Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 16, 1974 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 16, 1974
Page 3
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THE WEATHER £ tsewhere Commuting President Adds Interest To D.C. Scene NorthwMt Arkansas TIMES, Friday, Aufl. 16, 1974 FAvrrrcviLLi, ARKANSAS " · - By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Weather Forecast Warm weather is forecast Friday for most of the nation. Cool .weather is expected for the northern Plains. Cloudy expected weather is forecast for coastal photo) areas, hut sunny skies a r e inland. (AP Wire' Albany. Amarillo Asheville Atlanta Birmingham Bismarck Boise Boston Brownsville Charleston . Charlotte Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Denver Des Moines Detroit Duluth Fairbanks Green Bay Helena Honolulu Houston Ind'apolis Jacks'ville Juneau Kansas City Las Vegas Little Rock Los Angeles Louisville Marquette Memphis Miami Milwaukee Mpls-St. P. New York Okla. City Orlando Philad'phia Phoenix Pittsburgh P'tland, Ore. P'tland, Me. Rapid City Reno Richmond St.'Louis San Diego San Fran Tampa Washington Friday ... .'. HI LO PRC Otlk 80 56 .. clr 95 69 ..cdy 83 65 .05 rn 85 69 .. 87 69 I.o6 WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Ford stops traffic twice daily over an eight-mile route, b u t , fellow commuters just smile, and wave him on. A commuter president is rn . cdy .. clr .. clr .. cdy .01 rn .. rn · · cdy .26 cdy .. clr ..'edy .09cdy '.. cdy .. cdy .. rn .16 rn .. clr ..clr .03cdy ABA Says Nobody Immune From Prosecution HONOLULU, f (AI?) " .-i- ' The American 'Bar' Association has resolved that former President .Richard M. Nlxqn-..should-not. be immune frorri prosecution -for any wrongdoing in .connection with -Watergate;: y';/; .-.'. The 'resolution"'"'approved ""by the nation's largest legal organization 1 ''Thursday : "said'-the. law should be enforced "regardless "of the-position or status; of any individual." Y ' " ' , ', Though it never mentioned him by name, the b r i e f but carefully worded resolution- unquestioningly applied to Nixon its' sponsors, say. · . . ' . . ' It. would be less than realistic if anyone thinks nVdoesn'i refer to the Nixon case,",said Maurice Rosenburg of , New York, a member of the Resolu ,lions Committee which put the proposal in final form. ; , Approval :came without .de bate, or dissent in the House o Delegates, the legislative body of the 185,000 member organ ization. O n ' t h e matter ; of Vietnan draft-resisters, the House yote 117-110 - to endorse . conditions amnesty. * The resolution endorses legis lation before Congress to gran immunity from prosecution i: exchange for two years' servici in an organization ; such as th Peace Corps. Among those favoring th proposal was former Ally. Gen Elliot L. Richardson, the' fea lured speaker : on Thursday. As other speakers have dur ing the week, he tried analyze the conditions that le to Watergate, the overridin theme of the association's 971 annual convention; which enc today. : · '·'. ' 'A fallacy : that must be pn ged at the outset is the notio i the chief actors in Water- ate were uniquely evil men," aid Richardson, who quit as ttorney general rather than re the special Watergate pros- cutor as Nixon had ordered im to do. "When.a person's primary. al ; egiance is only to his itempora- y employer, and" not. to any arger community, it takes trength of character to buck he system," Richardson said. He asked, ".. . How many of s can be sure we would have jeen able to.resist this kind of declared with new iressure? The ABA emphasis that its rules of ethics and discipline apply to all law yers .at all times, including ;hose-.-'whb have left 'private practice to take public office or performi in'- other public service. .Some' Watergate figures al ready have been suspended or barred from law practice anc others, including Nixon, are un der investigation for possibl discipline. In other matters, the associ ation overwhelmingly rejecte a proposal urging state legisla tures to repeal laws makin prostitution illegal.".- ';·.', Ford Focuses On Economics 76 44 87 53 76 60 95 76 89 72 84 72 76 71 88 68 76 57 89 55 82 72 83 55 76-55 68 60 85 65 73 44 . 