Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on March 8, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 8, 1952
Page 2
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£2_--MMINWBT ANANIAS mitt. feytMtvllfc, Ark.Mm. Murray, March I, IMS Church News ij^jai · · arar..r.-.r-r »j»» -j j j ' ^ r r " - - « - - - r - r - " - ' - - r - r j _ - ; r . - ^ _ r r . - » - . SjeTourneau To Speak To ||"hree Fayetteville Groups G. LeTourneau, known tO| iCTnany throughout the U n i t e d : and other countries as business m»n," will be In avlllc for three appearances! Ihe evening of March 20. The' ·/··»tpearancef Include: A vesper : r'-»trvice sponsored by the Univcr- IJtity Student Christian Council In iiiiiw bflllroom of the Studeni Union £$lt£ p. in., a dinner meeting of; !'ths Brotherhood of Ihc Pint Bap-! v-tirt Church at 6 p.m, «nd a mast' $hVeetinjt sponsored by the Minis-1 jji)iirl*l Alliance in Hint Auditor-'. Eiiim it the high school at 8 p.' :$£· · .· · · : T.-.;'.A man -who has risen from oh- j .".jscijrity and comparative poverty j bccomlbj R leading industrial-! who designs and nianufactur-.' e largest carthmoving cqulp- t in use today, who has given pertonsl fortune for the p r - lon of Christian wi.rk, and spends his week ends flying city to city preaching the i-iCospel, Is the record of Robert LeTourneau. Born In t, he spent his boyhood 'n nnesota,.and Itie years of hl manhood In California, he n small automo- repair buslnero. World War himself another nnii even better machine, In, (his way Ke found himself both contractor and manufacturer, J l l first nlant was at nlricktnn, California,- but In 1935 he b u i l t a new factory In Peoria, Illinois, and p!anl« at Toccoa, flenrsln, Vicksburg, Mississippi, and Longvlcw, Texas. In recog- n i t i o n of his services to the United K t n t e \ I.eTourneau - received the Certlflciilc of Merit, from General n. A. Wheeler, chief of A r m y , Engineer*: In March, 1948. .| . In U1.1.1 he and Mrs. LeTourneau set aside HH per cent of t h o i r per- ;«mil wealth lo establish the l.e- jTotirneaii Foundation In "leach, jproini'lgitle and disseminate the j Gospel nf Jesus Ch-ist thrntig'i- iiit the vorld." In .May, 1947, the Knimrtallon wan valued at seven million dollars. Since it was form- 'f ed it Ins contributed to other or- · (ianl/.atiwi.i enlaced in Gosnel · work over two nd a half million dollar.-*, and has spent a similar iiun In carrying out its own program of Christian testimony. : In addition to g i v i n g hls'mone;.. Le Tourneau also devotes ' '* t i m e lo evangelistic work, spcild: Ing every weekend In orenchinz Religious Emphasis Week To Feature Di;. Pollard Dr. W i l l i a m ·£!. Pollard, executive director of the Oak Ridge, TCIHI., IiiGtilutc of Nuclear.Studies, will h e - t h e keynote speakor'dur- Ing (he University 'Religious Emphasis Week which opens tomorrow. The week's activities Include convocations; seminars, discussions in the organized houses, special classroom talks, personal conferences, and book displays. Besides Dr. Pollard, fiix other bellmastcr; will play hymns on the Old Main chimes each day at 12:45 p. m., later in the afternoon, and btfbrc the convocations each morning. Mcdaris is a freshman music student from Lincoln. A number of the visiting leaders will ,speak elsewhere during the week. Dr. Pollard will deliver the sermon jit St. Paul's Episcopal Church Slinday morning and will address the Laymen's League and University men of the church at ·n Plan Week . Sybil Hose, Fayetteville, and .Wade Egbert, .Fort Smith, cochairmen for Hclgious Emphasis jVVcek at the University, draw up final plans /or the week, which jopens Sunday and. closes Friday.. ~'ioto by Martin. visiting rel'*ious leaders will be i a dinner Monday evening at 6:30 here for REW. | o'clock in the Student Union Ban- Dr. Ppllarri will speak at convocations each moraine. Mtlnday . . . t i l l · , , . , , · - - · . . . · * , , , . % - . , * . , , n