Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 13, 1974 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 13, 1974
Page 14
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14 Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tues., Aug. 13, 1974 FAYETTEVILLI, ARKANSAS Hollywood's Empty Movie Sets Are Used As Tennis Courts By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (sand whacks the ball in the By BOB THOMAS same precincts where she belt- LOS ANGELES (AP) -- On the stages where Glenn Ford once romanced Eila Hayworlh there is a new game -- tennis. The question of hind of love what to do with Hollywood's eniply movie stages is being answered, temporarily at least, by capitalizing on the tennis boom. At least two studios that once bustled with cowuokes and dancing girls are now welcoming white-shorted tennis enthusiasts. First into the field was the Hollywood Indoor Tennis Club, which rented the back part of the Columbia Studios, vacated when Columbia moved to Warner Brothers. Resident pro and manager is Allen Tong. onetime captain of the University of Southern California tennis team. "We run a 24-hour operation here," said Tong, displaying the two handsome courts that occupied a sound stage. "A lot of our members play at 2 and 3 start giving The courts are often occupied in the early morning hours by music stars seeking to unwind after late recording sessions and actors relaxing after night filming. Why are actors playing tennis instead of rnovie scenes on the stages? Because few features are being made in Hollywood nowadays, young directors preferring to shoot on location. Television filming is also greatly diminished. Tong's club has attracted many show biz personalities, and for same of them, it's a sentimental trip. Barbra Strei- ed "People" in "Funny Girl." Other members are Bill Cosby, Sidney Poitier, Johnny Carson, Gene Kelly and Jim Brown. Some of the club's 500 mem jers own their Then why would tennis club? in the morning. I lessons at 6." own they courts, join a Some can't play in the sun, Tong explained. Others like the privacy and novelty of playing under controlled conditions indoors. Members pay $250 a year and rent courts from $6 to $10 an nour, depending on what time they play. The International Studio Tennis Club is a few blocks away on Cahuenga Avenue. It occupies half of the original Motion Picture Center studio. The other half is used by a storage company. Motion Picture Center originated as an independent studio in the boom days right after World War II and went through metamorphoses as Enterprise, Desilu. Paramount TV and finally Cinema General. The head of the Internationa: Studio Tennis Club is Clarenci Ross, who reports a "very good" response to the member ship drive. "Indoor tennis is new to Calif o r n i a , ' ' remarked Ross have such here, why "People say, 'We wonderful weather play indoors?'" "There are many .reasons: heat, smog, wind, having · to turn off outdoor lights at a cer tain hour. Outdoor tennis clubs average only six hours of play daily on a year-round basis. An indoor court can average 16 hours." HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL 'Hurt And Deserted' May Just Stay Home Dear Rap: My husband and I were both 18 when we married. I had more than the average girl: car, money, 3 o b and parents who cared. They saw trouble ahead with Eddie, but I only saw love. I became pregnant right away, but we never settled down, just traveled all over the U.S. because Eddie wanted to He deserted me in Arizona and I called my folks in Connecticut. They wired me money to come home. A few weeks later, he drove up. A few soft words and off we went again. Same thing happened when I was nine · months along -- him AWOL from the Army, me in labor with no husband and no money. Again, my father rescued me. After five months, Eddie came to claim me and the son he had never seen. I love him deeply, but I am tired of being hurt, let down and deserted just · so he can travel and he thinks ' this is the only way to live. What shoud I do? -- C.A.H. Dear C.: Tell Eddie the Army needs him more than you do. Since he's probably still AWOL, your problem may be solved any day ' now -- by the military police. .'