Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 14, 1974 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 14, 1974
Page 2
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2 · Northwejl Arkansas TIMES, Wed., Aug. 14, 1.974 '"" FftYETTEVlLLE, ARKANSAS Sprigdale Council Fills Vacancies SPRINGDALE -- Councilmen shuffled through a short business meeting Tuesday night, passing six resolutions and one ordinance. Several vacancies on local city boards were filled. A resolution appointing Stacy Looney to a five year term on the Urban Renewal agency's board of commissioners- was okayed. Looney replaces former commissioner Walter Turnbow who chose not to seek reappoinlment. Eddie M. Warner was selected to serve on the airport commission for a five year term. He replaces Dr. Bill Mclaughlin who did not seek reappointment. Loraine Moore and Eileen Nelson^ were each rcappointea to three year terms on the Bluff Cemetery Board. Ralph Brooks and Albert Hough were reappointed to four year terms on the city's Board of Examiners. The council also adopted^ a resolution okaying the signing of a depository contract with the two local banks, First State Bank and First National Bank. T h e procedure, repeated periodically, formally recognizes that the city deposits its public funds in the local bank institutions. RESOLUTION SOUGHT Attorney Rudy Moore, Jr., asked councilmen to adopt a resolution favoring annexation of two acres to Springdale's city limits. Moore said the property -- ach rcappointed ot Ms client, Eulias Shepherd is ii-ms on the Bluff located on Peaceful Valley Road across from the Peacciui Valley subdivision at Chapman Livestock Report Road. Aldermen asked Moore if a resolution approving the annexation before the Washington County Judge ruled on the matter was a normal procedure. Moore said the statute relating to annexations was unclear and that sometimes Washington County Judge Vol Lester asked for the city's opinion before ruling on the annexation. In this instance, Lester requested Moore to gel a resolution from the council. The council passed the resolution. An ordinance to close a portion of Searcy Street passed he council Tuesday night. The street, surrounded by Spring- d a l e Memorial Hospital jroperty, will be used for hospi- 8 POL1CE°CH!EF OFFERS Police Chief Joe Sims brought .wo matters before the council. He sought the group's opinion on--a. muscular dystrophy road block.' Sims said the Jaycees . supply was down and| '. prices rose last week at the ' livestock auctions held this past \ weekend in Fayetteville and ' Springdale, according to the ' federal- Slate Market News ; Service. Auction results were: SPHINGDALE CATTLE: Estimated receipts 9110" head, week ago 1453, year ago 2669. Slaughter cows $1-2 higher. Slaughter bulls steady. Feeder steers and heifers $1-2 higher. Supply largely Good and Choice 300-600 Ib. feeder steers, 25 per cent heifers, 15 per cent cows, 1 per cent bulls. SLAUGHTER STEERS AND HEIFERS: Mosty Good 700-905 Ibs. $35-37.50. Few Good and Choice 900-930 Ibs. $40-40.40. Package Higli Good and Choice - 835 Ibs. fed $44.50. Good 520-750 Ib. heifers $31-34.60.' SLAUGHTER COWS: Utility and Commercial $22-25.90. High dressing Utility $26.30-27.60. Canner and Cutter S20.-23. .--..SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield '"grade 1-2 1000-1650 Ibs. $30-33.50. FEEDER STEERS: Choice 300-700 Ibs. $33.35.75. Few 250'~_450 Ibs. $37.-39.25. High Good ""ma'low Choice 300-700 Ibs. $30.33. Good 300-600 Ibs. $26.-30. Standard 589-777 Ib. Holsteins $2*-25. ' ' FEEDER HEIFERS: Choice . 300-SOO Ibs. $30.-32.10. High Good and low Choice 300-600 Ibs. $28.30.29. Good 300-600 Ibs. $25.-28. REPLACEMENT C O W S Final requested permission proach stopped cars Chojce 2-5 year old 700-1000 Ibs. $25.-28. Good 2-5 year old 700100 Ibs. J20.-25. Suns"et Avenue COW AND CALF PAIRS: cit donalions. Good and Choice 3-6 year old cows with 200-300 Ib. calves at side $300.