Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 16, 1974 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, August 16, 1974
Page 6
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BEEF -- Ground 'oasis. Field Peas To Be Low Priced GOOD BUYS 'GUI/TRY -- Fryers, e g g s , urkcys and parts. -- Hams and picnics, misugo, shoulder roasts. beef, chuck OTHERS -- Milk, cheese, liver, ologna, Franks, tuna, frozen ish. /EGETABLES -- Potatoes, . mions, cabbage, lettuce, corn, dow iquash, celery, carrots; rice; canned vegetables. "·SUITS -- Bananas, plums, melons, peaches, grapes, pears, oranges, canned and frozen "uiccs. By MESCAL JOHNSTON August is the height of field jea season in Arkansas. When ate summer rainfall is adequate, field peas are available rom numerous sources. Their prices vary widely with source and quantity purchased, but trices from all sources are normally lowest in late August. QUALITY SIGNS The .several varieties of field peas differ in size and color Df pods, but freshness and well- billed pods are common signs of quality in all varieties. Mature pods of high-quality, fresh lield peas have a dull luster though color varies with variety. Shiny pods or bright vor has developed, Fresh flavor cannot be restored. FH1SSH FLAVOR VALUED While canned peas are easier to prepare than frozen, dried, or fresh ones, ease of prepara- lion doesn't always determine choice. Ease of preparation, like cost, helps to influence choice of field peas; but flavor preference is likely to oversha other consideration. Paris Fashion This long red, white and wine colored cape, worn wilh a floor-length pleatcil dress is a hostess gown from the au- fumn-wiiifer collection of Jean Palou of Paris. It was sliown this week. (AP Wircphoto) Hints From Heloise-Old Socks Said Excellent For Any Type Of Cleaning green color means undcrmature field peas that, are difficult to shell, give low yield, and have poorly developed flavor. Peas shelled from pods thai look dull or dry are likely to have less flavor than those shelled from pods with velvety surfaces Dry-looking pods indicate that peas stayed on the vine too long before they were picked 01 were held too long after'pick- ing. -Water-soaked or slick p'nds indicate flavor loss, it not spoil igc. The freshest and most .flavor ill shelled peas are those will blootri on (he surface. Dry coking shelled peas have los nuch of their flavor. Those tha lave sprouted are likely to hav- musty flavor. Excessive tvasl n shelled peas is not neccb arils' a sign of poor quality bul cleaning trashy peas rna ·equire about as much time a vould have been needed to she! them in the first place. Fresh peas, especially shellei ones, lose quality rapidly whe landled carelessly. A large con ainer or plastic bag of fiel peas left in the sun or a ho Dear Heloise: I think my all-time favortie is old socks for just about any cleaning job. I started doing this when my brood were in school and I had all those heavy gym sox that had a hole in them, or were sagging at the lop. I found if I put a pair on ray hands, I could pick up small objects and dust them all over and do the tops of winnows and Also, they are just the thing for polishing silver, shoes, to dust the rungs on the chairs, and all the corners on the legs of the table, and on...and on... Lou Dear Heloise: When rewinding yard for an afghan, I wound it on an empty as -'ilt such gift , cardboard tube paper comes on. Then the idea occurred to me to place this tube on a plumber's friend (or plunger). The plunger could then be siiclioneH to the floor, which would pre vent the yarn from becomin? tangled and also rolling out o r6 Hop'e this idea is helpful tc others who crochet. Byrin m and then rub one finger over he exposed glued area. The area will be immaculate nd ready for washing. Mrs. Lida Volikakis Dear Heloise: I have .twin daughters and vhen it conies lo washing their hair, it's a mess fightiffg shampoo suds that always gets in heir eyes. My neighbor taught me not :o use a wet washcloth but to ise a dry one instead. It reallj works: Others might try it. Melinda 'ear Heloise: Clear plastic shoe boxes are great to store noodles, niaca- ·oni, beans, etc. They are easier to store in the cupboard than glass jars and take up less space as they can be stacked. "Happy" 15 minutes for pints or 40 minutes lor quarts, If no pressure canner is available, pints may be processed in a pressure sauce pan that maintains 10 pounds pressure for 55 