Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 13, 1952 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1952
Page 20
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riMfl, foy«t«vtn*, ArfcMMi, I***** Mwcfc II, WS Hampshire Facing Truman This Political Year West TU -(fi-Pretldent today Md-Whlnti in oul- cheerful fountenance any 'disappointment over his to'New Hampshire by Sen, jpttfc. Kefauver."ot -'..Tennessee. ..". Intimate* Mid. he hai said .little ·Mo them of the blow th«t bc- ' b prestige in .Tueidajr'i Dem- illc presidential: preference pri- ^wouldn't (alk for MOORE'S F U N E R A L CHAPEL .quotation;: The ronly official word from Truman'* vacation camp was Presidential Secretary -Joseph Shdrt's assertion the New Hampshire defeat will have absolutely no effect on Ihc'proBldent's,deci- sion whether to run again. Some privately made no effort to hide,their own anger at party, leaders; i n N e w . Hampshire ivho persuaded-the': president; to .allow his name to remain on the, ballot there after he'had announced he would ask for its withdrawal,'-The argument ^apparently was made that tho Truman slate of delegates could carry the state, and the president was told the delegates wanted to make the race, . · ."It is always a mistake when" 'Ihe president in persuaded to do AT HEIGHT Of RED-INSTIGATED RIOTS IN HONG KONG something against huf own political JiidgmenV one aide said. . The defeat-in New Hampshire now makes two things more 'difficult for the 'president. 1. He may" find it harder to bow but, should that be his desire, than he would have before. If there is one. phase'whlch identifies his po-1 Jitical -philosophy .more. than, any i othotvit-is- his frequent-declaration j "I never ran away-from a fight in ' my'llfe.". ' ' ' . " 1 2. The New Hampshire upset, could majte his comeback fight · more difficult than i t . wo\)ld bo · had he kept'his name out of the contest..And It could change the minds of some who have been in- flating'that he-make the race for reelection. - . : Tony Martin Janet Uigh W TWO TICKETS TO IROADWAY Starts Friday WI5ERN PACIFIC Rod Cameron Cathy Dawns m Panhandle lirPonjr Rid«i iroundi *Mo«kty Vill«|« Putter, Fryer And Broiler Prices Show Some Decline During Week (By, The AHaclated' Pr«i«) Butter'prices fell a little, more ihis \veek-" and'many retail. storcK marked down fryer and broiler chickens, new cabbage and pascal celery. ' . ' · . ' · ' · · · · i ' Those appeared. to be about the only food price changes that were widespread; 'Only items showing a Bencrnl upward tendency were a 'cw fresh vogcUbleii In'somewhat lighter supply, particularly cucum- cr«, eggplant, 'old crop onions, peppers,: eastern.' potatoes ' and weet potnlocsl ·'··"· ' . , , ' ' . V , Butler 1 ; was off-'one jto seven cents compared with'last week at he 'retail .level, .wl!h wholesale prices still, unsettled. .Market re-. )ortcr« in · ; New ·;. York said . t h e wholesale price now Is 13.%. to .14 ionts'-.tralow . the winter peak!,.In 'ebruary--and might go stitl low- r by the weekend, .Frying chickens were down two o as much as seven, cents a pound n many places and were being iroinptcd as shopping. specials in everal cities with heavy supplies. Sirloin and porterhouse steaks and !/j GALLON Vanilla Ice (ream EVERYTHING M : flUMWNO ·Ml SUffttn FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO, OOVNNMINT AVL a few other relatively expensive .cuts of · beef, were-trimmed several cents a pound- in some markets but -otherwise 'meats anc dairy products were Generally about steady wlih last weekend, Station In Spate Suggested To End Red Iron Curtain . .The Russian. Iron curtain can be brought 10 years by building a "space station" more than 1,000 miles above the earth's surface, according to an article in the.:.Current .Issue . of Collier's magazine. , , - · ' ' · . . The station, madc^ of 'prefabricated material, would ride above the'atmosphere keeping watch on every country in the world. Such observation, -'· Collier's contends, would mean the end of every Iron curtain. . · 'Men would live in the station on 1 much the same .pattern of life found at. Army camps on. the ground. 