Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 12, 1974 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 12, 1974
Page 11
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Machinery and Complete Tra I ning Program FOR FULL INFORMATION WHITE TODAY Giving Full Name, Address And Telephone Number WHTTE-HALL PLASTICS Suit* 1519 UNITED FOUNDERS TOWltft 5900 MosteLer Oklahoma City, Oklahoma TO112 405--B4-9454 0-WANTBD TO MINT «fr_JtlUL K*TAT ft--W ANTI» 44--HUU LttTATB-- ·ALB OH TBADt ·I--LOT* FOH 9ALI «t-PARMt A ACREAGE! 4T-RKAL MTATB-FOH 1ALI LEGAL NOTICIt 1 --Announcements flQO RUWAR.D Tor Information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for tflVlntr the iljtn fll Chateau Apartments, 176t N. I*%-erell 521-3313. NEED SEVERAL PEOPLE AT ONCE FOR MANAGEMENT TRAINEE POSITIONS Guaranteed income in excess of $610 your firs full month. Selection on persona will be made by interview to given it: FAYETTEVILLE HOLIDAY INN (The Terrace Room) Monday, Aug. 12 at 10:00, 1:00,4:00, 7:00 10-H«lp Wanted For home delivery of the TIMES, Phone 442-6242 2--Coming Events CARPORT SALE AugUit 13. U le 15 -- 8:30-4:30 Adult and children's and ·hoes, curtains Venetian blinds new variety of appliances . arc household Items. Ifrtt Vandeventer Tnd house from corner of Sycamore Vandevcnler. Canceled r»lru. CAREER OPPORTUNITY Trainee in Newspaper Circulation Managemenl Full time. Excellent Benefits. Good Opportunity For Advancement. Call Manager NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES 442-6242 for Interview Appointment WANTED -- Route salesman for listed njule. Bas« pay plus commisslo Phone 7S-18TD, daytime. 442-2535 itle 5-M p.m. TARD BALE: IMy, Open 9:MM:» CJilldrtn's, ltdlci cloUiej. etc. Stll «nd luy good used clothes 4J2-S031, M2-K52. Comer 62 and Rfixorbaclf Rd. FAR\nNnTON JAYCE1TES HAT.T: for Cerebral Palsy. August 23, , 25 Donations *necded, .will · piclnip. Call ·7-WJ2, 2S7-3M8. JST-3TM er 267-3705. 3--Personal! Must AUTO SALVAGE Help Needed be 30 HBDUCR safe - and Tablet] trA E-Vap «ttev]] Pharmacy. fast with Gollese "water pills", rty- jlorv about 412-S22. j AUNT DOT -- for an Interellinf inj-Um» day or night. Phone OVERWEICJHT! lose uely HI ullh the niadex plan -- Reduce excess fluids Flludex at Osco Drugs. 4--Schooli And Instruction! YOGA INSTRUCTOR Monday through Friday--7:30 TI.ITI Tae Kwon Do KBrall Academy 228 School Street Phone 521-1153 · 505 Thon-Liuon' Street, Springdale 751-66S) years Phone 443-2121 or 443-2101 or older NATION'S LARGEST HOME STUDY SCHOOL NEEDS EDUCATIONAL REPS IN FAYETTEVILLE SURROUNDING AREAS Immediate openings for m*n and worm to calj on prospedlve shidentjj. No c per it nee needed. HIGH WEEKLY INCOME Ymi ^111 be paid weekly on our exclusl Advance schedule with an opportunity earn big munllily bonuses. WE SUPPLY LEADS NO CANVASSING LEADS! LEADS! LEADS! Ton call only on pop who have qucsled information, and have been formed in edvance of your visit. · High Cash Bonus Oppo tunities 0 Company Paid Benefits No Barrier i\r Personal Interview Phone: Mr. Brown Wednesday 501-443-3431 An equal opportunity company MECHANIC. Truck experiene* preferred, w[J train, chance lor advancement, Ite- locatEon. Send resume: Flecl irainlsnance, Irp , 1775 S. Wcsl, Wichita, Kans. 316- 3J2-I7B1. WK HAVE OTxnmg for full-time dsj- cooli and day cashier. \Ve also have several opening's lor alghl cashiers, iiill or part- time, EKceJenL workjng