Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 15, 1952 ツキ Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1952
Page 9
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NOtTHWMT AKAMAI TIMM, feyttttvilto, ArkテつォMM. March 15, 1*M Actors Able hi Performance Of "Summer And Smoke" Presentation At University Bf. LILLIAN MAS8IE Anne Allbright as Alma in the first performance of "Summer and Smoke" at.the University Theater lテつサst night gave a capacity audience テつキ テつォenテつサitive interpretation of the most gallant and most .defenseless of Tennessee Williams' triad 'of ladlcs-with-their-skins-off. Amanda of "The Glass Menagerie" has memories, probably false but nonetheless Consoling, of her girlhood as the 'belle . o f B)uc Mountain. Blanche nf "Streetcar" can retreat from unbearable reality into.madness. To Alma, life gives only little mercies; sleeping pills, which, though they do not put her to sleep, relieve her tension; a likeable young traveling salesman, undoubtedly the first of many, whom it is unjust to call a hog, but who can hardly be expected to have much more appreciation of Alma's cxquisiteness than do swine of the exquisiteness of pearls. Miss Allbright's .performance, both delicate テつキ' d powerful, evidenced her own talent and her grasp of a subtle role as well as Virgil Baker's sensitive direction. Both Miss Allbright and Professor Baker deserve high praise, especially because Tennessee Williams' neurotic ladies easily become mawkish or ludicrous if the roles are not handled perceptively. Dolores Alexander as Mrs. Winemiller, Alma's mother, who has become like a vicious child to revenge- herself upon her pompous, small-minded, and self- righteous husband, also gave an astonishingly mature performance. As ~osa Go.izales, Lois ^rllor also was excellent. Without cheapening a charac-'.er which is as pitiable in one way as Alma is in another, Miss Mcltor was convincingly seductive. She succeeded, too, in getting across, 'in her-scenes with Johnny and with his father, Rosa's sense of insecurity. The excellence of her dancing may surprise those who did not see "Dark of the Moon." Those who did know what to expect of Eleanor King's choreography. Among the men in the cast, CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon* CollKt 2353 Firciicrlll*, Arkanui Joplin Rendering Co. William Tallin, in fテつォs bit part of Gonzales, gave the most brilliant performance, ^possibly partly because Williams endowed the minoi character with genuine passion and In doing so gave an actor a chance. Keith Vinsonhaler did well with a difficult role, but a much more experienced actor than he would have a hard time with the part of young Dr. Buchanan. The young doctor is not exactly a heel, but during much of the play he seems very close to being one. The playwright, -ot the actor, is responsible for the spectator's uncomfortable feeling that Dr. Johnny is not worth even Rosa's heartbreak, let alone' old Dr. Buchanan's death and Alma's suffering. But, most of Tennessee Williams' men exist as parasites upon the spiritual resources of a woman or of several v.-omen. Thus they are so lacking in human dignity that the spectator resents them. Except for Stanley in "Streetcar," they are no villains; they are simply weaklings, scoundrels, or stuffed shirts. Old Dr. Buchanan, played capably by Al Hczelwood after some fumbling in his lirst scene, is the only really sympathetic male character in the play. It must be admitted that an actor has a hard job with a role which is not that of a hero, a likeable man, 01- テつキ テつキ-"'テつキin.