Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 8, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1952
Page 9
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State Committee Raises Ballof Fees For Candidates Uttl« Rock-W)-Ballut fees for tandidttes for itate and federal ·fficen yesterday were increased by Ihe Arkannw Democratic State Committee. The aommittee laid the action was designed to more nearly equalize the cost of holding primary elections in the state's 75 counties. Candidates will bear a greater share of the cost under the new system. was. halved for each candidate if as many as two should enter the race. There was no f u r t h e r reduction for succeeding candidates. As an example, an 'unopposed candidate for U. S. senator would pay a $2.500 ballot fee. Each of two candidates would pay $1,250, and each of three, four, five, etc., would pay the same. Delegates to the state party contention next /all were allotted to NOtTHWKT AtKANSAS TIMiS. Ark«m«. fcrturcl.?, M.rri I, IM», __J£ -°- -' I *kt3!!5!2!i*!««2!!!_ ron STKNOGItAPlIKHS-Kxprrlc-niTd Ap. i | iily Kniplojmem ofilce. it)* Wesl Crnler. cratlc primary. The county delegations j n c l u d ed: Arkansas 10; Ashle.v 12; Him ton 12; Clark 12' Columbia !·· Cmghead .7; C r a w f o r d 8 ; Crll-' I !«»!*LI°J£A;L__ : tfndcn 7; F a u l k n e r IS: Garland J f'HA HOME LOANS 25; Hompstnad 12; Mot Spring 1 2 - ' Urn- Inn-rest, Ions terms Independence 14; Johnson 9; J e f f - j UTLKY AND C O M P A N Y INC erson 28; Logan g- M i l l e r 15; I ^^^^honc 2203 *' Phiili'ps 11; PoinseU 3 ?2; 'polk 'sj j P 008 --t-'ATS--I'CTS WE HAVE GLAMORENE __ I UNIVERSITY APARTMENTS, o n . .,,« BALK-MAI, ESTATT. I roR MLB-EEAL BSTATB .-- . . ,.·.._.,_._ -- .« -- ,, ------ , --- _. ----- _____ - . the Now Rug Cleaner LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc , ticdifoonl. u n f u r n l n h c d 117 SO. f n r n . llhrd 11330 hllli paid ft r n d I « lni,ndry available. Phone 2SMR br lira. f u r n l l h r r t i f n r n U h r r i available . tmfurnUhril S."-0 00. Jfi."", 0(1, iwn hetfroom u (C ltd flvndx laundry Phnnr KM. We Dcliv P t ,j£r:P' , ,_ · vention n e x t / a l l were allotted tn Pope 14; J'ulaskl 84; St. Francis S - 1 " O M E «-»»i«'i i«r pup'niej" Under the new fee schedule, one j the counties on the basis ot one I Saline 14; Sebastian 2 2 ; Sevicr ?| j -^!X,.. r ;l 7 ^! JTM'"""- SPQir:-Cciwllp nnri n l l l l n i i l v ninr iijltrrni Coinnlclf nrw ilnrk Lrwfi _ l l r o s C o . Inc. ] KOTOTH.LKI1--Kn»ie«l Jo Jwnilje'."" OffTERKD , " '- " · """ ' '"* Mch 40fl V0t " or ^" ction tast o c r a n r n H , . B . - · " ' c o n tas n TM a s n g t o n opposcil candidate. But this figure I for governor «t the 1950 Demo- 18; Yell 10, and Scott 6. U n l TM ** Washington ' i 7 ; W h i t e Obituary Rehearsal Dinner Given For Wedding Party - c. , ~i. I Preceding the wedding yester- conducted at 2 p. m. today at the day of Miss Alice Paddock and Mn. Mary Ann Logan Sprinsdale-(Snecial) - Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Ann Logan, 79, who died Thursday night at her home in Springdale, w i l l be Callison-pisco Funeral Chapel 'n.v the Rev. Stanley Jordan, pastor of the First Baptist Church. Burial will be in Bluff cemeterv. John A. Sullivan Funeral services for Joh.. A. Sullivan, 82, retired postmaster and school 'teacher, who