Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 12, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 12, 1952
Page 6
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~! -Y3 r--MOtniMdil AIKANSAS TIMH. Hunk U, IM2 · UiNrf ly The ilHlrflrtity Hlfh JouriMliim Club f* ·*'. liit : ' r r ? Kit * ·! .»·!* V. ; - JniwjityHiflfi Chapter f F.F.A. Have Meeting ; University H i g h . chapter of : .:F.A', had their regular meeting . ;bruary 29. .The.purpose of the '.'.sooting'..was to decide' whether r not the chapter would become ;'member of the State 'Chapter. ' -'fter considerable! .discussion, It ; : as decided that they should bc- om« Identified .with the'state qr- ' : 'ahizaiion.. " ; . ' . , . . .- : ' .. - the 'Chapter Is now engaged in · ; ry-outs r 'for -.judging teams, to ·"epreceht University High In .the mlmcl judging contest to be held in Russclville In April, · Since U.H.S, has had a high score in - judging In previous years, It. Is be- 'ieved IhBt they, Will do as well or tter this year than in previous - -,'cars, " . . . . ' · ' ' Cardinal's Chirps I '. '1 The mone yfor the '52 graduatf .ng announcements has been urned In by the senoirs to. Miss Jrihwh, : ihe claw, jipdnsor. They ini being'ordered from the Jos- 'en Company In Qwatonna Minnesota and are expected to be icre «- few;weeks prior to grad' io'ion...-. .' v :v · · · ; . · , - -.' '·; Thlrteert members of theT F.H.A. 3dptervlilted- the County Home, . .larch 4, from 4:00 to. 5:00 pr'ro. fhe chapter, presented a program jf music.' Darlelne and Carolyn Jtccle «a'nj( 'It H No Secret; Paula tronenberf. and Anlti) Todd favc jlano 1 numberi; and.the program ilosed with group slnBlng. ; After the music, the F.H.A. , Members nerved .cookies and can;.v to the Iroup. Mrs, Margaret lwmr*«,-horn* economics «u- "ervlifcri thd three proctlce teach-s, Mrs. Parkerton, Mr«. Hogue, d Mrs. Dmi(i1iv: accompanied ..'j'i members on'the trip, Juniors Do Business From tneffJuhlortclass secrc- I ry'i record cbookcoine the fol: nvlnj mlnutei of their class meet- ."*"g hcl^ilTcbruary MI^.V; .·: · '·' ·"- The presldentioiljcii n the meet. · m to order. Two late-come^ en';;red and dried . scveral'^jcats ., ;efpre they finally settled into .^ne'thcy liked, The "president '.-jlled the meeting to brdcf The ^;ad in my pencil broke and 1 ;ikcd-f-c president to wait till I harpuvi: It. (Of course I wanted ; be surfc to get everything he , ;.ild.Into the minutes) , .! Thep resident called the mcct- :ie ito order without further -in- · rruptlon'except a gentle-snore -om the back row where one of ,' ie late-comers had madp ' him. If really comfortable. The president finally got across ' c Idea that'the junior class may :ave a party Friday week,-This -'as met by a- rousing cheer. An rgument- began Immediately as '·) time and place. I became so iterated that I forgot 'to lake -lown the minutes,.'Three more ite-comcrs straggled In, and the roceedlngs thus far had to be cx- laincd to them. I, being secrc- · - ry, was responsible for'this'job, ' -it nut haying any record, I had decline. . · · The president started to appoint 1 .nmltlces, but when everyone amorcd to be on the foods com- · ittcc, he tore hlil hair and'ran ·imbllng from the room. . .The meeting WHS adjourned. Traveler's Tracks While studying marriage and family relations I n . t h e thirti and fourlh year Home EC. class, the teacher asked, "What should you do If a boy hangs around you and you do not like" him?" Carolyn Blockwcll brightly piped up with 'Go to the' little girls' foom". · In the first year English class Miss McCutchcn asked, "Why did Paul Revere take a midnight ride?" Quickly John Stccle answered, "To sec the country!". The trials of being a ; teacher! Asked to give the meaning of "sentence", after some, .lengthy study of it, tine student rose and said, ''A sentence In something a Judge puts on you." If you see any holes in the nets o dents in the walls, it will be because of Dois Campbell, Patsy Flncher and Anita .Tale when'they go flying across the gym after the bird, while playing badminton, and they Just= can't stop!