i l / I I I 1 I I K . " l l ' l l l t f l j * W i l l »m M a l l I'reslnn w i l l he. through Friday, at 10:30 in the · · -····-· k i n uu^n f 1 iiiri y , d i i u.otf iii me featured speaker and leader Student Union Ball Room. His w D 8 * .u "P"," 10 "? E "iphasis theme will be "The Kiddle of the M h ° o C TM n l V n TM t y C a m P u s ' Sphinx.".All morning classes will M H i c h 9-15. Mr. Preston is as- .he shortened 10 minutes to allow soaate secretary of the Depart- limo , 01 , lhc convocations, which mcnt of Student Work of the Southern B a p I i s t Convention, havinjr served in this capacity for nearly 35 years. He is a grad- will be 40 minutes long. .quct Room. Preslon will speak at the Baptist Student Union vespers each afternoon at S o'clock in the Baptist Studeni Center, .corner Maple and Llndcll streets. " Mr. De Lapp will speak at the Central Presbyterian Church Sunday morning and at Westminster Dr. Poilard, ,,. Is a physicist, ^ b c r T 1 lost hi-n that business, nnd l e f t , j , ,,,,,, ,».,: t -^ ,,, him w i t h n debt of $5,1100, While I mi " islr '. v - i l i K fnmmis address "Up looking around for a job he got i 1^,^"!^:,'"..^ "' I n l n land-leveling and soi-., had orders rolling In for the maehinca which ho designed and built. A discontent with the tools a v a i l a b l e for his Job of moving cirlh caused fi, G, LcToiinicau lo improvise and Invent u n t i l he liiiri n belter tool. .This ho would sell tn some other contractors, and then b u i l d infi rvi:ry v.-eeKcmi in oioaciunz "" "A-nn-y ,13 years, lie is a graci- . - - - - . . -- - ^ Ihe Gnsnel. He uses his own nri- u»tc of fiipon College and holds rnlnls "'- v - He P I;ins to be vale planes for p l a n t - l n - n l r I I 'he M. A. Degree from George w i l h m a . VMr - As « minister he journeys and for this w.rokc id I Pcabody College for Teachers not R l v c " p llis Knrm as rc - who is studying for the Epiieop, c t ' u ' ri "'. S ETM' ' h « ^"^ ministrv. He olnns to bn n r H n i n o H S uricnt . Fellowship Sunday evc- tells the stnry of his own li r e, hns lieen given in every slate of Ihe Union. "Considering Mr. LeToiir- neau's busy schedule," .lames Grigga \vho is In charge nf ar- rangeniniil.i .here s t a t e s ' t h a t "vo feel fortuiiiite In having been able In secure him .for-Jhcse meetings. This was m. c .dc jiossiblc by his willingness lostop over in Kayetle- '".· V-IMII-^IJ jin i tiiciit'rs. · He was formerly state Baptist sp ;"' cn and training chief al Oa young people's Union sccrelary nic| C c for Tennessee, and prior to tak- ' r "f keynote speaker received Ing up his present work his BA degree from the Universi- prairtcm ,of Hall-Moody Junior t.v of Tennessee in 1932 and his College. ville d u r i n g one of his w c c k l ^ circuits of vlsllallnn to his various factories. He will be en uute between Lnngvlcw, Texas, a n d Peoria, III. Select From This List the Ghurch of Your Choice . riRiT BAPTIST tTMtrinTiM «-.«,, «..,«..._ L JOHNSON. Pariw xi BAFTMT L JOHNw... .-, t:K i m «unnu ricnoo 10:IS · m Morn Anthim: "Ul Ml . Sermon: · " "" Jriul Chrlit :U · fn Mornlnf WarihfB -Anlhim: "Ul Ml. ilon . Sermon: _.,-.. fl*Jotce" In Ixive With -.,.» ,. ... Biptifl Training un , · 73" p m Cvfmlnf. Wbrthlo Strmon: "Th« Peril of AnaWered . CGKTMAL C EDWARD BftUBAKEII, Putor WillUm t OlbMn, Mlnliur lo Stu- Mnti ' l.-4i M. m. Church School 10:0 *. in Mcirnlnf Wonhlp Anthim: ."n*rc« W«t lh« wild Bit lo v"-- Noble Btrmon: Rtv. A. Myrvln Ue LMPP S:oo n. m Hlnh Snhool Wfilmmiter ·unptr «nd Pro»r»ni A- I;W p. m. Unlvenlty Wfilmlniittr rtllowihlp, WvfetmlnFler HouRe RMT PKEHTTERIAN JAMU W BUTLU, JR.. PHtor WIUI«n t. Olbton. Mlnlltcr ta 8tu- «tnu · ; 1:45 ·. m. Sunday School U:U Mornlnc Wornhlc Anthtm: "OtVf H»td, Lnrd, Tn My Crylnl"-- M«nd«iuohn ·trmon: "Whtn Chrlit Controli 1 ' 4:30 p. m. Junior Fellowahip 4,10 I)- m. Jr.