died at his home in Strain Community Thursday night, will be held Monday at 2 p. m., at Walton's Mortuary. Burial 'will be at the Fairview cemetery, under the direction of Watson's Mortuary. Births . Mr. »nd. Mrs. John William G»bel Mr. and Mrs. John W i l l i a m Gabel of Fayetlcvillc announce the birth of a daughter. March 7, at the County Hospital. " Mr. and Mre. Fred Grims Mr. and Mrs. Fred IrifiES nf Springdale announce the birth of » son, March 7, at thf County " Hospital. Mr. and Mn. Billy Lee I'ralcr Mr. and Mrs. Billy Loe P r a l e r of West Fork announce the b i r t h nf .. son, March 7, at the County ' T spital. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rnircrs Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rogers announce the birth o f ' a son, March 7. at the City Hospital. Unitarians To Have Christening Service Rev. Robert W. Sonen of All , Souls U n i t a r i a n church. Tulsa. will preach to members of the Faj-elteville U n i t a r i a n Fellowship tomorrow at a vesper service beginning at 5:30 p. m. This is in liru nf the usual morning service. Meetings are held in the Game Room of the Student Union and the church school will meet at the same time. Following his sermon, Mr. Sonen will christen the i n f a n t son of Mr. and Mrs. Pierre K. Loiseaux. This is the first christening ceremony which the newly organized fellowship has held. The Loi- seauxs came last f a l l from Long Jsland, New York to Fayetleville, Tom Pearson, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pearson, Sr., were hosts to 30 guests at a rehearsal dinner Thursday evening at the Washington Hotel. Guests included members o[ the wedding party, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Paddock, parents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Pearson, grandparents of the bridegroom, and out of town guests. Flower arrangements for the lable simulated wedding and engagement rings, formed nf white carnations and bells-of-Ireland Place cards were made of ribbon attached to wedding and engagement rings. Tall white tapers in branched candelabra i l l u m i n a t e d the table. | Personals Mrs. Walter HorlRi-her of Fort Collins, Colo., is the puest o( Mr. and Mrs. Warren Gifford. ive recommendation they make.". In reference lo accepting; the $1,000 offered by the Madison County group, the governor called on the crowd tn "remember Ihff is given to me for my rr..nnaign." He referred to a "recent experience" in which he said "some people who gave me money for my campaign wanted it back a f t e r t h e campaign was over." Note* Progress .Made "The big interest boys v.-ili probably complain a b o u t this f u n d raising." he declared. "They art a f r a i d . o f a c a n d i d a t e who might set obligated to the people." He remarked on the progress made in r u r a l electrification, noted that highways in the r u r a l areas have been improved greatly, and said "today every child in A r k a n - sas has access to an accredited hi^h school in the district in w h i c h he lives." All the progress made, he told the crowd, which cheered him repeatedly, has been made over a "battle ground." He said . t h a t "those who h a v e opposed t h i s j program of progress for our state j arc the special interest gr nips v.'ho, | with t h e i r political errand boys '· and hatchet men, correspond In the carpet" baggers of. 