Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 11, 1974 · Page 21
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 21

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 11, 1974
Page 21
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Qualified men will be given thorough field training !iq *r«P hospllallzaUon and Hie Insurance, commfsslon and other fringe benefits anct steady repeat ot euUbHsh*4 accounts ol buslnws. Interviews wttl be held Wednesday, Aiifurt 14 from 5:30 p.m,-9:00, for your «xive«ltn« at In* Holiday Inn in Sprlnjdale. Men selected will b* Mln* «d for positions in Northwest Arkanus ardta. Ask tor D. A Murray. AGENCY £3. Emma. Bprinj.Mal* TO.-8221 INFLATION Food, Aparlmenl, Utilities furnished. Rood salary ~ liberal benefits. Imtnedl' ·at* openings. Boy* Hartor, home for nor ma] boys. No experience necessary. H3 Diploma and rood · reference! required. Positions; 1) CoU*ff« Farsnli -- married couple, mature, no children. 2) Recreation Director -- sirfgle. mate, mature, 3) Asst. Cook -- angle person. Contact: R. W. Gulnn, Box 1260. LaPorte, Tex 77571, '--Butlntu Opportunities-- 11-Situation* Wanted 21-- Automotive WILL do babyjulng In my home, day. only. KOI lunches and large fenced Uclt yard. Phone 16--Scrvleei Offered WILL care tor 3 or 4 children for work- in* mother*. Asbell school area. Phone 5Z1-5W5. ' MATURE, experienced, burineli student with family desires apartment complex management volition. Call 7M-3437 a{ler 6:00 p.m. SEC.-BXXPn: Full charge bkkpg. ·« larial duties, Dala process bkgrrid. helps, sun |600, (ee neio. Call Jan. EXEC SEC: One «lth HH me niUioul. Degree.' 1530, Wst benefits. Ol] Jan PBX-TYPIST: 1*M« up. Call Itaseroarj'. FASHION OOORmNA.TOR: Misses and . S1ajl lo M33. willl ral COPY WRITER! Good grammar, accurate lypine. To H33. Call Rosemary, QASinET^CLKRK: Type, use 10-key, handle cash. B15. beneflls. Call Jan. OFFICE: To »I33. Call Jan. £CEPnONTOT: Life bkkpg. experience or will Iraln. $Mfi. Oall Rose, niary. PERSON F7U1AY: Sen, recepl; tome records. 1350 up Call Rosemary. Ule WILL do 'babyslltlflef In my home 6ty or night, no age limit, handy Stekespe AaTBNTIOS Mr. Properly Owner: Think. ifliT'of remodeling? Build now before con- ftructlon cosli go higer. Free eitlmatoi, relfablllly a fuarante*. Bulldog construe* Item CO,, 731-WB2. , INS. CUIRK; To 1375, Oalj With typjrig A bodckecplnff. Call Ros«mar' NOW H I R I N G Earn extra money aelltng Play- houie Toyi now throufh Deccm- CHILD CARE -- Close lo plants, all agei, hot m eali. Wg [eflce4 yard. S57 Eai Skeltoa a'-reet. Phon* 521-069 or 521 7142. EXPERIENCED babysILling day or nigh 1 In my home. -Phone 267-3366. PAW, Low cost trenching with Big V-» Dllchwltch chain dttrgtr for water llnei gas, electric, drainage, oilier. Narrow -For Sale lfM JBKP four wheel drive Imdc. ^ave 2,2S9, assume payments wllh only 1518 down, heavy d u t y camper package, exlra gaj tank, alr-cotidLlIoncd, lUII In war- ranly, come In and l«t drive al Rogers Jeep and Marine, next to sauthg-ale Shopping Center In Rogers. ONK owner, like new, late 1065 Mercury Marquis. Low mileage, 59,000 |t,695. I'ljone ^3-2860 aller 5:30, Btk for CharlcF, Thane ton I mck, in gooti shape. : altrc 5 [.m. 443-1788. 1972 CHEVY Diesel, 548 Detroli, Kin screw, deluxe cab, air, 13 speed transmission. Very clean, one owner S*e al Ed Jones 1 Garage, Monclt, Missouri. Con* tact Boryl Thoma Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Sur., Aug. 11, 1974 PAVITTKV1LLI, AKKANIAt 23--llv«tock--For Sal* FOR Bale or trade (or Fnx Troller: Two year old rcfilslcrcd Quarter horse. King Ranch and Wagner Breeding. Buckskin. Phone GOOD IIOLSTG1N COW FOR SALB. PHONE 442-SB6T. REOISTERBD Tennenee waging hor«i, sc^Uc, good bloodlines, ilx year old mart, four year old geWlnjf. Phone 1S«8 CORTINA GT, 4 speed, sfandard shift, radial p!y Urcs. High performance, economic car. |70Q. Phone 7S9-77E. 56 VW BUS Front end damaged, '60 Ford pick-. up, need* engine overhaul, '60 Falcon, needs transmission, '50 Dodge ] ,7 ton yard truck, House trailer, axles, electric brakes and 15 , wheels. '60 Internal Ion M ton, . , needs engine. Assorted wheels. Cal 839-2363, (5") Irtnch 24" Undiey U2-251S. 15o ft -- Ore? U-SScREATIOH HHORT* .At. MIHCHAHOI* 1»AMTIQUE« - FOH : S-rOK *AUaT OR TRAbf M!