-On the other hand, of course, such parts do offer a real challenge. This challenge was not met wholly successfully by Barron Collier as the Reverend Mr. Winemiller or by Dan Lovell as Roger Dorcmus. However, Mr. Collier does well in the scene in which he attempts to prevc-' Alma's receiving Dr.' Johnny, and Mr. Lovell handles Ms lines about his mother effec- :ively. The composite set, in which the ountain with the stone angel separates the living room of the rectory from the office in Dr. Buchanan's house, is- beautiful, テつキmd, more important, is an integral part of the play. The effectiveness of the integrated set, ihe set which is not just something before which an action is developed, sug- j ::r.ts that the drama may be mov- ( ng toward that synthesis of all .he. arts which, considering the technical resources of the modern heater, it ought to become. It is not to disparage playwright, actor, or d i r e c t o r to state Q^ Troop Reports Featured During Girl Scout Week This week in tribute to the founding of Girl Scouting 40 years ago, the TIMES will publish reports of the troops in Fayettevjlle on their activities during the past ywr. Troop 20 consists of 15 girls, one leader, one co-leader and three committee members. Our troop continues its meetings through the summer months. During these months we have only out of doors activities. Last August the troop gave its a n n u a l carnival. The profit made was $21. The proceeds went into the troop's treasury to be used for camping equipment, Julie* Lowe fund and the birthday party/ Our troop attended the square dance lessons that .were.sponsored by the council. Troop 20 was one of the troops that participated in the decorating of the Christmas trees at the Veteran's" Hospital. Our troop was also represented in the annual carol singing. The. girls entertained テつキ their, mothers at the troop's birthday party last December. At the present the girls are working like eager beavers, making preparations for their three day camping trip to the Little House, in June. This troop is sponsored by the* Colored American Legion Auxiliary. The leader and co-leader have been with the troop since it was first organized three years ago. Leader, Mrs. Rnsetta Dowcll. Co-Leader, Mrs. Ruth Rich. 7 tent, Climl! Since all except three nf the Scouts in Troop Six finished the テつキsixth grade last year" and went to junior high, troop members arc mostly tenderfoots. The new sirlK finished their tenderfoot requirements by December and have been working 'on second, class, assisted by the' three cscond class Scouts. They gave a Christmas program for the Brownies; filled boxes with home-made cookies and candy which they took to shut-ins; have ,,,,_..,_ completed activities in community | "" ' '^ K life, t health and safely, home- An outstanding flavor--Junテつォe'i Homin Meal Bread. 11-1V-II NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES C L A S S I F I E D ADS Rale; 3 cfnti; ptr word ilni'e In- icriion Three consecutive I m t r t l n n t . ;r word M i n i m u m order 43c cd Rdi cash in advance*-nol 'cr lha telephone Deadline (or clarified ndx. k in dully; 9.'30 a m Saturday テつキ Correction* nnrt rerun cheerfully mudo afler lint Innerliop No correction* or rerun made Alter ad ha* expired NOTK: Advertising copy tor other paur* ii due at 12 noun the dn 'jSru- ceedins buijUcallun; 13 noon Saturday fur puhllcHtlnn on Mondnv making, l i t e r a t u r e , and dramatics, and music and dancing. The second class Scouts have c o m p l e t e d requirements f o r badges in architecture, housekeeper, games, safety, cooking, drawing and p a i n t i n g and music. The girls made field trips to the Fine Arts Building, Old Main, E. A. Budd home, and Mike Strousland for architecture, in connection with cooking, they gave their mothers a party and spaghetti supper. The girls are now working on the musical badge and recently gave a program for their parents. The ambition of the troop is to have all tenderfoot promoted to second class and the second class made first class by next September. Leader of the troop is Mrs. Hay Davis. Owanria Davis. Joan Smith and Naomi Baker. New President Obituary MODKflN Woodmen will meet March 17. Sonic ipeclDl huslncu All members urged 10 attend meeting. A. U. | "Thテつォt'テつサ thテつォ kind of man I'm ffotitf lo mテつサrry." INSTRUCTION COMPLETE your hlflli school nt home ! in spare time. Tcxls furnished Diploma. No chiiUfi Send lor 47 nafcc { booklet and sampio lesson tree t Am rican School, \vritt 1' O Box HELP WANTED-- MALE CARPENTEHS to build h-a7iitr~hen"- I house, l(J'xt ()()'. Hour nr contrnct ' Frnnlt D. Olios. Phone 174.11. __ j YOUNG men wonted to gel renrly in i accept pjsttloni In d r a f t i n g account- 1 Ing, electricity and dleccl cnalnrer- テつキ Ins \Vc teach you at home in spare ' tinn and help plaro you American | School. Write I s O. Box 320 Fay i cttcvllle. HELP WANTED--FEMALE WANTED Mlcnlady. Apply JimM's De- _pHrJmejiJ_St(!