Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 15, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1952
Page 2
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1 2-- NMTHWttT AtKANSAS TWMt, A|IMMH, Saturday, March 15, 1*S2 ©f ^Ghurch Women ,/fp Convene In Fort Smith ,.:4.Thc. Scvciilh Animal Mcelini! o( workshop will bo: Mrs, Walter the Council al Church Women will ·meet nt (he First Methodist Church ·.· lii ^"ort Smith, Wednesday iimi 'i.Thursflay, there will be a meeting jof Board members nl 7 o'clock on. Tuesday''evening nt the. First .^Methodiit Church in Fort Smith, The. firit session of the minual meeting will be held nt-10:30 a; -m. Wednesday wilh Mrs. W. W. Draper, president, ol Korrcsl C'lly, presiding. .'· The theme uf the n-ccling will · bo "The ihlnss that belong unto Peace," ' "" 'Speakers who"wiU'devcloiTlfiis theme will be: · Miss Liicllu Rcckmcycr who will speak nl the morning ccEslon. Wednesday on "United Church Women--United For Whn.t?"i Dr. · Paul.. iTCcland, Nashville, Tcnii., secretary of the World Missions of vino. Presbyterian Church U. S. A., .-who.'.will the afternoon . session on ".Tho Problem o( Palci- tine.'"../ " . · ' ' : - . .i;JThcrc will be a Pence Wnrk- i «bo.p idurlng thO ntlcrnoon ncsslon Wednesday. Mrs. Kyle Enjjlcr, Kayettcvill*,' Christian. World, lle- latloos chiilrman, will be the lender. 'Others'participating In this Trtlloek, Pine Bluff, who will talk on Building Foundations for Lusting Peace; Mrs. Ncill Hurl, Kl- l.loradn, will.lallc on "The Family;" Demi Lippert Kills, ricfin nnd director of the College of Agrlcul- turc nnd experiment million of the University,- who will- discuss "Food nnd People;" Mrs. J. HussoH llemlcr.-.on, J,llll« Hock, Lluilrmnn of ChnHlijm Social Relations uf the State Council will dl«cusu the subject of " Mumnn Tho evening EcKslun will bugln fit 7:30 o'clock. Dr. Fred JJochuok, pastor of the First Methodist Church, Fort Smith, will fiivc the Invocation. The speaker of the evening will be Miss l.uclla Heck- me.ver. She will have us her subject. "Tho United Nations. Following Miss Hc:kmc.vcr"fi address, a film will be shown 'entitled "Of Human Rights." Thn evening session will close with Holy Communion, wltli the Fort Smith Ministerial Alliunra in charge. Thursday, there will be un nn- nu'al report by the prosldoiil, Mrii. W. W. Draper. This will be followed by a Workshop of Council Jn- tcrprctatlnn and year-round, pro- gram. The lender of thli Workshop will be Mrs. Henry H. Tucker, flrnt vlce-preiident of th« Arkun MS Council 'of Church Women, Others participating In this Workshop will bo: Mrs. J. Husscll ilcndcrson, Little Hock, Christian Social Relations chairman; Mrs. Kyle. Engler, Faycllcvlllc', Chrls- llan World Relations; Mrs. T. P. Devlin, Bluff, finance; Mrs. C. 13, Doi'scy, Harrison, Lcador- nhip Training. Following Ihe.. Workshop there will . be a business session,' at which time there w i l l bo the election of officers and their installation by Miss Rcckmcycr. Lutheran Project Nears Climax March 23 Is the dale net for (he ingathering ot $10,000,000 'rom members of the Lutheran Church --Missouri Synod, Thin effort will murk the culmination of an ..Intense fund-rnlsing c » m p a 1 g n called "Conquest for Christ." Thi! money will be .used primarily for Ihe enlargement of old and the establishment of new pastor r !cachcr training institutions. While the synod has been growing at the rate of 2.8 per cent each year the pastor supply has Increased r.t the rate of only one per cent.. The educational cxpan- cxpceted lo solve Lutheran Church, Arkansas and Dickson,.will P»r- llclpatc In the synodwide effort. Preliminary survey*-Indicate that the ten million dollar goal will b c j exceeded. 