Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 8, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1952
Page 5
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Model "Gas"-Powered Airplanes Attract Crowds NOtTHWHT AMANSAS TIMIS, taytttovilk, Aikmmm. Murifay, March I, IWJ Eisenhower Letter Brings Various Interpretations Washlngton-(/P)-S«nitor Cirlson (R-Kanl said today General Elsen- hower'! letter to a New Hampshire supporter "leave* the door wide open for him lo com,; home and campaign" for the Republican presidential nomination. On the other hand,' Senator Martin (R-Pa said the rctter apparently means ''just what I've , j ...,,...,,, JMO, n u m 4 «i_- o e p o tclt.all along _ that Eisenhower ] only of himself ' " Wires Keep Little Ships In Coritrol Two model builders (top), Bob Younkin, left, and Ross Busby ready a plane for flight. With (he online already turning over, the litllc ship is almost ready lo so. At left Dnn Emmons engages in an activity all too common among gas model rners--chang- ing a broken propeller. His bis ' F8-F fighter model had just nose over on landing, snapping the fragile prop. (T1MESFOTOS) | Another GOPer jSeeks Nomination i Pliiladclphla-(/p)-A new cancli- ; date lias entered Ihe race for the I Republican presidential nomination. Reginald B Naugle, Conyngham, Pa., businessman who sought the governorship unsuccessfully in 1950, announced ycsterriny he plans to run for the GOP nomination. · As a candidate for Pennsylvania governor in 1950, he polled 7,715 voles. Department Store Sales won't be an active candidate/ And Senator Ellcnder (D-Lai predicted Eisenhower will stay in Europe as Atlantic defense forces commander "until he finishes his job, and that won't be any time this year." Carlson heads the Eisenhowcr- for-Presidcnt headquarters · here. Martin's friends consider him friendly toward Senator Taft of Ohio for the GOP presidential nomination. Ellcnder. is backing Dear Dorothy Dlx: My father is If you and your mother are hop- a very selfish person. He never: iris for a miracle pray for it! tries to help others and thinks \ , ,,,,,., w o n d e r ,,, vn ,, r mo(nc ,., s ! ^^"^^^TM'^ me to my father refuses to let them come lo our house because he"says he "doesn't have to feed other peoples' kids." Yet my friends' parents are no richer than we are. We badly need a new living-room set, but he says we can't afford frinnrk Invllr. ' _,, V.UIHICI ni .inui mould « : nuinra. Were bunflay guest* n! for d n,Jr hiM ' BU!l: "'"' must bc " ' r "" tvr "'' Mr ' nlcc ' s l ",w and sis- ih i"i ih.HI I VC cnn ' l "' od sui ' n a '"""O I"" ; l" I '"· Mr -«ntl Mrs. .loo Cobb. these years. Martyrdom is her.' Mr. and Mrs. George C'arr are meeting will be with Mrs. Joan I Mr. and Mrs. 'Earl Davis. , and jj Ferguson on April 2. [ being reconditioned and wilj [»/7 ; Mrs. Olfle Braver of Sprlngdaln reart y (or occupancy In a few days. was H guest of her -brother and Claire Cogor has »old his stnrg slster-ln-law. Mr. and Mrs, Fred and mill at Colbaugh to Ray Shav- E. need, Wednesday night. er. who will take ch»rne of optr- Mrs. E/.rn Clark of the Buck- Jations ^March 20. The store was eye community was In fayette- established many years ago by the ville Monday tn visit her (laugh- late D. A. Cogcr, father of Claire. ters, Geneva and Betty Joyce, who Mf, and Mrs. Cojjer will move lo are ntudcnls at the university. the new home now under con^ Mr. and Mrs. Everett Rice 'instruction on their farm and will''' urora we of devote their time to stock raising · and farm operations. Sherry, Shcrrill and Donnie Hawkins of Sprlngdale spent the privncge if she wants it, ,,,,, ihe j In "T«., nn ,,,, |,« ,'." X TM. ~ "^K^T 3 r e f r;, eTM :^ m ±J" Tr: rir .wi !?.· *· »«« i i?* C h D ^ r st rents ' * - * « · v i .· ui 11 in v.*|t' · tun.