Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 14, 1974 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 14, 1974
Page 9
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Names Will Become Familiar Ford's Staff Unknown. ...But By KENNETH B. DALECKI. TIMES Washington Bureau ; WASHINGTON - Here is a roundup of news items gathered by our Washington Bureau. NEW NAMES: Have you ever heard of Robert T. Hartmann? How about Richard T. Burress? Or John 0. Marsh Jr.? Don't feel bad if these names are unknown to you today. Soon they may- become almost as familiar as · H:R. 'Haldemah, out new.coins Monday to help celebrate the nation's upcoming 200th birthday. The coins will depict a colon- .,,,,.._. ial drummer boy on the reverse i g' r "dwn "with ~c side of a quarter; Independence ( zers and t hos_ , _ 0 Hall on the reverse side of t h e ' s o i e i y natural fertilizers" half dollar, and the Liberty Bell I although the latter is usually for Uncle Sam, has concluded swimming pools, 330 in home that "the evidence suggests that there is no significant nutritional difference between plants Hi commercial fertili- those produced using and moon on the dollar. Plans to distribute the coins will be announced at a later more costly. A "fact sheet" published by GSA also notes that consumers seeking organically grown food GAS DATA: The federal!are "at the mercy of the seller" John D. Erhlichman or Ronald government is making it easier {because "there is no way for L. Ziegler. They are key. members of Gerald R. Ford's staff and may soon hold highly visible positions in the new Ford Administration. Hart maim is a 57-year-old native of Hpaid City, S.D., and a former Los Angeles Times Washington bureau chief who for new car buyers to gauge the buyer to know it a food how many miles per gallon they really has been grown under can expect to get. from the organic conditions, shiny 1975 models soon to ap-1 Copies of the GSA report are pear in local showrooms. available free from Consumer This year dealers will have Information, Pueblo. Colo., to list mileage test results by car and engine size rather than weight class as required last year. has been with Ford -since 1966, | The gas mileage estimates first as a legislative assistant!result from tests conducted by and now as his chief of staff. Uhe Environmental Protection Burress, 52, is a former'Agency. Marine and FBI agent from | FOOD FAD: Organic foods Omaha who served -President in several high level House posts before Nixon White ,,.,,,, ._,,.,, becoming Ford's assistant for legislation and domestic affairs. CELEBRATION COINS: The Treasury Department's Phila- are generally far more expensive but not necessarily better than foods grown with commercial fertilizers, according to the Consumer Product Information Center of the General 'Services Administration (GSA). delphia Mint begins .stamping' GSA, which does the shopping 81009. POOL DANGERS: Some 50,000 persons will require emergency room treatment this year because of accidents associated with some of the nation's four million swimming pools, the.U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates. coComrnission estimates. Some 75 per cent of the injured will be persons 19 and under. and almost twice as many boys as girls will be hurt. The National Safety Council pools. A major factor in many drownings is swimming alone or without adult supervision, the Safety Commission warned S l i p p e r y walkways, decks, ladders an diving boards result in many injuries. Severe injuries have resulted from persons who went heac first down a slide and struck the bottom of the pool/ Such accidents have resulted in the commission's Decision to deve lop mandatory slide safety standards. The commission is also con sidering ways to reduce injuries from sharp edges, protruding bolts, slippery ladder's, decks and diving boards, lack of depth indicators, shock hazards from electrical wiring and problem: of exploding filter tanks. Meanwhile the agency urge: pool owners to use common sense and caution. EXPORTERS: M i c h i g a i leads the nation in the valu of manufactured goods shipper reports adults that 600 drown children and annually in TV Said Not Responsible For Nixon Downfall By JAY SHARBUTT NEW YORK (AP) - Ques.tion: How much of a factor was national TV coverage of the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment debates in eroding what remained of former President Nixon's support in Congress? The answer, says Elmer Lower, president of ABC News, is that it had no great effect in making the thinning ranks of Nixon backers in Congress even thinner. When Nixon resigned, he noted he no longer had "a strong .enough political 'Base in the Congress" to justify fighting to.continue his term. But Lower, asked if he felt the live TV coverage of impeachment debate led to that loss of support, said, "No, everi without television he'd be out of U.S. Senate Bill Amended To Allow Legislature Override LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- A U.S. Senate bill! that would override state usury laws on some loans has been amended so the legislatures of affected states, such as Arkansas, could override it. If the Senate bill were to become law, the Arkansas General Assembly would have to establish the current constitutional 10 per cent interest rate limit If the legislature . failed \ti ' ' " take ' :s'uch . banks ; and state banks and loan associations ^action, · federally national : insured savings and in Arkansas could charge up to five per cent more Interest than the "federal discount rate. The disount rate, set by the Federal Reserve Board, is now about eight per cent, meaning ESD Council Supports Proposed Move LITTLE ROCK fAP) -Members of the advisory council of the state Employment Security Division gave their sup port Tuesday to a proposal to move the ESD into he Firs! National Bank building here. · · Jeff-McGehee of Trumahn. an advisory council member said some members'of the Leg islative Council'were' concernet about the ESD's space needs. He said he thought there was a good chance that the Firs National property would be ac quired by the stale, despite op position from the Public Build ing Authority. McGehee said that if the ESD could meet its own. needs fo: more space and help savi downtown Little .Hock then i should do it. hat the top interest rate on oans would be 13 per cent. Tennessee and Montana are be only other states that woult e affected by the bill. Ten lessee has a constitutional in erest rate limit on certain ypes of loans and Montana has a statutory restriction. The Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee ordered Monday that the inter est rate_biU be combined.with wo other pieces of legislation o make a single package, Pat Abshire, assistant minor ty counsel to. the committee said the outlook for passage i 'avorable.' Sen. William E. Brock III, R Tenn,, is the interest rate bill' principal sponsor. He has been joined, however, by Sen. J. W Fulbright, D-Ark., and Sen Mike Mansfield, D-Mont. . O n e of Fulbright's aides soi ;he bill would relieve "a ter rible crunch" on credit that th :hree states are experiencing. He said money earns more i other areas now that the prim rate has reached a record l countries. Expor f r o m . the stat ffice today. "I really think what brought verything to a head so quickly vere the final three tapes and ie Supreme Court decision which brought them out." The tapes showed that six [ays after the 1972 Watergate ireak-in, the former President authorized an effort to steer the 'BI .away from investigating he full scope of the break-in. Had Nixon not resigned, im- jeachment debate by the full Jouse would have begun next week and run at least three days, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. There were initial fears that rules for live TV coverage vouid create'problems of journalistic independence for the networks, .particuarly one informal proposal to restrict the TV view to the Speaker's rostrum and two tables. But Lower, who with his NBC and CBS counterparts met with House Speaker Carl Albert a.nd special four-member House committee to discuss TV coverage rules, said the fears proved groundless. "The rules they showed us were something we could have lived with," he said. "'For ex- to foreign shipments totaled $3.2 billion in 1972 according to the U.S. Com pierce Department. Auto sale in Canada accounted for muc of that. Ohio, New York, California I l l i n o i s and Pennsylvani trailed Michigan with manufac tured exports valued at from $2.9 billion to $2.3 billion. Other large exporting state are Texas, Washington, Ne, Jersey, Indiana, Massachi settes and Wisconsin. SCHOOL DAYS: Millions school children will return ' ;he classroom this mont' Thousands of others, howeve are already there. The National Education Ass ciation reports that more tha 40 "flexible school year" plan have been tried in the U.S. a alternatives to the Septembe to-June school year. So far two have attracted th most attention. ' One permits students to a tend school for nine weeks an then have three weeks off. Tl other offers 10 or 12 week qua ters at the secondary level. St dents can take any three qua ters a year, .or take all to quarters and finish high scho early. Norihwnt ArkonMi TIMES, W*d., Aug. 14, 1974 · FAVETTIVILLI, ARKANSAS Pour yourself a blueberry pancake! (Or plain! Or buttermilk!) New Easy Jacks from Downyflake turn your kitchen into a pancake house! Look for them in your grocers freezer. 