1 sion goal Is the problem. St. John's Dinner-Meeting Held At Church By Presbyterians Following a dinner at the church last Wednesday night, the annual congregational meeting of the First Presbyterian Church was held. Reports of the activities In all organizations for the past year revealed a large, variety of work and Christian service, with balances In their treasuries. There were 32 additions to the .nembtr'- shlp, with IS rtlsmlssd by certificate and the loss of five by death, gave (lie present membership of 264. In addition to the regular expenses, during the last year and a half, over $5,900 had been contributed to the building fund and repairs. The following .were elected as ciders to fill e x p i r e d terms: Clement Crandall, Maupln Cum- mlngs Harvey -Falls, Lonnle Hall, F. A. Humphreys, C.- K. McClelland and Harry E. Shult/.. a Deacons 'who were elected are: Charles Cllnchcns, Warren C. Cor- wiri, William Harrison, P. M. pledfti or requeiti .tor sets of envelope* at the "Loyally Sunday" lervlce, tomorrow morning, They will befin a scrips of pfe- Easler Bibb studies on "Questions Jesus Asked," next Wednesday night. lingson To Speak At Rally Of Youth For Christ A product of missionary work in the Philippines, the Rev. Greg- orlo Tlngson speak at the of Manila, 'will Fayctlcville Youth for'Christ .rally In the Uarlc Bowl, tonight at 7:45 o'clock. Tlngjon Is in the midwest area as one of 90 speakers in a four- mate convention being sponsored by the Central Region of Youth tor Christ. He started Youth lor Christ in Manila and was the first director of the rally there. He was accompanied to Fayctte- ville by Rev. Jack Wilson of Kansas City, extension director of: the Kansas City Bible College, More than 150 meetings are being conducted in 35 .cities and Johnston, Floyd Miner 1 , James )owhs in . Kansa , ? Missouri, Okla- Pomfret James L. Smith Jr., and homa an(J Arkansa , during the 11 Marc Slice. Mrs. A. W. Way wa j. u . Th - ,,,,· ,, ,..,,",,,, ... elected historian. It was voted .to spend $1,00 from a - s a v i n g s account on r flashings and tower repairs, current expense budget for th coming church year of »8,460.5 was adopted. A. benevolent budge of'$l!,200 was also adopted. Members present thei Select From This List the Church of Your Choice,. .Then Attenc FIRST BAPTIST WALTER' u JOHNSON, ra : 9 30 a. m Siinoa;. dchtxil Kits «.-m. Mornlnf WoMhlr " 6:30 p m: Uatitiil Tr«min» Union -,;: J:35 p. m-.tvenlni Wor«hli CENTRAL PRESB Y TERI Art .C' EDWARD BRUBAKEft. Pallor ·William C. Ottoon. Hmiltrt to mu --, 8)4S a. m. Church Benool . · 10:30 a. m Morning Wonhlp Anthem: ''MMf My Pray«r"-- Area-Sermon: Hfcv. Mwsril Bruliakcr .' 8:00 p. m. HUh School -WMimi ? Btmttr and Program ..* · · - . . . , 1*00 n, m. Unlverilty Wutmlniler '·---··!·-· ""MHiiifni 1 . WcMi Home $S "n; t HBT PRESBYTERIAN IMWW BUTLEK. JR., Potw William X. pluton, Minuter to Slur,.,,.,.. .n Sunday J5c.rwp.l.._., . IDiliS Mornlnf Warinlv t .Sermon: . "Where Dow .(Sod Want * "riWConMcrnnon oT-JPieitnei · · ·! fM n. m. Junior- Fellowmiip ;· : · 4;30 p. m. jf..W'Fell8wihlp · · (-M p m. We'itlnltKier KeilowililD ·»llld«m · Center, ·pa.-.WMlJfcpU Street i.-Mld-W.e e k WM«;, (Study,. Wednci- Tli;j'. i 1:J!|"p. m, · .: · · ' · St.' PAUL* CPIKOPAL I M A R t U S j . U N O L O r r . Rector J TMra -Suna-iy In Lent ' ·J 8:00 m 1 doiy ixmrnumoa 1:30 ·»: m .family Service , m. Mornmi Prayer ind Ser. :'Churikh»n .. j S -V«i p . m. !', f:SO : .p..m. if - . ' · . - · · · - · . . - - · - - T ·· ,;,, _ , --^ 5. jiEltTBAt; METHODIST : -D [..-tJVKta. ill.. vumr~ --- " -' " '· V4' CoUtle ztudftnt ..Cultce ' ' »:30 a. in. BimU School · 10:45 i m llornm|.,Wonhlc i -Anlhemi .."O. Savior Hoar .Ma"-* Violin Obbi.