'Reconstruction days. They consider Arkansas t h e i r own private preserve. They seel; to exploit our people and our material resources w i t h o u t m a k i n g a fair return.. Any governor wiio dares tn consider the interest of t h e people above t h a t of those special groups has a tough row lo hoe. ] can testify to t h a t from |.orsonal experience." He asserlcd t h a t - " t h e tactics of this group are as nld as greed itself. If the candidate for governor does not agreo solely w i t h their policy they seek to 'defeat him at the polls. If they f a i l to defeat him they try to buy him, and if they can neither beat nor A ' S '|J ; OIJNI LOST-Mnn- 19 jewel. l l n m i l t i n i w n l f h , Splclcl band. H.rwiml IU- w.VHSv^Sj^l 1 "*'^"" C n - ^ E d J l a r p . W A N T E D T O ni.IV GOOD m i l k goal. W r i t e linx ii-37 'r Tunes. 2 OR 3 y o u n j; heavy sorincpr en,,-. Phono jaiMs. ' wncr. motlorn .1 or -I herlronn clobu in. Write Box K-.14 j DKIlt.'TANTK _ COSMKTICS . _ . . . . 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Wen of triclcj Irful biilMlng lorn 11 fin Write Box K-M. r-Tjmri. __ | 17 ACn )=*,,*) *ood If-vfl land Pavrf) · h l f f h w n y nr*r tn\i n Good n ronm homo. ftid ham. htitanr j«. dec*, Iriclty. f»ood terms L. G. W r l U , : Building Lois .,,,,_ . .... ·* ' ' * tftorf, modern hou*«, Ur(e t N I C K hulldlni lot on North Jv*rr'.l v »r((. larjf harn. dotihl* x*raf« (wo h n o . ' -i-.- -- »· ----- · - - -- -- -· -- t. * FOR safe M aer« tm loot) higkwty fnw mlnutef driv* lo Un.vtrfity* of zn »erei* icitttrcrf limber.- *prlfif,' cre«k and pond «tock«j with (n.i. n*w hoiiff. 4 jfnomi tnt bath, bullf- fn* in kitchtn. lart« picture wind in iivtnrr room, ioafini burn. ' well «nd w « t l - h o u f « . Pr.j« fio ACRK$. clew*., to r*ytltflvuj Hood .rptrl. 3 «prin«*. 120 icrffi tano\ balance In woodland r modern hnute. Urge (wo hlock* north of .StunVnt Union.' i« T H R E E I itct. . Phnnr n r. Well , p m r n t l c d . . ... HARRY H rffFMPD " ·- tMER N o r t h O a k l a n d , m e n ! f h a d r t r r e r Jfifln fin each. · NICE I r v f l lot on Trtnl S l r f r l our blnrk off nf Aiirmhl.v Drivr. SiOftOO K O U f l lot* in new addition. H l z h w a v Jfi M M I . w n h . w a t e r r i « h t . 4«H» 01 fjirh P R A C T I C A L L V nrw. niodrrn. t u » brri- room hnu** on itriall lot. iwn hlocki · Irom U n l v t - r i i t y . Jl.T.w m\ n » - n t f r t 5MR J O H N I E BASSETT, O W N E R · rivK ACflKS lfV(-r~rich"f''r'!ie itnii. T H R E R np.nnorjM HOME ivn ^ u - i u . % i h ^ t h i . r u r n o r l . north of Ihe U n l v r r . -r- fi j 3 '' I « l t y ; HA VK YOU SEEN IT? YKS. IT S ehickrn hnuie,' » choirt *tnck fafm? Let m-; thnw you Ihli The price; ii "i P. PETTEY ! PIONEER REALTY CO. | fhchv/ay ?i Houth in Sprinfdal*. Ark. " TOP"6 V ~tlHE~OZARKr rquipmsnt (tnri Ilvtihillty.' Includmc (iut*nf-ihif-wnrtd 3ix4 Hvinf rj*$m with ifl'fc/ot pirttifff vitw fit beAtfti- . (D] m o u n t a i n Plu.i two room modern Kuf*t hmi** »nH 20 nic« acrei. (More KINCAID "AND COMPANY., XS PHONE . PnKTTY. iinrr. ntnnnoM I room. Phonu 59KW. ! ? i N o r t h W a l n u t 1 K A ' Y A T ' Ciinnn. Wclt-ln i u nn ._Klrst Sniino Ri-l*' l l . . p h n n o Z2BI. B l i t t l n n . doors, ' u l i r l f Good ' t . nnn ,,.,,,, t . r " T;H DiOoTNC ' " condition. .112 West M o i m l n i n Phono fOOTlNGS-w a I , r, ,» , nrt ,, wtr _2f,r,8.v i itllclifi. .eptlc link holm Dljulns rtKGisTRfir:n~oic" nl a siu-riflcc. rnlBiiiB. Wiiync. C.Tlp. or , nrivc.