Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 14, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1952
Page 7
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VBTAM mm, tvnm*m». AHMMW, 'M,'MM ·--«?-£ · r **"* -.. Few Federal Agencies Use New Information Authority lUGALNOnCM By JAMBS DEVLIN New . York-(P)-Five months have since President Truman issued -his controversial order 'authorizing all non-defense as well as defense agendet to la' bel information as secret, in varying degrees. . How is it working out in actual practice? The Washington Post surveyed the situation in each of 88 non- defense " agencies and found that few utilize their n«w authority. It found that those" which have used it ,"do not know how many documents have been burled from public scrutiny by the imposition of classified labels." Truman's order, issued September 21, 1951, touched off anew the perennial press campaign for freedom . of information. That means information for the people, not just freedom for the press. Some Arenciei Reluctant . The Post found that "many agencies exhibit a sharp aware- .nesK of the public's right to information." But others, including some thai hardly would be considered centers of secret' activity, were reluctant c.'en to tell how they applied the new directive. You might think that the Post Office Department doesn't have any news except for annual stories on the volume of. Christmas mail. But the newspaper said the Post Office "flatly refused to disclose . anything about the application of the. order." Officials, of some departments or agencies said the directive liberalized the release of news be. cause it gave a clearer idea than heretofore of what should not be kept secret. This, was the view taken by President Truman. "It Is my. hope/' he said, "that the practical effect of these regulations will be to make more, rather than l e s s , information available to the people." The president defined the order as intended to protect information from "potential enemies." . Editors Protest But the American Society of Newspaper Editors, heaSed by Alexander.F. Jones, executive ed. itor.of the Herald-Journal and Herald-American of Syracuse, N. V., protested that the net effect would be to suppress news to which 4he American public was entitled. The editors, in a letter to Joseph Short, the president's press secretary, said they understood that g e n u i n e security information should be withheld. But they " asked what, guarantee there was that those carrying out the order would.confine it to that, They declared;^ 7 ! ^ ,. . . "We'Vtrqngly oppose' an executive order which formally designates.-each head of a government agency an authority to classify information as injurious to national security' without definition of what breaches national security, and wiihout appeal or review." The Associated Press. M a n a g i n g Editors Association, meeting in San Francisco last September 29, described the directive as a "dangerous instrument of news sup- 'prcssion" arid called on the president to rescind It. One Step Taken The Whit: House took a step, toward meeting ,one complaint -that there was no appeals tribunal that would hear protests concerning agencies which suppressed non-security news: A subcommittee of the Interdepartmental Committee on Internal · Security, the agency which drafted the original order, was set up to keep tabs on potential abuses and to hear-appeals. · J.