--Veri "(Sf eerie · | .salolttf-lteba'' MctfMl.j.aot) Craft- non,- ken'nath Vandarvart- I Solo: "Tho 8ui!uvr'' Wlne- itirt ' "· -' . - · - ' · . . . . :;. ftorfflpn: D. L. Dykes. Jri i 5:00 n. m. wciinyvF-Ruritimlon ; i ! CM\i, m. Youth Oroupt I * 7*3o--p. m Evening siervlefl i Anthem! "Lamb pi Cod"-- Clirli- hiHrtKtm t Trloi. "Twlll«M"-Aiit--MM. W. ·jErnolhefl, Mn, .Harrell Hall, Mri. L. JSo. Crahnm J Stfrijon! P. l,/Dvk«,. Jr. ?· Broadcatt over KGHH ItOBEHT. MOXrETT. I'ajtor ~~- a.'«. Sunday aohool »»10:SO Hornln« VVonihlr £ $«rmon: n*v. Robert Mpltett f, «:3U 1 m Chmtmii Ytiutn Follow. Mhlp and Chi Hhn Kellnwiihip J Film Strict, on Lite of Paul ! .'" l«-Corinpr »T. JQHK'l LUTHEMAH * Arknhlai and DicitMm .Tel 141 or 372 FntDEHICK GUMZ. Piutor · · 9:30 * m tiunday Si-rmol **-irj:30 a. in. Nursery opens -v 10:45 a m Sunday worship Sermon: "My Cod. M.y God . . . WjiyJ" - Vccul Solo: "Were You There When Tnty CrucUlen" My Lord?" iNogro aplntuall--Mrs. Gum?. ' 7:.V p. ni. Evening Srrvloe Jjenten Ftlni: ."The Crucillxlon" FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST !!Un a. m. Sunday Scnool ll:fW a. m Sunday Service HUS .p ni. KGRII Sunday Radio Pffram yertne»d«y. 7:41 p. in., meeting. Hudinn Rnoin In church open coch flay except' Sunday " n n d holidays. ?· -r GREENLAND CHURCH OF CJJRIST OR1S SALVtn -Minlstel JO.tKl A m Chuich school. 31:00 a m Senior, 1\ 4S a m Communion Uervlc* j":30 p m. Song service and Ulblc . JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC VHEH EDWARD U MA1.OY. Piiitnt mday Mn»ies 8.00 and 10.00 n m hursday, 7:30 p. m Novi-na Matiec. Mm* Monday ihroujt) . jUturdfiy Mata 7:00 *. nv finl Frlriny Mm*, MW * m. ^Ttrti Snturciay MARI, 7.00 n. m. Confession*: 7:00 lo 8.00 · p m and b^for* all Mann ' ' CIIUnCH OF CHRIST FfEO McCLUKG. Mlnlilrr Weit Onirr ana N o r t h LociMt f t 45 k. m ntblB «tudy. j|Q.2fi n m Mornlny Wonhlp { T:00 p m ClAlte* *..t:M p" m Wonhlp Servtet * f:M «. m , Wcdne»d»y. Ladlti I)lb)p taa« 1 7!3* p. m Wftdneiilay, P r a y e r cetlnv.intl Bible filurty for all ncoi UWITARIAN FELLOWSHIP dame room Student Union 8:30 u. CENTRAL CHR1BTIAK fHErt HUCKCLOUnV. Pmlor 4n W*«t Rork Srreet ·i4t it. m. Huhdny School. lUiUU a. m Bible H'.'hooi 11,-00-a- m Wdrahlp Servlc* Communion Sermon 8;45 p m.-YuiJlh M re I Ins 7:30--Even hi* 1 EvanuoiiiUo ticrvic and Communion - 7 i M : p hi.. Wedneiiday-Pray Mr*tlh| - . - J.'Wl- jt. in. Wedneirlay, Tench' Trulnfnit Clnw 7:30 p. ni. Krltlny. Choir Prnctlc and Youth Recreation * ' .H- CHUHCH OF THE NAZAREN J. G. COR1JELL, Paiiar South Locum Street 9-.M to 0:15 a. .n. Hidlo Trofrnm- IM'i a. m. Butidny Hchool 11:00 h. m. Mornlns Wonhin (1:30 p m. N, Y. J'. S. Prnyor Mcc Inn 6:45 n m. N. V. P. S. Program 6:48 p. m. A d u l t Pr.ayrr · Band ' 7:30 p m. EvaiiRelUuu Bur vice Wednesday. 7:30 p. m.. Prayer Mee Ittf ?:oa.i, m.. Violation Klplltt Ford Communllf Chuich riff I BUhday ll:l» a. in, R«v Ota Parker ·. ' fltconit fiunday HffO a. m. Rtv. O H. tauntrnack Tdlrd Bundar luoo a, m Ktv Alfrtd Whittle* Fourth Sunuayi lliOO .a. m, Ittv. · 10:00 .a., m Each Sunday. Sunday WEDINGTON METHODIST CHURCH A L. RIGG8, I'aitor 10:00 a. m, Sunday School 11:00 a. m. and 7i30 p. m. Preachlni Mrvlcta on fourth and fifth SUndayi CUMBERLAUD PBE»BYTEmAK BILL BARNES, PiMor tot Douilii Siroi , f;4S a, m. Sundtiy School. 7;00 ti. ni. Evehlni Worship. WEIT FOItK BAPTUT R. H REED. Tailor · t:4ft a m Sunday School. 11:00 a. m Morning Woiihlp. 4:30 p. m. Baptist .Trnjnintt Union 7:M p m Evening Worship BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH ROY W HEEIJ. Tailor Ci: Mission Street 1 -t:45 a, m' Sunday School H:0u n m Morning Worship. ·· 6i30 p. 'in Trahilnii Union 7:,'!0 p ml Evening Service . Mldwotk Pray*"- Jscrvico--Wednes- day ; p. .m. . . . 7 CENTRAL BAPTIH JACK DEAN Pallor: 1:4S a m ttundny ££hool. - 10:50 'n. m Morning Worship. ' 7:(KI p m Qaplist.Training Course. 