Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 19, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1952
Page 2
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TUMI, feyMttvMt, ArkamaM, WMlnowUy, March l», IMS imMimmMINIIIMMIIIMIHIIIIHHIimilllllllftlllllllllllUI . MRS. KATHLEEN DOZIER IIIMIIIIIIIIIIIimilllllHIIIIIllllllllllllllilillillllllllll^iillllllinilllllllllllllMIIIII Daily Calendar ;of Events Tonight . .,;·"';-'- ' ·-,-' ·-'·- '- -. · ;'- · ' - - , " Naval Reserve. Electronic Compuny fl-8 Drill, Eason Building,-? University. Law Wives, Student Union, 7:30 · · Delta Sigma, Hugh Klncsld, 7:30 ' Kappa .Alph6 Phi, 48 £a«'t 'Hock, 1:31 .'· . . . 9.841th Volunteer Air Force Reserve Training.Squadron, 7:30 Army Reserve, 112',4 Wc«t Center, 7:30 ". Miliiary Order of Purple Heart, VKW Hall, 7:30 University Lodge U,-D., Masonic Hall, 7:30 ' ''The Arl'ofiChlnn.V'Art Center-Lecture Room, 7:45 J.O.O.F., IOOP Hall, 8 Thursday . . . Rotary Club,. Wafhlnglon Hotel, 12 Chapter.' B('Sisterhood, Mrs. Heydon Lewis, 1:30 Chapter K, P.E.O. Sisterhood, Mrs. Alfred Hathcock, 2:30 Marion Chapter, D'.A.H., Mrs. R. D. Baldwin, 2:31) Junior Assembly,: Keller. Studio, 7 . · · · · · American Legion, pinner, Legion'Hut, 7 Jefferson-Bates P/T.A'., Ba'tcs School,-7:15 · -· ·· Levereti School-P.T.A., School Auditorium, 7:5 .Dlgby Bell-Sue "Green Recital, Art-Center Concert Hall, 8 MissWesscp Cbmplimiilteid AtShbweir · Mist 'Marilyn;; We»sell, brii elect of Robert'Davjt, Jr.i w a complimented )u(r evening with mliceilineoui brltUi: ihower, gl en by .-.Mm, .HiiiAv Frey- it hi home on Rinch^Prlve. ·;'·',· ·. · tiling a blue' and,, wjiljf coli motif, the ref.reshffjetit ta'frlo centered with a, large umbrel! encircled by gifts. Miniature urn '· brillas ornatrienied the liidivldu nut cups,...' , ." . ' . . 'Following .a desert course, th 12 guesti were-, entertained wi' ·n evening of,. c'anasta. Weavers Guild Has Demonstration Of Guatemalan Ar Mn. Letter Elliott w«s hoites to the meeting jf ihe Northwej Arkancai Weaver* Guild Monda at her home h e r e . , . . . . ; . . Present for the afternoon w«r Mn. Alice Thornton, president o the Guild, from Slloam Springs Mn. Dorothy .Wllllama or Kanian Okla,! Mn. Otraldine Hutchisot of Slloam .Sprlngi; Mn, Mabe Craig, 'Bentonvillc; Mrs. Huxtabl of Rogers; Mrs. Blanche Joyner b Fayetteville; Mn.-Oladys Hlgnl FayettevlUe; ·: Robert Barnen Greenland; and guests, Mr». Ed T Trotger and Jim Craig. A cooperative'' luncheon wa itrved/it'noon, fnllowcrt by th buiinwi meeting. Reportt wer given' by - the nreildent on th traveling exhibit, placed In Chi cago, 111,, with the Chicago Weay ers. Guild. P!»ns were disquite for the annual reports and, .election ,of officers which will lie given i the meeting next month at the Barnes and Chase Studio In Greenland.' :-;:· · , . · · . . . : Btrhei wa appointed t ' h H l r . . of a committee to work out plans for the Four-Day Work Shop to be held In cooperation with the Of ark Artljls and Craftsmen. Thin will'be given for both beginners and advanced students.' A demonstration on .Guatemalan pick-up weaving was given b Mrs. Geraldlnc Hutchison, n nev member who Is .a former stiiden . of Mrs. Mary Atwaler, rfnownet it «n authority on American and Latin-American weaving. . Duggar,-Association President,,To Speak Elder John W. Duggar, presi dent of the North American Bap .tilt Association and pastor of Parkview Baptist Church at Lain el Miss., will preach tonight at .7:30 o'clock at Calvary Baptist Church, corner of Maple and )%tti West streets. ..