- ' It «eom» Anita Todd has a time ·jetting up (n the air, while doing Sturitsvin Phys. Ed. The -funny part Is that when she finally"(loin get up, she then) seemingly very brave* turns -loose, and- falls!; .. Now Wanda Major's problem Is a little: different. When she (rets up, she has trouble gettinfg down. ' One of the lioys in study hall put a tack on Junior Nickcll's chair; He sat down and nothing happened, About an hour later when,he got up, the tnck was still In evidence, Now they call him "The Dead /End- Kid." The science class would like for their handsome teacher to explain the sound waves coming from the hearts of the girls sitting on the front row when he is teaching. During the study of the setting of the frontier. In the American history class Marva Kirsch nave · regular Patrick Henry speech on the Injustice to the Indians.,After she had finished, John Artorburri, chin in hands and very unimpressed, said, 'Turn the rccorc over!" . . . New Books In Library The U.HIS, library has added a considerable number of new books to its collection. There is a greal variety among them. Included are biography, fiction, hobbies, biography, geology, commerce, home economics, history and electricity. . - - " The new books arc The Boj'i Hook of Model Railroading, ' mond F. Ynlc; Bird Girl, Saca wea ( Flora Warren Saymourj Minerals, Herbert Spencer Zlm; How Much and How. Many, Jeanne Bcndlck; Two Years Be fore Ihe Mast, Richard Henry Dana; The Electrical Crafts, Wll- llom Harding Johnson) People Are .Important, Eya E v e n s (Know); 'Spring Comei Rldl n (, tictty Cavanna; Belli On Their Toes, -Frank Bunker Gtlbrcth; Weit of the Hill, Gladys Can-Ill (Hasty); Family Living, Evelyn Ruth Duvall (Millls); .Toyon, A Dog of the North and Ills People, Nicholas Knlashniknoff; Edge ot Time, Loula Grace E r d m a n ; Ge»tlan Hill,. Elizabeth Qoudge; and encyclopedia of World Ills- torr. William Leonard Langcr. fa CONVENIENCE ^ andKONOM... t; .; ft: : V' FINANCE YOUR HOME HERE! Ve's; we think you'll igree (hit our monthly rcni-' like piymeni. plan (which may include principal, interest, taxes and insurance in one convenient month!) «um) it economical and convenient. You'll apprrciilc knowing (hai nth month hringi you closer (o free and clear ownership. When you have (he down piynien(- (ot a home and arc ready for hooM-liMncing, drop in and n in. - It wMt Hy you to ptac* y*«r ton FAYITTEVILLE IUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION Tit H»m» AMMfrtfM far H*Miw H You Ask Me The bell for class dismissal rings and' there Is Immediately, a sound rcscmblin gcircus animals being unloaded from a boxcar. The noise continues,.'and It IB soon accompanied by the sound ct cage doors banging and the yelping, hollering, and growllnc of the circus animals. It sounds as 1 If P, T. Barnum has cpme to pay a visit to U. H. S. No, seriously, it Isn't a circus. It's.jusl the students opening and closing locker doors as they go class to tha next. The noise, however, of r. circus and that of the stuaunls passing through the hall Is almost Identical. High school studcnls-are supposed to. have reached the age when yelling from one end of the hall- tpv the other and barging locker'door's just for th" fun of It Is- looked upon as juvenile. For kindergarten students, It might be cxcusab|c,'but-for high school students, Itimcrcly. shows indifference and lack ot dignity. Let me refer again to-thc circus. P. T, Barnum can corral and train his animals, but-he cannot keep them from making noiso. Likewise? the teachers ot U. K. S. can Instruct you, but they cannot keep you fro mmaklnc childish, unnecessary noises. The job of gaining respect and d i g n i t y by keeping quiet is left up to you. Senior Scrapbook A very pretty senior who has been a student al-U. H. S. for three and one half years is Peggy Smith. Peggy i s . a transfer student from Elkins High School, During her three and one-half years here, she was a one year member of Drama Club and F. H. A. She was secretary of the sophomore class of 1949. Peggy's popularity^ University High was .shown ,lnst: year when she' was. elected Miss U.. H. S. of 1951 to ,reign over the junior- senior banquet. Peggy says her plans after g'rnd uallon are Incomplete as yet. A transfer