8:00 p m Evening Worship S:00 p m Wednesday. Prayer service. -f f U L L GOSPEL TABERNACLE TOMMY 'CJ1UBS Par.lor 10:00 a m Sunday School. 11:011 n in I'renchlnK. 7:15 p m Evangelistic scrvfe. Wednc*dn.v. 7:^0 p in- Midweek Prnyer Service Friday.-7:30 p m PVPA Servl-« BLACK OAK BAPTIST HOWAKO iMllUUARtl iMstor 10 (HI n m Sunday-School 11:00 n m Preaching Service 7:00 p in Training Union 11:00 p m Preachlni Service Thursday 7:30 p m Prnycr meeting. iOSHEN METHODIST S M. VANCBV. Pnitor 10:00 u in Sunday School. 11.0) n in Morning \Vornhip 7:00 p m Evening Worship AYETTEVILLE BIB^E MISSION 900 lll.OCK SOUTH COI.l.tUl HOMKI1 MOUrrET, P,l!lor 9:4^ a m Sunflny Srnool. 11:00 a m Murning Worship . 6:1S n m Ycunc People* Services 7.(«i p m Evangelistic Service. Junior Choir u'hl mont Snlurilny at ft m Wednesday. 7:30 p i n , Prnycr Mcet- ELKIJfS COMMUNITY CHUHCH J MCI K CARTKft. Superintendent 'l.-«0 ·· m..Sunday Soriool lEHOVAH'S 3rd Floor Red Cross Drug Bldg ' Wodntsdny, 7:30 p m Book-mudf, Friday, 7:30 p in Service meeting Frldajv8:4B p m.. Theocratic Mm- wtry School ' Sunday, 3:00 p. in., Watchlower Study SECOND BAPTIST N v DRAKE. Pasu/r V:4.1 n m Sunday School. 10:4t) a ni Morning tVorship. .7:00 p m Evening Worship Wednesday. S p m fraytr ftfrvlet. . WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OF GOD DJ1ANHAM and STKELE. Paslora 1):45 n. m. Stihtmy School 11:00 Morning Worship (1:30 p. m. Chrlit Ambasiador Service- Bi.'IU p. m. Junior C. A Service 7:30 p. m · Evmijtellitio Scrvlct Wcdntsdny nl 7:30 p. m.--Praytr Meeting and Ulble Study ·t- BHENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHUHCH Pnnlurs-- Rov. Otha TncKelt and Rtv. ex Morjfnn 10:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 n. in. Sermon 7:,10 p. m. Evening Service 8;0t) p. m. Friday nighu Blbl* study and pniyer meeting · ' 4- WIGGINS MCMOItlAL METHODIST ARNOLD SIMPSON, Pa it or South Church and Third Street* 9:43 a. m. Church School ll'OO a. m. Morning Worship fl :;-;o p. m. Youth Ftllowih'p 7:30 p. m Evening Wonhlp ' WEST FORK CHRISTIAN JOHN ASBELL. Mlnlktcr IMIt a. m Church School 11:0.) a. m. Morning Worship and .'ommunlon Prvnchlng every flnt and third JOHNSON CHURCH OF C Hit 1ST DILL E SMITH. Minister 10:0() a m, Ulblc Study 10:50 n m. Worship Service 6:30 p. m. Young People'* Classes 7;;i0 p in Wonhlp Service Prayer Meeting Wednesday at 7:30 in. SON'S CHAPEL S MILKS EAST ON HIGHWAY U 9:30 a. m Sunday School Suoerfntendcnt-- Turner Brown. Auxiliary every tourtn Monday 1:00 m. 'ABMIN3TON BAPTIST i. M. KltKlS. Pastor ' 10:00 n. m -Sunrini School 11:00 a. m Morning Worship G:.10 p. m. Baptist Training Union 7:3o p. m. Evangelistic Service Wedneiday 7:30'p. m. Prayer Mcet- ng. ARMINGTON METHODIST \. H . HIGGS. Pastor 10:00'a m Sunday School 11:00 a. ra'. and 7:,1fl p. m Preaching ervlco on First. Second and Third undnys ORTH SIDL ASSEMBLY F GOD AMUEL E 'BRUCS. I'altor 11:00 «. m Sunday School ll;fx A m Sermon. 7:.1fl p. m. Evangelistic Kervic*. Tuesday. Vounf IVople'* C A 5c Irr-v 7:3(1 o m. Friday. Prayer Service. I 5 p m. ARKSDALE BAPTIST KNNER DAVIt. 1'nilor Rt-EN MOSTELLAR. Awl.lant I'.ltor 10:00 A. m Slinriny School 7:30 p ra Evanscltfttlc Meitac* WcdnCBdiy. 7:30 p m. Prayer Meet- LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JESSE C. COLEMAN, Pastpr 10:00 a, m. Sunday School ' 11:00 a m Mornlnf Worship 6:30 p. m. Training Union 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship CALVARY TABERNACLE 1130 Soulh Hill Slreet BERYL E BETH. Pmlor ; 2:30 p m. Deliverance Message an Prayci 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic Servlcei 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. Tarryin Services 7:30 p m (Saturday. Teillmonla Servlct WEST FORK PRESBYTERIAN DOUGLAS BREWER. Pasto.