-"'· " IT'S AU HERE IN STOCK No w o r r y about filling your prescription! Our ample stock of nationally advertised pharmaceutical! insurer Immediate attention to the requests of your personal physician. FREE DELIVERY Gall 3010 CONYERS PHARMACY BLOCK k DICKSOH Pharmacy Wives Meet With Mrs. Freed man Mrs. Stewart Frcedman .entertained at her homo last night with bridge and canasta for the University Pharmacy Wives. ' ':Mr«;.Ray. Buchmann won nt bridge::and Mrs,'Reed llollman, Mri. James Steed and Mrs. Wayne .OrUflri-'aVoh-nr cana«ta. others **iaent,'.Wi!re Mrs. Clarence'Bolln MM.' aeorgeTa'HIera, Mrs. Edward Chi-lstcnsen, and Agatha Robpr Refreshment!;, were server) by Mr«. Froodman and co-hostess Mrs, Luther. Goings. The next mealing will he heli at Ihe home 'of .'Mrs. Hollman April 1. Scouts Report Sale Ot 5582 Boxes Of Cookies A report on'the recent'Girl Seoul L-ookle Sale has been given by e rs /i^rt P'. C ,WSi:B. cllcl of the Girl ScoUt-OouncIl of Payritevlllc, as: CpokleVsoltl totaled 5,682 boxes *lth the profit to be used or the maintenance of :thf Little louse ns well as purchasing new equipment. A mnaller percentage of the profit will' be given each roop and. may be used for any ulrpose -they might choose. This s usually a means of buying Scout books, or hanrlcrnfl ma- erlals, paying registration fees, laving parties, or overnight trips to the Little House. Homeniakers Glu b iaSFlowerExchange The Homelnakers Home Demon- tratlon Club met Tuesday ev6nlng nt 7:30 o'clock, In the home of Mrs Turner Marie Vlck on the Ml. Comfort Road. ... - An exchange of.' flowers opened he meeting, which was followed y Ihe devotional, given bv Mrs 'urnor Marie Vic Daniel. The poem if.-the month, "Home," was rend Jy Mrs. .Tnanlta nnd Mrs, Marie Madriox gave the painting or the month, "The nlue Bov." loll call was answerer! bv "some- hlng I could do to be healthier." Bnrbara Klnkadc discussed the ubjcct,."What Is Cancer?" Present for the meeting · wore 0 members nnd fnur new mc-m- ier$, Mrs, Iris MosWIiir, Mrs. Ann ilorrls. Mrs. Kunico Noland and ilrs, Stephinson. The next meeting will be at the ome of Mm. Dorothy Strange. BoysjClub Receives Gift From League The Faycttevllle Junior Civic League met with Mrs. B i l l Ynunkln lant evening with JHr«. E. L,-. Romans, '.senior advisor, present. ··'-','.', . '. '".,. , . Bob Lpgiden, .director of the Boys CluK.wai': presented. with a chcck.'fnr'fSO/tyrtrrwhleh to buy n ping pon'g table for the club and tentative plans woro laid for a ;lty-wlde. paper drive, to be held luring Boys Club Week, beginning March 31. Mrs.' Joe Pendie- on is chairman of a committee Including Mrs. J. Freeman and Mm.' Charles Dodil, in charge "of arriinscmcnts. Mrs. Fay Hail 1 is In charge of publicity. Mrj.. W. A, '-DavisV. Jr., was elected as a.dclegate. to'the slate convention,'to be held in Little Rock, April 7-8. The April meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Bill Ames. FIRST BOAT ACROSS LAKE. IK. 1952 SEASON 'ersonals Mr; and Mrs. William B. Putman returned Sunday from vlslt- ng her mother, Mr«. Vivian R, "olmnon, I n ' T u l s a , Okla. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Ouggan and laughter, .Icislca, visited in Fay- iltcville and Sprlngdnle Saturday nd Sunday, returning to Tulsa, Okla., Sunday evening. Airman Harold T. Land, son ol Virgil .R. Land, Huntsville, has 3cen promoted from sergeant to laff sergennf In the U.S. Air 'orcc. Mr. and Mrs, Phillip Baker of Spr.ingdaio. announce the-birth of. a daughter, Phyllls'.Jo, Monday al Ihe Applcgate Clinic In Springdale. Miss IViargarol GallaWay is spending -some time In Jonesboro, with her sister, Mrs. C. D. Frierson, who ;i convalescing from a severe Illness. Capl. Roy V, Hunter, A r m y pilot, husband of Mrs. Ruby Hunler of Faycttevllle, who is serving with the IBOih Field Artillery Battalion, 45th Infantry Division, has received a second cluster to the Air Me'dal: He has completed BO 1 missiona over the Korean batllefront. Mr. and Mrs. D, R. Eoff of 720 Douglas Street, have received word of the birth of a 'great- granddaughter,. Sandra, born to Mr. .and Mrs. Derrell G. Leonard of Warren, Ark., on St. Patrick's Day. Mr. Leonard Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. O, F. Leonard of Warren, and Mrs. Leonard is the former Miss Ruth Eoff of Fayette- villc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward McClelland have returned from a 10-day vacation In'New Orleans, La., and nthnr points thereabout. 'Mr. Mc- lolland' attended the meeting of (he American Society of Professional Civil Engineers, where 3raml,cj!e .McCleliatid of Houston, T.c.x'ns, .his .brother,.: gave a paper on. "the foundation structure for trilling rigs In the Gulf of Mexico oil territory." Mr. and Mrs. McClelland also saw the Azalea Trail, Sclllngralh "Gardens and the Natchez Pilgrimage. Norm's Beauty Shop SALE 50% OFF Cold War* it Machine lie tar n-Ht tar II.M IN ffr 111 II. _. Call m III W. MMU nRST ORIAt UKK ahlp to make Its way acruaa Lake Erlt In 19S2, th«automobllf carrier Mataafa. crunches through floating lea Into Cleveland harbor from Detroit. U. S. Coast Quardman John L. Pilling ia outlined at Itft as ha wjlcnta th boat's entrance from Cuast Guard station. . International; Announcements · Cntineerlni Faculty Wlvea Clnb The Enelneerlng .""acuity Wlv Club will have a pot-luck suppe Friday at 6:30 p. m. In the Facul Clubrooms. guests. Husbandl will b- Jefferson 8eh*ol P, T. A. The Jefferson School P.. T. j nominating committee will give report at a meeting t o . b e he tomorrow'evening at 7:15 o'cloc at Bates School. At 7:30 o'clock th 31-ogram for the joint meeting w] feature a talk by Virgil'Blossoir Anyone desiring tranaportatio 'rom. Jefferson School district t Sates School, please n o t i f y ' M r W. D. Wylie. before j p, m. to morrow. Refreshments will served. 2(th Century Clnk The 20th Century Club will mee rlday a t . 