-Russell Wiggins of'the Washington Post, chairman of The AP Managing Editors Committee on Freedom of the Press, said he did not believe the . subcommittee, headed by Edward R. Trtpnell of the Atomic Energy Commission, .would answer the objections. He noted that the Traphell committee was made up of agencies particularly concerned with se- .cUrity--the Defense, State, Justice 'and Treasury Departments--and said an independent reviewing agency should be set up. Births · Mr. And Mn. Charln Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fowler of Westville, ' Okla:, announce the birth of a daughter, March 13, at · the County Hospital. Mr. And Mfi. Dale R. Htid Mr. and Mrs. Dale ft. Reed of Morrow announce the birth of a . son. March 13, «t the County Hospital. Mr. And Mri. Afgui C. Bar«ni Mr. and Mrs. Argus C. Darens of Sprlnftdali! announce the birth of a son, March 13, at the County CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phont SotteM Mil Joplin lUnrfcrinf Co. Hospital. Mr. And Mn. Joteph Muuino Mr. and Mr«. Joseph Muisino of Sprinidale announce the birth of a daughter, March 14,-at the City Hospital. Today's Market-- St. Louis Lirtstoek National Stockyards, .lll.-(/P)- USDA-Hogs 13,000; fairly -active, weights ISO Ibs up 15 to 25 lower than Thursday 1 * average; 170 ]bs down fully 50 lower; sows steady to 25 lower; bulk choice 180-230 Ibs lull width ot choice grade. 17.25-40; several lots mostly choice Nos. 1 and 2 under 220 Ibs 17.50; (op to packers 17.25; choice Nos. 1, 2 and 3 240-270 Ibs 18.25-17.10; 280-340 Ibs 15.75-16.00; few to 16.25; 150-170 Ibs 15.50-17.00; 120140 Ibs 13.25-15.00; 100-110 Ibs 11.75; BOWS 400 Ibs down 15.00-75; ·few to 18.00; heavier sows .13.2514.25; stags ' 11.50-13.50; boats 9.50-11.50. Cattle 500, calves 400; mostly steady in cleanup trading; odd lots and individual head good to choice steers and heifers 30.5033.00; utility and commercial steers and heifers 23.00-29.00; utility and commercial cows 22,0024.00; canners and cutters 17.5021.50; bulls slow; utility and commercial 23.50-25.50; cutter bulls 20.00-23.00; bulk good and choice vcalers 32.00-38.-00; limited number .prime yealers 40.00 on shipper account; Utility and commercial vealere 23.00-30.00. Sheep 400; trade dull despite very limited supply; undertone weak; spots 25 lower than Thursday; good load choice' No. I 1 aklns 24.00 for lambs and 22.00 for yearlings; load good and choice yearlings held from yesterday 22.50; with .liberal percentagd two-year-old -wethers at 20.50! slaughter ewes steady at 12.0014;00; few cuils_9.00-1 i.oo. An outstanding flavor--Jun|«'» Roman Meal Bread. ll-19-rf nmtilnlng 11.11 KTM. mor. or 1M, ill in Townihlp 11 North. Ranu 2« Well, and contalnlnt In ·11 JOO.OK (em, mort or Int. All pcrtonl htvlnl or claiming laid real Mltte, in Inltrtlt therein or lltn therton, adverse to laid petitioner* are hereby notified to appear In ' the Chancery Court of .Wwnln;- ton County, Arkansai. within ux weeks after the dlte of the first publication of thil notice and fhow ciuw. If my they hive why the title of utd 'petitioner* ihouid not be quieted nnd confirmed. In wltncis whereof I hsve hereunto Ml my hind ind Mil thti 28tl diy of February 1152. (SEAL) Rlchird B. Greer Clerk o( the Chlncery Court . a March 7-H-21-M AprlM-c FOR SALB-AVTOMOTIVC CHfAT me* Vou ren do'er. itti two door Plymouth. Very low mlleafe. I fotti sell her, the* 9 pippin. 0? West Center. lift CHEVROLET 2 door. N*w pa.Hl | and upholstery. Good engine. 1831 · aMy 5 p. m. ; 1» PLYMdUfirSuburban. "ATcoridi- tion. Phone 6MR3 after 5;30. NOTICE MODERN Woodmen will meet Mirctl H. Some tpeciil buiineM, All mem- beri urged to ittcnd meeting. A. D. Quilla. Conlul. ANNUAL nwetTiif o? fayeltevllle Building Mnd Loan ahireholden will be h t l t f i n the office of the Secretary it 7:30 p. m.. March 17th. D. M, tary it 7:1 McN»lr. Secretary. IN8TKUCT1ON COMPLETE your high Khobl it home in soire time. Text! furnlihed Di ploma. Ho clam*. Send for 47 pag booklet and »mple lelion tre Am rican School write P. O Box 320. Fayelleville. : HELP WANTED COMPANION to mm. polio victim. Some cooking. Robert Oakley, Oz«rk Hotel, phone 60.^^^^^ -^^.-.-- HELr WANTED--MALE . CARPENTERS to build fnme hen- houfle. 