* I ' U U K M l I (IP | Jr. mil T i l f l you lo the same atmosphere. A wo-;'ranch and arc making extensive i Charles Dav or Snrin^H.I. ,,,nr man who strongly and definitely I Improvement,, -m the building, i comluc "crvleM at \h, LnYi puts her foo, down In the be,,,,- They have one ,,,,,,, largest herd,! c^h MTM an , 5.' E ve y" n t i l rf»(f « t r r ( V f A l i n r - r l n n n A ..- ** l "* puts her foot down In the beginning of mnrriagi- ran change al' one vet hn « «,nrf. «n7 \i * "' m n m W ra " 'TMngc a|. of registered Ah one jet he spends $50 on his car mnsl a n y situatlon.'Thc trouble Is stock in the c n u n t v which rarely, is taken out of the ,!,,,, , _, ! ,, ' . . . " ! · . which rarely, is taken out of the garage, lie says as long as be pays u u i i i i i i o L t u i i . Ciuuitut.'! is Uiit. runi; . v * --" !.(··..·.. Senator Russell of Georgia tor \ lhc hllls hc can rfn anything hr that ninny namby-pamby crrn-' president on the Democratic ticket L«tl»r To Burrought The Eisenhower letter which brought the'conflicting interpretations was to Robert P/BurrouRhs of Manchester, N H., former Republican national committceman as a delegate favorable to Eisenhower in the New Hampshire presidential primary next Tuesday. In .the letter, made public by Burroughs yesterday, Eisenhower turned down Burrough's proposal that the general make another public statement, presumably one which Eisenhower backers could use in his-behalf. Eisenhower said in January he would accept the GOP nomina-. lion,"'but would .not seek it. He said that under no circumstances would he ask to be relieved from' iis European assignment to bid Tor political office. Since then some of the general's supporters have said he would i iave to come home and campaign : ,,.. ,"":,,,·". . . . . . . . . . . . . . .···"··, "·- 1 - . wants. What can my mother and who drink tures arc ton a f r a i d of men-folk. Hence the I;dn to change him? Mother is so disgusted she is ready to leave home. nlirm I'M- , husbands i ve. gamble, philander,' ed A n g u s ; | s jnvltrri lo attend. r ., n ,, u ;v f M r anrt l ^ lri! ' Jim Button and ·rtllhPi,"iiirirnTirf^iuint : 'ITM* SI if* Ok!*" 1 vl^irT^^ '° Lu^!±L V^.!^: \ rv " * r «* Sutton! whn'ww'telng Hindsville _ ,,.-.,,.. ,,,,,. , ^-1; 1,1 j i i i tit; iiii;n j j ll'HUS IS to stand any chance of winning ,, 0 nomc at M ,, js ., m . ini , ,. hp nnminatmn. j . p dress, a roof over the head, floor beneath the feet, and that is all! H isn't the cost of feeding another guest that determines your father's attitude: It's a misanthropic. Impulse that sets him against humanity. There is l i t t l e hope, nnnn.v, that he'll ever change. A dream transformed Old Scrooge Into a kind- · " . , "^ K"I..^ jii nn |»; Answer: Nothing is more ruin- j within the home while often put- ous to peace and harmony in the | linn on a fine frnm at friendliness home than a father whose sole j to the outside world, pile in the family is t h a t of dicta- j for. He rules by fear alone, and j no one would miss him if hc w a l k ed but and never returned. It is mystifying to understand how anyone can actually prefer to live like that. How can a father spurn the love and respect of his wife and children just for the satisfaction of being the "big boss?" How can anyone ignore so completely the concept of a home, .turnifiR from warmth and love to coldness and hate?l Jiut A Mailinn Address A home into which children are not free to invite their friends is pinch pennies, or just five in to i r i i , plain cussedncss. Prnhahly IH,. ] Evans' house has ijeen"mo'ved""tn ! "' rn ' n ' small-time dictator Is the worst of ' property j us t west of the home of j Ke , n _,, -,"..7.,. ,,_.,, a l l ; he fines in for persrcutfon their H m-ln-l,.w ami dauchte", i ,,J rTmt? dill" By FLOiTD CARL, JR. You can spot 'em half a mile . «way by the buz;: saw whine of the engines and the circle of openmouthed