-In Thcnicr Phone W I l k K L C l l A l H . 13.6n." . ROTpTJLiri:ri~Nb~ phiwrdlic Hnrrow. __ __ , j Hrmtlitchlng, Plcotlnn Cov«r«d D . . - - .*' 1 : OV * r% ' Tall 0 ,.d inik- east I (irRin. c n i n b l n n l l q n sided Dale Kr- O a k l a n d u-in. Phono nl9.'. Sprinirriiilp _ __ , P~0\~''n~~l : nvn~m6w'r l»" nil" Drrl -I"^" J n n i r n i a n giv»n w a l l SI fu-°shod P ' B M B 2 ' 5 'ri c "r h ' , |1| ; c " ert "''j -'.?r':;..y?r. l! 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Drews p[ St. Louis, Mo., will leave tomorrow nip,ht to return home, following a visit, here in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Max McAllister. Mr. allo Mrs. Collins Grubh u.,u ,, m\^ t o n m-iuii'i u\?m nvi and children, Dannj- nnd D i a n e , | buy him. they seek his deslruc- He predicted his opponents would put svcrni candidates in the field in the Democratic primary. Master of Ceremonies Faubus wore a b r i g h t green lie b e a r i n g the inscription in yellow lelters: "Sid M c M a t h Is My Man." Atomic Power Plant For Ships- Designed London-(/P)-A Supply M i n i s t r y spokesman said last n i g h t British scientists have designed an atomic ·power p l a n t for ships and submarines nnd w i l l begin building it this year. are house guests of Mr. and Mrs! Russell Paddock. They w i l l ret u r n to their home in McCook, Neb., a f t e r a few days visit. The Rev. and Mrs. Robert Moffett returned Thursday from Chicago, III., accompanied by, Mrs. Moffett's molher, Mrs. William McHale, .who will visit here with hem and their family. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rogers and three daughters, Nancy, Georgia Faye and Betty Jane, spent yesterday here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Rogers, and her parents. Mr. and Mrs D. O. Catc. F O R S A L E . 1951 GMC PICKUP !/2 ton long wheel base. Practically new, for quick sale, Phone 2338 atter 5:30 p. m. Phone 1671-W H I G C I N ' S Camp traik-r. Compjclc. L l i c r m f t Canoe-, weighing (10 pntindn. n r f l c t l r a l l y nrw, 1100 O.") Various flphinc l;icklc items. Do not cnll unless I n l e r r - ' - ' _ . Crippep. Phone I 1 4 n£" ( f E n,V", l .'; avv " 111 ' d"ors~21tl"Sufton. PANSY or crccplns rry Flowers, liljints." Thrift Phonn L'O.IH. Bi ih^Grejzt;. GRAVEL. 4 ynrri ln;i"d rii»ilvc-cd"Sfi 00 !!?.TMJE_ I ?.__D_._Greathni«f. .il76.11. 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Hunter, .Tr t h e i r son, Andy, and d a u g h t e r Susan, accompanied by Mrs. Gcr nldine Might, all of L i t t l e Hock are weekend guests of Mrs. H u n t cr's and Mrs. Might's parents, Mr and Mrs. Frank McConnnll. . KIder and Mrs. A. D. Stuckc: left this morning for Crocketl Texas where he has been called to conduct a funeral. Mr. Stuckej was pastor nf the Missionary Baptist . Church in Crockett before coming here to Calvary Baptist. In his absence, Elder Clyde Leslie will preach at both services tomorrow- at Calvary. Mr. and Mrs. Charles' Grubb and son, Byron, have returned to t h e i r home in Hammond, Ind., after visiting here in the home ot Mr. and Mrs. Russell Paddock and attending the w'edding of Miss A l i c e Paddock and Tom Pearson, Jr., yesterday. 