3 p. m., In the hoi.. of Mn. Bruce Holcomb, 618 Res ?an Street. Mn. O. L. Craven vlll revie* "The Far Side 'aradlse" by Arthur Mlsener. Okapter K, P.E.O. Chapter K, P.E.O., will meet a 2':30 p m., with Mri. Alfred Hath cock, 400 iJorth Walhlngton Ave ntie. Rh'amrak Ctak ,The Shamrock Club will mee omorrow at 2:10 p.m., with Mrs B. B. Wtlt, SIT. Nftrtli College Avenue. . . ' ; ; · ' · · · Beta Slsms Pkl Beta Sigma Phi will meet Jo morrow night at 7:30 o'cloek I he Women's Civic Club rooms. KM» ·» wltk Ik* ke Tlmsa , 7'/i Million Rtsmt Cuatomers DtmfnM IH NOW HERE It IS Chorlti Anted Formula 9 and Shampoo -- bolh cMttlalM laielim »4 hermeots. '. · bit Sid* of Square JUMNNfi-JACK AGIS 3K FOR ALL CHILDREN * MONTHS TO 4 YEARS Jumping-Jacb are right for'children six monlhi to four yeart becauie they ore deiigned right, The unique, patented one-piece lole will firmly but gently help develop correct walking habilt. As ihe child grows older and needt more lupporl, Jumplng-Jack tales will gel thicker while ilill retaining their marvelous inherent flexibility. Ask your doctor--he know* and recommends Jumping-Jacki. WHITE OR MOWN UK to « $4.71 to » 15.21 FIRE RAZES PITTSBURGH CHURCH IMO« AND FLAMES ipout from St. Petert Roman Catholic Church la Pittsburgh as firemen pour water on the blaze In an attempt to put it cut Damage to the structure is said to be about SlSO.OOO.flntenuuional) Delta Gamma Club Plans Spring.Project The Delta Gamm'a.Moti-ors Club met yesterday at ihe chapter house with "itrs. Charles Driver and Mrs. Dwight Canfltld at bent- esses. .. ' - , ,, . · . . . ' . .Mrs. Earl'Hpukjjjawlden'f, pre- . sided : at "the/ busjne«f;-mf«tj|nV.»t which/time, a. spring project wai discussed .by the. group; ThVtim* and- place" for .the April -meeting will be announced at i later.-date.' See this f t^K'!**^-^' . -GIANT of SHIM if Famoui SM* I I «u. Now you can buy a Manhattan shirt for the price of an ordinary shirt! $2*5 NOW ·tn kack MI 'tr Men's Shop R )BERT GltMOUR LETOURNEAU, founder and president of four great industrial plants in the United States, and one in Australia, is commonly known as one of "America's Leading Christian Laymen." He invents and manufactures over fifty per cent of all the world's earth-moving machinery now being used to revolutionize the building of high 1 Ways, dams, airports, and army cantonments, and at the same time gives unstintingly of his time to the furtherance of the Gospel and has He travels approximately twenty thou- endowed the world's largest exclmivcly ssnds miles a month in the operation of religious foundation with 99.7 per cent of his wealth. At present he dcrotcs ninety per cent of his income to promote Christian pursuits, Mr. LeTourneau attributes to God his phenomenal rise from the 1 obscurity of a "one-tool" garage mechanic to the operator of a five-factory corporation doing a yearly business of over twenty-million dollars, and employing about eight thousand people. his industrial plants, and at the same time filling engagements telling the amazing story of what God has done for him spiritually and materially. This is your opportunity to hear him.Robert Gilmour LcTourneau is a dynamic speaker. He will give you something you will never forget. The experiences of this unique industrial genius and Christian philanthropist will thrill and challenge you. Don't miss him I MRS. DOROTHY M. STKATHIAKN familliflr koowa M th* "Gosptl NightiHgil, of Amain" ··111 sinit 11 turn intoiit. Mri. S«*m bti · Uric loprano Yolrtofriririin iiintllrr ebc UiJoed «t ihe Eittmin School ^ MMicI KoclHiur, Niw Yak. "··"·; HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM School and Meadow SlrMM Thursday, March 20, 1952 t:00 P.M. tent»rMl by rh* Mlnliltriil Alltant* *f NyMMvllt*

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