-HI rtllowihlp ·:00 p m 'Wtttmlniter nllawihlp Student c«nler, M2 wm ; street Annuil comtniitlonn Supper ind Mtctlni, WtdneieW. I p. m. ·T. PAUL'! EFMCOPAL ' MAIUUS J LtNDi-orr n.ctot Bfltond Sunday tn Lrnl B:00 « m m»ly communion »;30 i m r»mlly Service 11M ·. m.' Mornlnl Priycr end Sermon . V'RO p tn Voun« churchmen · - T:W p, m. Evenionf CCHTHAI, MCTHODIBT D t DVKIS. JR., Putnr _ «00 e. ·our ir, 'colltft Jtudenl Coffet 1:30 « m. Sundtj Schpol . 10:15 · m Hormnf Wonhlo Anlh*m: "Utd On O Klnt Eternal" --Mueller .. . ··.iSolo: "Bui Whn May Abide" from McBilah-Hftnrtfl--MTU, w. J, Smniheri Btrmon' D, L. Dyk«i, Jr. * S:W p,. m. Weilcy Foundation · · f:(W p. m. Youth Oroupi 7:30 p m Evening Scrvlrr · Anthem: ''J«ni Lover of My Soul" r-Torid · SperU) Mui|c: Wenlr.v Foundation rtT !Ihl*qu»h. ok!*. « "Strmon; D, L. D,vkM, Jr, * BroidcMl over KGRH I t * . S FIRST CHIU1TIAH "-. KOBCRT Morrcrr. PI nor '· Mi Sunday school | 10W Mornlnf Wo»hif» f , ;.B*rmon: 'The .Toy Fulfilled * · ; 6:30'p m cnruiiim » u u . , i fellow ; '«iiD anrt.Chl Rho F e i t o w h f n ! Film Strict on Ufr nf Paul *vi- f -"Thf Vitil (o Corinth" ·T. JOHH't LUTHErtAN · Ark»ni«'tnfl Dlckion Tel 641 or 37 ntEDERICK GUM/, Paxior 1:30 .· m Sunday N^nool 10:30 ·, m. Nuriery open* · I0:4fc * m BunriMy v*or»nip , Anthem: ''.!PIU». I will Ponder Now 1 --(Melchlor Viilnlu») - Rermon;- "Today Sh»lt Thou Be Wllh Me" 7:3(1- p. m. Evening cinvu-r Lenlen Film: "Journey Into Katth* FIRST CHURCH*Of CHRIST, SCIENTIST 9'30 t. m Sund.iv School 11:00 * tn Sundt.v Service £:.VP m. KGRH* Sunday Radio Wednesday. 7;4l p.. m , meeiini Ridlnt .'Room In church open ««ch d*y txctpt Sunday and holiday*. GREENLAND CHURCH OF CHRIST OR18 SALVER. MlnlMti 10:00 a m Church ichool. 11:00 · m Sermort IMS a m Communion Servlr* 7:3f - Study ·T. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC FATHEH E D W A R D II MALOY P«1nr Sunday Mauei 6:00 and 10.00 a m Thursday. 7:30 p. m Novena Mnstei. Devnlioni Workday Ma»i, Monday thtouih frlday, 7- Saturday Man T.Ui a m . rini Friday Man. 7.00 a m .VFirtl Saturday Man. 7,00 a m ;· Confeuionn: 7:00 to 8 00 p m and before all MiSlci CHURCH OF CHRIST FHED McCUJNG. Minliter W«t Center ana N o r t h lociMl t 44 a m Bible aludy 10.34 a m Mornlnf Worship 7:00 p m CUne» 7;3CKp m Wnrihlp Rervic* t;3fl a. m., Wedneaday. Ladlei Bihlt CUu p m Wodneiday. P r n y « r U N I T A R I A N FELLOWSHIP Gam* room s t u d e n t Union :.lo p. CENTRAL CHRISTIAN FRIED HUCKKUJUHY. PnMior 402 W*il Rock Sirert . »:« a. m, Sunday School H':(i) a. m Bible M'jnnoi 11:00 a m Worship Servlc* Comtnuolon Sermon «:4.-i p m.~Youih Meetln* 7:30--hvrnltirf EvunueMiIlo Service y--Prayer Weitneaday, Tonchcr I'racllci 7:30 p m Soni Service and filble . n s a y . r a y e Heeling and Bible Study for all a ( e JEHOVAH'S WtTHEBSEI Ird riper Red Cron Drug Bldf. Wjjnsaday. 7:30 p m . fc, 0 k gi RKK: JIS ;!» ktry Ikhaol Sunday, 9:M p itudx Si tidy . meeting -rnio Mm- ·nd Communion 7:30 u, Mrwilni ^ 7:00 p, n Training Clnai. 7:30 p. m. Krldnv, Choi nnd Yoiilh Rpcri-nllon ·t- CHURCH Or THE NAZARENE J. C. COnpELL. Pnitor South Loi'uit Street KOHH '" *·'" "' ·"' """'" ''""'""- ;JiJ* · m- Sunilny School 11:00 a. m. Mornlnl Wurshln (B «:JO f m. N. Y. P, a. Pinyer Meet- «:)J n in. N. V. P. S. Pro«rmn 6:4R p. m. AtlilH Prftj-er Rnncl 7;30 p. m Evangelistic 8rrvu-« Wtdnesiliy, 7:30 p. m.. Prnrer Meol- ing ThufsiUy. 7:00 p. m., V l s l l n l l n n Btplli.l Ford Communllr Church rirsl Kuniliy lls» i. ni. Rov Denn Pirker ' B«conn Bunrtny. I MX) » m. Rev O. H. LauricrbAck Third SlimlBy ll:ou «. m llev. Allrcrt W h l t f l p y f o u r t h Sunuay: 11:00 a m Hav V. C. Erwln lft:WJ ·. m Each Sundny, Sunday Rehool WEDINGTOH METHODIST ·CHURCH A I. 1IIOOS. 1'ntlur IO:Dn n m Sundsy School 11:00 t, m. and 7:M p..m. Prcuchlnn Servjctl nn Fourlh And Tilth Sundnys T JUMBERI.AND PHEBBYTEH1AM BILL BAHNES. I'nsior M7 Ouilclns Street M* a m Sundny Schnol. 