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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, March 11, 1952
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im niiuc INTWIST · THf FMST CONCIRN Of THIS NEWSPAPER Associated tats Uos«d Wire $.1 »*·»· THWSmfJ--·» ,-.··,,.. .. j.^ rayetteville and yjeiijjr -jprnr' cloudy and cool tonigfil wiili ' temperatures from II t » M , d*. frees. T o m o r r o w · increuJl cloudiness with light nuv by'irtL tcrnoon and warmer. RiiitltU, fif. High temperature yesterday S7; low 30; noon today 51 .Sunrise 6:3.1; sunset «:22. ' ' t. AP, King and NEA Futures fAVETTEVIllE. ARKANSAS, TUESDAY EVENING, MARCH 11, 1*51 F|re_Bombs Raine^Or^Red Supply ^^^w' ^ A fl -· '· · ' m^m ' .^i^kk.' . A . . . ah ..· - M · . '^. · _ ' '. ----- _ _ ^-Court Asked To Order End To Railroad Strike Action Is Filed For Army After Workers Quit Means Sought To Prevent Spread Of Walkout Cleveland-W)-The government loday asked Federal Court to order three rail unions to end their strike against two rail lines "im, mediately." Judge Emerich B. Freed was expected " t o consider the government's request for an injunction order without delay. Justice .Department attorneys filed the action for the Army, which has controlled the railroads since August 27, 1950. Their petition also asked the. court to keep the engineers, firemen and 'conductors from spreading the walkout to other railroads. ·' A spokesman for the striking . rail unions said they would have no comment until after they had studied the government's suit, which asks temporary injunctive . relief and suggests there be a hearing within 10 days on making the injunction permanent. Since the surprise strike started Sunday morning, only the New York Central Lines west of Buffalo and the St. LoUis Terminal have been targets of the three rail operating brotherhoods. A b o u t 6,000 men are on strike and an additional 25,000 New York Central employes have been laid off. Contempt Possible Americans Have Chance To Select Good Nan As President, Says Fulbrighl Of Russell "The senator made a .very favorable' impression with all of the Nebraska Republicans, lie is an excellent speaker and a very brilliant man. Too bad we don't have more like him in Washington." So writes Robert S. McGranahan director of general printing and-information at the University of Omaha, Neb., follosving two lectures given by Sen. J. W. Fulbright of Arkansas in the university's Saxter Lecture Series. McGrana- lan encloses two clippings from the Omaha World Herald, one re- Jorting an interview the senator granted. In this report, Senator Fi'lbright a i d ' t h a t Senator Russell (Dem. 3.B.) is the ablest of all the avowed Democratic candidates for presi- -"Jt is a sad thing - t h a t the American people don't know more about Senator Russell," he is quoted as'saying, terming the Georgian "the 1 most influential man' in the Senate." "He is the Senate's balance wheel," Mr. Fulbright said. "He takes the crazy parts out of. bills, things you never read about." Fulbright said the reason the press pays little attention to the Georgia senator is because he "has little reader interest. He does not go around making sensational or ridiculous statements." In the interview the Arkansas senator said: "If the people haven't got enough: discrimination and judgment .to take a good man, then it will be heir responsibility. In Russell they've got t h a t good man." Fayetfeville Team Nay Receive Trip As Bonus For Fine Season three unions in contempt of court taxes. and make, them liable to fines and I Durini Expert Feels U.S. Nearing Tax Saturation . ' Washington - (/p)-Leon Keyser- r ,,.