Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 16, 1974 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 16, 1974
Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Friday, Aug. T6, 1974 FAYETTEVILLE, A R K A N S A S . __ 47--Real Eitate-For SaU V;. ; ..y . N E W HOMES tr$ and 4 bedrooms, large famlly- _rooms with fireplace. 2 baths, z - Mr garages, all bullt-lns, central a/c. Drive up Mockingbird Lane \ .today and choose your home. Fln- '·'haoing" available. *?-, G1NTONIO BLDG. CO. ' ;. Phone 521-3373 after 5:00 p.m. f . ' or 521-1753 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. *VBT Owner -- 160 Acres nil limber, creek, '-^leclrleily, ten miles southwest of Winslow. $150 per acre. Also BOOd IWrly acres aorlh at Uncota, 510.500. S2I-5T15, lit It no answer 831.3319. "BY OWNER: 3 bedroom home, Jarse lol. '··'chair, link lonee. Good Harden. Furniture. Call after 5:00, 4K-7600. Two Locations 2SOO N. College NW Ark. Plaz. 521-7272 Alter 6 p.m. Call Plaza Gallery at 521-7275 TREES " A N D ' A LARGE SUNDECK 0..--1001 £o with this newly con ,structed home. The builder planne _this lovely all-electric 3 bedrooi *-home - to compliment the man trees on a large 90x200 lot, an best ol all is the price! $20,200 Call 521-1272 or. alter hours Na dine Miller 521-7473. POOL TIME! No. OSS Spend hot summer days i a refreshing pool that's also heate ,3 spacious bedrooms, 2 baths, ha '-'.an 18x11 11. great room, den \v!1 '-fireplace, m a n y built-ins. For mor details call 521-7212 or after hou: - Muriel Howard 521-2083, f!4,995. ·£··- -'HAPPINESS I S . . . . v'No, 936 this -3 bedroom 2 bal -brick home on a half-acre t h a t ^ritfr'ely fenced! Yard area includ · storm cellar and large garden spo ^·Also close to goad fishing. W2.50- Call 521-7272, Lee Ward. eg at Noflcai IRS may be used for outside natural s piping underground only. (Sea 208.13 r limitations) Material Polyethylene, Type Iir, Grailo 3, Class - ASTM STANDARD D1213-69 .lyethylcne. Type II, Grado 3, CLnss (PE-2305) D1218 69 All plastic pipe approved [or use with Mural gas shall bear Ihe manufacturer's me or trademark, pipe size, plastic pe material designation Code, slandarc me n slons ratio tiumbc r, the ASTM ccHlcaUons [o which the pipe con onus, D-2513, and the production code utuber to'indicate resins used In manu during. (See Section 213) Section 6. The Board of Directors de ·[nines that U Is ot Ihe ulmoil urncncj it tho City ol Kayctleville. Arkansas ·wo an updated Gas Code to prolec ic lives ot the citizens- of the Cily lie re [ore, an emergency Is hereby de Eared to exist, and this Ortlnancc beini ecessary (or t!ie Immediate protectloi f Lhe public health and safety shnl »' In full r force" and effect immediate!: ftcr Its passage. PASSED AND APPROVED THIS GTI DAY OF AUGUST, 1974 APPROVED Hussell T. Purd MAYO: tllesU Darleno Westbrook CITY CLERK EAL ITc 16 · -Legal Notices-- ·*.V'v.. ORDINANCE NO. .2033 "" AN ORDINANCE AilBNUTNC CHAP.'-TER 15 OF THE FAYBTtEVlLLE ; -CODE OF ORDINANCES: TO. ADOPT ' '=-BY DEFERENCE THE 1913 EDITION ' --OF THi SOUTHERN STANDARD GAS ! CODE; TO UPDATE THE REQUIRE- i - SD3NT9 OF THE CITY GAS CODE; i TAND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. _ [ "-'WHEREAS, by Ordinance; No. 17U ol · ^une 1, J970, Uie 1969 Edition nf ' the · "TSoulherh Standard Gas Code, woi adopted hy reference; and , WHEREAS, the Board ol Directors of the Cily of Fnyettevillc, Arkansas, f i n d s lhal the Gns Ordinance needs updating, fcnd It is In the best interest of the City of FayelleviLte to revise its Gas Ordinance; and WHEREAS, the Board of Directors the City of Fayettevllle, Arkansas, has Bunder consideration the adoption of an "'ordinance relating to the installation and inspection ol gas appliances and gas piping as set forth In the 1973 Edition ot the Code entitled; ."Southern Standard Gas Code"; and WHEREAS, three (3) copies ol said e arc kept on filo. In the Office of City Clerk of the City ol FayeUevUl*, ORDINANCE NO. 2034 AN ORDINANCE WAIVING FORMA BID REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PUR CHARS OF STEEL BRIDGE GUAR ATIJUG, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES WHEREAS, the C1ly Street Uopartmen i In need of steel bridge guard railing .nd . WHEREAS, written qaolalions w e r requested for 250 linear feel of s jrEdgo Ruard rilling; and WHEREAS, Ihe only quotation recer s~as In excess ot flOGO; and WHEREAS, the City Street Denartm is In Immediate need ot sltei brldg guard rallln* and the cost of this ?ua ral tin g Is constantly Increasing. NOW. THEREFORE, BE IT 0 DA1NED BY THE BOARD OK DIRE TORS OF THE CITY OF FAYETTE VILLE. ARKANSAS: . . - . . Section 1. Thai pursuant to Ark. Sta An n. Sec. 194M5 the requl rements competitive bidding for the purchase 230 linear lc«t of sleel bridge gun rallin? be, and hereby Tare, waived t the reason that tha Cily Street DepR ment Is In Immediate need of.sald gua railing, und it would not be practlc to advertise for compel Itivft bids due constantly Incrca sin g costs. Section 2. The Board of Directors hei by determines the Immediate purchase 250 linear f«et ol · sleet'bridge gua .railing Is necessary to protect the sa ol Uie cltiiens of the City, and th the passage of this ordinance Is nee sary to-eifable the Immediate purcha of said guard raillnff, T^ierefore, an em gencj' is hereby- declared to exist, a California!) On Horseback Rides To The East Coast young man rode astride a quarter Wanted Karl Albert Collins, 20, of Harmon, is wanted for murder in the death of John Welch of Springdale. S t a t e Police Investigator Qukmby Johnson, released this photo today and asks that anyone knowing the whereabouts of Collins to notify the police or sheriff's office. . Obituary By DORRIS HENDRICKSON TIMES Siaif Writer SPRINGDALE -- Along about sundown Thursday night a into town « -i horse and wearing "a .38~caliber revolver strapped on his hip. He came from the west along Hwy. 68 slopping for awhile in Toiititown where the nual Grape Festival was-getting underway. But he didn't tarry long. He was looking for a man -- a man named Roy Bradley who lives in Springdale. · But unlike in the plot of a g u n f i g h t e r r western, John Egenes of South Pasadena, Calif, had no evil designs on Bradley. Earlier this week while riding through Oklahoma, he had met an old friend of Bradley's who suggested that when-he came through Springdale he visit the Bradley family. i The 24-year-old Califorman said in an interview Thursday night at the Bradley, home that he was fulfilling, a childhood dream to reverse "the paths that his ancestors may have taken and ride horseback Irom ocean to ocean. BEGAN APRIL 3 It was not a spur-of-the- moment trip. He worked, For the pasl three months Egenes has .spent most of his nights sleeping on tho 'growid When he first started his trek he kept mostly to'op en country but the farther east he goe the more he Finds he must keej to roads and highways to avoic fences and unexpected hills and valleys. . The trip has not been without incident, Egenes said, the first coming when Gismo, his four- year-old quarter horse decided he had the only horse sense in the duo and departed without his master. Gismo lost .the argument though, and the two have since reached at least an understand- the the this ordinance .. ,belng necessary for Ihe protection ol the public health; safely, find welfare shall be In fair force and effect from and alter Us passage. ·ASSED AND APPROVED THIS 6th DAY OF AUGUST, 1974. APPBOVED: ATTEST: DARLENE WE! CITY CLERK- KOSSELL T. PURDY, MAYOR ORDINANCE NO- 2035 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO; 1897, TO CORRECT AN ERROR IN THE LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF THE .PROPERTY'DESIGNATED IN ORDINANCE NO.