テつ」テつサ-,_hnnth_8ldr Square. LADY housekeeper for m i d d l e flftcd man alone. Write 221 East OnU SI reel. noficrs. Ark. RELIABLE- woman to do housework find care for baby. Private room w l l h r bath, board niiri snlnry. Phimi NOW THREE two room apiririitnU- FrJjl- dテつサlro. fhone *42J. __ _ ^ 4 room home en Wmfi'injf- ton. Phone M.WI _ 4~ifbo"M IOテつ」 houte nnd "Ire "jfarrffn xpol. テつキ Eleven milt* south on 71 _^テつ」^J* eor *テつ」j? rfl * l ?'J!5if** t'ork. l~rtbOM~furnftnrci homiorTzi" flout h _0r.erjf Mlrr 5 p. in. _ 4 ifooM hf/uRff, newly decorated./ Write ^noxJK-U. テつキ; Times. "テつキ : ' _ i ^ _ 2 HKDTIOOM urtfurnfirheO ""Home on : _5|l_Wnnd SUrel. SSfl Oil Call ITJIU. j ' * " ' ~ OFFERED DITCH DIGGING roormas-w テつキ t e r. テつキ gu. テつォ . dlfchei. MpUe tank twin. Dijflnj unit Sack (JlUni- Cftlf tt*. tryt* Davir ^^_^^^^^^ - ^_^^^.^^^.^._FOR KAI.K--RKAL ESTATE flOMK 5 a erf tracts of und*v;テつォ!optd X, I^nd. Thre* Hynrtred feテつォt Olf ot-*- ' H f j j h w n y 71 xoitth. Nice huilftlfhC* テつサiti*t. Qeorti Brown. Weal ForJc,".**' ^' ncur .University. Adulu (inly, Hlinns J A R A U l : ttprtrrincnl. ,i room. fe.ilc'nVn- elle And hath. Completely rtrieco- rulcd. I'nrlly [urnlirif.d. IllihWay Jl _テつォoujlh^J'Jinnp J07.M4 nfier 3. j! R6oM*Tiirn!,ned iipafinicnt. PnvuT* ,liowrr And *tttrjin.$ Modern Eire- Irir refrigerator and w,i*ntr. Cif.t' den II vvnn:e:l x?:o:テつサ bill* p;テつォid rrntplc only, Hlch'.i'ay 16 writ Phono 174JI. ROOM for K^mlf man. close'In ' Phrmc n i m r l i i i c n l , :i LirHr toon , iilmo"f ~ nテつォw 2 home. 7 roomy cloテつォtテつサ, 'floor fumacit.'V nLirmcnt ttatafc. completsty nwd-1-. ern. lmm*diite poi?saion; 510 HoJJy. テつォ;- _Phpne__40i. ___ _ _ _____ _ __ .__ V A PEW minurei drive oテつォl Cut lC.i' ncrni mhnrh^n, 2 bedroom htfint. Knotty pine rinn, lone living roorn ' with wood burn me flrcpUcw. dlnini room and larfe kitchen, hirdwooi - tioorテつォ, vfrtetiiin bhnri^. i(テつサr*ge, t^it* A m noun?, chicken c;*pi:lty, pictly l.imlcMpcd, neir White lttvテつォr. Price S1H.3W.OO Will (ndc. fhe Broadhunl Co. .^-- IIHI North coiieai! us Kfrrxri 3ri Pnonc 2487 " ^t Kvrnln|.l J .M. Ttrrlll-- ElXInj 40JI i nn'l iMih.! I WテつォtKin ! テつキTJHMISMED two bedroom テつーp r irtrnrh7. Modern nnd pr.valr llarduood . floors, n i i t n m i t i c floor turriHiT. f j n r - ; haKP dlKpoiol u n i t . Venetian hllivts j ncndix wmiH'i. U t i l i t i e s p.iul. phtinv HO ?Tn fto m n n t h N'rnr Uinvcr.iiiv I No itottl. OiirflKd. K \ c r ! t t". Ct'lip-] ON 71 incテつォ open and llmbtr piuture. iA r, mihitanml anrl Urge 3 room hoiile.-. htirn. t-h'cf-.en houae Farm Join*-* * rr i! fHhmK strwm Spring w*ftrv* or Mock A (^tr farm and a..real-iri-7^ vr:',t?:irni v/t'.rt '.i II Hi(hu.i.v. Toul prlco .S'rfi WE HAVE JUST USTED FOR SALE--I.IVKKTOOK JiMiah McCurUy Josiah McCurlcy, fi8, resident of Faycttcvillc for the past seven years, died yesterday morning in } his home. He was born at Spring- ' town, Ark., .nnd was an employe of the - University. He lived in Springdale before coming to Fay- EXPERIENCED WAITRESS. APPLY IN PERSON. WASHINGTON HOTEL. 'ailrcKX n'nnled. Ap- ply_jn_perテつォon. Plione 1:93. __ Ex"PERl"ENCED"\v ; nilrMテつォ.""Appry~Bnnk'ii Colfcc .Shop, corner School and Motinlflln. Clarksville-lSpcciaD-f/J'IThe appointment of Rev, John Paui DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED PROMPTIY Quick SmiUry fcrvlu Fnyetteville Rendering Service eテつサn ui oIKct Mm. lilt - HMf V*テつォr Farm f-mt much KniUry GIVE YOUR POCKETIOOK A IREAK! IfeOurfcrtl (MOme* FOR ANT | MAJOR SIRVICI JOI Come in today. Prompt, expert service. "Renew" your c a r . . . and pay ai you drivel Abshier-Bryan *Yeur Friondly Ford Dealer Sine* 1913" hat much of the emotional impact of any play produced at the Arts Center Theater may be at- 'ributable tn the work of H. Preston Magruder with sets and costumes, of .To Carner with lights, and of their competent crews. Lt. Cook To Show Films Taken While In Korea