-- Helen ^ Dear C.: Repeat to yourself at leas 50 times a day, "I am tirei of being hurt, let down an deserted." Then'think what thi tind of life would do to a baby :t you go off with Edie again you don't "deserve anothe rescue. -- Sue Rap: If you go out with a boyfrien and he sort of ignores you an jalks to his friends (and you'r lot going steady),- should yo dance if someone else ask -- Disgusted Dis: Of course. -- Helen Dis: DENNIS THE MENACE By Ketcham One Year After Pullout NEW YORK (AP) -- You arely hear much about Viet- am on network news shows icse days. After 12 years as i almost constant TV news \ture, it's almost America's rgotten story except for those ho lived it.' But next month, NBC-TV lay air a quartet of 60-minute hows about South Vietnam, aped there for an unlikely lowcase -- Tom Snydcr's "Tomorrow" program. It all dc- ends on how much of a war is oing on there late this month. The segments will be part of i 18,200-mile "Tomorrow" rip, scheduled to begin Aug. 2. In addition to Vietnam, iree programs will be done in lawaii and one in Hong Kong. The first show will be taped ntirely aboard a Hawaii-bound , THAT'S WMT/ CALL- A 70$$£t WAV. * Ohio University Studies Heritage Via Pop Culture By CHRIS CONKLING AP Newsfeatnres Writer The Center for the Study of Popular Culture of Bowling Green State University in Ohio s the only institution in the ·orld which is involved in the simultaneous study of pornography, John Wayne and.the ancient Chinese art of T'ai-Chi Movement and Popular Cul ture: Sexism, Counter-Sexism Pseudo-Sexism and Crypto Sex ism," "T'ai-Chi Chu-uan: Demonstration of the Yan School Teachings," and "Bod Language on Madison Avenue Nonverbal Advertising Tech niques. 1 ' The Center is located on th Heavy Rains, Tornadoes Hil Across Country By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Heavy rains doused Iowa, northern Illinois and lower Michigan early today after tor: nadoes injured at least nine persons in Iowa, Thundershowers fell throughout the middle Mississippi Valley. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, recorded over an inch of rain. 1 Showers also were reported in the central Gulf states, northern and central Rockies and western Plains, and were scattered throughout the Middle Atlantic states. Eight persons were injured in a tornado which struck Ryan, Iowa. Twenty-five homes, a church, a lumber company and an elementary school were described as total losses by authorities. Another tornado churned through an area north of Ladora, Iowa, Monday evening causing one injury. Other twisters touched down at Davenport, Iowa, and northeast of Moline, 111. Golfball-si/e hail fell at Cambridge in northwestern Illinois, and winds gusting nearly 60 miles per hour struck Dallas, Tex. . Most other sections of the country had fair skies early today. Clouds hung over t h e Carolinas and along the coast of southern California, however, and dense fog covered the Appalachians. Nighttime temperatures were mostly in the 50s from the northern Great Lakes to the north Pacific Coast and New England. Seventies were common over the southern halt of the nation. Temperatures before dawn ranged from 89 at Needles, Calif., to 43 at Bulte, Mont. And if your b.f. doesn't eve notice, maybe you've got th wrong guy. -- Sue Dear Helen and Sue: My dad has a terrible temper. If someone gets a spot on the rug, or loses a tool from the garage, or almost - anything,' he'll line up all us'"kids -and ask in a mean voice, "Who did nobody confesses (sometimes we really don't know), he starts yelling and hitting us with his belt. We're supposed lo kneel and take it and it-hurts! VIom proved he made the spot himself, but he never apolbX gized and next time we got ;a harder spanking. Could you please say a word John Leverence. a research Jellow at the Center, defines ]0pular culture as "all those elements of a society which are not narrowly intellectual or creatively elitist and which are generally distributed through .he mass media. It consists of :he spoken and printed word, sounds, pictures,. objects and artifacts, and therefore embraces all levels of our society. "Popular culture is generally middle class, highly conventional and structured along familiar cultural lines. The Western genre is an example, it always has a hero, a villain, an unmarried sehoolmarm and the themes ol good and evil." The Center opened in 1968 