'Trips'to-the earth could be made in 58 minutes. The station "could also be an offensive weapon. : -Dr. Wernhcr yon Braun, technical director of the Army iuldcd missile project in -Alabama, says it could "be converted into a terribly effective. atom bomb carrier.". : · . ' · ' · Not white, not wheat, not rye, mt a. flavor blend of all three-- Junge'i Roman Bread. 11-19-M K««r ·» with UM (fanea--read he ."""JJ °' WATW BB:MI ·""rtumeil poilee ffjuai ear during the recent riots in Hong « . , , «rS!i"i, 5 ? er50nj - '"rfuding two American government officials, were injured in the flare-ups. Some, 8,000 Red-instigated demonstratora mauled foreijnera and burned British army trucks. Rail Walkout Ends, Holdouts Return To Work Elkharr, Toledo Rebels Give In To Union And Courts . Elkhart, Ind.-m-The last, hold outs against court tmd union br dors to end- the New York Ccn tral Railroad strike went back t work today. The .first switch engine ,cre\v started mnking up trains - withi an hour alter the Elkhart strike] v o t e d ' t o end thelf- walkout .-la' last night. . . A company spov.csman in Ch cago said'operations on the rai: road's main line should be bac to normal by mid-afternoon. Elkhart members or the eng neers, conductors and fireme unions were the last to give in 1 the . back-to-work orders. The fellow rebels In Toledo, Ohio, ha ended their resistance scvera lours earlier. D. W. Tucker, division chair man of the firemen and engine men, said the men "resented hav ing to go back to work withou any kind of a settlement." He sai the effects of a possible perma lent. Injunction influenced them :o vote to return. The; Elkhart strike idled 1,80 employes and caused the rerout ng of main line traffic yesterday Held Out .24 Hours In Toledo and Elkhart striker lad.held out for'24 hours agains orders from top union officers tc [o back to work. Before takini heir vote they demanded and re ccived assurance t h a t no disci- Drive-In Theolre as the Chrysler Building has 77 Stories Seagram's 7 Crown has only one clory --and it's not a tall one. It's the true story of SURE pleasure and SURE taste Infection in every drink made with Seagram's finest American whiskey. JUjUnVy Cnm 9kmM WMnlny. Ml Proof. «SH CMi Ntutrtl Spirits. S#i|rim-D!stll(«FS Cofporitkxi, NtwYork HE JUST GREW OUT OF 1-A CHAilES OAIE KOSENBHtOH'S mother stands on chair to measure Ml! ;6-foot 7V4-inch height In their Los Angeles home on learning his neu ! draft classification la 4-F. Charlea Just grew out of I-A. When th( i 20-year-old registered In 1849 h« was 6 feet 5 Inchei. Army't Umlt li 1 8 feet t inches, so board recuualfled film. (International SourUpAolO; plinary . action would be. taken gainst them. The Toledo men had resigned rom their unions and set up a lew union. They are expected to ie taken back in good standing. The strike followed more than wo years oj negotiations with he carriers and the government n pay and rule changes. - Advertise In the TIMES--II PLAN TO BUILD 8« Our Material. Gtl Out Print. · Try Our SnTfea. DYKE LUMBER CO. SOI St ChatlN O Z A R K NOW SHOWING --- LATE NEWS -1:20 - »20 IE S:ZO - 7:25 - 9:25 -- CARTOON '-- I Flame Fury of An Untamed Frontier I James STEWART Arthur KENNEDY Julia ADAMS U A R K . 7:0 k 9:0 RDUERTURE IN THE POWDU- KEG OF TNI ORIENT! MMAW INONt* IMG AN-FLEMING D ENDS "CAPTAIN .'