-1B97.AS R73-2. DE IT ORDAINED BY JIHE BOARD OP DIRECTORS OF THE CITY OF AYETTEVHijL'E, ARKANSAS: That Section I of Ordinance No. Ifi97 J the Code of Ordinances, City of Fay- tleville, Arkansas. -Is hereby amended Mrs, Roberts, 94 r Dies In Hospital Mrs. -Lydia (Emmy) Roberts 4 ' widow of W. E. (Ed) Roberts died Thursday night in a local hospital. She was born In Washington County Nov. 8, 1879, the daughter of Benjamin F. and Livinia Lewis R a m e y and was a member of the First Christian Church at Baldwin. Mrs. ' Roberts -lived in Baldwin after the death of her husband in 1960 at Robert's Ford on property homesteaded by the Roberts family in 1826 w h e n they came here from Tennessee. A few years ago she came here to Fayettevllle to make her home with her s o n , Randall. . She is survived, In addition to her son, by a daughter, Mrs. Harry (Louise) Johnson of Fayelteville; four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren and daughter-in-law, Mrs. Ruth ' Washington County .,, . service will be planned, trained and saved for several years before setting out from Ventura,. Calif, on the morning of April 3. He hopes to end his odyssey by Nov. 1 at Virginia Beach, Va. -Arkansas, and iha City Clerk has caused a notice to be published Ln a newspaper "of general ci r c u l ' R ' t l o n ' within v-the City -ot Fayelteville, · Arkansas, statins that It hi 1 under consideration ,,ihe adoption of stid. Code and advising ihe public lhal the requisite copies ·-'eame were on fila in the Office of the City .Clerk .and open to public examina- "tLoriV * · ' '" " .·- rNOW. * THEREFORE, · RE IT OR- T)AtNED BY'THE BOARD OF DIRE C TORS OF THE CITY ; OF FAYET TEV1LLE,' ARKANSAS: ' - SerUon 1. Tbat Section 15-61 ol lh.« Code of OrcHrmnros, Cily °1 Fayetleville Arkansas, Is hereby nmendcd lo read as follows: SECTION 15-61 Adopted. Thero is hereby adopted by the Board : i'bf Directors ol the Ctly ot Fayetleville Arkansas, by reference thereto.'Ihe pro --.visions set forth In the 1973 Edition ^^^Hhe Southern Standard On s .Code, Southern jj Building Code Congress, save and excep -- such portions of safrt Gas Code as may t 1 be added, deleted, modified, or amended i by the provisions ot the Fayelte vUI« 4 Cods of Ordioancea, and the provisions *' contained In said Southern Standard Gas n Code are hereby adopted and incorporat- %. ed as fully as if set out at length herein, * and the provisions thereof shall be con- y trolling within Ihe corporate limits -of £ the City of Fayettevilte, Arkansas. ·j Section 2. That -Section 15-69 of the f Code of Ordlnancas, City ot Fayettevllle, Arkansas ts hereby amended by adding P subsection (6) to read as follows: * (6) Reciprocal licensing '. 5 Upon payment of the required City e License fee, an applicant for a City * Gas Fitters License who presents ic satisfactory evidence that (1) he £ hold's an Arkansas Gas Fitters Li- 5 cnnsc for Lhe current 5*ear.and (2) J he took and passed a mritten er- it iimlnation g\vcn by the Arkansas / State Committee of Gas Fitters Ex* amfner* prior to receiving his origi- t nal Arlcansa.s Gas Fitters License, £ shall be issued a City Gas Fitter* 4 : License by the City Gas Inspector 4 . without examination by the City Gas * Fitters Examinins Board. £ Section, 3. That Eection 18-52,2 Is J.- hereby ad^ed to (he FayetlevLIle Code » of Ordinances to rea d as follows: f Section 15-R5.2. Section 107 deleted. 5 Section 107 entitled "Bond and W V cense" of Chapter J ol the Southern |. Gas Code referred to above (Section f 1561) U hereby deleted from the Gas f Code. P Section 4. That Section 15-8.13 is hereby * added to the Fnyeilevfll* Code ol Ordi- Roberts, Clerk. Funeral to read as follows: b) PETITION R-73-3.'. A part of the NEV1 of Section 17 T-16-N, R-30-W, and a part of the SEW of Section 3, T-16-H, K-30-W, more particularly" described aa: Beginning at a point. 