conlions, uniforms lumished, no experience necessary. Persuas applying must be neal In appearance Apply In person, Kentucky Fried Chicken, 2763 N. Obllese. GOOD apple pickers Jrom ladder and ground. Slart 6:45 n-nt, Walkor Orchard, one mile EJolth of Lowell, Ark. LAFF - A - DAY 1ATURE. c-xiwrienced, bunnesj student Llh family desires apartment complex ms lit Bern tnl poilllon. Call 751-1137 illcr :00 p.m. "I went on a diet once... it was the most miserable afternoon I ever had.' 0-Help Wanted HELP WANTED Day Shllt 10 till 2 or 10 till 5 Apply In Person Mr. B u r g e r Oak Plaza Shopping Center HAPIDL.Y EXPANDING FOLDING BOX PLANT NEEDS EXPEIUEN CED PniNTERS. CUTTING PRESS MEN AND GLUE MACHINE OP ERATORS. CALL OR WHITE FOF APPLICATION. EQUAL OPPOR TUNITY EMPLOYER. MILTON STERNBERGER CO. P.O. BOX Bm MEMPHIS. TENNESSEE 38104 ATTENTION COLLEGE STUDENTS Get that /all job now. Openings ire now available for evening kit lien help. Apply In person U Burger Broil, 514 No. College. CORRECT NUMBER KOK PLAY lOUSE TOY CO. IS 839-3178 number printed U?t week was In corred. IAINTEHAKCK man wanted. Heady work, good : pay. -Send .resume -to Bo , c-o The Times. . fTVERYIJODI readJ tba TIMES WANT ADS. You are I FLTTJ, and parl lim« waitresses Musi be over 21. 11.75 p«r hour plus tips fo ilied personnel. Phone 521-93^9 to ^appointment. 10-Help Wanted HOUSE PARENTS needed: Resident! fnrHllty ror eight teenage youths. Malu cnnple with basic p n r e n l l n r connscUn and homemiker skills. Benefit! Lnc room and board, heallh Insurfinw, aa m fie lor couple beginning at JoOO monlh, for further informelion and/ interview: Youth IJridje, Inc., 7 Stone Slreel, Fay«tl«v|lle. 5'2l-li32. NEEDED: Truck mtthanlw. f3.75-H per hour. Insurance, uniforms, vacation nil the overtime you Wll 521-3320 DltiSEL MECHANICS MAKE MOR MONEY THAN AUTO MECHANICS, you are an aulo mechanic and WOL like to learn truck end dlesel methani call 521-3320 about cur on the ] and home study course program. Ea mure money white you learn HAMAD A INN · - Wanted: Full-llme tmnllve, experienced, evening hosle Apply In person to nranafft-r, 3901 College. I--Situations Wanted YOUNG COUPLE riving mld-AiiEiisL In FaycUevllle om England to a t t e n d UofA, ccd work and accomodntlon for Lves and Iwo dojja. p r e f e r c o u n y. Knowledge ol hor.tes. nicnl adc. t u t o r guilar and languages. pply Box M-80. c-o The Timec. ILL do j e w l n j j and alterations In my it, also Otslynlnff. Kvpcrlcncod. Phone J-62J1. lUj do babylltlnit In my \ivmt, d a j s ily- Kol ] ujichei and la rue Icnccd ick yard. Phone 53-6SW. Northwet Arkansas TIMES, Mon., Auy. 12, 1974 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS 11 20--Motorcycle* SU7.UK1 TM10Q, c.xL'tfknl condltlo bcsl oiler. Piwr 1772, 750 LJMW. bUck. At] accoiorlPS, 6,900 miles. *l,SjQ. Gill 521-ff3. 21-- AutomoHve- -for Sale 1D73 yoriD I'inlo ninatwul. Excellent Call 751-5500 'bclorc 4:30. ask (or Brcn- · or call 7il-91CT after 6:30. 6--Service* Offered ILL. care for 3 or 4 children for work- mothers. As bell School area. Phone 71-5015. AN. 1W5 UodSe, slv cyHndci runs mission, flood sHnpe. two ake food, economical camp on, 4VM1Q1. 'Il-L do babysitting In my home day or Ight, no ape limit, handy Shakespeare. .·hone 521-1912. rE tsllON Mr. Properly Owner: TrilriV- njr 'ol renwvleltig* Dulld row before con- Iruellon cosU KO hlu«r. Free esUrtialei, eliablllty a ffuaranlw. Bulldog Construe- Ion Co., EXPERIENCED babysitting day or nlghl my home, rtiorc 267-.ISM. .'AST, T»w cost trenching with Big V-30 Dltchwllch chain dlcger lor waler Llnci . electric, dralnnge, olhcr. Narrow 5") Iranch. 