40'xlOO 1 . Hour or contract. Frank D. Gile*. Phone 174J1. YOUNG men wanted to pet teidy u) ·ccept nasitioni in drlftitlg. Account* int. electricity end dieSef engineer' ing. We teach you it home in vpire timi and help place you. Athencan School. Write P. O. Box 320 Fay- ctlevme. BELP WANTED--fEMALE EXPERBlNCED WAITRESS. APPLY IN PERSON. WASHINGTON HOTEL. NORTHWtST AftkANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS Hate: 3 cent': p«r word iiti|!fe in* ·ertlon. Three cortseriutlve tnsWtiontt 7 cents per word. Minimum order 42c. Cl*i*ifiefl adl casK in iflVaftc*-- no* taken over "the telephone. . Deadline for classified *rti: 10:30 TA datly; K30 a. m. Saturday. ' Corrections and rerun cheerfully made After firet invertion. No corrections or rerun made alter ad hai expired. " NOTE: AdverflMni copy tot Other pages is due at 13 noon the daj proceeding: publication; 12 noori Saturday dr publidation of) Monday LEGAL NOTICES In Th* PrtlNttt CvMrt ·» waihingtM CMnty. ArttMitM In the Matter of The Estate Of Alfred H. aregg. Deceased. '. The nddresR of the dtcedent *»s 325 West Lafayette Av*nit*. r«yefte- ville, Arkansas. The 1flte Of UK death, "bruary 28, 19.12. An instrument d«ted Aufutt^ i2th. 1949. was on the 12th day of Mardh. 1952, admitted to probate »S the lust will of the above named decedent, and the undersigned have been appointed executors thereunder. A con-' est of the probate of th* Will can lc effected only by filing j* petition n-ithin the tims provided by Ja*. A i l persons bavin* claims a gal nit :hc estate must exhibit, duly verified, ;o the undcrsiRned within fcix nflontni from the date of the first pUtjllc«- fon nf thic notice, or they will he forever barred and precluded from any benefit ift the estate. This notice first pu'Biianed the IftH day of MiircH, 19H. Clflra M. Of6fK Mtjllroy Bank,. .· . Fayctttvlilfe; 'AfkartBas. H-2l-c WARWIMtt OM*lft 6*wrt «f In H* CHtnter* 6 Amelia Rowland Throw**- Plaintiff vs. John J. Thrower. Jr.. Defendant The Defendant John J. Thrower. Jr., ... warned lo appear in this Court Within t h i r t y days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff In the above entitled cause. Witness my hand and seal o: this Court this 27th day of February. 1W2. (SEAL ) ' Richard B, '5reer Chancery Clerk __ 29 March .7 T 14-21-c ."Jrttice is hereby given that Charles ft. Phillips and J. Mauflne Phillips, lusband and wife, have filed irt my office their petition seeking, to quiet and Confirm their iille to th* follou- nf described real estate, situated in Washington County. Arkansas, to-witi Part of the fi',5. nf the ft}.- UEU and part of the NE!'« of the SEU of Sec. 6, described as follown BeginninK at a sandstone monument ;16 rods West of the Northeast corner of said Sec. 6, and running thence South IS degrees East 34 rods; thence South 10'i decrees West 40 rods: tllence Snutn 16 decrees East 2fi rods; thertc* Sdutn 3.1 degrees East 28 rOdi: th«ee South 10Va degrees East i rods; thence South 23 Vj decrees East 34 rods and 17 links to the Soulh- «at,t corner of the NfilV of the . SEU of said Sec. 6; thence West · «0 rods to the Southwest corner thereof; thence North 42 chains .11 and 3 . links to the Section . Hiie; thence East 11 chains 4v\'a link* to the beginning point, containing 59.69 acres, more or less: Th« W l . of the Frl. NE% of said Sec. $, containing 43.S8 acres: The NV/'.i of the SE',4 and the. NEU of the *W/i of said Sec. fi. containing 30 acres more nr l£is! A part of the SEU of the SWU and * part of the SW/4 of th* SEVi of said Sec. fi, rlescr'hcd as; Beginning at the Northcaal r'orner nf xAld iast mentioned forty ncrt tract, ami r u n n i n g , thence Went 37;76 chains to the channel of a branch; thence South 61U degrees East 13.50 chains; thenc* N6TIH *5 degrees East 20 chain*; IHitic*. Ndrlh 7fl degrees East 4 chains: thence North 7. r degrees Eaflt 2 cnaif.s nnd 40 link*, Ihonce North 3^ chin!i__lo_lh_e_nlncc of beginning. OfAO ANIMALS REMOVED PROMPTLY ^·ick Sanitary ScrviH Niyttttvi|k Rtndtrlnf Service Hi N* HI «»IN Illl w 9 tf ·rtoking oil rtcords at N. Y. Koxy Thttfrtf MARLON IKANDO · JEAN PETERS "VIVA ZAPATA" EXPERIENCED waitfmi Wanted. .Ap 1 ply in pfcraftfi. Phong 299. LADY HttwMti 30 and 4S years to liv* wltn and help care for semi-Invalid. Room, board and salary. Phone 3B9W2. __ WOMAN to h*tU With houtewofk and care of children. 