1948 Ford 6 Pickup Good Low frict Transportation MANY MORE LOW PRICED TRUCKS TO CHOOSE FROM 1946 FORD 11/2 TON 1947 STUDEBAKER - l!/2 ton 1942 FORD PICKUP 1941 FORD PICKUP .YOUR FORD DEALER IN FAYETTEVILLE FOR 39 YEARS Mr. and Mrs. George M i n m l e r and sons, George Jr., and Jimmy, have returned to their home in Paris, Ark., a f t e r a visit here with Mrs. Minmier's mother, Mrs. J. W. Pinkerton. They were accompanied here by Mrs. Minmiep's sisler, Mrs. Lamar Cox, and Mr. and Mrs..Tom Wood, all of Paris. GOVERNOR GETS-CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE marks t h a t he was l a l k i n g in Little Rock recently with Guy Gabricl- Fon, chairman of the Republican N a t i o n a l Committee, and t h a t when Gabrielson asked him it there were some Republicans in Arkansas outside L i t t l e Rock, he, the governor, replied lhal there were "lots of good Republicans in Madison County." A qood Republican t s a i d . M c M a l h , : s "one who buys his poll tax, ROCS to Mie polls and votes for Sid McM.ith." He declared t h a t he had cooperated f u l l y with t h e Highway Audit Commlsslo'n, and In " w i l l i n g to put inln effect every construct- CLASSIFIED ADS "" " c ) r d "Injle in. consecutive Insertions Rate: .. ...... ·crtlon. Thrcp , v ,.« t u , 7 cents per word. M i n i m u m order 42c. Clnssified ads c»sh in advance--not Hkcn mtr the telephone. Deadline for classified adi: 10:30 a. m daily; 9;30 a. m. Saturday Cnrrections and rerun e h r c r f u l l v made afti-r f i r s t insertion. No corrcc- lions or rerun made a f t e r ad has expired. NOTE: Advrrtinlnc copy for olhcr pages It due at.12 noon the day pre- ccedinR publication: 12 noon Saturday for publication on Monday. LEGAL NOTICES WARNING ORDER In Th« Chancery Court Ot WaihiniUn e*unty, ArkantH Jesuit May Bibh P l n i n t i f f «,, vs - Tliurman Robert Bilrt Dcfpndnnt T h e Defendant T h o m a s Robert 3ihh IK warned to appear In tlm Court within t h i r t y days and nnswir he complaint of the P l a i n t i f f in Ihe ahov- e n t i t l e d cause. I ' .·itness my hand and seal of Ihls ! jrt this l a t h day of February 1912. Richard B. Greer Chancery Clerk 16-23 March 1-fi-c USED FARMALl AND EQUIPMENT l-FARMALL G, Culiivotor and Plow. 3-FARMALL A's, Cultivators, Plows, Mowers. 1- FARMALL CUB, C u l t i v a t o r , Plow, Mower. SEE THESE TRACTORS AND SAVE MONEY 2 Heavy constructed Stock Trailers. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. H'ANTjrq RENT LAUCJS .linilar" n t a r _roirlc_ Phnnp n(53. nnrjiLKh" houics Phone IlrtflJl, FOJR_HALE-- REAL ESTATE liv mvni'r I r a c l . Ni t . r *V"*« old. Wflll will ilwayi rent rcartilj Let Ul show you t'nnne 71.1 Hammond Really Co. EVP. H D. ll«mmond '137; J. A. J a r v i i 1S3IIW ·_ _ I . ""TH6*BEST"tHREE*B'EDROOM « BUYS IN TOWN ! s « JUST iJSTKIJ--Thls new Ihrrc hrd- I ~ rnom In rx'cluslve nddltlon ttnd ron- ; v c n i t n t In V. A. unri Cnimty Hn»- pllnl* Mont n t l m c l i v e In »rr(inKf- nirnl nnd dcrorntion. Wnnd b u r n l n o flrnpUrr. c r n l r n l h f n l nnd *tl the n l h r r f r n l u r « you d r m n n d In * t r u l y l l n r hnme j'ot nflceii fit only AN OUTSTANDING buy in n new nnnic convenient In U n l v r n l l y High Srhool (ind Grndr School. AttJicht-d jmrnnr. c e n t r a l h r n f , Iflvfcly decom- " l l n r h r d B«r»«r. .1 roomy bedroornv f P ' n f - p a n t l r d rfen. l»r«e l i v i n j rmm',"~ rt - - .