7:no p ni. Evcnlnf Worship -r WEST FORK BAPTI8T R II REED, 1'asinr * B:O a in Sunday Schnol. · H'.OQ a. ni Mornlnk W u t s h l p 6:31) p m. Baptist Training Union 7:30 u m Kvcnlnf Worship BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH ROY W. REKD. ,1'aslor Ml Mission Slrtct ' »:4.', a in Sunday Srhool t l : W ) a m Mornlns Worship. --TM p m Tr»lnln« Union ELKINS COMMUNITY .CHURCH 'AMES K CARTER. Superintendent 10:00 a m. Sunday School SECOND BAPTIST "I V. DRAKE. Paitor »:45 a m Sunday hrhonl. 10:43 a m Morning Wr,nh!p. 7:00 p m Evening Worship Wednesday, I p m. Prayer Service WEST. FORK ASSEMBLY OF GOD B R A N H A M nnd STEKLE. Puslon IM.'i n m. Sunony School ll:on Morning Worship «:3ll p. m. Christ Amhaisador Service 8:,1n p. m Junior C. A Service T.m p. m. Kvangellsllg Service Wcdncstlny nt 7:30 p m»Pravir Mccllni and Bible Studi + BRENTWOOD CHURCH I'nslurs--[lev. otha Tackett and Rev 10:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 n. m Sermon 7:30 p. m. Evening Servlct · J:00 p. m. Friday night. Bible atudy and prayer meeting ·1- WIGQINI MEMORIAL METHODIST ARNOLD SIMPSON. Pastor South church and Third Simla ':« «· m. Church School I I ' O O a. m Morning Worship r.:..0 p m. Youth fellowafilp 7:30 p m Evening Worship WEST FORK CHRISTIAN JOHN ASBELL. Minuter ' 8:4.1 a. m Church School 11:OJ a. m Morning Worship anif iilnmlmlon Preaching every first and third JOHNSON CHURCH Of CHRIST HIM. K SMITH. M i l l i n e r 10:011 n m H f h l e Study IO:.VI a in Worship Service fij" P "' y,"""g People 1 * Classes 7:.l(l p in Worship Service Prayer Meeting Wednesday at 7:30 SON'S CHAPEL S MILES HAST ON HIGHWAY U I). 30 a m Sunday Srhool Smcrlnlcndenl-- Turner Brown. Auxiliary every lounn Monoay J:oo 7:30 u m Evening Service eck Pray**- Service--Wedllcs Mldwec day p. CENTRAL BAPTIST JACK DEAN Paslur 9:4.S a in Sunday £;hoo). IO:M a m Morning Worship. 7:0(1 p m Rnpltsl Training COU.FB R.OO p m Evening Worship fl.'OO p m Wednesday. Prayer Mr vice. FULL.GOSPEL TABEHNACLE TOMMV G I B U S I'aslor 10:00 a m Suiidoy School. 11:00 a m Preaching 7:1.1 p in Kvancallstlc service Wednesday. 7:30 p m Midweek Prayer Service. Friday. 7:30 p m PYPA Serv)-« BLACK OAK BAPTIST HOWARD I'ltlCHAltD Tnstor ' 10:00 a m. Sunday School 11:00 a m Preaching Service 7:00 p m Training Union 8:00 p m Preaching Service Thursday 7:30 p m Prayer meeting GOSHEN METHODIST ·i M. YANCEY. I'aslor 10.00 a ni Sunday School. II 00 a in Morning Worship 7:00 p m Evening Worship 'AYCTTEV1LLE BlBtX MISSION Mil BLOCK SOUTH COM.tUs. Interdenominational IOMER MOUTTET. Pastor 9:43 a m Sumlii.x School 11:00 a. m Murnlng Wnrslilp 6:15 o m Young Peoples Services 700 p m Evanficllitlc Servlcet J u n i o r Choir wlil meet S a t u r d a y at o tn Wednesday, 7:30 p m., Prayer Meet- ng 1UGAH M O U N T A I N BAPTIST , K F. M O R t l A N . Pastor .RUIN MOSTCL1.KR. Assistant Pastor 10:00 a m Sunday School 7:30 p m Gvancellstlc Message Wednesday prayer meeting at 7.30 m. HIGHLAND COMMUNITY 10:30 i m Sunday Mchuol l l : l n m Morning Worship. Wednesday night. 7:3il p m.. Prayer ?rvlces. 4- , WALNUT GROVE COMMUNITY Walchtower CHURCH Sunday School 10:30 a m. FARMINGTON BAPTIST n M. KIIEIS. Paitor 10:IHI a m .Similar School 1I:[IO a m Morning Worship 6:30 p m Baptist T r n i n l n B Union 7:30 p m Evangelistic Service Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Prayer Meet IOR. FARMINGTON METHODIST A -. H1UUS. I'nslor 10:iK) a in Sunday School II'OO a. m. and 7:30 p. m prcnchlni SerM« on First. Second and Thin Sundays NORTH SIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD , S A M U E L E UHUCE. I'aslor 10:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a m Sermon 7:30 p m. Evangelistic Service Tuesday. Young Peoples C A Str vices. 7:30 p m ' Friday. Prayer Service. 