-375. per pair. Good and Choice 3-6 year old cows with 75-200 Ib. calves at side $215.-292.50 per pair. HOGS: Estimated receipts 225 riead, including 37 sows and 12 joars. Last week 352, year ago 245. Barrows and .Gilts $.50-1, higher. Feeder pigs $.50-1. low- Hammerschmidl Backs Tough Campaign Bill WASHINGTON -- Hep. John P. Hammerschimdt (R-Ark) last week gave his full suport la a tough new political campaign finance law which was approved by the house. The bill, designed to end political fund abuses spotlighted by the Watergate scandal, was debated and passed last week on the same day Richard Nixon resigned as president. Hammerschmidt voted for final passage of the bill, which sailed through the House 355 to 48. He voted in favor o f . an attempt to prevent special interest groups from pooling members donations and contributing them to favored candidates. Hammerschmidt voted against an amendment which would have provided limited public financing for House can didates. The move was defea ted. But he voted for an amend ment which lighted enforcement ap- the intersection of Hwy. 71 and Sunset Avenue in order to soli- Sims and councilmen thought this might cause too much confusion as well as presenting a safety hazard to the public. The council suggested Sims tell them to use the four corners of an Intersection to set up booths, but not to approach ars. Sims also told the council the 'city would work with Charles and for another which fixes' '~,a (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) ; cidents for teachers handbooks / which was also adopted by the "' board, '·', The date for setting up an j honors program for the ninth ·' grade was extended from Sept. '. 13 to Sept. 27 by the board at Carter's request. OTHER BUSINESS In other business, it was the board's consensus to discontinue the purchase of chocolate mUk for morning milk breaks ' at the elementary school due ' to increased costs. White milk still will be available for five \ cents. BARROWS AND GILTS: US 1-2 200-235 Ibs. $36.60-37.50; US 2-3 225 Ibs. $31 SOWS: US 1-3 300-400 Ibs. $27.50-29; 400-545 Ibs. $26.-27.50. BOARS: 430-850 Ibs. S20.-Z1. FEEDER PIGS: US 1-2 35-45 Ibs. $10.75-11. per head; 45-60 Ibs. $12.-14.50 per head. FAYETTEVILLE CATTLE: Estimated receipts 700, week ago 1500, .year ago 2563. Slaughter cows strong to $1. higher. Slaughter bujls steady. Feeder steers and heifers $l.-2. higher. Supply largely Good and Choice 300-GOO Ib. feeder steers, 25-per cent heifers, 15 per cent cows, 1 per cent bulls. SLAUGHTER COWS: Utility and Commercial $22.-25.50. Few high dressing Utility S26.-27. Canner and Cutter $18.-23. ' SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield grade 1-2 1100-1650 Ibs. J30.-35., mostly $32.75-34.75. FEEDER STEERS: Choice 300-600 Ibs. $33.-37. Few high Choice 340-420 Ibs. $38-40. Load Choice 885 Ibs. rather fleshy $37. Mostly Choice 350-600 Ib. bulls $25.-30. High Good and low Choice 300-700- Ibs. $30-33. Good 300-600 Ibs. $26.-30. Several lots StandimlUnd low Good 570-720 Ib. Holsteins ' S25.-25.25. Shio- ment 1020 Ib. Holsteins $26.60. FEEDER HEIFERS: Choice 300-600 Ibs. 530-34. High good and low Choice 300-600 Ibs. $28.30. Good 300-350 Ibs. $25.-28. REPLACEMENT C O W S : Choice 2-6 year old cows 650- Gabbard to remove the junk cars to his junk yard at Elkins. Fayetteville has set up a similar agreemenl with Gabbard. Sims said cilizens could call [he police deparlment and ask them to check the cars before scrapping them: The police would insure first that the cars were not stolen vehicles. Then Gabbard would be contacted to haul away the cars. Sims said the cars are then scrapped, but no burning is involved in the procedure. In other business, Councilmen Jerry C. Clark said there will be a meeting of planning commission members this week at which time the group will begin to designate flood-prone areas in the city. This designation is required for the city's ^articipalion in the National E^lood Insurance Act. The Corps of Engineer has final