Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 19, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1952
Page 7
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NCWTMVmT AKANI AS TIMII, NftHtvWt, , «terc .If. Towns Seek To Blytheville Court Open* Testimony In Road Dispute Blytheville, Ark ,-(/!*!- Testimony from the Arkansas Highway Department-will tie heard today in I suit leaking to prevent relocation of U. S. Highway 61. The »uit, '.brought by Turrell, Jericho and Clarkedale, opened in Chancery Court here yesterday. · The plaintiffs presented two witnesses--a. landowner, and Ar- kansai Highway Department Chief Engineer Alt Johnson. The plaintiffs contend that the highway should not be relocated because it will bypass their corri- munilies. They also oppose Ihe 250-foot right of way'sought for the job on the ground that only a 24-foot wide road is planned. The Highway department says it eventually plans a four-lane thoroughfare from.Memphis to St. Louis, necessitating the wide right of way; and contends it would cost about $100,000 more to route the new highway through the towns. When Johnson was called yesterday, an attorney for the plaintiffs «aid he was "a hostile witness in order to get expert testimony." . Johnson was asked one question: "How wide will the new road be?" The engineer testified that pavement would reach 24 feet across, with 10-foot shoulders on either aide. Bob Porterfield of the Washington Senators had five combat jumps with the 82nd Airborne Division in World War II. Subpoena Power For Morris Denied By Senate Group; McCarran Has New Proposal · Waihington-WVPolitjcal bomb bursts rolled up and down Pennsylvania Avenue today as corruption probc-within-probes veered off in unpredictable directions. These developments utood out in the bitter election-year struggle between the Truman administration and its critics; 1. Newbold Morris, President Truman's specially appointed corruption sleuth, called on Atty. Gen. McGrath (his own immediate superior) and 595 other top Justice Department officials to submit detailed data on the financial status of themselves and their immediate kin. The questions asked ranged from stock market speculation and gambling to how many fur coats arc now in the family compared with five years ago. 2. A House Judiciary Subcommittee set up in the waka of congressional disclosures of tax collection scandals .asked Truman for a.look at the income tax returns of McGrath and 19 of his aides. .3. The same committee asked McGrath to appear for questioning March 28 in connection with the committee's own investigation of Justice Department affairs. He- publican presidential possibility Harold E. Stassen has suggested an inquiry into reports that McGrath has become a millionaire in his 21 years in public office. 4. The Senate Judiciary Committee rejected Truman's request that Morris be given power to subpoena witnesses and require the production of records from non- government sources'. New Approach Suggested Instead, Chairman McCarran (D-Nev) said his group had approved "a new approach" to the government cleanup problem. This would involve presidential ap- HOKUHRMa i * .r * r » doth. ' cr*amw»»h" your tkin No*f*m« te grff.talm.t~ you cm *" 1I y *·* !t ofl[ with «t cr ( drj% dr«wn feelinR nft, g powder b«se. ' . . - *« b'Jtlra cre«mw.,h" ,,,,,,,, wilh IOW No«i.m., s«e how | wnk. .,,, m . k ,. up . dir( 4. Now ipply No,iom« Docfor'c Homo Facial h»i»» your ikln look lovtllvr in 10 atqyi. Try ll- moiwy back, if you don't agrotl Hav» yov been longing for a complexion that wins compliments-that looki ·oftar, smoother? Then w» urge you to try thii JNTpuwtm Horn* Beauty Routine. It i*« tev1op*d-by a great skin doctor. And in clinical teats, it htlpfd thi» problem skin of 4 out of 5 woman look lovelier. . v NoxKomo works or monoy back! Try it for 10 days. If