Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 17, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 17, 1952
Page 5
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NMTHWBT AMCANSAS THMH, GtUum* BrBALBOTLK Ntw York-(*)-What is it to be Irtih? On 364 dayj of .the year being Irish isn't visibly different from being Scotch, French, Italian, Jew ish, Serbian, Dutch, or English. Tht Irishman pays his bills, com pains against his taxes, does hi work, and listens to his wife like the man of any other race. But on this one day of the yea: --holy St. Patrick's Day--the Irishman becomes an Irishman. The outer signs, of course, -can be seen by all. The Irishman over night grows a foot tallerVnd stalks the earth a giant. All tralfic lights turn green before him, ?nd if they don't he sees red. But this air of majesty is only token evidence of interior change The men of other races who envy the Irishman his bearing on St Patrick's Day would envy him far more if he could look inside the Irishman's soul. ' What is it to be Irish? How can you put the wonder oJ It into words? If a psychiatrist stretched himself out on his own warm couch after his last customer had gone home, and he dreamed of the man he himself would most like to be--well, he might be perfect, but he'd still .be only half an Irishman on St. Patrick's Day. What is it to be Irish? It is to have an angel in your mouth, turning your prose to poetry. I t ' i s to. have the gift ol tongues, to know the language of ·11 living things. Does an Irishman pause and turn an ear to a tree? It is because on this day he wants to hear what one sleepy bud says to another . as it opens its pale green hands to the warm sun of spring. What is it .to be Irish? Oh, on this day it is music. Not just the cornet in £c parading high school band, 'out the deep, music of living, the low, sad rhythms of eternity. The Irishman hears the high song of the turning spheres, the dim lullaby of the worm in its cocoon. All the world is in tune, and he is in step with the tune, the tune that only he can hear. What is it to be Irish? It is to live the whole history of his race between a dawn and * dawn--the long wrongs, the bird-swift joys, the endless hurt of his ancestors since the morning of time in a forgotten forest, the knock-at-his-heart that is part of STOMACH GAS Taxes the HEART An accumulation of gas in th« stomach forms pressure, crowds the heart and results in oloating, "gassy" catches, palpitation and shortness of breath. This condition may frequently be mistaken foi heart trouble. CERTA-VIN is helping such g*. "victims" all over Fayettevm*. This new medicine is taken befor* meals, so it works with your food --helps you digest food faster and better. Gas pains go: Bloat vanishes! Contains Herbs and Vitamin B-l with Iron to enrich the blood and make nerves stronger. Weak, miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffering. Get CERTA-VIN.-- Clinehen's Fayetteville Drug Store. his religion. What is it to be Irish? It isn't only the realization that he is descended from kings.. It is the realization that he is a king himself, an empire on two feet striding in power, a strolling continent of awe. What is it to be Irish? Why, on St. Patrick's Day, to be Irish is to know more glory; adventure, magic, victory, exultation, gratitude and gladness than any other man can experience in a lifetime. What is it to be Irish? It is to walk in complete mystic understanding with God for. 24 wonderful hours. R.F.D. Seven By JACK CAUIStE Before you read another RFD Seven spring will .have arrived. Next Friday is tho first day of spring. And haven't we -had. a wonderful winter? We can appreciate it even more when we read of the bad weather in' other parts of the country. Just in case you haven't read about it, there is a new limit on the size of air mail parcel' post tor overseas delivery. The- n e w limit is two pounds, but the boys over there can still send them lome the same size as alvays. Austin Reed bought a new Cub tractor last week, but no one has tiad a chance to see it yet, i.s Austin is so proud of it that he won'1 get it out where there is any mud The Adrian Fletchers have returned to Arkansas. They were in New Mexico for a long time jut they finally decided that Ar- tansas was the place. They have bought two different tracts of and, both just beyond Baldwin. Dne of the tracts is known as the Old Fletcher place and was. originally owned by a great-U'icle of Frank Fletcher. The Albert Baker family lost their large shepherd dog last week to the traffic on the Edwards road. 1 was afraid that he was going to get it. He chased cars. I failed to get across Middle Fork on-both Monday and Tuesday of last week. That made it hard on the folks on the other side who wanted to get their money irders for-their light bills on the ast day of grace. We surely do need a couple of low-water bridges up there. Last week the Millers, McCor- macks, and Rockwells were filling up some of those deep-rutted mud- io\es on Williams Mountain with ock and gravel. If v,'e had had o or three hard freezes, that road ivould have just about been impassable. Two or three yp.all cul- 'erts in the right place would do wonders for that road.