·xira-nic* kltrhin wilh dnnhlr t'Oinnxrtmrnl link and lots of c«blni!ti; i " i tiled btlhs; utility room; worlds nr rlnicti: btautlful h^nlwocift floon. Loc«t«d on 1«rft« Int in nnrthr«»t lection. Pricf^ Iftr tiu'rk »»le, ownfr leaving th« city. "SCAID COMPANY : Phnn* IMt-- Kincaid Co. - ·Automotive icliool or bus . j and equipment, t well Impruvird »Ix acre modern home. Nice Inwn mm ninpte ihndr trrrn. Lurue hrn or hrmlcr hounc. Phone 20B4 Kurni- i n R l o n . ^ 2 li VcitV,8~in~H"ly7"i 1 iSb~rnHt~frnntMf on West Clf v e l a n d . Trie* J2..VK) m J n m p W f i l h e r . Phone J12 nr J130J. "FOR TEN DAYS'ONLY" 4m ACRES, r n t l l c ' r a n c h , food fence, Int« nf Konrt n p r l n g water,' 271 icrfl, levrl krcond bottom. 204 acres, p r r m a n c n l piiiturc. H7 ncreii, for crnln 1.10 acrr», u p t u n d puBturc, !*«- pctlnza nnrt Iliic K r«M. WILL T A K K I N - T R A D E , snnll f l r r m t t c w l l h nlrf lion* nnd it p*!rl nut p a v e m e n t LJn- '"" " ir pHcr " ° nly \ ·Health and Accident I***. Thr** e · Flre st \ JZfl.OflOfin HOME for If*. Three I -n i lovely hcciroonn w l l h Inrse u l t d l n t | · r O l l O - l l y - wim ttSSSk A? Br ; c .fM V r!!i; nK i ·AVORKMEN'8 COMPENSATION^ ' ·Plate Gloss · Buralaryt: '"-'-.- L _ " '·" ...... " _":: -- · - -i-- ..... ¥.·-...*.· TM s' 'n7nf"r n " m pi,i-r jin'ofl q u i r nmntli. -Phon tTNFlJRNISIiKD 2 rooms ' w i t h Until ' and k i t c h e n . Dcnlrnhlc locnllon. npUSEIC'KfcfpING^nmj.r' Phone"'.WSW. 1 M O D E R N uVifurnishcd .I room "«pnr[- i=n:.jS4aon._ Phone .mil n f l i t r 5. j N K W L V drcoratnd u n f u i n l i i l i c d npnrt* ! WILL not he responsi'hle for'any" debts i ANNUAL meeting oT~Faycllr;'villr i Building j-.nd I^OJin »h«rpholder» v.-lll ' he hUd in the office of t h r Score- ! J j r y a i 7'30 p. m.. March n t h . I). M.. MrNj|r.__3c cr e 1 a ry. ' AVE complete" Jine ofTnshfon' Frocks tn show. MM. j. L. McGcc. 11 E. South. Phone 726W, PERSONAL PACKARD-WILLYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666. 208 West Block FOR SAI.E--IIOMF. NHEDS REMlNriEri memhers of thr Newcomer's Club, bring your articles for num- mflie isle .Wtdneiday IZlh. If you vi«h lo have articles picked up call I K c n m o r u niitotrmtic wash- · . - · . . . sir.dfHi I Uendix n t i m m n l i - ' washer S K'jm I Cnlrtspnl refrigerator $J.'i. r , 11 I ·!i 0 1potn_t_fl(*ciiitr raniic S 2;niu BENDIX l y j I R A C L E A G I T A T O R W A S H E R Mnrlcrn aLKEPJNG^ronm. 31*5 ' W, s t "Cent C r. | t) two hcili-nonf apartment' and - p r i v n t c . llnrriwoort llnors. n u t o i i i a l l c floor f u n i n c p «nr- hHRr (tisposnl u n i t , v r n c l i n n blinds, n o n d i x wjinhcr U t f l l t l e s paid. PHotir- Hlfi. S7)I(H) m n n t h . Near U n l v o r i l t v No rJusa. (J;:niKe. K v v r t l K. Camp- 4 IlOOMS~"N«rth G"nrlaiul~ P h o n c 7ftK.l^ Hill Porter. rot.'H loom anjrlmc-iH l 1 ^ blocks o f f squnrr. .Snit.-ihli; for office flullc. very Cood olllce and homs for sm/dl f n m - THHEE Minin tnnrirrn n p i i r t r n v n t , u t l l l paid. $10 m o n l h l y , ; H V K rtKun htmeniuw. S. 1 )!) nmnthly, un- i (urnished. j KIVE ronm hun«alnw nn K. 4.S. ( u r n - i ishrd. $50 m o n t h l y , H u i n m o n r l R e a l t y Company Phone 7fi.T i F U R N I S H K n a'pnVlmenl.