Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 14, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1952
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

lu.jHl ftMiy, MM** K »»*» lee New Hampshire Vidpry of Eisenhower A$ "Clear Cut Call To Political Duty" He Noted Waihtniton-(#)-Backer« of Oe Dw(ht D. ElMnhower for pre« dent are talking of hit New Hamp ihlre. victory ai the."clear cut c« M political duly" which he Ind eated would bring him hume ,(ro ·urope, '' in January; EUenhowerioW thi '''in the ibttnte of a. clear cut ca ;to political' duty, : I shall.contlnu fp devote my full attention to 11 performance of the vita 1 task t 'which ;·· I am a»slgned"--suprom commander of the North Atlant: defense, forwi, .i''·-·'·' . . '- He 1 also' said that In. no clrcum itanees, would he seek relict from ,ihat assignment,, a n d . - - t h a t h would not take pnrt in pre-con · .tentlon .activities In his bchal ·V:8ome of hl« jupportcrs now ar :pelntlng.t,6. the outcome In Nci Hampihire as p«'hips the kind b ---tlear cut-call he had In mind, eve though they .-we no', clear cut, wa . iround bWl/'aiilcment, reiardln ; : prtcpnventib'h--"«ctivltle's; . . ' *- ^^£ftenhpwer' acored r, grand filam lo-Ulie-opening, primary, contes . 'fc'NfW' Harnpshlre. toppliic Scria - lor Taft : of Ohio py 10,877'.vote "JJ ; the preferential contest am · winning all 14 delegates, to th OOP National Convention. ":· Taft nipporteri have said, how ·ver, that he jtlll i» very much In '· the running and .will ^et the .nom Jnatlon. 1 Some Elsenhower jncn - -'|uch M.Senator Ives ; (R-NY) «d that Taft. remains' a e.·.contender.' V · - ; ' ', · laMJ.'Ela i campaign iian't'i". de ,.-'''j»y ·whethei'.he lobki ifor the '(ioeral \tq" : come home "- - ' ;ih»i Eiiehhower will be In the iriinit 1 ; place at vthe : rlifht'llme.' Lodge Mid. "Some people on tin · ether side, were surprised at wha r.jwppened in New Hampshire yflbere : ar« more surprises to ' : ;»»»»«·: Call T» nutty . ·/·Lodl« did !· he plans: to vote agtlnil a propoHl by Senator Mc- jHahoh (p-Conn) that the Scn- ^t« Foreign Relations Committee aik Elsenhower to cpme home to · thVforelgn aid program toked why he 1« against the idea virfxlf* would ay, only .that he and . ffithtr members of the committee ; tan get all: the European defense · Jhlorniatlon required from Eisen- hower'l top aide, who ts ichcd- 1 Ufcd toMettify, , ..... *· ;%.EI»«nhower backers are known i'.toY''**' ·; thai, the- move to bring . u pliili.'b*fore, .the committee has polltKal Implications which would jink him too clotely to the Truman ^.administration and weaken any · dUagrwment he might later: ex preu regarding foreign policy. 1 Ident headquarters rej«artJ an ax - 't«rpt ':· from a letter In " whiph the ,'lrteil .apparently: «o«ihl to allay the doUbU and fears of tome party worktn about .their future if Eii- enhower becomes president, ; The 'general wrote:/- '" 'TrbhMwo or .three of ny good trlehdr|;hav« received intimations that:- tht' rank and. file are 'fearful that If given the opportunity 1 ; woiildj'conipletely Ignore organi- sation and loyal workers in order itt'.be a'' wild maverick. - "Of course, such n fear scorns I little Incomprehensible to me bc- etuse certainly it is kho-vn that 1 have spent much of rty life in ' activities In which strong organization was the first requisite . . . ; "I, therefore, would not hesitate to let. It be known In some proper manner that I would never ignore the rank end file of any orgnniza- :tlon . . ." Mutual Insurance Group To Hear Hamilton Moses '.·..Arkansas participation, in .the 200th anniversary of m u t u a l - I n - surance Mnrch 25 will be highlighted' In Littlo nock at a special bicentennial dinner. W. M. Kit- lor of the Preferred Risk Mutual Insurance Co., slate' 200th Anniversary Committee chairman, said more than 200 . executives and ,1'gcnts of the state's 24 mutual fire nsunincc companies 'are expected to attend.'. .'.-. ,-Hamilton Moses, president of -thi" Arkansas Power and' Light Company,. will b e ' t h e principal (peakcr; Clfye 'Bishop, assistant director, ot.