- Finl JIM Thlrt tundayi Sunday Krhool 9:30 a m. Evening Worship 7:31) p. m. *»·»!· Ansl Fayrlk lundars Morning Worship I:3D a. m. Sunday School JOMO a. m Evening Worship 7:30 p. m. WYMAN COMMUNITY CHURCH i!1i?°" m ? ma *y #chooi IhOfi a. in Morning u-orshlr Sermons:; Second and Fourth Su daya--Rcv.i John Asbcll Third Sunday--Hev. Virgil Irwln OOSHEN CHURCH OF THE NA2ARENE CARL FIEDLER, Pastor 10:00 a. i,. Sunday School. 11-00 a. m. Worship Strvlctl. 7:3« p. m Worship E«rvlc«. WCAJMORE BAPTIST CHURCH C. M TETftR. Pastor JJ-'OO « m Sunday School «0:4» a. m Morning Worship I'M p. m. Baptist Training Unli 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship Wednesday 7:30 p. m., Mld-wti Fnui.T, 7:30 p. cctlng. m. Youni ceopl* SUGAR M O U N T A I N BAPTIST U K ' K MOIUIAN. Pnsmi AW-IK MOSTFI.LKH. Assistnnt Pastor 10.00 ji m Sunrtny Schnnl 7:30 *fi m Evangelistic Message Wednesday prayer mretlng al 7,30 p m · HIGHLAND COMMUNITY 10:30 i in Sunday Llchmu 1.1:13 a m Morning Worship 7:30 n rn.. Pray« Wcdneiday night, WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY CHURCH ' Sunday School 10:.ltl N m OHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH M 1.0GUK, I'nitor 10:0(1 n m Sundtty School 11:00 i nt Wonhlp Strvlcti 7:00 p. m Training Union 8 0(1 p m Evangollitic Services 8:00 p m Evening Sctvlce Wedneldny, 7:30 p m., Prayer Meet- UK SEVENTH DAY ADVENT1IT 3! SOUTH STREET SATURDAY: 10:00 n m Snhbalh School 11:00 a m Church Service Tuesday, 7..10 p m Prayer meeting SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST W n S1IAH1'. Pastor Six Miles northwest 10.00 n. m Sunday School 11:00 · m Morning Worship 1:30 p m Evening Worship . Wednesday, 7:30 p m., P r a j t Meeting + cHuncH or JEIUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS JAMKIt rUCTCHKR, Eldtr Hluilrnt Union Blue Hoom ~ ' " ool CENTRAL ASSEMBLY OF GOD 613 South College II L BAYLESS, Paltoi 1 9:4S a. m. Sunday School. 11:00 a. m Morning Worship ·:3lJ.p m. Young Ptople'i meeting 7:30 p m. Evangelistic Service 7:30 p m, Thursdsr. Praytr meet inf. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH _Corner o( Maple and West Strttli ELDER A. D. STUCKEY. Pastor 8:41 a. .T.. .Hundtrj School 11:00 a. m. Morning Worahlp Sermon: A. D. Stuckey RMO p. m Training Service 7::m p m. Evening worship Sermon: A. D. Stuckey Wedneiday at 7:30 p. m. Prayer + IMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH G W MORRISON. Pastor Corner Duncan and.Stont 1:30 a. In. Sunday School |0:56 Morning Worship «'I' Baptist Training Union 7:30 Evening Worship Wednesday. I p. m.. Prayer Service FIRST ASSEMBLY OF QOD DONALD WALKER. Pastor 9:45 H. m. Sunday School 11:00 a m. Preaching. «:00 p m Y. P. Class. 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic Service*. 7 :30 p m Friday. Bible study 7:30 p m. Tuesday. C. A atrvlct OAKLAND BAPTIST (Six Miles Northeast) I. S. WHITELEY. Pallor ' 10:00 a. m Sunday School. 11:00 a m Morning Worship. 7:30 p m BYPTC ft^O p m. Evening Worship Wednesday, 7:30 p. m Prayer meat- PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JESSEIt. Pastor IHIghwiy II Watt) 10:00 a. m Sunday School.. 11:00 a m Morning Worship. 6:30 p m Training Union 7:30 p m. Evangelistic Service Wednesday Prayer Meeting. 7:30 p. m. Friday, Youth Musical Program, ' p. m. GREENLAND COMMUNITY BOB CORNELIUS. Pastor t:4S a m Sunday school ll:nfl a in Morning Worship Thursday 7,30 p m., midweek! aerv ivea led by the Rev Jack Taylnr. APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH NEOl.A MOORE, Pns-or Highway Tl Soulh 10:00 a m Sunday School . 11:00 a m Morning Servlct 7:3(1 p m. Evangelistic Strvlat Wednesday. 7:SO p. m.. Mid week wrvict ST. JAMES BAPTIST (NtflTOl W WEBB Pastor 10:30 a m-Sunday slchool. 