approval on the areas selected as flood hazards. procedures amendment $60,000 limit on House campaign spending. · · : · ·. Both measures passed. ,, TO CONFERENCE COMMITTEE The reform bill approved the House now goes to a Con Terence Committee to be recon cilled with a somewhat similai bill approved earlier this yea: by the Senate. Main provision of the House measure include --Elimination o f privali money from future presidentia campaigns, with the $1 iricom tax check-off to provide $2 million to each major part candidate for the general elec tion campaign. Partial publi financing is provided for presi dential primary races. flat ban on cash dona in excess of $100, wit Heavy 1000 Ibs. $24-26.50. Good 2-6 year old cows 650-100 Ibs. $21.- COWS AND CALF PAIRS: Good and Choice 3-8 year old 24. Assistant Superintendent Norman Crowder announced that there are still openings for kindergarten students ttvr, fall but : that problems have arisen with parnts preferring to enroll their cfiildren only in morning sessions - and in schools where classroom space is not available. The board also discussed initiating a committee to act as a liaison between the schools and the county juvenile court. 700-900 Ibs. with 200-300 Ib calves at side $275.-330. per pair. Some 600-700 Ib. cows with 200-300 Ib. calves at side $225.275. per pair. HOGS: Estimated receipts 370 bead, including 64 sows, 10 boars. Week ago 417 year ago 264. Barrows and gilts $1.- higher than last week. BARROWS AND GILTS: US 1-3 200-240 Ibs. $37.75-30. SOWS: US 1-3 package 250 Ibs. $32.25. : Four Men Arresfed :; On Morals Charges ·; WAUKESHA. Wis. (AP) -- Four men. including two Boy * Scout leaders, have been ar; rested on morals charges con- ·'· cerning what an official called ;- incidents involving " a vast number of small boys." ; D 1 s t . A 11 y ! Richard McConnell said Tuesday a fifth man was being sought. He said the arrests arose from a circuit court invcstiga- · tion of the death of bachelor -, Robert M. Jones, a hospital ad; ministrator at whose rural Gen- ·' essee home several youths '· were allegedly viclimizcd during a Boy Scout campoul May BOARS: 305-610 21.75, mostly 21. 17-19. Founded ISSt) 213 S. East Are. FayetleHlle, AT*. 12501 PuVlshed dally nr.d Sunday except JaTinary I, July X. Thankjjrlvlng and Christmas. SeoMd Class Postage Paid at FayettevUle, Ark. Ibs. $20.75- FEEDER PIGS: US 1-3 35-45 Ibs. $11 .-13.50 per head; 45-60 Ibs. $15-17. per head US 2-3 50-55 Ibs. $14.-14.50 per head; US 2-3 24 Ibs. $9.50 per head. ' Ford ASSOCIATED PRKSS TJia Associated Press t.i entitled exclusively to the use tor republica- tlon of all local news printed In thla newspaper ai well as all AP news dispatches. (CONTINUED FHOM PAGE O3Z) change in Ford ideas when he conceded that Ford's previous "no" to a possible 1976 presidential candidacy is now "maybe." - The press secretary was careful to explain at a.'hews briefing that too much should not be made of Ford's remarks in his Monday night speech to Congress about making "at least" three State of the Union addresses during his presidency. More than three would mean a second term. TerHorst said the comment should be taken in the same spirit as several lighthearfed remarks in the speech. But when a reporter foltoyed with the question, "Meaning that ...?" terHorst finished the sentence, "that no decision has been made." It was only a passing slip, but it was a marked departure (CONTINUED FHOM PAGE ONI) and west of Nicosia, taking antiaircraft batteries with them as the Turkish tanks and artillery broke through their lines behind heavy air strikes and rolling artillery and mortar barrages, newsmen said. The Greek radio claimed three Turkish planes had been shot down, but air allacks that began at 4:35 a.m. continued through the morning at various points across the northern part of the island. Olher reports said the Turks advanced 400 yards beyond the so-called Green Line dividing the Turkish and Greek quarters of Nicosia