Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 14, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, March 14, 1952
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Ml WBUC mTRCST · im FIRST coNcnm OF THIS'NEWSPAPER Associated toss Utm4 Win Qteef AP, King and NEA Ftofurt* VO'iUME 90, NUMBER 191 FAYETTtVItU, ARKANSAS. RIDAY EVENING, MAIICH 14, 1932 School Election Tomorrow; Tax Decisions Due Board Members To Be Named; Polls Open At 8 A.M. The 1952 Arkansas school elcc-r tion will be held tomorrow. School board niembers will · be ' elected, school taxes will be levied, and in some districts proposed bond issues will be voted on. ' In Washington County, contests exist in three districts for . nsi- tions on . school boards. Other school board' candidates are unopposed. Tax increases are proposed in three districts, while a decrease is proposed in one dlj- trict and no change is proposed in five districts. Bond issues, are proposed la two districts. The polls will open at 8 a.m. and close at 6:30 p.m. Polling · places, announced in Wednesday's TIMES, are. the same as in last year's school election in Washington County. Any qualified voter may vote ·· in his school district in the school election. He must be a U.S. citi- len, 21 years of age, a resident of Arkansas 12 months, of the . county six months, and precinct or ward 30 days: arid must have paid his current poll tax-. Persons who have become 21 since April 10 and Arkansi.ns in the arme". forces may vote without haying paid the poll tax if otherwise iualified. Contests for school board posi- , lions are': R. C. Vaught and Glen Reed, seeking a .five-year term in Elkins district; Troy Sherry and Mike Milosav, seeking a five-year , term in W a s h i n g t o n County (rural) district No. 20; and Robert Pitts and James Gibson, for five years in Lincoln. Voters may vole eilher for or ·gainst the tax levy proposed by each districl board. Prcposed increases are from 28 lo .10 mills In the county rural district; from 36 to '45 mills in Farmington; and from 36 to 40 in Springdale. The board has proposed a decrease in West Fork, from 46 to 38. Other districts in the county will, vote oh these tax rates, already .to'-effect: -Fayetteville,-;30; Elkins, 30; Lincoln, ,10; Prairie Grove, 38; and Greenland, 44. Elkins -voters -will consider Red Accusations Denied Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway, supreme commander IOCAI FayetMvllle and .vicinity- tAotttr cloudy with occasional light rain «r snow tonight and cortiau«l cool. Tomorrow partly rdoiidy- and slightly warmer. FreeipJwtiiw .04. Trace of licet and mow.' Iffffi temperature yesterday S3; lo»/-31; noon today 38. Sunrist 1:31; «un- tat 6:25. nnci nvi Revenue Bureau Plan Guided Missiles To Carry A-Bombs Under Design; Alabama Plant Highly Secretive proposed $50,000 bond issue, and county rural dislrict will' vrte on a $5,000 bond issue. The last school election in Arkansas was held in September of _ last year. Date for " the snnual election was changed back lo March by the last legislature, and the county boards o.' election commissioners were given Iho re' sponsibility of conducting. Ihe election..-Former eleclions were under jurisdiction o f ' the school boards and the county judges. Benlon School Election Polls Open Al 8 A.M. . Bentonville-(Special)-Polls f o r the Benton County school election will be open' from B a. m. to 6:30 p. m. tomorrow. In the Benlonville dislpct the polls will be located al the courthouse in Benlonville and ' at the school houses in Cave Springs, Vaughn, and Centerton. In Ihe Rogers district, voters will go to the polls in the City Hall, and at Garficld, Avoca, · Lowell and Farrislcr's store. In district No. 1 the polls will for the Far East, . be located at the Baylcss, Pea i s t attacks are b Biggest Part Of Aid Marked For France, Britain Harriman Speaks Out For Program, Replies To Senate Queries ·Washingtofi-VPJ-Mutual'-Securi- ty Director W. Averell Harriman disclosed today Britain arid France would get the iion's.share'of a 2H billion dollar /'defense support" fund under the administration's new foreign aid program. He told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee $1,800,000,000 