Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 17, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1952
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

MORTHWtfT AKKANSAft TIMES, Woman Held In Reno Robbery; Safe Recovered Millionaire Soys ' He Is "Shocked" Over Arrest ' Flags' 3 "' Ariz.-(/P)-A French- Canadian woman; frequent guest of Reno millionaire La Verne Ked- jjeld, was held in jajl here today in connection with the Hfe-mil- llion-dollar burglary'of Redfield's home. The woman, Mrs. Marie Jeanne dJArc Ma'chaiid, was taken from the California Limited, en route to Chicago, by FBI agents yesterday afternoon. .She had $50,000 in currency, a large-part of which the FBI identified as Redfield'c. In Reno, Redfield said he was "shocked and greatly upset" by her arrest. "She is one of the !asl 1 would have suspected," he said |'I would have trusted her 'implicitly." ' ' -. Mrs. Machaud is the sixth person taken into custody, by FBI agents investigating the February 2!) burglary. She was held under $10(1,000 bond. She was arraigned last, night before U.S. Commissioner Paul Per- toil on charges of transport stolen property and currency across slate lines. Safe Is Found ·In Nevada, other FBI, agents pulled from an.abandoned 35-foot, minfshaft near Reno the safe stolen from Redfield's home. Aided by Heno police, the FBI men rocovered the safe in the desolate Hot Springs area,' 10 miles south of Heno. Stripped of valuables, it was found in a curve of the mineshaft on a rocky, sagebrush-covered ridge. The shaft is well concealed from U.S. Highway 395. which passes a mile and a half away. FBI agents and police refuse to say how they discovered the hiding place. When arrested, Mrs. Machaud also had in her brief case jewelry and securities. The FBI wa* checking t h e s e to determine whether they, too, were part of the loftt. She identified herself as an artist and short story writer. The two agents who arrested her boarded the California Limited ot the Santa Fe Railroad at Ashfork, Ariz., 18 miles west of Flagstaff. She left the train with them on its arrival here. The safe had been stolen at noon-time. Investigating, officers said the safe stealcrs unquestionably had inside information. The safe was well hidden, the burglary was timed while - the Redfields were aflunch, and the watch dog was pacified with a ham bone. Crime Reconstructed FBI agents reconstructed the crime like this: Several weeks before the burglary, John Triliegi, 37, Milwaukee hoodlum, met Louis Firpo Gazzigll, 44, a 230-pound ex- prizefighter, here. Late in February they drove to Milwaukee and r'-krd un Andries'Robert Young. 46, ex-convict, and Frank Sor- rcnti, 30, a petty criminal. They were back in Reno two days before the burglary. The FBI Mile Wide Grin I. 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AH Kinds" Phont 236 Thnre is general satisfaction reflected in this wide grin by Gen. Dwight Eisenhower" over his camera work during bis visit to the Church of Haghia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, During his tour of that country and Greece. . . · charges the quartet carted away the 400-pound safe in midday in view of six neighboring homes. The case began to crack after Mrs. .Lcona Mae Giordano, 38,. Keno cocktail waitress, was arrested trying to pass a $1,000 bill. She has not been charge with par- ticinatinc in the burglary. FBI agents won't say where she got $6,000 ir stolen currency found on her when she was arrested Saturday in Los Angeles. Reno bartenders say a man re- semblinE Young toured the hot spots the day after the burglary complaining a pretty brunette companion had rolled him of more than $6,000. The four men are charged with transporting or conspiring to transport stolen goods across state lines. Springdale Mr: and Mrs. Robert Harms and children, Robert and Carolyn, were called to Russellvillc over the weekend by the illness of Mrs. Harms' grandfather. The Ruth Sunday School Class ot the Berry Street Baptist Church met Friday night at the. home of Mrs. P.. C. Minor of Springdale with Mrs. ,T. b. Hunt as co-hostess. This was the first meeting of the class, which voted to use Ruth for its name. Class .meetings will be held the fourth Friday night in each month. Mrs. P. C.'