-'publlc . relations' for iumbormen's Mutual Casualty Companyi' Chicago, will speak on .he "History .'of Mutual Insurance." '. "The nation's oldest mutual Insurance .company was organized n Philadelphia, on March 25, 1752, Benjamin Franklin, Mvho played a majbr part In Its formation, was one of the original directors,". Bitter, said. That com^ any--"The ' Philadelphia Contrl- mtlonship for the Insurance of louses from Loss by Fire"--Is the "orerunncr of today's 2,filO mutual 'Ire and casualty'insurance companies. About 1,700 persons subscribed to the Deed of Settle- nent under which the Contribu- lonshlp was organized. : "Mutual fire and easualty 'eom- lanies now: have more than ; 20,- KIO.OOO policy holders," BIHcr said. 'They paid an estimated S1.500,- W.OOO In premiums during 1951 or protection amounting to bil- lons of dollars." From the People · To the. Editor! : 1 note with Interest that Col. VIII Bush, whose . war record hrllled those of us who have known his parents and his back- rround,. Is to bo available for ervico In a civil capacity, Occasionally, In America and elsewhere, there Is a community A'hlch produces people of char- cter and leadership entirely out f .'proportion numerically to the Ize of Its population, Long ago, ' godly man came to Cone. 11111 ml-put hie mark upon the place or all the years to come. 1 shall Iways regret that 1 never met ilm or heard him preach. But. 1 live met so many, in widely sepa- ·led places who eimi from Cine tjll stock Jnd h«d Imbibed their spiritual heritage from old Cane Hill College, To .know them was to respect their fiber and integrity. From that/stock still come leaders for today and tomorrow, Colonel Bush's mother is from one of the old Cane. Hill families. His father, gentle \Vill Bush, was a farmer-preacher, b e l o v e d throughout the countryside, keeping the. lamp of faith alight for young and old. 1 was at one time a guctt In his home. Wo had met at varlous'Sunday School conventions, a'pd he had Invited me to conle over and speak at some kind o f ' a religious rally In his community. And .many, years afterward, It was my honored privilege at his fmjeral to pay a deserved tribute to a life nobly lived. So now we have Colonel Bill, with his shining record In both war and peace) prepared to serve further in public capacity. :I do not know what other candidates will ap'pcar, but with all my heart I thank God for the old pioneers of Cane Hill College, and for their desccndcnts of. today who still carry the torch high. Grace Ilecse Adkins. Van Buren County Flu Outbreak !s Epidemic Little Rock -(/I')- The Arkansas Health Department reported today a total of 1,448 cases of· influenza In'the state during the week ended March 8. . This was a slight increase over . the . n u m b e r of cases the preceding week. Polk County reported 175 cases, the highest number in the state for the week. Second' was Van Burcn with 160 cases! The department said the outbreak In Van Burcn County is considered to be at epidemic stages. Aberdeen-Angus Sale Brings Record Average; Little .Rock-(/P)-FIfly-slx animals cost a record high average of $902 In the first annual spring fitted-sale of the Arkansas Aberdeen-Angus Breeders Association here yesterday. The sale Is called a "fitted" ale because all animals sold are potential show stock. The highest price paid was $3,000 for a purebred cow and calf, sold by H. C. Ycllon of Hot Springs to J; R. Jackson of the Rockwood Angus Farm, Pocahontas Ark. Not white, not wheat, not rye. jut a flavor blend of all three-- Fluife'i Roman Meal Bread. 11-18-tf Four Agree To Underwrite Cost Of Court Hearing On New Arkansas Purchasing Act Little Rock-Wl-Four men, all* friendly toward the administration of Governor McMath. have reg- talcrcd as bondsmen with the Arkansas Supreme Court to underwrite the cost of a hearing on the suit to prevent a popular vote on t the. controversial new / purchasing act. · · · : John H. Greene, Little Hock insurance man; n. A. Young, Jr., Fort Smith equipment dealer; Jack Stephens, Little Rock investment broker, and T.-L. Fisher, Malvcrn businessman, yesterday registered with the high court. . The Supreme Court had directed the taxpayers who filed suit attacking validity · of petitions ' to put the new law (Act 242 of 1951) on the ballot to "execute bond for cost" of the hearings.- Hearings will begin Monday before Wayne Upton, Little Hock, attorney appointed by the Supreme Court as Its commissioner, Springdale .