\WAHTED TO BUY : n-- WANTID TO TRAOI b-FOR »AL OH MINT U-HDOMI P0« RENT »-Mo"lLE N KOMKS-FOR IALB R.H, TO MINT _ 44--aiIAU UTATB- ^ » A L « OR TRADE U-- LOTS FOB *A1.S .47-- HEAL MTAT« LECAL NOTICE* TOW BALI LIGHT PLASTICS MANUFACTURING WEDTE-HAliL PLASTIC SUPPLY CO. HAS A PART TIME OR FULL TIME BUSINESS FOR E1THEH MAN OR WOMAN, I -- Exclusive Terrilorle* -- Contracted Accounts -- Immediate Income Can be Operated Full or Part Time From Approximately 200 Square Feet -- No Previous Experience Necessary ' , . - . -- No Selling on Your Part Required -- Income Potential from t400 to 11500 per Month -- ?4995 to 55995 Cash Required tor Inventory. Machinery and Complete Training Program FOR FULL INFORMATION WRITE TODAY Giving Fall Name, Addreas And Telephone N u m b e r WHITE-HALL PLASTICS Suite 1519 UNITED FOUNDERS TOWER 5500 Mosteller · Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 7Q113 405--848-6154 _ _ _ ,__ ber. good commission, caah bo niu no collecting or delivering. Details " " £39-317S vllle.) wlthout obligations. (toll free from Fay HELP WANTED -- Sales clerk tn fabric Etore, iewing experience helpful. Apply [n person at So-Fro Fabrics, Northwest Arkansas Plata. . PERSONNEL SEC! WOO up/Call Jan. AOCTs: r REcrBLE: Run A-R dept T a bit. Post. J375 up. Call Jau, INSIDE dAiXti: Men'*, h.dies .[ashions, aulomoUve, sporting goods, etc. Many opportuniliw. Call' RosemaryACCOUNTANT: Deare* in acotff. Salary wide open. Call 'Rosemary WELDER; £3 hr. 'start. Call Vergil. PRINTER TRNBB with mech. aptilud*. start $2.25 hr. grow. Call Jan. CAREER T R N E E r ' N f i t *; Interested to tram send to srfiool, start Rt ^200. Call Jan, BOAT MECH: Outboard motori. Start at " Call Rosemary. SYSTEMS ANALYST: Design ft application. ¥13K, fee Pd. Oall Jan. MFO ENO'R: UIK up. fee pd. Other ' to »23K, f« e pd. Call Jan, TEC1I; Hi sdiool Rrad wilh chem, bourscs. Some ]l[tlnsf, $574), Call Jan. AGENCY Spriagiiilt TM-Kia Termites? Pests? 10-H«lp Wonted HELP WANTED Day Shift 10 llll 2 or 10 fill ! Apply In Person Mr. Burger Oak Plata Shopping Canter ATTENTION COLLEGE STUDENTS Get that fall job now. Openings are now available for evening kitchen help. Apply in perion to Burger Broil, 514 No. OoUege. WAITREES snd cooV, full or part time. Apply In peraon, BAB Bar-B-Q. 2300 South East SI. (to/ Johmon 521-3750 17--Boats And Marina Suppliet trailer, ALUMINUM f i s h i n g boat and h.p. Mercury engine. Good cOTidWon, ^375. Phone 413-3S6S. IffM 1ft FT, Mark Twain, HO h.p. 1,0, hours use, perfect oondiUon^ {440 Phone 15A-1W7- KAYOT pontoon. C«U 443-»5. 14 FT. Rasorbaclc ski boa!, 50 horse Jfercuiy. Phone 621^581. A(l«r 5:30 4424034. 18--Camping And Sporting Goods HAPIDLY EXPANDING FOLDING BOX; PLANT NEEDS EXPERIENCED PRINTERS, CUTTING PRESSMEN AND GLUE MACHINE OPERATORS. CALL OH WHITE FOR APPLICATION. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. : MILTON STERNBERGER co. P.O. BOX 8277 MEMPHIS. TENNESSEE 38108 THE CORRECT NUNrBER FOR PLAT. HOUSB TOY CO, 13 HOUSE PARENTS needed: Rendenllal faculty for eiffhl teenage youlhi. Mature couple with basic parenting, counseling and homctnaker skills. Benefits Include room and board, health Insurance, salary range for couple beginning at $500 per monlh. For further Information and/or Interview: Youlh Bridge, · Inc., 730Va Stone Slriel, F*yellevllle, 5H-1532. 