Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 13, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1952
Page 7
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NMTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMCS, fay«tt.viiii. AiKantw. inundgy, March 13, 1952 Take Part In Investiture And-Show Troop Reports Featured During Girl Scout Week This w.eek' in tribute to the founding of Girl Scouting 40 years p.7p i!-'- T1MKS will publish reports of the 'troops in Faycttcvillc u.i . A,J* iii-iivitios during the past year. · , ; ; .- , Shown in the top photo are members of Girl Scout Troop 43, '(from left to right) Marian Leonard, Julie Perry, Sandy and Scottie Dozier, Becky Kincaid, Helen Graham, Barbara Traeger and Carol Cooley. In the back row (from left to right) are their mothers, Mrs. Jack Leonard, Mrs; J. P. Pecry, Mrs. E. W. pozicr, Mrs. Hugh Kincaid, Mrs. L. O. Graham, Mrs. L. D. Tracger and Mrs. W. t. Cooley, ..leader of the troop. This was taken at the recent investiture service held at Wesley Foundation. Troor 17 (lower photo) has recently presented a "silly hat show" for patients at Mrs. Dillcy s Convalescent Home and will represent their · sponsor, the First Presbyterian Church, in a show to be given Friday at the County Home. They are, from left .to'right ..(front, row), Janis Butler, Marylm Ambrose, Mebane Harrison, Mary Johnson, Marsha Strickland, Neita Kincaid and Lorena Wcstfall. In the back row, (from left to right) Sara Traeger, Barbara Boston, Janet Engler, Barbara Edmiston, Trudy Shoemaker and Susie Fleming. (TIMESFOTO). Cooley and Mrs. Jack Leonard. The "next event was a visit made by Joan Blankenshlp, who came here from Panama. She spoke on life in Panama and the Girl Scouts in that country. We suggest thi« as something of interest to olher troops. Investiture services were conducted in a candlelight ceremony at Wesley Foundation recently, to which the parents were invited Each girl also brought one guest. Badges werb~'also received at thi; time. A tea^ for which the girls made cookies, followed the investiture. Drinks were furnished with troop funds. Now the troop is working on proficiency badges. The first being interior decoration. Mr. Paul Barrett of Barrett's Quality Shop visited the troop meeting and told of the different colors and various types of drapery material. He also gave samples of cI6th to t)ie girls. Mrs. Cook, the new assistant leader, has )ust recently met with the troop and it is hoped that she will be our leader next year if Mrs. Cooley is unable to continue. Girls of Troop 43 wish to offer their appreciatin to their leaders for the time they have spent in making them better Girl Scouts. . Scottie Dozier, Scribe. At the beginning of Troop 26 in 1951, we went up in the rock garden of Washington ScVool and elected presidents, and ate cookies. ' Early in the fall we sewed hand puppets. Those were clowns. We drew the faces and dressed them. We were going to have -i show but our leader moved before we had it. Then we had a Christmas party at Janet Watson's. We pinned stars on a Christmas tree. For vefresh- Xroop^lT, 'being the oldest active tro'pp-; in .Fayetteville, has a colorful'.-history. Much has been done'in the past semester because uf tne' increased cooperation of the : cirls that make up the troop. MrsJ^j; R. 'Boston, our present troop leader, lias.served as leao-er for some time. She was our first .leader, being succeeded by Miss Elizabeth'. Morris. Mrs. Marvin Westfall and Mrs. .Joe Fleming served as leaders .in our sixth grade year. Mrs. Boston resumed- leadership this year. The troop lias done many badges this 1 , and. the last year. Among.them' : are Backyard Camper, Good: .'Grooming, and' others. For one'requirement on Backyard Camper/ we made., a small' fireplace with the. help of IJr. Westfall. It was/a'bit amateurish, but it turned -'but, well. The .Good Grooming badge required demon- stratprs,.so '-Miss Pat Murphy .of the University, Mrs. E. R. Strickland,'.arid Mrs. Toby Jbrgensen demonstrated ' how to dress, care for skin.-hair,' and hands, and how to walk,'sit, and stand gracefully. Thi'y. w'ere a great help to us. . Troop..l7 has taken part in the group activities, such P.S the Carol Swg.,on'"the Square. Several rep- rr-scnicrl the troop. The troop.orig- inally started out as Brownies and worked up to Girl Scouti. From Tenderfoot to Second Class we came. Most of the girls are almost eligible or are eligible for the First Class Badge. . ,. · . . . The troop-is divided ' into two patrols, seven girls in each. Patrol Two' gave a style show party, as part of the Good Grooming badge, for Patrol one. In return for this, Patrol one entertained them in a slumber party Friday night. The second patrol is going to entertain patients in the County and Convalescent Homes with a Silly Hats show. This is an example of the projects and programs Troop 17 wants to put on to help other people. In this way, we will be keeping the Girl Scout Promise. Janice Butler, Scribe. Girl Scout troop 43, .one ot the newer troops in Fayetteville, has eight members and its leader, Mrs. W. I 1 '. Cooley, with her assistants, Mrs. Harold Shniad, and Mrs. Leon Cook, Jr. In order to earn the second class Scout badge, the girls have taken part in the following ac- M*tiC5, with the help of Mrs. W. JyCross, who met with the group several times. First, was a trip to the Little HOUSQ, where the girls cooked on buddy-burners and at the fireplace. The night was spent there, each girl laking her own bedroll. Before retiring, the evening was spent playing games and singing. The troop was accompanied by Mrs. L. D. Traeger, Mrs. W. F. TOO FAT? Your own doctor will tell you that Wafex is absolutely Safe for Reducing i .AND Clinical Evidence proves Wafex helps you lose weight without dieting or feeling hungry Ves, show, the Wafex label to your own doctor. 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We studied about Girl Scouls in other countries and brought things U the meeting from different countries. We have the Brownie paper dollc with all ihe uniforms of these countries and dress them in what we are studying about. We have cases to carry them in, We all have cook books and are divided into three patrols. We cook the dinner, eat, clean up and play in a different house each week, until we've all had a turn. Here is an example of what we had one lime, tuna casserole, baked potatoes, muffins, chocolate milk, lettuce saliid and frle' Spam. We want to Co on hikes and lay trails out to the Little House next. Scou 1 . Troop 26 NEW 'COPTER COMES IN A BOX Troop 29 has lost its leader, Mrs. Mary Jane Bryan, but was fortunate in getting another, Mrs. Joy Gage. Our wort Is doing nice*-: ly and the project now Is weaving. Our parlies, hikes and trips to the Little House are wonderful. We enjoy all activities. Scou 1 Troop 29 Girl Scout Troop 23. led by Mrs. James Arterburn, went to the Girl Scout Little House for a picnic supper, on one of the troop trips. After supper we spent the rest of the time playing games, and all had a wonderful time. Seoul Troop 23 FCC Chairman Harold Parrott, new business manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Is a graduate of St. Johns in Brooklyn, ' . Most Electrifying Performance in Screen Hittory! MARLON BRANDO 2flPJlTI|" t f W n l H THI U. 5. A«MY dlsplaya collapsible new midget helicopter, the XH-Z6, built to It can be carried and dropped by largtr aircraft. It can ot unpacked and airborne In 20 mmutts with two men doing th't JOB. The craft weighs irsa than 300 pounds. I: six feet high, collapaea Into a 5- by 5' by jv container. The helicopter can carry two men side by side or tandem In twin external litter carriers. It Is Intended for ait evacuation and observation. Maker Is American Helicopter company, Urn Anccles. Annv is looklnc it over. 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