* LMI!itlii paid. ' J'hunc IffiB. __ j 'TTNE UP- Small K..RrRu" ! P r o i n l n e n t locnilnn Nr-w. Modrratc ri-!]t;i] i.I,OVJ) J^'AHKS. Win/ilow. .nniLKn" HOUSE-Proper v e n t l l A t l o n . Pirn sun-I it winrlowji. Hnt-proof frcd Mm A h u n t l a n l w a t e r " s u p p l y . Llvmi! tjnar!(r% convvtilrnlly ncarliv I op ( i on;il. Morlcrfllc r r n t n l . LLOYD PARKS. Wlnslow. j J1OOM f u r n i s h e d ap?i*-imcnl.~~Phnnc '· 2 ROOMS and"~boarti"for"workIne"men I :l RO »d price*, 32fi Roimion. P h o n e ' 1079. 0()WNHTA"lhs~l^dr*oom7"n"ri'vatc" cri- I irrni-r. hustnejii mm only, .'i hlochs ^rnm square. Phonr 216 a f t e r r ff f r o m square L Phonr 216 a f t e r fi p. m". I p i OUR room apartme'ni.'T'.b""hlockj"off' II If RfMiar . Striiahic for o f f i c e Ruiie *' voiy good for office and home lor T M l t C K room niddern a p a r t m e n t , u t i l l - tirs paid. Si'LOO m o n t h l y . i K I V K room bunj;iilow, s.Mi monthly. Harimi'ind Hoihy Company^Phonr 7HU NKW .T room furnished ~*ap"artmehl Modrrn. I'rivnicr shower, and en- trnnce. Klcclric refrlRcrBtor a n d w.-islier. (inrde.n li w.intrd. Couple G. R. Crandell Real E.stale r £. r U^ g^-rAW-' 223 Excellent Terms FORTY acrr^ hmntly In cr«M. Modern 4 room homf,.hnrriwood floor*. »tonr vcnrrr f i n i s h . Two Iiylng Iiouats. barn. 21.0 yntinf ptilteii inclurted w i t h pl/icc. Vrry Well Inmtrd it^I ween Siirlncdulr find r»j-ettrvillr. Prlcn $R.. f .oo, ?^.(Min down. Facing The Sunrise THE house U mibslnhlislly b u i l t , i* nciil nnrt cl^Att. A I. room modern home on 2 nt-rrn. Clnni 1 lo Knj'ctlp- villc. on hlichvvny. nnck-vpnecrert. plBBtrrcd. ' iinrdwofid (Inori. Ntr« closet* find iHJlIlins. Well intmlited. j Kin-pi ace- in Kvins room, llonr Iiir- ' nnn.- Lnnd Is level, yard U chnrlrri. t.rmd liroilpr hount (nr jJ.ntH), wfll rfjiilppcd. City wwler. n n t u r a l K«t. tclrphnnc A home ynu'il he prourl lo own, )lt,r»0fl. Stocked and Equipped ISfiA. STOCK f a r m . fiO *rreV v»1lcy land. In urns* mid mr»dow. 20 »frrs plou-Cfl fnr (nrlnR p i f t n t i n i r . Good 4 room horn.: w l l h lurge clo*fd-ln hack norrh l.nrge hum In food fonrtl- Mon. Small chicken hnu«*. * W h l l f - f.ltc hrifrrx. 2 m i l k cowl. .1 cnlvfts, a linr team of man-n, harnc» and Wftgon. .1 brood inwi, K «hn«t« M h;nn. Nfftrasary Inrnilng c q u i j u n f t n i Von don't f i n d h c t t e r vnlucs !-o- ratrd S miles of [). S. 71 Hhvny Soujh of Fayc.ltvlUr. All fncK NEWLIN-POWELL REALTY U S 71 Soitlti Dl« 913 ~'T6"to~3ck''Fif6iii"~ 1 CARS Ami driver* w a l t i n f l to »how you t h r «uhurhfln hnme of your choice. acrm«! ranxlni from I to S.% acrci. nil in « nidlm of dly limit* to 4 mile* out. we will h* pleaird to slvr f u l l i n f o r m a t i o n on any of i h r is ) l « i f n E « . if you are intvreilcd COME to office. i»«awu. dm off i h p Inrac hroe/cway. · p«r- feet (or quid thirty or. Iccn ngo r n - t e r t a l n m f n l v/ithnti( dditirblng the family, Cenlritl hrat .ind Mraff In' port bavrment. l-»r«e lot wllh nulli-* oak lihnde. Cntl fnr appolntmont. RITTER AGENCY' Phon* 103S 16 r.. Center h,. IE«W or IMU I I H. Block DEALEft Ph. Ill AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. A:|«lltr Pltc. I* Bur "Hutpoint Covered Buttons -- Including lh« Now tonlouFBelli'in'tvery Stylf Cuslnm f'lni.ihpd Ami np«dv to Wear Hie Same 0«y. We deceive Your Order. SS'H Green Stamp« nn Everythlnjj McKeehon's Fabric'Center II E Ctnltr I CASH PAID FOR . DEAD ANIMAL! Phon* Collect 11SI rir.H.Tlll.. Arkinut Joplin R«n4«rin| Co. NSTRUCT10N COMPLKTE your hl s h ichooi"iTho7Sc In §p«rt lime. TrxU (urnlihcil Ol- Ploma. No cl«j«r«. Send lor 41 pace booklet and aamplo Icwon (ret *n rlcan School, wrlle P. o. Box O - F a y e t l e v l l l e . BUSINKSS_OPPORTUNITT TOR »le o- trade f o r T i T T r t T c ^ n . lion Urorery More and lorkrr planl. C^JS. ^WJltMl.