Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 17, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1952
Page 12
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i 1 ·*; u- 11! I ii HoMrim St. Patrick Ara Al (tor (rotad; U J. Remembered ·r JOCK locmey lin, IrtlMd-tffl-St Patrick !'· dtcwt m»ii, the ballad says 1 c*mt from th« dicent people ihe couldn't ttivc Hid · uy against tbe way hi* kept green 'by every MUI tt Dublin this blessed day J--Th«r« -w«i · big pirade on fcnpufh lhamrock on halt and. lap ii to rntke » carpet the Ion MfthVel O'Cpnnell .. Street. Bu -was well-behaved »s - ·CPUng/gosoon courting, hit -.firs iWfcen,-. There was not a ihlllelag lj".jlihtg;". : ·. '-·' ' · · ·-' · /small .-credit to them,. lince there was not a pub Ue-hoUM-ih the 4own open. Thl JTM orie, day In , the yen r whoi ·eulptured:.Parnell,. up above 1 th'hls monument, was wast Jng'his time pointing · a -warnlni "" " ·-,' at the pub On the : cprne does one of the grendes In Ireland-. '.-'. . ". . . looked «s,' If .every man' .in J country-'and his; mother :wcn own for/ the day.' v'Eye'ryoni N|»ted to'te* the parade, nhd a \ iJiVe light It was, too.; There were ·nBf galore/but none of them to fc»at the girl pipers. They were . V CM fine a light as you would see 1 ','.' IS'^a.'imontK.Vbf. Sundays, (heir j fiffron cloaks floating from their ,1 ihpulderi and-their green kilts ! jfe inEt Swinging to the skirl of a jig or ·fcml. · · · . · . · · · · ' · . . " · . · Mak W«rh Dtaplaye* f i t wai not all music and girls, ·ficdurte.' For .two full Irish miles ifcafrmi and floats of all shapes kftd lite* stretched ·long!:the city »tr«tts and all were got up to Ihow tome product of Irish work, i^tther li-wis the hard brown i^; em-ilrom th« boi^nds of Wrry or.tht el«ctrlo lilht lt«ell lit WM strapped like the Hlmon «^*; ; ,'^V' : .Rfv«F : .-'-,Sh.ann,i)n.: ; ;:-»t r|ck. --*hole i*, ; -' utretehlri* jrtfn ;Tririlty-0College':-doWn over fee Uffe.v and circling around fkmell, took over two' hours to pan. .And by the time it finished IK* people, looking on, wero.cvcry f(i- »!/ -tired . as the craytures Buirchinf, what with the ulapping PLAN TO IUILD ·»· Ow , : - · . O«« O«r Try Omr Kfrtc*. DYKI LUMIER CO. MOORE'S F L ' N E R A L CHAPEL and the cheering and the yoiin here and thire wilh'th come Hither eyes. givln|. »n' : od whittle »t the girls. Bec*r4 Cr«v4 '.!:·. . ,^; It was (he devil's own'thirst work Little wonder, jhen.'ihtc iher'e waC a record crowd at Bills bridge later In the day to see th annual dog show. For th'ia Wa one of the only two' places wrier a man could buy,a bottle of stou or a. ball of malt--that's Dubll for a glass of whljky, Many a man- who; nqrmall WoUld'-nqt be. seen .with anythln smaller, than a ftundog- wanted -t bring home a pellnese before th day was out. Aye, .and mcbbc, too a hair of Iho dog that bit them t prepare against the black cold o the morning after St. Patrick 1 Day: ' There wos a bar,,too, at Baldoylc Races, out bcyant where King Brian bate the Danes, a. whcen years, ago. Who. ever heard of a race-incetlnK without a Jar or.twi to give a man courage to plunge and the Blrcnsth to belittle disappointment? . But for the man who, cared for less heady sports, there were three sports . grounds to choose from Kk had his pick of Gaelic, foot- jail or hurling, soccer or rugby And the nisht was before him in ,he Mansion House where he could dance 16-hsnd reels with :he finest rompiff! colleens In «l: Ireland. : ·'. St; Patrick's flae--a. red dlaso- lal cross on '11 white background- lew over thei Manslpn House, official residence of : Lord Mayor Andrew Clarkih. , ·· ··· '··· Ih.a message to the Irish of.the United States! ClafWn said: 'I knbjv the feast of St. Patrick celebrated wherever' there are rlsh people.-In nowhere elsoout- 'ide of-Ireland is the day honored more" tharr by the Irish people in he United Stoles. . With : all my heart I. wish you in America every blessing and ·race and prosperity · on this feast lay of our.glorious apostle." Revival Services To Be Held At Goshen ·' A reviyiil meeting is scheduled t start tt'morrow night "at.' the doshcn Church of the Nazarene, vlth'Vcrvicts' 'to: be Ight 7:48 o'clock. The Hcv. Bob 'Carroll of Norman, ikla., will serve as eyahgcllst. He a graduate of Bethany College of Bethany, Okla., nnd has engaged widely In youth work. Keith A. Pngnn of Stroud, Qkla., in charge of the music. He plays (he piano, organ and flano c.ccordlon, and nlso sings. There will be special music each night. The public Is invited. AfftriMM la «N TOOM-U *·») OZARK "On« »f M ItlMfMIIS, . 7.M . yter'i 11 ADI/ TODAY k UAKIV TUESDAY 1 SHOWS · 7100-1:00 P.M ROMANCE GOES WILD) RHYTHM RUNS RIOTI .·Mi AlUNICOl · IMMOKD 11111 Plin tthctad Shorn MACE TIME* " SKY HIGH" and MONDAY "ELEPHANT STAMPEDE" Starts Tuesday Sir "Gunner" McNeil... THE DIVER AS DANGEROUS AS A DEEP SEA BUST...AS RUTHLESS AS THE WOMEN WHO PURSUED HIM! . - Plant Operations At Dixie Cup In Fort Smith Hal ted By Strike Fort Smith - (Special) - Operations ,of'the Dixie Cup Company plant here remained suspended today.