Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 11, 1974 · Page 17
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 17

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 11, 1974
Page 17
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Aubrey Shepherd Sleeping Through Texas: Almost miiHiiiiiniimj n n iiiiitwiinninniiiiiiiniiiiiiiniiyiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiilitiiiiiiiwiiHnuiiiiRi iiiimia August fourth dawned clear! and cold in Little Rock, finding the fishing reporter ready to disembark from one bus -- a Jefferson Lines biggie -- and board another -- a more comfortable if smaller Winnebago Motor Home headed by Ciudad Victoria and some of that famous Mexican bass fishing. Only the day before a call had come to Fayetteville from Leon McMoran allowing that if the paunchy piscatorialist could make it to Rod and Reel of Arkansas -- a Little Hock sporting goods house formerly known as J and P Tackl Co. by 10 a.m. Sunday he could join a party of anglers headed for Lake Guerrero and some of its internationally known fishing. .If the notice seemed short, the hairy one could not claim discrimination for two other members of the party Vic Hiryak and Bob McLelland -were only a few hours earlier in learning of the trip. Leon · points out -that notice must be short in order to maintain the relatively low expenses of the trip. By keeping who can get away few guys at a moment's notice on the string at all times, Rod and Reel is able to accommodate people whose schedules are either so unpredictable that their availability for such a trip is unpredictable or so rigid that they can only at a specific time. go Pine Bluff was the old stomp- ping ground for Bob and Vic, who spent many youthful days ishing farm reservoirs and lesTsTatYorT Ireams in the delta around e 'ine Bluff. Vic remembered Sayou Bartholomew -- a clear Federal Excise On Ammo Runs Into Trouble Although the nation's hunters, shooters and wildlifers greatly favor proposed legislation to set an 11 per cent Federal excise tax en powder, shot and other components of hand-loaded am- Pounder Brings Prize Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Sun., Aug. 11, 1974 FAYETTEVILLt, ARKANSAS SB Kami oops Trout A Challenge mo, there is growing concern about possible versions of such In order to make the trip economically feasible -- to keep up the payments on the-beautiful new motor home and bass boats and to pay the salaries of the employes needed to make the trip work -- Rod and Reel's owner Bing Bennett figures thai eight paying customers at $287 each are required. Occasional ly, smaller parties are taken, when a group decides to charter the whole trip for $2300. If.the price sounds steep to the unin tiated, a look'over the equip ment involved -- maybe $25,000 in' boats and a motor home plus incidentals like tents and all the food, fuel and other; supplies needed for six days out of the country -- the package deal qualifies as a poor boy trip. Many other packge deals would cost 1600' or more per person, especially where air transportation is included. POOR BOY TRIP On this particular trip the party was short by a few, but the cost was offset by the fact that a bass boat was being towed behind the Winnebago for a group of fishermen'who were to fly down and stay in a motel in nearby Ciudad Victoria. But the reduced of the group zs the reduced size of the group riding in the motor home only made it possible'for the various participants to get to know one another a bit:before the fishing began. And since most fishermen are accomplished talkers -- not to say occasional stretchers of .the truth, the getting -acquainted session was -- and usually will be-very interesting ·and informative. Leon has been a fishing professional for a long time, making his own brand of plastic worms and selling tackle for Wal-Mart and Ramglas and other major companies. His stories of previous trips to Mexico and scrap books of past exciting fishing trips, such as his participation in various professional tournaments, are unusual enough to keep up a conversa tion for quite a spell. i · · » * · * wift, cypress lined bass stream n Northeast Louisiana -- as a muddy, dirty catfish and bowfin tream in southeast Arkansas. These seemingly conflicting «ews of a stream are some- vhat analogous to those that may be held by persons from Prairie Grove, and those of persons from Tahlequah, Okla., in regards to the Illinois River, n Arkansas a bit polluted and muddy near its source, the Illinois picks up the waters- of Clear Creek, Osage Creek and Flint Creek to become a truly scenic river by