^JJ'aklla. Oklahoma. HELP WANTED ' MAN In mtke piStl~anil "Wulld" [fncc Home furnished. Phone 788J2. H l l j Portcr : 'SHWA-aHeR--i^iJ-Hedft.; - cifr _§""ln School Slreet. SSXf yoiinn' mah tor ·aie/"w7irk~on -- , .;. V TM ...... .... "HICJ WIITK On M t n h l l j h o d route Irurk Inrnllhrd ««r«n«e» paid. rtUry and commU- .^on. Alio promollonul lalcilady. 3c- yrrald I.edlottor 41 End nock. Friday and Satur.lny S In 8 . YOUNCJ" men want'ed lo~«el~rca"iiy~i: acctpl p-i. llnru In d r a l t m i acc S S W . . . M O D E R N "2 room KpartmVnt.'VrlvfMr Jialh. rurnllhril. JVJ.OO. B21I I.lndrlf . ' I I I I N I S I I K D ' J - ' r o o i m . 'prlvnl, en- irnnccii «n,l l,,nh. U|||U| P , |,, rn i,hM. c.c-nlrnl locailon. W o r k l n c cnunlc .prcfcrrert. .ll7_Norlh Concur. ' »()OM IiirnlihFil'»inrrnicnt. Jn»'"ri-. ilc:rr,ilr[ I'nvalo i m t h . I n n t r i n r l n z nnnros., |7 W C ,1 M n u n U I n Ph"n5 : I'OI 'M un'furni«hrS"»piirfinrn'l,~riir'. ?.'. . " lcll "'n nnd Norlh Locuil-- · C M A ' I I Dr " ",""""· I I H I I I l M paid. S M A L L _ « i n r c Inilltllnc. TO.', Wnl Dick. r.,n--SJ5IXI jirr monlh. . N N E v ' / w : : « r T i-honp m NICK u n f l i r n l n h r r ! u p i l n l n npnrlmcnl". ronmi w l l h l,«ih. / ' r l v u l r cn- Irnncc' rinr hlork Irom Waihlnmon - hnnl. Cnnvtnienl In UnK-er- For Service Consult Your Classified Service Directory ---"-- 1 ir»- .-·iim.,ia ,f B j^^,_i_ AI.TKRATION8 ' " ' ni-, hullonii, hullonholci. ·llrnllon. SM N n r t h Cnllc«c. P FOR LEASE TEXACO SERVICE STATION CORNER MOUNTAIN COLLEGE · On Highways 71, 62, 16 Immediate Possession Flat Rental Phone 35 Now Operated as Tuck's Service Starts Monday-- WiAUTV SHOP A(lflSTiC~BI!AIJTY~sS5p~~~ Pcrmnnitnl Wnvri Spfi-UH.V iPnonf 1S1 fnr /ippolnlmrnt coi.vAhoV nr.AUTV snaf 2111 w MMdow-Phont SOW Mach 1.1 Mt-up Cold wave t up STAC'b BfAU.'V rior«nc« LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. HO'oM~u'nriir'nlhrn np«rlinp'hV~nr. 9* Snuih Dunrnn phone npBrlnipnl"2oi"."N n't t b _ inn«-Jll.12W »llcr n | -- li'drnotii ennlnppd (or cook- ' Inn Kln-l;r r r l r l K a r n l n r . Men pro- ' Double ]tl(i ninnll) encb . nearby. Plione I I 7 I - J . O N K tiirnljheil hr(lmnm"ln"ptlva'le h n i n p Two l.lorku r r n m n"«re W i l l ! renl Ir. mlrldlf n«e man or w o m a n ! Mini lurnlih rcrcrencc. I'hone 30M.' MtiCKJS-rrs BKAOTY SHUP Rf.l.tAm.t WORK Kl N Blork I'hont 7« NOW un inwii 7'', r.. Mniu.liln 11. Alter Ooriell. P'nnne (120 IIAUIJNO ll»iilln| Day *r nlfht Call nienn Ray R«»d .^^^ H'JIJ ^ KANII AND nRAVKI, ROAD AND D R I V E W A Y ORAVEI, _ AI.SO TOP SOU. Phoni 1SI4J ind 30SJ '--!! C ·it c A O L i f e ii full of f u n n y upsets. Roy Pol p i c t u r e s t h e m In his hew comic ptnd ''Then «nd Now.' 1 For diily chucklt. be s u r e to f o l l o w this new comic ptnM ·xclusively in the TIMES

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