テつキLt. Vance Cook, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Cook of Fayctteville, will present a public showing of pictures, taken while he served in Korea. They will be shown in the basement of the First Christian Church Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock. Lieutenant Cook, a graduate of the Universtiy, served as an officer in the Arkansas National Guard and has just returned from 13 months duty as artillery and reconnaissance officer in Korea. His hobby of photography made it possible for him to Bet these shots. Families of the community who are interested and arc concerned with the Korean situation, are invited to attend'. Lieutenant Cook will also discuss the subject of War in Korea. Methodist Council Meets In Oklahoma Oklahoma City-(fl)-A proposal for a possible new episcopal area and another Methodist bishop in the Southwest was discussed today at the annual JurisrJictional Council meeting. The meeting was. attended by four b.ishops, ministers, church officials arid laymen from Missouri, Mexico, Texas, Nebraska and Louisiana. The proposal would make the South Central Jurisdiction eligible for another bishop since it is larger than other episcopal areas. Final action on the matter will be up to the General McthooMst Conference April 23, in San Fran- Vincent, Iowa Presbyterian pastor, as president of the .College of the :s at Clarksvillc, Ark., is announced by R. K. Rodgers ol Fort Smith, president of trie College Board of Trustees. Dr. Vincent has been pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Sioux City, for the past' six years. He previously held pastorates at Mason City and Harrisburg, I l l i - nois, and Ponca City, Okla. He will assume his new duties as president .of. .the. College, .of the. Ozark on April 15. Dr. Vincent is a member of the Sioux City Rotary Club and has served as secretary, director or president of various Rotary organizations. He is much in demand as a commencement, baccalaureate and after-dinner speaker. Since September, 1951, the College of the Ozarks has been administered by acting President Herbert E. Buchanan of Prairie Grove, retired honorary Professor of Mathematics Jrom Tulanc University. Jeanelte Walker, will play an oboe -solo, "Peace in the Valley," and a message, "Three Boy Scouts on a Hike," will -be given by the Rev. John Asbell. A cooperative fellowship luncheon will- he served at noon, after which the afternoon program v.'ill be presented by the Central Christian Church of Fayctteville. This will be opened by gospel .song service. Evangelist Fred Hucklc- beri/ will bring a テつキ'Salvation." message on West Fork Christian To Honor Youth Tomorrow the youth of the West Fork Christian Church will be honored throughout the day. Sunday School will begin at 9:45 a.m., opened by the young people singing "With Christ In the Vessel" and "Every Step I," followed by sentence prayers. Gclnda Mahoney and Shcrma Kay Smith will give reading."! I'The Church Home" and "Each His Part." Mrs. Lillian Garnett will lead in singing favorite hymns selected by the young pco- ple. Responsive reading be led by Keith Stewart, acting su- pcrintpnriont. Communion will be preceded by class study. Karen Patrick, accompanied by ROARING SAGA OF MEXICO'S TIGER ON A WHITE HORSE! "The Herald Of Truth" To Be Heard On ABC . "The Herald of Truth," new kind of radio preaching from The Churches of Christ, is now being heard every Sunday over the ABC .* F|)|t S m i ( h ^^ l ( t . 1:30 p.m.; KRMG, Tulsn, Okla., from ?. to 2:30 p.m. Fred McClung of the Church of Christ hero in Faynttcville invites tho public to join this radio audience and to attend worship services at the church. This Sunday morning the sermon subject will be "What Is Hell" and in the evening, "Amidst Dangerous Sin." etlcvillc. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary MuCurley; fivo daughters, Mrs. Nettie Naramor find Mrs, Joy Payne of -Springdalc, Mrs. Vera Long of Springfield, Mo., Mrs, Mary ,Jo Harris of Fayetteville Hiid Miss Cliffic Jciin Mc- Curlcy of. the home; three sons, Montie McCuricy of Placcrvillc, Calif., Hcartsfil MeCurlcy of the U. S. Army, and Mclvin McCurlcy of the home; one sister, Mrs. Vcala I Penninyton of Springdalc; two | SITUATION WANTED EXPEIUENCEri wwllrcim; 3 to I I . Apply Ciunpus 8AI.ESMHN WANTED Niabt i Grill. SALESMAN. S1SO weekly with Auto- . refrigerator tie (roster. Every housewife wnnts it. No srllinj;. Kndi messy " job oi riftiroMiinf forever. Your territory mny be open. Write テつキFANTASTlfBUnRUE MEN nnd \vnjii"n Knrn In $4nn m o n t h - ly nprnitlng our NUT VENDOHS three hours weekly. Full time With carninss to Slft.ww yearly. Excellent references nnd SfiOS cash required jiecurpfj by inventory. Regional Dl- roclor will bo In this area soon. Stntu nil. PlpHpn include phone. For Interview write Ted U'. Redrtlil, 141.1 Miidlnon. Memphis. Tennessee. brothers, Bob McCurley of Com- mnnchc, Okla., and Henry McCur- lcy of Corpus Christ!, Texas; and seven grandchildren. Funeral service will be conducted Monday at 2:30 p. m. in Moore's Funeral Chapel. Burial will be in Forest Park cemetery in Springdale. Miss Lucy Jane All*n Funeral services for Miss Lucy Jane Allen, 03, Farminglon, who died Tuesday night in County Hospital, were conducted Thursday "afternoon in the Methodist Church at Fat-minglon by the Rev. A. L. Ripgs, pastor oテつ」 the Farmington Methodist Church. Burial was in the Farmington cemetery Under the direction of the Watson Mortuary. Pallbearers were Dr. Jeff Dag- gelt, W. A. (Jake) Davis, Floyd Bleu, Fred Kcrr, Byron While and Glen Giles. Mrs. Cora Beulah McDcmisI Funeral service for Mrs. Cora Beulah McDaniel, 56,' -Woolsry, who died Wednesday, was conducted yesterday afternoon in the Brmlwnod C h u r c h ' by the Hcv. O. L. Lierly. Burial was in Brentwood cemetery undcr-the direction of Moore's Funeral Chapel. Pallbearers were Ray Hutchens, Glenn Hutchens, Argil Brock, Finnis Raney, Lloyd McDaniel and Herman McC'ulIah. Othnr O. Anderson The body of Qthar 0. Anderson, 2fi, Veterans Hospital canteen em- ploye killed yesterday morning when his car overturned at Sprjngdale, will be returned to Muskogce, Okla., for services and burial. Preliminary arrangements .ire by Callison-Sisco Funeral Home. A n a t i v e of C a n a d i a n , Okla., Anderson had been a Fnyetteville resident only since March 3, coming here from Muskogec as a man- ager-trnince at the VA canteen. He was a veteran of World War II. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Betty Anderson of Muskogee; one brother, J W, Anderson of Quila- que, Texas; two .sisters, Mrs. Helen Anderson Withrow of Chccotn, Okln., and Miss Wanda .lean Anderson of E u f a u l a , Okla.; and his maternal grandfather, F. M. De- lozlcr of Tulsa. Okla. YOUNG experieneed nrw nnd repair construction. C. 1. McDnntcl. 2131,1. MONEY TO LOAN FllA HOME LOANS テつキ Low Interest, lony terms UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. Phone 2203 FOR SAI-J^AJUTOMOTIVI; ___^ SAVE $440.1)0. New Ford, F-5, "iriTTnch WB truclt. IIS n c l u n l miles. Hテつサaffcr. (i-7:50-8 ply tires. fcxrellcnt hardwood pint for in and stake bed. iB.iZ Mcon*e. Phone --1.1J1, '/ PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service IYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666_._ 208_West Bloc_k CHK/\T~mc? You can'dn'crV'lBjiilwb door Plymouth. Very low nillcuRc. I goltn still hrr, Hhr'K n pippin. 507 West Center. UiSTjVNI) FOUND LOST nfialni 13Jack malc~Co~c k cr "p up- py. Plcass cnll 9RS, WANTKII TO BUY HOUfiK trHllcr. Phone mljrtc'fn7"30'~fool"~ or TO SPIKE A RUMOR The Clifly Small Stock Forms, Inc. (the "original Ozark Bunny") is still buying rabbits and operating as usual,' and intend to continue in spite of the rumor they were out of business. Clifty Small Stock Farm KXTRA food four yrnr old Jernry enw. Arlidelnlly hrcd. frnshen noon. 4 mile* nnrthcHSt on Wire ItOHd, Ar- WKAN'ING piss. W. E. ntnckbi _PnUrjc Grnve; phono Hf"3- FRESH Jcrupy cow w i t h nccorid cnlf. $170.00. A. C. Willlnmn, Route I, hWminnton. YEARLING registered Domino hull out of F. L. R u p e r t 1 Domino. Reテつォ- unnnhle price. Phone 2I23J, POR SALE ALLEN Wclli nrldlng niMuhino iinrt rush rcfiltitcr romblncd. In vrry eourl fondllloti and nt rtHHotiKhle price Phnnc 2rOG during dny. ]i''.KJ n f t c r elfTcK "spVtiii'iTHerii".""nockii. cVoMtT, $6.n.v-loo. Large type hrolltr chicks, $.1.ur--100, plus poBinco, 'COD, live delivery. P-G ChickB. Box 20H5. Kテつォn- _Jtテつォ3_City. _Mo,_ . __ ^Al^^^^JfLA^P^"--^ 01 '^"^^ PJlfLCO, console m"o"dcl. Good runnlni: condition. Oil ZVfllM. ROTOTILLEH--No plow, di.