in "defense support" funds would go to Europe and the rest to other parts of the 'world. t Chairman Connally (D-Tcx) wanted to know how much of the $7,900,000,000 fund would be for "economic aid" rather than direct military aid, such as guns, tanks, aircraft and ships. About 2% billion dollars, Harriman said, noting that $1,800,000, 000 of this was for "defense sup port" in Europe with $1,400,000, 000 of that sum going to the 1 original partners in the North At lantic T r e a t y Organization Britain would get 600 million dol lars and France 400 million Harriman said about 400 million of the "defense support" would g to Greece and Turkey, ncwcs members of NATO, and to Yugo slavia and Austria. Some 600 mil lions would go to other parts o the. world, .including 250 millioi · By HOWARD W. BLAKESLEE Huntsville, Ala.-(/P)-The U. S. is planning and probably already designing guided missiles for carrying A-bombs. How soon is a secret. But this place, Redstone Arsenal, the Army Ordnance rcfcket and guided missile center, is one of the designers. The fact that A-bomb carriers are planned'.was stated here at a public meeting at the arsenal by Col. H.. N. Toftoy, chief, Rocket Branch, Washington. That is all missiles are rockets, he said. Guided which may or may not have wings, but are able to change their direction in flight. Pilotless planes are sometimes called guided missiles. Redstone is not. developing ' ' Ridge, a n d ' schools. Sulphur Springs They'll Stea! Anything Not Fastened Down Cumberland, Md.-(/P)-Anybody seen a stray barn, One's missing. · It was 40 by 50 feet. With r metal roof. And valued at $1,500. Eighteen month] ago it stood on · windy hill, big as life, across · the state in .West Virginia. It was on the farm of Dr. F. L. Baker. 13r. Baker died, fnri none of his heirs moved on the. 163-acre place. It remained' idle until last week, when It was sold to settle his estate. During the sale, someone remarked that it had a nice barn · up on the hill. A young Ind standing by shook his head. "No barn.'! he sold. A check by Ihe buyers nnd sellers proved him right. No barn. State police .were called In. No trace of nnythlng except the stone foundation, And no sign of Its being carted away. i Prottst Bluck Market Bonn, Germnny-(/P)-Thc West German Rovernmcnt has protested to the Allies thnt their troops ..nd i occupational personnel nre black marketing untaxed coffee nnd clR»rcltes to Germans, an Allied official said today. where Commun both external ant internal. Harriman was the first admin istration leader to face questioning by congress on the new program He brought half a dozen aides along 'to help. Only seven members of the committee were on hand at the start of today's session comparct with more than 40 Senate ' ant House members present yesterda, when Harriman and three other top administration leaders outlined the new multi-billion d.olla: program. Disputes Unsettled Still unsettled were two angry disputes thnt threatened to slow Senate action on the big program. One was-the politically explosive question of asking Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower to fly back here from his European command to put his weight behind the measure. The other was a row between two committee chairmen over the question of holding joint or separate hearings on the program. Commission To Let Highwoy Contracts Little Rock-(/P)-Thc · Arkansas Highway Commission will let contracts for 21 state nnd county road projects March 28. The Jobs include: Wnshlnglon County--Furnishing nnd hauling of crushed stone shoulder mntcrlnl for npproxl- mntely 0.4 miles on the Crawford County line-north road, Highway l .«USlL..^,..!.,.-;--^^..\^.-.. .:..^; :.:,tt. .', A guided missile goes faster than sound and those we already have, including Germany's .V-2 rocket, travel several hundred miles. There is no reported, way of inler- cepling Ihem. This place is so secret a reporter who wrote telling the differences between rockets and guided missiles was forbidden to publish his slory when it was. submitted to the Pentagon in Washinglon for review.