student from Kaycttc- vllle High School Is the vice president of the senior class. Delmcr Scllc. Dclmer Is -n two-year student of University High. He was elected president of the junior class of 1050.' . Dclmer, quiet and studious, is very likable, and was elected .the handsomest boy In U. H. S. on Class Day Inst year. · "I'll join the Army, 1 imagine," wus Delmcr's reply when asked what he would take up after graduation, Junior-Senior Classes Have Meeting The junior-senior classes held a meeting March 7 to plan the junior-senior banquet. Miss Greene and Miss Graham, who nrc the sponsors of the junior- senior classes respectively, have asked the junior and. senior class presidents to appoint the committees that, will be needed to plan the banquet. The time and place of the banquet was not definitely decided although Miss Graham told the group that there was .a possibility of having it In the dining room of the Student Union or at Ferguson's Cnfctorlii. Mwkil AssoMhlies Presented Stadeiit Body Two assemblies, . each dealing will) music, were presented to the student body last week In the audio-visual room. The U. H. 'S. mixed chorus presented a number of Negro spirituals, patriotic songs, and lighter songs of the 1800's.' Among .the sonj-B were Go. Down Moses, Joshua Kit the Battle, This Is My Country; Battle Hymn of The He- public, America the Beautiful, The Band Played On Bicycle Built For Two, and Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane. The chorus was accompanied by Janet Lester and Ida Weir. The assembly ended with the student body joining the mixed chorus in several well known sonfis, led by Miss McHugh, the supervisor. A film, featuring the London Symphony Orchestra was presented to the student body March 5. In the film the woodwind, string, brass, and percussion .instruments of the orchestra were demonstrated. The orchestra demonstrated the various sounds of the instruments by playlns'a fugue. After the film, Miss McHi'gh led the group In a discussion of instruments. Practice Teachers Work Practice teachers . have taken over instruction in .the different classes There are eleven teachers in the English field as follows: Betty 'Burl, Mildred Gillasple, Shirley Newman, Treva Bridger, Nancy Hall, Dorinda Harper, Esther'Wilson, Geneva Clark, Sue Duncan, Dahnell Adcox, and Nell Casey. Marilyn Beverly is doing her practice work in speech. Thirteen . teachers . are engaged in the social science field: Iris Katzen, Wayne Lofton, Helen Lock, Thomas Frye, Albert Peel Dunagin,- Myra Jane Hammans, 7.ada Webb, Donna Harris, James Konncy, Beverly Ann Swindle, Maurice Hunt, Harold Phillips, and Virginia Koblnson. In mathematics, Harold E. Davison, Bobby Kcetcr, and Eva Jane Sisk arc teaching Algebra I, plane geometry, and Algebra II, respectively. Five teachers are found in the science department: Bill Jurney and Robin Lee in physics, Glenn Hackett and Betty Freece In biology, and Kathryn Ramer in general science. . The number of teachers In other fields--commerce, physical education, agriculture, home economics, and music--is so large that space does not permit us to give names. Suffice it to say that they number seventy-five, on and off-campus teaching. F.H..A Girls Attend Stale Conventiont Eleven members of the F.H.A. chapter attended the state convention in Little nock held March 8. The convention began at 9:00 a.m. and lasted until 12:00. Miss Dorothy Lee from Arizona, national president of F.H.A., lectured the first part of the morning on '"Future Homes." This was followed by a discussion, "Changing Dreams to Healities,""by Dr. Duvall, home economics lecturer and author The convention ended with the presentation of State Degrees by Rosalie Bent, state F.H.A. president. Members of the FH.A. chapter ot University High who attended were: Ruth Carnes, Marva Kirsch, Lcnnis Shultz, Lavonne Wilcox, Willa Burlcson, Frances January, Mary Evans, Patsy Flncher, and Rita Phillips. Mrs. Margaret Thompson and Mrs. Carl Parkerson, home economics supervisor and practice teacher, respectively, also attended the convention. Staff Co-Editors _ Donna Weathers .. ClifficMcCurley Associate. Editor ._ Marva Kirsch News