-.c Hnrrow. FOR テつォood quaHty onk floorlnf ice JHpHthjlHrdwood Co. Phone Zfi5.- GCjOD jvoort^ranBc7 Phone 1J5H4. "^"" '( 11ALRS rHir'quaTi'fy"hiiy^'Wc. 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LawnTT ~Kar3cns, lip xveni^lji:io,f. _ R U M M A G E 8Ji"lc/~E(lTfn's~*sHoc'~"sfiop - M a r c h 18. Chriilinn intichlnc. irultivHtor. $035.00, 24 7 4 . __S P rln Bd R jc._ ___ ^ _ GOOD used G'E u'BgherT~Plmn'o~217irJ', GAROEN tractor, PUncl~.Ir.. (I hrtric- pov.'rr. W i t h *ltnchmcnti, Alno hoffnrk_po.its. 6flRn4. __ __ __ OfOTILLRh-- inquire E. "V. wKff- Phurch-- Box Iflfi. Phone 1703W. Krce ti c mmis I r テつサ H cMi-^y o u r pltice. GRAVED 4 yard load "dolTv(BVedrs6^W. B; JJ _Grgnthougc._J117CJI. テつキ KEYSTONK quality need in""bull*:. ity n Inc. Pennsylvanians Fight Mad Fox6s Which Have Attacked Residents Philadelphia -(IP)- State Game Commission agents, health authorities, hunters and even housewives throughout Pennsylvania arc battling lo halt what has been described as the worst plague nf mad foxes in the history of the commonwealth. Since tile beginning nf the year hundreds of cases of foxes attacking chllrtrcn, women and others have been reported in scattered parts of the stale. At least two persons have died as the result of being bltttn, ad chickens, pels and other animals have been nl- Inckcd, Mnny of the foxes killed so fiir hnvc been tested nnd found Infected with rablen. The flame Commission has or- group* tn trap the a n i - mals nnd h carrying out a plan to lay out polsonedi bait. Night patrols have been organized, The commission hopes to get rid of 95.000 foxes by the end of next month. "* AI "" lUe - eo ' sl GOOD used single barrel shot gun. Write Box K-42. 7 P Tfmcs. . OOGS-^CATS-- PETS BLACK Corker puppies. _jテつサa1cs, 510.00. Phonn 470W. FOR.SAI;--HOME NEEDS ROTOTTLLBH - fiOTOfirrifn^^Kor Tfilr"r inVTi t: r r i for quick テつォテつォlc. Rritauranl cnulpmcnt. Apply Cnmpua Grill, 653 i^Re'trnf i t--St r oain 11 ned A VERY flno innfrurnclit テつォt a ' ffllr price. No monstroslllts, 800 South Hrhonl. .TOSTJ. R"A1N11()VV 'ni(5tTf'~fiolri^frtlV~Ph^im:! Springdflle 3201. Otark Trout farm N ca r J o h nso r^ LUGGAGE. iuH 'cn5oi7~Toot Tbckem, brief caixTi, B-4 ibani, O'ntte cneei. toilet kit*, etc. A complete Hnテつォ HAMPTON'S ARMY SURPLUS STORK IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Quality new maltrest and matlress renovating. Phone 3036 401 WESY DICKSGN FOR BALL OR TRADE ' Held By Police After Russian Subs Sighlid I'anarmi, Panamn-l/I'l-lnformci.! sources said today U. S. .Intelligence agents. are quizzing a man who turned up mysteriously on a Caribbean island about the lime Domician o f f i c i a l s said Itu.sninn submarines were spotted In Caribbean. The man WHS reported being questioned by both P a n a m a n i a n police and U. S. M i l i t H r y I n t e l l i - gence officials In the canal zone. Hi was brought to Panama a f t e being found early this month on A l i g a n d l Island, one of the Karl n .?-Tf2Iテつサ-J:E.n-rテつサr.Ma!.nテつォ.i!Jr!. nnd (trade iichool. Intereited. In larxe i ACRES テつォood~((round. 3 roorrTmotf- cm partly new houtc. chkktn houtc. ifl miles cast of FnyctlevlUa, KOR_SA LK-- FA RM S WfijTseiTcirTcfliV""Ttic~BTu"e Arrow Cnic" in Huntavtllc, Arkansas.- Ku- __^McLortl, ., テつキ FOR JIKNT--pIlJ.KASK K. I). WIUTELY' nnfl"fibnテつサ~~B(ini8( ; ', f u l l y rn.ulppld. This ffarait whテつォ-n working dooテつォ approximate average $1.000 to $1,300 Uhor per month, Loc-ntcd h,iek' of W h t t f l y Service S'.