minutes. car for several hours can generate enough heat to develop musty flavor. After this off-fla- For this reason, it isn't unusual for homemakers to take the time to shell fresh peas for which they pay more than pro- essed ones would cost. For the ime reason, homemakcis who an't find time to shell peaj nay pay much more for shell- d, fresh peas than they woult lave to pay for an equa: mount of frozen or canned nes. COST PER SERVING At present grocery store rices, fresh, unshelled field pas ar more expensive thai ither canned or frozen peas Dried peas are less expensive lian canned and frozen ones ut dried peas are higher-pricec ban they were a year ago anc igher-priced than they shouk ic this fall. For each half-cup crving of cooked peas, cost un like this: dried peas, 4 t i cents, canned peas (from drier leas) 8 cents, canned pea 'from fresh ones) 8 to 9 cents, rozcn peas 9 to 10 cents, and resh, unshelled peas 11 to 14 cents. COST PER POUND When both shelled and unshelled peas ar displayed in the grocery store, the much higher 3rice of shelled ones often give J guilt complex to shopper who buy them, even if there's not] that much difference in cost after shelling. For purposes of in- slore comparison of fresh peas, a broad general rule is this: When 3 pounds of fresh, unshelled peas cost the same as a pound of frozen or fresh shelled peas, very little money is saved by shelling. To be more specific, 3,pounds of g o o d quality, unshelled field peas yield 1% -- pounds or 4 cups. Grocery store prices of 29 to 39 cents per pound of unshelled peas mean a cost of 63 to 85' cents per pound of shelled peas, j By comparison, frozen field 1 peas in 10- or 20-ounce packages j cost about 53 cents per pound.j Two cans of field peas (15- ounce size) yield about 3 cups EXTENSION. HOMEMAKERS CLUB n|i m Tin Pill Mi n|in|r"TT Extension Homemaker Clubs in Washington County will meet according to the following sche- d u l e . Aug. 16-21. Friday: Buckner, Mrs. Ruth. Davis, 1 p.m. Aug. . 20: Winslow, Mrs. Robert Summers, 7:30 p.m. Aug. 21: Salem, Community building, 10 a.m.; Zion-Oakland, Mrs. Ray Netto, 504 Carlton, Springdale, 1:30 p.m. That's a terrific idea, Byrne And why didn't I think of 1 years ago? Twould have save me many a frazzled nerve. It could also be moved from room to room and placed by your favorite chair without disturbing the yarn. LETTER OF LAUGHTER Dear Heloise: . and then iny bram started solidifying. Henry Dear Heloise: . I have had every type cooking pot on the market, aluminum, glass copper, etc., and find in the end I settle mostly for my old-fashioned iron ware. To keep it from rusting, 1 spray the outside with the no- stick vegetable spray after washing it and I no longer have a rust problem. Grannie Dear Heloise: So often we have purchased jars, baking pans and pots etc., with glued-on labels and prices that are hair-raising to remove. I use one of my rubber gloves. First, remove the paper or label, etc. Just tear it off -- don't moisten. Put the glove Ballet Lecture Set For Tonight Sylvia Stewart will present a ballet lecture-demonstration at 8 o'clock tonight in the Uark Bowl Ballroom, 632 W. Dickson St. Miss Stewart is teaching ballet classes at t h e summer Mime workshop at the University and teaches privately Fayetteyille. She has studied dance in New York and San Francisco. Appearing w i t h her tonight will he Iris Landsberg and Margaret Kelenck of Paris who are both here for the summer. There will be no admission charge. The WHITE HOCK August meeting ,of the White Rock Elome Extension Club was held at the home of Verta Pool. The hostess gave devotions, "New Year." Rpll call was answered with an item to take to the fair bazaar. A decision not to have a booth at the fair was made by the 11 members present. ^Three members reported on a creative arts demonstration they attended. Following the meeting a cooperative lunch was served Spring Coleslaw 4 cups cabbage shredded Vt cup cucumber, diced V4 cup celery, diced '/j c u p green pepper chopped V4 cup mayonnaise 2 tablespoons vinegar 2 teaspoons prepared mus tard '/i teaspoon paprika Vi teaspoon salt Combine all vegetables am chill well. Combine remainin; ingredients and pour over vege tables. Toss lightly. Serves 6. Thrift Tip To prevent your aluminum lawn chairs from blowing over in the wind, cut a six-inch section from a wire coat hanger. Remove the seclion at the henc in the hanger, place [his over (he back lower rung of the chair and