. TONITE BLOOD" A L . STARTS FRIDAY 12:45 jJHITHtESS TERROR! ..taidiof BOBBY BIANE AS 'LITTLE BEAVER' . I N "CONQUEST OF CHEYENNE" PLUS "SUPERMAN and Itw MOLEMEN" WITH OEOROI REAVIS PHYUIS THAXTIR · CARTOON · 'OOLDILOCKI JIVIN BEAR" ·HOWS AT I'll . lilt . «:00 . lilt Iriak Hare Mntr Tmbhf D u b l i n , - IreUnd-Wj-Fiiunct Minister Sean Macentee warned the Iriih -.last night their-coun- try'« economy is'in a highly critical state and'Mid he would ini- lirtLikilii! litltwilrii Gft vpwriy reJltf tnm »b«7'of pilw.' Amufnc fonanls ·jtrcloptd br f»wioui 7*- r**r-old R«:UI Cllnle ftrinci tut p*lli*tlr« relief'- term a*nlng 'pmin, itchlnr. or«- ntH. HtlfM nkturt-ihrink iwellinr, ·ofl*n kwrd pirU. Mftk* lift wwtii H'fpi ·t»l» --get UM medteatJtni 'provod br cipericnc* with 70.000 clinic rmtierU. Get .ThornlM MlMT--in ointment or BUppoiitorr form-from your drufttot toar. You'll dbcoTtr blMiri relW «t onct--or your money m funded. Aik for it by nun*-TWrttt* fae« rut tiMm pott flurp Import budget- April; 2. cut* in his ' F«r rJiiff Tfehh AIR -- STEAMSHIP -- RAIL HOTELS -TRAVEL AND LUGGAGE imORANCE AMERICAN TRAVELERS , CHEQUES Ma Snrke Chug* KRUGER TRAVEL BUREAU m MDII LITTLI MM. ARKAMtAt WHO FIXES RADIOS? We've Been Serving You 20 Yean SMITH RADIO SHOP cr 41 E. CENTER PHONE 21 WEEK-END SPECIALS 98c"MEN'S TIES "/77c New Shipment Spring Patterns lOc MEN'S WHITE HANDKERCHIEFS 7c Size 17x17 - . . . . · · ' · : · . . $2.98 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS $1:77 Assorted Patterns Sizes, -Small, Medium, Large . $2!98 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS. $2.47 Barn Dance Plaids, All Sizes . . : . ' $1.98 MEN'S WHITE DRESS SHIRTS .$1/67 Sizes 14 to ;?' $5.95 MEN'S DRESS TROUSERS . $4;50 Assorted Colors, All Sizes . . . . . $1.59 BOYS' BLUE JEANS : - $1.27 Sizes 6 to 16 · ' . $1.49 GIRLS'AND BOYS' BLUE JEANS $1,27 Sizes 1 to 6X . . ' $1.79 KNIT SLIPS · $1,37 Colors Pink and White Sizes 32 to 40 39c BRIEFS : ''·' ' ; · ; 27c Band and Elastic Leg, Sizes Small, Medium. Colors Pink,'White $2.98 BED JACKETS $1M7 Sizes Small, Medium, Large. Assorted'·Colon · · · · - . - ' $3.98 NYLON SLIPS i : '.'.'. $3.44 Lace Trimmed, Color White, Sizes -32 to 40' $1.00 COTTON PETTICOATS 77c Eyelet Trimmed, color White, Sizes Small, Medium, Large $1.29 NYLON HOSE . 67c Service Weight and Sheen. SO Gauge, 15 Denier; SI Gauge, 70 Denier 25c ANKLETS 17c Assorted Styles and Colors. Sizes 6H to 11 27cROCKFORD WORK SOCKS 22c ·All Sizes ' , . . $1.98 GIRLS' COTTON, CREPE GOWNS $1.47 Sizes 8 to 16 $ 1.98 GIRLS' COTTON CREPE PAJAMAS $ 1.47 Sizes 8 to 16 $3.29 Dz. GAUZE DIAPERS : Size 21x40 29c TRAINING PANTS Colors White and Pastels, Sizes 1 lo 4 $2.47 BOYS'SPEED SHORTS "' Sizes 2 to 16 . - .: 10.c CANNON DISH CLOTHS ".' .. Size 17x19 . 53c PILLOW CASES Treasure Chest Quality, Type 140, Size 42x46 ; $2.97 Dz. · 22c 33c . . . ' ' . - . 7c .37c $2.97 $3.98 CORDED VALANCE DRAPES 21x90, Valance 16x54 · $5.98 MARQUISETTE PRISCILLA CTNS. $4.97 86x90, Valance 16x54- $1.19 LACE NET PANELS 86x90, Color Ivory 97c 67c $1.97 $1.00 WILLOW CLOTHES BASKET Size 54x81, Color Ivory $3.32 KITCHEN CLOCKS Color White, Size 7x7 $23.50 AUTOMATIC TABLE COOKER $16.97 $6.95 ELECTRIC IRONS . ' $5.47 $2.19 IRONING B'RD PAD AND COVER $1.77. $15.45 PRESSURE SAUCE PAN ' $10.97 6 Qusrt Size ' · · · $52.95 -.- . . : · · ; ' . ' ' · LADIES' LAWSQN LOUNGE CHAIR ' $29.88 Duran Covered, 1. Red. 1 Taupe 87c QUALITY WARDOLEUM REMNANTS 17c Atsorted Patterns, Size 27x36 · ! · · ~ 87c WARDOLEUM YARD GOODS 67c yd. 9 Ft. Width, Assorted Patterns $89.95 VALUE SOFA BED ROCKER.$59.88 Tapestry Upholstery, Floral Desigoi' ' ' ' . $1.35 ROCK WOOL ; $1.17 40 Lb. Bag . . $28.50 WALL CABINET $21.88 Steel,'Size 21 Inch ' · $25,95 WALL CABINET - $ 1 4 . 8 8 Steel, Size 18 Inch , $67.45 SHOT GUN '· \ $5988 Weitern Field, II Otufe Pump * :

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