11:90 a. m Morning , Worship 1:0(1 p m Young People's nutting 1:00 p m evangelistic Strvlc* · + ST. JAMES METHODIST IN*g«) A I. BUCHANAN Pallor l:« a m Sunday School ll.M a m Morning Worship 141 p m rnuih Fellowship 7:W p m. Night Mntcti. 10:30 a. m Sunday School I ; As A Community Development the Following Business Firms Dedicate This Schedule ·Arkartwi Western .Gas Co. · Boston Siorc t)Cy Carney Appliance Co. ·Compbell-Bell · Foyetttyllle O^ifl'Storc ""·Hatfield Pontiac Co. »Hunt's ·Ozark Cleaners ·Ozork Grocer Co. ·J.C P«in«yCo;-(iW. G. Shipley Baking Co., Inc. ·Southwestern Gas Electric Co. ·Vicktr's, Inc. · Whiff It !J Motor ( Cf».....,.,. .. - . , days. The Rev. Al Metsker of ·Kansas City, vice president of 'YFC for the Central area, has been the conference coordinator. Truman Lauds Campaign, Great Hour Of Sharing New York-(/P)-Prcsldent Truman says the Inter'church "One Great Hour of Sharing" campaign this month will bring "material well being and spiritual comfort to the distressed people of -Korea, India, the Near East and Europe." The . president yesterday sent a message expressing- appreciatior, to the 21 denominations which are conducting the appeal through Church World Service, a part of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U, S. A St. Paul's, Host To Dr. Pollard Dr. William G; Pollard is shown wilh the'Hev. Marlus J. Lind-ldff, rector of St. Paul's Episcopal 'hurch and lay readers of, the church. They'are left to ri»ht (front row) -)Dr. Allan Burdick, Prof. Lesley Davis, Dr. Robert Rpwden, Dr. A. J. Mcigs; (middle row) Mr. Lindloff, Doctor Pollard, candidate- or Holy-Orders and director of. the Oak Ridge Institute, and Dean John Shoemaker; (back row) Paul 3. Lewis, Dr. Tom Feathers, and L. L. Browne.--Photo by Puska. Christianity Deeper Than Popular Viewpoint Would Indicate, Physicist, Speaker At University, Asserts Announcements Firel Baptist Church Circles of W. M. S. of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday ; follows: Circle five, Mrs. J. A,' Adams, 345 St. Charles'Avenue, 1:30 p. m.; Circle one, Mrs. C. M. Lawson, 24Q. North College Avenue, 2 p. m.; Circle three, Mrs. .Dwight Morris, Ml. Sequoyah, 2 p. m.; Circle two, Mrs. Marion Maddox, Dean Street, 2:30 p. m.; .Circle four, Mrs. Bert Lewis, 435 Washington Avenue, 2:30 p. m.; Business Women's Circle, Miss Lois Glass, 17 East Dickson, 7:30 p. rh. Central Presbyterian Church The Womcns Organization of Central Presbyterian Church w i l l meet Monday at 2:30 p. m. in Ihe home of Mrs. George Bowcn, 204 Ila Slreet. Co-hostess will be Mrs. E. L. Wilson. The program, in charge of Miss Dora Dean, leader, will be on "The Youth of Our Church." Mrs. W. C. Cross will fircsenl the devotional. Circle five, will meet Tuesday it the home of Miss Helen Graham, 526 Storer Street, at 7:30 i. m. Miss Marcclla G rider, will be :o-hostess. The. devotional will be cn by Mrs. Llllle Mashburn ind the program will be In charge of Miss Hazel Johnson. St. Paul's Episcopal Church Ste. Margaret's Chapter will ncct Monday at 2:30 p. m., with Mrs. Leslie Wright, Veteran's Hospital. Mrs. Howard Mm lay and Mrs. M. F. Wcstfall will be assistant hostesses. St. Paul's Chapter will meet Monday at 2:30 p. m., with Mrs. Harry Clark, 222 East Dickson Street,, with assistant hostess, Mrs. dary Lou Payne. Sle. Anne's Chapter will have i dessert meeting, i/londay at :30 p. m., with Mrs. James L. Walker 14 West Davidson Street. There will lie corporate commun- on for YounR Churchmen at 8 a. m. Sunday at St. Paul's Church. 