. Minor, Mrs. Ruby Howerton, and Mrs. Grace Bradley were appointed to the Flower Committee with Mrs. Minor as secretary nnd treasurer. After the business meeting .the group sang "Amazinj? Grace 1 ' and Mrs. Lawrence Laymon brought the devotional. Officers for the next year are: Mrs. Mildred Matslcr, president; Mrs. Opal Webb, vice president; Mrs. Otis Smeding and Mrs. Stella King, group captains; Mrs. Dora Anderson, secretary-treasurer, and Mrs. J, O. Hunt, social chairman. Those present were Mrs. Lawrence Laymon, Mrs. Joe Holt, Mrs. Karl Frush, Mrs. R. B. Raymond, Mrs. Ursula Cliffords, Mrs. Otis Smed- ing, Mrs. Mark Hensori, Mrs. Noah Cooper, a guest, and Dorothy Gayle Hunt. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. Games w'ere played . during- the social hour, Mrs. P. C. Minor, Mrs. Otis Smcdlnf and Mrs. Nosh Cooper won the prizes. . The Ministerial Alliance of SpritiKdalc directed ' a religious census taken Sunday 'afternoon: Workers from the different churches met at 2 o'clock at the First Methodist Church, received their instructions, and went to work. Another group will go out one day this week to'call on the people who were out of town Sunday. ' The .Springdale Saturday Story hour was In charge of Miss Verna Doan. The time was spent telling stories and playing records. The story hour is open'to children from 6 to 12 every Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30. a. m. Th* Springdale Eastern Star chapter held a bako-sale at the Famous Hardware S a t u r d a y morning. · i Robert Smith has. reported to Camp, Calif., and expects lo be shipped to Japan after spending a 14-day leave with his mother, Mrs. Grace Smith of Berry Street. . . A group of Sprinsdale Methodist Church members 'attended the Fayetteville District t r a i n i n g school last 'week. Refreshments were served each evening at the church. before the group left. After spending a SOrday leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Mills of Sprinicdale, Petty Officer Gerald D. Mills has gone to Bermuda. A large group of young people from 'the First Baptist Church chartered a bus driven by Ilershcl Skelton and attended the annual meeting of the state Baptist Training ynion in Little Rock over the weekend. S e v e r a l outstanding ministers and business men spoke at the convention. Some of the highlights of the convention were "the state speakers contest, intermediate sword drill, and the memory drill. A Rood turnout of - voters cast their ballots on two issues at the school election held Saturday. At the'last count voters in this school district defeated an increase in the school millagc from §8 to 40 mills by a vote of 332 to 305. Harvey Jones was rcclected to a five-year term on the school board. He was unopposed. A missionary Baptist Church was organized Sunday at 2:30 p. m. at the Legion Hut in Springdale. Elder Clyde Leslie, a missionary of the Arkansas Missionary Baptist Association, has been preaching there each week and also helped in the organization of the church. Ray Pontier showed slides and spoke on the Belgian Congo at "the Bethel school Friday night at 7:30. A free will offering was taken. A training Union study course began Sunday night and will continue through Friday night ai the First Baptist church. This is to help everyone know the work of the training union better, and to help it grow. Bruce VauRhan, o w n e r of Bruce's Radio and Television Shop, went to Fort Smith. Thuri- FHA President Hogers-tSpeclaD-Miss Donna Lou Hardy, 14, Rogers High School sophomore, has been named president of the district Future Homemakers of America organization. The district includes 16 chapters in this area. Miss Hardy, the daughter of M r . ' a n d