5 dftyt week. Write Box K-39. %Time8. ___ EXPERIENCED waitress. Apply Bank's Coffee Shop, corner School arid _ . . , .__ waitress"." NlKht~Bhltf. SALESMEN WANtEO SALESMAN. $150 weekly with Automatic refrigerator defroster. Every Housewife wants it. No selling. Ends me»sy Job of defrosting " forever. Yotir terHlnrr mny h* open. Write P. O. Bo it J 49. N^osho. MfsBOuri^ TANTASTlOOT TRUE" MEN and women. Earn to $490 monthly operating oUf NUT VENDORS three hours weekly. Full time w i t h earnings to $15,000 yearly. Excellent references and SfiOO cash required secured hv inventory. Regional Director will be In this area sqdn. Stale all. Flense include phone. For interview write Ted W. Redditt, 1415 Madison. Memphis,' Tennessee. SITUATION WANTED YOUNG man, experienced carpenter, new and repair construction. C. L. McDanicl. 2I31J. MONET TO LOAN FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, long terms UTLEV AND COMPANY, INC. | | | j A Phong 2203 tot. gALI--tlVERTOCK PfiBSH ftnty to* with second calf JIW.W. 'XT C. Williams, Hoiit* 1. ; FarTnintlon, · '· . TBARLtKC 'registered TJotrtlnr) bufl dUt ot t. L. Kupert Domtno. Rei- tfttlilllle price. Phone M33. . U whtTE pigt, I iveeKI old. 4 mlle aoufhwest Farmington, 3 mllel nortneast Prairie arave. Charles lar old, W. H, Holcdmh, W«Bt Atfe.^jRoute i. FOE SALE^AUTOMOTm SAVE 1440.00.'rfew fofiirifciriiB intrh WB (Kick. 68 actual miles. Hunter. ·*Y:M*8 fily tires. Excellent hard- Wood platform And xtake bed, I«8 llceni*. Phone 2«Jl ; L O O K LET'S WHEEL AND DEAL CASH OR EASY TERMS 1949 Chtvrolet Styleline dtluxa 4-door. 1946 Chtvrolet Fleetline tudor. 1946 Ford Super d«lux» tudor. 1930 Chevrolet Vi-tbn. L i k e new. 1941 Ford Super deluxe. Very nice. 1940 Chevrolet Speciol deluxe. A honey. 1940'Dodge, Very clean. 1939 Chevrolet. A dandy little car. 1939 Chrysler. Overdrive and everything. 1947 Chevrolet I'/i. Ready for your job. These cars have radio, heater. Sam* are loaded with extras. Drive by before you trade or buy. CARL'S MOTOR SALES 3 miles South $prlngdal« 71 Highway Phona 3211 LOST AND FOUND "Slop thai--do you wint p«opU to iUr« «t you? " LOST again! Slack male Cocker pgp- py. Please call 3G8.___ LOST, billfold .Thursday. Idcntificn- tlori c»r3*. hanie Kcrmlt McFarland. RftWftrd.Phone 471.71. LJJLJ1 .^ |1 _ WANTED TO BUT TO SPIKE; A-RUMOR The Cllfty Small Stock farm*, Inc. (the "original Ozark Bunny") is itlll buying rabbits and operating at utual, and intend to con- tinue in spite of the rumor they were out of business. Cliffy Small Sfock Farm GOOD used single barrel fchot gun, Write BOX K-42, CiTfmiUL 1939 OR fiUo Cfievrblet or 'FortTpIck- up. Phone iMWi-^^^^^.^^ ftCMSS--CATS--PETS BLACK Cocker puppies, female, $7.00, males. $10.00. Phdhe 479W. FOR SALE--HOME NEEDS ROTOTILLER--Easiest lo handle. WE HAVE GLAMORENE the N«w Rug Cleaner LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc We Deliver Phone 246 ROTo'TTCtjSR--Seal for ifaFderilhir" BEDS! Jenny Llnd, twin; innerspring : niatlrcaaea. 1272W, MPTOTILI.ER--For Stirring Litter. PACKARD-WILLYS Sales --: Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666. 208 West Block S T A N D A R D Better Used Car Buys '51 Chev. Tudor. Fleetline D«- luxe. Radio, h«aler. low mileage. One owrter. Like new. '51 Ford Club Coupe. Custom 8. Radio and heater. 11,000 actual miles. '50 F o r d Fordor, Custom 8, Heater, overdrive. E x t r a nics, '50 Chev. Power Glide, Deluxe tudor. Radio, heater and whit* wall tires. '50 Chev. Tudor Special. Radio and heater. Very clean. '49 Chev, Styleline Deluxe Club Coupe. Heater. 14,000 actual miles. Dark blue finish. '49 Ford Station Wagon. Radio, heater, overdrive, w h i t e wall tires. F o r d Tudor. Radio and heater. Really a good an*, '40 Chev. Club Coupe Special Deluxe. Radio and heater. - PICKUPS- Look '50 Ford Vi-ton. Big healer. 2,000 mllli. 