3reakfast will follow. ntral Methodist Church The Pcarle McCain Unit of Vesleyan Service Guild will mcel Wondny evening at 7:3'! o'clock, n the home of Mrs. Ora Clark, :ll East Third Street. Mrs. Pearl Valker will give the devotional nd the program "Workers To- iether With God." will be In charge if Mrs. Mabel Maddox. By JERAL GARRISON The popular velwpoint of Chr .ianity misses the point, according to Dr. William G. Pollard, execu- iye director of the Oak, Tc'nn., Institute of Nuclear Studies. In the closing Invocation of I!e- ligious Emphasis Week at the University yestei'day morning, D.. Pnllard told about 700 persons that "Christianity Is a: view .:o£ the whole mysterious universe and your individual relationship to it." Tho atomic physicist's topic was "Before the Flood." Dr. Pollard said that the mystery of the universe is just as profound now ss always, but besides science there is .-mother barrier which is more subtle and difficult in affecting mans' apprehension of Christianity. -"This (mystery)," Dr. P.ollard pointed out, "is the watered-down moralistic, uninspiring version of Christianity which has become so prevalent and has even invaded so many of our churches." He ,sairi that Christianity is something more powerful and maRnificcnt than it is frequently made out to be in popular ideas about it. "It is certainly more good than a collection of precepts about the badness or goodness or drinking or not drinking, dancing or abstaining from dancing, or playing cards or not playing cards," thi ph.vcicist pointed out. "Any person who engages ir deeris of self-sacrifice, or scrvici lo his fellow man, or kindliness and compassion, and at the sam time leads a decent, moral anr honest life is regarded as having net all the requirements (for being a Christian)," Dr. Pollard said But he went on to .say that none of this popular viewpoint gets to the heart of Christianity, and tha Christianity is much more tremendous and soul searing than an of these common notions suggest Holiness Of Order In order to grrsp the true meaning of life, he said we need somehow to come to a relization of the utter holiness of the whole ci-catec order, the marvelous wonder o] Lho world, .and the profound, mystery of its existence and of. our presence in it. "The times ner Indeed perilous and the need urgent," the physicist declared. "We seem to- be at ono of those crises of history when "lori's judgment is In preparation jml is soon to DC rendered." Throughout the week Dr. Polard has-spoken each morning in the Student Union Ballroom to an average of 750 persons on the heme, "The Kiddle of the Sphinx." In explaining the existence of mnn he has touched on the universe, the creation of the earth, and the history of the Hebrew civili7.ation. Will Speak For Church Women Jnllarlan Fellowship Discussion of a currcr.t article, The Heart of the Matter," which as just appeared in the Proeres- ive Magazine, feature lo- norrow's meeting of the Unl- arlan Fellowship. Dr. B. H. Gund- ·icli, who Is in the physics riepart- icnt of the Unlverslt.-, will lead he discussion. This artf.le, writ- en by Mordcca'l Johnson, which as been widely read, has a spc- lal significance for students of ·orld problems. The meeting will «gin at 11 a. m., and the church chool Is held al the same hour. Nellie Dyer Unit, \Vf.ilcyan ervlfe Guild The Nellie Dyer Unit of the Vesleyan Service Guild will meet londay evening at 7:30 'o'clock, n the home of Mlsn Olenn Stock- urgcr, 2,11 North Block Avenue. Ifi. Pearle Trowbrldge will lead ic worship service and Mrs. Vcva will have chiir* tt Uf Fayetleville Baptists To Attend Annual Meet Several members from the churches of the Fnyettcvlllc Baptist Association In this area will attend the annual session of the American Baptist Association in Nashville, Term., next week. The services hegin Tuesday eve ning, at Ihe Fatherland Baptist Church, the host church. The official session nf t h j American Bap list Association w i l l b c R i n