24" deep, 15e rL -- Greg ladsey Termites? Pests? Ray Johnson 521-3750 17--Boats And Marine Supplies 35 n. A MJM1 SUM fishing boat trailer, with IS h-p. Mercury cnelnc Goo,l condition, J315. Phont 443-?Sfifl. 197-1 16 FT. Mark Twain, 140 h.p. 1.0. 20 hoinra use. perfect condition. J-HOQL Phone 151-1017. 3D 1 KAYOT pontoon. Call 443-KK5. 14 FT. RazorbacV sfcl boal, 50 hors Mercury. Phone 5ZM58I. Alter 5:30 W. 4KH. IB--Camping And Sporting Goods RAMADA INN -- Wanted: Experienced wallers. Must be neat In appearance. Apply in person ol manager, 3Mt N. College- The E.O.A. seeks full-time secretary. Utfht typing/record keeping, good telephone voice. Salary J35Q/month. 5ZI-13SM, JOO N. College. ERMI-RF7ITRKU omiple to manage motel ma rental complex. Phone 521-1111 or .21-5148. SEItVlCEXLAN for mobile homes, top ges paid, apply In person, Pioneer Mobile Homes, l^B S. Thompson, ETprtnf- dale. Art PARTTIME HELP WANTED IS or over apply in person, MAN ' 529 North College or 324 WMt Dlcltaon ATTORNEY NEEDS PERSONAL SECRETARY/RECEPTION 1ST. Phone 751-5560 RppolntmenL 1R1VER WANTED for te homes. Top wlUes. Apply ia person. Pioneer Mobile Homes. 1503 3 Thompson,' Sprlngdale, Ark. ATTRACTIVE^efficienT cocldail waitress for private club. Call 521-9T6 a f t e r noon, or 442-9536 utter S:OQ p.m. BABYSITTER needed for Infant in Tie In Prairie Grove, 8:00 a.m; lilt 5:00 n. Phone 16-3201. POSITIONS open lor U N LPN's, all shifts. Need 3 to 11 shift super. Call City Hospital, 521-5CU. NIGHT AUDITOR. It p.m. til] T e .... Apply In person, no phone calls. Holiday- Inn, Sprlngdalp. E.O.A. Elderly Nutrition Program main dish cook 6 rL.rn.-3 p.m.. per year. DISHWASHER wanted part-limp. Applj In person. Phone . Ramada Inn Restaurant. MALE and female help wanted. 21 and over. Apply in person Pizza Hul, 233 . Oolleee. SALESMAN I would lilre to Ulk to mature mai over 21 with or without sales experience who desire to leara sales managemenl with Cop national sales organization. Cai 'required for local use. QualiHeil men will be given Uwrouth field" training also Broup hospiLaliiation and life insurance commission and other frlnae benefits Hue steady repeat of established acccunls ol business. Interviews will be held We\lnes day, Augusl M from 5:30 p.m.-9:DQ p.m. for your convenience at the Holiday inn In Springdale. Men selected w i l l be "(rail ed tor positions In Northwest Artansas ardea. Ask for D. A Murray. WAITRESS and cook, full or part time Apply In person, BiB Bar-B-Q. 23CK South East SI. IADIE3 - HA\ r E TO BUDGET? Why not become a success In the field cf jell In B and Uirow that budget oul (he window? Some of our hJghesl paid sales people working rljhl here in Ar- kanru are ladles who at one lime thought that sales records were tor "men only". Sales experience isn't necersary os we rumish a complete training program with one of Ihe largest, companies o[ its land in the nation.. Why not call Mr. WilUanu at 751-OS11 TuerJay and Wednesday between 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. for more RAMADA INN -- Wanted: Experienced waitresses. Must bo neat in appearance Apply in person lo manager, 3S01 College. 