spectators. They're thu gas model addict's --the men and boys v:ho fly delicate gasoline-powered model airplanes an the end of a thin control wire. They draw cro\vds the way a real grownup airplane used to 25 years ago. Spinning around their owners in a circle at the end of the con- ·trol lines, the little planes loop, dive, fly inverted and duplicate most other. - feats performed by their full sized brothers. Frequently they crash like big planes, too, splattering dozens uf hours of hard, delicate work across the ground in balsa splinters. In t h e i r infancy hack in Ihe mifTtile I930's, gasoline-powered models were flown "free." That is, they were not attached to the ground by a-control'line..As a result, while the little "ships had better ..chances to demonstrate -their climbing ability, many an owner.stood flat-fooled watching a $25 engine and 100 hoins work buzz blindly over the out of his life. Today, flown on control lines which keep them firmly attached to their owners, the. little planes --and some of them arc none loo small-- always return lo the ground about where they left it, aj though not nlwnys in the same condition. Most of the gas flying in Fay- ctlevjllc is by members of thu Gas- hoppers Cluli, an informal organization knitting together gas In Region Decline St. Louis-(fl 5 )-Departn.ent store sales in the Eighth Federal Reserve district. last week were an estimated 14 per cent lower than in the similar period a year ago early Easter promotion '/2 GALLON Vanilla Ice Cream 64c Holland Bros. Locker Plant | model fans o£ the city. The mcm- ' -bcrs ra nge from youngsters in their early teens to adults. They fly almost every pretty ·Sunday afternoon at Harmon Field to an accompaniment buzzing engines, shattering propellers and the strange jargon spoken by the model makers. .The planes seem -- as near as an outsider can determine -- to be referred to as "rods." And they aren't crashed, they're "creamed." The liny gasoline engines powering the models come ready made -from about $6 up. But the planes themselves are built from scratch by the owners. -They range from tiny, solid balsa-wood midgets lo husky models bigger than some of Ihe builders. Bui young or old, with big or Httlc models, the builders seem lo have one thing in common -they aren't happy unless at least one of the planes is whining over their heads in circles. when boosted spending. The sales de- cllnc^for the week, as rcporte ty the Federal Reserve Bank St. Louis, averaged 28 per cen at Louisville, Ky., 13 per cent i Memphis, Teim.. 12 per cent i. St. Louis area, 10 per cent at Lilt! Rock, Ark., and Eight per cent seven smaller cities. he nomination. Not Easy To Declar* Burroughs did not make public lis letter to Eisenhower. In reply- ng, however, the general said: "The fact, that many others, 'hose opinions I respect equally /ith yours, have marie proposals hat-I release a further statement. does not make it easier to decline." Eisenhower said he could not orccast "what changing ciirnm- tances the coming months will iring for me officially--and per- onally," and added: "This headquarters is currently ngagcd in endeavors which arc ssential to the future security of our country and -- for that matter -of the entire world." The general .said hc could do nothing "which might inject a dis- uptive or disturbing factor into tie government negotiations now mder way to determine the Gorian contribution to the European cfense force." So, Eisenhower said. "I have no Ucrnative but to adhere to the pirit and intent of my public announcement of ... J.'inupry until the objorHvM I then set arc within reach." The Colbaiigh Hume Demon! stration Club met w i t h Mrs. Pete i Sharrnck Wednesday, w i t h seven members, - ........ _ ..... ,, , hearted human, but unfortunately j Anrtry Srwdl , Charles Dickons cannot s e n d dreams to all men. God alone could work Ihc transformation, so March S. - - . . two new ! members and ono visitor present, j Mrs. Mildred Stone, president, j called the meeting to order ai 2 I p. m, "In The Garden" was sung j by lhc group, followed by reading , the Club Prayer in unison. Mrs. Shfirrock. gave the scripture rending nnd Mrs. Dave Cnstoel ront^.-i poem. Membership rnmniittee.s gave reports. Plans were made for a box and pie supper at the- Colbaugh church building on Friday, night, March 21," at which time | Ihe quilt plo.cerl by the dub will he given away. The proceeds of Ihc supper will be used tn finish payments on the power mower bought last ynar for use In lhc Cnlbaugh cemetery. Thn subject of j meeting was cloth ing, Mr.s. gave a demolish"!- Now you can get JCURBSERVICE At M A Y O ' S G R I L L Highway 71 North From 3 P. M. to Midnight Spednliilng in Sitaki. Chick.n, Seafoods MR. AND MFIS. P A U L YORK, OWNEflS-MANACRRH - - tion on what Ihe well dressed woman should wear. Each woman checked herself on points. Nexl Blue Ribbon Beer On Top lOc a Glass The Tap Room 107 N. BLOCK Weekly Classified Business and Professional Directory EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS CITY HOSPITAL Phone 1JOO GAS. Phone 7160 ·eeoUNTINO-MODIRM ·U1INIM COUK1H Advertise in the TRIES--I; pars. TWO DAY SCHOOL FOR MINISTERS Will BE HELD (THE LORD'S WILL) IN GOSPEL OF PEACE TABERNACLE 421 Pork Ave., Springdale, Ark. JESUS SAVES , JESUS HEALS Luke 19:10 Matt. 8:17 MS. AND WED,, MARCH 11 and 12 SERVICES . . . 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and 7:30 p.m. Also Service Monday Night, 7:30 This meeting is ior the purpose of uniting God's people into one failh and fellowship and will bo conduclod in Biblical order according to 1 Corinthians 14:26-23, also Hebrews ! 0:22-25 and Acts 15ih Chapter and Ephcsians 4:1-6 Everyone is cordially invited to attend, especially ministers, regardless of faith or creed and take the liberty that is yours in Christ Jesus. Anyone may ask questions regarding Bible doctrine and .ime will bt freely discussed LODGING AND MEALS WILL BE PROVIDED FOR All Miniitnn from different slatos will .bo present. Every minister in Foyetreville that professes o preach the Gospel should come and counsel ogether, and let his doctrine bc tried, for Prov. 11:14 sayt "In the multitude of counsellor: Sera is safety." ROY MURRELL, Pastor 9 Park Ave. Phone 3464 Springdale, Ark. Foreign Minister Turnr Down Posl With NATO I.ondon-M')-Thc North Atla-:, c Council's deputies announced las night Dutch Foreign. Minister D U. Stikker had turned down theii hid to the post of secretary gen. oral created at the council's Lis. bon meeting. Canadian "External Affairs Minister Lester Pearson and Sir Oliver Franks,. Britain's ambassador to-the United States, already had declined to head NATO's unified civilian organization. The deputies meet next Tuesday lo survey other prospects. * ·· , West Fork Mrs. Charley Ray is a patient at he City Hospital. The Christian Church had a 'kick-off dinner" at the church Wednesday. The men started putting down the hardwood floor. The women spent' the afternoon quilting. Billy Water/ielri, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewy Waterficld . wns injured Tuesday when he got j his arm in a washing machine ringer. He was taken to Fayctle- · ville for medical cure. Upon cx- i animation it-was learned that no bones were broken, but his arm was badly mangled. Jim Winn nnd Ansel Walcrson left Fayettevillc Tuesday .for the Army. They do not kntiw where they will take their training. The Presbyterian minister, the »ev. Douglas Brewer, has started his prc-.Ea.vter sermons. His theme from now until Easter will he ceii- tered around "Passion of Our Lord .Jesus Christ. 1 " - , West Fork patrons a?-e urged to attend the "Gnod Neighbor nin- ncr" sponsored by the Tayctteville Chamber of Commcrce..