1CK SavelO^nnew I(K Easy Jacks from Downyflake Mr. Dealer To redeem this coupon, mall it to Pet Incorporated, P.O. Box 1215, Clinton, Iowa 52732. You will be paid the face value of this coupon plus 3i handling. Invoices proving purchases of sufficient stock to cover coupons presented for redemption must be shown upon request. Cash redemption value, 1/20 of .one cent. Offer void where prohibited, taxed, or restricted by law. This coupon good only on one carton of Dowpyflake Easy Jacks. Any other use constitutes fraud. Offer expires December 31,1974. : A-690 STORE COUPON per cent. As proposed, Brock's hi would have affected' all corpo rate loans and had no floor or size. However, it has been a mended to include only bus ness and agricultural loans of $25,000 or more. Abshire said the amended bill would not affect consumer or home mortgage loans. He said the amendmenst allowing slate legislature's to reverse the bill's effect came about in recognition of the fact that states traditionally have had the authority to set their own interest rate limits. He said Brock had chosen the federal legislation route because it would take too long to amend Tennessee's, Constitution. ample, they didn't prohibit us from . panning" -- traversing the TV'camera -- "around the room or showing the galleries. "And after the meeting, even when they knew we were just talking about an academic question, they said, 'We think we can work with you in the future on something when important legislation is before the House or a committee. "They see this as a way for them to communicate with their constituents. They all told us. "You may h a v e broken some ground here.' " Lower, 61, has headed ABC News since 1963. He. is moving out of that job and into a new one next month as vice-president for corporate affairs at the network's parent company, American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. .Vv k 4 t V" ·O Ct^*)^ x »* p · :tk f Now Open! MARC HELLER'S MASSAGE CENTER Tour First Massage NOW S0% OFF Regular Rate--$5 for Full Body Massage Men Women Welcome Tues.-Frl. 11 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Sal. 11 a.m.-4 p.m. by Appointment 349 N. College [acreis from new Sare 443-4923 or 443-4S79 iway) - , ^ « Novelist Dies LONDON (AP) -- Kate 1 O'Brien, 76, Irish novelist and playwright, died Tuesday in a hospital near her Kent home. Miss O'Brien's first prize-winning novel, "Without my Cloak," was published hi 1931. Her most popular book, "That Lady," was published in 1946 and was a historical novel set in 16th century Spain. ADVEETISEMENT -- Winner Mrs. Darla Bowen Bloomdahl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bordon Bowen of Wesley is one of the recipients of t h e Arkansas Electric Cooperative-sponsored scholarships to tie University of Arkansas. She was selected on the basis ' ·( academic promise, leader- ·hip potential and character. Their families mast also be members of one of (he state's ·kctrie cooperatives. The other winner was Brent Howton ·I PalMtina. .ena Mae Martin of our Fayefteville Division Office is pictured at the lur.cheon given in har honor on her 20»h Jefferion Standard Anniversary at the Casa Montez In Fdyetteville. Regional Agency Manager William K. Cowie, C.L.U., presenteed Lena with a Company pen and expressed congratulations and appreciation from all of us for her loyalty and splendid cooperation. Fayetteville Division Manager, Lynn Sammons and Special Representative M. William Fields, C.L.U., also added their thanks and beit.wishei to Lena Mae. We ilncerely hope that we shall have the pleasure of paying tribute to Lena Ma« on many future lervice anni- versariei. .n' !*/; y'«. )-{· , {· \s An Island" A;one of tne fl-: triie$t statements ever made. In thls,"!"^ and age, you canhardly do anything",,^ t ,« .,, , , ..on.your own. When you build a horne/^ ; I *V£ 7, x.'for exam'pte/.you have carpenters, brick layer$jV i' '"· --**- ''·' ! «^nters,, housing inspectors and all th'eYest.ti'^ iu can't even take a bath, without relying];, ~j on the wjiter company forlhe water anq'V Sc^Hts \^ry^irnppr{aift to fincj a^parther^in 1 ,t. this Hfe,,.one that's always there^reacfy ' · · fo help you in any situation. FayetteviHje ' » , . ' Savings and Loan Association i$*one" it of the best partners you could ever *' find. They're always there^e'adj;' i\ to serve you and your family. ^ Come in soon and pick' · your partner. *^ i ' ' ' - ' * FSL A Partner iiVtffet e-$W il

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