20 feet West of the Southeast corner of the SWVi, of the SEWof Section 8; thenca running Norm along tho West right- of-way line of Razorback Road to a point where said West line Intersects with the South right-of-way line · of Cardwelt Lane; thence West along the South right-of-way line of Cardwell Lane to a polrvt where said South line intersects with Ihe F,a:t right-ot-way line" ol Oliver -Avenue; thence Soulh alqng th» East right-of- way line ot Oliver Avenue to a point where said East line Intersects with the North risht-of-way line of HalseH Road; Ibcuee South 350 feet, more or less, to a point located on Ihe North line ol Lot 3 in Hornsby Addi-. lion; thence East SO feet, more or less, to the Northeast corner of 1-ot 3 in Hornsby Addition; thence South along the Easl line ot Lots 3, 2 find, 1 in.Hornsby Addition and South : -alon? the East right-of-way line ol Thomas Avenue lo a point on the ' North ritfit-of-way line of . Hots Drive; thence East alonff said North line., of Ho(z Drive lo a point on the West right-of-way line of .Raior- back road; thence North along the West right-of-way line of Razorbacfc Road to the point of beginning. From It-3. High Density Residential District, to R-3, Low Density R»sidenllal PASSED AND APPROVED 10 a.m. Saturday at Moore's Chapel with burial In Fairview Memorial Gardens. '. . . this 6U, day or August, 1971. APPROVED: Russell T. Purely ATTEST: DarlenR WcslbrooV CITY CLERK Sen! IK 16 - , ThreeSIain (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE1 supplying information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons involved. Hawkins said the bodies were discovered by Harold Keith when he returned home from work early today. The sheriff said a 16-mpnthold child asleep in a baby crib in an adjoining room was unharmed. Roadblocks were set up throughput the county and officers were ordered to check all traffic. "We don't have any leads, Hawkins said. "We're going to check everybody in the community about vehicles passing through." Hawkins said the victims hac apparently.been beaten with a telephone that had teen ripped from the wall. He said most of the telephone was missing. The sheriff said the slayings occurred between 9 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. Tontifown Grape Festival Is Now In Progress TONTITOWN '-- Opening night crowd at the Y6th annual Grape Festival here Thursday was smaller than anticipated, probably because of the afternoon rain, a festival spokesman said today. ...'..' .... Approximately. 5,000. .persons milled' about the carnival grounds. Eleven hundred spaghetti dinners were served at the Catholic school. Winners of the Grape Judging contest were announced during dinner. Dick Fiori of Tontitown received first prize for his Fredonia grapes. Second place went to the Tim men s Farm of Springdale, also for Fredonia grapes. / '. Dick Franco of Tontitown won third place, for his Concord grapes. The festival .spokesman explained "that:.C6neprd grapes are just starting to ripen while' Fredonia 'grapes are at the peak of harvest. All winners received cash prizes. Tonight's festival program ncludes the spaghetti dinners jetvveen 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. ing. Egenes understands reasons he has to make trip. Gismo still isn't certain. "I 'guess it's just my way of being an individual," he said, "it's getting harder and harder to be an individual". In the old days, a man expressed his individuality by carving a home out of the wilderness. There's no wilderness left to conquer now. Finding food and'water for Gismo were major problems for the early part of the trip, but in this area it presents no problem. Egenes has had one close brush --' when he was bitten by a black widow spider as he crossed the Arizona-dessert.- He managed to ride 30 miles' into a mining' town and was taken by more modern conveyance to visit a doctor who told him he'd live. "But I was pretty sick for a long time", he confided. Occasionally as he crosses the country and finds an area he especially likes, he stops and works a few days giving Gismo a needed rest and recouping his finances. He estimates the trip will cost him some $250 in cash outlay -- not including getting lim home from the Atlantic Coast. RETURN TRIP No, he doesn't plan to make the return trip by horseback. Saddle sores, he says are a problem for both man and horse and he is often stopped and .questioned by police who, upon discovering he is not a refugee from a western