-March I I at (i p.m. at the school. The money Is to bc iitcd to pay for the sehoril annuals. Sale of tickets will end Friday. Mr, and Mrs. OambcU of Chicago have recently boughl Ihe West Fork Courts and G i f t Shop. The Presbyterian Church will nbsrrvp "The Great Hour of Khar. Ing," March Ifi through March 23. Ench member Is to lay aside five cents per meal lo be sent to our less, fortunate people suffering Keep «p wltn u» lMM»-tM Ihf Tlitifn ~ Strides! Ausierity In Formosa Is Urged Tappeh. Formnsa-MVrhcre Is "too much cx'.ravagant living and too much bziness" in Nationalist China, Pr-micr Chen Cheng told his cabinet" today. Chen called for "the .strictest austerity, real wartime life." Atiertisf in the TIMES--I i n«Tv TRAIN FOR CIVIl SERVICE JOBS SECRETARIAL - STANDARD COURSES FAYETTEVILLE BUSINESS COLLEGE FAYETTEVILLE. ARKANSAS f«0m 13 H. O. DAVIS. PHEI. CITY WATER KANT. Phon. 721 LIGHT AND POWER. Phon* 2200. 1 MUTUAL IN1UHANCI · HUE. Phone 73 POLICE. Phone 31 AUTO CLAM- Make Whiskers Go Like'Preacher'Roe BROOKLYN DODSER PITCHER PRAISES CHILDS' BLADES HAD WHAT HE SAYJi "A i m o o t h delivery means everything to · pltchor. A smooth ahnve mean! everything to a man with a tough beard »nd tender shin. That'll why I use a Chlld.V blade. I find * Chlldl' blade lived up to I t j nlogan, ind leaves my face smooth ai i thild'i." "Preacher" Rot · F I N E S T S T E E L · HONED IN OIL T R I P L E T E S T E D ) Doublt Your Monty Back ·UAKAKTH AUTO GIASS i MIRROR SHOP Aulomobili Glati Inilalltd '· Glajj Table, _ Pl,|, GIa«, _ Mirror, Mirror Reiilvering. Glan Furniture Top, ALL WOBK GUARANTEED 119 VV«,t M.odow. phont 2720 ·UTO lUPPLItf- It Goes Without Saying . . . thot when you bring your prescription to a phaimacitl you receive only the vsry belt In compounded drugi. Youi health dependi on that knowledge. For Prescriptions Call 1314 We Delirer North Side Drug Store »30 N. ColUgt FAYETTEVILLE AUTO SUPPLY It EAST MOUNTAIN FAVETTEVrLLE. ARK. FHOKE »T« Crankshaft Grinding Malar Rebuilding Parti F*r All Can and TriNkt riot IHOP- SINES BODY SHOP Specltliiing in Body and Tender Work, Painlinj, S»!«l r Gl«n, Upholittring, Seal Cortri. 227 W. Dickson Phone 196 CLKANIM LAUNDRY (\]\im LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Quality -- Service 326 N. West Phone 2146 DRUB (TORI· Phone 677 Complete Drug Stor« Service. Fr«. Delivery from 7:30 A. M. lo 10:00 P M PALACE DRUG STORE \Y til green Agency 422 Dickion SI. Fayelteville, Ark. LAND'S GROCERY WE DELIVER "Right on rfie Hiway--Right on fht Pr/ce" 100 H. COLLEGE PHONE ,,, Washington County Firman Mutual Fire Insurance Organized' 1922 1952 will be 200th Anniversary of Mutual Insurance Phone 180 209 North 'Block Street CARMEN'S NEWS STAND (Formtrly Fowl.r'i Frull nd Niwi Stand) "THE BIG LITTLE STORE" In FAYETTEVILLE it 41] WEST DICKSON PHONE 114 JOHNSON PLUMBING AND HEATIN6 CONTRACT OX REPAIR Corner Spring ond Schaol. «,,,, 1MO ««DIATB» «ue» --. HARRY'S RADIATOR SHOP WALKER AUTO SERVICE SERVICE CAM r . 9 nm " .e FRAME AND AXLE STRAIGHTENIHO 113 S. COLLEGE, FAYETTEVIUE. ARK. PHONE 772 Also LOANS LICENSED PAWNBROKER ROCHIER'S JEWELRY SOUTH SIDE SQUARE LIQUOM -SAM'S LIQUOR STORE Foyefrevjfle't Motf Up-To-Oote I. Mountain Phon. 161* WILK · FAYETTEVILLE MILK CO. PASTEURIZED - HOMOGENIZED IN North WM Phono MO PEERY SIGN AND ELECTRIC SIGNS - NEON - ELECTHICAL W I R I N G 1-DAY SERVICE ON NEON REPAIRS fFlRE ESTIMATES ON ELECTRICAL WORK 132 SOUTH SCHOOL. , PHONE 2601 -- -- -- T-tn · - ' "**" . £^S£/ °- K TAXI co - f ( ' JBS* --^ ' Our Cabi r now oquipp4 with a-wiy 400 W. DICKSOII Radio to glvi you b«tt«r I»TT|C«. Foi Prompt Taxi Strvict call | | «· The New ROYAL Family can help You it there it typing to do. New Ikclrit. New Standard. N«w PcrtaM*. ALEXANDER TYPEWRITER CO. ·ALES PHONG III ' ·CKYICt

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