'JO Chev. Vi-ton, Htater, Entro . good, '46 Chev. Vi-ton. Htoler, Slock rack; A good buy. Many other Can and flckupi to choose from. IUY - SELL - TRADE S T A N D A R D Used Car Lot Corner Center and Church Stl. FULLER BRUSHES COSMETICS 830 Lindcll Phone 1548 °^ii°w, ajtiTii«rfow. OOOp wpttd ..ratjgt. Ptlone"U5H«."' . . . dboSE 6gtt for leftinijt Fttiit Wornen'l 3d4B.ll. . 'l Mrkt or Call 250 BALES fair quality tl«y, 75c. Paul Marinpnf. j ._ _ _ ^_^ __ ori* ^^ Oklahoma prnlrle hay. _ _ _ _ PUMPS -- PUMPS JET pumps, piston pumps. We have a Inrge slock 6f reconditioned first line pumps. From !'« HP to I'.j HP, deep and shallow wells. Plenty of pipe in stock. Will sell with or without pipe and installations. ,1, W. Hill Electric Co. Phon* 24. West -fork DIVAN, opens into fxTd^OTseri riitf. JVxl£ Overttiiffcd chair^Phond 1891. ^R A 1 Lift S.~" SftC al 5fii West" Moun- Jaln Street. ____ ___ '_ HOypTiLLiEI^r 1 nc3r~cuTt iva'to rT^f ~ NEW and used furniiuVcrPriccd rlcnT. Open Saturday even Ins until 9 p. m. Lloyd's Trading Post. Next door to Strout HeAlty Ct. i\'j miles fro FOR 8ALK--MISCKLLANKOUH Piano-Rebuilt-- Streamllnert A VF.nY f i n e IrtntrUment at -n fnlr rice. No mom trosl ties. 800. South ' price. No mo School. 3057J.' RAINBOW TROUT sold dally. Phone daJe 320 ohnson. "~" . SprinjdaJe 3201. OzarU Trout Near Jo , , , briei cases, B-4 bags, O'nltc easel, toilet kits, etc. A complete lint) HAMPtON T S ARMY SUflPLUS Kt ORK IDEAL MATTRESS GO, Quality new mattress and moltrftsi .renovating. Phoh* 3036 401 WESV OICK5GN FOR SAM. OR TRADE ) ACREB tond aroUnd, ft rdoin indd- orrt partly new hotiift, cliickfn hhusc, 10 milei cast of 'ayet(cv)[te. ' FOR SALE-- FARMS WILL sell or lease "Thr Blue Arro\V Gate" in Hunlsville, Afkannaft. Eli- Rene McLord. FOR HEM'-OR LEASK H. !. WMITELV and Bom garage, f u l l y equipped. Thfl Rnrd((e whth Working dors apphoXlmai* avcrakfr S l . O U O - t o $1,5DD labor ptrf month. LociUcd back of Wnilely Hcrvitc Station. Corner of Mountain mid Sohool Slrcul. Phone 11)37. Drinkcru need not apply. WANT TO RENT HR0ILER set iip. 4 tit 8 . Mai'^l. Call lifelWl before 7 a. m. ·7:3n_p.. rn. ONE Confederate, uniform. Phone_470. TEACHER needing complete rest for n summer month* interested in renting tin arrangement of pleasant ser^c'netl porch with irhalsc lounge Adjoining a bedroom nnd bath. Willing to pay around $70 A month for (his accommodation. Also wishes 'J dimple meals served n day at any reasonable price. Write Box K-40, FOR RENT--MISCELLANEOUS : BEDROOM " unfurnished house oh fill Wond Slrt-et._SSO.flO._CaII_174!H. _ _ _ ROOM apartment. Ground Iloor 1 . Nicely furnished. Newly decorated. Private front and Bock entrance, Close In. bHIfl paid. Phone 16S7M. ~ ' ~ " ' ' ncnr Univemlty. 1743J. ~7urni|Ktrd " shYrTn'icn'f; mlty. Adult* only. Phom* . Highway 71 south. square. Free park- . _ . FAuMEns. Sportsmen. Oc liverymen". 19*7 Jeep station wnjton, cood condition. Heater, overdrive. 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Priced /or quick cash unlc or will consider trade for pick up Hi mllci southwest of West Fork on Devil'* Drn Road and one mile west on Slrlcklrr Road. Benjamin Fowler, Route 1. Box 12, Wrst Fork. N O T I C E ruRNlTURR fldctlon Saturday morn- injt, 10 A, m. One lot of f u r n i t u r e ·rtd tnld^lla^soui. If you hive furn* ltiir« ID i#tl, com Inn II to then* Mlet, AlwMyH -i toad dem*nd fnr flood f u r n i t u r e , Fnr truck icrvlc« of Information. Dhdna 1770. flnli evrry **\\itt\*y, Hilton nroi. Auc- With attachment!. Alio __ _ . -- 1 nq ti i re B.~F. WlilT- chufch-- IIOR IM. Phono J70.1W. Free rtmonsilrfitlon-- your pldcc,^ __ RL. fmTfnarl rteTlvVrrd, $6 00. IlAVRL. m f n a r l Phtm*_J!. D. Clroat ' lty Veed In*" hulk". . '·**'* BnM ' Co. tnr. _ RlcfcL for q u i c k MlV ReiifluriTht MutttrnMti. A^ply Cumpiii Orlll, «V1 OARAGE ripnrtment, 3 room, Kitchen* fftle ahd ba(h. Complefefy rerieco* .rsfed. Partly furnished. HlghWny 71 stuith. Phone fiQ7M4 a f i c r s., "fioolftr^uFti it h 6d apftHment. Privnto shower (ind entrartc*. Modern. Electric refrigerator and washer. Garden If Wanted. $2.1.00, bills pnid. couple only, HIghwny 16 west. Phone . 