not delighted, return jar to Noxzemi, Baltimore-your money back, lake Of LOOK LOVELIER OFFER todayl · ·» Clt» this COUBWH «s · I 40*NOXUMA | I «ny29^ "'·' " J I. Use this trill j»r-se« how · I much lovelier It helps your I | skin look | · 2* than sava money by jetting J I OIANT10«i. JAR I ·nlySfdphj.!.,! I Any dr«( er e polritment of a chief Investigator and five assistants who--unlike Mnrris--would be subject to Senate confirmation. Further, in sharp contrast to the Morris plan of operations,. Congress, would have access to all information gathered by those investigators, through s u b p o e n a powers or otherwise. McCarran and other members of the committoe made it clear they did not have Morris In mind for the proposed chief investigator's post. The Nevadan described Morris, former president of the. New York City Council, »s a man without "control .of his own emotions." This was an obvious reference to Morris' outburst against the ''diseased minds" of senators investigating his part in some surplus tanker deals. Meanwhile, former Internal Revenue Commissioner Joseph D. Nunan, Jr., spent six hours yesterday behind closed doors with a House committee pursuing tax collection irregularities. Chairman King (D-Calif).sald he would be recalled "probably before the end of this month." N u n a n refused to comment on his lonj? session other than to say it was "pretty exhausting." Nunan, income tax chief from 1944 ' to 1047. has been accused by Senator Williams (R-Del) of giving legal aid to tax-troubled clients too soon after leaving the government. No Suhpoena Powers Morris 'appeared to be philosophical about the Senate commitcc's refusal to give him subpoena powers. He noted that'the resolution is "still before Congress," although .apparently he. was well-aware that committee disapproval usually kills proposed legislation. Morris said he would do the best he could without subpoena powers if that was the way it had to be, but observed that "it's like trying to ski with one hand behind your back--you have . better balance with both hands." The New Yorker called a news conference tn release copies of the- income questionnaire going- 1 first to the Justice Department and eventually intended to reach possibly 25,000 officials in other "sensitive" agencies. The questions, going back over five years, cover the whole family's net worth the"n and now, all bank accounts and safe deposit boxes, outside employment. Rifts over $250 or. legacies over $1.000, associations with convicted felons, gambling that runs over $500 a year, and market speculations. A required inventory of assets ranges from real estate and automobiles to jewelry and 1 fur?. : ' ; Sulphur City Mrs. Ralph Denny and children, Unda .ana Stuart, of Fort Smith, spent tht weekend here vyith Mr, and Mrs. C. E. Denny and Miss Lorene Denny. ' " ' · . . ' ' : Mrs. Neil McKinnon has re^ turned home .after ·; spending a week at Hope with her brother-, in-law and sifter, Mr. and Mrs, C. C. Bryant. Mrs. Frances Sheehan is in Ari-,' zona, where she is overseeing shipment of her household goods Arch King is building an addition to his house. ' : Miss Janclle Gregg and Len Gregg of Elkins viiited relatives here Sunday. . ' . ,'_ Mrs. Margaret Price'and Mrs, Neil McKinnon attended a P.T.A. meeting at Ilkins Monday night. Who Gives o / Green Stamps? WeDol McKMhon's Fabric Center II Gait Canter Johnaen't Mini and Wallpaper Store II North Block St. Hlrten Bret. DtiTO-in Furniture Siore Mwy. 71 North Town I Campui MEN'S WEAR Oitik ThMtre Bldf. Uner Irw.' Sh«« Htm Fairway Oratory 41 1 N. College Cltnn'i Dairy. (Houie le houie delirery) ' Phone IIO-W-4 Oiark Cltantrt 101 North Block Si. Harlan't Service Station Friendly Oull Station U Harth Cellefo McMy-McNoIr rayelleTllle »rlntlnf Co. ·mlk SUa Severe Retail MM* CASH Sale. Only Phillip* Meter C*. «20 North