Mrs. Denis Harady of Rogers, was recently elected vice president of the Rogers High School FHA chapter. With other district officers she will be installed April 4 at Rus sellvllle. IMustoen Photo) ' Welcome Mat Out, Couple Is Informed Den MoInes-(/rVAn JI«w»H«n- born couple wu linking plans today to move Into th«lr Weii:Des Moincs h o m e ifttr anonymous telephone protestj'to the real estate company nearly "queered" Its purchase,' . ' · , Mr. and Mrs, James Nlshlmurn. both 29, laid they ajreej to buy the house--for the second time In five dayt^-afte-r be:ng assured "they want ui out there." These assurances, they said, c?me from telephone calls and personal visits from future neighbors in West DCS Molnec. The first sale was balked Saturday when the real estate company returned the couple's $900 down payment and advUed then not to move Into the neirjhborhood, Thr day to attend a tejevisiou meeting. Two new fire trucki arrived in Springdale Friday morning by the Frisco Railroad and were unloaded Monday. A company engineer will inspect both of the trucks before they are put into operation. One ol the trucks carries an 800- gallon tank which will be used in rural areas and in Springdale city limits if it is needed. Both of these trucks will be housed In the fire department building, Paragould Broadcaster Heads AP Radio Group Little Rock - W) - Ray Dexter, manager of radio station KDRS in Paragould, was elected president of the Arkansas Associated Press Broadcasters here yesterday. Dexter succeeds W. V. H u n t , gcneral^manaycr of station KLRA in Little Rock. Murk Weaver, KLRA news director, was chosen vice president. Directors elected were Fred Stevenson, KGni-1, Faycltcvllle; L. B. Tooley, KXAR. Hope; and W. N. McKinney, KELD, El Dorado. WALT BEACH Watch ««p«Mi»t II t. CMIM «M*4 ·AYtrnviLLf, »·«. How many hands does a wife need? What with 70 different household tasks to do cnch day, Mrs, America really has her two hands fulll Fortunately, electric service furnishes her with the extra hands she needs. Washing, ironing, sewing, cleaning- these 'are but a few of the tasks that your electric service lightens. If you want lo sec how low in cost this service is, make a list of every electrical appliance in your home, Add to this the number of light Inilbs you use, Now divide your monthly electric service bill by this total. You'll discover that electric "hands" work for only a few cents a month! How did today's biggest bargain come about? Yoij'ue helped make electricity cheap by using it for more and more jobs. So have your Mends and neighbors who work for this btisftiCM-man- aged electric company. Their skills and experience plus sound business methods have made electricity today's best buy! lOUTHWCSTCRN us Ma aient/f cfMnm «. J. DYEII, DIVI110K MANAGE* company reporter! felling »nony- mous telephone ,ulb. about, the couple. . ' · . ' ' - , · Nciohbori on both ltlc» of th« house sajtl they dirt not protest. Don \V(sj,lcr. wnp'Hvw next door, sjiid: ' ' '·' : "There is quite nn uprising in Ihe nriRhboi'hnod over this dl«- crlmlnitldn,, Franfcly we would like In have them occupy Ihe house, and we have gair! so." Five Classes Of Awards For Motheri Announced Damascus Syrla-W'i-The h'y.lijn government to4ey «ro«Md fWi, cliinci of:, *wuti ,fer ntotkni. haying three or more, eMJoVvrv' '/! "firs' class" motherr-of l» chil- ctren--wlll ,wln · wentWy Hl^n ami free air, ita lint l*nd tr»ve f on the ipvernment-owned T«na- portatlon syjiemi, . ' ^ The title "first Syrian f«ther"^ r f _ Is being contenttd after lh« 41s* cnvery of an §3-year-old Dimai- clis (|randf«thtr, Hisun Si«l«r.' . who ins (13 children and jmxf- children. Three of his seven wives ·re ilill llvinf. . ' ; Koe,* t» »»H»J t»» Ti»«« tllllf . "VIVA ZAPATA"KgS A Screen Exptrioncii You'll N«v»r F«r|«t! . . . a love that will ncvtr dit! MODERN? FAYETTEViUE.AlK, 14 N. ILOCK STRUT We Know We Know Cleaning OHN SATURDAY NIOHT UNTIL · P.M. 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