174 J1. ^ i _ iiij _ ROOM for gentleman, clos'e In^Phone apartmeht, .1 large rooms and bath. Welt located. L Jfiqulrc^_r J '' *" - ·harlmcnT. Modern nnd privnte. Hardwood floofs, automatic floor furnace, Knr- bage rilsposftl u n i t , Venetian blinds, Bcndlx wnshcr. Uliliticft paid, Phone 190. $70.00 (nonth. Near unlvrraity. No doKS. Oarage; Evcrtt K. Cnmp- hell. · ' 5TfPLEXi * 6oms, furnished'. Ne\vly decorated. Ctarage 5 blocks from nqiinre. Phohe 220J. _ Z~ROOM apart me n C Turn rnhcdT U t fi I~ ties paid. 2 blocks from rquarc. 205 2 ROOM ifurnished aparlment. Close In. Phone 7 days. 2372H^nlKbjji. DOWNSTAIRS u p a r t m e n t j private, 402 South School. ___ HOY wTKeeri'8 hrttisit for rent on lT. Two arid h a l f mile* e/tnt. See George ^unfttree. __ ___ __ ^ __ NICE "furnlsKcd Apartment for 'couple, Prlvntc bnth. See a f t e r 5 at 203 North Block. . FURNISHED apartment, 205 North Church.__C_«ll 513ZW_ a f t e r «. FOUR roorn"'apnrtment l',i blocks off nquar*; Suitable for office lulte. very (food for officd and home for imall family, THREE room modern a p a r t m e n t , util- ItlOft paid, "0 monthly. FIVE room bungalow, unfurnished, $50 monthly. KFFIC1F.NC.V n p i t n m c n t , furnished, $50 monthly. Hamnjfmd_Rcii!ty_Comptiny Phone 783 UNFURNISHED apartment. 3 "robm« with .both. Phone -1142W2. FURNlHHED aptTrtmPni'* UiillilcV'paiff. _On bu* line, Phf»ne_2767, HOUSEKEEPJMU rif ·leeplriK roonl ·_CloSc_ln._738J. _ ^ __ _ S ROOM modern house. ^"irfVerctt 8ireel^ Phone I117W. El(T7fA*^Ticc '3 "rrtbin furnished nparlt ment. Newly decorated. 1033 N o r t h Highland. P_honc_24S4, UNIVERSITY A PA HTAfflNT 1 JC~"oir* bedroom, unfurnished 157. Bft, (urn- Uhed $72 M) hill* n»M B e n d l x loumlry available, Ph6na iSMIt or 2203. ___ (JNTtjRKTfilfKfi" a rorrmr"wfth~hath and kitchen. Desirable location. __ I SM J . ' MODERhf ~nf urnWied "s~Fo"oin "apart* mcnt.MO.on. Phone .I03l_a(ttr 5, " "" fia Dleliion *nH North LOCUM-$150 p" mnnth, u U t f t l e s nuld MMAU, store bill Minn. .105 West Di f«n--$35.00 per month. Phone 32fi NEW diipfcx, t w o " bedroom u n f u r n - ished apnrlmcnl. Furnace hfiti. Available imw. Phone 2.TOW a f i e r 6, onth tip. hotrhlc 1) prr«nn._Mr«li nrnrhy^l'hont I I 7 I - J . l. UtlllllrV nilrt. _ r.W "APARTMKNfS nniTMii i-nom iinf«ralihcr1 IMoo r u r n l l h f i M.I tA, tw» bedroom i i n f t i r n l f t h r SEKVICIS FOB RALK-HAL tUTATF INCOME it* itrvlet. GfOtft, fUrmond Don Bojjen, Piano Tuner. Phone Day 2248W. - 8 7 3 ' / _ . . _ "MATTRE'SISir )lav« y o u r . Old Cotlon or Innersprlitft Mnttrtss R e b u i l t to Better Th«n New . Free Estimate-- One-Day Strvlcs Duggar-Brown MATTHESS CO. (Formerly Lewis Mattress Co.) 120 So. Et;st St. Phone 2774 BULLDOZING Gravel and Tlrt H a u l i n g Tune Bro*. Co. __ TJjH'itjy 4 '' Bml ? 05J QUALITY d'reMinnklnE.""""Alteriiiiont. Quick nervicf. Reasonable r«te«. Mri. W n l k i n ) ..Piifine 577J. ______ _ ron piper hanier nr painter phone _ _ __ __ , J. W . H I I I ELEORICCO. Quality Imtallcri ·PUMPS · POWER Phone 24, We«t Forlt · ' ONDS -- ROAD! - CLEARING -OLIN KARNES AND ELLIS WILSON 3IGZW Z8HJ SUN-TILT vcnellin bllnm nnd luml- num window icrfieni «nt' nwninalt. -Free r»'.lni»t«(. Gabe Cocper. 441 South Lfriut Phoor tOlfi DITCH oiaaina roOTlNOS--w »1 e r, rn «nd l«««r rtitchpi, leptle tnV. holti DlfCInf ·nd -bick Illllnt Call 2928 Brvn Davli 14 HOUP SERVIC! ON Hcmilllchlng, Picotlng, Covered Buttoru, Button Hotel. Tailored ·eli and Bucklei. Spetlol Attention given Mall Ordert. Satltfaction or Money Bock. SINGED SEWING MACHINE CO. 18 S.E, St.. rartttevlll* Excavating - Bulldozing Disking - Brush Rake Ponds -.Roads - Clearing H. H. JONES. Contractor J I S Virginia Ave.. ha* H8 U Sta Phone I486, Fayeltcvlllf FOR YOUR nooriNC NEEDS Call H. L, Stewnrt Rooflni Contr·/·"*»· Aliio, ' - ' 1 .._. Sldlnr !»mc repairs, Phdne 101U E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D, M. P A T T 0 N PhOn* 24? H/U,B-kl!AI, E8TATK i iFn ont»iK-- tmrm nam n*ri _ IB AdttM. 4 room tnMttn. 