839-3178 The number printed Uat week w»f la- RETIREES ' Card Of Thank* " FOR. your thoughtful kindness shown us by cards, food, calls, flowers, and pray* ert, and to Ui« stalf al the Apple Tree Inn, w* art deeply .grateful. Tht 1--Announcements ' JIOO RBWARI for information trading lo the arrest and conviction of the person " or parsons responsible for lakinjr the siffn «L Chatc«ii Apartments, ITi N. T^verrit 521-3313. . I syrtjj not ** respon^lb!e Cor any deMi other than my osm. Ajnold c. Oonl cy. For home delivery of the TIMES, Phone 442-6242 ; 2--Coming Event* NEED SEVERAL PEOPLE AT ONCE FOR MANAGEMENT TRAINEE POSITIONS Guaranteed income in excess of $610 your first full month. Selection on personal will be made by interview to given it: FAYETTEVILLE HOLIDAY INN (The Terrace Room) Monday, Aug. 12 at 10:00, 1:00, 4:00, 7=00 A relatively new manuftclurinjr plant tn Conway, Ark. fa in need of retired perionn*! who have supervisory and training experience ilia machine *hop. This temporary position of a few months Is needed to help with on the Job training of new employees. Salary and details on job assignment will be dLscuued. Please contact: Call or Write: FMC Personnel Of/Ice Exchange Ave, Conway, Ark*. Phone 501/327-4433 An Equal Opportunity Employer NOTICE St. Paul's Thrift Shop will b« open - every Wednesday. Thursday and ' Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.. The ad -In Wednesday* paper incorrectly dated that the Thrift Shop would · be dosed. ' AN Rxperleneed sawmill sawfiten Write: Box 12, Venion, Ariz, 869J0. Phone 602- 3M-21E1. ftxt 22 or 602-331-2226 after 5 p.m. An Equal Opportunity ^Employer NEEDED: Truck mpchanlcs. W-75-?i.2S per hour. Insurance, uniforms, vacations, all the overtime you want. Call 521-3320, 1971 APATHH camping trailer, all fiber glass, sleeps six, excellent condition Must see lo appreciate. Phone 443-2229. 3968 W ton GMO pickup with Avion camp er deluxe, self contained, Also upright Ke vlnator freezer. 839-2303. 1972 TRAVCO motor home, for lale, ex ent condilion, low mileage, one own er. Phone £36-3121. 19--Recreation Resorts JAKE'S CANOE TRIPS ' COMPLETE FIJ3AT SERVICE ON THE ILLINOIS RIVER S MILES SO. of SILOAM SPRING on ARKANA3 HWY. 59 524-6622 DIESEL MECHANICS XfAKE MORE MONEY THAN ATJTO ^iEOHANICB, If you a re an a u(o mechanic anil would Ilite to learn IrucJf and diesel mechanics call 521-3320 about our on the Job and home study course program. Earn more money while you learn. RAMARA INN -- W»ntedt IMU-tlme attractive, experienced evening hostess. Apply In person lo nttnazer, 3901 N. College. RAMADA INN -- Wanted: Experienced waitressw/Must be neat in appearance. Apply in person to manager, 3901 N. College. RAMADA INN -- Wanted: Experienced waitera. Musi be neat tn appearance.-Apply In person ol manager, 3901 N. College. MAINTENANCE) man wanted. Steady work, good pay. · Send resume lo Box M-79, c-o The Times. FULL and part time waitresses Must be over 21. 51.75 per hour plus tips for qualified personnel. Appointment. Phone 521-9849 (or SEMI-RETIRED couple to manaae motel and rental 521-5W5. complex. Phone 521-1111 or PAR7TIME HELP WANTED 1ft or over Apply In person, MINUTE MAN 529,North College or 324 West Dickion The E.G.A. seeks full-Urn* tecretary. Light typing/record keeping, good Erie- phone voice. Salary *3SO/monlh. 1100 N. College. ATTR ACTIVE, well endowed cocfc I wallresi, US per week. Mus.t be 21 years of age. 521-95« after 4 o'clock. SEHVIOBMAN for mobile homes, top wa#e* paIdj apply In per*on, Pioneer Mobile KorneSj 150G S. Thompson, Spring MANAGEMENT TRAINEE, sfaritnft sal ary '$500 per month ' p l u s , automobile Apply in person, ask for Buck Herifon or Tom Woolen, Pioneer Mbblle Homes 8. Thompson, Eprlngdalc. PI DRIVER WANTED for pulling and selling mobite homes. Top wages. Apply In per sen. Pioneer Mobile Homes, 150ft ~ Thompson, Epringdale, Ark. SO--Motorcycles ISO YAMAHA, 1067 model, good condj tfon. Phone 731-7326, HAVE mini-bike for sale, needs clutc blue In color, good cnodttion, J40- HONDA CL, 175, 6 raonUis old, i and bars.' Must sell. IE crell. No 11 A. 1973 YAMAHA 250 DT3 Trailblkc, miles, warranty. In tfreat condition, 521-7960. ON^ buc!