Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 20, 1952 · Page 15
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 15

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1952
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

MOtTHWBT AMUMAI TIMK, M,lt*t POWER CHAIN SAWS Every bi| iqtiart ·)«*·» of Mmher'l O oferl in ««cW«« AuiBte tiluel money cin'i (my a 4a*r qu.tity, more dell ciom, or matt aaiiriiKfrti oiimetl d {never Molhtr'l Olll. And f Kk«d in trerr p»cli|« ynu'll find · viluthU, uitful premium luch ·» tluminulK kftca.M Ulertiilt, firaowt "Fire* Kin«" «|IM cuf ·aduucer, bcwiful"vrild Kmi" pil(«rn cU«l or «»jr colorful Cirni- Til Wire. No MSff ft AipMn Than- f. 0. I. f O I H A N D . OUOON No wiitlrtlt! No coupon*!. No money to er'i Out ith Premium, in t h e big i q u i r e package. WOODIOSf, INC. I*»S. t. UNION AVINUI 14. O U C O N lend! luir lid ro«r iirocer (or Moih 4 M WMItl OA1S COMUHT WORLD'S URGES! Stlltt MOTHII-I OATJ-. Kolfcencamp of West Mr;' rid Mrs. Robert Harms and children, Robert -and Carolyn of Sprlflfdale, attended funeral services for Mrs. Harms' nday afternoon near Quests in tile home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sharp and son, Max of Maple Drive, for the past few days were Mr. and Mrs. A. B, " own. ready to fry crUp ajid ourig chickens, plum[ with tasty Kroger. Triy-P»cked caned and cut lip lot your ience. Buy Wd»y It UlK le price. Mccoy of"Chlcka«ha, Okla. They returned to their home Tuesday Charles Byers was hostess for 'the regular meetins Current Book group of the A.A-U. W. Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 at her 'home on the Lowell Road. Mrs. George Holcomb, Jr., of. Fay- ctteville, reviewed a biography o " Leonardo do Vinci. of the meeting refreshments were served by the hostess. Home 'Demonstra- tioft Club met Tuesday for luncheon. Several foreign students that are attending the/University were a f i l m on tuberculosis was shown by Mrs. T. B. Johnson. Graves has returned to Springdalc after ter in California, her sons in Den- Colo., Oklahoma City, and Chapter G, P.E.O., met Tuesday night at '7 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Jno. P. Stafford to celebrate its 23rd birthday. Mrs. E. L. McNally, chapter 'president, presided over the business meeting. Mrs. T. P. Applegato and Mrs. Paul Cummings, charter .member? of Chap- harge of the pro- , (trim. Other holte'Ssc-'S "were Miss ford, Mrs. L, \V. Searcy, Mrs, Jen- a«K»f PrMi In ihli tdt. u« ,«VARAitBO/,Ikni W*d ud Pitdue* »rk«t if· (Mtf iVru Itt,' Muti It MMLnKT All-Aluminum vitamin enriched Inside-Outside Forty Corruption Investigator Newbold Morris Finds lis Wings Clipped As Congress Gets In A tick Jill Roberts, with mumps'for 1 a birthday present, took a "dim view ·of her very own clay, until Jill's mother .turned tears to smiles with an inside-outside birthday. party; Jill's inside, the honored guests dine off the window sill. '.' - ' ' '· Pentagon, Looking Forward To Day When Eisenhower Will Come Home To Campaign, Frets Over Successor To The General Washington-W-The Pentagon is almost as anxious as the politicians over Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower's plans. · If and when he returns .homei the Pentagon will have' to, red-' ommend a successor as supreme commander of Allied .powers in ·Europe and also make other changes in the NATO command. Washington talk today puts heavy emphasis on the possibility of Gen. Matthew Hidgway, United Nations commander in the Far East, succeeding to any vacancy that may develop in the top European command. · But by no means ruled out are several other American generals, including Eisenhower's chief deputy, Gen. Alfred M. Gruenther. · Ridgway's prominent, position · among those speculated on ns an Eisenhower successor appears based on two primary factors: brilliant record in World War II as a field commander plus the ex- .perience gained since '?e became commander last · summer of the U. N. forces fighting the Communists in Korea. His Far Easlcrri service also has "provided him, say his advocates.. with the seasoning needed in the political part of a dual milltary- political assignment like the. European post. · [ ' · ' · ' · "Brains Of Army" Gruenther, close personal friend of Eisenhower, has a reputation as a far-sighted planner and strategist. He has been called the "brains of the Army." But his prospects for. succeeding to the European