-.,. TM*' chairman of the President's Failure to- end trie-strike or. its | ^on^ th f^S n ' lmi " Advisers point" on ig hearings on the independent offices appropriation bill published today, by the House Appropriations Committee, Keyserling said he "very definitely" believes there is such a saturation point, and "we are certainly approaching the point where one has to be very careful about the levying of more taxes." CriHenden Hospital In Financial Difficulties West Memphis, Ark. - (/P) - A scarcity of paying patients ha , imprisonment. A year ago when the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen extended their "sick" walkouts in Jefiance of a Federal Court order. lhat union was fined a total of _ $100.000 in U. S. district courts at Chicago and Washinston. The injunction request came after heads of the three unions meet_ ing here took no action* on an ' Army demand they end the walkout or face "appropriate action." The Army said the defense effort could not permit an interruption in transportation. The strike has slowed down freight shipments, caused some industrial layoffs and forced about 20,000 daily NYC passengers to ' In an effort, to reward the will, the determination, the sportsmanship and the fighting, spirit'of the Fayetteville High School basketball team, a drive for $500 to pay for sending the team to Kansas City to witness thc NCAA re- tournament next weekend was opened this morning by the TIMES. Contributions from the fans of the'ar.e,a..a,re i .»plicited by the TIMES as a token of appreciation for .the 'outstanding manner in which the Bulldog basketball team represented this city during Ihe degree murder trial of Elmei season and i n ' t h e state tourna- I "Dick" Short, 50. got off to Batista Takes Charge Of All Powers In Cuba . president Enters Mexican Embassy, Asks Asylum . Havana, .Cuba - (/pj - Fulgenci' Batista, Cuba's resurgent stron man, .today formally proclaim? himself in charge of "all power and functions" of both the cxecu live find legislative branches o the government. . The former president and behind-the-scenes dictator who rose to power again yesterday in a swift, almost Woodless revolution announced a series of "statutes o: government;" including a 45-day suspension of the right to strike. President Carlos Prio Socarras who fled the presidential palace after Batista and his junta of 1.5 or 20 Army captains f.nd lieutenants had seized control of nil major miltary and police establishments -here, slipped into the Mexican Embassy early today and asked for asylum. Batista's '''proclamation said the revolutionary junta-- that apparently is what his government will be called -- had resolved that he assume the "leadership of the state" and therefore "I take charge of organizing and directing the executive and legislative powers." He pledged to sweep Cuba clean of "thieving and gangsterism in government." In addition to suspending Con gross and 'constitutional guaran tecs for 45 days, he authorized a! persons having guns illegally t turn them into police within fiv days without giving their name or facing prosecution. Murder Trial Delayed; Jury Selection Neir School Elections Are Scheduled Saturday A ' r ForceLels 1 -Vnllirc. \ . ill ..-..I II- : _ . . . , . . . . · · _ A llff.ll_ El * - rs- \,ill cast their ballots Saturday in the annual school election in Arkansas. In 1 Washington Cdunly, n school board members will be elected--one each in seven' of the nine . districts and two each i.\ the Fayettevillo and Prairie Grove districts, School tax miliages be voted on, and proposed bond issue's in two districts will be decided. .. · Contests e'xls for school board seats: in three districts. Ray Adams and Clark McClinton are -unopposed for reelection to the Fayelteville School Board for three-year lerms. A aO-m!ll tax, the same as that now in effect, v/ii; he voted on. A $50,000 bond issue Is on the Elkins ballot; along with a ,10- r n i l l ' l a x which is In effect now Opposing. R. C. Vaught's l i d for reelection lo the Elkins School Board is Glen Reed. The term they seek Is for five years. Opponents Tor on the board County District a (ivc-ycnr term Washington 20 ( r u r a l ) of No. arc Troy Sherry and Mike Milo- «av of Zone 5. A 30-mll] laj, replacing 28 mills is proposed ,is well as '. $5,000 hond Issue to build a one-room school at Sun- fet. In Lincoln. Robert Piu s j s seeking reelection to the School Board for five years, and Is opposed by .lames Gibson. A .10- mlll tax, now in cffecl, will be voted on. Farminglon volcrs will consider a 45-milI tax, replacing the present levy of ,16 mills. Lon Widdcn is unopposed for a five-year seal on Ihe School Board. A -10-mlll lax Is proposed In Springdalc, where the tax now Is M mlllj,. 