Wednesday at 10 a.m., in the War Memorial Building just across from the stnte capitol building in Nashvlljc. At the opening session the messengers will be welcomed by the governor of the stnto of Tennessee nnd the mayor of Nashville, as well as Dr. W. W. Miles, pnslor of the Fathcrlnnd Avenue Baptist Church. The annual sermon by Dr. A. .1. Klrklnnd will' bo broadens! over Radio Station WNAH, program, First Chrhllim Church The Christian Women's Fcllow- ihlp of the First Christian Church will meet Monday nisht at 7:30 o'clock for educational women nnd their viWii program of fun and value, All church an iu-. Miss Luellu heckmeycr will he the principal'speaker at the open- Ing session of the Arkansas Coun- of Church Women at their seventh annual meeting March March 19th, nnd again in Ihp evening of (hat day. Miss Reokmeyer is from New York City. She carries both the responsibility of official observer at the United Nations for the general department of United Church Women of the National Council of Churches of Christ, U.S.A., as well as director for the program of Christian World Relations. LeTourneau To Speak For Three Services Scheduled appcnraiicrs of R. G. LeTournenu, "God's business man," next Thursday, arc: a vesper service sponsored by the University Student Christian Council in the ballroom of the Student Union at f) p.m.; n dinner meeting o£ the Brotherhood of the First Baptist: Church at 6 o'clock that evening, and a mass meeting sponsored by the Ministerinl Alliance in Root Auditorium of the FaycUevillc School, at 8 o'clock that night. The Arkansas Student Council Committee chairman is John Bond. The Brotherhood of the First Baptist Church Committee chairman is Hogene Weathers, and the Ministerial Alliance Committee chair- Scrviccs at St. Paul's Episcopal Church will continue throughout Lent with Holy Communion at 7:30 a. m., Wednesday in the Student Union and Holy Communion, at the church at 10 a. m.;.Litany and Meditation at 5 p. m., Friday; evening prayer and sermons on "The Creed" Sunday evenings at 7:30 o'clock. St. Joseph's Catholic Church will .continue its Lenten services with mass every week day during Lent, at 7 R. m.; Friday, mass at 7:30 p. m. St. John's Lutheran Church, in a special Sunday evening audio- visual.program, will observe Lent. The following films 'will be .shown at 7:30 p. m., tomorrow, "The Crucifixion;" March 23, "The Disciples al Emmanus;" March 30^ "The Pilgrimage Play" (Part 1), and April 6, "the Pilgrimage Play" (Part II). · A sermon scries under the general theme, "Cries from the Cross," .will be delivered by Pas- lor F. A. Guinz, in the morning services which begin at 10:45 o'clock. Specific subjects and dates are as follows: Tomorrow, "My God . . . Why?"; March 30, It Is Finished;" and April 6, "Father Into Thy Hands . . ." The remembrance of Jesus' passion will be Riven further cxpres j sion in traditional liturgical forms and will culminate in a communion service on M a u n d y Thursday evening April 10, at 7:30 o'clock. man is the Rev. D. L. Dykes, Jr., pastor of the Central Methodist Chuich. Mrs. Dorothy Stralhcarn, widely known as "the Gospel nightingale," who frequently assists Mr. Le- Tourncau at'thesc meetings, will sing two numbers at each of the three services. "HEN mon repenli of Mi iln, ond exorciies foilh in God, the ocl of Salvotion ii completed by God's omnipotent power. GOD'S S A L V A T I O N A W A I T S Y O U FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Walter 1. Johnson, Pattor "HOW FIRM A FOUNDATION" Morning Worship Hour 10:SS (Broidcail orer Slailon KORHI Sunday School 1:30 "DIVINE OPTIMISM" Evening Wonhlp Hour 7:30 Training Union 1:1 i The Nursery ii open at all nervictt WELCOME I

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