College Moere'i Oift She* JS North Block St. Fairway Herelware l» Mill SL Woffjenar't Bakery 101 Wail Cenler Si. Quaker Drua Start II lul Cenlei St Seebe'i Jewelen 14 Eail Canlei Royal Beauty Shop 1. IMe Severe Fkeie 111! la ROM HOUM of Btaury 112 N. Collate Phona III ftritim y«ir $4H GMMII Stomsts ot th« 420 North Coll«f* Ctfltcr, Nutritionist Is Critical Of Home Cooking Leftovers Not Too Good For Health, Writer Soys BT DOROTHY ROE (Ol The Aiiocialed Preii) Long-suffering "Mom" takes it on the chin again--this time from a noted nutritionist, Carlton Fred- cricks, who claims that many o( the world's ills, from bad temper to ulcers, may be caused by Mom's home cooking. In his new honk, "Eat, Live imd Be Merry," Fredericks says t h a t Mom's fried potatoes a nd apple pie may be, over a period of years, as lethal n dose as any ever dished out by Lucrctia Borgia. Americans suffer from a multitude of ills, sqys Frederick, citing the American Medical Association's statement that out of every 1,000 Americans over lo years of age, 976 will have some trace of anemia, obesity, tuberculosis or any of 20 other common ailments. Many of these, lie claims, could be prevented or eliminated by correct diet. This author is director of the Institute of N u t r i t i o n - Itecarch, member of many technical societies and a former university instructor in the chemistry of foods and nutrition. He gives this advice lo housewives who would feed their families well. "Liy Off Leftover!" , The first, which undoubtedly will please all husbands, is: "Lady, lay off the leftovers" Stale food, says Fredericks, never has the nutritional value of freshly cooked food. So cook only enough for one meal, and i[ there s any left, feed it to the dog. He advises serving as much raw food as possible, such as fresh fruits and preen salads. Don't overcook either vegetables or meats, as this is another common method of killing off vitamins.'tho only moat which must be w»Jl-,done"to be digestible. Most others arc better undercookec! than overcooked. Use butler as cooking fat. It's loaded wilh vitamins. Cook vegetables rapidly In covered pans and serve immediately, saving the '"pot liquor", for soups or fiauces. Proper attention to correct diet, says Fredericks, has been known to restore color to gray hair, smooth out wrinkles from faces, restore health and cood humor to people suffering from "psychosomatic" ills, bring back the ]oy of living to chronic complainers. Dick Irvine, All-Detroit high school firoballer, has signed with the Detroit -Tigers and will be ".cnt to one of their farms. Blockade Of Wonsan Harbor Choking ON Red Supplies, Naval Officer Asserts By WIU.1AM C. HARNAKI Tokyo-M')-"H's like bloukpdins San Francisco Harbor and bombarding Berkeley," the destroyer captain sttid. The skipper was Cornell 1 . II, C. Lank, San I3ieRo, nl the U. S. S. Gregory. He was talking about the U. S. Navy's day and night ihcll- ing of Wonsan.on the east coast of Korea, now in its 13th month. Wonsan," said Lank, "is one of the world's heller ports It is slightly larger than Frisco Harbor, Ihe water is deeper tha-. Frisco Bay, it has about the same temperature condHlons as Mew York City and its latitude is the same as Baltimore. "It just happens that the m a i n north-south roads in Eastern Korea go through Wonsan. Our shelling- chokes them off and keeps supplies from getting lo the Communist front lines! "It's the same with rail facilities. But the biggest accomplishment of Ihc bombardmcnl is t h a t we deny the. Reds the.uso of Ihcir finest port." The Navy officially refers lo the longest bombardment in Its history as a "sicje." An estimated 20,000 Red troops arc sattlonc.l in the Wonsan area to ward off possible Allied amphibious landings. Ignore Red Fire Destroyers Ignore the threat of mines and Red counlor-fire and sail boldly within rifle shot off shore for short range blasts with their five-inch suns. ! 