Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 13, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1952
Page 8
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'-A 8 HineTo Meet to Fayetfeville · Group Which Okays 1 Regional Research 1 Projects To Gather { The Committee of Nine, a group } which'.'approves regional research '; projects carried on with federal ·funds made available the - research and marketing id of £1846, will hold its June meeting ;«t the University. t Dr. Lipprrl S. Ellis, director of ] Agriculture, Deim Kills reported. th« Arkansas agricultural experiment stttlon and a member of the committee, reported ihot at their regular meeting In Washington last week members of the group voted to mod at Fayetlcvlllc on J u n e . J B , IB, and 20. This will »o ; the first lime the commlltce h a s j met In Arkansas. The committee. will hear report* on regional research being conducted bj members of the Arkansas agricultural experiment station s t u f f . Making up the committee are two representatives of experiment Stallone In each of the four geographic regions of the country, plus one member at 'irgo, Mem- f bers, who serve two-year terms, J are elected by representatives o f | the experiment 'stations In their region. Also attending the June meeting will be n representative of the Office of Experiment Stations of the U. S. Department o: 'Summer And Smoke" Youth For Christ presents GREGORIO TINGSON ·A Notivt Filipino . · Known at the "Firebrand of Ih* Philippine*" , · Traveled a r o u n d the world for Youth for Christ JACK WILSON · Outstanding tonf leader of Koniai City · Trumpet telelit . , Unique Program Arranged UARK BOWL 15 7:30 P.M. Everyone Cordially Invited Brannan Hits At President Of Farm Bureau Asserts Kline Has Promised Growers' Vote To Taft Dallas-Wj-Secre:ary of Agriculture Brannan charged yesterday the president of the American Farm Bureau Federation "lias promised to deliver the farm vote to Taft." "But I don't think rarmcr's can be herded around that way," Brannnn said at a news conference at which he castigated A l l a n n. Kline of Vinton, Iowa, head of the farm organization. Asked if he thought the Democratic party would support the controversial Brannan farm price support plan in the- 1952 political campaigns, the secretary replied: "I don't see it as a great and important issue although Taf (Senator Robert. Taft of Ohio candidate for the Republican presidential nomination) has at tempted to make it so." . ·' He then accused Kline of con, tlnued personal attacks' on ;mf' and said "it was Kline whorum« it the Brannan plan and he has spent as much as $600,000 attempting to embarrass rhe with it.' Brannan, here to address the 50th annual convention of the National Farmers Union, also criticized Senator Williams (R-Del) calling him "the American farmer's No. 1 enemy." "He has been attempting to destroy the farm program, with consistent and dilitrenl purpose for several years,"*said Brannan. This isn't the first time he has attacked it" His preference to Williams came under questioning abouf the senator's charge that unreasonable pro! its had been made by op- erators'of grain storage facilities at Cainp Crowder, Mo. "He (Williams) has yet to be successful in the Camp Crowder case," declared Brannan. "I have read the same documents he has and can't read into them the same conclusions." Most Electrifying Performance in Screen History! ZAPATA" $106 PT. . eiGGER THAN EVER VALUE, STILL ONLY... t4.w 4/1 Qt THAIGHT SOURBON WHISKEY. Si PROOF. THE STAGG DIST. CO., FRANKFORT, ICY.' Three who w i l l Inko part In the play, which opens Friday nisht at the University arc shown rehearsing. The Tennessee Williams' play will feature Harbnra Bennett, Faycttcvillc (kneeling); Ann Allbright of L i t t l e Hock and Keith Vinsonhaler of Little Hock. (Puska TIMES- FOTO). Dances Aircraft Until It Saves Downed Airman Tokj'o-MVriie -downed U. S. Marine pilot, bobbing in the c h i l l Yellow Sea, was 50 cold his hands couldn't grasp Iho holsl cable .langling from n hovering, Air force helicopter. So the pilot, Mil). KmcTson E. Holler of Sprlnfi Clly, Pa., in.irto ils f l y i n g machine dance I n j h c air, twisting and t u r n i n g tinlil the cable wrapped around the pilot, ?apt. Clarence W. Tuxbury of Marblohcmii Mass. Tuxbury hung on with his arms and wns hoisted to snFoly. Floor Collapses, Six Workers Die Fullingcn, Germany -(/?)- The top floor ot a textile factory packed with raw material collapsed and foil on the floor bcncnth yesterday, killing six of the 200 workers. "Don't WRING Your Hands -RING 244 for WANT ADS." WALT BEACH Guaranteed Watch Repalrlnfl With Brewer*! CkMwn II t. Ctnltr ItrMt rAVCTTEVILLt. ARIL PM.IM 12M On o.» (tnlM ALWAYS TIRED? NERVOUS? ofcjfi(i|l|TlPftTED? LISTLESS? -·..': i;'.