«» a result or a strike which AFL paper workers started yesterday morning In support of demands;for a wage.Increase. About 30 membe'rs of Local 656, AFL Pulp, Sulphite and .Paper Mill Workers left their jobs about 2 -a.m., yesterday, a few hours before the plant.wa« to shut down for the regular Sunday holiday. Plant upc.'ations were suspended and the strikers threw a picket Ine around the establishment. About. 23fj members .of -the striking .union are employed at the plant. The Dixie Cup facility opened his morning as usual. But the ticket lines remained, and Neil Cingsnortli plant manager, retried the plant was not opcrat- ng and that new crews would not be hired to break the-strike. The union said the strike wa: ordered. because the company hired an extra shipping crew. Th union charged the extra crew was hired In anticipation of a breakdown in wage talks. The union 1s asking wage In creases .ranging front 10 to II cents an hour; A company-proposed across-the-board : Increase of five cents an hour was rejected klngsnorth -contends the union demands would boost wages 14 to "i per cent.. Klngsndclh said current pay scales at the plant range' from 82 cents to $1.58 an hour, and that he has no idea .when the strike may be settled. Not white, not wheat, not rye but a flavor blend of all thn Junge's Roman Meal Bread. 11-19-tf Kee. op with the time*--read the TIMES dally. "VIVA ZAPATA" A, Screen Experience You'll Never Forget! . . . a love that will never die! WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP St.Joseph A S P I R I N -WriMTAM£TS.4* EVERYTHING . N nUMIINO and SUPniK FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVBIHMMT AVI 2 YEAR ROSE BUSHES 55c (rider Bros. Nursery GREENLAND, ARK. Tonite Tuesday 7:00-9:00 TKGKATBTStAMlVWTUK Of Ml TIMEI PECK Captain Horatio Hornblower ir Color Cartoon · Free Pony Rides ^Free Playground ^Monkey Village ·14 j I Phone Drive-in Theatre V-l INOINI WHAT ARE TODAY'S FACTS ABOUT NEWCAR ENGINES AND POWER STEERING? TAST YEAR Chrysler Introduced its new FirePower ±J V-8 eneinc, and Aracricn's flrst passcngcr-car full-tiin» power «tMring. Both new ideas "took hold" In i big way. . , Today, others are announcing "new engines" Uid "power steering" . . . hut with some basic diflerenms worth keeping in mind if you're buying · new or. First: about "new engines." The (act Is, t Willy new engine dniQn happens only onco in a F««t while. It did happen in the FirePnwor V-8. Ila-180 h.p. was only incidental to its batie neat tetiin, Ita key idea la a hemispherical comhustion chamber, which makes even HOH-premium gasoline develop more usable power than other designs can (et from premium fuel. Only Chrysler engineering has so tar mastered this deiifn. Several cars do have some power IncniH, In terms ot previous designs, The important (act Is that FircPoww Is not · "warmed- over" engine, but brand new In performance, construction, and efficiency. In power tfnriiv, too, there are basic difference*. Chrysler uses hydraulic power, nluiayi in effect, to do two things. First, it does 4/5 the steering work K you turn the wheel. Second, we've cut the amount of wheel turn needed by over 1/3. Parking or cruising, you.get more and easier control than ever before. In sand; snow, or nits, the hydraulic power is.always there to keep the front wheels from "steering back" at you. You get the same amount and feel of control nil the lime... full-time case.nnd full-time safety. Actually, the differences, both in engine performance and In steering safety and ease an impossible to put in words... but just as impossible not to /rrl the moment you get Into a Chrysler and drive itl Why not see your Chrysler dealer and do that, soon? . ,CHRYSLER THE FINEST CAR AMERICA HAS YET PRODUCED Phillips Motor Co, Inc., 620-621 N. College Ave, r FlyeftoviNe, Ark, SAFEWAY North OUR PRICING POLICY Safeway will nraat HM town! advtr- To fa thttd price «f «v«ry cotnpatitar, Htm- 9:00 P.M. · by-ittm, day-by-day, q u a l i f y and Monday 'thru Davidson · condition of nwrchandiM contid«r*d. Saturday Prices Effective Today Through Thursday Fojgers or Maxwell House · . ' · ; · ' · * 79° Highway -- Sliced or Halves · . NO, 2. Can Tender Beef Rib Steaks Armour's Star Fresh Stock Pure Heinz or Gerber's Baby Food Dolewobd Colored in Quarters Full Stock At This Can Price Mrs. Tucker's Fine Quality Hershey-- For Choc. Milk or Topping For Fine Salads or Frying Ib. 3 IB. Carton 16 Oz. Can $J2I 7 e 18' Wesson Oik * 19 Armour's Star Full-Sice End Cuts Slab Bacon' 29 Graded Medium Size in Cartons Fresh Eggs--35 Northern Brand, or Fine Si Ik Tissue 3 20 A Complete Meal-Kraft Dinner ^ 10 Dux, Rinso, Fab, Super Suds, Surf Wholsum Frozen Concentrate Soap Flakes 19 ice 2 25 Green Cabbge ^ 3 Solid Heads, and Crisp Shcool-boy Sixt Wines'pAp'es'b 12 SAFEWAY ,\

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