and enveloped the British high commissioner's office. Just before midday, a Turkish jet rocketed the Nicosia Hilton Hotel, used as the center for the International Red Cross and more than 10D foreign newsmen. One journalist--Carl Sorensen, a Danish ca merman foi CBS Television, was reported wounded in the neck. Cyprus Radio said at least 28 patients were wounded when Turkish jets bombed a psychiatric hospital on the southwest outskirts of the capital. The same hospital was bombed by:.Turkisli .planes July 20, and 30 patients'were killed. A U.N. spokesman announced that 12 soldiers of the U.N. peace force on the island--eight Finns and four Britons --were wounded in the latest fighting. A Greek government commu- nique said because NATO had been unable to "stop Turkey --A tions any contributions above $10 required to be made by checks --A limit of $60,000 on th amount candidates for th House can spend in each cam qaign. --A limit of five cents pe person in a state on spendin for U.S. Senate elections. In state such as Ohio, this wi hold spending to $500,000, i contrast to the $1 million whic has been spent HI past scnato ial races in Ohio. --A limit of $1,000 on amount an individual can coi tribute to a candidate, $5.000 on the amount a sped; interest group can donate. The main difference betwee (he House and Senate biUs that the Senate version provides a limited form of public financing for congressional races. A majority of the House opposes this provision, being reluctant to allow the use of public money to pay campaign Milk Co-Op To Settle On WASHINGTON (AP) --The ation's biggest dairy-farmer loperative has agreed lenta vcly to settle a controversial ntitrust suit with the govern [lent. The co-op, Associated Milk reducers, Inc., agreed not to se coercion or threats against armers who are not members; i get advance permission from le Justice Department before nying any new dairy plants uring the next 10 years, and to efrain from a long list of prac ces which the antitrust divi ion had attacked as illegal. The proposed consent dccrei /as entered with U.S. Dist udge John W. Oliver in Kan as City, Mo. A copy was made vailable Tuesday in Washing on. Interested parlies have 8 ays to comment. The co-op is the same oni hat pleaded guilty tn makin legal corporate donations t ic campaigns of es-Presiden fixon" and .'to"'Democrats In luding Sen. Hubert H. Humph ey of Minnesota and Rep. Wi' lur D. Mills 'of -Arkansas. The Justice Department ha accused the co-op of using a va iety of illegal tactics to gain lold on milk production in Midwestern and Southwester tates from Texas to Min icsota. . . ' The co-op controls about 12 ,er cent of the nation's milk and has near total control i ome local areas. Boys Club Closes The Fayetteville Youth Cente and Boys Club will be close Thursday for repairs a n d - s t a ' vacations. . . ' Dale D. Clark, director sai the fall schedule o f . program ming and renewal of traiispo :ation to the Center will be sumed September 3. Vacation . Prescribed ..VIENTIANE, Laos (AP) -Doctors have prescribed- a tr abroad for Laotian Prime Mi ister Souvanna Phouma. Tl 72-year-old chief of slate, wr suffered a recent heart attac is expected to fly to France a week or so. Two Charged In Stabbing Incident Charges of assault with intenl to kill were filed this morning in Washington Circuit Court against two Washington County men in connection with a stabbing incident Saturday at the Washington County sale barn, Hwy. 71 south. Johnson Named To Direct Orchestra Dr. Campbell Johnson has :cu named director of the Uni- ersity-North Arkansas Sym- lony Orchestra and an asso- ate professor of music in the niversity of Arkansas Depart- lent of Music, according to oger Widdcr, chairman of the epartment. Dr. Johnson, a native of Mil- aukee, Wise., comes tothe UA om Texas Tech University, here he was director of mus- :al theater. He is married. : Dr. Johnson, has been music [rector of the Cambridge Mass.) Opera, the Arlington