command tre handicap- ped by the fact he has never' held a major field command, although he had a big hand in plotting strategy during World War II as a chief of staff, . .. : fat this reason, there was some speculation that Gruenther eventually might be transferred. from NATO preparatory to grooming him for bigger assignments elsewhere. One idea mentioned is that he may be given command of an army as a start toward eventua' advancement to the position ol Army chief of staff. Gen. Omar Bradley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Sla£f, is described as an unlil.ely parly to any change in the European command in the immediate " future President. Truman, it is noted wanted him so badly in his pre'sen job that he reappoii.ted him for a second term as chairman. Officials here refuse to consider seriously any possibility that a non-American might be named to the supreme command if- Eisenhower leaves. They base.their rea- sonihg on the thought that 'the United States is providing large amounts of- money and FUbstantia forces^for the defense of Wes Europe a : rid therefore should havi the tommSnd of NATO forces. Britain's doughty · and famou commander of. World War_II, Vis count Montgomery, tops the name of Europeans mentioned. Person who have visited SHAPE head quarters recently ' say Montgom ery's popularity.among all hands American as well as Europeans has mounted sharply in recen months. Chickens Edge Upward In Price, Most Retail Foods Not Changed (By The Associated Retail foort prices fhowed little change this week compared with last weekend. frying .and broilim chickens appeared to be edging up slightly in many place's and there were minor-fluctuations'. in fresh fruits .and vegetables because of localized supply conditions. But the price trend as a whole was exceptionally liable.. . Small chickens advanced,one to as much as nine cents a pound in several marketing areas. Dealers said higher feed costs were probably a.leading factor for the rise. A little lower on most fresh produce counters this' week were string beans, beets, broccoli, car- 'rots, cucumbers though these were ·till unusually high, spinach, itrawberries, Florida oranges and tangerines. , ' Foods to be featured by major store chains anrl departments for weekend shopping showed considerable variety, reflecting the ·overall price stability. These foods appeared frequently on the lists of specials: Beef roasts, pork loins, center cut pork ·chops, breast and neck of veal, sirloin and porterhouse steaks, picnic hams, stewing chickens, citrus fruit and juices,.eggn, pascal . celery, new cabbage, cheese, lettuce, oysters and fresh and frozen fish. T h e Agriculture' Department . recommended wide consumption ' of eggs. Wholesale food prices, as measured by the Dun and Bradstreet food index, eased downward this week to the lowest average level since early November of insfl. The index this week was $6.54, compared with $6.58 last · week anrl $7.23 a year ago. The ·wholesale cost-pcr-pound price til 31 foods In general uso arc ·dded up to find the index figure. Porter Confesses To Robbing Millionaire Reno, Nev.-{/P)-Arrest of eighth suspect in the burglary o millionaire. Lavcrne Redfield safe brought the first confcssio of the case and boosted the cas recovery to $128,000 yesterday. The FBI said Anthony Gazzigl 41, former gambling house porte admitted taking part in the million-dollar Redfield burglai and led to the recovery of $27.0C cash, some jewelry and secUritic Officers said Gazzigli, a brothe of Ixiuis (Firpo) Gazzigli, alrcad held in the case, told how Rec field's safe was taken from th home and broken open wit crowbars in'an isolated area ou' side Reno. 0vf fWt MNMHrH wvy Mwlnt Hwtrlirf C A R D U I I CMMN «r un Rogers Resident Heads State Cleaners Little Hock-W'J-E. R. Godfre of Rogers was elected president the Arkansas Cleaners and Dye: Association here yesterday. Raymond Lynch of near Sprinf- dalc Is In San Diego, Calif., where he Is taking hatlc training after volunteering for servici- in the Navy. Springdale- The Women'« Missionary Society bf'th* first Baptint Church met Tuesday at 12:30 p. m. for a luncheon and royal service pro- pram. Mrs. George Harner. Mm. [lymon Houston, Miss Nellie,Zimmerman and Mrs. Robert Harris were the hostesses; The Ann Judson Circle was in charge of the igrsm. Mrs. Ella. Fletcher gave the devotional, and Mrs. Harry Croft was in charge of the