movie, send him on his way with their best wishes and a few warnings about watching traffic on highways. Egenes' mother, who lives in California, is excited about his journey and he keeps her posted on his progress. While .expressing a desire to spend more time at the .Grape Festival, Egenes said., he'd be on his way this morning, taking Put Me In, Coach Two Fayclteyille youngsters wait (o get into play at a practice session lor tonight's Klwahis Kids' Day football game at Harmon · Stadium. The game, which begins a6 6:39 p.m., -will raise for Kiwanls Youth Projects. (TIMESphoto hy Ken Good) Japanese Housewife Arrested For Aiding Moon OSAKA, Japan : (AP) -Osaka police today arrested a Japanese housewife on charges of helping the Korean who tried to assassinate South Korean President Chung He e Park but killed Park's wife instead. Police said the woman, 23- year-old Kimiko Yoshii, gave the birth certificate of her husband, Yiikio, to Moon Se- rarang, Uie 23-year-old assassin, so he could get a Japanese passport in the husband's iame." Moon is a Korean who nas been living in Osaka. Mrs. Yoshii was charged with violating emigration and passport laws. Police said she ad- mitted giving Moon her hus-| land's birth certificate to ,help lim get the passport. Officials said Moon and the woman met while classmates at an Osaka high school and made a trip to Hong Kong to- ;etlier last fall. Seoul's chief prosecutor, Kim Il-too, said the .38 caliber revolver: Moon used in the attack was taken from the Osaka police, and the police said it was one- of two pistols stolen from their armory on July 10'-with ammunition bells and handcuffs. Kim said Moon smuggled the pistol into Korea inside a radio. ·'· Hwy. 68 to Harrison, where he will cut due east and head for the Atlantic. . . Second Man Dies Of Mounfainburg Shooting Incident MOUNTAINNBURG : - A second man has died as a result of what Crawford County Plumbers Apprentice School Is Open as a murder-suicide. The coronation of Queen Concordia,' Karla.Ardem'agni,- will :ake place, at 9i'p'.rn. -Congressman John Paul Hammerschmidt will crown the Tontitown Absentee Ballots Available For Bond Election Absentee ballots are available now at the county clerk's office "I the Lloyd Wakefield, 23, of Chester, who Vickery said shot and killed Jim 'Ridenhour, 64, of Mountainburg early Thursday morning, died Thursday afternoon in a Fort Smith hospital of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to .the head. Vickery quoted witnesses to t h e i n c i d e n t , Wakefield's mother, Mrs. Lqretta Wake field, 53, and his sister, Brenda; 17, as saying Waketield arrived about 6 a.m The Northwest Arkansas Plumbers Apprenticeship Schoo is now beginning its fall sem ester. While classes have al ready-begun, enrollment is still about '1,800 i . qual opportunity school should ontact Bill Kisor al 521-4215. The prosecutor's office ques- .oned Moon today and said he nsisted he was acting alone in he unsuccessful attempt Thur- ay to assassinate Park. A pokesman said, however, that i search For accomplices was in.since there were indioafl-'s IB had been associated with, eftist movements. The investigation centered on other Korean residents, :of Japan and Japanese who came to Seoul'for Thursday's Indepp-'l- :nce Day observances. The Government ordered .that TM~sons in those categories remain in Korea .during the inve-.t-"i- tion, except for persons carry, ing official passports :nr other firm identification papers. F,xcept for the reference to leftist contacts, the goverment gave no indication of whv Moon wanted to kill the president. Mrs Park. 48, and a 16-year- old girl choir singer were wounded -fatally when Moon started shooting as the president was making an Jn'rje-""''- ence 'Day address in .the Seoul National . Theater. There were ." " " NOTICI: APPLICATION FOR PERMIT TO SELL WINE IN RESTAURANT AND CAFE Notice Is hereby given Itiat the undersigned has (lied with lha Department Greeks Control the of Alcoholic Beverase Slate nt Arkansas for a permit