Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 12, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1952
Page 5
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MOstTHWIST AIKAN1 Af TIMK, foyeHevMi, AHiamw WedrHnHtoy, M»f«r) II, IfM --S Nifionwide Press Survey Shows Censorship Exists Widely Throughout United States you don't have to go to dictator nations to find censorship. From coast to. coast, newspapers fire fighting rfoad blocks fo freedom of information on federal, state and local levels. The Associated Press conducted a nationwide survey ana found censorship in this frce- est land of them all far more widespread than you may realize. By JAMES DEVLIN New York-(/P;-You don't have to go to a dictator nation to find public officials shrouding their activities behind an iron curtain of censorship You can find Wiitr Condemntd ' Officials of one town knew for 15 years that the U S. Public Health Service had condemned its drinking water. The newspapers didn't know. Neither did the people*. A county employe handling public money stole .marriage license fees. County officials went into secret session, decided he woulrln'i do it again and kept him on the job. The matter was kept quiet Taxpayers learned of it six ycarss later when the thefts mounted to $18,000 and they were called upon here. It is a censorship by closed meetings, buried records and "no comments"--rather t h a n the direct "Don't print that" of the totalitarian countries. But the effect is the same in providing a secrecy cloak for ·ireas o£ government on the fed- oral, state and local levels. Newspape'rs are fighting-soften j to make up the loss, the same thing I These examples show that of- successfully -- to blackouts. remove theso tfo PVftER Aspirin Than- St. Joseph ASPIRIN WDRIFS LARGEST SE1UR AT IOC WALT BEACH Guaranteed Watch' Repairing Wit* ·rtwrr't Cltiiwn I! I. Cuiter Stmt VAYCTTEVILLE, MK. PIMM MM DM bnr «nio % GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 64c Holland Bret. Locker Plant EVERYTHING IN nUMBINO and SUPPLIES FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. GOVWNMENT AVI. ficial secrecy is not n remote matter involving only high governmental circles, but something that can affect you personally. The People Lose James S. Pope, executive editor of the Louisville. Courier Journal and Louisville Times and chairman of the American Society of Newspaper Editors' Committee on Freedom, says: "When news is suppressed, all the newspapers lose is , a story. But the people lose touch with and control of their government." The right to know is denied morn often might realize. The Associated Press found instances of concealment, and determined newspaper lights against it, from coast to coast and from tho Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico. Many of the news blackouts and fights against them--are local. But added together they form a broad picture. Survey Rnulli The survey showed: 1. There is some degree of news suppression at every governmental level, from Washington to the towns.. 2. The suppression almost always can be beaten when there is a determined challenge by spirited newspapers,' especially when they arc backed by the people. The reflected in Wisconsin, where the Milwaukee Journal conducted a detailed study of official efforts to smother news. Edwin B. Bay Icy, inc Journal's state political reporter, toured every city of more than 15,000 population and found that in most there nre some governmental bodies which meet behind "closed doors," hidden from press and public. He found, too, that: "Jn some cities, reporters are denied access to, police and sheriff's reports, and news of this kind is carefully filtered through the chief officer. j "Newspapers suspect, and some-' times are able to prove, that news of crime and accidents is censored to conceal circumstances embarrassing to the department O r to protect prominent persons or political friends from unfavorable publicity." Pr«ii Needed The water incident shows hnw a vigilant press can break through the secrecy veil. A reporter for the LaCrosse, Wis., Tribune learned that railroad trains did not take nn water at LaCrossc.' He found that the United States Public Health Service had reported it had a high bacterial count. The Journal, reviewing the incident, said: f "The reporter also found t h a t the first report on the poor condition of the water had been filed 15 years before and repeater! every year since. The former- city engineer and some members of the City Council had known nbout it, but never made it public. The ensuing clamor led to chlorinntion of the city's u'fitor." Bayley reported that "there is ho more, and probably less, secrecy in government jn Wisconsin than in other states." Policemen Lose Guns, !ar Keys To Robbers - Chicago - (/P) - Two uniformed loliccmen lost their : guns and the tcys to their squad car to two gunmen they sought to qucslion r»nr1v inrlav Thr rJimmnn tin-norf he bandits lien, in their' own car. The stranded policemen, John riynn and Richard McLean, telephoned Rogers Park Police Sta- .ion for a duplicate set of keys, drove back to the station and reported the robbery. Betty Mutton Home From Korean Tour Tokyo-Wi-Betty Hutton, fnl- .enerl up a litlle on Army chow n Korea, came back from a 14- day war tour today and urged more Hollywood stars to follow n her footsteps. luakcs Costly Tnkyn-W)-Tho Hnkkaidn Trc- 'cctural Government today reported Tuesday's earthkquakes anrl idal waves caused $42,888,777 lamage on the Northern Japanese sland. ·» with Iki Umw-reid hf TIMES d»U Stocking Trouble At Beauty Show New York-f/Pj-Stocklng troubles beset women shoppers yesterday In the nelchborhond of Pennsylvania Station--their nylons disintegrated before their eyes. U may have een the atmosphere that caused the trouble. About a fourth of the 1,000 well dressed women attending the International Beauty Show at the i Statler Hotel were astounded to i find runs and holes In their hose. The city's Smoke Control Board said yesterday was a bart day for fumes in the city, because' there was little wind and a lowering at- mnspherc to keep city odors close to the ground. YA To Start Mailing Dividends To Veterans PashIngton-OP)-T h e Veterans Administration plans to s(; rt mailing 1952 dividends on national service life insurance to veterans and servicemen laier month instead of this week. The new date was announced yesterday. Five million policy holders will divide about 200 'million dollars .vlth individual dividends averag- ng S60. Churches Report Signs Of Growth New York - (/P) - The National Council of the Churches of Christ in America reported yesterday that c h u re h membership ,In America is growing twice ns fast as the' population as a whole. Jt pair} that while the population crew only per cent between I f ) 2 6 ' a n d 1350, the total membership of the larger church groups increased 59.8 per cent. fflMIU Dan'l Raffer Another Minute No mailer how many remedies you nave tried (or Itching eczema, psorinslr,. 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