* shown ohetk to cheek with her huibjind, Ch«rle« O'Curran, 37, rt«nce director, after their wrprlse ·e*lln» In L«» V*ir«j, Nnv,' Betty Is wearing « ring set with dtamonds und ptarli bought by O'Currun ts · wedding ring "Savior of the body." (If you don't know what the body .is turn to chapter one and read verses 22 and 23 ... it's the church)' Now is the' church essential? Are preachers necessary? Read Romans 10:13-14! Let me quote it to you. "For. whosoever sjiall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then'shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they_ hear without a preacher? and' how .shall they preach, except they be sent?" So you see preachers are necessary if anyone is to be saved. Unfortunately W. II. R. cannot be saved like Moses was for the law . under which Moses wor T shipped was nailed to the cross (Colossians 2:14) Now you must obey the gospel (Romans 1:16).'It wasn't the preacher who iold the Christians to assemble on Sunday and worship, it was God's instructions (Acts 20:7) (Hebrews 10:25). 2 YEAR ROSE BUSHES 55c (rider Bros. Nuhery GREENLAND, ARK. WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP A NEW I^RAMOUNT _ FIRST SHOWING JUST LOOK AT THAT CAST , MUST BE -- THAT'S RIGHT -- IT IS -- AT THE Tonite thru Sat. 7-9 Mat. Sat, 2:30 SEE THIS BIG, FINE SHOW -- NOW!, The Whole Family Will Enjoy A Drive-In Movie r 'if tonite +1 Tonite 7:00-9:05 MVCKCOfSTu RACES O'CflNNM w Hunnvn mi DM Also: Cirloen t Bporli ' : ; .Starts Friday HYNN ScMVUMt *Fr«« Pony Rid« T*rFwe Playground · Free Golf Court* 71 Drive-In Theatre ALL --^ -everv Extra Smooth! and be Sure of tho FINEST f Crotatx ever bottled! Extra Satisfying! Btef^WM^^ N.Y.

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