972 TRAVCO motor home, lor sale, e cellenl condition, low mileage, ona own r. Phone 636-^121. MANAGEMENT TRAMBK. itjutinj aa\- 1500 per month plus autwnoblle, Apply in person, isk for Back Hertford 1 or Tom Woolen. Pioneer Mobile Horaej, 1503 a ThampKn, Bprie*d*le- Phone " 1) YAMAJIA. 1567 model, good con on. Phone 7dl-7j3J, RAMADA Inn needs an experic-nccd waJL- ; must be neat In appearance. Appl In person to'inSnaffer, 390L N. Ooligge NEED someone lo help me parl-tlnie In wholesale/retail business. '-For Inter view only phone 442-46Q2. NEED UirctEDIATF.LY. Tire, truck Sales man. Only experienced with references need apply. Guaranteed Income plus com mission. Vacation, sick leave, insuranci and many other teneflls. Apply lo How ard Wolfe at Farm Service Co-op (sVa tion), Hwy 62 71 Junction. STORE MANAGER SFE-t)EE MART is now taking plications for alorc manager. If can follow orders and are willing to work liard, we have a Job opening with a f u t u r e . Immediate open Ing In Bentonvllle for Store manager. No phone calla please. Send resume to Stanley Grc wood SPE-DEE MART, HI. 2 Box 20, Fayetleville, 11--Situations Wanted U.THiE fflmlly desires farm Job taking care ot racing hens. Children ages 17, IS U. BenlonvJUe. 27J-7SJG. CHILD Care -- 3:30-mldni^l. J15 week ly per child, FMn learning envPronmenl hot meals, bedtime bath. 521-153S 3 p.m. department, catalog department. We need FULL, TIME hel] Please apply in person DISWVASHER -- 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. Sleak Hoi Apply In person Heinle's GRILL COOK -- Sundays off. 3:00 p.m.- 10:30 p.m. Apply House In person, Heinie'j WANTED -- Xinderaarlen teacher wllh degree. Call day and Sunday, for interview. Satyr- TirE UNITED Cerebral Palsy Preschool ot WasMnilon Cbunl- la accepting «p?li- catlonj for iKft.ltopprl pri-.whoolorg between Kea of 2-6 years. This Is a community service for handfeappcd children la Washington Counly. For further Inform a lion plea se contact Mrs. Scrrafer, 521-4952. iiVEN ING fry cook wan ted, 10 y expecience. J1B5 week. Apply In r-erson, Tomjn J s Fine Foods In Springdale. NOW H I R I N G Earn extra money ae;ll1n? Playhouse Toys now t h r o u f h December, good commission, cash bonus no collecting or delivering. Details without obligations. Call S35-3178 (toll free from Fayelle- ville.) TRUCJH Mechanics. I^ccllent hour Incentive salary. Paid "vacation good company benefits. Equal opportun: . ily employer Bell International, n Soulli, Sprinffdale, 751-7436. Hwy ffiOH BC11OOL AT HOlfE Diploma awarded. Finish rapidly. Free brochure. Write American School of Chl- Qgo - BOT III? - _Harrljon_. AA,_ 73061. 5~Lott A Found LOST: Bled rftmp Tor trailer 20" vrlde- 4 J tong. Rewrtrd. Call 267-3380 or 52I-SS11. LOST: Male Irish Seller pup, no collar, Ffwi« 52T-7086, LOfTT: One wnall poodle with W Inct WKok, near Marli. ApJrlm«rU«. C*U 521- iOU, or Ml 3151. PUBLIC AUCTION THURSDAY, AUG. 15, 1974, al 10 a.m. 3ALF. IN WASHINGTON COUNTY FAIHGHOUNDS BUILDINa On Hiway 71 Bypass -- Fayettcvillc. Arkansas Cable Upright Piano and Bench (Good); Fine Walnol Library Desk and Chair; Large Divan; Nice Hooked Hug; Beautiful Marble Top Coffee Table; Antique Drop Leal Table; Small Walnul Serving Table; Walnut Lamp Table; Small Walnut Stand; 3 Antique Library Tables; 5 Antique; Wrought Iron Beds; Real Nice 1 PC. Oak Bedroom Suite, Modern Chat o[ Drawers; Pair French Provincial Twin Beds; Pair Nile Stands; Low Oak Cheat of Drawers; 3 Drawer Cheat; Antique Chlffonleer with Large Claw Test; Twin Bed with Box