program. Mrs. L. M. Thurmond Moodyi and Mrs. Stan- ley.Jordan also assisted. .Mrs. Ed Emma Avenue has returned her home after spending the. winter months with her sister at Bowie, .Texas, and with her two nieces at Wichita Falls, Texas. By JAMES MARLOW Washington-yP)-Newbold Mors, the New York lawyer who me at the president's equest to look for corruption in government, ,lr llkt a pigeon 1th a wing clipped off. He can still 'hop .but orii '.now 6h he's a bird with a andicap. He made tome angry oitea at 'iftaAtn. They '. clipped m. They refused to approve sub- oena powers for him. But he's id two strikes on him from the art. ... · ._- - * Aiisooh as it was announced ,rly in February that Truman ad persuaded this big balding cialite to dig around here there ere hoots from the capitol, here a Senate committee was iVeitigatlng a (hip-buying deal i which Morris's New York law rm was interested. While he was still scurrying round,-trying to pull an investi- ating staff together,-he was call- d before the committee to. testify. ome of the senator! mussed his air. He mussed theirs in one of he most sensational talkil.g-back erfprmahceS sees here in years, fflong other things he raid they ad "diseased minds." Whatever chance he had to get ubpoena power f r 1 o m Congress ent out the window righ 1 . there, fhile senators sometimes criticize ne another, and often rake a wit- ess, they have little enthusiasm or a witness, who does the same o .them. motional Type? "Ah, the emotional type," said ome o( the senator's after .Morris ad had his i-iy. "Evidently not He kind of. man to be Intrusted ith subpoena power, 1 ' they said. No one, except a grand jury or ongression'al cornmittce, can cornel anyone, inside or outside the overnmcnt, to testify by sub- oena. Not even the president can o that. Lacking such authority himself, he president can't give it to any- ne else. Only Congress could sivc ·iorris subpoena power. So Truman asked Congress to do that. Yesterday Morris got his comc- ppance. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted no. If he had the subpojna power I noon after being injured in an Morris could force any government' fficial to appear before him and estify 'and prbduce records. And f an outsider was involved in ome suspected shaJy deal with he official, he'd have to appear, oo. In that way Morris could make in investigation, first hand. Lack- ng Subpoena power himself, any ime he has evidence of wrong- dping he'll. have, to get A, . to'take the case o a grand jury, which then could decide by itself to subpoena witnesses. . Morris himself told a news con- 'crence yesterday how h? feels without the subpoena power: Like man trying to ski with one hand, behind his back, He can still ski, Morris .said, but it puts him off balance. nic Silver, and Mrs. Paul Rroe- don. A desert course was served Bob.Lynch, son of Mr. and Mrs i Baptiiti Elect Nashville, Tcnn.-W)-Dr. C. N. Glover of Sheridan, Ark., has been elected president of the American Baptist Association. He was named yesterday to succeed Dr. L. D. Foreman of Little Rock. Beautiful Color*. CLARK VENETIAN BLIND AWNING co. U WilliMti PH. Hit Mttr I D . * . S A L E ! USED SINGER SEWING MACHINES Elcclrk Portables and Treadles SEE THESE BARGAINS -- SOLD ON EASY TERMS -ALL MACHINES GUARANTEED Singer Sewing Machine Co. Fayetteville, Arkansas Kroger Milk Cane Sugar Godchoux or Domino, in factory sealed bags. · , · -.... · -/t , - . . . . . · ; Ivory Flakes, Ige. pkg. 28c Bpnana Cake Mild, g.nll., all*. · . . · , . · . . . . . . , , . ; {Ttwik If** ··«** f~*- Aero wax . . . pt. 29c Makx (loon Scottowels . . roll 20c Tough, abiorb.nt. yft §oft. Towel Holders . eo. 29c Far Seoitowuli. flurdr. allraclir.. -. . , Avolon Brooms JE $1.09 Spotlight Coffee, Ib. 77c each 63c 2 20-ot. Kroger Breod TMidti-lTMlh, 10-et. IM Ik. Taffy Snaps . pkg. 29c Or.r U «MklM la *ich packag.. Tout old broom U wotlh lOc on purchai. ol new on.. MIU. IntnM. H*l-D*l*d. Corn Meal TIDE Dor co Brand, full Cream meal. . 10 - 65 It gets clothes cleaner, than any soap. , Ige. pkg. Spinach . Homtflrown, fin. quality, Carrots . Crlip, lendor, bright color. 28° 2 Ibs. 25c Radishes . . . bch. 5c Homegrown, rubf-reC bch. lOc Green Onions/2 bchs. 15c Homtgrown. Tender. ruif Lorgc ' ^ slzc Dunconl '3 for 2Q* ruir Lots of rjch j uictt for XT RED POTATOES 10 i 59' 100-lb. Bog Blue Tog Seed Potatoes - 4.99 ~

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