0ur ships have virtually obliterate! everything within range," said Lank. "My biggest problem was lo hold .down the ammunlllon allowance. As long as they are f l r n g the guns, the men are happy. Well, It's fine training"." In Its 48-day toui of Wonsan, the Gregory fired 6,501 rounds. 11 steamed 7,500 miles prowling up and down Ihc harbor, according o Lt. Joseph L. Ochoa, the gunnery officer. Ochoa, of Los Angeles, and a majority ot the officers aboard tjic Gregory aro naval reserve, called back into service. One reservist is Lt. Comdr. Parks Peck of fiison, Ark., who spent 29 months in the Pacific, and 14 months at Cornell Unhcrsity as professor of naval sclcnie and ladies during the lasl war. EVERYTHING m ntlMBING and SUmttt FAYETTEVILL! IRON and METAL CO. OOVMNMtOT AVI. NC MORE VAGUl P4/NS, BAD BKSATH, HIADACHK, DIGtSTIVe DISTURBANCE, DIZZY SPELLS, LACK OF VITALITY AND SKI- '£Y, PALENCSS, HEARTBURN AND STOMACH GAS Colon Illustrations ('YsTQiiiAaji I- \N^ ; »'ai5i Bac! Breath und Complexion, Alrsyjf Tlrecl f-n-J Listen*. Ps. ITr:.*:,'J!P. Vtjun raliu. f\ General Rr-.Down rwllns Wltn Ko Am- tlon Tu Wor* or Play. NfwLifo vy;:r«. H:.VB ion ' . of whit T» liare trlrl In the fait, or hour Ipij;; j-oa ^^v? sat «p with theae' aumBntp, yoti can new hepje (er relief with HOFE MfNERAL TABI.F.TS. In jnit e lew lijl, yen will «r the watte, BLACk AS ?:1G(IT begin to leate year body and you w|ll f«l the relief ^nd won eoui chanct. MOTHER NATURE HAS BLENDED tracen of FIFTEEN different ninrrali In HOPE MINERAL TABLETS. When ·eliea and pains cet yon down, ·erkta* yoar body Is tnring U feu Te* It neeei Ihew mlnerali. Hepe Mineral will get down to thj reel an* will atart your lair ' a werkliig ataln. it wilt teck jeewen TO* thoajhl Fret Your Body HOn MINERAL will enrich Toer blood, gtoe yoe pep and energy, and will help your bedy ilrhre oat potionoif waste! The warm nd glow of health will be In Tew eheeka ant yoar ejrct will eparkle again. HOPE MINERAL It net like ether preeacti that gin yog a large ton ef ALCOHOL Jait to |ir» yea a temporary lift. Theet Minerale are not nun male alnarali. Hope Mineral U taken fram Ihe earth from Na- tatt'i Work Shop. It contalni only Natiral mlnirala, no 4of«, no ellt, ant li not Mae! forming. TAKE NOTE OF YOUR EUMINATION a few dan alter win. MOPE MINERAL. Wkeei Ua klack watt, htghu (e leare ynr kedr, 4* not kewmc alannel--the Blnenli are ea- Ing thtlr work. When yoar or. gana are free of waate and Inv parittei, jea will kegln lo feel relief. Then kt. Ikankfil »· kne nullj feud HOfE Ml.N ERAI'. Nature Cures DOCTORS W I L L T E L L TOU, H Ukn Ged and Kilvrt to de the real and final earing More and more, tafi trm te Mtaro fer healing. They uae a natvral mold growth lo make penicillin, Ihny hare found that ABNORMAL COLON. l)t»ti ol lhl con- eitfoa. which mJ lead to conf Ucatloni. 'ii^ · MKH ftfiflmMa NORMAL COLON. Mlalnll wtll hH* kttf tat mvKlM et year falen flrm ind hfilthy. eitaniplei prove that Nature Provide*. All we have to do In use what Khf. ofTrni. WHEN YOU ARK DEATHLY TIRF.D, kavo no Ambition, nervous, Irrltablr, have no appetite and rnn'l sleep at nlrht, TAKE MOI'K MINKKAI.. When ;on have no color nnd ynn frrl and look old heforo your time and life ircnu lo have no Intertnt for you. four body may bo craving thcie mineral!, Guaranteed do lo your drur itorc today and gel a bottle cf Hope Mlnrril Tablrli--me It anil II you are not MlltACUI.OII.SI.V tatlrted, «e tlll rrfunil your meney. f hta Bay ue the lirjl Inveilnent ol jour FBICE flie fHONI 717 IAS1 IIDI SQUARI Battery-Run Wrist Watch Is Announced Chlra(o'-(A*j-An electric wrist- wajch, hailed as keeping almost perfect time, was flimnunced today. It hai a little electric motor f inside, yet is no bigger t h a n a ! cnnvcntionsl. wind-up watch. I t , has 'A barely iiudible tick, no main- j spring, no winding mechanism. | A main secret is a tiny battery, similar In volume to a penny. It runs the motor.