1 Harvey .rones is un- oppo.scd' I! ere for election lo as School Bonrd or disapprove the present i five-year term mcnibci. Unopposed in Prairie Grove for clcciion ,-s School Board members arc ')r. .Jeff Raggett for five years and Clyde K. Rutherford Tor Ihrcc years. Volcrs will improve ni " 36 mill ·I. M. Crider Is unopposed in Greenland for a five-year term on Ihe School Board. A 44-mlli lax is proposed there, the same now in effect. Fred A. Doyle Is unopposed for a five-yen' School Board Urm In West Fork, vhcro a rrduellr has been proposed in thc ta millagc-- from 4fi mills t Council Approves Poy Hikes For Employes Of The City ft.-, f-ia.. ,-, . . . . · * The City Council last night* dopted a $575,450 budget for 1952 ' nd estimated t h a t this expendi- ure will leave $15,211.68 over xpenditures. · Included In the budget were pay icreases for all city employes with he exception of elected officials nd operators of city concessions --me city lake and women's rest oom. Eisenhower Takes Early Lead Over Tallin New Hampshire BenlonvlIle-(Spccial)-The firs ment. These contributions may be mailed or delivered to the TIMES office. - . , Fayetlevillc High earned a sea son record of 16 wins and two osses, and won four sanies in the state tournament as the Bulldogs advanced to the finals against ''ine Bluff of the Big Six. The iverall season record of 20 wins nd three losses. The-NCAA tournament in Kanas City is scheduled f o r ' M a r c h 1, 22. Plans are for the team to I leave Fayetteville on the 21st. The driven the new Crittenden c ount . y j teams entered .in the Kansas City H n c n i l a l i n l n l i n n n n . ' n i j:tr: n - _ _ IDPfit include T, C. I I . r h a m n i n n Hospital into financial difficulties; Administrator Bit-hard F. Scruggs find other rides. Industrial l a y - j said the 100-hed institution "needs Kansas - champion of lh offs will mount rapidly if the i a government loan to tide it over · Roundin S out the field meet include T. C. U., champion of the Southwest Conference, and Kansas, champion of the Big Seven. · strike is prolonged. .Units Will Be Added To Air National Guard Little Rock-(/P)-The Arkansas National Guard will add five new i until it can support itself. County Judge W. K. Ingram last night said he had called Senator Fulbright (D-Ark) in Washington. Ingram asked Fulbright t6 " lg " "I'" 1 thc winner l ua liiJ'i arrange for a discussion nf =, RO. ! for f l n a l lwo rounds at Seattle. Louis, winner in the powerful Missouri Valley Conference and Ihe titlist in the Border Conference. Two games are played each night with the winner qualifying Shortly after the drive construction Finance Corporation I .',', ~""j",,,""V "" loan. Since the hospital opened | opened Mr ' anri Mrs ' Don Trumb - been rcadyjn i Jj 1 ,TM \° n _ st ^ ^"^"'/^nlc with the fi . ·ris said yesterday the new units i would be located at Little Rock, Hot Springs, Pine Bluff and Stuttgart. . . Arkansas now has three Air National Guard units in federal service--the 154th fighter squndron the 120th aircraft control and weather squadron and the 201st two .target squadron. any onetime bu " on ' a L h ! c ±^°i: Newspopers Keep High Circulation Philadelphia - (IP) - The combined circulation of English-lan- .auage newspapers in the United States last year totaled 53,593 000. ' The figure nearly equals the ^ill-time record established in 1950.. Some Runs Canceled By Ihe Missouri Pacific ! Litllc Rock-MMissouri Pacific i I Lines canceled seven trains be- ' !'tween here and St. Louis because ; of picketing at the St. I terminal. Dqmoge Heavy In Japanese Quakes Tokyo-W 5 ). The Hokkaido prc- fectura] government loday reported .Tuesday's earthquakes and tidal waves caused damage estimated at 42'li million dollars. White House Bomb Shelter To Cost More Washinglon-(yP)-The presidcnl Louis . bnmb shelter at the White Hous is going to cost $868,000 inslea of $813,000, Congress learned lo day. Hearing! on the indcpcndcn offices appropriation hill, re .leased by the House Appropria tions Committee, disclosed lha the Army Engineers re-examinee specifications for the shelter and recommended changes costing 555,000. Man Or Monster, If Hampers Fishing In Lake Conway Conway, Ark.-W')-For about 30 ,vcar« now residents of Faulkner County have reported mysterious i« the Conway Cabin Democrat decided to trace down the source of thc latest story. Scales finally area, a tributary of Lake Conway. Jhere have been reports of a huge monster splashing about in thc creek, scaring fishermen and hunters with screams and squeals and kicking up quilc a fuss In the water. About two weeks ago the rumor began circulating and growing In llze «nrt number. This time it vns *i weird creature playing h a \ o c with things In general on Lake (Jonway. Reporter Walter Ed Scales of ... ...^ , nlV M. Mtiry. ocaics nnaiiy Creek I contacted George Dillon of the '""""' Mayflower Community, about 20 , miles northeast of Little Rock. It seems Dillon was the angler who saw thc creature. Here's the story as related by Dillon to Scales: Dillon was running a trolllnc one day when thc thing floated lo the surface as he raised the line. The creature stared at him a few seconds and then tried to shake the hooks from its mouth. It had green spotted skin slml- Inr to that of · frog and a mon- kcylikc head. Its lips were blue, it had no teeth. Its hands were the size of a man's but It had web fingers and claw like nails. Thc thing then pushed thc boat around with a tall or a hind foot and starled swimming away, break- Ing loose one hook and straightening out two others. It disappeared Into n clump of bushes. "I first thought It was a man who had tangled In the line," said Dillon. "Thai's why I didn't club It with a paddle." Scales quoted Dillon as saying: 'I've never been afraid of 'anything, but you notice I'm not fish- Ing there any more." slow start today as Circuit Judge Maunin Cummings was delayed in a trial at Huntsvillc. Seleclioii of the jury was lo open early this afternoon, and attorneys predicted that the jury would be empaneled by late afternoon. The hearing of evidence was not expected lo begin before tomorrow morning. Short is charged in (he fatal shooting last November 21 of his wife, Mrs. Hazel Irene Sl.ort, 35, at the Miller community north of Rogers. Mrs. Short, struci. by five bullels from a .22 caliber revolver, died almost immediately. .The shooting occurred on the couple's second wedding anniversary. Defense Attorney Vol Lindsey said this morning that temporary ] nsanity would be the defense plea. Good Neighbor Dinner Tonight At West Fork Charles Buxton will be master of ceremonies tonight at a Good Neighbor dinner at West Fork, with dinner scheduled at 6:45 Thc total salary increase--figur- g hourly wages on a normal work eek basis--will amount to $12-73.60 a year. ', All employes.paid by thc month will receive a $ 1 0 ' m o n t h l y pay boost, while hourly workers will be given five cents more per hour --figuring up to $9.60 a month during a normal work month. in addition, members of. the two uniformed departments, fire and police, were granted '$5 monthly Increases in their uniform allowances. In effect, this means that members of the two departments will be paid $15 mbre'each month. The cost of uniforms and uniform malntenance-Usually runs above ingihonttuy uniform allowance. The police Department's three radio operators, who at preser ire not classed as members o the uniformed force and do no draw uniform allowances, wer idvanced last night to the tin! formed ranks anri granted the ful Mo clothing allowance. To 1200 Monlhlr At present