push it into the ground. REGISTRATION Play, Learn, Nursery Sclioo! FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Educational Building Aug. 19-21 -- 9:30-11:00 a.m. Three year clas -- Tuesday- Thursday $12 a month. Four year class -- Monday-Wcclnos- day-Friday ?I8 n month. Registration Fee: $5 PARAGON SALON OF FAYETTEVILLE WELCOMES SHERRI BONHAM To The Staff and Returning BRENDA JOHNSON 708 442-7701 N. COLLEGE 442-7612 Call For Appointments: Susie Gwen M-ary Sue Lynn Carol Jean Becky Chuck Nell Jackie Liz or 1 pound drained weight of shelled peas at a cost of 50 to 54 cents. Two cans of peas rom dried ones) cost 48 cents, aking the cost per pound . al- ost equal to that of fresh can- el peas. A bushel of field peas weighs to 30 pounds and should yield least 10 quarts of shelled ias, or 13 to 14 pounds. In rms of commercially canned eas, the' value of a bushel of ·as equals 26 to 28 cans (15 nces size) for which you ould, pay $6.50 ( 0 $7. To buy pounds of frozen peas^ you'd y a I least 57 in 10 -or 20- unce packages. BREEZING AND CANNING The big job in canning or eezing of field peas is the idling. Even if you buy sliell- i peas, removing · trash often .ikes more time than the rest the canning or freezing pro- ess. To freeze prepared peas, ring five to six quarts of water i a rolling boil. Place about quart of peas in a perforated nsket or cheesecloth bag and wer into boiling water. As on as water starts boiling a- ain, time to exactly two linutes. Remove peas a n d lace immediately in a large ontainer of cold water until eas are cold to centers. Drain nd pack into moisture-vapor esistant containers, leaving ne-half inch head space. Seal abel, and freeze. To can field peas by the raw ack method, pack washed peas o within VA inches of the top f pint jars or within 2 inches f the tops of quart jars. Adc teaspoon salt to pints or easpoon to quarts. Cover with oiling water, leaving one-hal nch space at tops of jars. Sea ars and process in pressun aimer at 10 pounds pressun | THE LIGHT I TOUCH by Gardenhire's Teenagers are people who express a burning B desire to be different i by dressing alike. exactly Remember when "dirty film" was something on your laundry? Our friend says he finally got his lawnmower back from the neighbors. Bought it at their garage sale, * * * * No one ever FINDS life worth living.. We have to MAKE it worth living. * * * * High school teacher we know wants to switch to elementary school, so she can be sure of getting a parking space. * * * * | Finding a parking space near Gardenhire Jewelry for a ring that makes a summer romance last forever. GARDENHIRE'S JEWEtRY S.E. Corner of Square [EARN 10 DANCE ELEANOR WILLIAMS DANCE STUDIO For Girls and Boys. Ago 3'/i through 18 COMBINATION CLASS OF . . . · ACROBAT · TAP · BALLET · MODERN JAZZ Personality Singing and Baton Given With Routine Accepting Pre-Registration for Fall Studio Will Be Located 3 Miles East of. Boot School, Highway 45. Phone Mrs. Eleanor Williams 521-5373 Jfarthtwst Arkansas Ottawa twite or MEN Friday, August 16, 1974 iiniiiuiiiniiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiwiiiniiiniiiiira H iiiiiirtmranniiinuiniraiuiiiiiiBlun Daily Calendar of Events; SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Radio Tour 2-way .radio headquarters tm decfroolc. .too. 1WT 520 N. CoHe« 443-ZQJ For Your Prescription Needs See Us QUAKER DRUG K E. Center -- MM2« ; J City Parking Lot In Rear i!ra^ Saturday Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m; Farmer's Market, Old Post Office Square,. 7 a.m. ;»· Al-Anon, 'Wiggins Methodist Church, 7 p.m. ·.:. Ballroom Dance Group, Adult Center, 7:30 p.m. Dudes and Dolls, Asbell School Cafetorium, 8 p.m. iiniiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipii Dl -STORE I LAST 2 BIG DAYS TODAY AND--SATURDAY Last 2 Days To Save In Our Big In-Store Warehouse Sale! It's A Great Savings Opportunity In A Convenient Location . . . Hurry! SHOP EVERY DEPARTMENT! SAVE FOR YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY! SAVE ON HOME FURNISHINGS! HOUSEWARES! Save On Nationally Known Brand Ladies Dresses And PantsuLts Orig. 36 to $68 OFF Now 23.97 to 44.97 Great savings on nationally known brand dresses and pantsuits. Fashion colors and fabrics of the season that will make your late summer wardrobe complete. Sizes 8 to 16. . Moderate Dresses--DIUARD'S--First Floor Open Monday Through Saturday '10 A.M. Until 9 P.M.

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