- The secrecy has made it difficult to induce some scicntisls lo move lo Huntsville, because they never heard of Redstone. School Al Mablevale Destroyed By Fire Little Rock-W-The two-story brick schoolhousc 'at Mabelvale, near Litlle Rock, was deslroyed by fire early today. A School Board member said the loss was covered by insurance and that construction of a new school had been planned for some time. The fire was noticed about 6:15 a. m. Some of the furniture was removed from Ihe building. By the lime Ihe Lillle Rock Fire Department arrived Ihe fire was out of control. A .bucket brigade of Mabelvale citizens was credited .with saving the home economics building and the vocational agriculture building. The destroyed school building housed grades five Ihrough 12. Plane In Flight Flames And Six Airmen Die Bay Minelle, AIa.-W)-An A I r Force C-47 cargo plane hurst into flames high in Ihe air yesterday. Six of the seven men aboard died as the ship smashed inlo a pine Ihicket. The seventh' man, n licu- lenanl, parachuted safely although ils 'chule wns scorched by Ihc inlense flames. The plane was based al Moody Air,Force Base at Valdosta, Ga. ft was reported en rnutc from elly Air Force Base at San Anonio, Texas, lo Bainbridge, Ga. U. H. H. Howell, the injured nir- nnn, was picked up by a Navy iclicopter. He was only slightly njurcd. Shortage Of Engineers May Slow Highway Work Little Aock-O/pj-Curtnilmenl of talc Highway Department work irdcrs on jobs already contracted or or ready for contrnctlng may ic necessary because of n shortage if resident engineers. Highway Dirccotr pic-n Fuller- Is Adopted Senate Supports Truman Proposal By 53-37 Vote Washington-OT-President Truman's controversial plan to reorganize the Internal Revenue Bureau--a plan he said will help wipe out corruption in government--becomes law · at midnight tonight. The Senate gave the president his biggest triumph thus far in the 1952 Congress by approving the plan 53 to 37 late yesterday after two days of debate. Senators, by endorsing .the program, gave up one of their cherished and time-honored prerogatives--Ihe right to participate in naming internal revenue collectors in the states. Senator George (D-Ga), who fought the plan bitterly, declared: "Its now squarely up to the president, the secretary of the treasury and the'commissioner of internal revenue'to clean .up the revenue bureau, not only in Washington but across the country." He said the president and his supporters made corruption ' the issue in the fight over the reorganization proposal and got what they said they needed to eliminate it. ' Dr. Robert L. Johnson, national chairman of the Citizens' Commil- lee for'the Hoover Report, hailed the move as "a victory for better government." He said, "Congress has met a great responsibility squarely." Speed Is Promised Secretary of the Treasury Sny- cler said the change would be made as speedily as possible, but slow enough so as not to effect efficiency. Internal Revenue Commissioner John B. Dunlap said the reorganization cnn be put into effect within a year. The .first step-and one that must be taken at once--is to name acting heads of the collectors' offices since the posts of the present «4 collectors-are abolished The present collectors may take the Civil Service exams for .the Auto Crashes Fatal Auto Demolished In Early Morning Wreck Judge Cherry Says Voters Can Provide Honest Government J ,, uiI in the bureau if they Qualify. But nunlap has said most of them will be out. He said the bureau needs experienced and skilled tax .men in the 'posts. Seventeen of the collectors no* in office, have Civil Service status, and these may be found qualified to stay on. In the Senate vote, the plan'was backed by 30 Democrats and 23 Republicans. Nineteen Republicans and 18 Democrats voted to kill it. Of the 18 Democrats opposing it, 14 were Southerners. Arkansans Oppose Arkansas Senators Fulbright on snld yestcrdny ihnl the dcpnrt- lent hns only 42 resident en«l- cprs on 105 construction jobs. He old t h n t 12 more engineers nre ceded Immcdlnlcly. and McClellan votSfagainstPros- dent Truman's plan for rc-organ- Rov"" 1 Bureau of Internal Court Annuls Romeo-Juliet Match In Crete Athens, Grceco : (yp)-A court annulment has brought to a legal end the marriage, qf Crete's impetuous modern-day Romeo, Costa Kcphaloynnnis, to