91 71 94 78 85 67 90 72 78 47 86 70 103 72 97 62 77 62 87 69 76 60 1.23 cdy 85 71 86 82 78 67 82 64 87 65 94 74 93 74 87 67 105 84 8357 81 58 78 46 82 51 86 43 86 68 88 70 75 64 61 54 90 76 88 70 .. clr .. cdy .. clr .. cdy .. cdy something Washington hasn't had in a while, and won't have very long. The Fords are planning to move into the White House on Monday and the President will be able to walk home from the Oval Office. Reporters and cameramen will be able to get a little more sleep and police and Secret Service escorts can relax. F o r d ' s commuting h a s created a new style for a new president. It is reminiscent, in a way, of Harry S. Truman's early morning walks. The daily appearances give people a chance to see him, and reporters a chance for informal chats. Ford is an early morning commuter--off before 7:30 a.m. He is back by 8 p.m. People can .count on it. It has made him one of the a 12-hour day at the office. "It's been a long day," the President conceded to reporters with a tired smile. He said he always does some reading on the 15-minute drive. One evening, it he looked up along the homebound route, he could have seen youngsters on a grassy hillside holding aloft'a hand-lettered sign, saying "Hel lo, Mr. President." Another horseback night, joined a girl on the evening welcome home regulars on hu. street, Crown View Drive in suburban Alexandria,. Va. The cares of his new offici are beginning lo show in Ford' week as a commuter. He i corning in a little. earlier am going home a litlle laler eacl day. : Pine Bluff Youth Found Slabbed To Death PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) Police said the body of Thomas Edward Hatchcock, 17, of Pine Bluff was sent to Little Rock for autopsy after his slabbing death Wednesday night. Hathcock was stabbed in the heart and in the left arm in a fight among four boys behind a Pine Bluff grocery store, police said. David Earl Burks, 19, also of Pine Bluff, was treated and released from Jefferson Hospital. He had a one-inch cut on the left side. Hatchcocks 1 body was found by police in a wooded area 2S yards behind a Majik Market ' store. Jan Carroway, a clerk'at the store, telephoned police about the incident. Coroner Glen Hubbard of Jefferson County said two youths who were 16 and 18 years old; accompanied by their parents, came to police Thursday ;to urn themselves in after the incident. Police said a preliminary '.investigation showed that Hath-cock and Burks had been fighting with the two others. TRI-LAKES ANTENNA Sales and Service New UMd Ant«nnM Color · Bbck * Whit* B*»ltri · T«w«ri · Frc* Eillnuln TS1-MM TSl-Vff .18 cdy .08 cdy .. rn .12 cdy clr cdy .66 rn clr clr clr clr clr clr clr clr clr cdy clr .10 cdy .. cdy folks in a way--even if his chauffeur-drive npolice - escorted travel is luxurious. He comes home for .dinner with a newspaper tucked under lis arm, carrying his commuter-size brown attache case, always pausing to wave and chat. "Hi, President Ford," neighbor youngsters call out to him. One night he looked tired after WASHINGTON (AP) -- .Pres-| dent Ford meets with another op labor leader today while continuing to focus on econom- cs and transition. . He planned to give his attention to a wide variety of matters, including the transition ;eam that is advising him on .he new format for his adminis- ;ration. . - ' A briefing team from the Office of Management and Budget, headed by Roy Ash, was to give the President a roundup of · proposals. m e e t · with economic advisers ' to, chart the latest budget Ford also was to what be a spokesman said distinct economic would 'policy bearing the Ford imprint. The President scheduled meeting with Teamsters leader Frank Fitzsimmons, who was of President Richard M. Nixon's chief labor supporters. Ford alrea'dy has extended an olive branch to AFL-CIO President. George Meany, who. had been on the outs with Nixon. King Hussein of Jordan holds ^midrhbrning summit talk with ;he President and. will be'guest of honor at a White House state dinner tonight. Ford's work days were becoming longer and longer as he neared the end of his first week in office. --The President said his decision on a vice president will come "no ' earlier than the weekend." Sources said the announcement .probably won't come" until next week. The Detroit Free Press said today that Nelson A. Rockefeller, former New York governor, has the inside track for the position. · 'Mull' Jones Files Suit To Regain Seat LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Sen. 5uy H. "Mutt" Jones Sr. of Honway filed suit Thursday in Pulaski County