the time it ap- roaches Tahlequah and before t enters Lake Tenkiller. So the fishing reporter was Jeepy by midafternoon, and he slept part of the way through Texas, but no one could sleep all the way through that "great stale" unless a shorter cut than faxarkana to McAllen were selected, and that is the best route from Little Rock to Ciudad some 1100 miles. Occasional naps were interspersed with looks out the windows to see if t h e prairies had improved any. Mostly they had not. FEVER RISING The exception came near the city limits of Dallas. A new ake divided by 1-30 made a striking contrast to all the dry land around it. The party of The original House bill (H.R. 2345) provided that up to 50 SANDPOINT, Idaho (AP) --i The fish was completely unmanageable. The odds were against hooking one of Lake Pend Oreille's oversize Kamloops Irout, but a powerful fish was sending 15- pound test monofilament burning through the bale of the trolling reel. We'd spent a fishlcss five hours trolling lines from seven per cent of the new funds be distributed to the states for hunter education and shooting range construction and operations, with the other half earmarked for wildlife restoration. However, a snag appeared during hearings on the Senate version of the bill (S. 1133), in which several key witnesses urged that most or all of the funds go 'into shooting range construction, with the Secretary of the Interior dealing directly with the gun clubs. The Internationa! Association of Game, Fish and Conservation Commissiners is concerned about limiting the new program to shooting range constructon and 'operation, distrubed over and is deeply the danger of rods bristling from the stern of the 31-foot cabin cruiser by George Hicks, an highway patrolman. The olher six fisl scrambled to reel in Ihe maze of trolling, lines trailing downriggers and outrig gadgets to keep some blance of order lures. There was advice. "Keep Ihe In Response To Petition WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The status of the American alligator throughout its range in the lawg-hunters in the motor home had their fishing fever monemlarily arroused by the immense stretches of tree-studded water, but the thousands of boaters already on the lake-- in sailboats, ski boats, bass boats and miscellaneous small and large craft mads it appear that a Sunday afternoon in Ajigust was not time for a fishing expedition on this lake; so the remaining afternoon, night and morning of driving to Lake Guerrero again seemed to make annual Duck liar lo hunters, servationists. . Like Vie Hiryak, Bob McLeland is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. He is presently employed as a textile fibers engineer for Dupont Chemical Co. in Chat- anooga, Tenn. Bob spent one in his company's Dallas ever, Bob had never Wished Mexican waters, the states' loss of control of such federal aid funds. The associa- deadline of Octi lion of wildlife professionals is been set for urging sportsmen to support the original bill (H. R. 2345). under which the new funds, would be channeled through state conservation agencies instead of directly to private gun clubs. NOT A PLOY At first glance, this might appear to be a state agency ploy lo control pursestrings in order to protect its own political interests. But it goes deeper than that. State conservation agencies know the many problems of handling federal aid projects, and in choosing projects that are equitable and effective. To allocate federal funds directly to gun clubs for range construction and operation could mean confusion and waste, to say nothing of inter-club squabbles. Besides, federal aid in wildlife restoration now requires that funds be administered! by competent state wildlifers, and not by political hacks. Under existing law. it might not be possible to bypass the state conservation agency in allotting federal aid funds. But if that were changed, so that funds could he allotted directly lo private gun clubs, cracks might appear in the entire Pittman-Robertson Federal aid structure. It would certainly Stamp Contest Deadline Set ATLANTA -- - An earlier deadline of October 15, 1974, has entries Stamp in the contest conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Director Lynn A. 