テつォlion. Corner of M o u n t a i n and School street. Phone 1057. Unnkers nrt-il nol upply. WANT TO^RKNT MnoiLKn~nrt"up. T to R lhouテつォテつォnd! May I. call Zft29Wi hrfore 7 n. m p. m. complete rest for ,1 urnmncr months Interoitted in rent* I n u AH arrangement of pteaiant テつキcrrenfd pnrch w i t h rhalテつサr lounge a d j n l n l n テつォ n bedronrn and b"テつサh. Will- tns In piiy nround S7'i n m o n t h for I tit* ncrnmmndfthon AIio wiihri .1 nifnln (Prvftr) n day ti テつォnv rcfl',onnbii! p'lcc. Wrur Box K-4u, flAyrt Mllli S3H Unrtr-M l*hnnn IM* Phrno ,"7101.1. _ ^ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ NICK two room* hM*mi : hl' unVrt rnent, f i i r n l i h t r t Phnnf B1BW. _ _ " * . South Dimrun テつサuiie. \ c r y ffir tniali 2~nb6M npitrfment.""furnlihVd'. UlilU tirft p i j f l . 2 blncki frnm 'r\\mrr ifli j NICK f u r n t t h r d apHrlmrnt for coupiff I Private half). Ret' a f t o r 5 it ^0.1 j N o r t h Block. I nniNlSHEO apjii'tmrnl ':テつォ,1 North Church. CHテつサ .1I33W a f i u r fi FOUR room ApitrlmnU I ' / tテつサ| ( rki off urumrr. SullAhle for ofdci Rood for office flml lion family. THHKE r(ntin ttutdcrn Hpurtnicnt, uttl- itlca plid, $10 monltil.v, FIVE mom bungalow, u n f u r n i s h e d , siil monihly, l^finimond nrilty Comp.-ii.v Phnnr 733 HOUSEKEEPING" or aloepfnK room EXTR^A nice 3 room 'furnished npurt'. ment. Newly dveornlrd. 1033 North Hlfihlnnd. Phone 2(5*, テつキ _テつキ ll"Nivi;ft 1 sffY"'~"APAnTMfeNTSr""o*n"e bedroom, unlurnlihtxt $5750, ( u r n . lihcd ?72 M hill) jmM ,. flc n d I " lat:mlry nvnilable. Phone 2S80R 2203. ^ ^. no . Dlckson and North Locust-- sas 0 pf month, uitlfites paid. SMALL Rtnro huildlnj;. 303 went Dick* ri.tnv435.00 prr in'.mMi. NEW (fuplex, two bedroom u n f u r n - ished npitrlmcnl, furnace Avallnble now. Phonn 230W aftcf 3. 62~ LEWnETT SlfiRle roonu""!!'* tntmtli up. Double 510 nicmth'h " nenrby. Phone U71-J- ^'-"^テつキテつキ^テつキ"pftio: con. _ . ___ ;_. EW APARTM'ENfS. one heff*- iinfurnlxhcd $.M}00, lurniihed 50^,00, I wo bedroom unfurnlihert Jphone UBS. SERVICES, jOfFEKKP INCOME tax fiJTrvIテつォ. *'hnno M A T T R E S S E S Ilnvc your Old Cotton or .1 Inneriprl:iff .Mテつォtlrcs* Hebullt^ In Belter Than New Fr*テつォ Eslimolo--One-Day Service. Duggar-Brown .MATTRESS CO. {Formerly Lewis Mattress Co.l 120 So. East St. Phono 2774 Gravel' nfiri. Dirt テつサテつォuilrtf=-**t " Tuno Broi, Co." テつキ - * - ' " -Phoiip_lSHJ BiidjlOSJ ; , lircsiniiik'fnjj " Altcrntiorin; Quirk xrrvlcc, Hpuwnnihlc mlei. Mtt, Wjiiklni .Phone . 1 i77J, ', " J . W . H I U ELECTRIC CO, Quality Inilalltri テつキPUMPS テつキPOWER forfc Phonテつサ 24. EXCAVAfrNCJ "'- ' h i ONDS -- HOAOS - CLKARING -- OMN KARNCS AND ELLIS WILfiON .TIG2W__ ^ _ 2B19J SUN'-TIljT venciVan bllndo and aluminum window screen* ant 1 -nwninirn Free es'.lmniei. Gnbe Cct per. .441 South Lfi-ii*!. Phonr Ifllfl 24 HOUR SERVICE ON Hemstitching, Pieollng, Covtrcd Buttoni, Button Hold, Tailored Belli and Bucklei. Special 'Attention given Mall Orders. Satlifactlon or- Money Back. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 18 S.K St.. rarettftvlllt Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds -.Roods - Clearing H. H. JONES, Contractor 112 Virginia Ave.. hox H3 U Sta. Phone 1486. Fnycltcvllle FOB YOUR R6OriNG~NEEDS Call 11. I, Stewart Roofing Conlraclor AUo. Albeitnt Sidinl. lollj _ . Homff Phone lo E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil 0. M. P A T T 0 N Phone 249 Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified Service Directory ALTERATIONS " " . huMnn*. htitlonholrx. iillernllon Mr*. I'htnfrt. 514 North c.'nllri;r. Phone BEAUT* SHOP ARTISTIC BEAUTY ' S H O P "IVrrmntnl WHVM R Specialty 1 ' Phong IM for HiipOintmrnt fib'LVAh'D'T'likAUTV SHoF 204 W McfttOW~Ptlonテつサ ."002 Mich ft M- lift COM wテつサ_v ?*LHP ~~ " riorenc* OirkMi pテつサiCKJcrT"s SHOP KtMAUl.t WOHK 20:1 N niock 'honテつォ TM Now up town 7 ' j K M n u i . l n t n St Ahcr Dorncit. Phonr MO HAUUNQ ll.iillnf !)テつサ tr ni|M Call Cilnnn nテつォy Reed 131IJ. rjiy nf I .Vw. Fine well of Wafer M-'V c.itrd jnu dulnlde of Sprinテつォd*!*tV city hmlw nnri short dtmnce dfV.' hiack top. A harestn at li,iX-6^. Trrmn, f IF YOU DON'T HAVE A i LOT OF MONEY - i. A N D want a f*rm. ihii I I * acre テつォtoifi( f a r m with 70 jicrrl of fertile valley Lm'l li well worth Investigating, ^(jliti 5 room home, jtooti BSfn"" chlckrn hnuic. Good well. totテつォ of y c j r round *pnn|i. Bounded by cresk* Locaietf t U miles of. US"71 hlfihwfty. Own^r in In poor health. 