Spring]; 2 Painted Chests 01 Drawers; Vanity Stool with Caned Seat; Oak Rocker Chair with Wood Arms; .22 Automatic Rifle; Some Indian Head Pennies; Buffalo Nlcklcs, Old Coins; Elgin Ladlu Pendant Watch; Other Old Watches; Coppertone Roper Counterlop Range with Built-in Oven; Maenavox Hi Fi (Mahogany) White Metal Utility Table Wrought Iron Chandelier; C h a n d e l i e r with i Globes; Floor and Table Lampc; Pair Carriage Type Fixtures; Ward'a Signature Vacuum; Fireplace Screen and Tools: Like New Electric Ice Cream Frceier; Utility Stand and Table; Metal Folding Chairs; Chrome and Brantvrood Chairs Set Large Drapes; Large Pictures and Frames: Bench Grinder and Pollsner; Small Table Saw; Electric Drill; Small Disc Sander; Floor Polisher: Hand and Yard Tools; Toislers and Appliances; Pols. Pans Dishes. Glassware; Fishing Tackle and Pods; Old Milk Glass: Carnival Sail Dips: Antique Glass: China; Primitives Lota o( Miscellaneous. MR. and MRS. M. W. PARR, Owners COL. FRED HEITT. AUCTIONEER 636-Wlfl Rogers, Arkansas IT COSTS NO MORE TO GO FJBST CLASS WE HAVE IMMEDIATE OPENINGS 'or full-time, salespeople in our drapery department, ladles' fashion in our snack bar . a u t o service deparlmen 9-5 Mon.-Fri.. Personnel Department, AUCTION SALE SATURDAY, AUG. 17, 1974, ai 10:00 a.m. AT THE MILL-SITE ON ARKANSAS STATE HIGHWAY 16. HALF WAY BETWEEN ST. PAUL AND PETTIGHEW, NEAB BUTTON. AR KANSAS, IN MADISON COUNTY ON SATURDAY, AUGUST IT 197 DEGINNrNG PROMPTLY AT 10XJO A.M. WE WILL SELL AT AUC TIO TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER THE FOLLOWING: I Complete Sawmill with live deck, log-turner, log-loader, alr-dogi Massey Ferguson forkllft and TD 24 International Power unit an numerous other articles. Also will sell 2 tracts of standing Umber to highest bidder. To arrang for InEpectlc-n ol timber lands, call Henry Burnett, Fayettevillc, Arl 442-9IG6 or Odb Molion, Pcttlirew, call 677-2210. TERMS OF SALE: CASH LUNCH WILL BE SERVED The sawmill ia on approximated six acres of leased land, which I available to uj until August I, 1577. ' Ownen OZARK FOREST PRODUCTS, Inc. P.O. Box 1054 -, Ark. - Ph. 501-442-986 NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS AUCTIONEERS: Fay Laird, ULndsvllle, Arknnsfls. Phone 301-7fl-2173 Tom Cobb, Elkliu, Arkansas. Phono SOL 971 APACHE camping trailer, all fibc . · sleeps six. fxrcUcnt cundlllo usl seo lo appreciate. Phone 96S X ton GMC pickup with Avion cam!, r deluxe, self contained. Also upright Ke nnlor freezer. (B9-23QS. 9--Recreation , Reiorts AKE'S CANOE TRIP COMPLETE FLOAT SERVICE ON THE HXIN013 WVER MTT.TBfl so. of SILOAM SPRING, on ABKAlfAS HWY. 59 524-6622 0--Motorcycles r\VE mini-bike for sate, ncM.? rlu :ue [n color, good. cnodUlon, ^10. I'ho iT-3SQl. [ONDA CIj 175. 6 months old, luff B ck, and bars. Must seU. 1MO itVCTCtl. NO 11 A. J3 DOIXJK pickup^ overbad!, In Itcnl rtnnlnff condilla-i, new paint Ciill standard EW l l t C K . convcr- 26 MODEL T Roadster, extra bio d numerous olhcr parts. 5375. 2 llom In! bittes, ?J each. Phone J3S-23;n. EGA llalchbftch, 1973, ZJ.OOO miles ur speed, Iwo door, factory dlr, n dial tires, extra clean, set at Ro^er ·nd Marine, nevt to Soulhi ·]r\g Center In Rojen. OArARO Super Kparl. 327, InVe ·iTnenls or make offer, Phone 412-R.11I TT-t JEEP four wheel drive Irurt, sa\ !,2S9, assume payments w i t h only W ivvn, heavy duly rampcr package, e*' 1 1.4 tank, alr-conAIIIoncd, sllll In iva mtji'j come In a n d test drive Rl Rogei ecp and Marine, n e x t In Suu\h?al ilng Center In Kojrerj. NR owner, like new, laic 1963 Mercu arqviM. IJDW mllcHEe. 