'Greenwalt announced today. This is one monlli earlier than usual because of h c ^ ' y com- merative stamp wf* at the Bureau "of Engraving at the end of the year. The winning drawing or painting will he reproduced on the 1975-76 Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp. · / This stamp has become fami United States will be the sub- ect of an intensive dered by the U.S. Wildlife Service. The study comes ii o a petition from the Governor of Louisiana who requested the Secretary of the 1 remove the alligator endangered species list in three parishes along the southwestern :oastal marshes of Li further, he requested ;he southcentral and southeastern coastal marshes siana the American alligator be reclassified as a species, a new call _ under the 1973 Endangered Species Act. migratory philatelists, waterfowl and con review the American ; status throughout its the wild. The Fish am. . Service has notified the Governors of North and South lina, Georgia, Florida, bama, Mississippi, Texas, Okla homa and Arkansas study and has asked on the status of the reptile ii tern of owned Idaho lermcn e maze g from ggers-- 2 sem- ig the eep the i| up! IDon't let Iho line gel slack! Get him! Get him! !If he ^ets 1 away, you're going over- oard after him." Unlike some of the big rainbows, this Kamloops declined icrial acrobatics, preferring subsurface runs. Sometimes the fish rushed at the boat. At other times it zig-zagged away from the stern. Twenty minutes later, the Ish surfaced 15 feet off the port side, eyed the net and took another run, trying to spit out he treble-hooked Wilch Doclor lure imbedded halfway down ils .hroat. I gained another 12 feet of line and Hicks skillfully led the lired Kamloops inlo the landing net. It wasn't the largest fish lak- nder Study he sub- udy or sh and 'esponse Jovernor sled the n'ior to rom the in three ^western ouisiana. that in outheast- of Loui- gator be ealened" allowed red Spe- day will lligalor's range in Wildlife e Gover- th Caro la, Ala as, Okla of the for data ach slate. T h e , public is also nvited to submit any factual nformation it has for review by the Fish and Wildlife Ser r ice. The American alligator, a oughbacked reptile with a road rounded snout as contrasted to the crocodile's sharp lointed snout, was originaly isted as an endangered species jccause it was jeopardized by leavy poaching which has been .·educed by increased state en- orccment and federal laws. Efforts to reopen seasons and to permit the sale of hides are underway in several stales. FEDERAL LAW Federal law prohibits shipment of alligators, their hides, and hide products across state lines. The City of New York and the State of California have passed regulations prohibiting trade in alligator skins. The exact number of Amert can alligators in the wild is unknown at present. On Federa lands a 1970 census snowed ovei The purpose of the review o he status of the American alli- ;ator will be to determine i any populations of the reptile should be reclassified as i hreatened species or removed entirely from the lists of Ihrea- ened or endangered wildlife. Previous endangered species legislation dealt only with species and subspecies, not wit population segments. The 1973 Act, however, does speak to population segments and allows a species to ibc classified differently within any significant part of its range based upon its n u m b e r s ' , distribution, a n d general population. Interested parties should submit their data on the American alligator to the Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Washington, D.C. 20240. Al\ views submitted through October 14, 1974, will be considered and public notice of the resuli of the review will be given afler all Ihe evidence has been reviewed and a decision during Kamloops and Ko-. inee Week--the annual salute 3 fishing and spring celebrated i early May by the Lake Pend nelle Club --' but the 13'A- ounder was big enough to take trophy for the largest game sh caught by a visiting news- riler or broadcaster. Idaho Fish and Game Depart- ncnt records show that only bout 900 trophy--17 inches or argcr--Kamloops arc pulled ach year Irom the lake. In summer, Kamloops can arely be coaxed from the epths of 1,300-foot deep lake, of the deepest in North. \merica. i SEARCH FOR SALMON But in May svhen the fishing eason opens, Kamloops are .kely to be found cruising near Ke surface, searching for their avorite meal, the schools of mnll salmon. While squid lures are popu- ar, and Kamloops have been aken on every imaginable lure, licks prefers the Witch Doctor made in Tacoma, Wash., which claims "extra strong construction." Lake Pend Oreillc, 148 square miles and surrounded by dense jmber and mountains, is in Idaho's upper Panhandle, 68 miles south of the Canadian Dorder. It receives heavy fishing pressure from anglers .in :hc town of Sandpoint, population 4.500. and from the Spokane, Wash., metropolitan area 78 miles to the southwest. Sandpoint is easily reached by