Mass.) Philharmonic Society nd the Cape Ann (Mass.) Sym- hony. He also has served as ssistant conductor of the Na- ij on a t onal Ballet of Canada and as- Medical Center, ociate conductor of the Na- onal Ballet (USA). He holds degrees from Obern College and Columbia Uni- ersity and earned a doctor of nusical arts degree from Boson University. He has taught at Buena Vista College, Simmons College, Massachusetts In- titule of Technology, Longy (cq) School of Music and New- on Theological School. At the same time, Professor Vidder announced the addition I Richard Fuchs to the string 'acuity as assistant professor of violin. He has been con- ertmasler of the University Symphony at the Universiy of Illinois for the past four years, where he also worked as a teaching assistant under Paul Roland. He has taught the past two summers in the University of Illinois Summer Music Fuciis is a native of Winne- peg, Canada and holds a bache- or's and master's degree from .llinois. Murder (CONT1NUHD FROM PACWB His grandmother when h« wai 12years. .old, ' Collins had just been released from 'ttie'penitentiary.where h« had served time' on a charge of armed robbery in Clarksville. The youth was living-with hii sister and brother-ih : law near Harmon. '··· . Police are investigating the theft of a blue 1965 Volkswagen at Marble -in Madison County, man fitting Collins' : des- custody. The Re several Reed was the located en, from In apartment night. Charles Youth Injured A 12-year-old Fayetteville boy as admitted to Washington Regional Medical Center alter his motorcycle hit a hole, t h r o w i n g h i m from t h e machine: William F. Neighbors of 2672 Stagecoach Drive is in good condition FayettevUle police said the boy was riding the motorcycle in a field just off Old Missouri Road near the Paradise Valley Golf Course when the accident occurred, night or ' Cunningham was parked Ave. buuui. e, 45, of Summers · stabebd by one leh while he was in a pen at the arged in the slab- Reed, 42, of Prai- 1 his. brother, Harof Lincoln. ins in fair condi- shington Regional er. r Reed was taken by Fayetteville po- afler Ihe incidenl leased on $10.000 iced is not yet in rothers, Jones and esses have been police, but Harvey 10 only 'one held iling ot charges. Stolen ph of Maple Manor he intersection of rive and the Hwy. Id Fayelteville po- bicycles were stol- front porch of her sometime Monday Stolen Cunningham, CIO! ace, told city police vheel 'camp trailer sometime Monda; Tuesday morning said the traile at 345 Governmen riplion was seen in -the car. vhich was recovered early to- ay in .North Liltle Rock. A holgun was found In the car. according to police. · ' · ' · ' The couple's, pickup truck has l o t been found.- . . . Collins is 5 foot nine Inches all weighs 150 pounds, has blonde hair and blue eyes. : FUNERAL SET ,Welch was born June 1Z, 1899 n Purcell," Okla., the son of Levi and Mallie -Wiley Welch, le was a retired auto mechanic and a veteran of World War He is survived by Mrs. Welch, one brother. Kermit :,of; Los Angeles, Calif., three , sifters. M r s . Lorena Parsley .0! Springdale, .Mrs. . Dora ..Lamer of Muskogee, ;0kla., .and .Mrs.- Norma Fitch of Los Angeles, Salif. ' -· ' - ' · ' ' Funeral services will, b« Thursday at 10 a.m. in the'Sisco Chapel with burial in Joyce cemetery. Memorials may be made to the World -War I welfare fund. : '. Salvino Wins Crown EDISON, N.J. -- Carmen Salvino of Chicago won th* $50,000 New Jersey Open Bowling Tournament by defeating Bowler of the Year Don McCune of Minister, Ind., 208-192 in the final match. M. William Fields SPECTRUM FINANCIAL SERVICES CHARTERED UFB UNDERWRITER Th Finest In Llf« Innurince Product* IM Halhcock Cilice Bulldlw. «0 North Blade «. Telephone: 521-5178 FaysllevlllR ArtMUl TTUi from creating a situation coniflicl between countries," Greece tv/o was drawing its armed forces from the NATO alliance. But it said Greece would! remain member of the political alliance. The action was similar to .hat taken by the late President Charles de Gaulle of France, but a government spokesman BATES Effective Oclc4wr 1, 1973 .'