(«t seali, loui , new lire s, Kood e n tfne , t*eap {-as mileage. Phone 751-7336 or Kl SPORTS n the IIotr, 072 CHEVY !4 ton long wide btd, /Under standard, low mileage with or ilhout Josulaled camper. 443-1826. D61 \TV, excelled, motor, would be line ir - s«»nd car, good condiUon, J375 hone after 6:00 p.m. 412-6501. DU10K Eleclra LTD. only 35.000 Sj power drLx'Crs seal, power (e«rUig owcr brakes, alr-condlltonLn?, real 50 tmrlillon. Only $2595. Phone (43-27*4. MOVING must sacrifice second car -?64 Clievi-olct Malibu, four door, excel ent condition, good lifts. Phone 521-453' tier 5;00 p.m. 4 CHOICE feebler P!?S, 8 weeks. Duroc A Yorkshire. 83W206 or riuarterhorsej JZ50 each, "2 simco wddles, (100 each. Phone 43-7m. ANGUa cows, $»0 up; pain 150 up; heifers, (ISO up. Phone 24-Dogj, CoU Pet» BBAVTIFUli, AKC reglileted. Irish Belter puppies, we; fre« kittens Ca) cd. ready lo so, Alto 412-W15. CHINCHILLA, "one male. S monlhi old 2 wire cases, 4x23, 3 oompartinenl! each, fS5. Cnll 521413*. or Mr. at Jay'i nrive-In, 13M S, Drf.oot. MiXKp Australian RhepheM puppies, weeks old, males $15, female i 110. 325 llomsby. Phone 521-3TTO. ONLY 1 male and 1 fcmal« left. AKi registered German Shepherd pupr/cs, months old. J50 «ach, 442-571. each. Phone 521-1131. toy Poodle pupplw, AKC registered miniature Wchnauzer pup pics, excellent bloodlines. Call 4124096 Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. POINTER pups subject to rcfiiMr Vather is double brert. El Hew out ol ni ttonfli pheasant shooting dog. 4 4 " alter 5LOO p.m. 9?2 CHBVROLKT Blazer, excellent con- itlon, new drive train and wJnch, new ires, and (hockj. Call after 5 p.m. AKG Cocker BnanicI black or sih blonde champion bacltground. Phone 63 1971 DAT3UN 510, auto, air, radio, h«aler, ^9,000 miles. Excellent shape. (1,650. 'hone 413-4B07, 5:30 till 7;00. VALIANT convertible, motor overhauled In £!· 6 cylinder, standard, iking !1M. 925 Vale St . off Gala Springs, Rd. 521-1830, evenings. EM9 JEEP K ton plckun, four wheel drive, motor recently rebuilt, JBOO. Phone 42-2135 after 5 p.m. IM2) OLDSMOBrJjEJ Delta Custom two door coupe, factory air, power steerinZ nd brakes, 65,000 actual miles, new ires, HCST battery excellent condition, Ight blue wllh white vinyl top. Jl Phone -143-12(17 afternoons and evening VW Campmoblle, air-condllionlnff, xlcas Including tent. Calk 1969 JAGUAR ROADSTER, air-condillon- ed, wire wheels, new itcel radlals, will consider trade. Phone 846-3321. I960 EL CAJUNO, ffood snape, needs paint, tires in Rood shape, itarlirur price , . phon , 1-2335 after 6 p.m. FOR Salp or Trade: '61 Chevy Malibu 2 door Hardtop, bucket seals, 6 cylinder, automatic transmission. Fine running cort' dillon. *175. 2010 Ashwood, Fayeltcvilln. COLLIER REXALL EAST Veterinary Department N a m e Brand Lines Complete selection of all veterinary supplie*. EverjtUini for yo- animal. Castrate Shopping Ontet. HWT. II «Mt 4-Dogi, Cat* P»t» oon rexhterc1' deer-trained l!vi.t milk 8041 nlth 2 kirfs. ESKIMOS, D. PHO.VB 521-1330. breed dog grooming. Also bo* id In J or imall breedi. Member K.D.C.A* 751. 5--Horn* Need*--For SaU iABV bed and maltren for iat«. Excel- ent condition, Call a f t e r 5:00. 521-207?. 'RENOH Provliidal divan an4 4 nmtch- g Provincial lahlej. Red leather chair. ea«mab!e Phone 412-2153. GOOD O. H. Air conditioner 19,000 BTU 135. Eiietrtc golf cart $100. Ntw »t*rw conio!*, 1150. 521-W3. QUBKN MATTRESS .mntf aprlnft 141 Orth-o-pedic 10 ytar guaranlee «ti at urt 1118.03 [or both ma tire if and tprings. See Uiem while they tail. Also slnites, doubles and kinzi. UNITED FREIGHT SALEB. Hwy. 63 W«t. OPCJJ 3-9 Mon.-Frt. till 6 gat. DA KELT used Hoover "ana rLmcnt ilzo. Combination wuher spin dryer. J1TO. Phone 53-WSJ att«r 5:00 p.m. D1NINQ ROOM and Ertnetla furnltun. (10) new t^ble and chair lelj, jomt with matching china oablneli, Spanlih. Mod lie Iranian, Early' American, and Contemporary styles. 