Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 18, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 18, 1952
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

titawtoy, Ma»rtfc II, INS .iirher of iron home hcfe. al -«tt Vein.-The rVcreek; of . severe riiin 7cuts s liW\tiort!ii!aBt. corner of · low hill on. Which my'homo 1 stands. An* the' roartwuy makes lh»"trouln| th«r«--*nrnx)W run- nlng MM ami south. The bridge and southern approach of the crrtminj had really not been,cafe for. heavy. duty , for quite some time--would jjh'e way here and there, and be pitched ui iiid Naturally, .there Is e ditch, on my" side of the. nii'.rt. It was bridged. .And-thls bridge saved a number of bad Hccldonts that undoubtedly would have occurred had It nut been there. 11 becainc very unsnfo, especially the cement but trcfj of'the roadway, upon .which my lirlclirc rested mi that cute of the" ditch. So, when (He rond'was' If You ,_ an 1-Thal will Wash as Clean « * Conventional PRfrOaUMONSTKATION WlSfttr 2--That requires only minutes to install 3--Thif b« i flyrifor type washer action wikh wishes your clothes in two tubs oj clean ifiMeiv See the BIG WASHER Value in an ABC-6-MATIC at Smith Radio Appliance being graveled, th.'eo or four ji'ors back, 1 took-cut old bridge In order that the wlmen would have to lik-: in'!c 1 rendition of this buttress---the approach there being very narrow. And I talked with them about the condition! there,' and how the road might K« out there any wet time under a heavy load, 1 h*d carried buckets anil buckets of £r;vd to fill up the "lockyg'osh'ei" the wcathur and travel beat .In that approach , .". 1 offered, too, to pay for half the coat of putting In a big tile there, that would secure the 6«foly of the roadway and nt the name time give me access--It being really of more benefit to Ihc roadway tKan It was to me, Indlvldunlly, And th!y would not, but went on patching and making I've been away for the bent part of two years. While I was away, last fall the road went out under a heavy load. I came home two weeks ago . . . to find my rljilit of way to the road cut to pieces--the Kontly. sloping driveway bulldozed down Into the fill they made In the old dltrjh, In expanding the road there, to meet the need of a hew two-way bridge. Then, instead of letting the new ditch follow the contour of the rnndway, they romiied the bqll- doier up the hill and cut It across the hill right against by line . . . If my front yard fence had been on « line with my pasture fence, they couldn't have got the dozer close enough to niake the cut ... leaving a steep hank clenr across the hill.. Against this bank, at (he south end of the ditch, they've thrown a less than 10 foot culvert, contrived of old lumber and scraps. Now my driveway was, In my childhood," a part of a section line road, which came up the hill there and continued on due west .to connect with the main travelled Cln- clnattl-Fa.veltcvillc road. Which, no far as I'm concerned has never been closed--my westward neighbors have used it whenever they needed. And so have others. Yen, they have a splendid, roadway below my place, Doubt If you could find a better In the county. And, iftcr all, my luxe? contributed quite as much toward Its construction, in proportion, as anyone's. But 1 must confess that I can scarcely see the roadway there for looking at the damage that 1 feel has been done my place . . . and mo. As things arc, no car, truck or wagon would or could, deliver anything to my place. 1 wrote the judge, protesting It, when I came home and s«w. But so far, he's paid no altention . . . Just a crnnky, crotchety old maid. Why should she cumber the earth? Mynne Harris, To the Editor: It was Interesting to note In Saturday's Northwest Arkansas times that lint Sunday wai the first time In many year* that ill grocery stores In Faycitcvllle ware closed. Congratulations are In order for the Fayettevllle Ministerial Alliance .and D. L. Dykes, Jr., guest editorial writer, for thil resounding victory over sin, It ^compares favorably with that Veal victory In West Memphis In which the citizens voted against the establishment of the Dixie Downs race track. However, it might look a little better if the churches did not stop at halfway measures. Why not close down other businesses on Sunday? If It Is sinful to work on the Sabbath, it should be called to the attention of the filling stations, .the restaurants, the moving picture theaters, the drug stores, the railways, the bus lines, and other people who work on the Sabbath. And, if the prospective race track at V/est Memphis was ah evil, perhaps the churches in the state should lead a movement to force a vote by the people to abolish horse racing at the track In Hot Springs. The whole question' of observing the Sabbath by.not working seems to nee dan examination. Tht idea behind observing the Sabbath, seems to need an examination. The concern. The preacher needs to be paid for working oh Sunday so he can pay the grocer. Who' pays him? The people who go to church for 60 minutes on.Sunday and drop their money in the collection plate. How much will he be paid? That depends on how much money is collected, depending primarily on the number of people present who turn loose of their money and also depending on how much each individual drops into the collection plate. Therefore, it is 'o the interest of the preacher to get ail leople {with money) to go to church. How will' he get them to church? Ask them? They might have to work or prefer to do something else on Sunday. Force them to go ,to church by passing a law? Good Idea, but people resent the use of force if they are aware of it, and anyway that is too direct a method. Arrange things so people will not be able to do anything on their from work except go to church? That's it! M th* idea across that all working people should take their day off from work only on Sunday. Say that it Is sinful to work on the Sabbath, ^losc down all businesses entirely. Fix it so the people have no choice. They can go Io church on Sunday or they can go to (sleep)! Are churches and paid preachers necessary? Cannot an individual believe In God and have a religion without paying a middleman? Can God hear only the prayers offered during a sermon In a church? Am I to believe that my prayers can only be heard when offered in the presence of others in a church? DM not Mosct fast and pray by himself In the wilderness? la not religion to oe lived every day and not just on Sunday? Is not 10 minutes of prayer every day as good as attending church on Sunday? By what right do churches and preachers let themselves up ai authorities to tell men what they should do? Cannot God speak to men Individually? Is not man free under God to choose hli own course of action? By now you should have gathered that I have been inconvenienced by the Sunday closing of all the grocery stores In Fayetteville. 1 have enjoyed driving down to | Purdy's on Sunday afternoon to do some last minute shopping. I have one suggestion. If .the churches insist on all businesses closing-on Sundays, 1 would think It only fair that the churches close down all their buildings and activities completely on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of each week.- Sincerely, W. H..R. IM*m to MM NlWff, Mch WMkd*y, art 7:30 AM, «Vtr atartit* KORH I OKLAHOMA TIRE * SUPPLY CO NO MUSS...NO FUSS NO ELECTRIC HEATING ELEMENTS! lAT'S RIGHT . . . you |tt the one and only TRULY SELF- DEFROSTING lyitcm at a new LOW PRICE! The first to defrost without electric heating elements! Faster, far thriftier in uie! Simple . . . compktily i j life for frozen and fresh foods! Once M you set it ... you can just forget it! I Magic-Cycle keeps frozen foods far below il freezing even during dcfrc4tifl|! Model LEA u illustrated: Get AUTOMATIC SELF-DEFROSTING ae « NEW LOW PRICE! HUH Frentr chtit with tetlnl-in )-wall cold. Shelve? in the door for extra con- «n«n«. 8 cubic fttt. Plenty of J3A4.95 nil bottle tpact. Twin ctiiptn). 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