'tjuk . . Pnnd. Pmllifl!. . . . . mlleii rnyettevlllR. \\ mll« jtsve- er. Phone niuen rnyeiievinr. -4 mn t n e n f . Nice view. OWrter, tTO'M'ES" DHB||R iS,IM-- hail A nnd 4 roami ant hath; paid pavement. Good environ ment; bpaumut view. ·iitmt ·ttbyrlun of 5 rdoms o: b e a u t i f u l lot;' paid piveminl, roomil and two hath*, rtnly W,l»0fl Suitable for duplex. Distant owner Mnke offer. . , . On fell! twwtltiif 9rn*r wllh lively plAnungfl; flv« room* find nrkt. room; mg bright drive-in basemen!, modern gas furnatf*, pretty flfepl*()f, hardwood ftoord, A r#*f honln at A moderate price. Wat hi nft an Avt--·Junt 'i block o f f ; xr.vr.n rencrou* rooms, full bastf- mcnt with con fired flirflac* *hd automaiic tank, loin of built-in*, paid pavement, e/i«y walk church*:*, schools *nd t6wn, to siz.5on. . M«w MrM feMr*w*t on. bif level lot. pflld pavement, on Unlv«ni1y fitrm drive, nn!,V SIO^OO. lest ntw ranen typ« with A t t l f h e o carice, convenient to oampuR, only Mnr'vtttut vltw from this Handsome near new brick home, nistant owner wttl sacrifice. BATES'IEALTY T«I._IH - *"·!!".«_ '.'** BV" OWNER--5 roomt »nd""h«lh. con. rrel6 porchi ptmttf-^d wxllR. h*rd* wood flotin, IhiilUWd. flixf lurnac*. hrc«ew«y, HHrflir. 90x210 lot on pavement. Dny Phon« 2.101, «(ter I p. m. iOS-W. : TWO BIXDCKS WZBT OF THE COUiJ- TV HOSPITAL. level corner lol. lots 01 beautiful tMdtl, IMMktrr und (lowrrlnK clnnli, »tl«ohed g«- rn«c with brcer-cvvay, nice patio. ',1 haaement wllh \vithlri* ricllllKi. up- Jtnlr* li flnllhoH Ihrounhoul with knotty pine. SELLING FAR BELOW REPLACFMENT COSTS. A. L. SHAMBLIN REALTOR JIM HOLDER Telephone 241. :6.',l, 1099 IC_N_ Collr«e__ THREE EXTRA" SPECIAL VALUES ULOCK from citmptM: Buntfllow s roornfi taAth ,dlc«0lnt riorcn, foaie- mcnt. Knraffe'] R«« heat,. tlrc-plac« excellent cdnxti'ilclion. Ideal location. pnicE nr.nuciD. CI.OSF, in: I room huniamw, hath. aim porch, attached ffarnte ant] U t i l i t y rnoiTi; ln*ulnl««. Intal (or duplex, lot fit hy Ml). Ki.r.OO. CHOICE retldcnce lol, Walhlnijlnn School nintrlcll pavement and »ld«« walk paid. $2,S(il). VERY SPCIAL j. D. Faqle, Realtor. Who's Who For Service Consult You' Classified Service Directory AI/TKIIATIONS KXPrTFi"Trci«hijirin(!--tailored h«ll«. hiillonx. htittonholcR, alteration. Mn. "hipni, 514 Mnrth Collect. Phone 742 BE A I/TV mior "Prrmnneni Wavei « , Phnn* IM tar appomtmrnt coLvKtitfy B'RAUTV sMol 1 ""* 204 W Mtltlow-Phont MM _Mseh l3M-u» Cold wivt M »p HKAUTY KHUP Now tm'town "Tlfc" K, MinihUIn St AII eft ,DorHK.. Phpnj!. 9M HADUNO Cill Mmillnf D*y «r nliht S BOOM hotnc, KMO 577 »OU(h -5!^£*L_I!t?!?^_J?I ( TM'- -. _ _,,._TWO BUSINESS BUILDINGS. LOCATE!! on art joining l(»u. One haj a four room modern ripftrlment. A t o t a l of nftn acre of f r o t m d on a busy louth 71 corner. M*V bt 0ur- rhvsed tocether of ffcpfiratoiy. NORTH OF CAMPUS WE H A V E H nirn nmdvxt five room bungalow at only ·$,3PO.nn, Located on levtl lot in tnli friendly ntlgh- bnrhood. Also. enr!y poAieosion can ho arrtinfietl. THREE BEDROOM HOME THIS property in a l i a - N o r t h ' n / C a m 1 pin. H about fi yearr old ond h»x \ altractUT r. H. A. Umn t h n t may j h? dssumrd. 62 HIGHWAY LOCATION 10 REAL VALUES IM ft f r n n u f l r on this buiy htshu'ny.. it's risht In town. j t n t two hlocki u'e»t of the two UPW ·L'hool*. Thr itltrArtlvc i rttflrn hunff- alciw | N t r l c i l y mndtrn. firflini it only} Cnmplelely furniih- crl w i t h n r w f u r n h u r c it »miil acl- d l l l n n n i mm. Let in *h(iw you Phune 7it.1 HAMMOND REAIIY CO. Kvr. Phonf. H. D. Itammrimi 1372 J A Jarvls 139BW * " , BtJiI,T BROILEH SET-UP for 5.000 broilers. A choice location on highway Juit .1 miles f r o m ray nttpvlllc. 5 ruoriii. n n l l v * FOch, Mi- llrely inoricri), hiinlwood flonrj, vc- n e t i n n shfldcs, floor furn.icc, IT'$ A MCE MOMK, pin* h t t l l t hrollrr hou«nn. *«rnce, u J i H t y home. »m«tl hrirn. 