5 piece dinetle Jusl ·H9.95. Cash or terms. UNITED FREIGHT SALES, Kwy 63 Weil, Open 9-9 Mtm.-Fri., hll d Saturday. ITS INRXPENBrvTU lo clean nil« Rnd upho!s1cr' with Blue Lustre. Rent elec. t r i e shampoocr \\. Polk IMrnlture, E03 \V, Dlckion- REMOVB carpel tvalhi and spots; fluff beaien down nap wllh Blue Lustra. Rent shaiunooer U- Lewjt Broi., on tht COLLIER REXALL EAST AIL BREEDS DOG GROOMING For Appointment Call 443-3441 Colliers has £Q ID. aacka of Wan and K«co dog food. etc Line of Pet Suprjllea ·II Collier StoTM. OATSHEHiAB pups. Catahould, Shepherd and Labrador mix, HO. Gecsc |3. Guineas $2. Sluscovy duclu* $L Phone 5(6-2223 -NOW OPEN We buy, eM trade new tued furniture. We also sell freight damaged all types of new furnitura for less than you would pay anywhere el*e. We also do upholstery wort. GLEN'S FURNITURE 2275 School Phono 443-5756. AL WILKINS HOME FURNITURE Quality Furniture Discounted We Trade For Used Mtrchandlit 410 N. College - 521-3042 Al WlUdns Fayetteville Ann WilklrJ VW, tow mileage, new lires, excel"' , lent condition and mileasre. Phone 22--Machinery And Farm Equipment WE HAVE IMMEDIATE OPENINGS For full-time salespeople in our drapery department, Iadie«' fashion department, catalog department, We need FULL TIME help )n our snack bar auto service department Please apply In person 8-5 Mon.-Fri., Personnel Department, GOOD D8 Caterpillar wilh angle blade. Phone D6 BULLDOZER, 839-2227. ' good shape. Phoni SUZUKI TM400, excellent condition, low mileage, J600 or best offer. PTione 443- 3SS5, 1974 JEiEP four wh«e[ drive truck, save S2.2S9, assume payments with only 1518 ;n, heavy duty camper package, extra tank, air-conditioned, still in war* nly, come In and EcsL drive at Robert and Marine, next (a Eoutfigafe lnp Center In Rogers. 1972 750 BMW, black. All accessories, 6.MO miles. 51,650. Call 521-6629. 21 ^Automotive Sale iSS IKJEM3E piclrnp. overloads, In cellent running condition, new paint Call eveninas 521-2924, CARGO van, 1969 Fora, 6 cj'lfnder, slard 1 - ard sJiifl, $500- See Monday, Boston Elnrc, Northwest Arkansas Plaza Mall. FOR SALE: 1023 "T' siretl rod. 289 Ford motor, automatic transmission. e In Rogers -- call 36-1419 afler 6 p.m. 3S61 FORD van, paneling, carpet, Z21- 6 cylinder, 20 bed, J»0 firm. VAN, 1065 Dodse, »x cylinder, standard transmission, flood shape, two new tires, Wake Rood, economical camper conversion. 442-7101. TRUCK Mechanics. Excellent hour and Incentive salary. Paid vaeafion and Rood company benefits. Equal opportunity employer Bell Intcrnalional, Hwy 71 South, Sprinffdale, 751-74S6, GOOD apple pickers from ladder and ground, Start 6:45 a.m. Walker Orchard, one mile SbHh (vf- Jyiwell, Ark. YARD SALE: Hwy 62 West, 3rd house weft Smoke Hous. sign,, clothes, shoes, '- miscellaneous, 9-8, Sat and Mon._ TARD SALE: mlly. Open 9:OC-4:30, Children's. ladies clothes, file. Sell iand iwv Rood used clothes. 4«-Oa, 442-2o9i 'Comer 61 and Raaorback Rd. TARMINGTON JAYOETTBS RUM^fAGB SALE for Cerebral Palsy, August Z*, 31, 25, DonaUons ncedrd, will pickup. Call 387-5933, 3--P«r*onati OAIlj AUNT DOT -- for an Inlerestlni - ilory about an-tmit day or night. Phont ' OVERWEWHTT Lose uffTy fat with the Dladex plaa -- Reduce excess fluids 4-Scheel« And Instructions THE UNITED Cerebral palsy Preschool of Washington County U accepting apj?ll- .oallorij for handicapped pre-schooler* be tween *ats ol 2-8 yean. TWi U * com. rminity servlc* for handicapped children Jn Washington County. For further In forma lion please contacl Mrs. ScM 321-O52. ' HIGH SCHOOL AT HOME Diploma awarded. Slnish rapidly. Frte brocftart. WrtU American Bchool of Chicago -- Box 1113 -- Harrison. Ark. 12061. DISHWASHER -- 10 p.m.. Monday-Friday. Apply in person Helnie'i Sleak House, OR1LL OOOK -- Sundays off. 3:00 p.m.' p.m. Apply House in person, Heinle's ATTORNEY NEEDS PERSONAL SECRETARY/RECEPTIONIST. Phone 751-5560 for a ppoiritmenl. BABYSITTER needed; for Intent In my home In Prairie Grove, 8:00 a.m. Hll 5:00 p.m. Phone Mff-3201. ATTRACTIVE, efficient cocktail watt- res s for private cl ub, Ca ll 521-6876 afler noon, or 442-53S alter 8:00 p.m. POSITIONS open Tor RW UN's, all shllts; Need 3 (o 11 jhift *uper. Call City Hospital. 