- John Thompson is up in Illinois 'orking. I believe his father told ne he was in Pcoria. The Woods family, that bought he Elmer Stout place, is stocking le place with sheep. I I.eard that hey brought the first ones up rom Texas. They are fine-looking i heep and look as if they would j old a lot of wool. Those fine looking Berkshire ogs that you see about midway etween Baldwin and Elkins be- to Mr. Blair. 1 think the lairs live in town; at least, they on't get their mail on my route I hear that Mr. Blair has had as high » two hundred hogs out there at one time. That Is a lot of fine bacon. I understand that a mail route- will start up Happy Hollow Road' on the first of April, but the new route will be on RFD Five, which is carried by Grover Couch. Now would be a good,.write to the · publishers of the magazines you take and have the address changed to RFD 5. And when you move your mail boxes, put them up about eight inches lower than they are now. Grover sn't as active as I am and can't stretch as far. Reconditioned Used Washers Every One in Tip-Top Shape APEX . . . . $38.50 EASY . . . . $39.50 M-W . . . $37.50 THOR . . . . $44.50 APEX . . . $36.50 THOR . . . . $34.50 EASY . . . . $39.50 MAYTAG . . . $69.50 (Aluminum Tub) Cy Carney APPLIANCE COMPANY Smith Sid* Squirt 1728 Thit iifn oat there near the Durnlnr (true itlll lives the population of Fiyetteyllle as 13,052. I first mentioned thin about B Tear age. I had a very fine letter J r o m Patricia Ann Trice,' who used to live in Fayctteville bul is now living in Fort Riley, Kan. Patricia Ann informs me that she is nine years old and a big girl now. She is in the third grade at school, and no longer has any use for her wagon which' she has left with her grandparents who live in Fayettc- ville. She asked me to go by their house and pick it up for the little boys who have no wagon to play with. Today is Saint Patrick's Day, and it is also the last day "to pay your income tax. I guess that is what you call taking the. bitter with the sweet . . . If you are a good Irishman, you are supposed to celebrate by "the .wearing of the green," but all of us--Irish or otherwise--a r e bewailing t h e "Sending of the green." DOROTHY DIX -CONTINUED FROM PACE a pal of high-school vintage can disperse unhappy moments in the present. The value of these nostalgic sprees is difficult to gauge, hut one who enjoys them should not be deprived of the pleasure. Peter apparently does like these forays into the past, so don't make an issue of them. and try to stop your worrying. Dear Miss Dix: A friend of mine recently took a job ,at a nearby college. There she met a very nice young man and began dating him. They have grown quite fond of each other. He began taking her out about the time for examinations, and people told her his interest in her was really to obtain copies of the midterm exams. At first she thought this vas a joke but the story has been told so persistently that she is -beginning to believe it. Alma F. Answer: The answer to the girl's problem will come when, and if, the boy approaches her for information on the exams. I doubt very much that he will do so. Her Informants arc, I think, practical jokers trying to stir up a little c*- citement. Tell her to ignore them. The Florida State University volley ball team has won the Horida A.A.U. championship the past three consecutive years. 37 All Wool Suits Just $45.00 Values On Sale At · Navy Gabardine · Plaid Worsteds · Imported Worsteds · Royal Gabardine Sizes 10 through 20. A very dramatic group of spring suits. Talk · about value . . . it's here in imported novelty fabrics, different from what you've seen before and fine all wool, gabardines. Patricia Suits command a second look because of their fine tailoring and soft styling. Here's your opportunity to buy a new suit from b large selection at a price you'll never regret. You May Use Our Lay-a-Way Plan STILL AN ACTIVE GROUP $1QOO 28' Short Coats Need a new topper? . . . we've a feature group at only $28.00!! Shop these first and see if there's a style for you.. Other coats $34.50 to $49.50. ell -T3I1 ... . A Dress You'll Love Because of Its Ease of C a r e . . . . Hope Reed Gives Us NYLONS $1498 HALF SIZES ALSO!!! Ever see a new and different something y o u wanted at first glance -Well, here at C-B, we think we have three styles in Mallinson's Butter-fly Nylon dresses that you'll really go for. A budget price, too. See these in Navy, Aqua, Beige, Mauve and Brown. Sizes 12 to 20 and 16'/ 2 to 22!/ 2 . ALL ITEMS FIRST FLOOR READY-TO-WEAR ·A PERENNIAL FAVORITE THIS SEERSUCKER American Golfer Here's q seersucker classic you'll live in this summer. The fabric is the best woven and the workmanship is the finest; just ask our clerks to point out the features. In Green, Violet, Red, Grey and Brown. Sizes 10-18. ALL WOOL Reg. Vals to $34.50 17 You Won't Save THIS for a Rainy Da; $IT98 Yes, ladies . . . rain or shine you'll a l w a y s reach .for this rayon sheen gabardine coat when you go out. It't water repellent w i t h matching jockey cap. Full flare style, fitted cuffs and roll collar. Luscious n e w colon. Sizes 8 to 16.

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