-Dr., and Mrs. Francis Gilfoy, of Highway 68 west of Springdale went to Tulsa Sunday to see their daughter, Helen .Marie, who'is a student nurse at St. John's Hospital School o( Nursing, receive her cnp. Miss 'Gilfoy graduated from the Scholastlca Academy in Kort Smith in 1951. She then attended the University of Arkansas before entering nurses training. An 'immunization clinic was held at Lowell Thursday afternoon. Shots were given for typhoid, diphtheria and whooping' cough. · Dr. Francis Gilfoy returned from New YYork City, where he attended a -post graluate course in eye, ear, nose and throat treat- WHO FIXES RADIOS? 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Mrs.' Betty Barba led .the. discussion on "Play Is Not Passive," taken from the November issue of the. Parent-Teacher's · Magazine, A rounatable .discussion was held. Representatives from the Office of Price Stabilization were in Springdale Thursday afternoon and conducted a price clinic for the merchants of "this vicinity in City Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Arthurs and son of Springdale were guests Sunday in the home of Mr. and Mrs; S. S;'-Williamson', east of Springdale. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Adams of Dallas, Texas, have returned home after a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Adams of Springdale. Dr. and Mrs.. L. J. Carr of Springdale attended the meeting of the Northwest Arkansas Chiro- practicc Association Sunday in the Goldman Fort Smith. Mrs. Carr served as one of the judges in the "correct posture" contest featured by the association. . : Mrs. Joda Pason who has been seriously .ill in the County Hospital the past, week, was returned EVERYTHING M PtUMMNO and SUffllB FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVRNMENT AVI. Breaking all records at N. Y. Roxy Theatre! MARLON BRANDO · JEAN PETERS 'VIVAZAPATA' · In color by Technicolor to her home in Springdale Wednesday morning. She is reportec to ;be improving' isatisfactorily, A two-day school for minister! was. held at the Gospel of- Pcaci Tabernacle'on Park Avenue .Tuesday and Wednesday. Minister from several states 'were presenl Miss Jewell .Horton and .'Mis Carol Mc'Cormick,. Bible teacher at the Moody Bible Institute began a Bible study class fur aciults and children at the Hickory 'Creek community Thursday night. Aftc this week the study will be hclc on Friday nights from 7:30 to 8:30 o'clock. The Truthseekers Sunday School Class of the ' First . Methodis Church met Wednesday.'afternoon in the parlor of 'the church. Mrs John Webster led 'the devotional Mrs. E. W. Moss, presided over the short business meeting. There were 11 members present and one visitor, Mrs. Grace Pennington, Refreshments were served by Mrs. Lena Roberts and Mrs. Ella Farquhar. X Orrin Henbest To Talk Before Geology Club Orrin Henbest, soil: conservationist for the U. S. Department of agriculture, will speak before the Banner Geology 7:30 p. m. March 18 in Room 11 · of the Chemistry Burning at the University. 1 . . ' . He is scheduled to discuss the use of aerial photography in mapping sails and.geology. The meeting will be open to the-public. BOWL FOR PLEASURE Benton Bowling .Lanes.--Adv' DANCE To Tht Music of WESLEY RAMSEY and His Rhythm Wranglers Every Saturday Night 9 to 12 Legion Hul Lincoln, Ark. Bfotferj Hanged For Killing Taxi Driver Montreal - W) - Two brothers, convicted of'murdering a Three Rivers District taxi driver, were hanged'in Montreal jail early today. ' . Gaston,.32, and Marcel Garvais, ,2B, showed, no emotion as they mounted the scaffold. They wer found guilty of killing Maxim Gelinas, a semi-invalid from th village .of St. Etienne des Gres. Geliiias .disappeared from hi home October 10.'His body wa found'in the'woods about 20 mile from Louiseville. Ty Cobb led tho American League in stolen, bases six times. Jn 1915 he stole 9« bases/for the Detroit Tigers. He led the hitters 12 times. · Model Airplane Show Planned By Club A model airplane show will be given on the baseball field at the Veterans Hospital Sunday afternoon starting at 2:30 j'clocic. Th' show will be presented by the Gashoppcr Club, and the publl is invited to be present. WALT BEACH Ouaruntood Watch IcpaMnfl With Ortwin CMMMn ' 1! I. 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