7 ! p m + P A R K S D A L E BAPTIST I 1 K N N K R UA^Ii,, P.islor A R L E N MOSTELLAR. Assistant Pastor LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JESSE C COLEMAN. P,,|", · " 0: TM ·- m Sunday. School MOT « - m Morning Worship fan p m. Training Union 7:30 p. m. .Evening Worihip CALVARY TABERNACLE lv " in « Mc.iage and angelistic Wtd """"'. Tarryin s " lur ' d « i ' Testimonial Praye" 7:3n p m. Evangelistic Service. Service., Serv?c n e Sunday School 3:30 a : , n Kvonlng Worship 7:30 p m , M *i ,., rwH »»n«la»s """'"".Worship a.-.w ,, V Sunday School 10:30 a m . Evening Worihip 7:30 p. m. i'-TM .".'". Morning worship Rev. John Asbell. Second Sunday GOSHEN CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE , w . 0 a. m Wonhlp Service P. m Worihi? S.rvlc«: CHURCH B"*f"TM 1 l5. PMtor 0:00 a m Sunday School ?:S " m M , orn| ng Worship ,:?; Jra Baplljt Training Union vv'rf * m Even ' n « Worship CENTRAL ASSEMBLY OF GOD 613 Soulh College H L BAYLESS. "a.lot »·« a. m. Sunday School rffi " . m "°TM»ig Worship 7 : 10 S TM V nun " f, 00 ""'" meellng. l:'° " m. Evangelistic Servlc- ^7.30 p m. Thursday, Prayer meet- + CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH from Mice Institute in 1035. ly 01 Ph.D. He has written many scientific articles. Dr. Pollard's topic Monday will be "Of Time, Space, and Matter": Tuesday, "Creation and Evolution"; Wednesday, "Faith and Knowledge"; Thursday, "lievclation and Response;" nnd Friday, "Before Ihe Flood." Soloists and the University A Capclla Choir will provide music before each talk. Doctor Pollard will also make the principle address at the Episcopal I-aymen's League dinner Monday night, at (1:30 o'clock in the Student Union. ning. Sponsored By Council Msgr. O'Connell will preach at the N e w m a n . C l u b retreat to be held M o n d a y, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings at 7:30 o'clock al St. Joseph's Catholic Church. The Newman Club will a|so hold mass Monday. Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings at 7 o'clock at the church. Religious Emphasis Week is sponsored each year by the Student Christian Council. Co-chairmen this year are Sybil Rose, Fay- ettcvillc, and Wade.- Egbert, Fort Smith. Cov'ington is, Honorary chairman. Programs listing all events for the week be distributed Announcements through the Fayetleville churches and the University organized houses. Copies will also be avail able in the Studeni Union. A number .of events have been planned for faculty members ami Religious Emphasis Week leaders. Breakfasls be held each morning al 7 o'clock al the Westminster House for the' speakers and committee members to co- ordinale their activities. A luncheon will be held Monday noon in the Studeni Union dining room for a l l University faculty members, the REW committee, and speakers. The week will o f f i c i a l l y open with a i reception Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the Student Union Game Room for Ihe speakers, faculty members, HEW committee, and Fayetlcviile ministers. o . undiy Srhnoi l l : « n n m M o r n l n o Worship -Sermon: A. D. Sluckcy «TM P m Training hcrvlc. 7.30 p m Evening Worshiu f.? rmn " : . A- D. Sluckey Wpcln Service Prayer 10:00 a m Sunday School. ,7:30 p m Evangchsllc Message Wednesday 7:30. p m Prayer Meet 18 l-'rida j. 7:30, p m. Voung People i meeting. J- ' JOHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH E M LOGUE. I'nslor 1000 a m Sunday School ll:0n a m Worship Services 7:00 p. in Training Union- B O O p tn Evanuellslic Services " 00 p in Evening Service Wednesday. 7:30 p m.. Prayer Meet- SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST 7 SOUTH STREIT SATURDAY 10.00 A m Sauhalh Schnol I I 00 a m Church Service. Tuesday, 7.30 p m Prayer meeting JALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST V H siiAiip. Pastor Su Mllea northwest 10:00 A m Sunday School 11.00 a m Morning Worship 7:30 p m Evening Worship Wednesday, 7:30 p m.. P r a j e leetlng + ' wHUrtCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS A M E R FLETCHER. Elder Student Unlnn n i n e Ronrn 10:30 a m Sunday Rchool. CHURCH . ,,. Corncr UunranVnd Slone 9:30 a m Sunday School I0;.v» Morning Worship 5,5 JP* P ""' Training Union 7:30 Evening Worship" Wednesday. I p. m.. Prayer Servlc FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD DONALD WALKER. Piislor »:4N a. m Sunday School. 