521-5611. RAMADA Inn I must b« .eeds an experienced wait- leat In appearance. Apply 1936 MODEL T Roadster, extra block and numerous other parts, 153T5. "2 Honda mini bikes, 575 each. Phone 738-2201. VEGA Hatchback, 1973, 23,000 mile a, speed, two door, factory air, radio, radial tires, extra clean, see a,t Rogers Jeep and Marine, next to SouUijate Shopping Ccnte r in Rose rs. in person to manager, 390T N, College, NEED someone to help me narl-Ui !n wholesale/relatl buslnejs. For Interview only phone 442-4601 NEED UrXIBDIATELY. Tire, truck Salesman. Only experienced with references need apply. Guaranteed Inrome plus commission. Vacation,-sick leave, Insurance and many other benefits. Apply 10 Howard .Wolfe at Farm Service Co-op (ala tlon), Hwy 62 71 Junction. NIGHT AUDITOR. 11 p.m. till 7 a.m. Apply in person, no phone calls, Holiday Tnn, Springdale. WANTED -- Kindenrarlen, teacher with Jpgree. Call 11S-51U for interview. Saturday and Sunday, 521-5148. EVENING fry ceoV wanted. 10 years experience. 5163 week. Apply 1n person. Tommy's Fine Foods in, Sprinjtdale, WANTED -- Route salesman (or eafan- liiJied route. Ease pay P ] «* commission. Phone 7S1-1S70, daytime, 442-2535 after 5:00 p.m. E.o.A. Elderly Nuftillon Program »t*Vs malr. dish cooV, 6 a.m.-3 p,rn., $44LG per year. 521U394. 5--Lost Found 1XX7T' Sfeel ramp for trailer, 20" wide- «· lonr. Batwrd. Call 2CT-3989 or S-9M3. Male Irish »tter pup, no collar, - Phone 521-7060. . LOST: One small poodle with tt race bladr. near Maria Apartments, call 51t -503L or 52!-3ia. www spu* B O X a « M* I l NATION'S LARGEST HOME STUDY SCHOOL NEEDS EDUCATIONAL REPS IN FAYETTEVILLE SURROUNDING AREAS Immediate openlnffa for men and women (a call DTI prospective tludenU. No Xt ncc needled. HIGH WEEKLY INCOME You will be paid weekly on our exclusive advance schedule nrith an opportunity to earn big monthly bonuses. WE SUPPLY LEADS NO CANVASSING LEADS! LEADS! LEADS! ull only on people who havi r* quested information and have been irv formed In adranc« o( your visit, · High Cash Bonut Opportunities $ Company Paid BensfiU No Barrier P« r*w»l Interview Phons : Mr. Brown Wednssday 501-443-3431 *quil o(» Employment Opportunities Expanding to 200 bed hospital. New services and positions to be created. Good benefit program and worMng condtllons. The following ace all Immediate openings: We have friendly people and will make you'welcome. R-N/a and L.P-N.'s We need you. Openings on evening and night .shifts in various areas, NURSE ASSISTANTS. We need you. Must be experienced. Openings on all three ihlfts in varlouc WARD SECRETARIES. Experlen ced. Vacancies mainly for evcnnig ihifte. WARD SECRETARY TRAINING "LA9S, To beg^n August, Id. If Interested, apply now. LINEN ROOM AID. Will be malting new and repairing old articles and dfetributtng linens throughout the hospital. Should have sewing experience. Job require* 5 rfayj per week and will not work Sundays. RELIEF SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR. 2 night* per week on 11-7 shift few noun on hoatess dexk OAMARO Super Sporl. 327, Uks itp pa-ments or make offer, Phone STORE MANAGER SPE-DEE MART la now taking applications for store manager. If you can follow ordera and are willing to work hard, we have a job opening wllh a future. Immediate opening In Bentonville for Store manager. No phone calls please. Send resume to Stanley Greenwood, SPE-DEE MART, Rt, 2 Box 20, Fayetteville. 