8a.v* tai\ nt S6.MO fX) nnd lermi Jo ult the ri/(hl party. No discount for ' $8250.00 ; j WITH テつォtnrk and equipment 1M テつォJテつォ with fio acre* nf jfOod valley land. A plrftsintf 4 room home with lirft~y enclojcd hack porch. Large . feinw chickfn hotme. nmoke hoitM, 13 heテつサtテつ」 nf cattle, n hog*, cnlckeru. te4m*^v wiijon. hnrnPK5 nnd alt other BCテつォU/ nnry (arm tooli. Located 3 milf***- of US 71 highway. . ' テつキ*- OUR CONSTANT AIM--', TO makr (hi* テつキ itoori. pine* to buy ricnl Esfnic. W have a large Ilit- Ipjf in choOBe from. Befort buyin|. slop. In. wテつォ frel H will piy you* NEWLIN-PWELL REALTY U. 8. 71 South Dial tU S ACHES. 4 room morUrn S.MO. broiler capacity, pand. Ptiture. 3 milt) ftivettevllle, U mil* merit, Nice view. OwnRr. Phpn* t . . OY OWKER~MS'rテつォimi and bith, cqn- cn?tc 'm)rch.. plaitertd Wjilli, hardwood (loon. IrmtlAted, door furnste, tircpzpv.'テつサy, fテつサrテつォc, VOxSlfl lot; on tnvrmcnl, .O*y Phone 2301, Alter Vv 5~ROOM fiouic7~lテつ」bod, 5*7 souur Block. Phone 1CTQW. テつキ "~ BTiTowncr, bsautTfuTlpl. 15xlC in 1 "Mricteil テつキ Northeast i*etion. Dh * . . . ftiroro wiu, buy mii modern horns, Attirhcd テつサテつサrテつォtテつォ with l i n .inncテつォ, Llrso level lot. テつサ!0 Hol - i^-AcfieS. modern home, .br hoiufcii -Jli*l outjrtdf city. By ' I !_テつ」ll2. n 5-^' l "l' '^'. m * *.''.... ---'-..--.' 2TiT'*CcftES"ln city. .1M foot t on Wテつォt Cleveland. I'rlca *. . J ame Wiijker^ Phone ^ia'or^ ify owner, 5 room rhod"ern ^ TM . cloir In, city bui ifrvfee. Lifgt lot. テつキmall down payment or will trテつサd* for epr nr pleltin). BilanceJIV.* rテつォnt. fw^B^SIJTESSnwlDlNiGS" r ,.., mbdern テつサparUnテつォBtf A tint icrt of fround on A (h 71 corner. Mi/ bテつォ pur- .. ttwlher or .wii*ritテつォIy. テつキ -テつキ{ ITH^OF CAMPUS ; ;テつキ' WK HAVB'テつキテつキ'olrt modMt テつサvt ^6iJテつォ burtiiilow it only I5.BM.OO. Loc*" 1 * . o n fevcl lot ln.,.4hl* friendly flel, 1 borhoori. A)テつォ^*テつォly poiieir 1 -- テつキ THRE^BEDR'ObM HOME THIS property Ja'ilio Norih pi puif, Ix about-*テつキ year* 6!d *n, テつキlirnctlvf F. H, A, Loin that .hft ossumiid;^'*** , r o n a , HTi!iy htuhwsv. li'g right i n ' Jutt twp block* weit of '.kchnnls. The nttratUv* 4 room' テつォlow Is. ptrlclly modern. テつキ Beltt only M,75000.. Completely' (urrS ed with new furniture at imair dltlnnul turn. テつキ - - テつキ. Let ui "Know you Phon* Tテつォ テつォ HAMMOND REAITY CO. Eve. Phone H. D. Hammond 1312 J. A, JarvU .IテつサOW. - - . J . IDEAL STOCK RANCHES ^ ZRS ACRES .In beautiful product) '- vnllcy all' b*.-uテつォcJ, limber, J "itock birni, テつキテつキテつサテつサ. Mvmmu* t home, tenarit" houiei. piv*rriertl. W plnce with dlitineUon;. $47^00. ; C - .t ACRES oテつサ Sfxtft HI-ARJ-, 330 irreiT In valley u.Hlh living wttM 1 . ta-xn 1テつサ- Umo ((rmici, 2 *eu of food tmテつサ. provijmwiti, good harm. HB.OOO-', ** 5'jJl ACRES tcoderi to t*me |niici^ in'idf-rn Improvements, ,flnt : itoc^. , ham*, (meed In woven wire. -"iNfL record on ihH turn ti that U ha* been pfoducinft*- txtter thin MffV pound* beet to acre, wet) watered^ A place wiih more ctrryini capJ-* city than we have seen before.' 700 ACRES cloie tn SUfa Hl-wa.v. 7 room niodcrn home, hurdwood flojcrテつサ, furnace heat, large barm, well fenced and CTOM fenced, watered ;by iprlnfli p.nd creek, good Ifmtjtonft noli. SM.MO. _^^ 1.030 ACHKS on U S. Hi-way, 'i hour drive to one of thテつォ brU KocJt mar- k?u )n the MtddlrwMt. completely fen'-c'l In 1 ft. woven wire,;i.#flj)m mo'iern home, one 3 room and^ona . テつキt rnam t e n a n t houies, itflck bjtm, W^loo, 70x70, brick materniU'- IJArn. ISO ton illo. (cedinf and loading chutci. rorrali with witrr. inifcs nnd living wjiter, tlmtitone ipt], vrry Jitllf- waitc. 390.000 with jfed*. c-roua term)'. ' テつキ テつキ j '^ WK discovered A.-)ttrlcテつサ oa the *oJLf a.irt we hJive been a farmer tnf slnckman. and "We know, we krtow nur Innd." and our opinion II tft^fc these *r? テつォome of the b*it on ;toV. 'i nnrkrt. . NEIL SAWREY, Brok.r, STANDARD REALTY" 29 Kail Mnunliln Kincaid Co. テつキ Automotive テつキFire i テつキ Health and Accident テつサ 'I テつキ Potto テつキLiabfl'ity; ] テつキ WORKMEN'S COMPENSATtOII' テつキ Plate-Gloss テつキBurgtQfV テつキ AUTOMATIC APPUAKCI Ca r ! A Bttlar PUct to 1テつサT '" テつキ n M. YM. : iw

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