Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 13, 1974 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 13, 1974
Page 10
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f AU.R16HT.KI0, STANOUP!IR(M THIS PLAV6ROUNP, WHEN I COTE] ITS HER!! AROUNR YOU (IT'S HER!! 5TANPUP.PO MV FIRST . TOO HEAR M£*J SWEETHEART! IF TOD DON TOO WHAT ISM, THIS BEA6L£ WILL BITE fOUR LE61 ?ANDWHENlGETMYHftNDS WITH OR WITHOUT YOU, *X LEFT MV HUfiBAND FORYOU, BUBBA'PI/tt! I'VE^ CM THE FRILUV TREASURE,/ ABY. DOESN'T MAKE i* WRECKED MY LIFE FOR YOU/ AND ALL YOU WANT I'M PUIUNS OUT. ,--- O N G P E R N f O M E . Jl, IS AUNT MINNIE'S TREASURE, r 5 _ - ~ ^WlTrl- *· · -^**r . . --·'/ OUT Belfeve Jt or^Wt/1 IN SARAJEVO, YUGOSLAVIA, IN 1898, BECAME THE FIRST MOSQUE-IN THE WORLD TO PERMIT ITS IllUMINATION BY ELECTRICITY ^·BMliBSaBlll^ Today /n History ^^ of West Africa, HAS A CRY THAT SOUNDS UKE me' A RUSTY HINGE John. BOYES 0673-1951) AN ENGLISHMAN, FOR YEARS WAS TfiE KINO ' OF THE KlKUYU TRIBES OF AFRlCA--»ffNATIVES WHO iATEK BECAME THE DREAD MAltMAOS FRANCES DRAKE Your Doily Horoscope 0 « Nerthweirt ArfcorHoi TIMES, Tuei., Aug. 13, 1974 FAYETTEVIUtl, ARKANSAS , By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Tuesday. Aug. 13, he 225th day of 1974. There are 140 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1521, the Spanish conqueror, Hernando 3ortez, captured Mexico City 'rom the Aztec Indians. so n* POWTICAI. I SHORE fW TICKLED HE60TOUr OF BEP THIS MORWIW PER TH'FUST TIME THIS WEEK TO HEfiR HES BfiCK HOWSSNUFFVS) FEEUN fl HEflD COLD (HEftPGOODER COMIW'flLOWe, ) woW,PflRSOW ON HIS FEET AS IN ( HOW FAR * SHALL I » T uc CONTINUE p/yVAy/f ( THE CHICKEN GOT } AWAY: YOU'RE FIRED.WORMBERT.":' THERES ADRIVEINTH6 V A COUNTRY SHOULD J CHICKEN TAKE My MIND 1 IN THE ,, OFF MY PHOBIA. ROAD * WHVARE H SIR.' you SLOWING DOWN,WORMBERT? CHICKENS HAVE FEATHERS// CHASE IT- BLAST VOU/r I KNEW I SHOLJU5 DONT START OFF W|T|4 ANO I'M PIGEON TOEO.'1_ ASK A SIMPLE QUESTION AMP YOU GET A VAUDEVILLE ACT? '\ MO, BUT i HAVE CAl-VES 8BAINS/ Look in' the section in which your birthday comee and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. FOR WED., AUG. 14, 1874 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Be flexible enough in thought and foresighted enough to lake advantage of a new idea before someone else beats you lo it. Resist tendencies toward doubt and skepticism. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Responsibility is the keyword here and YOU know how to handle that! Don t undertake too many aclvities, however, or you'll do justice to none. GEMINI (May 22* lo June 21) A generally good day, 'but you may run into a few obstacles --which COULD he caused hy /our own procrastination, disin :erest or skepticism. Avoid such negative approaches. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Don't try to reach for the un reasonable but do give pain staking effort, not only to rou tine endeavors, but to the "extras', 1 which may come your way. It will pay off. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Past investments of lime anc effort now bring pleasing benefits, but don't, rest on yonr laurels. Strike out for bigger anc better attainment. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept.23) Don't be overly critical -- a» you sometimes are. But reeog nize defects and aim construe tively to cooperate with those who are genuinely trying to al ter undesirable situations.. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) A day in which to avoid mak ing hasty decisions or drawing mwarranted concluson withou complete knowledge of fact Dtherwse, some nice advan tages indicated. CORP10 (Oct: 24 lo Nov. 22) An associate whose judgment s usually quite sound may un- xpectedly advice some radical move. Don't listen. Be alert to Jossible consequences.. lAGrTTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) Unusual activity indicated in usiness circles. T h i s will be a time to show your mettle, o he willing to take on new esponsibilities--which will pay iff later. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 0) Do not become loo deeply in- olved in the affairs of others or you could invite distress. A good outlook for 'travel plans and outdoor interests. AQUARIUS (Jan, 21 to-Feb. 19) A challenging day! New op jortunities indicated, cahnces to Jve more rein lo your creative abilities. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Yon should be even more pre- ceptive than usual now. No matter how great the opposition, stick to your decisions. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed . with a magnetic personality, vitality and an unusual gift of leadership. You are so extremely versatile that you could succeed in almost any eld which appeals to you and for which you educate yourself. However, you would probably do your best in one of the professions. In such case, it will be important to remember, however, that you MUST curb an instinctive tendency to Le dogmatic, or yon could alienate as- sociales. Your flair for the dramalie could make you an excellent Irial lawyer or, on Ihe stage, as an heiioic actor. You could also succeed at writing and (or) music. Birlhdate of: J o h n Galsworthy and Sir Walter Besant, Eng. authors, State Demo Convention Is Planned LITTLE ROCK (AP? -- The Democralic State Committee will call a dislricl convention ti choose the Democratic nominei for a vacancy in the Arkansa House caused by the death o Rep. Kirby Meacham of Mon roe, a Democratic official sail Monday. Meacham's district consist of Monroe County and parts o Arkansas County. Craig Campbell, executiv secrelary of the state con' mittee, said that he was tryin to make arrangements with lo cal party officials for the di tricl convention but said tha no date has been set. Since there 'is no Hepublia or independenl candidate, tl' new Democratic nominee \yi .ake Ihe seat, without, oppositio unless. someone qualifies as write-in cundidate. Fred MacDonald of Brinkle secretary of the Monroe Coun' Democratic Committea, aske for an attorney general's opi ion on the legality of filling II position by petilion. The pe' lion method is authorized 1 the state election laws. However, Ally. Gen. Jim Gu Tucker said Ihere was a que tion whether the Monvoe Cou ty commitlee had authority select the method to be use since District 74 includes pa of Arkansas County. - Tucker also said that his fice didn't interpret party rul and suggested that MacDona refer to stale party rules. Campbell cited rule 41 of t' slate Democralic parly whi' says that if a vacancy occurs, nominee to fill that positi shall be selecled by a co vention of delegates. On this date: In 1688, King William's War gan when Indians attacked orth Yarmouth, Maine. In 1848, the American flaj; as first raised in Los Angeles. In 1898, during the Spanish- merican War, Spain surren- ered the Philippine cily of Mala to the United States. : In 1930, a new aviation speed ecord was established when apt. Fank Hawks flew from os Angeles to. New York in 12 ours, 25 minutes. In 1937, the Japanese at- icked Shanghai, China. In 1961, East Germany sealed T the border between East nd West Berlin by closing the ·randenburg Gate. ; Ten years ago: The U.S. SeiV le voted against further Amer- can aid to Indonesia until the ndonesian dispute with neighboring Malaysia was settled. · Five years ago: President feon bestowed the nation's ighest civilian . award, the ledal of Freedom, upon Astro- auts Neil Armstrong, Edwin \ldrin and Michael Collins .fter their historic moon land- ng. One year ago: President Nix- m signed a $23-billion