Editor Braxton Mairs Feature Editor Darline Steel Sports Editors ._ John Artcrburn Braxton Mairs Make-Up-Editor--John Arterburn Proof Headers . .._ Marva Kirsch Bobbie Lee Eldrcdge Don't »· Sotltfiad with Symptomatic Rtitaf 1 RELIEVE A RIAL » of INDIGEmiNI.GU.NEARlBURN w Deficiencies of Vitamins Bi.BjJiacin and Iron The ABSOLUTE TRUTH No On« Can Dtnjr- Do you suffer from stomach disturbances, gas, heartburn, hull- gcstlon and dyspepsia due to deficiencies in Vitamins B,,-B« Nln- cln mid Iron In your system? Then don't be satisflcd to merely relieve these symptoms. Because with HADACOL, you can relieve a real and Nnrfrrfrln; cause of such dcn- cloncy-caused stomach distress. «no so vnir niroiiTAm --continued use of HADACOL not only gives conllniioiii and complete relief, but It help* prevent U Us condition from coming back. Your own good common sense will toll you 'this Is what you must do If you want real relief Black Got In Buenos Aires Keeps Crown (This is one of a series Ed Van- deventcr of Faycttcvlllc is writing about. his trip through South America.) By ED VANDEVENTEH Buenos Aires--"The winner and s t i l l champion, La Pantera Ncgra," droned the referee as the Black Panther finished .oft the Calico Kid, so nicknamed because of the varied colors in his 'cat fur. Not too long ago the Kid was the joss cat in Plaza San Martin, and :oday he made a valorous but futile- attempt to win btck the prestige. which had been taken Yom him by the Black Panther. The latter still wins the admiring smiles.of the females. . . When you see this black devil lake his position and remain mo- Jonlcss you thinl- of the mon- foose of India. It, too, has the atience ot Job. The coiled and venomous cobra must know it is doomed to die as it moves from side to side until it can stand the strain no longer. It writes its death warrant when it strikes. For then the mongoose fastens its jaws in he big snake's neck and hangs on until the cobra's writhing in its death agony ends. With the same patience, this icro of Florida Street waits, for ils opponent to make the first blunder. He has the graceful footwork and the boxing wizardry of the incomparable Jim Corbett. He is endowed with the cunning and craftiness of the unmatched middleweight,.Kid McCoy'. As the battle reaches its crescendo you see displayed by La Pantera Negra the savagery and killer instinct of Jack Dempsey. Many Cats Roaming There are more cats roaming :he streets of Buenos Aires than you will find anywhere else. Residents carry food to them. One cat has become so famous a movie was made around her. She has been In a treu five ; ears. No one has seen her descend during the daylight hours. At night she comes down for a drink of. water and quickly scampers back to her resting place in the tree. What gave - her such a fright on the jround is a mystery. The iceman losses meat to her every morning. She is so famous there is always someone ready to offer food to her. These gates do not have round eyes like those In Miss Ida Gregg's garden. They resemble the shape of the eyes you often see in natives of Japan. These cats' eyes are narrow up and down, but very -wide. They come from Siamese slock. The Black Panther's eyes are as green as the leaves of a maple tree In early spring. It gives you the creeps to look at them. There is nothing earthly about him; you f e e l that he must have 'come straight from hell with a commission from Satan himself. Buckner Mrs. Lillian Hinkle and son, Jimmy, and Ulys McBroom spent .._ weekend at Cottonplant as guests ot Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Fitzjerald. The Buckner 4-H Club met Friday night at the community house. A play was presented by Miss Shirley .Belate, Miss Donna Flowers, Miss' Betty Belate, Miss Glynda Flowers, Miss Roberta Drake, ana Miss Elaine Berry. Mrs. Otis Watson sponsored the play. Piano selections were given by Mrs. Doris Drake and Jimmy Watson. Mrs. Flossie Drake and Mrs. Watson were hostesses. Five guests and 30 members were present. ' Mid-week prayer services will be held Wednesday -at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Olen Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Chester House of Harrison were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Baggett and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Drake. Mrs. Harris Dean Osborne entertained at her h»me Friday night with a canasta party for wives of National Guardsmen. The Friendship Club will meet at 2 p.m Friday, with Mrs. Willis Drake. Seaman First Class and Mrs. Carlton Mhoon, who were married r e c e n t l y , were complimented Wednesday with a dinner party at the home of the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Himme Mhoon. The couple has returned to San Diego, Calif. Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hughes were Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hofforth and children, Gretchen and Karl, ot Harrison. Mrs. Hughes returned to Harrison with the Hofforths for a short stay. Miss Shirley Belate, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vcrnon Belale, at[ended the FHA convention at Little Rock Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Couch, Miss Crystal Boyd and Wllburn Boyri spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Lee and children of Tulsn, 6kla. Ao'trrtU* In Uw TIMKB--!l n»«. and freedom from stomach disturbances due to these deficiencies. HADACOli mint t* noon and give wonderful results for so many mliXons of bottles to be sold. And It Isl So If you suffer this way --let HADACOL bring about in »m«t- IngHnprovrmeMIn your condition. HADACOL 2 YIAR ROSE IUSHES 55c (rifer Bros. Nursery OHEtHLAKD. AUK. Eight Straight "A" Students listed In Arts And Sciences Eight of the 93 students listed on the honor roll of the University College of Arts and Scienc..s for the fall semester made straight "A" grades, Dean G. D. Nichols revealed today. Making perfect grades were Marjorie flayo Sutton, Huntsvllle, Bobby Gene Guthary, Gentry, Charles Milton Mclntosh, Little Rock, Sylvia Sue Stewart, Magnolia, seniors; James John Pap- pas, Hot Springs, Thomas Earle Richardson, Salem, 111., and Robert Ross Wright III, Lewisville, juniors; and James Walter Cochran, North Little Rock, sophomore. ' ' Other honor roll students' grade point averages ranged fron. 5.88 to 4.71. Those listed from this area are: Seniors--Claire Anne Coleman Holmes and Marjorie Grace Birks Wood, Fayetteville; Ivan Hugh Box, Springdale; and Edsel Ford, Avoca.. Juniors--Gail Louise Adkisson, Marilyn Christine Brewster, Betsy Lloyd Berry and Sara Jane Ingels, Fayetteville; James Paden Wilson, Springdale; Marie Morrison and Wilma Jean Sutton, Hunts- 'vllie; and Jean Louis* Kratz, Winslow. . : · ; - - . · Sophomores--Ann Patrick Barrett, Mary Kathleen Huntington, Carolyn Irwin Rhodes, Carolyn Beth Duty and Betty Jo Melton, Fayetteville; Joe Allen Hess, Eureka Springs;' and James Hill Weaver, Prairie Grove. Freshmen--Duer Somes Brady, Howell Elijah Leming, and Douglas Eugene Young, Fayettjvillc; Francis Edwin Medaris, Lincoln; Ruth. Ann P.-.ulsrud, West Fork; and John -Taylor Wasson, SnrL.g- town... ^ Used by thousand! In reducing diets--Junge's Roman Meal bread. 11-19-tf , PH/UIPS66 ISPACKEP WITH M-Ttst Entrgyf · You can feel the difference, can't you, Sonny? On the hills, in traffic, wherever you drive, you Jcoouf this gasoline is loaded with Hi-Test energy! The Hi-Test elements in Phillips 66 Gasoline help, you enjoy trttMtb performance. Phillips 66 fires fast and evenly . . . provides easy starting and lively acceleration. And you save gasoline because Phillips 66 is blended to , burn efficiently! Along with all this, Phillips 66 Gasoline is foninttftf according to ihe season. Winter, summer, spring or fall, Phillips 66 is right for your car. Fill up at any station where you see the famous orange and black Phillips 66 Shield. t L'nltn to Rw Alltn and tht Sons n/ tht Piontta eitr C.B.S. $tt}wr imriptpir for tint and iMtien. LUBHCAH FOR SAFETY EVERY There's nothing like giving folks what they want And now--The Refreshment Show, slurring the delicious taste of ice-cold Coca-Cola! (APPLAUSE) IOITU6 UNDII A U T H O a i t V OF THI COC«-COU COMPANY IT PAYITTiVIUI COCA-COU lOTTUNG COMPANY, PtMM 14M WruCiMt. O i*". Tin cocA.ceu CMPANT

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