his Juliet The end of the match, which once threalened lo revive clan warfare on the island, was peaceful. Kephaloyannis did nol appear In court. The bride, Tassoula Pel- racogenrgi,_ was rcpresenled by her falher, a Parliament member. Kepnaloynnnis abducted sultry- eyed Tassoula in August, 1950 and fled with her to a mounlaln hide, out. He was later scnl lo prison for bearing arms al Ihc time ho captured her. She stuck by him, and they were reunited. The romance cooled earlier this year. Tassoula said she had never really loved him. Kcphaloyannis said he was relieved she was gone. Two Stolen Cars Are Recovered By Police Two stolen Faycttoville cars were recovered by police yesterday and last night. Both had been stripped nnd abandoned. A 1048 Chevrolet stolen from Dewcy Heber after 8 p. m., yesterday, wns recovered by the sheriff's office near Bethel Grove an hour after it wns stolen. The second cnr, stolen ln»t Wednesday from Rosco Earnhart of Fayetleville, was recovered by State Trooper Wallnce Pnrnell on Hlghwn.y 62 near Rogers. , Bradley Approved As Winslow Postmaster Wnshlngton-MVThc Scnntc has There arc only two sides politics--the right side nnd th wrong side--and most people hon cstly want to remain on tho rlgh side, Chancellor Francis Cherr; of Jonesboro told members of th' Springdale Kiwanis Club ycsler day. But, Judge Cherry said, th. people on the wrong side work harder and longer than those 01 the righl, and arc aided indirccl l y . b y voters who fail to live up to their responsibilities.' The Jonesboro jurist, Who ha; said he probably will bo a cand-i- dale for governor in Ihis sum mcr's.primaries, did not.mention the Arkansas political -. situation directly. But he cautioned tha corrUpaion can .conquer unless the 'p«6ile**h*m(ielve«i-.'are-willing.' t fight for honesty aria clean government. " · " · · Judge Cherry was introduced by Karl Williams of . Fayeltevllle Chancellor of the'12lh Chancery dislrict fr. 10 years, he was the first president of Boysville nnd a charter member of Child. Care. Btoth are benevolent organlzalidns devolcd to child care. Discussing the responsibilities of the cilizen 'in a free nallon, Judge Cherry emphasized that the adults of toi,iy are responsible for insli.lling Ihc 'correcl ideas and ideals in Ihc nation's youlh. Youlh must, he said, be taughl Ihe duties of cilizenship and the importance of the vole. He poinlcd oul lhat 40,000,000 Americans failed to vote in 1044, and 48,000,000 failed to reach the polls in the. 1948 presidential election. In Arkansas, he said. 100,000 persons failed to exercise Ihc riphl lo' vole.- The place lo guard ngainst stupidity and dishonesty in government is nl the polls, Judge Cherry snid. Governments in Ihcmselvcs nre not d-ishoncsl. he said, only Ihc men who arc elected can bring about dishonesty in government--national, state or local. Judge Cherry attended a gel-to- Bethor nt the University Law School yesterday aflcrnoon. Banquet To Open Annual Engineers Day At U.A. Engineering students at the University will open their annual Engineers Day observance tonight at 6:30 o'clock with a banquet In the Uark Bowl. The winners of a St. Pat-St. Patricia election will be announced at the banquet, and the Arkansas Engineer keys will be awarded to outstanding students. The principal address of the annual observance will be given tomorrow morning by Warren K. Lewis, emeritus professor of chemical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Lewis will speak at the dedication of the new chemical engineering .wing of Enqineerinfi Hall at 9:30 a.m., and at the annual convocation which will follow. Reports He Was Blackjacked And Robbed; Stolen Car Is Hunted No Ultimatum In Korea, Says U.N. General Tokyo-tVPl-Rumors are cropping up again, that the Allies are getting" ready WgWe" ths" Reds 1 ' an "ultimatum.'" \." " ·· · ·'.'' ··'· ·'. ' "Bunk--completely. ridiculous, 1 says Brig. Gen. William P. Nuckols spokesman for the United Nations truce delegation. "Since the talks began last July, there have been hall a dozen stalemates. Meanwhile, half a million men on each side squat In foxholes nnd watch each other uncertainly along ·i restless front. . Highway Relocation In Crittenden Is Fought Marion, Ark.