11:00 a m Preaching. 6:00 p m Y P Class. 7:30 p m Evangelistic Bervlcea ':30 p m Friday. Bible study 7:30 p m. Tuesday, c, A. service OAKLAND BAPTIST (Six Miles Northeast) I. S WHITELEY. Pastor 10.011 a. m Sunday School. 11:00 a ro Morning WorshlD · 7:30 p m BYPTC 830 D m Evening Worship Wednesday. 7:30 p m Prayer meet ng. PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JESSER. Pastor """· 16 Weal) Dr. William G. Pollard The first day, Dr. Pollard will be introduced by University Prov- i ost Joe Covington. | The other religious leaders will I give seminars, conduct discussion sessions in the organized houses, speak in various classes, and hold personal conferences. They are: The Alfred M. Brown, pastor of the First Methodist Church, Crowlcy, La.: the TJev. A. Myrvin De Lapp, director of the Westminster Foundation (Presbyterian) at Kansas State college: the Dev. Eulis H. Hill, pastor of he First Christian Church, Little Hock; W i l l i a m H a l l Preston, Associate. Southwide Baptist Student Secretary, Nashville, Tenn.; M.sgr. .Tames F,. O'Connell. rector of St John's Seminary, Little nock: and Rabbi Samson Shain, rabbi of Temple Israel, Hot Springs Services at St. Paul's Episcopal Church will continue throughout Central Methodist Church W. S. C. S. Circles of Central Methodist Church will meet Monday as follbwfl: Circle one, Mrs. Jennings Olivers, 421 West' North Street, 2 p. m. , Circle two, Mrs. J. H. Mulkcy, 233 Adams at 1:30 p. m.; Circle three, Mrs. J. K. Critz, Highway 45, east at 2 p. m.; Circle four, Mrs. W. W. Fields, Cleveland and Sang, 1:30 p. m.; Circle five, Mrs. John Myers, 432 Washington, ?. p. m.; Training School Open To Public At Central Methodist Dean R. E. Smith, professor emeritus in Bible from Centenary College, Shreveport, La., will teach in the Fayetteville District Training School this week. The school will be held each evening, March 10 through 14, at 7:30 o'clock at the Central Methodist Church and is open to the public. Doctor Smith taught at Centenary College for 30 years, Circle six, Mrs. C. L. Arring- ed the Four Square Bible Class ton, 24 North College Avenue, j in Shreveport, and is'still teaching 1:3(1 P- ".; i this class after 27 years. He has Circle seven, Mrs. Price Sieele, I traveled in Europe. Egypt and 609 Nprth Olive Avenue, 1:30 p.] Palestine. He is a 32-degree mason "'·I and a member of the Scottish rite. Circle eight, Mrs. Paul Milam, He has received » D. D. degree from Birmingham Southern College and a Litt. D. from Southwestern University. He has authored many books and still writes 518 Lcverett, 1:30 p. m.; Circle nine, Mrs. Claude Woods, 73(i Jackson Drive, 1:30 p. m .; Circle 10. Mrs. Farlow Btlrt, 234 Buchanan. 2 p. m.; Circle 11. Mrs. Kinley Johnson, 335 North Gregg, 1:30 p. m.; Mrs. W. R. Rogers, co-hostess. First Baptist Church Circle six of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday ,-', 7:30 p. m., with Mrs. U r b a n ' H o l l a n d , 687 Mission Avenue. w i t h mass every week day during Two seminar periods, at 3:30 'Lent, at 7 a. m.; Friday, mass at and 4:15, will be held . M o n d a y ] 7:30 p. m . through Thursday afternoons in [ St. John's Lutheran Church, in the Student Union. The Rev. Fred- j a special Sunday evening audio- crick A. Guinz, minister of St. visual program, will observe Lent. 10 00 I I . on fi:30 m Sunday School. m Mornlnc Worship. -. ,. m Training Union 7:30 p m. EvanciTlaHc Service Wednesday Prayer Meeting. 7'3 p. m. Friday, Yoiilh. Musical Program, p. nt. GREENLAND COMMUNITY BOB CORNELIUS. Pnslor · I".4.'