highway bill, permitting, for the first line, the use of funds of the federal Highway Trust Fund 'or mass transit. Today's birthdays: Cuba's Fi- rlel Castro is 49 years old. Move director Alfred Hitchcock is '5. Thought for today: Anger is momentary madness. So con- :rol your passion or it will control you -- Horace. Roman poet and satirist, 65-8 B-C. ; Fords Plan Move WASHINGTON (AP) -- First Lady Betty Ford will tour the White House today to maka plans for moving the Ford3 rom their suburban Alexandria, Va., home. Mrs. Ford said through a spokesman that no definite time has been set yet for the Fords to move into the executive mansion. ; While House Chief Usher Rex Scouten had an afternoon appointment with Mrs. Ford tp show her the 132-room presidential residence, which will bu a- big change for the Fords from their modest suburban Virginia home. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) Wesl dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH * K J l f l 9 5 V 7 6 3 · K 8 * Q 9 5 Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer 44 Style of furniture 46 Halberd, for one 50 Club 51 Ancient country 52 Character 'in "Hamlet" 56 Mohammedan magistrate 57 Sweetsop 58 Roman 151 ACROSS I Snake 4 Russian, for one 8 Touch 12 Chinese VIP 13 Carry 14 Russian city 15 Dastard 17 Rural path 18 Epoch 19 Italian porridge Function in 59 Guinness trigonom- 60 Follows etry 24 Bud's sidekick 25 Siamese coin 26 Russian river 28 Frolic K Household need 34 The sun 36 Volume 37 King of Judea 39 Expire 41 Illumined 42 Meadow 61 Dine DOWN 1 Elec. unit 2 -- Paulo 3 Center of attraction 4 Shore 5 Card game 6 Upon 7 Poison 8 Skunk 9 Islands in Galway Bay 10 Religious season 11 Entreaty closely Avg. solution time: 24 min. 16 Used before pod and vet 20 Resinous substance 21 Currency 22 Indian 23 Dawn goddess 27 Cain's land 29 A science 30 Arabian chieftain 31 Network 33 Controversial 35 Norwegian statesman 38 Goddess 40 Raise in relief 43 Biblical name 45 Greek god 46 Rodent 47 Kind of exam 48 Bail 49 Marquand's Mr.-53 Support 54 Eskimo knife WEST * A 8 4 3 V Q J 8 · 9 7 5 3 2 EAST *Q6 ¥ A K 1 0 9 5 2 · 64 * 7 4 3 SOUTH * 7 2 » 4 * A Q J W + A K J 10 8 2 The bidding: West Pass Pass 3* North Pass 4* East Pass 2V Pass South 1* 3* lead Opening icarls. Lei's assume queen of you're in five clubs and West leads the queen of hearts followed by the jack. You ruff and, after cashing three rounds of trumps and four diamonds, lead a spade which Wesl plays Ihe three. You are now at the crucial joint of the hand. I f ' y o u think Wesl has the queen you should ilay the jack from dummy,.hut T you think Wesl has the ace you should play the king from dummy. Situations like this occur frequently, and of ourse there's 10 magic formula to solve :hem. However, there is practically always a clue of some sort lo grasp at. The declarer who lakes the game seriously has to find this clue, and he may solve Ihe problem here by applying the same principle as the village idiot- who found a losl horso by asking himself: "Where would T go if I were a horse?" South asks himself what lib would have bid after two passes had he been East and held five or six hearls headed by the A-IC and the ace of spades on the side. He would surely have opened the bidding third hand with a heart on such a holding, rather than pass. Accordingly, S o u t h must assume that East does not have the ace of spades and he should play the king from dummy rather than the jack. It is not a matter of tossing a coin in the air, nor is it a matter of profound and convoluted deduc- lion. It's jusl plain common horse sense! PONYTAIL Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 55 Taste 26 33- 2J 38 57 49 20 28 58 ir i» rieDds U¥ta 3 r ' Wanda... my father

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