palrolmen and flre- Tien are paid $190 a month plus i l O uniform allowance. The new Concord, N. H. - (IP). General* Eisenhower held a slight lead over Senator Robert A'. Taft in thc first - in - the - nation Republican presidential 'preference primary today In the first two tiny towns to report. The towns _ Watcrville Valley and Millsfleld--gave Elsenhower seven votes and Taft four. Thc combined, population of thc two plages is .only 28. General Elsenhower got all his votes, -in:,Watervllle Valley-and Taft ,-jgo't. hit in program to be broadcast and at 8. Included on the program will he group singing led bj Margaret Simpson; numbers by a ?ir!s' glee club; welcoming talk by Doyle Stockburgcr; response by Clint Walden; shqrt talks by B. B. Woods, Gus Clifton, Tom Gray, Roy Read and Harrell Hall. This is o;ie of a series of Good Neighbor dinners Ihe Fayctleville Commerce. sponsored Chamber Poultry Morkef -- The poultry market today as reported by the University of Arkansas Institute of Science and 'cchnology and thc Dairy am 'oultry Market News Service c he U. S. Department of Agrlcul ure. Northwest Arkansas market bout steady, demand good, olume of trading very heavy, rices paid f. o. b. farm up to 2 . m., broilers anri fryers all 'eights 27 cents Ib. scale will raise them to $200 monthly plus $15 In allowances, -hicfs of thc departments are paid 250 a month plus the $10 allow- ncc. ,and the assistant police hicfs salary is $225 plus $10. All hrce officers will receive the $10 aise plus the additional $5 allow- nce. Radio operators, now paid $175 month, will in the future draw Iff plus a $15 uniform allowance. All Increases will become cffcc- ve April ,1, and the first check ndcr the new rate will be issued April 15. Hightr Incomi Sean -Under the ne,w budgct, ; Income for the current year is estimated it $590,662.35, and planned spending Is estimated at $575,450--leaving a $15,211.68 balance. These figures compare with last year's net income of $551,9S6.7! and expenditures of $583.564.28 for i deficit of $31,607.49.-This deficit .s accounted for by a decrease in rash funds and issuance of $12,000 in parking meter revenue bonds, -ash and bond money went into he now Highway 71 bypass and intersection paving plus grading n West Center Street and a section of North West Street Recent increases in assessed valuation of Fayetteville real property are rcflccled in Ihe estl- . President Truman got one and Sen. Estes Kefsuver of Tennessee--hi gol the other. Is only opponent -- Harold E. Stassen, a third Re- Thcrc was no way to gauge the big city vote because the polls rion t open in Manchester until noon and in Concord until 3 p. m. In the smaller city of Ciare- monl, however, there was a heavy vote of 500 In thc first two hours despite a steady rain. Observers' 'aid this was twice as many voti- crs as in an ordinary primary. "It looks like a record vote," one Can't Leave TV Set Even When House Burns Atiriubon, N. J.-MV William Wright, eight, likes his televls- ·m. .When his mother w e n t - o u t to Parent-Teachers meeting yesterday he look yp n - n e n t by the found called Clarcmonter said. In Watcrvllle Valley, Senator TM .. -- **j, wtiidtor Taft got iwo write-in votes for vice president and Stassen got one The vote for delegates to thc na tional convention followed the pattern of thc balloting on the presidential preference side : Gencral 'uncl, $97. , sewer, $57,221.55' and water, $198.105.49. Estimated income and expondi- funri ' nr1( £ l 1r fcP--"-'TMnt? and funds, with Income listed first' Cp , artmcnl ' $5B 700 - strect department and S72.729.24; park dc '. «' 1,317.41 'and $M?. parking meler fund $34 500 " -- -J "^ huuiv u^i n . ncfll TV set. While watching a pro--" ' -he,, spelled,jsmoke;.'and ' a ' . f i r e in' the attic. He .... · . lh «- FJre.:: Ptepartmeril When they ;arrived: they .found William still watching'-TV.Tt'he gqt the boy out unhurt, but the Interior of the house was de stroyed. ' fl- 18 and $31,279.70 "P , |«nd. $5,000 il , viiltlon fund . «1»0 ; ' alrRort bond fund, 793.54 and $7.511.26; fire f l n r t ' mittes of income for the various departments and funds, as arc increased sewer service rates. Last year general fund Income was $114,438.79. The 1952 estimate is for $124,028.86. Thc sewer department's '52 estimated Income Is $47.570 as compared with thc actual '51 figure of $34.654.7.1. Water department income Is expected to rise from $196,959.02 In 1951 to $201.500 in 1952. Spending estimates for Ihe general fund and thc two major departments run like this: General fund, $102.845.33: sewer department, $56,750.36; and water rlc- Jarlmenl, $199,847.60 Last year's and and $8,and / , i ',ii,A osp '' i1 '' '""in'ienancc f u n d , $3,1117.41 and $3,517.41: and policemen's pension fund. $4 817 14 and $4,817.41 (by transfer to Pension Board). Audit Ii Apprortd In other business last night the annual audil for 1951 was an? proved by the Council following approva by the Audit Committee headed by Alderman Dale Kent A resolution directing Scvcrt M i s c t o remove a recent addition to his home at 629 Lindell Strr-d was adopted hy the aldermen. The e j!-,- cns ' nccr reported lhal Ihe addition projects almost to the street line although the building code prohibits conslrucllon within 20 feet of the line In that area. To Dedicate New Wing On Engineering Hall The- new chemiual engineering wing - o f ' the University-Hall of Engineering.will be dedicated Saturday In connection with Engineer's .Day activities at the. University. Dr. W. K. Lewis of Cambridge Mass., former head of the department of chemical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ' will give the addvcss of dedication. Dr. .'j-wln is now emeritus professor at M. I. T., and Is consultant for Esso Standard Oil at B::lon Rouge, La,, and Houston. Texas, as well as Standard Oil of New Jersey. The dedication ceremonies will begin at 9:30'a. m. in the parking area on th«C south and west side of the Hall of Engineering. Dean George F. Branlgan will be master of ceremonies, Joe E. Covington, provost, will speak preceding the dedication. W.' S. Gregson, University chaplain, will give the invocation. Go With Biggest Blast Of War Raids Continue With All Personnel Taking Active Port «S U Ln?H ra ^'- AmWlCan ** Hiiow lurncd a huge camouflaged Red 5"PPi.v base into blazing ruins * iu I mMt in'ense attack 31 the Korean war with fbmln« Jellied gasoline, Flames spread over a four square-mile-area of Ihe supply denat. ."It looked like helMuelf," said f'7f y' 'he Pilots,, w h o f l e w a total of 250 sorties in waves. ...Swarms of Red jets streaked down from Manchuria to try to protect the base near Sinmak. 30 miles northwest or Ihe.truce vll- H f ! Pa . n T un J° n ' U- S- Saber jet Pilots shot down three MIGS in air battles, probably destroyed another and.damaged five. .' That boosted Red planes knock- · ed out to 10 In two days. · F-80 Shooting Stars attacked the western supply depot. Theypour- cd 3,1,300 gallons of napalm jellied 8 2?2 ,L m th * arc "' basted it with 300.000 pounds of explosives and raked it with 45 000 machine gun bullets. They attacked throuth a curtflin.of antiaircraft fire.-The shooting .Stars unloaded their bombs, roared back to base and returned with new loads. «rr Destruction Pilots said they demolUhed at cast 32 Red anti-aircraft positions ° u _I?. 5 !, c °!? nt . »'··*»* .number, of ind, Red troops d*» New York City Lashed With Winds And Rain New York-(/P)-GaIc-forcc winds, nixed with rain, pounded' thc trcels n( New York today, t u r n rig umbrellas wrong side out, ipping off hals and maki"g nervous women cling to lampposts for upport. The gusts marie M a n h a t an's skyscraper canyons like the nsidc of a wind tunnel. There vas a sustained south wind of 50- niles-an-hour, with gusts, up to lore than 60 miles an hour. Boats swayed and creaked In lew York Harbor as llic wind urncd t h a t usually q u i e t water Ho turbulence. r j .1 ... ' iini-rtii rwrce aid It still-was attacking- tHe laming area at nightfall. U. Col. Levl R. Chase of Courtland, N. Y aid every-officer and man In the utfit-wns loading:or flying. Ma; ors and coloneti were on the sir trip helping load Ihe lets with apalm, bombs and bullets .and efuellng them for renewed'at- acks. . .