. a m Summj school · · · " » - rn Morning Worshlv. Thursdav 7.30 p ivea led by the Re ... midweek aerv Jack Taylor. APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH NECILA MOORE. Pni'or Highway 71 South lOiOO a. m Sunday School II'DO a m Morning Service 7:.10 p m. Evangelistic Servlee Wednesday, 7:30 p. m., Mid week service ·f ST. JAMES BAPTIST INtgrol 1 W WEBB Pastor 10:30 a m Sunday School 11:30 a m Mnrnlng Worship 1 ' 500 p m Young People's meeting »:oo p m Evangelistic Service ST. JAMES METHODIST (N«ro: · I. B U C H A N A N Pailor M.N a m Sunday School I I 00 a' m Mornlnl Worship 1:4* p m Youth Fellowship. I'M p m. Nlghl RtrMcM. ' 1 C · · WrS'f Co Development the Following Business Firms Dedicate This Schedule v-o... ·Boston Store ·Cy Carney Appliance Co. ·Campbell-Bell · ·Hotfield Pontiac Co. ·Hunt's ·Ozark Cleaners ·Ozark Grocer Co . G. Shipley Baking Co., Inc. ·Southwestern Gas Electric Co. ·Vicker's, Inc. ·Inhn's Luthcr;ui Church in Fay- nttpv'illr- will also conduct n seminar. Topics at 3:3t) arc "Scckins nn UncbanfiinR Faith in a Chanp- infi Wnrld," "Courtship and Mar- riaco.." 'and "What is a Christian Philosophy?" Al 4:15 the seminars will be sivrm ott "Has Hcliginn Failpd?." "The Message of the Hebrew Prophcls," and "Are Science and ncligion in Conflict?" One topic has yet tn be nnnotinccd. Personal conferences with any of the speakers may be arranged for at a booth to be set up in the SUldent Union. A schedule of 'here the speakers will be at all limes will be kept at the booth. nisctiKxinn* rlannfri Each hwinizcri house will hold a discussion fil their house either Monday, Tuesday, or -Wednesday niphts a f t e r dinner, led by one of the seminar speakers or a Fayetteville miniser.. Monday nipht discussions will | o'clock, be hold at lloleombc Hall. Davis . Hall, Carnall Hall, Grecson Hall, Cj r(- Razorhack Hall, I.loyd Halls A . ' ' H i C, 15. and E, Zeta Beta Tan, nnd ! Siqtna Pi. ' Tuesday lenders will be in Iheso houses: Ar.nela, Pi Rota Phi, Delta Sigma Phi, Chi Omega, Zeta Tan Alpha, Sigma Nil, Uimb- da Chi Alpha, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Gamma ( n f l c r n n n n ) . Girls' 4-11, nnd Sigma Phi Epsllnn. On Wednesday 10 houses will lold discussions; Phi Delia Thcta. The following films be shown at 7:30 p. m., tomorrow, "Journey Into Faith: March 16, "The Crucifixion;" March 23, "The nus;" March 30, Slreet. - -- · " " -- r , , , u u L 1 V I I M 1 U H V al. Lent with Holy Communion at | J u l i a Valilx 7:30 a. m., Wednesday in the Student Union and Holy Communion at the church at i n a. m.; Litany and Meditation at 5 p. m., Friday; evening prayer and sermons on "The Creed" Sunday evenings at 7:30 o'clock. St. Joseph's Calholic Church will continue its Lenten services Church of Christ In the absence of Fred McClunj, minister of the Church of Christ, who is in Quana, Texas, Ah-in Gibson will be speaker for t h e Horning service tomorrow. John Sdwards of Springfield. Mo., will lave the.evening service. St. Paul's Episcopal Church Ste. Mary's Chapter will meet Monday at 2:30 p. m., with Miss for current periodicals. He is now- ' teaching a course in religion at the night session of. Centenary College. Doctor Smith will teach a course on "T h c Prophets" this week. Other courses in the school will be · offered, including a course taught by Kcv. and Mrs. W. J. Workman for young people only from ages of .15-23. This course is entitled . 'Preparation for Marriage." Rev. Vernon Chalfant, pastor of the Central Methodist Church'in Hoe- crs, will teach a course oh "The Church's Program-for Intermediates." Mrs. M. V. Bobbins, from Peculiar, Mo., will teach the course on "The Use of the Bible with Children." Mrs. Johnnie McClure from Springdale will teach the V, 7 S C S course on "The Fam' Rev. ^:30 p. m., with Miss "· a - ·-· °- ' : " 1 "--' "" *"·· '"'" Ix, 210 West Fafayette I n - v -- A Christian's Concern.' Rev. ,n.