*'SKV.;'lii. *. x - TheM lympUmt may wew wh*n III* dully Inlolt* el i-Vll.mlni end Nlocln li l.n Irmn minimum nudi avtr a pHoni.dp.rltd. In Ih.m- stives; ihey d» n.t prey* a Jittery d.fkl.nty 01 they may h«v. olh.r cauits or b. du« I* funtti.ntil Don't let these symptoms rob you of AN ACTIVE, HAPPY LIFE! ! ' . ' Anuzinf new medical formula comblntt essential B-vitamins, iron, and infract- minerals known to be essential In human nutrition! BEXEL SPECIAL FORMULA, the wonderful new vitamin eompound, may be exactly what you- need to put you on your feet ·gain if you .. . like so many, many others . . . are suffering from common symptoms of specific deficiencies. With all the medical knowledge of vitamins now made available by science and health research, it is senseless for you to continue feeling excessively weak and over-fntigued. Where such conditions nre due to lack of B-vitamins, iron, and trace minerals known to be essential In human nutrition, Bexel may be the "miracle drug" you are. looking for. GAIN NEW VIM, SPARKLE... NEW JOY IN LIFE! It you've resigned yourself to » life without companionship ... without fun, parties or other normal social activities... limply because you hivon't the strength, the luensary physical power and energy . , . BEXEL SPECIAL FORMULA m«y be just what you need to pep you up ... to give you new vim, sparkle ... new joy in life. It cloesn'l mailer who you are or how old you may be-«tart t n k i n j Bexel todny tnd see how much it may help you. htry M»l upwlt c«it*i thet* Vttimim MHJ m***: ¥or« than 6 tlmei th« minimum dally requirement of Ihlimln« Hydrochloride (Vitumin B.), 2 t| mc , the mini- ·urn d«ily requirement of Rlboflivln (VlUmln IU. and I timti the minimum dally requlrcnrfnt of Iron, plus the full 4tlly requlwment for Ascorbic Aeld ( V l t n m l n C) together with Pyrldoxln* Hydrochlorldt (Vilamln n,), Calcium Pan- totlienate, Follc Add, Desiccated I.lver, Chollne Dihydrown Citrtt*, InoilM, Mixed Tocophorolj, Potassium Iodide, Copper ·nlfat*, MangnnfU Sulfate, Sulfatc, Marncsluni Sulfttt II, a . WONIW listen to the NEWS, each weekday, at 7:30 AM, over notion KGRH OKLAHOMA TIRE SUPPLY CO. 100% Pun Majestic HOUSE P A I N T Tlw 0** in*] Only Faint Ccntainini TLOW ACCEURATOR A smooth-flowing paint that coven with one coat! Thr miracle ingredient '-'Flow Accelerator" insures t porcelain-smooth profession!] finish. 6.00x16 Reg. $14.60 Majestic Uaatone W A L L P A I N T Others at Similar BIG SAVINGS! Don t risk driving on dangerous, worn tires another day! Brunswicks are made with COLD RUBBER for extra mileage, RAYON CORDS for extra safety^ Scientifically designed tread for maximum roa'd traction under all conditions. It'i easy ro redecorate any room in your hoiise, with Unatone! Dries the same day ro a smooth, eisy to clean, long-lasting surface. Choice of many decorator's colors. Gallon Size $3.69 Majestic Mirror-Lux PAINT B R U S H E S Dries quickly to a glossy, long-lasting finish without brush marks. Choice of many attractive colors. F I S H I N G TACKLE 1" Virniih BRUSH Quality at a saving! 4" NYLON SRUSH $2.93 GLASS CASTING ROD Won't rust, rot or take a set. Special Bristol STEEL CASTING Rod A qujli.y rod at « Special LOW PRICE Shakespeare GLASS ROD P o w e r f l e x h a n d l e . ·} ft. length. H-l G L A S S FLY ROD Ext« sensitive action. 9 foot, length. Pure Gum Turpentine Slant-Door IREADV'IOX S A L T r PEPPER SET AII-M.Hl For ill genenl p a i n t i n g a n d household use. 1 2 F o o t C A N E P O L E Keep* bread and pastries fresh and moist.. 2 compartments. 3 sections for easier carrying. Special REXEL HELPS YOU BUILD RICH RED BLOOD rvoryboily knows the imporlarce of I r o n in your diet to help ynu build rich, red Hood. Well, just ono cajisnln of Hrxcl Sjldpi.-.l ]-nrml:!a .-. dry contains rirn Ihrtn the daily requircincrls of Iron doctors miy is neetjed by the body. Potency Guaranteed You tnUi; j i M t 0\K ensy-lo-3wr.llo\v cnpnule a day, n n y t i m e of t h e day .... n n d'n all! It costs yo'u only alinut Or a dny . . . a l l n y price to r,»y to r'ro. tcct yourself np.iinit symptom* which mny occur when you nre drncient in ll-vltaniini, iron, and n i n e r n l s k n o w n tobnneccasary i n h u m a n n u t r i t i o n . 1TAHT ritLINO DICIOIDLY MTTIK ...ON MONIT BACr^ WITHOUT PUI1TION I f ynu don't noliee .1 chnns* for (he bellnr a f t e r I n l i n e j u i l nn« b o l i l e i,f llexel Special Formula, y o u r iiuinry will bo cheerfully refunded and rtt question! aikctl, UIT MMMUAM Gaily decorated to add · gay touch to your kitchen. $4.58 Ocean-City C A S T I N G R E E L $ 3' 8 W E M E E T A L L S P E C I A L P R I C E S 32-Piece, Ovenproof D I N N E R W A R E SET Dogwood Pattern A smoothisting, f r e e - r u n n i n g reel with anti-hack lash control. 100 yard. "SOUTHBEND" CASTING RHt $5.49 H-l Automatic FLY REEL Folding IRONING BOARD Srurdf eonitmction to list for years! Perforated top for maximum penetration of htat. A teal buy! Smooth, quirt, spring. poured action. Takci the work out of fly fishing. Utica model. SINGLE-ACTION FLY REEL $1.44 Reg. $11.49 *$ 7 . 9 New ballerina shape lends spirit and gaiety 10 your tablet 6 etch; dinner plates, fruit plates, salad plates, cups and uuccrt. Urge mcar. planer and vegetable bowl. Nylon Casting Line /J Nylon Fly Line £.','." 35 Ft. Furnished Line SNELLED NOOKS T CHAIN STRINGER Oklahoma 25 QUAUTY" Sid* Square Phon* 161 PRICE 'HOME OF JETTtR VALUES^

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