11--Situations Wemt?,d 1«ARGB family desires farm Job taktn; care of laying hena. Chlldttn agei 17, 16 M. BentcmvlUe, 273-7546. CHILD Car* -- 3:30-m.dnlgM. ?15 weeV- ly per .dtld. Fun learning environment, hot meals, bedtime bath, 521-1538 after 3 p,m." WILL do sewing tnd alterations In my home, also dtsign!n.T. Experienced. Phont Complete Selection New Tires for Both Cars Trucks We Also Have a Large Selection of USED TIRES From $3 Up VISIT WARDS in the Evelyn Hills Shopping Center at Fayelteville AUTOMOTIVE OPEN 8 a.m. Daily 443-459 Saturday and Sunday, available all 3 ahift* when needed. Must o fill LIGHT DUTY HOUSEKEEPERS. thlnn clean «nd Enjoy making __ _ _ nrlKnt? If so, come see us. Positions open on day ·hlft and will IH working ihaTt of weekends. REGISTERED OR INTEBN PHAR MAOIST. Full time, staff poaitlon on day shift. Contact Pcrtonn«l SringdaU Memorial Hospital 751-5111 An Equal Opportunity Imnloytr In person, namada Phone 44.1^11. wanted Dirt^lme. Inn Restaurant, MALE and fetna.t help wanted. 31 over. Apply ta ptrtofl Pirn Uutt N. OMleve, PERSONNEL AGENCY OF FAYETTEVILLE, INC. 1985 North College) 521-8040 and 636-8578 ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROLLER, To 123,000, BSBA, Food Ind. Bckjrd, reloc. pd. U UUh SB. AUDITOR To $16.000. BSBA reloc. pd. to Mich. ASST. DIV. THEAS. MGR, To $13,200, De«T. Finance or Economic Bckgrd, collections exp. a plus, lending pref. from ovlng loan or credit co., reloc. pd Lo Akla, Mo or Tex. TECHNICAL TOOL ROOM 9UPV, To 119,000. Progreisivo die rebuildinjKleji superv. exp. IND. ENGH. To IU.OOO, Daz, prettrred. 1-1 m. exp, In metal workln Ind-capital equip. Justification exp. MFG. KNOB, to ,14,000, punch prcuu to ISO toni-progrs*tv die exp mclal removing specialty. Do methods £e trouble »hootln ME'a or 3-4 yrs. solid exp, DRATONG--To ITSO-Month, 1 Yr. Exp. Deifgn. DRAfTWO--^To »9«0-Mth + Colt of LiVlnaj Allow.. Mechanical. ARCH. DRAFTING--TO *io,ooo. xamu SALES HOME BLDO. SYSTEMS TO BUILDERS $10,009 + »«,SOO Exp. Allow It, travel, malor co.. all benefits, Tex. AGRT-rEEDS, SUPPLIES--n,(X»t. M% travel, exp. rxjulreii. GEN. DJS. AGENT. To »lt,00«, all line.. 2-Z ]rr*. exp. 3--livestock--For Sale BAUTLFUL brown mare and te rel gcWmff, bolh gentle for children or duils, also two saddles and bridles M4?n. SERVICE DIRECTORY --Air Conditioning-- X)R Residential Commercial 3ales re. Heating Air-condilioning call hcllnn Sales A Service 4-92-9310. ORK Sal* a 4 Servlc*. InstaLaiioc. eating-tx»llng duct*. Load calculation EUt, Call Paschal'* 751-0196. -Arts Crafts- UPPL3E3 for all ma^r crafts and art!. rnusual alfts. See-Compare! Ope^ after_ ooni, Monday thru Friday. Creative CraiLr, Prairie Grove. CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION BIVEWAYS. WALKWAYS, PATOS, ETC. ARE OUR SPECIALTY. HEE ESTIMATE. GOOD REU- IBLE WOHK. Give U« A Call And We Will Get Tt Done, Call 521-2294 Before 5:00 p.m. Call 442-6765 After 5:00 p.m. -Bullduzlng-- NEED A KOAD -- an oH one rebuilt? Jozer backJioe and road grader work. Gravel and topsoi).- Call Lelly or iACKHOjT. and Pump TnvA Work. John iiiiler -- Phone 4J*S78. ROADS PONDS. CLEARING, REA30K. ABLE RATES. 751-3509. --Bushhogging-- PAUI/S TRACTTOR 3KP.VICB Phom; 1434973 1 no answer call afler 5:30 p.m. TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY J14.25 PEH MONTH --Carpenter-- COXIPLfTTB HOSE REPAIR Sxperieneed carpenter. We do carpenle work thai your husband won't 443-391 FOUNDATION repairs, floors leveled sills replaced, basement water corrected 20 yrs. experience. Call Hanlr Hansbrc at 824-3372 CcUect. CARPENTER repair buildlnz roomi. Also - - .. pair work. A. 3. \tifarson, 521.6j64. worV, panel all types of re- REMODBUNO «n« cabUiel work. Qaallfy -aftsrnanshlp. Very reasonable price* Have reference i. can David Viclsery 521-6011. Remodellrif, carport Additions, Palloi House. LeTCllng, Roofing, Palnllng, P 44W078, 751-1774. Remodeling, General Repair!. Room A flllloni, Homei built Experience, Wort Guaranteed. References. Happy Andersen Call 756-3564, evenings and