-f/P)-A group of Crittenden County citizens have iskecl 12th district Chancery ?ourt -lo stop the state Highway department from-relocating Highway 61. The group, 20 property, owners on the highway and the town of Turrell. yesterday'asked the court o enjoin the'department from cx- ondlng a proposed highway by- mss. They charged the rolrica- lon would leave the towns of Jerl- ho, Clarkedale and Turrell with- ut a highway. ·Attorney John A. Foglcman said hearing on the suit has been cheduled tentatively.before Chnn- cllnr Leon Smith in Blythevlllc "ucsday. ·" ' approved these nominations for postmasters In Arkansas. Ernest M. F.cholas, A m l l y i Corn M. Rise, Thornton; Kenneth R. Brndlcy, Winslow. Dpcn house will be held In the engineering building from 1 to » p.m. The annual engineer's ball will be given nt 8:30 p.m. in the Student Union ballroom. $4,218,000 Ask^d In Suits Against Ice Revue Bnlllmofc-Wj-Thc Sonjn Ilenie ice revue nnd olhers are being sued for n total of $4,218,000 ns-'n result- nf n bleacher collapse nt n show lust week. Approximately 195 of the 275 persons reported Injured hnvc filed claims ngnlnst the show. A section of bleachers collapsed n few mlnutci before the show wns to go on. Change In Righl-Of-Way Purchase Is Urged T.lttlc Rock-Wj-Fcdernl Bureau of Public Roads officials have recommended two changes in rlRht-of-way practices of the state Highway Department. C. W. Phillips, chief right-of- way engineer lor the fcdcrn agency, and F. R. Oliver, BPR district engineer for Arkansas, yesterday recommended that: A preliminary appraisal he mnde of rishts-of-way before contracts arc let for new roads; The appraiser and the negotiator with the owner of right-of- way lanrt be different persons. Highway Director Olcn Fullerton said the department would try lo put the recommendations Into effect. Poultry Market -- The poullrj market todny an reported by the University of Arkansas Inslltute of Science and Technology nnd the Dairy and Poultry Market News Service of Ihe U, S. Department of Agriculture. Northwest Arkansas m a r k e t about tlcndy, demand fnlr, volume of trading below normal, offering! llhcrnl on birds under three pounds, nbout Arioquulo on birds over I h i c o pounds.. Price* paid f.o.b, farm up to 2 p. in., hrollvra nnd (ryori, nil welshtu 2B-27 cents per pound, mostly 27 cents. An Elkins man told police he was black Jacked and robbed early this morning by n man he met In n FoycHcvllIc lavorn remained In City Hospital this afternoon. Edwin . F. Bodine, 42, . Elkins Route 1, told Sheriff Bruce Cridcr and-other officers.he .was beaten into submission, robbed of approximately $35 nnd left unconscious at the side, of » country rood southwesl^of Tontltown -about '1 a. : m;, today. Bodine Is a.·;broiler producer,..- ;:..·-.·"', ".···,· --.-:-· The hijacker escaped In Bodine 1851 model Chevrolet sedan. Bo dine said. At. noon today a three slate police .search had failed t turn up any trace of.lha new, grcci automobile. Bodine wns unable ji furnish a description of his-at tackcr. . ,' Bodlno stumbled Into a farm liousc near White Oak, southwcs of Tonlllown, about. 4.30 thl morning to tell. Ed and Arthur cal and Ed R'eed that he had been beaten and- robbed. The three men called the sheriff's office nt I i. m. The Injured man was hrough. o_ City Hospital by the' sheriff Springdale Police Chief Wsyne lydcn and iDcputy Sheriff Leonard Jones. Bodine told the officers this lory: · . He met a group of young men ast nlitht at n Fayotlovillc tavern and accompanied them to "another 'avcrn. When the place closed Portly after I I p. m.,:0nc of, the men accompanied him In his-- Bodlnc's--car. The companion was driving. . . Bodine said the man drove to Springdale, turned west on Highway SB and then turne.I into a side road leading to While Oak The broiler grower said his companion drew, a' blackjack, slugged and robbed him and threatened to kill, him, before leaving him unconscious. ' An attending physician said Bodine suffered blows about'thc head but was -not seriously Injured. Disarmament Proposals From Nations Invited United Nations, N. Y.-(/Pj-U. S. Ambassador Benjamin V. Cohan Ioday called on all governments in the world to make constructive proposals for disarmament.