Circuit Court in an attempt to"regain his Senate seat. The Senate voted 25-6 on Aug. ! to expel Jones/In an earlier vote,, the Senate,had approved an expulsion motion, 21-12, but ihat was three votes short of the 24 votes necessary for expulsion. . ' '. " . ' . ' , The suit contends that the first vote controls the issue of the expulsion of Jones. It also contends the Senate acted illegally by taking a second vote, that the second vote was illegal because Lt. Gov. Bob Riley was presiding over the Senate and that the action be overturned because Jones was, not given formal notice that the second vole would be taken. :. ".The suit also, asks the court to declare-Jones the duly elected, senator from his district anc to order state officials to allow him pay and privilege of office. No hearing date was set. The suit is the same one filed two weeks ago in Pulaski County Chancery Court. Chancellor Bofany Convicted Of Felony Murder PINE BLUFF. Ark. (AP) -A jury of nine men and three women deliberated for more than four "hours before convicting Arthur Lee Botany, 25, of Detroit, Mich., of capital felony murder here Thursday. Botany was sentenced to life in prison without parole. The state had asked for the death penalty. Alter reporting itself deadlocked Thursday morning, the jury was instructed by Circuit Court Judge Randall Williams to continue deliberations. Forty minutes later the verdict was reached. The jury then deliberated further on the penalty. Under the capital-felony murder law, which applies to murders which take place during the commission of some other felony, a jury must choose between execution and life without parole. The charge stems from the Feb. 9 shooting death of K.-B. FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE HAS MANY WAYS TO DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE Many fields welcome you, if you have training. Fayetteville Business .College is the ideal place to train. Pick a career now. Enrollment Starting Aug. 26th through Sept. 6th Read i! Allen, 55, of Pine Bluff, during an apparent robbery of his Pine Bluff shoe store. .- Accounting the demand grows every year. Salaries at all-time hiflh. " General Of tie* Clark Learn the basics of Office Procedures for a *uccessfur future. Acountrngr Secretarial ba a top notch Secretary and know the Company books too. Butinfis AdminHtra- tton and Accounting More and more women proving they can run business as well as they run homes. Barriers-coming down. Salaries going up. .Named Secretary WASHINGTON (AP) -- Nancy Howe, who has handled Mrs. Gerald R. Ford's press and social arrangements since Ford became vice . president, has been named personal secretary to the new First Lady. Murray O. Reed, however, ruled that he had no jurisdiction so the suit was transferred to Circuit Court. Named as parties to the suit were Riley, Gov. ,DaIe Bumpers, Secretary of State Kelly Bryant, Auditor Jimmie "Red" Jones, Senate Secretary Lee Reaves, and Sen. Clarence Bell of Parkin, who is president pro tempore of the Senate. Executive Secretary Master basic office skills, then specialize in business procedures, No better way to become ah executive than teaming up with one. Bookkeeping Expanding business means tens of thousands of new bookkeepers will be needed. Income Tax Sp«cla11it Part-time, full-time, needed everywhere and the need will grow. Key Punch Learn'to Key Punch the input computers and fill one. or me 115.000 new lobs In the next decade. FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE 221 South Locust -- Fayetteville PHONE 442-2241 Licensed by the Slate of Arkansas Department of Education VA Approved The Male Answer Do Men Need Liberating, Too? "Aincriaat BKB need. to 6 liberated, They daift jed tout- lion, and. if ihty do, thef don't sluao it. Tow caltwe danands Aat rtejrifoa't"-- M ichad Cmta This week eight mate ceteb- rities tell what they t h i n k ' about Women's lib and what effect it's having on men. Read how they themselves nave changed, what changes they feel remain to bo achieved and whether or not, they agree with the new sexuality of the '70's. ! The Light Side: How to Read "House For Sale" Advertising This week FAMILY WEEKLY -- with tongue in cheek -examines that special language of the "house for sate" ad. Next time you're out hunting you'll know what to ex- ; pect before you get there. 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