8 atr^s frrtilii Innri. price i* r l K h l , ONfi M1I.E FROM KAYETTBVU.LK. 20 flcCrs. a perfect (ract nf InnH. A 2- room home, fhirly nexv. -hut ». nhnrt (tlitnncr from new AulKfivi.fion. As Fityett^vlIU: ftrnxvs thfl price nf thli land will hrcome hiicnrr unrt hlMher. Now you can buy it for $2,700. Jiome ternvj. NEWLIN REALTY _ ) R K ^ _ A O K HY ownftrTbVauTmH^loCTSxl^fllrtTe"- slrlclvd N o r l h t n s i section. Phnnc T tflflw. ^ ^ ^__ . ^ fOSoT^O wfOTTiuv tTiU moiTerVi"~Vfnti11 nnme Attached forage w i t h iRUtidrj- ·puce. i,«r«c level lot. 9^0 Molly, IMW. PERFECT SUBURBAN 10 ACnfcS ncnr srnrfc and hteh ichool, til th* edge of a good Norlhwe«l Arhanss" t6wn. H room moderh home, city \vnlcr, n»ti!ral nut, 5.f)M hrnller capsi^lty. fntnUy irchnrd. h^frl^s, srarnsp, a nnd - fcnmll btrti, stock pond, nrrnlc, What mnre could one wrtlll. PMce S12.r.on.nO. WHEELER REALTY CO, Orarfc ThCitlcf ftld»- S ACREHi modern hou«r. brooder hnimes. Jti^t d U t s f d e rity. By owner. iPVcREB" in~cliy~3M"foor rrbntiife on Went Clevelnnd. Priuo. S2,5W)Oi). WETfc N E V E R iob BUSY fn Hjiy Hello. And \»* alwuyii h n v c Hmc In Nil do^'n ^nd dlkriint nnv rrAl r*tate or ln«urnnpe problem yoii mn.v have. Whe:! 4 . huvlntf. k e l l l h f , or innurini. nee tin .1 will pay you. NEWLIN-POWEIL REALTY 1951 FORD 2-door .... 1941 OLDS Stdan 1946 FORD 1-ton ;.'.'. . 1949 CHEVROLET l.fen 1947 OLDS S«don .· 1940 FORD 2door 1939 CHEVROLET Sedan 1946 CHEVROLET Pan«l 1946 CHEVROLET 2-door 1949 FORD 2-door ____ .$1193 £ * 395 .$ 69t ·· .$ 995 J 995 J 3«i $ 2 * 5 $ 5 9 3 $ 795 $1295 WHITFIELD MOTOR CO. OlDS -- GMC . _ ' · - : . ' 15 N o r t h la*t Si, ran *XLK~-RKAL ESTATE BY nwnnr. 5 room motfirn horn*, tton* in, city huj service. Lir« laf, : im*tt down p.iym«nt or will trad* · for car nr pickup Balariee life* r«nt- . 4*i**. intiirpti. Box Washington School . HVC room (rums horn*. M«rty 'tint feature.! such £jt; pHit*r*d ,· wajjj/; hardwood Moori. ceUr lined cloi*fi, * bull', in rireiiiri* Ubie In Mtti. wofirt burnmt fireplace., and. forced n\t central heating irit*m. Home with nttichert jraraM It located *n Jnrce ftvel lot. IJ.wo down and hiiycr ran aiiiimt* law interest b*ar- In* iortrt, "·£,- CRAVENS cVCQf Phnn«_ 1B6 It tail Cgflttr f rioOM*~on« Itdry tiwclllnir "~~S "Tjiti- rftmm, hath, modern, alto 4 room hmur fnr r«nf«| In rear. Hfje than. *firon. In) Hie 7.1K22* fi-tt 4 fttoexi »qunrc. pnu) paving. Biduced to S5.003DO, Vest only fJ.OOT (nr qulftk CHANDLER REA11Y CO. Tcimihonail I I M »nr1 ?MJ go. flit »q. l y - - j r r Kmcaid cr Co. · Automotive · Health arid Accident - · Polio ·Liability · WOHKMfiN'S COMMNSATtON · Plate.Gloss ·Burglary AUTOMATIC AWLlABCE CO. A Bill* HIM to Bay ttcrtpoint · II N. Blatk DEALCM Flu \tti PRICE ; FOSTORIA f Corsage Pattern, Ice Tea Tumbleis Hiqh Sherbets 7" Plates «.':*'i Covered 'Buttons -- Buckles ^-- Belts Including the New Contour Belli in.Every Style Custom FinlsHed And Wear th* Snmd Day Wo Receive YnUf Order. StiH Green Stampd on BVerythinl . McKeehon's Fabric Center u i c«nt« rh« ntw on certainly arc beauties --with driving ndvahluscs nd cars ever offered before. Of course you want to own one, to drive proudly -- *--~ --fftr buslnosn Or plcaturc--or both! And you cad ard«r yoUf c»r Im- medlstely, with (und« provided by our financing Pl«n. Up to U months to pay, nnd you have tho thrill of car 'ownership it In* tame-- tlmc. · ·; C MOTORS FINANCE CO., Inc. ^ 17 E. Meadow Phone 3101-' FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS To Make A Wise Choice!; 1949 Nash Ambassador 4 door, fully equipped, One owner cor. Very slick. 1948 Nash Ambassador 4 door, 2 tone, fully «Jquippd 1948 Nash Ambassador 4 door, very nice ..; 1947 Nash 600, 2 tone green, 4 door, Nice ·} 1946 Nash 600, 2 tone, very slick = 1942 Plymouth 4 door 1942 Dodge 4 door 1941 Plymouth 4 door 1940 Chevrolet 2 door 1940 Ford 2 door . . · .;,. Several other lower priced cars to chooie f.rqm; THESE ARE ALL PRICED TO MOVE RIGHT OUT SO HURRY OVER. - .·· · MODERN MOTORS 1 125 WrMOONTAIN PHONE 251 ' ., :...- -....m,;

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