- His invitation obviously Included the Soviet Union, which Is shaping up dlsnrmnmcnt proposals directly counter to those favored 'by the United States and the Western owcrf, Cohnn spoke lo Ihe now 12-na- llon Disarmament Commission, which began Its work on arms regulation and limitation today at the permanent United Nations head- luartcrs. The Soviet delegate on hln coirimlsslun Is Deputy Foreign Minister Jacob A. M.illli, who arrived recently from Moscow after consultations with hl.i government nnd who Is expected to fight Western proposals In tht commission. The Weothtr-- Arknnsss -- Partly cloudy to cloudy'with no Important temperature changes IhU afternoon, lo- nlght nnd Saturday; wld-ly scul- orcrt shotttr* tonight or Saturday, VA Hospital Employe Dies In Wreck Accident Occurs At South Edge Of Springdale :;\ ·' A FnycUevillc Veterans Admirl- Istratlon employe was killed about 3:15 o'clock this morning when his speeding car failed to round a curve near the Intersection of Highways 68 and 71 at the Spring-, dale city limit.;;. : · : : Police (.aid the body of Othar O. Anderson, 26, was thrown «p-. proxlmatoly 100 feet.-.when his I94D Mercury coach plunged off the highway Into a rock pile, Evi- ' dence a t - t h e scene Indicated Anderson was iossed clear before the' car came' to rest, - ...,-, Sheriff Bruce Crldcr and Sprm'i- dale Police Chief Wayne Hyden said.Anderson.was trayeling ; weit' on stale Highway 68 a'short dli- tancc cast of the Intersection with U.S. 71, At that point 68 divide* in a "Y" to split north-bound traf-^ fie from south-bound b e f o r e ' reaching Highway 71. '.' . Reaching the point where the pavement . divides, the officer*said, Anderson apparently at; lempled to, turn right but tiii traveling loo fast to complete the ; turn, The car went dotVh an embankment, struck a pile, of rocki nnd hurtled Into the Mr, srlklnji · Ihe ground again 36 feet away. The vehicle was demolished. Anderson's body was four.d 65 feet from .the crumpled car. in a c!um; of sedge grail, Th,e.-body Was removed to the : CaIllson- SI»co Funeral Home after fc .physician pronounced Anderson dead. Chief Hyden said employes 'el a. cafe on Highway 71 told, him that Anderson had stopped; there tor a sandwich a short time' .bt- tore the accident. No. witnesses'.to; the accident it»»lf were found. ' Anderson'i' »::man»'ger .trali.etiat the here; 3 froni. Muikogrt, Okl«, . In: training'.to..becbrne^ of a VA ; canteen, but had riot completed'training at lh« tlmt of his death. · . . · · . ' - , ' . . . ...: . · He is survived by Ms wife, Mrs. Belly Anderson of .348 Broadway, Muskogee. The couple had planned to live In Fayeltevllle upon · completion of Anderson's training, · , . -.,. ' ; · Funeral arrangements u n d e r direction of Calllson-Stica art incomplete.' ' ". Near Zero Weather In North Central Slates Chlcago-(fl*/-Th« wtatfer-w'eary Midwest and Rocky Mountain il- Rions got another blast of wintry weather today. .,'., : ..· ..,',';.'·" . ,.' . Fresh falb of anew hit ·' wide. areas In the Western region andia new blast ot cold from Canada spread over snow-covered sections of the .Midwest. The chilly air . extended over much of the eastern half of the nation. . ··' · .:. The North Central and Plains States, got the coldest weather, with temperatures near zero ;in some parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Montana, .« Teen-Age Driver ContelrSldted Tuba, Okla.-(/Pj-A $1,000 col-' lege scholarship will be awarded o Ihe best teen-age driver I n ' a nationwide contest ne.xt summer, :hc United States Junior Cham- icr of Commerce announced y»j- lerday; :' . Lee Price,.Jr., Jaycee president, said the contest, to be called the Teen-age Road-E-O," will begin on the local level In June with slate winners receiving all expense paid trips to the national meet. Site of the national ·com- petition is to be announced.In April. . ,..; Killed At Croulni Blythevlllo, Ark.-(/P)-A Nefro wns killed this morning when hij ruck and a Frisco train collided t a crossing six mllei touth of Blyihevllle. The victim was John :«rtcr, of Rt. 2, Blytheville.

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