to sell and serve wine with food on the premises described asr 7ft4 N. College, Fayelteville, Washington County. Tho undersigned states lhat he Is e citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted or a felony or other crime Invol- Section 15-85.3 Section 313 deleted. Section J13 entiUed "Fees" ol Chapter 1 oT the Southern Gas Code referred 1o atwve (Section 1^61) is hereby deleted from the Gas corte. Section 5. Thai section 15-85-4 Is hereby added to the Fayetlevltle Code of Ordinances to read as follows: Section 15-65.4. Section 205,3 amended. Section 205-3 "emitted "Plastic Piping" nf Chapter 3 of the Southern Gas Code referred lo above (Section 15-ffl) is amended !o read as follows: lection 2(5. 3. "Plastic Piping' 1 When approved by the Administrative authority, ptostic pipe or tubinff, and 1:11 Inga conf ormi n ? wllh specifica lion ASTM-D2.M3-69 and the following ma- tcrial specifications: and compatible ftt- 3?or.lf)fej£B't Hrfamscus d'm«{ o sell talosicaling beverages by Ihe undersigned has been revoked within five years last pait; and that 'the undersigned has never been convicted of violBting the laws of Ihis -State, or any other Slate, reladva to Ihe sate of alcoholic iriuor-i. · · · Application Is (or permit to be Issued (or operation beginning on thc 151h day of September, 197-i, and to expire on the 30th day ot June, 1975" ' Dotina Lynn ZaldenTwrg Subscribed and sworn to before ms Ibis 6lli day ol August, 1974, Joyce C. Wood, Notary Public Mv Commission Expires; 5-14-75 rseal) . :g¥ 2tc · 9, 15 KOTTCF; Of FILING OF APPUOATfON FOR A RETTAU* BEER PERMIT ON PREMISE 212 S. l^ist AT*. Farellertlle, Ark, 77101 Published (Jail? and Sunday except Jan-wry 1, July ·*, T"naijJTs B 'ivfn£ and Christmas. Second Cfesi Pos'-age paid at Fayetteville, Art, ihe Department Control of the IIKMBEK ASSOCIATED The Associated Presi fs enUtlwi «*· clusively lo the nsa (or repabltca- tlon of all local news printed in this newspaper as w«ll as all AP newj dispatches. SimSCHTPTION RATES Effective October 1, 19T3 - Homo Delivery Per month by carrier -- $3,25 ffifiZta copy dally lOe, Sunday 25c O.S. Mall In WssTilnzlon, Beaton, Maatson Counties', Ark., Ailair Co,, Ofcla.: f 850 16,00 30,00 43.00. S T olice I* hereby given lhal the undersigned has filed with of Alcoholic Beverage Stale of Arkan sa s for ? pe rmit to sell End dispense beer at retail, 701 N. College, Fayetfcvllls, WasMnalon County, The undersigned slate* that he is H citizen of good moral character, that he has never been convicted ol a fftlony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; lhat no license lo sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years lajt past, and that the undersigned lias never been convicted of .violaling ) tie laws of this Slate, or any other Slate, relative to the sale of Alcoholic Liquors, lhat he has been a resident of Ihe Slate of Arkansas f o r . e t Seail two (2) years, and lhat ha " was a qualified elector In Ihe last preceding Genera] Election, Application ts for a permit lo be Issued for operation begin(he 15th day of September CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) a -post in the southern part of Famagusta decided lo stay overnight. They provided the three of "us with bread, cheese and a handful of grapes.. A tew Greek Cypriots still wandering the" streets said they did not want to abandon their houses. But they said they feared that the local Turkish Cypriots, with their new freedom, might embark on an orgy of looting through the Greek sector. Famagusta on Thursday night was silent and dark. The only glow of light came from a smouldering fire left over from the day's fighting. Telephones, however, were still working perfectly, maintaining a convenient link with the outside world. , . , . : , This account was dictated from a high school opposite the Markos Hotel, in the dark. We PEDESTRIANS STOP TRAFFIC A new pedestrian-activated stop light has been installed at the intersection of College Avenue and Center Street replacing the old