a 45-mile paved highway which intersects Interstate 90 at Cocur d'Alen. Idaho. During K K Week, 'trolling craft cluster near wooded Dcadman's point at the base of 5,082 - foot Gi'een Monarch Mountain or congregate near the mouth of the Clark Fork River--a favorite gathering spot for fish. Sears branch; so the afternoon's ride on 1-30 was old stuff for him. Like the fishing reporter, how- 2 Days Only Radial Sale! several previous visits. By seven p.m. Sunday before despite Vic was taking a turn sleeping and Bob was sitting quietly and reading fishing stories in popular outdoor magazines. His anticipation, which had earlier been nervously expressed, now had resolved itself into a sort of,quiet resignation. And the reading became a kind of vicarious preparation for the sport to come. But reading fishing stories is the pastime of a winter's evening, and the fishing reporter shared with the other men a sort of frustration at the distance between theri Arkansas starting point a n d their Mexican destination. But the motor home that was lo be literally Iheir home for the next five and one-half days moved smoothly across the increasingly flat and c l e a n prairies of south-central Texas, with night and a much wished-for day to come. mean an expanded federal bureaucracy to directly administer all shooting range construction and operation. And at worse it would undermine the. state conservation agency's role in planning and administering federal aid projects in wildlife restoration -- one of the most effective conservation programs ever da- vised. Grassroots federal ' aid projects are best determined and carried out by the professionals in state conservation agencies, This is why sportsmen are being asked to contact their congressmen and support H. R. 2345 as originally written, with- 'out provisions that would wrest control over federal aid funds from the state wildlife agencies. Save $24 to $41 In Pairs Guaranteed 36,000 Miles Built -for fraction, mileage, and durability with four tough rayon belts and smooth-riding polyester radial plies. LAKE GUERRERO BASS Four typical Mexican bass are displayed by Bing Bennett, owner of Rod and Reel of Arkansas. Bing's shop regularly guides parties of Arkansas anglers to quality fishing south of the border. These lunkers 'kit squirmy plastic worms. TVo Year Contract 1 PHOENIX (AP) -- Goaltender Ray Reeson, with the Central League Albuquerque Six Guns last season, was signed to a two-year contract Friday by the World Hockey Association's newcomer Phoenix Roadrunners. Reeson, 29, finished with a J.70 'goals-against average in 56 matches with Albuquerque last season, said Rdadrunners president Bill MacFarland in announcing th* «Jjning. Training Camp Opens BOSTON (AP) --The Boston Celtics open Iheir pre-season training camp Sept, 18 at the Massachusetts Marilime Academy at Buzzards Bay. Breeding Area For Waterfowl Wet This Year A T L A N T A -- Waterfowl ireeding grounds in the north- central United States and Canada are the wettest since 1955, Lynn A. Greenwalt, Director of Interior's Fish and Wildlife service, announced. Recently completed surveys also showed that the waterfowl jreeding population in this area s about the same size as last year. Air and ground surveys of ·his pothole country, the most important breeding ground for North American game ducks, are conducted annually by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Canadian Wildlife Service, and Ducks Unlimited -- a private organization. Potholes are glacier-formed ponds and lakes which provide ideal duck nesting habitat with the right combination of water and vegetation. Late summer rains in 1973 and one of the heaviest snowfalls in recent Winers combined to produce the unusually wet conditions. The number of pothole ponds containing water have increased by some two million over lasg year -- from 3.5 million in 1973 to B.5 million this year. Spring rains supplemented the precipitation of last fall am winter, so the large number o: ponds should remain wel through the summer production SIGNIFICANT CHANGES While overall waterfowl popu ·lations showed little chaivge [here were significant changes in breeding populations of two important species that are high ly prized by hunters -- mal lards were down 14 per cen from last year, while pintails were up 38 per cent, an unus ually large increase. No firm estimates on the sizi of the fall flight will be made until early August, when a se cond breeding ground survey will be completed and a close look at actual duck production Belted Radial 36 and Old Tire . 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