with an aim toward promoting the academic understanding of America's rich and complex cultural heritage"Popular, culture is not a body of knowledge," the 28 year-old Leverence says. "It's a discipline and an Bangle of vision -- a discipline in that in order, for. one to understand popular culture it must be taught and studied precisely as other academic disciplines are; an angle of vision in that since popular culture covers virtually every aspect of our existence it must be studied in the broadest,--most -humanistic, interdisciplinary^ way." · ' ·-· STUDIES POPULAR The study of culture has be- university campus in Green and consists of Bowlin 'norm; library-type facilities with mu seum aspects to it," says Le verence, "though it function fundamentally as a reseafc center. It has everything from pulp magazines to movie still with new collections donate from people working in th field. It's not so much finishe research books as unprocesse materials like 'manuscripts. "We have a professional sta of archivists, academics, libra ians and visiting lecturers, an most of the research is carrie on by graduate students." NBC To Assess Our Vietnam Involvement Heads For Peking MANILA', Philippines (AP) -- mclda R. Marcos, first lady f the Phillippines, apparently s heading for Peking. Diplomatic sources said Mon ay that 'Mrs. Marcos woulc cave Thursday for the main and Chinese capital. She is the lighest level visitor from here o China since her husband "resident Ferdinand Marcos mnounced plans earlier this /ear to establish diplomatic tie. vith the Communist nation. Mrs. Marcos made a similai visit to Moscow in 1972 tha led to closer ties with the Sovie LTrnon. 7 jumbo jet, with a program lest list that includes veteran lot Ernest Gann, author of The High and the Mighty," nd other aviation classics. The aim of the Vietnam seg- ents, says Snyder. simply is see what the country is like 3day, a year after the last U.S. ombat force pulled out of a tter war that still continues in northern and the centra] art of the country. "Vietnam was so prominenl a the news for what -- 10-12 ears? -- and meant so much r so little to people in the U.S hal I think it warrants going ack to," Snyder said. "We simply want to see if we an give any assessments, any ind of look, or get any kind ol eeling about what America lefi ehind there after fighting so ong a n d ' s o hard for all thi hings we were told we were ver there for." Snyder said he hopes to inter lew President Nguyen Van hieu, as well as possibly visi le former U.S. base .at Cam ;anh Bay and maybe do -sto ies in My Lai, Da Nang anc Hue. He said the itinerary isn'i et yet. But the talk show host mad o bones about the fact ht ioesn't plan to become a wai to active fighting areas, such s the Que Son Valley south- est of Da Nang. "We're watching the whole cene with a little trepidation, e admitted. "There's still a ar going on over there anc robably, if it's widespread, we may just scrub the whole trip Vietnam." TR1-LAKES ANTENNA Sales and Service New Used Anttnnw Color · Black While Boosters ·.Towers Free E*t[mates 751-7927 nt-MM 7II-02S7 NOW SHOWING OPEN 8:00-- BUTCH 8:45 BUTCH THE KID ARE BACK I Justfortheftinofit! PAUL NEWMAN ROBERT REOFORD KATHARINE ROSS,. "BUTCH CASSIDYAND THE SUNDANCE KID" Panaviskm* · color by Deluxe' H«s» · «*«.,, PLUSH John Wayne in "BIG JAKE" orrespondent, herwise. He voluntary or won't venture NOW SHOWING Starring CLAUDIA JENNINGS WHO WILL SURVIVE? SWAMP BEHIND-HHl AHEAD! 'GATOR BAIT Co-Hit "THE HITCHHIKERS" Burns Has Surgery LOS ANGELES (AP) -- omodian George Burns will b». loved from Ihc intensive care '· nit'at Cedars of Lebanon Hos-; ilal today after undergoing, pen heart surgery, a hospital pokesman said. Doctors said Monday t h a t Burns, 78, was in stable a n d . atisfaclory condition, but the,' xact nature of the pro.blem' vas not disclosed. . . STARTS WEDNESDAY Starts 8:25 -Plus"THE SINGLE GIRLS" DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS Programs subject to change without notice KTEW, Tulsa, Channel (Chinnel * n cable Tn FcyetUville) KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSM, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittshurg, Channel 7 DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM! PH. 751-6724 vfcu. COME NOW! KTUL, Tulsa, Channel 8 (Channel 4 on cable In Fayettevine) KOED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, Channel 11 KODE, Jopfin, Channel 12 KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 (Channel 9 en cable In Fayetlcvllle) since it?" If There were some 250 courses in popular culture being taught in schools around the country, mostly on film, when the Center was created. Today, there are at least three times that number, according to Leverence, and the areas of concentration have broadened to include detective and science fic- about fathers like this? -- 12- Year-OId Dear 12: Yes -- depraved! And if your mother allows this miserable treatment, she is just as guilty. -- Helen P.S. Talk to a relative or friend, who can perhaps show your father how wrong he is. 12-Year-Old: : ' If adults got this kind of treatment at work -- or even in prison -- there'd be a major investigation. Too bad children don't havs equal rights! ! But u n l e s s spanking becomes "battering" or authorities can prove neglect, they can't inter fere in family affairs. Let's hope someone does! --· Sue increasingly the Center's popular genesis. best sellers, Western "fic- television and radio, tion, tion, , sports and leisure, automobiles and architecture, comics, popular music, religion and philosophy,- and various other courses. Many universities · are now offering majors and minors, as well as -master's degrees and doctorates, in the discipline. The fourth annual Popular Culture Convention convened in Milwaukee recently to further pursue the definition of American culture. Papers were presented on such unlikely topics as. ."John Wayne: Believe in Him and Be Saved," "The EVEREST JENNINGS WHEELCHAIRS FOLDST010" 'RENTALS* SAIU FayiltevllleDruf E. Side Square «Z-73J VNARNER CABLE of Fayetleville 103 W. Mountain St. -- Phone 521-7730 Complete Home'Entertainment Cable Service All Area Television and . . . FM Radio Time-Weather-Special Events MOVIES ON TV Tuesday Night 7:00 p.m. Ch. 5-8-12 - "Pray for the Wildcats" (1974) Andy Griffith, William Shatner, Robert Reed 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-16 -- "Murder Ahoy" (1964) Margaret Rutherford, tionel Jeffries, Charles Tmgwell Wednesday Night 7:30 p.m. Ch. 8-12 --. "Melvin Purvis, G-Mon" (974) Dale Robertson, Harris Yulin, Margaret Blye 8:00 p.m. Ch. 2-3-5-7 -- "Remember When" (1974) Jack Warden, William Schallerf, Jamie Smith Jackson 10:30 p.m. Ch. 6-76 -- 'The Glass House" (1972) Alan Aldo, Vic Morrow, Clo Guloger TUESDAY EVENING- HEARING AIDS SALES SERVICE Badioear, Elcctone and Acouslicon Cords, Batteries and Accessories M. WARD HEARING AID DEPT. Evelyn Hills Shopping Center Fayettevine, Ark. Phone 443-4591 Top Bowling Seed EDISON.N.J. -- Carmen Sal vino of Chicago is the top-seed in a field of five as the S50.000 New Jersey Open Bowling Tournament heads into the fina' round, rry Mahan "THE GRtAT In AMERICAN COWBOY OZARK HOME AND GARDEN CENTER · Shrubs · Seeds · Insecticides · House Plants · Landscaping Service 20 E. Township Rd. Vi Mile West Whit Chevrolet "We 6iv» Your Green Thumb A| Helping Hand" * 5:00 Truth or C ------ -. Consequences .......... 7 To Tell The Truth ............. . 3 News .................... .... s, 8 Andy Griffith ................. e Sesame Street ........ , ......... 11 Twilight Zone .................. 16 it 5:30 News .......... 2 3 5. 6. 7, 16, 12 Truth or Consequences _________ 8 * 6:00 Making Things Grow .......... 11 News ......... 2. 3, S, 6, 7. 8, 12. 16 * 6:30 -. Green Acres .................... 2 Ozzie's Girls ............. , ...... 7 Felony Squad .................. 8 You Owe It To Yourself ...... *1I Wild Kingdom ................. S Let's Make A Deal ............ 3 Hogan's Heroes . .............. Itf Dusty's Trail .................. 12 * 7:00 Movie ..................... . 5, 8, 12 * 11:30 -Wide World Mystery * 12:00 Tomorrow 2 3. 5. T * 12:25 - Adam-12 ... ____ . .......... 2. Man Builds, Man Destroys , 3, 7 11 , .... Maude ...................... «. * 7:30 Hawaii Five-O ............. 6, 16 Faraday and Company ..... 2 3 7 Eye to Eye ............. ........ 11 * 8:00 Jeanne Wolf with ............. 11 * 8:30 Hawkins ...'. .......... , ....... 6 16 Performance .......... . ......... 11 Shaft ......................... 6, 16 * 9:0» Marcus Welby ...... . ......... 