39,000 Jl.RI hone 4-l.VaKf) after 9:30. a s h lor Cliarle ·31 GMC V, Ion truck, in food shape e J12-951; afire 5 P,m. ^2-77B 3--Liveilock--For Sale "OR Sale or trade for Fox Troller: Two car old registered Quarter horse. Kins .inch /ind U'aj;ner BreedJnf. Buckskin, 'hone 412-55.11. 001) HDI^FKIN COW'S FOR SALB. KONB 4I2-JS67. IKGISTKflED Tennessee walking horwE, Mto, Rood btoodllnos, six year old re four i'Mr old goldLoe. Phone 321- C2J1. CI1OICR [«der p!(t?. 8 weeks. Duroc Yorkshire. K»-3a» or S10-?ll8. GRSTI-E (jUartrrhryncs I2ofl each, ? s'inico saddics, (100 each- Phon« 41-2777. AN-GUS cows, hellers, |150 u| 2W up; pqlrs J2£0 up; Phone 442-92SV 24--Dogs, Cats Pets 11LOXDE 5210726 a I AKC, puppies. n. weekdays. BI-UUTIFTrL, AKC registered, Irish Set- 1er puiipLes. weanHl, ready to EO. Also (rte k n t t e n s Call 442-9045. L,\ r 1 "male! sic red Gen months old. }^ and I female left. AKC an Shepherd puppies I c-ach. 412-5761. llllEK mule loy I oodle pjpjes, tach. ITiore 521-1121. ' AKC Cocker SpanLel black or i1lv*r blonde champion background. Phone K3- 66 VW BUS "ront end d a m a g e d , '0 Ford plcl p, needs e n g i n e overhaul. 'SO Faton, needs transmission^ '50 Dodge i Ion yard tr\iclt. House trailer. .xlcs. clcctrtc brakes and 15" i.'he els. '60 Intcrnallonal a /i 'on. teda engine. Assorted wheels. Call 39-2363. COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Departmem Name Brand Lines Complete selection ot all veterlm ary supplies. Even* for youj nlrnal. F-nstgatc Shopping Center. Hwy. '.6 C*J1 961 BPORTJ1 MONZA. buckel swls, tour Ihc floor, new I ires, good en Bine, .heap gas mileage. Phone 751-7526 or 51-W95. 972 CHEVY ¥, Ion lontt wide bed, six yUnder sUndnrd, low mileage wiUi or llhoul Iwulalcrt rampcr. \ \TV. eiv-ccLtent motor, would scoond car, gooiJ ' condition ne after 6;W 442-6501. EVERYBODY read* 'lie TDSE3 WANT DS. You aril .312 CHEVROLET IJIaror, excellent ccn- dlUon, new drive Iraln and winch, new Ires, And ihocVs. Call arlcr 5 [ BS9-23T6. 1371 UA.TSUN 510. aulo. a)r, radio, hesilcr, 23.000 miles. Excellent shape, 1-1,650. Phone tlJ-iSOT. 5:JO till 7:00. 1965 VALIANT convertible, molor over- auled In Jrav S cj'llnder, standard, asking J150, 925 Vale St , oil CaW Sprigs, Rd. 521-1SSO, evenings. JM3 JEEP ft ton plrtoip, drive, molor recently rebullL -M2-21S5 after a p.m. four wh« . Phon 1571 VW Campmohlle. alr-condltlonUiB all extras includlnjr lent. Odll 751-13M. 19fiO JAGUAH ROADSTER. alr-our.dttlori ed, wire whecli, nrvr e\te\ radJals. consider trade. Phone C4M521. 19(50 ET. CAiHK6| good .4upe, need paint, Ure-s In good shape .rtartln2 pri JT50. phone SH-SSBS after 6 p.m. 22--Machinery And Farm Equipment GOOD D8 Caterplltar with fmffle T-hone 456-ZBQ. D6 DUIJ-DOZEH, B9-5227. good shape, Phon 1974 JEEP four wheel drive Inick, J2.2S9. asiumc payments with only !51 down, heavy duly camper packngc, oxtr cas tank, nlr-condlllonrd, si lit In wnr rcmly, come In and test drive at Rng Jpep find ^fJirinc. ncvt tra South gal Shopping Cenler In Rogers. COLLIER REXALL EAST ALL BREEDS DOG GROOMING For Appointment Call 443-3441 lolllen hza SO pi. sackj ot Warn* and Kisco dog (ood. C o m ' j f c E e Line of Pet Suppllu kl all Collier Storei. OXT31IELAB pups. CaUhoula, Snrpher-5 a n d Labrador mi\, J10. Geese f3. Gulneai Muscovy ducks *1 Phew GOOD rcplslered -Jxieellenl milk no deer-Lxalncd Beagle*, l with 2 kids. aW-2^58L AMERICAN ESKIMOS, UKC REGlffTER- F,D. PHONE 52L-1MQ. ALL. breed dop Brooming; Also Iwaidlnf 'or smnll breeds. Member N.D.G.A, 751. 