Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 20, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1952
Page 5
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By MAI, BOYLE New York-Wj-People who com plain of having a bad memor often . merely are running awa from life. . \. This is the conclusion of D: ' Bruno Furst, who has taught 25, 000 people to remember better. "With manj* people, forgettin it a .kind of escapism," .he sail ·"If they are satisfied in 'life, t they are discontented with thei marriage, they' want to "forge certain things. And this'decrease their power* pi memory gener ·tlly."' Dr. Furst. is a specialist, in put ting muscles back on the memor power of people who want to re 'member better. "Most., intelligent people hav the wrong conception of memory, he said. "They speak of a gooc memory or a bad memory. Ther is no' such thing. Every, person' memory' is good in certain direc .tions .and. poor in others. Like a muscle 'it can be improved proper exercise." ' . Dr. Furst, a former crimina lawyer forced -to flee Germany b; the Nazi regime, recalls he hail trouble "with wnat is called a bad memory when I was a studen ; myself." . "That's why -J went into this work. Today I have no trouble "remembering anything I wish.' One of his own mental gymnastic feats' is to glance through a deck of cards a,nd then repeat "them aloud in order. He believes practically anyone who will train his mind can do the Fame thin u . "William James, the psychologist, once said' that people don't use prie 'tenth o'f their real brain power, 1 ' he remarked. "I think he was correct." ''i? system he developed is now laught at several universities, in- ciuuing Yale and Brooklyn College. It is built on the principles of concentration, observation, and the use of key symbols that have a power of association with the. objects or persons to be remembered. His students range from housewives to top executives. "The most general complaint people they can't remember names'Or faces, and this embarrasses them socially or in their jobs," he said. "But there is no reason why you cannot meet 30 complete strangers at a party and aftenvard recall them accurately by name and face." . As a matter of fact, that is one of the graduation tests for his student:: after completing his 10-week course. Dr. Furst, who has a formidable brow, has developed his own memory ability to the point where he has trouble finding anyone' to Join him Ip playing bridge, one of his' -hobbies. He remembers the cards'too'well. The 61-year-old mcmorj expert also is a professional graphologist, or handwriting analyst, btar chess player, sleight-of-hand r.rtist, nnd hynotist. By mental concentration he can increase or slow the tempo of his own heart beat. One of hit personal brain exercises is to concentrate his attention for.six minutes on the bare head of a pin. Think that is easy? Try it. The. average man can't stare that long at a pretty pin-up picture without letting his mind wander. -^ ,"The-American housewife needs DOROTHY DIX -CONTINUED FlIOM PAGI TOUl baby-sitter of me, but rather that they are according me a place as a loved member of the family. By keeping up a liie of my own, Independent o f - t h e children they do not feel 1 am a weight about their necks, depending on them for life and entertainment. I keep up with my old f-iends, cultivate my new neighbors, read; keep a nice yard and go lo a good show occasionally. The children know I am never home just chewing my nails and feeling sorry for myself. My means are limited and 1 am constantly receiving gifts of things I can'use or such money as they can give. NOtTKWBT AMUNIAS riMK. F.yrttaviQ.. Arla-M* Thvn^y, Mmt* 3V IMt ness of tht present! Surrounded, ·I you »r«, by the things of. the apirit-- your church, your books --and the material things-- a car, a machine, ) a ; yard-- that help to make a full life, you have learned lo make your own pleasures nnd ..pastimes without being dependent on 'the constant attentions of, your children. Of course you hive been blessed by God with the fundamentals that make your pleasant life possible. You have health, and a sufficiently good financial background lo make you independent. But, of course, these things would avail nothing if you didn't also possess common scnsp, tolerance, good humor and faith. Perhaps too much stress service to young 'oiks, playing up memory training eraTmore "than the predatory mother-in-law..They the people in professional or busit "" '"'" """" """'" ness life,'! said Dr. Furst. · "Her routine duties don't give her the mental problems which develop creative thinking. A survey I made showed that 80 or 100 had to write town their shopping lists. The rest depended-on memory, but 13 out of th'is 20 admitted that they sometimes forgt.t an item and had to return' to the store for it." But The press and radio .do a dis-1 placed in the domineering, trou- pcople, as' he observed, usually concentrate their memory on what is closest to their heart. 3ld Dr. Furst' ever he-i of a housewife who forgot,her wedding anniversary? "Never," he admitted. "That is why more husbands would be happier with a little memory train- ng." Don Richmond of the Rochester 3ed Wings is the International League batting champ fBr trie second consecutive year. Last year ie batted .350. go into marriage with their guardt up, ready t o . take offense where none is intended. Truly there are many women who are glad to hand over their children to good partners and do everything they can to promote the stability and happiness of .marriage. Mrs. H. K. Answer: The whole secret of your success, Mrs. H. K., is that you have grown--and are growing--emotionally and intellectually v.'i t h each birthday. May God send you many more You . h^ve accepted each responsibility as it came--wife, mother, mother-in- law, grandmother--and discharged it in a fashion. in a fine,, capable, wbmjmly A Splendid Example Few women achieve the complete fulfillment you have. What a happy world it would be if your example were emulated by more of them. If, instead of whining for the pleasures of a lost youth, 'they were content to enjoy the rich- ble-making . mother-in-law, but her number, .though small in comparison with the mothers who do . V try to do a good job as In-laws,' is still large enough to warrant frequent warnings. It is true, '»nd encouraging, however, lh«t each Ccneratton sees a smaller percentage of mothers who balk at the thought o! acquiring daughters 0 , sons-in-law. The modern woman is becoming more self-sufficient, more alive to the many opijortuni- tics around her for activity. 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