-i:i. I Ira B. Brumlcy, executive sccrc-, Sic. Hilda's Chapter will meet i lnr . v ot lno North Arkansas Con- Monday at 1:30 p. m. in the Parish House. Mrs. Earl Allen will he hostess and a f i l m on Brazil will fcrcnce. will lead a course "Church School Administration." be shown. Ste. Teresa's Chapter w i l l hi. a dinner meeting Tucsdav at / i p. in., with Mrs. Herbert Lewis, j TQ V i r i j I I A ,avo|Rev. Roger Blanchard Sr., 337 North Washington Avrnttc! The Layman's League will have a d i n n e r meeting Monday, March 10, al 6:30 p. m., at the Student Union. "Dr. W i l l i a m Pollard of Oak Ridge I n s t i t u t e w i l l be guest speaker and all men of St. Paul's Parish are invited to attend. "The Pilgrimage Play" (Part I).|[TM,!.. and April 6, "The Pilgrimage Play" (Part I I ) . A sermon scries under the general theme, "Cries from the Cross," w i l l be delivered by Pastor F. A. Gum2, in the morning services which begin" at 10:45 o'clock. · Specific subjects and dates are as follows: Tomorrow. "Today Shalt Thou be W i t h Me:" March 16, "My God . . . Why?"; March 30, "It Is Finished;" and April 6, " F a t h e r Into Thy Hands . . ." The remembrance of Jesus' passion will be given further expression' in traditional liturgical form: and will' culminate in a First Presbyterian ("-urch Circles of the First Presbyterian ' ur-h will meet Monday as fol- Circle one, Mrs. -Van Unwell, Carnall Hall, R p. ni.,; Circle two, Mrs. E. G. Murphy, 127 East Dickson, 1:30 p. m., wi'h Mrs. A. W. Way as leader; Circle three, Mrs. Norman McCartney, 403 East Lafayette street, 1:30 b- ni., w" Schultz as leader. The liev. Roger Blanchard, executive secretary of College Work of the Episcopal Church, will arrive Monday evening to consult \\ith leaders of college vvr rlt here on the University campus, while, on a coast-to-coast tour of coU leges. He will also have conference w i t h the Rev. Marius J. Lindloff, who hns recently been appointed- executive secretary of College Work in the Seventh Province. Mr. Blanchard was formerly'the rector of Calvary Church, Columbia, Mo., and also the college chaplain there. He comes here accompanied by his wife, from Greenwich, Conn. His offices are" 'ith Mrs. Harry I at National Headquarters in Nexv \'---1- /··:.. York City. munion service on com- M a u n d y Thursday evening April 10, at 7:30 Will End Church Year The members of the First Presbyterian Church will have (heir annual congregational supper and meeting, Wednesday night at 6 o'clock. · Following the supper, tor which the circles of the church w i l l pro""- ··· ·- · vide food, there will be brief re- Pi Kappa Alpha, Kappa K a n r - ,, nr(s from a) | , h c or( , an | zil | ions of G n m m n , Kappa Slgmn S l R m a C r , h c chl , rr h on the church year Kanpn Alpha, Alpha G a m m a - U b o , ; w n l c n cnrts M a r c h ,, , _ Thcrc w| ,, Delta Delta Delta, Tbetn Tnti, and a , so hc an c | cc , lnn nf o f f l r p r s . ,,, Sigma Alpnii Epsilon (afternoon). The Haptlst bnok store at Little lock will display religious bonks n tbo Student Union. The store epresentntive, Miss B l a n c h e Mn.vs, will also lecture on religious bonks Monday afternoon at .1:30 n'clock nnd Tuesday afternoidi nl lift o'clock at the Westminister louse, across' from the Union. Francis' Mcdaris, University also hc an clcclion of officers, to f i l l the terms of deacons ar^d elder* whose terms are expiring. The current expense and benevolence budgets for the coming church year will be discussed and acted upon. Sunday, March Ifi, vlll hc "Loyalty Sunday," when pledges or re- f|iieslj for sets of envelopes will be made out and presented In dedication al Ihc altar. AN INSPIRING WELCOME CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP A VITAL MESSAGE AT OUR CHURCH SUNDAY FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. Waller L. Johnion, Pallor "FALLING IN LOVE WITH JESUS CHRIST" Morning Worship Hour 10:55 (Brotdciit o»«r Station KORHI Sunday School 9:JO "THE PERIL OF ANSWERED fRAYER" E»«ning Worihip Hour 7:30 Training Union ( i l S Th« Nursery is open or oil seiviCM WELCOME

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