· · : ' ' · · · Far East Air Force w'arplanei Wonday racked up 1,500 Individual rilsslons. ; DeiitUetion claim's.-. In- luded145 rJuTcuts. 85 trucks, 90 upp^.buHdlr)|.,'w^ rort bBdi- ......_ ..londay night' i^rTWJi'.vy "" of bombs on the Injjupidpnj rail .bridge. Other urJorforte attacKed the :s»mdon» nd Chinampo rail yards. · . nti-Truman leaders In AlibiiM kore Vktory Birmingham;. r Ala-(/P)' - Eleven ' ul'Trilman 'leaders -yesterday on a Circuit Court fight to'bt uallfled !*i 'presidential .elector ndldatcs without pledging tp pport national .Democratic nominees. ' - . - . · · - · · ' .. i . , ·- A two-judge panel 'granted, a mandamus petition requiring state Party;,Chairman Ben F.' Ray to certify their 'names to the secr'e- · tary of state. ' . ' : . V ' The court also ruled illegal the loyalty pledge which the' state Democratic ·· Executive Committee ordered placed on Alabama party ballots. It requires candidates and voters to pledge support of national Democratic convention nominees. · · · Cause Of Texarfcana Hotel Blaze Sought I , Tcxarkana, Ark. - WP) - Anotlier check was being made today to de:ermine cause of an early morntajj !rc at one of Texarkana's oldest '.o!«ls. Thres persons perished in the blaze yesterday. About 90 guests were routed from theli' bcris, Damage to the hotel, which occupied upper two floors of the hree story building in downtown Tcxarkana, was estimated at more than $100.000. 'The dead were Identified as 'ohn Cornelius, 45; his wife, Mrs. Hazel Cornelius, about 45; both of Tcxarkana.and Bruce F. Wachowski, of'Chicago. The Weather- Arkansas--Fair and a 'little; cooler this afternoon and tontghU lowest temperature 28-34 In north portion tonight; Wednesday.part- ly 'cloudy ,nri warmer with showers Wednesday night. New Threats Received By Family of fipsfer Killed In New York N'ew York-rfyPi-IVnih thTM*!. i~ .- ._ _ . .. . New York.(/P)-Dcalh threats to a mourning family and to » g a - ragcman Involved In thc arrest of Bank Robber Willie Suitor today spurred a killer-hunt In Nc- · York. For 10,000 policemen the No. I ob was lo trap thc slayer who in ·Schuster was Ihe reports o hurled n e w man Arnold "··!· to 11 4 I | | II J i l l Schutlcr, 24. II was Schuster's tip thai led to Button's arrest. The scope of tho m n n h u n t wns emphasized last night when Mayor Vincent M. Impellltterl said he woujd ask the cllj Board of Estl- male lo vole » SZ5..100 reward "for Ihe capture of Ihe murderer." Even a; " ' yesterday, death threats extended (he shnrto,, of (error over Brooklyn. · report said Ihnt just two hoirs before cclved this warning: "One de.ilh Isn't enough, (here will be others." It was not clear whether the message was mailed or phoned. Police had no comment on (his report. I' o 11 cc Commissioner George I 1 . Monighan noted lhat a \ speclal 24-hour guard had been placed on Ihe family. Young Schuster received several threats before :|s death. While the Schuslcrs were at thc funeral, a threat v/.is directed at Jack Peene, a gnragemnn who was helping Sullon with a Mailed car shorlly before his rapture February 18. A man telephoned I'ccnc's wife, Mnry, that she should advise her husband "to lake u t a hrger insurance policy and not to ta!« long walks." Peene was glvto-a. police guard at his service station, while W» wife and their two small children were sent under guard to an undisclosed shelter, Young Schuster's funeral came under light scrutiny. A score of detectives and swarmi of uniformed police, hoping to find * ctuei watched a crowd of wm« 2,00/0 p e r s o n s , Mourneri, mutUr««l threats of venicanc*. Wwntn wall. , , mother, E1h«l. hid tn b* lupport- ed, Th« motto colltp*** «I,OM ' ' s ·· ' - ·

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