5, 12 Eastwood Baptist Church Police Story 2, 3 7 Indians for Indians .'.. 11 * 9:30 Today's Yoga 11 ·k 10:00 News 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 13, 16 * 10:30 ABC Captioncd News 11 Wide World Mystery ...' 12 Johnny Carson 2, 3, S, 7 Perry Mason a Movie 6, 16 Project * 1:00 -Oklahoma Forum : -. 2 WEDNESDAY MORNING-* 6:30 -Farm-Ranch Report 5 if.6:35 Inspiration 2 .', 6:40 News , , Z ' 6:50 -Light of Life 6 Today in Agriculture ,. 7 *.6:55 Harvest Time Tabernacle 5 Moments of Meditation 8 Project t * 7:00 Death Valley Day3 12 News 6, 18 Today , 2. 3, 5 7 Country Music Tlm« a 1974 COLOR TV NOW ENTERPRISE Sight and Sound Z333 N. College . 4«-85T5 Buy Your Carpet Direct From The Local People Thaf Make It. Where You Get The Best And Save The Most. Lawrence Carpel Mills, Inc. SPRING DALE, ARK. HIGHWAY 68 WEST 751-7981 BR'ER FRAN'S ."For A Good Time Tonight" HEW SUMMER HOURS: OPEN 7 P.M. «o MIDNIGHT .MON. thru SAT. ENTERTAINING WED. THRU SAT. SEELY ASTON from Fl. Worth EASTGATE SHOPPING CENTER FAYETXEVILLE 521-9303 * 7:30 Dennis the Menace 32 * 8:00 Captain Kangaroo B, 16 Sesame Street 12 Cartoon Circus · *8:30Oklahoma: Wednesday g * 9:00 Sesame Street 1 3 A.M 6 Jokers Wild 16 .. It's Your Bet 12 Movie .. ................... Name That Tune .......... -. 2 5. 7 * 9:30 Gambit ............ ..... -. ... 6, 16 To Tell The Truth ...... .' ........ 12 Winning Streak . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 5 7 * 10:00 -- ' High Rollers Now You See It . AU My Children * 10:39 - 2, 3 5, 7 .... 6, IS 12 GET OUT OF TOWN M-diS 1 ** Mickory Cr " k "«· *'" THE BARN 2M East off Hwy. 71 Steakj and stirlmp, homemade clnnamwi rum. relishes, and salads. Family siyl« fish fry Friday. Bar BQ Ribs Saturday. Open 5-10 p.m. SaL and Sun. 12 noon-10 p.m. Closed Mon. and Tuiv ceme ttt us al beautiful Beaver Like. Thousands of Folks... check the TV directory every day ....and they'll read your ad in this space. It's priced at a special low monthly rate. For information call the Northwest Arkansas UMkjS, display advertising department, 442-6242. Hollywood Squares 2, 3, 5, 7 Brady Buncb 8, 12 Love of Llfa 8, IB 10:55 -Coffee Break News 16 11:N Jackpot S S, 7 Mike Douglas 2 The Young and Restless . . . . 0, 16 Password s, 12 if 11:30 Celebrity Sweepstakes 3, 5, 7 Search for Tomorrow A. 18 Split Second 8. 12 if 11:55- News 3, 5, 7 WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON-* 12:00 -All My Children I Phil Donahoe News 2, «. T, 12, -- Tibletalk 5 Leave it to Carol 18 ·A- 12:30 -Insight ABC Afternoon Flaybreak .. 8, 12 Jeopardy! 2, 3 ·,s The World Turns . ' " * 12:35 Melody Mattnca . * 1:00 - Guildlng Light .. Day* ol Our Liven * 1:30 - : Edge of Night Doctors 2. * 2:00 Price is Right Another World General Hospital ... * 2:30 How To Survive A Marriage ..,.' ', Today's Yoga One Life To JJv« ... Match Game ....... * 3:00 Sesame Street ...... Tattletalea . «, II «, 18 2. , 5. ( 3, 4. t 6, 16 2, 3, 5. ...... 8, 1J 2, 9 S, 7 «, 16 Cartoons 8 $10,000 Pyramid Somerset 2, J, 5, 7 * 3:3fl - | Jeopardy 5 7' Mayberry RJ-.D. lz Uncle Zeb t Joker's Wild 6 Dick Van Dyke 1 Petticoat Junction 2 Name That Tune 3 *4:00- Wlnnlng Streak 3 Corner Pyle. USMC 8 Fugitive '16 ugltl' Drei of Jeannle Mister Rogers West 5 Wild, Wild Flipper . Bonanza . Merv Griffin » 2 * 4:30 Electric Company Lucy Show , Beverly Hillbillies Beat the Clock Daniel Boone * 5:00 - Andy Griffith Truth or Consequence* To Tell Th« Truth News 5. 8 Sesame Street 11 Twilight Zone 16 * 5:30 News . . 2. 3. 5, «, 7, 12 Truth or Consequences WEDNESDAY EVENING-* 6:00- ' News 2, 3, S, 6 7, 8, 12, 16 Inside Oklahoma Education , 6:30 Green Acres , Felony Squad , Grand Master Chess , Hogan's Heroes The Cowboys , Walt Till Your Father Gets Home Hollywood Squares 2, J. 5. 7 llywood i 7:00 Chase Hudson Brother* The Cowboys . . . . Zoom " it * 7:30 Great American Dream Machina n Movi« ...,'.. 8, 12 * 8 : 0 0 - 3, 5. T 6, 10 Boarding House * 9:00 - TMSt BaptIst Chlirch Festival Films ...' '. Kojak ,.....'\ * 9:30 -Today's Yoga ' 10:00 -- . 8 12 1! 11 News 2. 3 . 5 , 6 , 7,8. 12, 16 * 10:30 -Wide World Special 12 Perry Mason 8 Movie s, 15 Johnny Carson z, 3, 5 7 ABC Caplioned News 11 * 11:30- Wide World Special I * 12:00 Tomorrow 2 5 7 Project r. * 1:00 Today's World 3

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