weekend* TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY I14.2S PER MONTH --Carpet-HAVE YOUR Carpels Cleaned By pro. fesslonals. Call Glen's Cleaners at 8576. --Concrete Work-- Patios, Driveways, Retaining wall Drains, Klahrorfc, .Repairs. Block worl Small JOBJ welcome, MacVi Ooncrel Conslruollon. Plione 443-4315. U-NEED - WE DO DBIVBWAV EPECLVUSTS, PATIO PIxKTiVORK. CARPENTER WORK, RE TAININO, WALLS NO JOB TOO SMALl EXPERIENCED, DEPENDABLE SERVICE FREE ESTIMATE JACK jaNBR SCOTT JtlNI (43.3124 --Concrete Work-- --Ditch Digging-BACKHOE WORK AND GRAVEL HAULING PHONE 442-5181 . --Dressmaking-- Professional Dressmaldnz Phone snaw'a Sewtique -- 751-5733 --Fence-- ·AR1I FENCING, corrals, and loading chutes. Free estimates. Call JacJc Wesl- jrook at 751-7SO. --Sewing Machine Kepair- --Floor Sanding-'LOOR Sanding, mercjai, for free residential and corn, estimate, rail 442-JK3. --Grinding-- RECISION SHARPENING -- Saws -land, circular -- sdsiors -- mower blades -- AH tools -- ozark Grinding service, 639 Hojitsvllle Rd., 521-3(01). --Handyman-- FiiALI, buidinp. Jobs, repairs, roofinp painting and odi lobs. Larry Giiliam 381-2377. --Hauling-- HAULJXG -- General cleanup -- hedse Irfmmed -- snull Irees cul, trimmec and removed -- fasl service -- reason able and reliable. Phone 501-5245. LOOK! Hauling, moving A Lrasb service Save truck A slock rack. ?ou nam« -- We haul IL Reasonable. 443-2179. -Landscaping-- PROFESSIONAL LA NDSOAPINa, Ga dening, Rose Pruntn/. Excellent IjOC References. Phone 442-7424 or 551-756 be/ore 3:M or afler 6:00, landscaping, LeveUn?, Top BoQ Creele Gravel, Dowr Work. Oall ara professional rardeneri. We wonders on overgrown, weed Infested vards. We can design and Install land scapes that meet both your needs an your budget. Ongoing maintenance ava able. Call Mike Mllllgaa at HorltcuUur Services, 442-S52Z --lawns t, Gardens-- under early crops, ready for lat _ . mer jrarden-wlnler cover eron, 442-7iKr --Paint Paper-- LOW cost tuiuie paCatlng. Rxcellen work. Call W-3SKJ m 7S1-82IZ FRE SSSTTiUTES. FAST ED'S PalMIng B«rvlc«, Indoc outdoor window cleaning »nd CV14 Jo 1 work guaranteed, excellent riference fret tsUmaU anytime. Bpecja! 14)1 nl Hd PMrson, M --Paint Paper-- MNTING, sheet rock work. lalerlc* exerfor, licensed, bonded and In* red, free estimates. Phone Keary, 824* INTJNG, paper hanging, spray paint. s, sheet rock finish, gutters carpentry, ooftig. sn-3656 --Piano Tuning-PIANO AND ORGAN CARE PHONE 442-7T97 --Rock Stone Work-- OCK WORK - Firepacei, retaining ails, palios, all t-pes. styles of rock ark. Also exposed aggregate sidewalks. -5374. --Septic Tank Service SBPTIO TANKS PUMPED Ltnes Repaired. Lowest Rate* Local Bu sine is. Pnont 143-3209. CK Sewing Machine? Have lools wiD aye!. Shaw's geivllque, your Viking, r hile and Etna dealer, 751-5732, Spring- ale. TO PLACE AN AD IN THIS SPACE WOULD COST ONLY $14.25 PER MONTH --Small Engine Repair wnmowcrs and small engines repaired limed. l-*ree pickup and delivery. 521' 9 after 5 p.m. --Taxidermy-- STEVE'S TAXIDERMT Is On Vacation And Will Relum August 18th --Tractor-CUSTOM TRACTOR WORK Brushho3, Plow and Disc Harry B. Ciarke, 1J3-5743. If no answer call after (£0. --Tree Service-CHARTER Oak Tree Service. Insured t« 300,000. Flee estimates, trimming-, feed* ng bracing, removal. 442-2171. TREE Topping, Trimming, hauling, Frei istimates, --Upholstery- 25% OFF on. all upholstery work thru th« month of August. Abilities Unlimited, phone S2I-S500. --Waterproofing-- B.\RBMENT3 w a t e r prooled without dlffeing. Commercial-resid'entJal. Fiee sur- ·ey ajid estimate, K anA F Grouting er* vice. 849-2527 or I6-3W4. --Venetion Blinds-VENETIAN BUNDS REPAIRED and blinds made to order. Phon* fl«b« Cooper 443-Sm. --Walls Pumps- WARD BROTSERf WATER «T«TE5U Pumpa, Fillers, PuiWCJlors, All makai serviced. Fisona 5Z-UM. TO PLACB AN AD m THI4 ·PACE WOULD COST ONLY H4J» m MONTH

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