style light which permitted, both left and right turns Traffic Superintendent Perry Franklin said the new light would remain green to north- south traffic until a pedestrian pushed a button to activate the red light and stop traffic. After the button is pushed, the pedestrian will have 20 seconds lo cross the street. The light will then turn back to green to traffic for at least 30 secouds. Franklin said the light was designed to keep traffic from piling up at the intersection but for the August 27 special election on an Act 9 industrial bond issue in Fayetteville. County Clerk Ruth Roberts said the ballots may be obtained at her office in the Washington County Courthouse. The voters of Fayetteville are being asked to vote on a $2 million bond issue for expansion of the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company. Baldwin came to Fayetteville in 1958 with 'a 160,000 square foot plant on a 74-acre tract. The proposed expansion w i l l add 100,000 square feet of space to be used for warehouse facilities and increased production of electronic musical instruments. Production is expected to be increased 25 per cent and employment will also be increased above the current level of 600. Act 9 bond issues .provide a method of financing in which cities have no legal responsibility for the debt. If voters approve the issue there will be Thursday and shot Ridenhour and attempted; to kill Mrs. Wakefield before turning the gun on himself. Puppet Show At Mall A daily free puppet; show on he Mall at the Northwest Ar- sansas Plaza is at 10:30 a.m, :00 p.m., 6:30 and 7:30 p.m oday and Saturday. There i; 10 4 p.m. show either day. and the program Sheriff Bill Vickery described' open. Persons interested in the a t cr * tern and was unhurt. jeing televised. . Park dropped behind the lec- rn and was unhurt. " . · ' ' - . . Moon was wounded ' in-, the thigh as security .guarbVpoernv} fire on him, and witnesses .said the teen-age girl was hit by "no- lice bullets, i But , the. govern- Moon's bullets rnent said hit the girl and the gunman-himself as well as Mrs. Park.- . Mrs. Park is to be buried Monday warned motorists lhat when the north-south light was red turns will be permitted since the traffic is being stopped to allow pedestrian traffic. no tax increase and no city funds involved. This is the first Act 9 issue to be put before the voters of Fayetteville. liad the entire hotel switchboard at our disposal, but it was too intricate for us to oper- ' 3 monfBi -- -8 monUjj 1 YEAR .-.,, . . . Cily Box Section Onlslrie above count'ei: S months '·-- - f monUis 1 YEAR I 9.50 18.00 34.00 ATJj MAIL PAYABLE » ADVANCE nlng iffll. and lo expire of June, 1575. on Ihe 30lh day Donna Lynn Zaldcnbcrs Lums Resteardnt Subscribed and ftttom lo before me this 6th day ot AnyusI, I£ff4, (Seal) Joyce C. Wood Notary Public My Commission E/yplres; 5-14-75 ·m 3. IS Statue Stolen SPRINGDALE A cement Cupid figurine was stolen from Effie Roberts' backyard Wednesday night or early Thursday. " - · - - foot high statue, $13, is salmon The three valued at colored. SOLDIERS RELAXED T u r k i s h Cypriot soldiers walked jauntily out of the sandbagged main gate of the walled city this morning and began occupying the abandoned Greek part of Famagusta. They carried their rifles at ease over their shoulders. I watched from the hotel overlooking the wails. Through the night and until 6:30 a.m., when the Turkish Cypriots began taking stations in the main shopping areas, there was no shooting anywhere in Fam- agusta. There was no sign of the tanks that raised the Greek Cy- riot siege of thc Turkish enclave. There seemed no likelihood that they would be needed. The Greek positions around the walls were abandoned. . In a ' d a w n drive through the city, I saw only two Greek Cypriot soldiers. They had come out of hiding In a hotel and were fleeing, weaponless, on a motorcycle. · , Patrick Named Academy Officer Dr. James K. Patrick, a Fayetteville physician, was elected secretayr - treasurer Thursday by the Arkansas Chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians at its 27th annual scientific assembly in Little Rock. Other officers elected included Dr. Thomas D. Iloney- cutt of Little Rock, president; Dr. Paul Waliick of Monticello, president-elect; and Dr. Ken Lilly of oFrt Smith, vice-presi dent. · Physician Raps Medical Center Administration Mrs. Black Named Ambassador To Ghana ACCRA, Ghana (AP) -- Th' government of Ghana has an nounced that Shirley Tempi Black has been appointee United States ambassador t the African nation. Although there has been n announcement from the Whit House, the State Department i Washington said there was n reason to dispute the Ghana report. . I The Ghana announcement! said Mrs. Black succeeds Fred Hadsel, a career diplomat who recently returned to the United States. Mrs. Black, the former child star, began her government career by running unsuccessfully as a Republican candidate for Congress. She was named by former President Richard M. Nixon to the U.S. delegation to the United Nations General Assembly that met in 1969. Later she served in the U.S. delegation to the 1972 U.N. Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm. UNIFORM CENTER Division of Something Extra, Inc. 2720 N. COLLEGE FAYETTEVILLE, ARK.72701 (501)443-4282 Featuring: ' MR.BARGO Paul Lynde Arrested For Intoxication PERRYSBURG, Calif. (AP) -- More than 100 fans jammed municipal court here as comedian Paul Lynde pleaded no contest to a charge ot public intoxication. Judge Judson Spore fined Lynde $100 plus $10 court costs on Thursday as the crowd, armed with cameras and autograph books, looked on. Lyncie, 48, was arrested early Tuesday by Rossford police in the parking lot of an apartment building. Police s a i d he had shouted obscenities at a policeman. Lynde is appearing in nearby Toledo. LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- Dr. James G. Price of Bush, Colo., the president of the American Academy of Family Practice Physicians, said here Thursday that there was little cooperation between the administrative and department heads at thc University of Arkansas Medical Center. "Arkansas is so far behind In thc number of family physicians, it will take at least five years to catch up -to a minimum leve! per 100,000 population," he said. Price said he understood lhat family practice residents were not allowed to admit patients to the center like other residents. He said family practice residents receive their education a St. Vincent Infirmary and Baptist Medical Center and consequently do not have the 'day- to-day contact With family physicians, which, he said, is necessary. ! MISSED YOUR PAPER? - WE'RE SORRY! ,· If yon cannot reach your 1 TIMES carrier ' PHONE 4424242 Dally 5 to 6:30 p.m. Saturday 3 to 6 p.m. ' Sunday 8 to 9:30 a.m. Theft At SWEPCO { Linemen's 'apparatus, valued \ at approximately $88 plus 150 | pounds of copper wire were re- | Sorted stolen from the SWEPCO * complex on Township Road f sometime Wednesday night. I; Bob Walden, night watchman, i ;o!d police Thursday , morning j that someone had gotten inside i the fence between 1 and 4 p.m. ] Missing were a set of clim- ', ners, a .set of pads, a set of ' ankle straps, a foot strap, a j body belt and a holstrap. * Three fire extinguishers .had f been taken from company trucks and expended, Walden eaid. . J*JeUon 7 * People Helping People Directors of _A Funeral Service lf Services. PMESTON, Sandy lot -- Infant son of Mr. and Mrs, Doyle Preston. Graveside services Friday. 10:00 a.m. at Feiue Cemetery, PA KRIS, DOT»ld JM -- Returned to Ponea City Oklahbmi tor services and Interment- r ZIPPER FRONT JACKET Style 118 Sizes 34-38 About $13. 118-10 White, 118-40 Blue Royale Bar--Cord Knit Jersey. 6094 Dacron®, 35%'Cotton Style 318 Sizes 34-48 About $12 318-10 White, 318-40 Blue, 318-70 Gold Bar--Twill dual.action soil release Permanent Press. 65% Dacron® 35% Cotton ; BARCO. of California New Store Hours: 9:00 a.m.-6iOO p.m. Mon.-Sat.

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