1650. 25--Home Needs--For Sale 31ILACE yourspl( lor a IhriU Uie tiis\ e .vou use Blue Lustre lo dean rujts. il electric shampooer II Polk Fumt- '. G03 \V. Dichson,' FROM wall lo wall, no soil at nil rn rpels cfcancd with JJlue lyislre. Renl pdrlr shampcoer Jl. Lewis Bros, on the square. and rnallr«j5 tor sale. ~Ex, Uoi. Call a/ler 5:00, 52L-3QST. FRENCH Pro\1r,dal dh'BJi and 4 match- Ing Provinciil lablec. Rri ItAther e^mn. Rpnwinablp Hone 443-2153. GOOD G. E. Air Mndittmer 19,000 ETO Eectrtc golf cart (100. New vtan« BflL 521-2963. QIIE1EN ifATTRESS and Sprinft (*' Orth-o-pedic 1C? year fuaranlee sotr at Just 1119.95 for boUi mattrfss and spring*. 1 * Ihcm \rtille they last. Also sLnales, doubles and kin75, UNITED FREIGHT SALES, Hny. FJ Wcsl. Open 9-9 Mon.-Frl. t i l l 6 Sat. HATlELiY usrd Hoover apartment E!E*. Combination washer t spin dryer. IIOQ. Phone 521-5453 alter 5:00 p.m. '·*':· £:fo*i^^j;^iL;a;^ SERVICE DIRECTORY --Air Conditioning-- Residential Commercial SilM Service. HeaUn* Alr-condlltonlng call StieLlan Sales t Service 4I2-W40. YORK Bales £ Eervlea. InslaUallon, eating-cooling darts. Load calculation*. ~-ee E»t. Call Paschml'i 7H.-0195. -Arts Crafls- SUPPIJEEJ for all major crafts i,i.I arli iiral Jtltls, See-Compare! Open nfler- \s, Monday thru Friday. Creative Cralls, Prairie Grove. CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION DRIVEWAYS. WALKWAYS. PATOS, ETC. ARE OUTl SPECIALTY. "HEE ESTIMATE. GOOD IlELI- VBLE WORK. Give Us A Call And Ve Will Get It Done. Call 521-2Z94 Before 5:W p.m. Call 442-6765 After 5:00 p.m. --Bulldozing-- NE17D A ROAD -- an old one rebuilt* Dmtr tecVhoe and road grader worlf. Gravel and topsoiL, Call Lefly or Larry BACKHOK and Ehimp Tmck Work. JotBi ROADS. PONDS. CLEA.KINO, ADLE RATE*:. 751-3360. --Bushhogging-- PAUL'S THACTOR SERVICE Ttiore UH973 II no answer call arter 5:30 p.m. TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY $14.25 PER MONTH --Carpenier- COMPLE7TE HOME REPAIR Experienced carpcnler. We do c a r p e n t e r work lhal you r husband won't. M3-21EH . FOUNDATION repairs, floors leveled, sills replaced, bnsemenl waler correcled 20 yrs- experience. Call Hanfc Hanstro al 621-1172 CcUed, CARPENTER repair worV, panel lldlnz rooms. Also all lypei o[ i iir work. A. J. Wilkcrson, 521-6ji. REMODELING ana cabinet worlr. Quality craftsmanship. Very reasonable prlcei Have references. Call David Vickerr 521-65H. RcmrfeLlnj, Carport Addlllotii, Pflllos House Levelln. 4«-]Q76, 731-17 , Roofing, Palnlinl. Phone Kemodellni?, General Repairs, Room Ad dillons, Homei built Evperience. Work Ouaranleed. nererencei- trappy Anderson Call 153554. evening* nd weekends TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY J14.25 PER MONTH --Carpel-- HAVE YOUR Carpeli Cleaned By Professionals. Call Glen's Cleaners fit 4-I2- BoTS. --Concrete Work-- Patioi, Driveways, R e t a i n i n g wall; Drain], PltLwork, H tpalts, Blocrlt work Small Jobs welcome. Mack'* Corcret: Conslrucllon, I'hone «3-«15. U-NEED - WE DO DRIVEWAY SPECIALISTS, PATIO I-TiATWOSK, CARPENTER WORK, RE T A I N I K G \VA1XS NO JOB TOO SMAIL EXPERIENCED, DEPENDABLE SERVICE FREE ESTIMATE JACK AH HER. SCOTT MINER K U DOS ZRfMERMAN --Concrete Work-- --Ditch Digging-- DACK1IOE WOHK AND GRAVEL HAULING PJIONB --Dressmaking-- DLVL-A-DKES3 Professional Dressmaking ITione Shaw's Scwlique -- 151-5732 --Fence-FARM FENCING, corrals, and loading chules. Free rslimales, Cdl] Jack Wi rc»k at 751-7530. --Sewing Machine Kepair- --Floor Sanding-- FI*OOR Sanding, resldcnllal and rom- dRl, Jor free eslimale, call J42-1063, --Grinding-- PRECISION tarARPENING - Saw* -fl, circular -- Sclsiorj -- mower Wades -- All tools -- Orark Grinding Sen-Ice. S59 IlunUvllle Rd.. 321-3000. -Handyrnan- buldine job?, repair:, roo and odd Jobs. Larry Gilliam --Hauling-- HAULING -- General cleanup -- hedstei imed -- small trees cut, trimmer and removed -- fast service -- rejison ib aid reliable. Rione 521-52-15. IXX)KE Hauling, moving trash service Have (ruck stock rack. You name I -- We haul It. Reasonable. M3-ZT19. --Landscaping-- PROFESSIONAL Rose I^NDSCAPIN'G, inln?. Exccltcn! References. Phone 442-7421 or 521-7562 be/ore 9:5) or ntitr 6:00. Landscaping, Leveling. Top 3oil CrecTc QraTel, Dozer Wort Call We are professional gardeners. We war dcrs on overjrrown, weed Infeste yards. We can design and Install land scapes lhal meel boUi your n e e d s an your bTJflffeL Ongolnp maintenance aval able. Call ^^)cc MLlllean Bl Hortlcultura Services, 44Z-SJ21 --Lawns Gardens-- TLOTO-TTLLINQ wilh under early crops, rtA mer ffarden-wlnlcr cover crop. Troy-Bulll. Tl for laic sum --Paint Paper- Low cost hiwse palnUnff. E worlr. Call U1-2E67 or 751-8277 ESTIMATES. FHE FAST ED'S Palnltni Service. Indoo nuidoor \slntlow cleanlnn »nd odd Job work Buarflnlccd, excellent reference free esUmals anyllmr. Kpcdal (all rale Ed Pcarion. al 53i-507J. --Paint Paper AINTTNG, sheet rock work, bile rlof id oxcrior. licensed, bonded and In. ired. Irce eslimates. Phone Henry, KM. AINTING, paper hanglflfl, spray palnl. g, sheet rock finish, ruller* oarpCDtry Mtin S . 521-3656 --Piano Tuning-- PIANO AND ORGAN CARE · PHONE 442-7T97 --Rock Stone Work-- OCK WOItK -- Firepaces, rctaln]n« alls, pallor, ail types i styles of nx* . A l s o exposed abrogate sldewallu. --Septic Tank Service-- SEPTIC TANKS PUMPED Lines Repaired. Loweit Ralei Local Business. Ptiwie :CK Sewing Machine? Have -tools will ravel. Shaw's Scwllque. your VlViny, ITiIle a n d Clna dealer. 751-5732, Spring- TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY J14.2S PER MONTH --Small Engine Repair-- iwnmowers anil small englnri repaired luncd. Free p'ckup and delivery. SZL- 33 after S p.m. --Taxidermy-- STEVE'S TAXIDERMY Is On Vacation And Will Return August ISUi --Trader-- CUSTOM TRACTOR WORK Bnishhoj, Plor* and Disc Harry B. Clarke, «3-5745, ][ o answer call a l l e r 6:30. --Tree Service-- CHARTER OaK Tree Service. Insured It 300,00a Free esllmatej, Irimmlua Teed- ng bracLnff, removal. 442-2174. TREE Topping. Trimminj, haoUni estimates, 2S7-32SL -Upholstery-- ._ OFF on all upholstery wortc thru Ui« month ol Augusl. AblllUes Unlimited, pnone 521-35CQ. --Waterproofing-- BASEMENTS water proofed without dig-sine. Commercial-resident! El. Free sur- ey a n d estimate, K a n d F* Groutln? Sty. irlce. S1S-32T or --Venetian Winds-- VENETIAN BUNDS RF,PAa!UiD a n d blinds mndo to order. Pbcmfl Gate Ccop- --Wells Pump* in BRonrang WATER Puinpj, Fillers, Purtrleators. All makti erviced, PhoM TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLK IU.23 PEA MONTH

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