(or more than a yoar. Cost ot a new battery probably will be less than a quarter. The battery delivers power at an absolutely constant rate. It lakes only 1-ino,0u0th of a watt to run the watch. DttrM" (turn Sent To Fefcril Court Llltl* nock-WVA suit charg- inj ihet the Arkanaaj State Po!lcej^" ari J^' p«ct ha» b«n transferred: to V,* Diilrlct Court hert. / ··..-'.'i-ftif The »ult, filed by C. «. JHeprJaJM of Georgetown, White County/Jir. leges that he wa« beaten w(trr» rubber' hnsir In .Slat* Police '«·*-;; lined "third f!et;re*' methodi obtain ft conftsslon 'mm a o! sitphen , ch,ir S « thai have' been violated'. "Hot flashes" of chap of life stopped or strikingly rtlitved in 63-10%* «f fh«) catai in doctors' Itiit I "Ike" Hit For Ladles , New York-M'HIcre's the new spring hat for lady supporters of General Elsenhower: A lighl blue faille pillbox beret, wilh red f a i l l e piping and a red ribbon cockade on Ihe left front, decornled wilh an "I Like Ike" button. Designer] Sally Victor made up the $5 hat at the request of the Wilton, Conn., Committee for Eisenhower. · Those uirTocatlnK "heat wavrn" -- alternaUng with nervous, clammy feelings -- and accompanied ofton by reitleu Irritability and .nervousness --i »re well-known to women suffering the functionally-caused dlstreu of middle Hie "change"! You want relief from such suffering. And--chances are--you can get 'It. Thrilling relief I Thank* to two /amotia I.ydla Ptnkham medicines! * In doctors' te*(3, Lydla Plnlthnm's Compound and Tablet* brought relief from such distress In S3 «d M'i (respectively) of the CUM tested. Complete or striking retltll Atnrizlng, you say? Not lo" the maiiy thousands of women who know Irom experience whit then Lydia Pinkham medicine* can dol Their action--actually -- Is very modern. They exert « scientifically calming, iootliing elfectl Try Lydta Plnkham's on the« of medical evidence! Be*. If you, too, don't Ruin bleued relief from those terrible "hot flashes" and wea K common In "chanie of life," Mow Lyslfij PlHhhwiH/ft w*t+i If «t* Wirnutfh « i«om«n'f fym- -aaffiftlc nfriKiU* iy*Jfm IP flcf ,, relief /rorn t/i* "/iof ilasWand other functionally-catlttd ·til-" trttuej of "chanpt o/ lift." Don't put I! offl Get Lydla Pink-" ham'i Vegetable Compound or near Improved Tablet* with added Iron-" ('trie: ilte only Mil. ~ -Wonderful -- too -- for the func* : Uonal paliu, cramps, "draf iBd-ouf 1 feelings and other dUootnfort of moatiuj rotottrual pcriodal ", Niahti Until 8 P.M. PHONI 21 HOME APPLIANGE SALE REG. 204.95 REFRIGERATOR-9,3 CU. FT. SIZE San 131 *ow l/J.OO 15% ·owl, lerat Haver before at Ihii low price, Hore'i the refrigerator (or the family that noeei a lot of itoraoe tegte. 14.2 iq. ft. of ihelf area --freezer that rnldi 28 Ibi. frozen fooe! and ice--plvi froiter h-ay below for imall cut of meat--twin Food Fr*ih*nen Ike itore 19 qti. (ruili, vegetables, Removable half-thelf providei itsrage flexibility. 4 Jtffy tray releaiei prevent ititlinf, 2 Jiffy tube releoiei »op out cubet. WARDS REG. 112.95 WASHER-9-LB, CAPACITY Lew ioli pr/ce Buy your new M-W waiher now while you ave $ 10. Exclusive 6-vane Swirlahv wotti- Ing action. Famoui lovtll wringer hoi t' bolloon rolli, 1 to 300 Ibi. ireuvrt wtot» tiofi, twlngi to I convenient petition* White parcelair) fmiih It eaty hi WARDS REG. 106.15 GAS RANGE-36" COOKTOP Pflet cut, now Compact lite of Ihii attractive Gai Range makei it Ideal for mall kitchen. Depend* ible performance incorporate! modem fee- Buy oa fernf tureu I-piece, doublfl««l o»««)i imokeleti breilerj cenMr-ring gretei) re* movable drip tray. Ivy new, nvt IUY NOW~U« WARDS MONTHLY PAYMINT PUN

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