. Home DellTer7 Per month by carrier -- ....... - $3.25 Single copy daily lOc. Eujiday 23C In Washington, Benton, Madison Coon* UK, Ark., Adalr Co., Okte.: -8 months ___ ._ 1 YEAR ------- ..... _ -City Box Eeclln Outside Above counties: g monlhs ----6 months --------- t YEAR «- Afi M.trr, snuscnrpTioxs PAVABfJ! LI ABVA.NCE the steady insistence Ford was nominated as from since vice president last October that he was only interested in serving out the term and not becoming a presidential candidate in his own right two years from now. was unable NATO bases say whether Greece would be dismantled as they were in France. There was no immediate comment from NATO headquarters in Brussels or from Washington. Turkey and Greece make up the alliances' southern flank. ADVERTISEMENT -- Stereo Stolen SPRINGDALE -- A stereo, ; two speakers and about 20 tapes were stolen from Leon Frizbv's a p a r t m e n t Tuesday night. Frizby had left the apartment unlocked while he went to work. A short time later, a friend contacted Frizby at his job to tell him the stereo equipment was gone from the apartment. Total loss was estimated at $160. FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Don't keep worrying about your false teeth dropping at the wrong time. A denture adhesive can help. FASTEETH* gives dentures a longer, firmer, aleadier hold. Makes eating more enjoyable. For more eecurily and comfort, use FASTEETH Denture Adhesive Powder, Dcnturci that lit are essential to health. Sw your dentlot re£Ula,-Iy, MISSED YOUR PAPER? WE'RE SORRY! If you cannot reach your TIMES carrier PHONE M2-6242 Dally 5 to 6:30 p.m. Saturday 3 to 6 p.m. Sunday 8 to 9:30 i.m. /VRDS costs of candidates trying to Ruth Shipman, Depuiy Circuit Clerk, Dies Flowers Sheets Ruth Moore Shipman, Born Feb. 22, 1924 at Fayelte ville, the daughter of Arthur an Nora Boone Moore, she was She joined the circuit clerk office in 1966 and has servec since that time. Prior to that she had been employed in thi County Clerk's office. She is survived by her bus band, Chester Shipman of th (Buddy) Jr. of Dallas, Tex. an . Stanley D. of Tulsa; one daugh ter, Mrs. Mary Alice Macia of Kansas City; her mother Towels Orlfj. 3.50 Bath Towel Orig. 2.50 Hand Towel Orig, 1.00 Wash Cloth Comforter Orlg. S23 72x90" .... Orig, S30 80x90" MS 90X108" .. Baldwin; one sister, Mrs. Char les Stokenbury of Elkins an three grandchildren. Funeral service will be at Chapel with burial Memorials may be made t Floral Fantasy Sheets the American Cancer Society, County Judge Vol Lester sai County Courthouse will close a 1:30 p.m. Thursday so that c Orig. 4.49 Twin ROY H. CRAIG 5.49 Full Flat or Filled J,M Orig. 8.99 Queen Plat or Fitted C.M Orig. 10.09 King Flat or Filled .M Orig. 3.49 pr. Sfahdard , Pillow Case4 ..... ............... 2,99 pr, Roy H. Craig, 87. of Ontarii Calif., died Aug. 12 in Ontarii He was · born July 24, 1887 Orig. 4.49 pr. King Pillow Cases 9 pr. Survivors are one daughte Miss Lane Craig of the home two sons, Edward and Bob Bb of California and one siste Mrs. Ida Arthurs of San Frai 3.49 p Celanese Fortrel® polyesler cotton *Ti«efs,With over 130 lo the inch. Old-fashioned tintc of floral colors, in blue or yellow. Louisville Bedspreads People Helping People OriZ. 40.00 Full 9iz« Orig. 45.00 . Queen ' Orig. 50.00 King .. Orig. 16,00 TO" Roui Frill5 and froth-In a French country print wlth'reveraed ruffle trim. A brand new look for your bedroom with iplashr nOMfray print in navy, »r«n or fold with ruifl* Accent. · Dom«l!cs -- DILLARD'S -Second Floor Directors of Funeral Service Services RAKES, H»rr«l -- Wednesday 2:00 p.m. Chapel of Nelson's MARTIN, Robert G. -- Be In* returned to Gels en Fun era Home, MerrUIvUle. Indiana for i«rvlccj and lnterm«nt. Open Monday Through Saturday 10 a.m. Until 9 p.m. allied with-

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